CoroCoro Debuting New Comic Featuring Rockruff & New Trainer

corocoro-rockruff-comicThe official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account has announced that beginning in next month’s issue of CoroCoro (October issue, they’re dated a month ahead) a new comic will debut! It will feature a brand-new, as of yet unnamed trainer and his Rockruff.

Will be interesting to see if we get any hints of what we’ll see in Pokémon Sun & Moon during the two or three issues we get before the games’ release!

Also, it might just be me, but this new trainer looks rather like Tai from Digimon…

<3 PJ


  1. Cool! I wonder if this will be a Pokemon the Origin deal where they have new information integrated into the story.

    1. Agree why would they end ash journey at 19 years.

      They will keep using ash as hes still popular in jap

    1. Which people are these? I haven’t seen anything about this yet…. I actually think he could replace Ash though… I would like that.

      1. 4chan ppl …….I didn’t mind that actually I want that too long time ago I had enough of him and his Pikachu but I feel I will miss that punk right now.

      1. wait did I read that wrong? did you mean “replace ash with this kid” or “this kid will be ash”?

  2. I think this could be the “secret” they were talking about. Corocoro is the only place that has spoken about this secret rockruff shares with the starters. Perhaps they are all stars in the comic? Also explains why there are little bits of rockruff and dialogue in the previous issues.

    1. I think the secret the starters and rockruff sharing is this various type while using certain Z-move.

      1. Aw you’re on board the “leaks are true ship.” I’m still on shore watching everyone whose aboard have fun. Yay analogies!

    2. They have been making Rockruff more prominent and mysterious, perhaps they might reveal its secret in this CoroCoro?

      1. He’s gonna be the “pikachu” of this comic. That’s why he’s been “talking” in the previous issues.

  3. wow I just got the most miserable opponent in TCGO. he had a certain deck, and I typed to him “oh, I like that kind of deck! its hard to use and takes a lot of talent to play correctly! you seem good at it” in which he replies “keep it up. I like salt.”… like, really?

        1. Hey 😀 Yeah sorry often I post articles from mobile so I don’t have a lot of time to jump into the comments right away lol

          1. Tmmr lol. Idk what content I’ll make after the games r out. Maybe graphic designs idk

    1. You should’ve jumped through cyberspace and destroyed his entire life in nanoseconds. Oh, wait, only I can do that.

  4. Not headed to bed yet, but I fully expect corocoro leaks tomorrow, or should I fully expect to be let down? XD

        1. If any of my shinies are riight or I’m even close I’ll die happy as a fortune teller

  5. I was thinking Digimon based on the art, yet seeing the manga really makes me want to see a Pokemon Adventures anime and manga of Sun/Moon. It would be amazing, I seriously do not know why Pokemon Adventures hasn’t become an anime. The story line would bypass the current anime and attract a lot more attention.
    Anyways, I was looking at the Anon151 and PokeDex rumours to search for some consistencies. There were a few such as Mimikyu having one evolution, but there were more inconsistencies. Anon stated that the starters will only have one form, Cutiefly will evolve three times, and the second stage names of the starters are different. August 12th is just a few days away, I’d like to see if any of these rumours end up being true.

    1. I’ve always wanted there to be an Adventures anime, it would be amazing. It’d be nice to actually get a worthwhile (IMO) and (at least slightly) more adult anime apart from the origins and mega evolution shorts. I guess it would be hard to adapt and, unless they made filler, wouldn’t be very long, but honestly that could just give them time to make it the excellent anime pokémon deserves.

      I’m sorry but even if one likes like the pokémon anime, it must be recognised it’s painfully vapid in many respects. It’s childish, full of fillers, and nothing very meaningful ever comes out of it story or character wise. That doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable, but it’s easier if it’s knowingly enjoyed for what it is.

      And it’s be great to have a pokémon anime that could be enjoyed on a slightly more demanding level hahaha. Not a replacement, mind you, just an alternate option to the one we have.

      1. I wonder if you’ve been watching the anime recently? Speaking of which, August 18 will be a significant event.

    2. The question of Adventures is where do you start? At the beginning or at Sun and Moon? I mean what purpose is there to make an Adventures anime other than nostalgia of the past. Pokémon hasn’t reached that stage yet if ever considering what it’s primary products are.

  6. now i am even more excited for corocoro because if the pokemon on corocoro matches with the leaks the dex is likely to be true

  7. According to Hirobyte (guy who leaked entire B/W Pokedex) on Twitter, the leaked list of Pokemon is REAL. His text seems to suggest that maybe not all of the list is accurate, but the majority of it should be expected in S/M.

      1. Same. I really wanted to avoid this. Sh*t.
        Still, gonna hope he’s trolling or something and see what we get in the reveals this week.

        1. Yeah.. its a bummer because I wanted to go into this fresh. At least they didn’t show the Alola forms.

        2. I’m more curious how ppl like yourself didn’t just not click the article. It said exactly what it was about at the start. Just wondering

          1. I skimmed over the types and I didn’t mind knowing that much, then i started getting involved in discussions and saw the rest… The types made me think it was fake too, looked too good to be true.

            Bah, I have no idea what a few of them are, and as long as I GF don’t reveal too much and I get to discover what most look like in-game, I’m not that bothered 🙂

      2. Eh. I don’t mind. I know others dislike spoilers, such as someone revealing an almost entire dex, but I like to have as much information as I possibly can about a game. Sun/Moon is no exclusion!

        1. I was originally planning on going into this with all the stuff we got before I played the game. Oh well..

    1. Damn! This is about to be a treat. I hope he gets to confirm the dex. I really want to know if it’s completely real!

    2. He says that it looks pretty legit, but only time will tell, probably referring to corocoro leaks and August 12th. He doesn’t say that they are real

        1. Hey so I just thought of something after our discussion last night, what if there is a fossil Pokemon in the list? I think it may be the Dark/Electric line at the end of the dex!

          Cosmot, Spectrodon, and Quasaur are all very obviously named after dinosaurs. While they may not have the rock typing and are thus seemingly not fossils, they still make sense as representing fossil like Pokemon. They could be a line of extremely ancient Pokemon that never went extinct. Seeing as they also seem to be one of the pseudo’s for this gen they might have been strong enough to survive whatever event wiped out the other fossil Pokemon.

          1. Good thinking, could be yeah! Still wouldn’t make them proper fossils, but at least it’d be something…

      1. Kinda. He accurately leaked the Fairy type and designated both Sylveon and Xerneas as such.

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Rockruff looks that interesting for so much attention? Sure it’s cute.. . But to me it looks like any other early game Pokemon

    1. I like it a lot. We’ve gotten a few dog Pokemon in the past, but Rockruff takes the cake. Also, it’s supposed to evolve into a werewolf, so I’m already in!

      1. Same here, I like Rockruff a lot too. It’s cute and seems more fresh compared to the other dog Pokemon.

    2. After knowing these hint’s about his evolution now I am seriously planning to use him in my team.

  9. I’ve not gotten tired of the Alolan Exeggutor memes. They’re literally the best thing to happened to Pokemon. I just want to see an anime episode where two Alolan Exeggutors fight giraffe style!

  10. Sorta off topic, but so far for what I have in mind for my Alola team is:
    Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
    Vikavolt (Bug/Electric)
    Rockruff (Rock)
    Possibly: Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy)
    Alola Arcanine (Water)
    Hopefully in the next batch of SM news they introduce another fire type so I can add one onto the team.

    1. As long as it’s Pokemon or Nintendo related, it’s not off-topic on this site, don’t worry! I usually don’t make teams till the game releases, but your team is rather solid! I just need to see Alolan Arcanine and I’m planning on using Litten first.

  11. So both Salandit and Wimpod r the middle stage evolution nobody expect that though.

    Did u english ppl analyze these names on the revealing dex ? could u know wat r these name based on I mean can u imagine wat these pkmns look like ?

      1. Champion+pod does have a verb phrase. The verb form of champion means to “support the cause of;defend” with synonyms being: advocate, promote, defend, uphold, support, and back.

        Obviously alluding to the idea that in its final stage the Pokemon has now become brave and does not back away from or try and flee situations. It’s ability will probably reflect this.

  12. I’m going to be kind of upset if whatever is so special about these starters does not immediately extend to other gens. .. I’m sure they will to a few pokemon

  13. When you think about it. .. we only end up with about half of each new dex being usable. Because how many of you Really use the Eviolite? It’s all about fully evolved pokemon. Which is why I wish they created new items for the unevolved to be more so competitive

    1. I don’t think the proper CoroCoro leak even happened yet. This was twitted out by the Pokemon Company. The actual CoroCoro will be a guide of one of the Alola Islands.

    1. He didn’t completely confirm it. He said it looks sorta real. Just wait till August 12th to see if it’s real. Also, we didn’t see actual pictures of the Pokemon, so all hype isn’t lost!

      1. If anything (assuming it’s real) I quite like just knowing the names and typings. It’s enough spoiler to get me hyped but not enough spoiler to actually spoil anything. The real exitement still comes from actually seeing what the pokemon look like.

    1. lol. I just saw the Golurk Alolan Form on DeviantArt a while ago, it’s Ground/Fairy. Also, they used a background from X/Y for that “new” Pokemon.

      1. yeah the background is stupid choice …..but y Ground/Fairy? it looks more like Ground/Fire or Ghost/Fire.

        1. Tapu Koko doesn’t look like a Fairy either, yet its dual Electric/Fairy.

          1. ppl thought fairy type should be sissy and girly I vote against that if all them look like that I don’t blame Earthen hate them.

            we still didn’t have much experience about them…we just started , we still didn’t get how fairy type formula should work.

          2. I haven’t seen anyone say quite that much about fairies here, but if I were to see Id curb stomp them for their ignorance

      2. I don’t like it. It seems like they think “well, I put in a hawaii-ish mask in the design and it’s alolan” just like they tried with honedge.

  14. If those leaks are real making a team is going to be difficult. So many good concepts plus Alola Forms we haven’t seen.

  15. hopefully Ash will be retiring and a new trainer stands up in the tv series..

      1. Yeah his hair is nuts, I personally always wanted to see a new female trainer take the lead or have someone like brendan or whatever to take his place

      1. No I think supposed pseudo is Dark/Electric but there may be two of them, or Torgoyle line could be like Haxorus. We don’t know they’re real or not though.

    1. When I talked about this on the previous discussion with the leaked list, I think the evolution line will be based on the medieval era, based on from Guardake and Guaroyal. The Dragon/Fighting would have a king-like appearance, while the Dragon/Steel would look like a knight, but both would still have a overall Gargoyle look.

  16. I think I’ve figured out how the Rite of the Island Challenge will work:
    1. You begin with completing the given trial.
    2. You battle the Trial Captain.
    3. You then battle the Totem Pokemon of the Trial Captain’s type or Island.
    4. Once you defeat the Trial Captains of a given Island, then you fight the Kahuna.

    Yet, I’m sorta confused about Melemele; I’m wondering if it has any Trial Captains on the Island. The leaker, Anon, said that each Island has four Trial Captains, so I assume Melemele has some. I’m quite sure that Luna, Mallow, Sophocles, and Kiawe are all on Akala Island. I believe that Gumshoos is one of the Totem Pokemon of Melemele Island based on it’s level; also there might be a Normal Type Trial Captain. I’m still expecting eight to ten Trial Captains.

    1. I’m not so sure about battling all the captains to be honest. They said that not each trial will include battles. However, making the captains X specialists makes me wonder about the reason they give them a type if we’re not supposed to battle them. I’m also quite sure that all of the above mentioned 4 will be on Akala. Mallow in Lush Jungle, Kiawe on the top of the volcano, Lana at those watery things at the top of the island and Sophocles in the bigger building near the volcano.

    2. I just really hope that we get to battle then and the totem Pokemon don’t replace that.

      1. It looks fine to me. 🙂 Froslass is one of my fave Pokemon as well, and I love this concept. 😀

    1. Looks like a cool design. The brown is something I would need to get used to but overall it’s really good.

  17. I just hope they fix a lot of Pokemon to have useful move pools. That’s all I ask

  18. No idea if this is true, but a guy on Facebook says his Amourshipping picture of Ash and Serena in Alola outfit on RedBubble has been taken down because of a claim by the Pokemon Company. This would mean that Serena will go with Ash to Alola.

    1. or maybe it was just an inappropriate picture and got taken down 😛 I don’t think gf/nintendo would care at all about something so minor

  19. Ok guys, I have a theory, it may sound weird but here we go:
    Some months ago in CoroCoro we had two new pokemon (Rockruff and Komala). And there was a note that said that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Rockruff have a secret.
    Today we have that Pokedex that we don’t know if it’s real or not. But there it says that all the final evolutions of Rowleet, Litten, Popplio and Rockruff have a a bunch of forms or whatever.
    Maybe that’s the secret

        1. If there are 4 evolutions for each of these pokemon, i’d assume that each one is specific to one island (as in, u can only get Rowlet’s, Litten’s, Popplio’s and Rockruff’s first final evo on Melemele Island, for instance)

  20. I don’t know why but I want this Pokedex to be real so bad. Just because of QUASAUR. I can’t stop imagining it. If it turns out to be fake, I will be devestated because of that genius name, concept and typing being lost in the internet forever.

    1. Quack+dinosaur=duck-billed dinosaur fossil pokemon?
      I doubt it’s a deviation of quasar to become minior’s evo

        1. Are you referring to 2 other names that sound like cosmos and spectrum? I never saw any leaked pokedex, Im just going based on this one name .-.

          1. Belmad is referring to the leaked Rumored Pokemon Cosmot, Spectrodon, and Quasaur. They appear to be a pseudo legendary line that is dark electric and based on cosmic energy/phenomenon+dinosaurs. I for one am highly excited by the prospect of true!

          2. The Quasaur line and the Gargoyle line is what I am excited for, we’ve never had a Dragon/Fighting so I’m hyped!

          3. Same here!! And they are both seemingly pseudo’s which hasn’t happened since gen 3! I can’t begin to explain my hype lol.

          4. Yeah same here. Alola is turning out great so far, only thing bad in my opinion is Bruxish and Bewear.

          5. Yeah Bewear is off to me as well. And while I despised Bruxish’s design upon first reveal I’ve actually grown to really like it. I love that it’s based on an actual Hawaiian fish which itself is also hideous lol.

          6. I think Bruxish will have to be something I get used to, probably will take me some time though. BTW what are some of the Pokemon so far you want to include on your Sun/Moon team?

          7. As far as full team I couldn’t say lol, so many amazing Pokemon just out of the ones actually real and revealed alone lol.

            But I would love rockruff, vikavolt, alolan sandslash, mudsdale, litten, komala, pikipek, salamdit, lurantis, and wimpod just to name a few.

            You see my problem lol?? I’m obviously gonna have to have multiple teams or a revolving roster! And that’s great!

          8. That’s a lot of choices, but it’s great that you like a lot of them! So far for me, the ones that I would absolutely love to have on the team is:
            And like you, I’m having a hard time picking some on the team because I like them a lot, so the ones I might include is:
            Alola Ninetales
            Oricorio (Fire form)
            Wimpod (looks like it can turn into something awesome like Gyarados)

          9. See lol?! This gen has some truly awesome Pokemon. And I love that I’m having a hard time making a team. If that leaked dex is real I will have an even harder time lol.
            And I definitely see wimpod becoming a total bad*** like Magikarp to Gyarados.

          10. I actually don’t have it. However on the previous article someone posted a picture of it and someone else listed them out

  21. Im sad because what if theis is the reason Rockruff is special… because it gets its own comic because it’s cute Dx

    1. well then all the starters would have to as well, because remember they all share a secret, but I’m pretty sure they meant in game secret

  22. Who wants to do a listing of some type what Pokemon do y’all want to have Alolan forms? Mine are

    Primeape- Fighting/??? to make it more in tune to the jungle like Mankey

    Seel/Dewgong- Water or Water/Fire to show a migration to warm tropical waters and change to adapt in the heat

    Clefairy/Clefable- Fire/Fairy where they could change the attitudes they have and praise the sun instead of the Moon could evolve by Sun stone

    1. Primate yes I want that too, no clue why seel/dewgong would become part fire, but I can see them becoming a water type easily and welcome the idea. As for clefable line, I want alolan forms for them and gengars line that switches their typings somewhat to expand on the fact that gengar are clefables shadow 🙂

      1. It was more for the Seel line to show it changing from frigid water to tropical water meaning to use the reverse of its origins that would be cool if Gengar changed with Clefable to show that!

      2. But Gengar being Clefable’s shadow is only a theory, not a fact. I’m not trying to say that its not possible but I’m just reiterating the fact its still just a theory.

        1. yes… everyone knows its a theory, no one said it was a fact, but lets be real here its probably one of the most believable pokemon theories out there with tons of evidence pointing towards it being true. Not everyone on the internet who states their opinion does so while thinking its a fact my dear, but thanks for the input.

          1. Your exact wording to what I replied to was “to expand on the FACT that Gengar are Clefables shadow”

          2. sorry I didn’t mean literal fact, we have a lot of slang and different ways of speaking where I come from so maybe it isn’t easily distinguishable online or in other parts of the world. I should have entered a basically in there somewhere so as not to cause confusion, that is my fault I am afraid, sorry I just always someone attacking me like every time I comment on something so I get easily defensive sometimes when I feel like people are going out of their way to come for me. I apologize.

          3. Nah its all good. With all the internet trolls/assholes out there becoming defensive is natural. I’m sorry, if i came off as a know it all

  23. Based on the possible leak for the Alola Region’s Pokedex,and based on the typings and theme of each island in Sun and Moon, I have come up with this graph to clearly show you of which island certain pokemon will evolve a different type.

    You may also notice that in the Japanese Pokemon website decoding for the Starter’s Final Typing done a while back, has decoded their Typing from the Ulaula (Red Island) Pokedex.

  24. So they wanna do a Pikachu on Rockruff! I’m fine with that, cause it has a great design.
    I assume the character could be an in-anime rival for Ash and here we have his story.

    1. I wouldn’t make the assumption of this being an anime-rival story but i guess its possible.

      1. I could see the character become the anime rival. Something like Alain only Manga version follow his journey and than they catch up with each other.

  25. If Rockruff´s rumor its true about its evolution having access to fairy, dark, steel, fight as secondary type it will become one of my favorite pokemon from Alola.
    Besides I love its design :3

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