RUMOR: Pokémon Sun & Moon Include 103 New Pokémon

alola-dex-rumorRUMOR ALERT: The information contained in this post is based on speculation, not fact. Please treat it as such and do not interpret it is confirmed news.

A user on an anonymous image board has posted what purports to be the full Alolan Pokédex, excluding new “Alolan forms” of previously released Pokémon. If it is correct, there are 103 new Pokémon in the Alola region which would be 30 more new Pokémon than X & Y and roughly the same amount as Gold & Silver. There are, however, many evolution families listed which appear to have different forms for the same Pokémon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Screw. The. Leakers. I will not be covering the names or any other information about this “leak” because there is too much risk considering the advanced information that has already made its way to the public from the Chinese rumors. We’re still too far away from the release of these games to ruin everything for fans. There’s a difference between enjoying speculation and rumors (which we do) and spoiling everything online (which they do). There is a line of what I think is fun pre-release hype and what is stupidly early to reveal, and I think this is one of those things that crosses that for me. Hope you guys understand and perhaps even agree. If we hadn’t gotten such credible leaks this year I’d have no qualms about posting it for dissection.

<3 PJ

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