Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. VIII: A Villa Revisited

I know I can’t be the only one that was pumped about the idea of the villa in Pokemon Platinum – a whole home I get to decorate?! For free?! Of course, it was a bit of a disappointment in execution and options for decor were extremely limited. With Pokemon Sun & Moon adding an emphasis on resort culture to the game, we’re left to wonder if perhaps our Trainer will receive access to yet another place to make their own.

Villa - Pokemon Platinum

Secret Bases made a return in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, with additional features to make the concept even more… super. Given the recent remodel of bases and trainer customization returning, it’s foreseeable that we’ll see some enhancements to both areas. It would also be a simple and unobtrusive way to give a nod to Gen 4 and its impending remake (is it too early to get hyped?!).

Now here’s the real fun – what features would they add to get us excited for our humble abode? And what form will said abode be taking?

In ORAS we were given easier sharing functions to make our Bases more accessible via Street Pass and QR Codes. Pokémon is continuously striving to make our experience a collective one, so furthering our ability to share locations and show off our homes would be an obvious route to take. It could even become a new way to share Friend Codes – stumble upon a Trainer’s dwelling and get the option to copy their Friend Code to your 3DS – or perhaps a way to make your Trainer PR video even more personalized with an option to shoot on location.

super-secret-baseLeveling up Secret Base features could also enhance your own personal journey in Alola, combining Capture the Flag and the Secret Pals battling with such features as Pokemon-Amie and Super Training to give trainers even more ways to strengthen their team. Of course, any additions in the Villa will be moot if they don’t expand our options for interior design (isn’t the point of Pokemon to become a renowned decorator? Have I been playing wrong all along?)

In regards to the physical aspects of our hypothetical new house, it’s safe to assume that a side character (maybe we’ll meet Aarune again!) would gift Trainers the space. The Pokemon world is known for it’s free real estate, after all. Its location could really be anywhere at this point, but something tells me that pretty white resort we saw in our first glimpse at Sun and Moon isn’t central to the plot.

We’ve got a while until we have any real answers about which of the bonus features will get touched up or included in Generation 7, but luckily our imaginations are allowed to run wild for the time being. Until we hear more, I’ll be deciding what color scheme will go best with my new ocean view.

How would the rest of you feel about a new Resort House? And more importantly, how would you make it your home? Let us know down below!


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