Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. VIII: A Villa Revisited

I know I can’t be the only one that was pumped about the idea of the villa in Pokemon Platinum – a whole home I get to decorate?! For free?! Of course, it was a bit of a disappointment in execution and options for decor were extremely limited. With Pokemon Sun & Moon adding an emphasis on resort culture to the game, we’re left to wonder if perhaps our Trainer will receive access to yet another place to make their own.

Villa - Pokemon Platinum

Secret Bases made a return in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, with additional features to make the concept even more… super. Given the recent remodel of bases and trainer customization returning, it’s foreseeable that we’ll see some enhancements to both areas. It would also be a simple and unobtrusive way to give a nod to Gen 4 and its impending remake (is it too early to get hyped?!).

Now here’s the real fun – what features would they add to get us excited for our humble abode? And what form will said abode be taking?

In ORAS we were given easier sharing functions to make our Bases more accessible via Street Pass and QR Codes. Pokémon is continuously striving to make our experience a collective one, so furthering our ability to share locations and show off our homes would be an obvious route to take. It could even become a new way to share Friend Codes – stumble upon a Trainer’s dwelling and get the option to copy their Friend Code to your 3DS – or perhaps a way to make your Trainer PR video even more personalized with an option to shoot on location.

super-secret-baseLeveling up Secret Base features could also enhance your own personal journey in Alola, combining Capture the Flag and the Secret Pals battling with such features as Pokemon-Amie and Super Training to give trainers even more ways to strengthen their team. Of course, any additions in the Villa will be moot if they don’t expand our options for interior design (isn’t the point of Pokemon to become a renowned decorator? Have I been playing wrong all along?)

In regards to the physical aspects of our hypothetical new house, it’s safe to assume that a side character (maybe we’ll meet Aarune again!) would gift Trainers the space. The Pokemon world is known for it’s free real estate, after all. Its location could really be anywhere at this point, but something tells me that pretty white resort we saw in our first glimpse at Sun and Moon isn’t central to the plot.

We’ve got a while until we have any real answers about which of the bonus features will get touched up or included in Generation 7, but luckily our imaginations are allowed to run wild for the time being. Until we hear more, I’ll be deciding what color scheme will go best with my new ocean view.

How would the rest of you feel about a new Resort House? And more importantly, how would you make it your home? Let us know down below!


FEATURED DISCUSSION: Shiny Pokemon Stories!

  1. Instead, let it be November 18th already, so I can enjoy my first week as a 24 year old with S/M <3

  2. Obviously a bed that heals you is mandatory. Maybe like a disco ball/dancefloor and give us dance moves like the animal crossing character has. If there were practical appliances/objects as well that would be nice but I’m blanking on what that could entail. A closet to change our clothes would be great too. A green house to grow berries maybe? Egg incubator? Fossil reviver? Idk.

    1. Yeah. We need those. I don’t have anything against useless furniture, but I would like there to be actual useful stuff too.

  3. I didn’t know that you actually got your own villa in those games until now, I remember going through the villas in pearl and thinking “I wish I could live in one of these” lol, the more you know! Neat!

  4. I knew you could own a house, but I had no idea you could decorate it. No wonder I never visited it because it was such a boring and empty room. xD

  5. I would hope the furniture wouldn’t be so expensive if they did bring it back :p

    1. Well it sounds slightly less ominous than synchro, that’s good I guess. Still hoping it’s a one-off thing and we don’t get yet another alternate form type to cluster Sun and Moon.

  6. That would be sweet. I loved the Platinum Villa and I want to see it expanded to the levels of Animal Crossing (or lower). Yet, I lost so much money. Lucky, the Amulet Coin and VS Seeker exist!

    1. That would actually be really awesome! I’ve never played Animal Crossing myself, but what I’ve seen and heard of it would make a really interesting feature in Pokémon (especially for more post-game fun?!).

  7. so I was thinking of what pokemon could have Alolan variants based on real life counterparts and it got me thinking, Abomasnow is based on a yeti and yetis are basically just snowy sasquatch so it could very easily have a possible Alolan form where it loses the ice type and becomes a normal/grass or something, I mean it has a mega so that probably rules it out but I was just thinking. Honestly I hope Primape/mankey or Aipom line gets an alolan form, I love them and could see potential.

    1. One I can hope for is Paras as Alolan because it could learn to grow without the mushrooms and Parasect wouldn’t be zombie like anymore!

        1. I like Paras too yet in detail Parasect can be zombie like but I don’t know any thing can happen

      1. I too enjoy Paras, but I don’t know if Paras can even be separated from their tochukaso controllers

        I theorized that Paras’ are instinctively drawn to the parasitic mushrooms from birth, or that even the Paras eggs get mushrooms to Spawn

        But I’m trying to think if alola’s environment would affect the parasitic effect, since Paras thrive underground and Parasect are basically serving the mushroom’s whims

        So it’s a wildcard at this point

    2. Look these seem to be so far Kanto and Environmentally based
      Abomasnow is a evergreen tree dummy, they never would stray from their icy realms
      Primape also doesn’t seem likely to change since the tropics seem to be perfect for them and would have no need to change

      1. Respect his opinion dude. He’s just speculating. No one knows. If you told me we’d have the Alolan forms we have a week ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.

          1. Good one. You’ve officially been blocked. I hope everyone does so you have no one to belittle on here.

        1. Another speculation what if an Eeveelution changed like
          Sylveon- Dragon
          Leafeon- Bug
          Vaporeon- Poison
          That could be a good way to give us are Eevee

          1. I always like the old memes of people thinking sylveon would be a flying type and drawing it flying like a helicopter with its tassels 😛

          2. Hmmm I never thought of that one maybe it would it would fit in Alola a Flying Eeveelution

          3. I think it was more just to be funny lol, and for people who were in denial about the fairy type XD

          4. Oh but I think Eevee should have gotten something this time around like a Bug and Flying Eevee’s

        2. I think at this point everyone on the internet thinks that when you suggest something, its like they think that in you’re mind you think its fact and they feel the need to rip a piece off of you for even just suggesting something even if you don’t believe it yourself and was never intended to be taken as such.

          Sadly I have fallen to such things on occasion as well, but not at the level as a certain ground enthusiast seems to.

          1. I try to not be like that if I don’t see something I try to see other angles or use mild constructive opinions to try to reach understanding

          2. Sorry if I only demand the most logical and extremely well thought out ideas
            I really hate the Alolan forms and even more for screwing up how they work
            I’m fine with Vulpix turning Ice but Ninetales didn’t need to be a Fairy out of nowhere
            Same with Snowshrew, Steel hard ice shell isn’t enough to be part Steel

            It just mucks up things so much that anything could happen at this point

            And my body physically and demands logic and reasoning in Pokemon

          3. yes earthen because your opinion is always the most logical well thought out and reasonable one out of all the people on here… -_- you’re such a jerk
            I have some very solid reasons as to why I could see a variant of all the pokemon that I state, however you’re really not worth my time at this point to explain them, because you’re far too absorbed in yourself for this conversation. News flash everyone knows you hate alolan variants and change in general, get over it, not everything has to please you.

          4. The only, Only, reason I can think of for the fairy typing is due to the lore of the nine tailed fox – a fairy tale, if you will.

            As for the shrew, my only explanation is the chemical composition of sand/dirt as it contains the “elemental metal” compounds, such as oxidized iron, calcium carbonate due to moisture, etc.

      2. Earthen Bite me! You don’t always have to have an opinion on everything and totally make people feel like sh*t. I am well aware that they are kanto pokemon and will probably stay as that, I was merely thinking what pokemon would fit well with the alolan variant! Also yeah its an evergreen, but guess what, I where I live there are evergreens all around me, and its currently 30 degrees Celsius outside, and you nor I, know how alolan forms work as of yet so they could take us totally by surprise. Honestly you make me so mad sometimes and I hope you feel bad.

      3. Um you might want to check your supreme logic here bucko cos your facts arent’ straight. Tropical conifers are a thing. Pinus merkusii, the Sumatran pine, is an example. It’s in the genus Pinus, I’m sure you can guess it’s evolutionary path. And I didn’t even need that example to back an iceless abomasnow, because Evergreens are very much a thing in temporal regions, even in mediterranean habitats where ice doesn’t really feature much. And sure, conifers do dominate most famously in boreal forests, but some clearly have moved way south. If a fire-type like vulpix can be pushed to become ice type through competitive exclusion, I’m sure an Abomasnow can become normal/grass. Sasquatch and Yeti are very often paired in cryptozoological fiction, so making a sasquatch variant of abomasnow makes perfect thematical as well as biological sense.

        And I might add, tropics with desert areas seem the perfect habitat for Sandshrew or fire types like Vulpix, yet those two were pushed to become ICE type of all things. Clearly Alola forms encompass more ecological complexity than simply adapting to the predominant local environment, and that’s stuff you can gather from simple examination of the 5 first forms we know of. Thus primeape could easily change in ways you wouldn’t expect if it had an Alola form, to reflect some kind of new-world monkey species the series hasn’t yet presented (and there are loaaaads of possibilities in that regard).

        Erm, Biologied if I may say.

        Sorry dude, I can sympathise with your grievance that people are getting overexcited about this and making up forms that make no sense, but what you’re attacking here are perfectly logical examples, and in the case of the former one, actually have great thematic composition. Ironically you’re letting your emotions cloud your judgment and pig-headedly ignoring the clear logic present here. And I don’t think there’s even a point into a discussion into why steel/ice and snow/fairy do make some level of sense, and how going by game freak’s track record that’s enough for them to choose those types.

      4. ” Abomasnow is a evergreen tree dummy, they never would stray from their icy realms ”

        Sandshrew and Sandslash has sand in their name and they became ice types.
        Anything is possible

  8. I want a villa that also serves as some kinda Battle Resort
    You can use BP to buy facilities that each provide a function
    (but not like crazy impossible things or free)
    Berry Planters: Grow your own berries
    PC: Choose and arrange your Pokemon
    Massage chair: Raise Happiness once per day
    IV Analyzer: Checks IVs (Duh)
    Egg Incubator: Stores up to 5 Eggs that will eventually hatch (A Alert tells you when they hatch)
    Insense Burner: Similar to O-Powers, each effect lasts 30 min to an hour, must buy the Insense
    Berry Grinder: Use Berries as ingredients to make medicine and items
    T.V: Tells Player where Pokemon Sightings are (Like Areas that have increased Shiny Spottings) and Swarms
    Lastly Challenger Flag: Hoist a flag out front to attract elite trainers

      1. Thank you and I picked this up while reading about Lurantis another island name confirmed

          1. This is odd how they say revealing southern most island yet threw another islands name in thinking we won’t notice

          2. Lurantis is the Totem of Lush Jungle, on Akala. Mallow is the Captain of Lush Jungle, meaning she’s also on Akala. In several clips of Mallow, you can see her in various locations on the island, such as on the farm, and in an unnamed town.

          3. I think it goes
            Sophacrates- Melemele
            Mallow- Akala
            Fire guy- Volcano island (kind of obvious)
            Luna or Lura- Big mountain island

          4. I think that they are all in Akala island. (2nd Largest with Volcano)

            You can see that you meet Mallow in the city in Akala

            Kaiwe’s trial is on the volcano.

            Lana’s trial is on the water pool area on the top-left part of Akala

            And Sophacrates is indoors, likely also in Akala.

          5. But then how would there be island trials that right after they battle the Kahuna of their specific islands?

          6. There are probably more Trial Captains in the other islands, the trailer even said that you have to complete all of the trialS (Notice the ‘s’) in order to battle to Kahuna. Plus Gumshoos being a Totem likely means that there’s a Normal-type trial captain.

          7. I imagine this is the last island we visit because its relatively uninhabited and it has the location where we meet the box legends on it

          8. oooo I bet you the pink hulu dancing bird lives on the akala island. Doesn’t mele mele mean yellow in hawaiian too? I bet you we will find the cheerleading bird on mele mele island

      1. It says the Lurantis is the a totem Pokemon for a place called Lush jungle a spot for the Akala island challenge meaning Akala island is one of the 3 other islands!

    1. Maybe you could get discs for the jukebox that play songs from the older games as well

  9. i’d like to see the return of Aarune, but this time, packing a much needed mega Flygon.

    1. Flygon has been my biggest hope for a Mega Evo since they were announced ~ icing on the cake if it happened!

  10. I hope the dumb Blue Pentagon thing is gone. I want to use my competitive Pokemon from past generations sometimes.

  11. I wonder what pokemon the Kahunas will use? My bet is that each will use the island deity, the oricorio form of said island and some other notable pokemon belonging to the island

        1. sorry i should have said other then them, because well ghetsis is nuts and N well, was his son, but like, has a normal trainer ever used one? am I making sense yet?

          1. well the Kahunas don’t seem like normal trainer 😛 They were chosen by the island deities after all so it make sense for them to use them.

          2. fair enough
            if they did tough it would probs be more of the deities working with them to test the players strength by lending their power to the kahunas, then once you defeat them all you could go catch them somewhere maybe post game

          3. The battle frontier uses
            The Regi’s, The legendary birds, the legendary dogs, and This one I don’t know for certain but Latias and Latios

          4. Alright that’s fair and if slight side games count coliseum and Xd use a few as well.

      1. What makes you say they’ll use a legendary? If you’re referring to the guardians, they’re not in the legendary category on the main site. I think they’re just really strong, important Pokémon.

        1. neither is Magearna or Zygaurd, the legends tab on the sun and moon official site is only for the box legends Im pretty sure. Tapu Koko is still a legendary pokemon.

          EDIT: I am looking for direct confirmation that it is a legendary but cant seem to find any. However I cant see a Deity that there is only one of not being a legendary.

          1. You could argue that it’s because we already knew Zygarde and Magearna is mythical, not legendary, but I see your point.

          2. *refresh I edited my comment a minute ago*

            but yeah, I guess we will have to see eh? 😛 maybe they are not legends nor pseudos but in a category all of their own, idk 😛

    1. I think Hala doesn’t have a deity
      I think Hala is just acquaintances with Tapu Koko

        1. But then how would we catch them unless there are multiple? I doubt every kahuna will just give us the deity thing

          1. The kahunas could release them. N released Reshiram/Zekrom in BW2, and the kahunas may be required to do so as a symbolic gesture, so it’s not too far-fetched.

  12. Maybe the fenced area on melemele island can be used to make the gyms during the post game.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s the building next to the Pokemon Center, which was speculated to be a Trainer School.

        1. There’s no building in that area though. The fenced-in area by the Pokemon Center has a building with 6 windows, just like the building in the scene with the player, Lillie, and Hau.

          1. I don’t think the OP ever mentioned a pokemon centre? (there is a building in the original picture but I think the map area is what they meant) and I could certainly see a gym going there if that were to be the case ^_^

          2. I brought up the Pokemon Center because the location in the first picture and the picture of the map are not the same location. I could agree on a gym being in the empty area, but I was only mentioning that the first picture is likely the Trainer School.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! I give props to whoever managed to hack ORAS but they might want to work on their pokemon creating skills, and textures, and pretty much everything else.

        1. naw Kurusu it is 100% fake, but this is what unlisted leaf does (the youtuber) he always finds these crazy videos and stuff and puts them up in his videos basically as a joke 😛

  13. Game explain just did a discussion video on S/M with Serebii and it was the most awkward thing I think I have ever watched lol, serebii seems like he’s sedated and angry at the world and the game explain guy is like the complete opposite XD

    1. I wish they’d have someone else in the discussions rather than Joe, something about him rubs me the wrong way, but that’s just me.

      1. I definitely didn’t like him in the video he just did with game explain as he seemed a bit rude and distracted, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard him so I cant judge

        1. I feel like he takes things way too seriously, even if they are jokes. Like, when the starter leaks were confirmed real, he got all defensive because he thought they were false. But if we’re talking about discussions alone, I feel like he sometimes says things to show his knowledge on Pokemon and chimes in with random things. But this isn’t bash Joe jungle, so I’ll leave it at that.

        2. This!
          And it broke some of the magic for me!
          I visit serebii regularly since I can’t remenber… But i never heard or read anything of/or about him( besides the posts)
          But i feel that the people who use the forums are very rude and impolite…
          Completely diferent from here…. Although i dont comment much! Im here everyday…. And well…. I respect people that like that kind of ambient…

      2. hes like that from what i have seen on his posts on twitter. i remember he got angry because of a parody account posting stuff and i told him he was over reacting and he actually sent me a personal message saying he wasnt because people cussed him out in the comments and deleted them. welcome to the internet is all i can say to that lol

    2. He’s not the guy I can like, he takes himself way too serious and views himself superior to other people, even though he’s not that special. But I won’t go deeper in on that 😉

      1. Its alot about serebii I don’t quite like. From how his site is set up and run to how his forums are. This a reason I’ve gravitated to pokejungle so much. The sight and people here feel real like there’s souls and stories behind everyone. I love how there is always discussion here too. It was never anything close like this on serebii.

        1. That’s why we mark ourself as a ‘Community’ and take pride in that, instead of just filling our site with filler content to give the impression of having a lot of news. Fun fact: many of the information pages for games, anime, … are done by contributors but they hardly receive any credit and it just looks like Joe does all the stuff.

      2. no way i get the exact same vibe from him i even dmed him a couple times about things hes not commented on and he replies quite rudely

      1. Awww I feel like you guys are too harsh on Joe. I’ve argued with him plenty on Twitter about stuff, but also have had lengthy conversations about just being old pokemon fans now. He’s generally pretty down to earth once you start talking to him. I think how he acts though may be a british thing over all, as my friend from England acts and talks very similarly.

    3. I always find when hey have him on he adds nothing to the conversion. He give lukewarm responses and doesn’t really interact with the guy from Gamexplain…..Which is odd as he seems to have an opinion on anything and everything on Twitter like it’s his business…

    4. Joe just acted like he didn’t wanna speculate on anything because he probably fears someone will take his speculating for granted, it’ll be false & then will discredit him
      It’s boring tbh & he also answers with “yes” or “I was thinking that”

    5. I haven’t seen the newest video yet, but I’ve listened to all of the other videos with Joe so far regarding Sun/Moon. I personally don’t think there’s a problem. He doesn’t contribute much because so many people take his words as fact, so if he speculates there will be people saying, “Well Serebii said X so X must be true.” Actually, I believe Derrick controls the conversation a bit more tenaciously to prevent putting Joe in that position.

    6. IKR Joe is very… Emotionless. It seems like he doesn’t want to talk. Although, I’ll just let him do him cuz he runs a great credible website….

      1. No this month it releases on the 12th because the 15th is a holiday in Japan and I would say from the 8th on.

  14. Idk if someone has already asked this question but I was wondering what if Alola is set before the times of gyms, elite 4s, and the Pokemon league over all an this is the start of it????

    1. I had that thought a few times, we don’t know enough about the story so far to say for sure, but so far I haven’t seen anything to discredit it so its possible

      1. Yeah I know it not for sure but I just wondered if anybody else thought that but I’m also waiting to see what tu story is about no gyms I’m hoping it’s good because I always love gym leaders and gym battles

  15. New avatar wooh.

    What’s everyone’s top 3 favorite pokemon revealed so far? (Not including alola pokemon)
    1. Mimikyu
    2. Lurantis


      But for real

    2. Its getting a lot harder to choose this gen, but not including Alolan:

      so basically the same as you lol

    3. Nice avatar like mine? I like yours!

      2. Komala
      3. Bounsweet

      Mimikyu and Minior are 4 and 5

  16. Finally came back home and started playing Pokemon Go. I have 3 pokestops around my building so I don’t even need to get out to do stuff

  17. I never had Platinum or ORAS so idk about any villa or base 🙁
    RSE had cute lil fort/tree houses tho 🙂

  18. I’m gonna make a prediction on the trial captains:

    * Normal-type (Somewhere on the top right area) Totem: Gumshoos
    * Bug-Type (Forest near the village) Totem: Vikavolt
    * Rock-Type: (Diamond Head area) Totem: Rockruff Evo

    * Mallow (In the forest area near the farm) Totem: Lurantis
    * Kiawe (Volcano) Totem: Salandit Evo
    * Sophocles (Colorful building in the middle city) Totem: New Electric-type (One’s we see, appear to be native to Melemele)
    * Lana (Water Pool area) Totem: Wimpod evo? New water-type

    * Ice (Ice mountain area) Totem: New Ice-type
    * Ground (Desert area) Totem: New Ground-type
    * Fighting (Stadium area) Totem: New Fighting-type or Bewear
    * Fairy (Observatory) Totem: New Psychic-type
    * Steel (Walled city) Totem: New Steel-type

    * Flying (Peak)
    * Poison (Gysers)
    * Psychic (Ruins)
    * Dark (Inside cliffs)
    * Ghost (Lone island)
    * Dragon (Tree)

    1. Where are you getting poni and Ulaula? And I feel that that would make the game a little to hard to have 18 captains maybe just keep 4 captains 1 for each island

      1. All that a trial consists is doing something, then battle a Totem Pokemon.

        Mallow: Find the four ingredients, then battle Totem Lurantis

        Kiawe: Find the difference between two dances, then battle a Totem

        Lana: Calm down an angry Pokemon, then battle a Totem

        Sophocles: Turn on a machine, then battle a Totem.

        One short “side-quest” , then a battle per island, seems to short. And you don’t really get to explore the entire island.

        1. That makes sense Thank you for enlightening me yet for Fairy I would have a fairy type totem then Psychic and where are Poni and Ulaula names coming from?

          1. Melemele(Yellow) and Akala(Pink) are confirmed to be the top-two islands on the map. Going by Oricorio colours, and the Alola symbol of Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple. The bottom two islands are probably Ulaula (Hawaiian for red), and is the bottom right island, due to red flowers being visible. So the other island would have to be Poni (Hawaiian for Purple).

    2. I think I remember reading somewhere that Gumshoos is the totem Pokemon for Lana’s trial

      1. He is a totem, but I recall that Lurantis is the totem for Lush Jungle, where Mallow’s trial takes place.

    3. I would probably put less on Poni and spread them out among the islands, just my 2 cents though.

  19. Ya know what would be cool for a pokemon game to do? After you beat the league and the champion, you actually walk back home similar to Earthbound or Undertale. You go through each town and NPC’s will congratulate you and you’ll meet important characters again. It would be really cool for world building

    1. I really liked what ORAS did. It remembered what Pokemon I used for certain gyms and that was cool especially for a Nuzlocke. ORAS had the perfect ending sequence IMO.

    2. That would take forever .which is ok for a first playthrough, but more times u play, it would get tedious

    1. Despite this generation being filled with absolutely amazing Pokemon, I’ve got a list prepped:

      Popplio (more so its potential final evo)
      Alolan Exeggutor
      Ghost Oricorio
      and Luranits

      They really have outdone themselves this time.

          1. Don’t be narking mah Diggersby yo
            Slap on a Choice Band and Huge Power and it destroys

          2. Well obvi I’m talking about design since we don’t know much about Mudsdale’s viability 😛

    2. I guess my favorites are Litten, Minior, Bewear, Salandit, Cutiefly, Vikavolt and Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales. I don’t hate a single Pokemon revealed yet, so this list doesn’t really mean anything!

    3. Bewear tops all for my favorite and is my new favorite pokemon. love that guy. runner up is probably Lunala.

    4. The Pokemon that resonate with me the most are (No particular order)

      Lurantis, Salandit, Poppilo, Vikavolt, Pikipeck, & Lunaala. I love all the Pokemon revealed so but those dudes are my favourites so far.

    5. Popplio(hate it’s evo though, probably gonna keep it in evolved)
      Tapu Koko

  20. Litten evolution will be the same as Greninja eevery body hate him in unofficial leak but then it become number one he will be amazing in the game pp didn’t notice how awesome his personality is.

    Dear GF can u change Litten evo a little bit just like this.

    1. well I don’t think very many people will like Litten’s evo because looks like a fire fighting, Greninja was completely different in that aspect, everybody hates fire fightings 😛

      1. I believe it will be fire-dark …….it’s very small chance to get fire fighting type …I will be very disappointed though.

        1. well, honestly even if it is fire/dark I wont use it (and many others wont either) because it LOOKS fire/fighting. I know it sounds stupid but… idk.

          1. I understand how you can feel like that, he does look cool. my taste in pokemon definitely leans more toward beauty than cool, so I’m a huge fan of popplio’s evolution.

    2. I know this pic didn’t have good quality I mean my painting is terrible but I believe it would be better if he looks like that and will look more like dark type.

      u know he need pants too.

  21. I really hope we get to battle trial captains, even if only post game. I mean, they have type specialities, so unless they own the totem Pokemon, the only thing it matters for so far is where the captain is found, and I seriously doubt that is it.

  22. So suicide squad wasn’t very good at all. Welp, here’s hoping Doctor Strange is good. Will be hard to top Civil War though.

      1. No…they need to get their shit together. Wonder Woman looks very promising though, but I’m cautious at this point.

          1. Lol it’s too soon, although I honestly doubt they’ll ever do her. I’m not sure who the villain is though.

      2. Lol I don’t know what’s with me but I genuinely thought BvS was great, and I thought this was pretty good. But yeah hopefully this streak doesn’t continue and the DCMU doesn’t crash and burn…

      3. unfortunately no. its like they are trying to build a house without a foundation. BvS was godawful, just nonsensical directing and way too unfocused in the plot. the actors were good, I love henry cavil as superman. I also really enjoyed man of steel. I just wish they would stop saying “we need to hurry and catch up to marvel!” and take the time to do it right.

    1. Ah, shame you didn’t like it. Me and my friends really enjoyed it. It wasn”t amazing, I’m not sure I’d call it great either, but it was very entertaining, and “great” in that respect.

      1. I liked it alright the first time but I just saw it again and my opinion sort of changed a bit 😛

        1. Ah, I see. I tend to only go and see a film again if it was amazing or if I’m accompanying someone who hasn’t seen it. In some cases (like this one), I guess I’m kinda scared that after seeing the reviews I’ll start dissecting it and shatter my previous appreciation.

          1. Yeah, different group of friends wanted to see it, so I said why not. But I wouldn’t say reviews really influenced my opinion so much, but I had time to pay better attention to the movie because last night I was front row and it was hard to catch some stuff.

    2. I was actually a fan of suicide squad, was it a perfect movie? No, but it was gpod, and really entertaining, which I think is important 🙂

  23. Whats everyones fav E4 members in no particular order? and providing there is an E4 in Alola what types would you like to see?

    Fav E4:

    Types I want to see in Alola if we get an E4:
    (none of these types have ever been e4 types before)

    1. Bertha is my favorite, such a kind warm hearted woman.
      alola e4
      champion: Normal

        1. its my dream for this franchise to have a normal type champion. normal type gets a lot of hate for being considered a weak type, or even considered the worst in the game.

          1. Yeah, some of my favourite pokemon are normal types they get a lot of slack but they keep on fighting

    2. Fav. E4

      Types I want

      Edit: I added Aaron and Bertha to my list

    3. E4:

      Types I want:
      Ice (unlikely with all the ice Pokemon rumored to be introduced and an icy mountain region)

      1. Some people are leveling like crazy ^^

        Others have transferred from other areas. And sometimes not in normal ways… 🙂

        1. Save everything up – EVERYTHING. Once you have tons, and I mean TONS, of stardust and a lucky egg, drop that egg and evolve everything you can. Massive xp.

          Pokeball drop

          1. I don’t know why but I don’t think that’s his face I think it’s a mask that just my opinion though

          2. That looks like a vibrant red to me and about albino being insulting, people can take anything and turn it into an
            insult. Albino came from the word “albinism”, which is the medical condition. In this case, a person might call a light-skinned person albino, similar to calling a thin person bulimic/anorexic or a short person a dwarf. Honestly, like most insults, you choose if you want to be insulted or not.

          3. It is just ignorant and unnecessary. I agree with you, but it was his intention to call him out cause of his odd design even though I wrote his name.

    1. haha, the I realy like the bulbasaur xD. It does remind me of HotDog (skylanders xD)

        1. Hi, not new at all, had a few other names before (littenitup was my last name). Alolan sandshrew swayed me to getting a different name & stuff

          Been here pretty much from xy leaks 😉

  24. The English anime dub is so incredibly cringeworthy. Just saw the Ash v Diantha battle, and I was close to throwing my laptop out the window

  25. I read some Reddit discussion Aquatic synchronization posted or something and I got this if it’s true

    Marshadow- Ghost/Fire

    Mimichyu will be a stand alone

    Rowlet final Evo. Will stay Grass/Flying
    Litten pure fire
    Popplio Water/Fairy

    Only Kanto Pokemon get Alolan forms only ones I saw that does is Poliwrath, Marowak, Golem, Slowbro, Onix, Duduo, Dodrio, Abra line, and Vileplume

    120 new Pokemon and some mega’s including Politoad, Johto starters, Toxicroak, and Rapidash

    26 new Ice types

    Tapu will be in all guardian names

    You can ride Girafarig, Gyrados, Talonflame, Pidgeot, and post game Ho-Oh and Lugia

    This is all I got I don’t know if it’s true or not but what do you guys think?

    1. I think if this were to be true that it would be slowking to get an alolan form not slowbro since slowbro already has a mega. I also saw a really cool concept for a graveler/golem variant that was a snowball essentially.

          1. No clue that and Vileplume being Grass/ Fire, 26 Ice types, and Mimikyu being stand alone were what threw me off!

          2. oh yeah, some of this could possibly be true but I’m like 90% sure 26 ice types is false, but we’ll see I guess

          3. Yeah I feel that if anything these next pieces are 100% true

            Marowak is Ground/Fire (makes sense cause of trial captain of fire and such)

            The rideable Pokemon

            The Tapu part

            And 120 new Pokemon this I believe

      1. I was expecting triple type since 6 gen ……I thought it will be Xerneas though ,but GF decided to surprise us by fairy type.

        1. They kind of introduced triple typing at least its effects in Gen 6 with Trick or Treat and Forest’s Curse.

        2. I always thought Xerneas was gonna be Grass/Psychic. Then they made it pure fairy. It should be Grass/Fairy at least.

    2. As much as I would love 26 ice types, that’s so insanely high. No way that’s happening.

      Riding Talonflame, MY DREAM… not likely either.

      Marshadow- not a unique typing. Goes against the chinese leaker.

      Saw Mimikyu staying one stage from a mile away.

      Wish more than just kanto pokemon got alolan forms. Makes no sense why they get special treatment. Maybe its because some of the other gens are newer and their designs dont need updating.

      Litten: Pure Fire. HA. It’s gotta be fire/fighting or fire/ dark. No way you make a fighting style pokemon that looks aggressive like that and not give it a second typing. Although Feraligatr argues against that… he would have made an excellent water/ fighting.

      Tapus- also a given.

      1. Marshadow judging by the name will probs be a ghost or dark type, my money is on a ghost/normal type or a dark/normal type, that would be pretty cool.

        Also I saw these leaks in their original form and the typings they were talking about for the starters were their second stage, so its entirely possible littens will still be pure fire in its second stage. 🙂

          1. That would be cool, but I feel like they’re referring to a Marsh and a shadow and not martial arts and a shadow. But it’s always a possibility 😉

          2. I agree with you, but if I had to choose a unique ghost type pairing, fighting is my choice. lol

      2. This is not certain and Talonflame I could see being rideable and Litten Evo. I’m with ya there and 26 Ice types are not likely

        Girafarig is my fav. Psychic type so I hope it can be riden as more a gental rider than like Tauros and Mudsdale

        1. I think we will have a much more limited pokemon selection to ride than we think. Theyre not our pokemon right?, and we don’t need ten different flying types to ride if theyre all gonna do the same thing. I personally think these are gonna be replacing HM’s. So Sharpedo/ Tauros can do rock smash in the water/ land respectively. Charizard will fly us places. Lapras might know waterfall or could be one of a couple surfers we get to choose. Stoutland might know strength, etc. But what would Girafarig do that others cant?

          1. Girafarig can be a total BAMF thats what it can do, don’t diss it or it’ll use its mind powers to throw you into the air. (I’m joking) but I really do hope its rideable it could use its psychic powers to move stuff out of your way kinda like strength

          2. Interesting idea. Number one, I did not create the games, nor do I know the future, so I cant deny anything you say lol. Number two, these games are throwing everything I thought I could predict out the window. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN! I love these times we are alive.

          3. I do actually believe for each island different Pokemon help like maybe

            Melemele- Tauros, Charizard, Sharpedo

            Akala- Girafarig, Lapras, Talonflame

            Mountain island- Mudsdale, Gyrados, Pidgeot

            Altar island- Stoutland, ???, ???

            That was speculation but who knows

          4. Qwilfish. I want to ride Qwilfish. I’m not getting Sun or Moon if I don’t get to sit on a Qwilfish.

    3. Well the leaker said that half of the stuff said wasn’t true however the trailer on the 12th will reveal the starters first evos, so take it with a pinch of salt

      1. That might still happen this is not confirmed 100% I still feel they missed some things

          1. Ever since those leaks came out, I am hoping that Arcanine has a Alola Form because Arcanine is one of my favorite Pokemon and Water types are my favorite typing. Seeing those two come together would have Alola Arcanine an instant spot on my team. It would be very disappointing to see Arcanine not get one though ):

    4. If Marshadow is Ghost and Fire, that’s the chinese rumour defeated since it said Marshadow would have a unique type.

      It’s Mimikyu, not Mimichyu.
      A Politoed (again, spelling) would be interesting.

      The Ice types might be a bit excessive, but we’ll see.

      I can live with Tapus. Kind of like Regis.

      The riding stuff sounds farfetched, but riding Gyarados would be nice.

  26. Little detail I like in Soul Silver. In Clair’s gym, the ground is hot from the lava so you have to put your pokemon in it’s pokeball. I kinda like that. It’s caring for your pokemon

    1. HGSS is packed with attention to detail. Excluding SM, because it’s not out yet, HGSS is the best game hands down.

  27. Im honestly really sick of leaks/ rumors. I used to think it was fun, but its tiring seeing the discussions all around the internet and I’m getting more and more impatient for the games to just come out. I dont understand why whats been leaked has been leaked, and even how that happened. I just want to stick to discussing confirmed info. But alas, speculation is/ was fun for the majority.

      1. They really are boring. And everyone gets so hyped over some of them and when they dont come true, people are let down.

    1. I can agree somewhat. After awhile, they get boring. But it’s exciting at first cause it gives us something to talk about while waiting for the games and we can discuss the aspects in the rumors and speculate what it would be like in the games.
      Sometimes, people just leak what they know. It happens.

  28. I really don’t think they’re done with Megas. I bet we get some soon, or at least a hint at them. Alola is obviously connected to Kalos somehow, so it would be odd for them to bring back Zygarde and a small part of lore and not the rest.

    Also this is the first time I’ve heard of the Villa. I never got to play Platinum.

    1. Yeah in terms of plot wise I wouldn’t see Mega Evolutions going away anytime soon without proper resolution to it’s story. Perhaps in S/M after we beat the post game we’re able to get old and new megas?

  29. “For Fomantis, photosynthesis is not just a source of energy—it is a necessity to achieve the strength and brilliant coloration of its evolved form”
    I bet you that Fomantis will evolved via a sun stone or it will have to be a certain level in a place with sun light kinda like Sliggo.

    1. I hope we have more elemental stone evolutions. We’ve had 6 generations and only a handful of Pokemon take advantage of stones.

      1. Theyre a hassle when you dont check the internet to find out how they evolve, but at the same time, its such a cool concept. I hope the crazy evolution methods exercised in gen 6 get even more fun this gen. Levelling up is so old school. XD

        1. A Flat Pokémon. Let’s use Stunfisk as an example. Ok. Say Stunfisk gets an evo (unlikely). You have to level up WHILE 3D IS ACTIVATED. (Just something I thought of after the Inkay to Malamar technique was revealed)

          1. I would bet money more 2DS’s have been bought then 3DS’s considering the price difference.

          2. No they haven’t made enough to even scratch the surface as of December 2015, 57.94 million 3ds units have been sold while as of June 30th 2016, only 5.17 million 2DS units have even been shipped.

          3. And see, that’s what I get for betting without checking the facts. There goes my money.

          4. its all good, Its probably just that 2DS are more popular where you live or in your inner circle so it seems they are more popular, where as where I live the only people who have 2ds’ are kids with cheap parents (who would have bought them a normal DS if they still sold them because of the low price, which was a pet peeve of mine when I used to work in electronics because they were buying their kids an obsolete console and then got mad when they didn’t understand that the new games their kids wanted wouldn’t work on the system.) Sorry, that was my mini rant of the day 😛

          5. no thats not the sales number just the amount of units shipped 😛 sorry if I confused anyone

          6. Yeah i love my 3DS too bad its going to not be touched for a long time starting next week when No Mans Sky comes out 😛 lol

          7. My ds almost went crazy knowing I had no sound and it was blaring HGSS gym music while playing it yet 5 mins. Later it went back to normal

          8. I would but I don’t have enough money cause I have money on Pokemon moon and Yo-Kai watch 2 and don’t have much left

          9. Yup it just seems when they didn’t release anything last year a refreshing new game to pass the time with.

          10. haha, I really wanted to like it for the same reason for passing time till SuMo, but I did not enjoy the demo xD Not my thing. I like pretty/awesome ‘monsters’

          11. Most of them are ugly, i also find the battle methode weird.. Not my fortee i guess

      2. Something is wrong with one thing how will Vulpix evolve now if it’s no longer fire and it evolves by Fire stone?

      3. As long as we keep reasonable ways of acquiring them, like stealing them from Solrocks. I had to fill my secret base with Rich Boys to mine Shiny, Dusk and Dawn stones. That awful super training is too much work for too little reward.

  30. I swear, Furret always pulls through for me. In my last Soul Silver playthrough, he took down Charizard winning the battle against Red. Then on my current playthrough, I just beat Lance’s charizard with Furret. One more air slash would’ve killed me but Furret got a critical and won.

    Furret is probably one of the best if not the best early game pokemon. It will seriously keep up for the whole game.

  31. Earthen….tired….hiking…put to test…..
    Spelunking……wish I found…..a…New Pokemon

  32. I leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning, I can’t wait to get into the Alolan mood! I’ll be there until the 14th so the big news update will be awesome to see on the evening of the 11th 🙂 Of course, CoroCoro also leaks within the next few days to serve as a little teaser.

    1. That’s awesome I hope it is even better hearing it from there than where you are going to the roots of Alola!

      1. I’ll be taking pictures of things that would make good Pokemon concepts. I did the same thing in Paris in 2013 😛

        1. How lucky that you got to go to the root of the region twice now. Was that coincidental or not?

          1. Completely coincidental! I know, it’s crazy right? I don’t go to Hawaii every year either (like some people…)

      1. There’s CoroCoro as we knew, but right after the August 1st announcement they scheduled another announcement for the 12th. It’s hard to say whether ti’ll just be the same as what’s in CoroCoro, but I’d bet that it’s different just like how they’ve been doing it the past few months. I will say it’s odd they had a formal announcement for the 12th. the past couple of months they’ve just been releasing the secondary updates with little to no word on them. so it’s possible they might have something big in store for us this next time as it’s out of the ordinary. I guess we’ll find out soon tho! lol

        1. That’s good news! If the pattern continues we will get CoroCoro stuff plus a little bit of new stuff. This next week should be pretty exciting as far as news goes.

  33. Am I the Only one who didn’t play platinum or BW2? Only the original versions. . . Everyone says they are much better, kinda regret it

    1. I would say BW2 are better, but that’s just me. Platinum was around the same as D/P for me. Could always emulate them and play them

    2. Well BW2 are a different case then Platinum. They’re actually sequels and tell a different story. Platinum, however, improves on D/P, even if it’s not major. Giratina is awesome and the distortion world is an extremely unique experience when it comes to pokemon games. I would highly, highly recommend both of them if you get the opportunity.

    3. BW2 were way better but I missed Brycen as a gym leader in BW2, or they could have made him an Elite 4 member. Unicameral is by far my favorite region (not counting Alola). I hope Samurott gets a mega if it’s continued in Sun and Moon. Team Oshawott

          1. It would’ve been nice if they had given him a bigger role though in B/W. Other than the Striaton leaders, he has a super small part. I also wish they would’ve replaced the E4 for the sequels. They were the same people with almost the exact same teams.

          2. I just realized something if Gen.1 re-remakes come out Sabrina Quit Gym leading in BW2 to act so who is the 6th Gym Leader???!!!

          3. Well she wouldn’t have quit if they’re just remakes. We’d have to get Kanto sequels set after the events of HGSS in order for Sabrina to be replaced. Maybe the Karate King could replace her. His gym was in the same city as hers after all

          4. Well “time will tell what the fates have in mind” this referenced the first episode of ash fighting Gary in the Johto league

    4. Why didn’t you play BW2? I get not playing Platinum since it’s the typical 3rd version, but BW2 was a brand new story with new characters. It was pretty great if you ask me lol

    5. BW2 was definitely a good game. It expanded the pokedex to include older generation Pokemon and have the most post game content of any Pokemon game since. Try it out and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

    6. honestly imo B/W and B/W2 are both amazing and on par with each other, I don’t really see one better than the other

  34. Am I the only one that doesn’t want GF to remake DP? I’d be all for it if they made a sequel or remade platinum but DP were just incomplete games and platinum took them and made them great. If they pull another ORAS with DP then no thanks. Just my opinion though 😛

    1. Mixed feelings. I’d love to revisit the Sinnoh region, but if they’re gonna do remakes they need to go all out. Platinum just told the story better..I would love sequels more though.

    2. I for one rather they focus on new stuff because remakes are going down the shitter

    3. I want them to remake Diamond and Pearl so they can explore the concept of niche evolution even further. They can open up undiscovered areas high up on Mt. Coronet or deep underground where Sinnoh Forms exist. I’d like if this can focus more on Pokemon other than those from Kanto, like Johto, Hoenn and Unova.

    4. I agree. ORAS were not great games, because they took none of the improvements from Emerald. Magma base in Mt. Chimney, Wallace as champ, Steven hidden champ, Battle Frontier e.t.c

      Also I would have much preferred an Emeral remakes cos of all the cool things they could have done with Magma/Aqua rivalry, plus the emerald cutscene in Sootopolis. Ah well, wasn’t meant to be.

      It really annoyed me cos the whole point of remakes is to improve on the originals with newer ideas/ concepts, while keeping the core (story) the same.

    5. I only want remakes because I could never really enjoy the originals and I feel like remakes would fix almost all of the problems I had with it, even though I played through it I feel like I never really experienced it, even though I did…. weird eh

    6. I just want to relive my childhood whether it’s a smart decision to remake it or not. 😛

  35. Steven Universe Question
    In the next episode who is Smokey Quartz a fusion of

    Peridot and Jasper
    Amethyst and Peridot or
    Amethyst and Jasper I can’t tell

    1. Wait I got it spoilers are ahead sorry

      It’s Jasper and Amethyst because a pic I saw shows 2 gems fusing Amethyst and one like Jasper or peridot but then shows a mysterious foot near Peridot so I assume here.

          1. You are only half correct. Ugh I wish I could tell you, but I will just say you are ruling one person out, a very important person. so think carefully and you will know. Smoky quartz is wearing jeans.

      1. its not jasper and amethyst, ill just say that its between two gems one of which you don’t have listed there

          1. hey I didn’t post any videos 😛 its all just speculation right now, but tbh the name itself gives it away as to who it is

          2. Okay I’m sorry people for posting my findings but I don’t delete things for personal reason *cough* miiverse incidents *cough* but refresh and the video and answers will change but wait a min I’m not that fast

      1. I don’t think only cause Steven has been only shown to fuse with Connie but I don’t know

    2. Amethyst and Steven I think. Because It would be Rose Quartz and Amethyst. This is a Smoky Quartz Gem (Refresh)

      1. I don’t know who anymore I should have put Steven on this though

        *Refresh to show the comments I changed to not spoil*

        1. Don’t worry. Thanks to YouTube Reccomendations, the Episodes have already been spoiled to me 🙁

            Spoilers ruin everything, and I also suffer from spoiler hunting that I must keep at bay

          2. I don’t really get mad at spoilers….

            Unless it’s Star Wars. I will hunt down the Star Wars Leakers and take care of them personally.

        1. Pearl and Steven would still be Rainbow Quartz. She would just look different, so if Amethyst and Rose were Smoky Quartz, then Steven and Amethyst will be Smoky Quartz

          1. She’s my second favorite fusion after Malachite. She’s my 3rd Favorite Gem after Lapis and Bismuth.

          2. Or Garnet and Rose for that matter. However, this Thursday’s episode is called know your fusion. It’s description is Steven and the Gems take a look at various fusions.

  36. I would like too say something to all of you on Pokejungle I said this a while back as well

    I would like to thank you all again for accepting me here from my hard past in miiverse this is a place worth being with you guys and I would like to thank you all again down with Miiverse up with the Jungle!!!!!!

    1. Actually we all voted and we’re kicking you out.

      Just kidding 🙂 It’s always nice having new people who bring in new ways to talk about pokes 😛

      1. Almost got banned because of some jacka** ganging up on me he was a main guy on something called Dragma (if any of you are in it I like you guys so don’t worry) it’s a clan on miiverse that I stood against and got attacked on it so I packed up there and decided to come full time here after I made my account in March but came permanently in July

          1. I’m glad to be around here people who have interesting opinions like you Green and can have freedom to say and mostly do what we want!!!

          2. Yeah. We don’t really have to many rules. Except that we don’t tolerate trolls and spoilers.

          3. Trolling I have under control only once I did it and that was an accident but I made up for it and spoilers I’m getting the hang of sorry about the SU comment below

          1. Yup if people report you you can eventually get banned and the guy rounded up 10ish people to report and I had 1 person on my side so I quit wasting my time and came here

    2. I could’ve sworn you would’ve been killed off early season one
      Whelp…. If you want somebody killed you gotta do it yourself
      *Pulls out a battle axe*

          1. One thing I don’t understand

            Geo- Rock
            Mancy- wizardry

            And yet it’s fairy

          2. Well maybe drawing in life energy from the ground
            But in my case, my Geomancy is solely a form of Elemental Manipulation,
            Mostly just sending rocks and dirt as projectiles, but my bread and butter is the famous Elemental Exoskeleton where I pull in large amounts of stone, dirt sand and minerals and form a massive Elemental Armor which enhances my abilities
            But I don’t know all the negative repercussions such as the physical state of my flesh body, the requirement of oxygen, collateral damage and the limits of the form

    3. Huh, cool I used to make Miiverse posts. Though I got bored of Wii U so I stopped drawing.

      1. Miiverse where you can be banned if you are reported too many times by stuck up a**holes that dwell in it.

          1. Hello there! I don’t think we’ve met. My name is Slippery but you can call me Slips. It’s a pleasure to meet you :).

          2. The pleasures all mine I got here March but left till July and have been here since

  37. Whew… I’ve been very busy this week so I haven’t had a lot of time to get on Pokejungle lately, sorry about that :p I am glad though because this week went very fast and next week we have more news for Sun and Moon and I am HYPED!

    1. I’ve been on vacation to frequent here as usual
      But whenever I do have the window I’ll try to mutilate somebody or harvest a couple dozen organs
      But alas being evil is just being a chore these days

    1. i can see mallow having rowlett and ash having both popplio (not evolving) and fully evolved litten

      1. Agree but wat if Lana decide to joining Ash …she could have popplio.

        u will say …y this punk travel with 2 girls ,,,,and I will tell u it’s life dude.

        1. lana doesnt seem like someone that would join ash team. i can see lillie joining or being like bianca and be a supporting character

          1. Ok Lana’s little brother can and guess wat he have popplio u know they r water family after all.

            I am joking …..Muhahahahaaaaa.

    2. I thought she was a pokemon in this picture for the longest… Lol. I thought she had a snout.

  38. Hey there for those who don’t know who I am I’ve been looking at Pokejungle recently and I do like this community you all have, it looks unique and cool as opposed to previous ones I’ve seen, like Serebii. So I’ve decided to join Pokejungle because this seems a lot of fun, so I want to say hello to everyone!

  39. Ohhh.. . Omg you guys. Didn’t think of it til now. But seeing that Ash Greninja is in game… A sychro ev pokemon.. What if certain Pokemon Ie. Starters and Rockruff Synchro evolve after using a Z-Move. This would explain the rumor each starter has 2 evos.
    This would also explain the obsession with Megan Water Shuriken in the anime.. . Its his Z-Move.. he always leads with. Ohhhh.. I think I am right. Tbh. N the rumours Did Not say specifically no Synchro evs or hint at it to whoever told me that. I read it all.
    Oh an TyranitarTube helped me piece this together when he called Ash Greninjas Z moves water shuriken

    1. This would Definitely make using a z stone more valuable than other items with certain pokemon.. maybe they can use their z move more than once!

      1. Thank you! ^_^ It really pieced together for me when I thought back to how Ash Greninja’s Shuriken turn Huge and Bright Red .. like a super move.. in the anime.
        Ashs power is to bring out his pokemons Z Power without a stone. Not their mega evolution.

  40. It leads the curiosity of one to see all the unique dances of each Z-move the trainer does. If you haven’t noticed, it’s very unique hand and arm gestures for each move, which i think may in fact be based on dances and tai-chi. It’s a very clever little subtle thing you may not have noticed or may have observed but never really considered, or if you’re an admirer of subtle details like me, enjoyed to see in Pokemon.

  41. Nothing in this entire world pisses me off more then a Pokemon that takes more then 10 pokeballs to catch in red health!!!!! NOTHING!!!

    PS. It wasn’t a legendary

  42. Magearna can’t be end of list. Because, she acted in 19th movie. Do not use in a film not included in the Pokemon series at the end of the list.

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