RUMOR: Nintendo NX to get Pokémon Game in First 6 Months

The Wii U wasn’t the best console for Pokémon fans, save for the two stand out titles Pokkén Tournament and Super Smash Bros., but things may be improving console-wise with the launch of the Nintendo NX. Due to be released early next year, the new console is rumored to have a brand new Pokémon game in its library within six months of its launch.

MCV reports that this game will be developed by Game Freak, which is the studio responsible for primarily the handheld main series. This leaves speculation whether it will be a spin-off title or a more traditional adventure akin to those that have populated Nintendo handhelds for the last 20 years. Another possibility is an HD version of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Can’t wait to hear more!

<3 PJ

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  1. Alain’s team confirmed: Charizard, Metagross, Tyranitar, Unfezant, Bisharp, Weavile

  2. Well if they are indeed doing “Pokémon Sun and Moon HD Remake”, I won’t buy Sun yet and pretend that I’m currently playing Red Rescue Team right now while I’m waiting for mom to buy me a Nintendo DS and Blue Rescue Team

  3. That Will be f*cked if they release a HD version of SuMo in a year aftrr the inicitial release…

    My net is on a spinoff game OR a remake of DP OR yellow remake, last one is my wish though

    1. I don’t want the 3DS to go. Sure, it’s not that strong piece of hardware, but still… They never changed console mid-gen for a main series game or remake before. Publishing a DP remake on NX mid-gen 7 would be just dumb.

      1. yeah I agree, the 3ds still can go for another couple years I think. This is the first time they introduced two generations of pokemon on one device though.. So they easily they can change their ways and make a remake for the NX, idk..

        1. The DS had two generations of Pokemon. The 3DS is nearing it’s end. 2017 doesn’t have too many titles left and it’s obvious Nintendo will soon switch to the NX. The next Pokemon games will be on the NX, but I doubt it’s a port of S/M.

  4. It’s obviously going to be the remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, considering that it’s it’s 10 year anniversary.

  5. Are we expecting D/P remakes this gen? This/next year are the 10 year anniversary but I was kinda assuming they would skip a gen like they did between HGSS and ORAS.

      1. No I think it’s about Sun and moon a new mechanic I had found yesterday on forchann but the discussion about it was immediately deleted it said another leak chinese, then I have not had time to read anything else being deleted

          1. I agree. It makes the most sense unless it’s a machine for something else. I mean it looks like something used by Pokemon Rangers.

  6. Seems the Part 1 of Ash VS Alan will involve Pikachu, Noivern, Talonflame, and Hawlucha for the former trainer and Charizard, Bisharp, Tyranitar, Metagross, Weavile, and Unfezent. The first match-up seems to be Pikachu VS Tyranitar.

    – Pikachu VS Tyranitar
    – Pikachu VS Weavile
    – Pikachu VS Charizard
    – Pikachu VS Metagross
    – Hawlucha VS Weavile
    – Noivern VS ???
    – Talonflame VS Unfezent
    – Bisharp VS ???

    Those seem to be the matches for Part 1 and the unfinished ones will continue on to Part 2 as there seems to be a lot of recalling and changing. Plus, Goodra and Ash-Greninja need to appear. Expect the final match to be Ash-Greninja VS Mega Charizard-X with Ash winning.

  7. What do we think the group ‘The Princesses of Pokemon’ that Hala mentions are? They are said to have a connection to the Z ring and Z crystals. Could they be a group of legendaries or maybe the evil team?

    1. I thought I heard Princes, but whatever. Really reminds me of Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia because it has a similar thing. Gemstones associated with a prince/royalty. Maybe they might do something similar? (Princes helped save their father/world from darkness and the current gemstones were used to stop the Shadow Crystal/darkness)

      1. They both roughly mean the same thing so ye is doesn’t really matter. Maybe they could do a similar thing, would that make Z crystals an artificial thing? Do this group have something planned that involved Z crystals and Z moves. Does Z tie in with Zyguard. Definitely interesting to think about.

  8. Someone posted this on Reddit. When you think about it, it does make sense:

    I have a theory that the generations revolve around the opposition of “new” and “old”.
    Generation 1: “new” – the whole franchise is new.
    Generation 2: “old” – it was so influenced with the previous generation we could travel back to the first region.
    Generation 3: “new” – many new features added to the game.
    Generation 4: “old” – it introduced a plethora of cross-generational evolutions as an influence of previous gens.
    Generation 5: “new” – the point was to create a dex full of brand new Pokemon.
    Generation 6: “old” – Mega evolutions were introduced to keep old Pokemon in game.
    Generation 7: “new” – it seems like this gen will fit in the pattern as apparently they gonna change a lot in the gameplay.
    Additionally, every time they released remake games, it was an even numbered generation (except for Gen 3).

    1. Remakes are just based on the system and not the generations, as it does not make sense to do a remake for a system that is only slighty older. All remakes have been 2 systems ahead, it’s only because BW released on the same system as DPPt that it gives you the ‘even metric’ even though 2/3 is not good enough to come to conclusions.

    2. Also, Gen 3 was “new” in that it was the first generation which lacked backwards compatibility (and therefore didn’t have access to all preexisting Pokémon when initially released).

      Although I love this theory, I definitely feel like it’s more of a natural progression as opposed to an intended pattern (I’m not saying this to oppose you, as you’ve never specifically suggested intentionality either – it’s just an observation).

      Although only not very related, this reminds me of the “Strauss–Howe generational theory” on a much smaller scale.

    1. I like Serena’s design in this. Not a fan of Ash’s Design though. I like his hat, but not his shirt.

        1. Yes, the multiple trailers released thus far have confirmed the ability to not only change your hair style, but without the goddamn hat as well. Rejoice.

    2. Why do people want Serena to stay with Ash so much? She is sooooo bland imo

      1. May forever!
        Also, bring Brock back.
        Wait, better idea, give Brock his own spin off where he switches between love struck fool and totally serious, well respected hero at the drop of a hat.
        It would be the perfect time because he’d be able to get himself an ice vulpix and justify him singing Takeshi’s Paradise.

  9. I don’t understand why y’all think it’s going to be a remake isn’t the NX a home console
    We should be rooting for a Battle Revolution game

    1. There are two ways to think of the NX at this point. A handheld and console or a hybrid. You pick.

  10. It would be a great opportunity to continue with a third game taking place a few years after XD. Those two GameCube games are so underrated and much better then a few regular series games

    1. Yeah. I want Miror B in HD 😀
      I could forgive them for diverging from the Shadow Pokemon idea slightly though. It would be a good excuse to try out some new ideas, like a region that’s nothing but drastically different islands or making something heavily story centric, comparable to the films. The locations in the films almost always seem to outshine the games. The sea crown/palace from the Manaphy film, the castle and tree from the Lucario film, that tower that was based on the sagrada de famila for gen 4, and now the mechanical castle of Volcanion and Magearna. Heck, even Mewtwo’s palace from the first film was cooler than a fair number of places from the games.

        1. Yeah, if they really wanted to do something Kanto-based and impressive they would have stuck the island Mewtwo’s weird abandonned lab/fortress was on in the game and have the player confront and capture him like in the very first film :D.

  11. What if: because we already got FRLG, and we just got RS remakes, which were also gen 3, they remade yellow, the third game?

    1. I think they’re just re-making the main games of each generation:
      – Firered and Leafgreen derived from Red and Green/Blue
      – Heartgold and Soulsilver derived from Gold and Silver
      – Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire derived from Ruby and Sapphire
      – Sinnoh remakes based on Diamond and Pearl
      – Unova remakes based on Black and White
      – Kalos remakes based on X and Y
      – Alola remakes based on Sun and Moon

      They just add an adjective in the beginning of the name. I was actually hoping for a sequel to Diamond and Pearl instead of full-on remakes.

      1. I feel like they should never have to remake Gen 6 onwards unless the graphics really get a boost or something.

      2. Frankly I think they should stop at D&P, I think B&W are too modern to need a remake. Besides which they’ve got to the point where all the remakes are for different consoles from each other anyway.

  12. I’ve gotten tired of the numerous NX rumours. Eurogamer, with their lack of information, managed to stir up the Nintendo news. Anyways, at this point the NX is either a console and handheld (Newest rumour is the leaked profile of Nintendo employees which states the NX console is embedded x86 and the handheld is ARM) or the fabled hybrid. Anyways, I’m sure it will be a port of Sun/Moon in potentially HD with some improved textures and added features. I don’t think it’s an outright new game unless GameFreak split their team. Honestly, who knows? I don’t know if this sources will be entirely quoteable. Take it as a rumour.

    1. That would be a terrible marketing move on their part and could potentially deflate sales of Sun/Moon. Additionally, who knows how much they’re going to spend on the final marketing push with television adverts as television is still the largest and biggest marketing tool in Japan with more than half of the marketing budget usually shelved out just for television. I think they should release Sun/Moon, wait about a year for things to simmer down, and announce the HD and improved version of Sun/Moon for the NX and somehow let there be refurbishments for players who’ve already bought a copy for the 3DS to not only increase sales for the NX, but for the combined sales of Sun/Moon and HD Sun/Moon as well. Ideally they should also tie in the release of Sun/Moon with Pokemon Go as that has over 80 million players worldwide, so room for the marketing of HD Sun/Moon is nonexistent and would just take the limelight from the premier of the normal Sun/Moon games. As you said, if there’s even any factual grasps with the tenuous evidence considering how, “Jump the gun” the gaming community is.

      1. Quite the lengthy post. I added Diamond and Pearl remakes. It’s a confusing bit. GameFreak would never release games this rapidly. Honestly, until I see an announcement it seems fishy.

        1. I apologize, I love writing a little to much. Anywho, I agree. They should just focus on the marketing campaign of Sun/Moon and letting those truly succeed before making Disney-like business moves and killing the sales of their own products in favor of a newer, better version/product.

          1. Nothing wrong with a long post when it makes sense, which yours did. At this point, I heavily doubt this. I believe that NX Pokemon games will be seen near the fall/winter of 2017.

    2. Why do you get tired of them? Things change over the years, and with companies wanting to keep things very secret, most of the rumours are vague or already incorrect. Nobody wants to put their job on the line if they leak important details, as the top guys know what everybody knows in the company chain and if your leak would hurt the company, you can be sued for the total imaginary losses the company suffers (possibly billions). So that’s why these leaks are nothing really concrete and sometimes even controlled teasers to gauge market reaction.

      As for the game, they still could make a third version on the hybrid, add some things here and there and give people more reasons to rebuy than just better graphics and connectivity. They haven’t done a third version in a while, but it’s still a possible solution.

  13. I hope we don’t get an HD port of SM, but rather something else. If we got a port, I feel like they might hold back some features for the port, and I want the full experience. Plus I doubt that they’d do that, they’ve never ported a game, they didn’t with BW2, and that was close to the 3ds release.

  14. So if Green Hair is joining Knucklehead I wonder what Pokemon she has on board
    Obviously she must have a Lurantis or at the very least Fomantis
    I don’t want to say Rowlet yet since Dummy usually catches the Grass Type Starters
    Maybe a Bounsweet to fawn over,
    And that’s it, I wanted to say Exeggecute but I dunno if that’s too on the nose

  15. Well if this is true then that ruins my intentions to get the steel book off of amazon. lol If it’s coming to the NX then I’ll just get one normally for the 3DS and get the other for the NX lol

  16. Just gonna put this out there, but Fomantis is too much like Petalil and Lurantis’ Legs look like Bell-bottoms made of uncooked bacon. Just sayin’

  17. Well i guess that’s realistic because 6 months after the launch of the NX it’s alteady September.
    Alot of the Main Games were released in September (in Japan).

      1. i dont want to buy the NX lol. i going to buy a 2DS and SM this year and the NX reallly doesnt call my attention…yet

        1. Then just play the original Diamond and Pearl on it instead. Don’t bother buying the NX just to get the remake. I’m personally hoping that a remake for Diamond and Pearl will be made for the NX, for I do not want to buy the same game on a console that is backwards compatable, just like Twilight princess.

  18. same guy who has new “info” has new stuff to share:

    “So, each island has 4 trial captains, one for each type excluding Dark, and Fairy. On each island you battle each Trial Captain, and once beaten you can battle one of the four Totem Pokémon, they are: Gumshoos, Lurantis, Bruxish and Drampa. Once beaten, you recieve a “totem key” similar to badges, these become important later, and then you can battle the Four different Kahunas, who specialize Electric, Ghost, Fire and Psychic Pokémon. If you beat the Kahuna you will recieve a reward and can move to the next island. In the case of Hala, you get the Z-Ring.

    Each Kahuna has a Z-Ring and the island’s Guardian Deity Pokémon. The last two types, Dark and Fairy, are what make up a battle on the man made island. Lillie specializes in Fairy, while her father the leader of the evil team uses Dark types.”

    1. You know what? I think I could believe that. It makes sense that dark type STILL wouldn’t get some sort of gym lol

    2. so…. theres a trial captain for electric ghost fire and psychic, followed by a kahuna battle with the same types? honestly that sounds awful.

    3. Can GF please stop stereotyping Dark types…I know the translation is close to “evil” but they’ve basically shown that not all dark types are evil. I was hoping they’d get rid of their old bullshit ways with this new gen and they were doing a good job so far. I know it’s just a rumor but this sounds decently legit.

          1. Especially when one of them, Karen, literally said play with your favs regardless of strength. That’s definitely an ‘evil’ statement 😛

          2. I loved that advice 🙂 I don’t know what the issue is here. Clearly they love contradicting themselves

  19. I highly doubt we get a port of SM to the NX or any remakes on it UNLESS there is a handheld device to compliment the system and make it portable. I could see stadium remakes or and HD Ranger game but not main series.

    Also if you’re going to post potential spoilers, type it in a separate application and screenshot it, or space your comment out so readers have to click the “read more” tab. And don’t forget to label it as a spoiler. There are some readers that are not interested in potential spoilers, mainly because they don’t want the games ruined if they end up being true.

  20. I can’t wait for Pokemon Z to be for 3DS and NX. Pokemon Z will feature 37 more new Kalos Pokemon plus the Southern Kalos Pokedex.

  21. I wonder, with the open world Zelda on the NX do you guys think that an NX Pokemon game could be semi open world as well? Alola seems like a step in the right direction at least. Also, there has never been a generation that spans two consoles so do you guys think that, if the dubious HD sun and moon doesn’t happen, this gen will only contain SuMo? This rumor could mean a lot of things if true.

  22. I hope for a game similar to pokemon battle revolution, only with a more in depth customization aspect. I remember the original battle revolution showcased destructible environments before the idea was scrapped. it was like a battle frontier on the console.

      1. well theres different rules, like a battle frontier, with coliseum leaders for each area. for instance, theres a battle roulette area where each trainer puts their team on a spinnin dart board (both players teams on one board) and you throw darts to determine the team. I actually beat that lady the first time when I used one of her pokemon to take out 2 of mine haha.

          1. its for the wii, it can communitcate with your D/P/Pt/HG/SS to get your pokemon on there, otherwise you will be stuck with rentals. you could also customize your character, right down to the phrases they say when they win/lose/swap pokemon/send out their first pokemon, etc.

      1. I hope not. I like that they don’t release a generation every year. Quality over quantity.

        Hopefully first they will release a remake of DP and maybe in 2018/2019 generation 8?!

        Take ur time GF

  23. So from what I can gather from Reddit. Gamefreak has a Policy where each and every employee, including janitors and delivery drivers I imagine, knows each and every detail about an upcoming game.

    Firstly, someone that knows as much detail as that guy claims to know, doesn’t ‘just get fired’, secondly surely they make their employees sign a disclosure, so either he’s getting himself in a lot of trouble, or he’s just a troll.

        1. there are a few red flags in this but I think the 26 pokemon from the region are ice type seems like the biggest, that is a massive amount of ice types for one generation O_O

          1. Yeah, that would make the reagon like, at least, 15% percent ice types for a tropical reagon! In a game where there are 18 types!

          2. yeah and considering that only the snowy peaks are the only place with snow, its way too small to hold all of them, perhaps 7 or 8 tops

          3. It’s uncharacteristically high. There’s 34 ice types (35 including Rotom), which translates to an approximated average of 6 ice types per gen. Furthermore, having 26 new ice types would increase the total amount by around 76%

          4. Yeah, even in regions with 150+ pokemon there usually aren’t that many. There are only 9 in Unova, and Alola is a tropical region

          5. The 26 Ice types wouldnt be all Alola natives, I think the Alola forms count too.

        2. It’s the classic “I’m fired from Gamefreak so here is information”
          Don’t believe it.

  24. Interestingly enough, a surprisingly good amount of leaks this generation have turned out to be true.

    Codename “Niji” Rainbow
    Solgaleo and Lunala
    The starters
    And a couple other things. Interesting.

    It’s usually never like this.

  25. Possibly fake, actually highly fake; but there is a Reddit rumour potentially detailing the upcoming NX game:
    – The project is being developed by three different studios and supervised by GameFreak.
    – The trailer of the game is being prepared for the NX reveal, but we might see it after Sun/Moon release.
    – There are difficulty options: New Trainer (Easy), Adventurer Trainer (Normal), and Veteran Trainer (Hard).
    – The difficulty adjust the AI, Enemy Levels, and Pokedollars you obtain.
    – Pokemon models are being done from scratch with two sets of textures (to explain this one is the normal coloration and one is shiny).
    – New Pokemon forms will have a huge role in the games.
    – The overworld is heavily detailed and battles feel immersive.
    – Customization will return once again.
    – Unlock various items by doing achievements.
    – The idea is to create a character and use it in future installments.
    – Exclusive items from the Pokemon Bank.
    – The game takes place in the Kanto Region with a complete overhaul to it.
    – The tone turns from happy to mysterious rather nicely with a good story.
    – “As far as story goes, Team Rocket had people working in the Mossdeep Space Center who recovered Meteorite Shards after the Delta Episode incident. They say that at first they thought they contained Deoxys’s gene but later found out that it was from another new Pokemon (I’ll keep this a secret). They basically use this gene to create super Pokemon called Hyper Forms. Not every Pokemon has a Hyper Form. It reminded me a lot of the GC games but there are physical changes which are permanent and they get a 2nd/3rd type which is new and exclusive to these pokemon. Dark Mewtwo which was introduced in Pokken has the codename project Zeta and a familiar character uses it. Giovanni is also back but he actually helps you this time by telling you the password to Team Rocket’s hideout. Later he gives you a special Rhyhorn with the ability Unstoppable Force which makes all of its moves super-effective against Hyper Forms. You also battle against Blue who is inside the Viridian City Gym but he isn’t the Gym Leader. He uses the same team as the one in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.”

    It already looks fake. Yet, it was fun read.

    1. Looked interesting until the part with hyper forms, where it’s credibility dies. As people have said it sounds like a 9-year old made it/it’s just a rehash of shadow pokemon. And honestly the concept of yet another form of this kind is just vomit-inducing. Megas were good. God forbid Z-moves weren’t it and we also get that synchro bull. Adding hyper crap on top is like the fecal cherry on your vomit cake. Alolan forms is the sort of biologically realistic and interesting direction I’m glad the series is taking. But please, no more cancerous anime-style super-mega form escalations.

  26. I kinda just want to talk about Ghetsis real quick. This guy…

    This guy would freaking kill you if he had the chance. This guy was responsible for a terrorist attack in B2W2 where he froze a major city filled with people and a gym leader to get what he wanted.

    The guy raised his adopted, vulnerable, son to act for his own twisted ideals and made him the face of his evil organization.

    In B2W2, he tries to literally kill you with Kyurem. He tells it to use Glaciate on you. he says to freeze the player with the move that cannot freeze. He was actually going to freaking murder you right there.

    This guy is the best villain in the series. Just pure twisted evil. Plus, just listen to this music!

    Ghetsis is awesome

    1. Still ain’t got shit on Cyrus. Cyrus wanted to murder billions of people in the blink of an eye.

      1. Well he thought it was all gonna be remade right? After all, when you reform the world you’d expect the people to be back, right?


        Nevermind it may not be the same people, but still…

        Then he realized the legendary he’s using only destroys and won’t get to the remaking part… (at least in Pokemon Special).

    2. Also, is his name being chanted at 1:32 or is that just random video game them chanting? I never notice that

      1. They are saying “G-Cis”, its japanese name. The combination of “G” and “Cis” is a tritone in music, and called the devil in the music.

    3. Team plasma was basically a cult, all Ghetsis needed to do was tell them to drink the cool aid

    4. My favorite villain …he have unique character and amazing dress ….I feel his hair should be white but it’s ok, I hope SM villain awesome as him ….I feel he will be the best.

    5. Yeah. He was the best. I like other evil teams better than Plasma, but Ghetsis is by far my favorite villian and even one of my favorite characters.

  27. Well the NX is a handheld so IDK why everyone round here is acting like its going to be a home console… A Pokemon title on it isn’t just believable but inevitable !

          1. SU is awesome, but I can only watch so much at a time before I might get fatigued. <3

            And that was my second session, my first one was up to Frybo.

          2. Well if I need to pick one, I’ll go Amethyst.

            Besides Attack the Light,
            <—– is the reason I got into the show and heard about it in the first place.

          3. Jasper and I are extremely alike
            -Physical attacker
            -Headstrong brute
            -Warrior like mentality
            -Dispises an overpowered group (Fusion/Legends)
            -Does not give up

          1. Having seen it yesterday, IMO (my friends think the same) she does an amazing performance. And I dunno, the sexualisation didn’t bother me, it sort of worked with the character. It is there though. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a character be that attractive in a film, lol.

          2. Screw that I only like her because of Arkham Knight
            Tara Strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          3. ok but margot robbie? an amazing actress. ( i havent seen her in this movie but her on Focus and Wolf of Wallstreet? great perfomances)

          4. I don’t see a problem with this.
            I admit I didn’t like her makeover originally, I thought it was a bit too lollypop chainsaw compared to her traditional Harlequin look, but I can live with it since it fits the ‘psychobitch’ approach they’ve taken with the character.
            Not my favourite incarnation, but she seems more interesting than the rest of the cast at least.

      1. Well, the critics have bashed it, but I thought it was pretty good. Not amazing, the pacing is a bit of a mess, and i has flaws, but I found it very entertaining, and I’d recommend a watch. Hope ya enjoy it!

    1. No we’re not, the Japanese trailer shows a normal exeggcute evolving into Alolan exeggutor.

        1. Sorry :p I don’t know what they would do for it anyway, make it grass dragon as well?

        1. Earthen has Idea!
          Each tanner and a bit thicker, and with a tiny sprout on each head, and the main egg has cracks like face paint

          1. I approve of the sprouts because it reminds me of my days at primary school growing simple bean-like plants in transparent plastic tubs. Dunno about the other bits.

      1. Yeah it’s better than original …..his and Sandshrwe artwork look like old sugimori style.

    1. the names needs to be true cause i got the shinysearen url in tumblr and that closest thing i will get from a canon pokemon url

    2. “Gen 1 Pokémon get Alolan forms for the fans, specifically older fans.”
      Yes, let’s cater to the genwunners, because they’re exactly who are real fans are! Even if it isn’t true, I’m getting really sick of gen 1 favoritism.

      1. Not all older fans are “genwunners.” I’m a veteran player. Been playing Pokémon since the good ol’ Red & Blue days in 4th grade. I can honestly say that I love every single Pokémon design since the beginning minus Gumshoos. These Alolan variations are a fresh take on known Pokémon.

          1. Hey, I love Sigilyph! Psychic-types are my absolute favorite and its bizzare design is great. Mega Slowbro… well, I don’t dislike it, at least not anymore than I do Gumshoos.

          2. I like Psychic types, but those two I dislike. I think it’s fair to say I prefer Gumshoos and long neck Exeggutor.

      2. They’re doing this to do a “fresh start” on older Pokemon, because, as they’re getting older, most of them became irrelevant, Vulpix was one of them, useless since Gen 5, receives a boon as Drought as HA, only to weather get nerfed in Gen 6. Not only that, but also that power creep through the generations. But I think there will be Alolan forms for other, not-gen-1 Pokemons. Maybe this guy nails some revelations, but everything is false unless we have proof.

        Still, it’s fun to discuss people’s creativity.

    3. I can’t believe this ……the ask him about the “secret” that rockruff shares with the starters, and he said it’s the Z move ….really every pkmns can do that.

      Talonflame is rideable ???,26 ice pkmns??……some of them r make sense though.

    4. Not shocked nor heart broken…..I’m pretty set with the leaks we have and that’ll hold me over until we get more news lol

    5. I Really Don’t buy it.. . Yes so vague and just biting off what everyone else has bend say I from the original leaker. Total BS

    6. He admitted to lying about most of the stuff he said, but said it was only to keep people interested and said that the trailer on the 12th will prove some of the things he said were true. I call Taurosshit on that guy. He’s just bored and imaginative like all the other “leakers.” But, it’s kinda fun to read either way and I’m really looking forward to August 12th. The trailer will be different than others with that difference being it’ll be revealed at 10am JST which is night time for us Americans.

  28. Maybe since kiawe teaches you to dance, then he teaches you Z power since you have to dance to power up the Pokemon.

    1. According to the rumour guy on reddit, Hala is responsible for Z powers. I think that’s his name, the really old guy.

      1. I like this Vaporeon actually ….just for this Wild Vapoeon appeared I say this fake the rest is so legitimate for me.

        1. yes its fake, the artist put their tags in the upper right corner, its basically just fan art, but damn are they awesome, I still don’t like the idea of Alolan eevee variants though, it will never make sense to me

    1. Unfortunately the in-game text doesn’t match up :/
      Screenshot taken from E3 gameplay [refresh]

        1. I know, but it’d be so easy to just change that given how much effort seems to have gone into everything else.

          1. eh, I think they match up pretty well for fan art, gotta give props where its due eh ;P lol

      1. Because can you imagine the horrendous clustef*ck that would be alternate typed eeveelutions? Giving a pokémon already based around the concept of adaptive radiation a regional variant is pretty much the definition of overkill. Changing the types on top of that would be completely senseless taking into account what eevee represents.
        Seriously though as much as I love Alolan forms, if there’s one line I quickly decided they should stay the hell away from, it’s the eeveelutions. Tbf if we get just a design and stat change like this thing and keep the typing, I’m not against it if the designs are good (and this aint bad).

        1. I see. I agree with the Eevees not having Alola forms, they should have more types instead!

          Well in this case the fakemon is decently well done, though.

    2. I would rather they do another eeveelution instead of an alolan form. Otherwise, very well done fakes.

  29. I would Actually buy it then. .. I feel like they may ditch the 3DS for this if both are handled. Only problem being the possible lack of 3D and no bottom screen (good riddance) for previous needed actions.
    I miss the childish adventurousness of Nintendo.. but I don’t feel their home systems live up to the hype personally.. yet

    1. Or rather, they don’t live up to what they once were. As much as I enjoyed the Wii, the Gamecube will forever be their last great home console.

  30. I guess some didn’t read the rumor. NX is allegedly a handled that plugs up to something that goes to your TV to make it both a home console.
    The PS vita has long done this, but hopefully this will be more unique and improved. Not so tacked on.

    1. That’s a rather lackluster rumour. The NX is more likely a distinct handheld and console at this point. Nintendo recently deleted a video and information about a x86 console and ARM handheld from employee profiles. We will see in September.

  31. Personally, I do not think the NX will be receiving an HD port of Pokemon Sun/Moon. As other have stated, it will devistate the sales of both games on each system. Yet, the NX is likely a distinct console and handheld as I stated previously. The systems will likely share games as Nintendo combined their handheld and console divisons to develop synchronous or similar hardware. Thus, I’m glad for the potential to see a console Pokemon game. I do not know why plenty of fans are opposed to seeing the main series games on powerful hardware. This would bring numerous players back to the series, while still remaining on it’s handheld roots. Just image how amazing the game would look. GameFreak has already done a great job with S/M on the 3DS, pushing the hardware to it’s limits. I’m prepared to see an outstanding Pokemon game. Personally, I want a Diamond/Pearl remake. Does anyone want a perticular game or is against the idea of Pokemon being on both a console and handheld?

  32. alright guys we need some Clues here,the four islands is the ultimate Mystery Spot,so what are we got now on this Mysterious Island?

  33. Ok so I can’t really say that the guy is legit or not. I don’t think he’d really have any real reason to lie per say, but there’s this guy on YouTube that said he went to Comic con. He said that he went to the Nintendo booth (which he stated was really just a little thing and nothing much) and started talking to a guy that worked there. The guy at the booth apparently was telling him that the first evolutions of the starters were going to be shown off really soon. The guy on Youtube was speculating that the 1st would have been the reveal, but he couldn’t have known as it was before we actually got the news. Anyway the guy from the booth stated that the evolutions of the starters are awesome. I’ve thought about what this guy supposedly heard and it gave me an idea based on the rumors we have. What if they DO reveal the first evolutions this month (which would be the 12th announcement)? It would obviously be WAY earlier than they’ve revealed the evolutions in the past. The reason they would be doing this so early is because maybe the starters really DO have split evolutions. Typically the first evolutions are shown either the month before or the month of the game release depending on the date it’s set to come out. What if they do the first evos this month and then when they typically show off the first ones they actually show us the final ones we’ve already seen. Then the next month, which I assume would be December, after the games come out, they show off the other half of the split? Now again I don’t think the guy on YouTube has any real reason to lie per say, but I suppose he could have been told a bunch a BS from the guy at the booth as well. I think it makes a bit of sense if you ask me. What do you guys think?

    1. Here’s the link to his video. It’s just him sitting in a chair so don’t get too excited for anything too crazy lol

  34. Theory:

    What if the rumor about split starter evos is true? There is a daytime evo and nighttime evo for each starter. The leaked starter images could be the night time evos. Rowlet’s hood and bow make him almost like an assassin lurking in the shadows. Also perhaps the darkness of night makes Litten go berserk and thats why he becomes a dirty fighter hence the Fire/Dark. Popplio however could represent the purity of the moon and also Fairy type has been associated with the moon a lot (Moonblast, Moonlight etc.) which is why it could be Water/Fairy. The daytime evos could be the types found on the pokemon website, Grass/Ground, Fire, Water/Fighting. Grass/Ground would make Rowlet a burrowing owl and since owls are nocturnal he could be trying to dig to escape sunlight. Because the darkness is not in effect, Litten will stay “pure”, hence the pure fire typing. Also because it is daytime Popplio has time to be physically active and practice his acrobatic skills. This then results in him becoming Water/Fighting.


    1. Yea. We speculated about this in the past. It might be a possibility, but I’m already doubting that it could happened.

      1. Well people doubted that they’d change the types and looks of older Pokemon and have them be SuMo exclusives and yet here we are with Alolan forms lol

    2. Good theory i just think the whole thing is over complicated and unnecesaary. One starter evo has always worked fine. There’s really no reason to have these, though if we do, your thinking is probably correct…

    3. Good ideas. It would be cool if it were true.

      I hope it’s actually day/night and not version-exclusive starter evos… meaning the “day” evos are Sun-exclusive and the “night” evos are Moon-exclusive.

  35. alrighty guys lets celebrate some good news! pokemon GO usage has dropped by about 30% already! we are on the right track! lets keep it up!

    1. Oh yay, a game that’s bringing the franchise to a wider audience and could help keep pokémon relevant quite a long time if they pace the new features right is being ruined by a miscalculated update and bad PR. Joy.

      Seriously though it seems like you despise the game and that’s fine, your opinion and all that, but do you really want do see a game that’s making the 20th anniversary a success fail? Hell it’s helping people get out, communicate, and in some cases heal their mental and social issues..

      Are you that intense in your hate you just want to watch the world burn? What’s so bad about the game anyway?

      1. valid points, and yes, Pokemon Go is great and I personally don’t understand why people are upset with the update but maybe I didn’t do enough research. But honestly now it was bound to reduce in popularity at some point, I didn’t think it would last very long to begin with, since over half of the people playing it are not pokemon fans and are just playing it to pass the time or because its the in thing, it’s all downhill from here

        1. The update removed the non-working three steps tracker, though they did promise distance tracking to come back.

          EDIT: Also people are having reports of harder catches and more escapes, though they also said it was a bug and they’re fixing it for the next patch.

          1. oh? well the steps never worked in my country anyways so it didn’t really make a difference here

          2. Nah, it did work at first (in general, not just country-specific), but they borked it at some point to reduce server load.

          3. I never said it didn’t work at some point, I’m just saying it never worked from day one here, so no one in my country really cared, so I guess its just a US and whatever other countries that had it problem? but you can still find pokemon so its not really too big of a deal imo, I’m sure they’ll fix it

        2. “over half of the people playing it are not pokemon fans and are just playing it to pass the time or because its the in thing” This is exactly why it’s lasting so long. It’s summer and there’s a trendy thing around, so naturally everyone who wants to be trendy is getting involved in it until the next hideous mutation of Candy Crush comes along. For many it’s more of a habit than something they genuinely enjoy.

          Also the vocal dislike for it isn’t related to its drop in popularity. The people who actively dislike it now are the people who have been actively disliking it for weeks.

      2. sun and moon are perfect for what the 20th anniversary is supposed to be: a good game for the people who have been faithful and enjoying pokemon for as long as they’ve been into it. pokemon GO is a half-assed, lazy, watered down attempt to get people who left after gen 1 to come back, and those people are not who the 20th anniversary celebration SHOULD be targeted at. anyone who is introduced to the series will, chances are, not buy a 3ds, and not play any main series pokemon games because “wahhh, these are too complicated/there’s too many pokemon/all the new pokemon suck/fairy isn’t a type”. on another note, its also bringing us some unwanted attention. Older people who see all the trouble pokemon GO is causing are associating all things pokemon with it. anything pokemon is now automatically the cause of the same controversy that started with GO.

        1. That the same casuals who would play GO won’t necessarily play Sun and Moon at all. Is that what you want, Pokemon’s audience to be super limited to that?

          And video games get unwanted attention all the time, the old media (who know they are clearly dying so they keep sensationalizing whatever they can get their grubby hands on) will just focus on what’s popular at the time.

          Finally, I’d just go ahead and welcome the new breed and old guard of Pokemon fans. Don’t send them away, just like the people saying Smash is not a fighting game or the people that say Melee is the only version of Smash worth competing on.

        2. From what I’ve seen it’s not half-assed and lazy, it’s just it’s own thing (ok fair it can be in your opinion but that seems unfairly harsh), though obviously all the features haven’t been rolled out. That’s because they’re pulling a splatoon cos they want to get the ball rolling early (and potentially only have to deal with glitches and issues step by step), and that’s not necessarily a bad model, just a different one.

          Who are you to say who the 20th anniversary celebrations should be targeted at? I’m annoyed by genwunners as much as the next person, but a lot of these people simply have had other things to do with their life and are happily reconnecting with a part of their childhood. How is that bad exactly? Is a franchise the sole preserve of it’s diehard fans?Pokémon would never be where it is now and have an invested fanbase this size without it’s permanent aura of relative relevence to casuals. Ergo the 20th anniversary should welcome them too.

          And you’re just assuming no one will transition to the new games. Now yeah, most won’t, sure, but some sure will, especially when more gens get added to GO, as planned (and though they may start with gen 2 you can bet they’ll put gen VII before most of the others, and that’ll ease people into sun and moon).

          And it’s our job to ease them in, and help them discover and share our love for the franchise. Why the hell keep the franchise selfishly to ourselves when, thanks to go, you can start talking about pokémon with random people in the street! A closed off, selfish, self-important fanbase is a toxic one.

          I for one am delighted about the exposure pokémon is getting from Go and the 20th anniversary. Pokémon is being talked about again. It’s all over the news. Go is making it relevant like it was back when Gen I came out. Think about it, pokémon is one of those uniquely rare juggernaut franchises, on par only with things such as Star Wars, that legitimately have become not just big media events, but proper large-scale social phenomena. Go is an inherent part of this, and a social phenomenon on it’s own merits (which it wouldn’t have been without the pokémon label). And without it, the pokémania that gave the franchise it’s legendary status wouldn’t be back among us after about 15 years of absence!

          How in the hell is this bad! Pokémon is nearing the popularity of it’s greatest days, just in time for the 20th anniversary! It’s the thing in everyone’s ears, mind, and pocket again! Doesn’t an alternative where it just sort of stagnates at it’s (already huge tbf) popularity and only caters to it’s core fans seem sadder in comparison? We’re getting Sun and Moon, and everyone’s getting GO. Everyone’s satisfied and the pokémon franchise is in rockin’ shape. Should purely your own dislike warrant people getting fewer nice things and the anniversary being less of a success? It’s not like having Go takes anything away from having sun and moon!

          Keeping the 20th anniversary just for the invested fans wouldn’t just be unfair to the series’s nature, it’d also be a terrible business and marketing decision compared to the current situation. Thanks to Go Nintendo’s stock prices went up and thus it’ll have more trust to act as it sees fit and more investment to guarantee it’s success. It’s win-win really, it really is.

          And as for controversy, it was there back when the original pokémania was kicking as well. The world’s full of idiots, always has been, always will be. If something’s all over the news, idiots who like bashing things and stirring sh*t are bound to turn their attention towards it, and people who don’t care or understand it are bound to get exasperated by it, and to have it easier to make their dislike heard. If you let all the idiots who are stirring/believing controversy around go, and those who furthermore are that are that more idiotic that they associate everything pokémon with it, be a reason to get rid of go because it’s threatening pokémon, you’re simply letting them win. Idiots like that should be challenged laughed at, but mostly just ignored. Pokémon is doing amazingly well thanks to Go, and as I’ve tried to demonstrate it’s existence is purely a win-win. The uninformed haters can just suck it, don’t let their reactions seem valid and advance their uninformed cause, just let them be dumb in their corner.

          And this is from someone who’s never been massively hyped about go, who only downloaded it this week and started playing yesterday, and for whom the game has done nothing but crash so all they have is 1 charmander and a lot of frustration.

        3. Amen to the anti-Pokemon GO rant.
          Most genwunners don’t really love pokemon, they just desparately want their childhoods back because they’ve realised their adult lives suck. That and they’re not good enough to play competatively anymore because they only understand gen1 rules and can’t comprehend fairy.

          On the bright side: They said the kids playing video games should get out more, and they got their wish alright. I don’t think anyone will be telling gamers to get out the house and enjoy the fresh air in a hurry anymore 😀

          Most importantly though, this: “a good game for the people who have been faithful and enjoying pokemon for as long as they’ve been into it.”
          I remember my days starting in Gen 3 (700+ hours), then Gen 2, then Gen 1, then the excitement of Gen 4 (first day I got it I played for 36 hours straight, got about 500 hours total), then the mixed reaction but general happiness with Gen 5, then the slightly gap, then the arrival of Gen 6, also mixed, but more positive than Gen 5. Then the Gen 3 remakes which did well. And now here I stand, awaiting Gen 7. Again feelings are mixed, but there are already new pokemon I am happy with and I can’t wait for a tropical region. It is the dedicated people with similar stories to mine for whom Gen 7 should be built.

          To focus too heavily on Gen 1 now would forsake those greater years that followed.

    2. It’s pretty standard for any game to drop off users after launch. Some people tried it and it ain’t their cup of tea. It’s nothing to be worried about.

      1. nope, I have no problem with people liking what I don’t. I have a problem with developers releasing unfinished games.

    3. Pretty normal for a Game.
      I dunno why Pokemon Go is considered so special. It will play out just like any other game

      Also people are reporting that the game eventually becomes pay to play, which will obviously put off a massive fraction of the players who only play casually, such as myself for example.

        1. it doesn’t seem to work on my phone for some reason. always crashes at the screen that says “Niantic” and at the bottom “the pokemon company”

  36. guys I think I got an idea on the four Islands:the four islands are based on the orange Islands!

    1. There not actually. For right know, we seem to know the names of the main four, excluding the man-made island; which are Melemele, Akala, Ula Ula, and Poni.

        1. It is still possible they took some of the Orange Islands story with shoutouts somewhere. Though I do not expect Tracey Sketchit, come to think of it, the XY Backpacker kiiiiiinda reminds me of him.

          1. Yeah i mean think about it:

            1.They have 4 Islands

            2.They have Leaders on each one

            right there in find print.

    2. There were more than 4 orange islands.

      If it turns out Alola is actually an archipelago with many small islands I will be immensely happy, but I doubt it will exceed more than about 6-8 islands. We know of at least 5, but I’m convinced there’s at least 6 or 7.

    1. look’s like we got a long wait,we can keep our self’s busy until the time come 🙂

      1. Nah there’s already Pokemon info on August 12.

        This expo might showcase the NX reveal instead. Maaaaaybe, But I doubt it.

  37. Professor Sycamore has given Ash-Greninja a name, Bond Phenomenon and its a very rare occurance..

        1. As I’ve been saying for quite literally a year
          Ash’s Greninja was predestined for greatness, foreseen by Olympia
          And it has come to my attention that this Greninja is/maybe linked to the legendary ninja hero’s Greninja, ergo we have two schools of theory

          The Synchronology Effect: Where the Legendary Greninja also displayed this phenomenon and achieved a form that resembles the trainer who has raised their bond to the maximum, therefore Ash’s Greninja is either the ancestor of this Greninja and would be able to achieve this power

          The Genetic Reincarnation: Where in fact that Ash’s Greninja itself is not mimicking Ash’s Appearance, but the Ninja Hero, that the Ninja Hero was himself very similar to Ash’s appearance and that was the mold that all these unique Greninja share

          1. So the Ninja Hero also wore a red cap and had spiky hair on the sides like Ash?

          2. Not necissarily. There are only so many permutations of human DNA, extreme likeness is bound to occur naturally at some point.

  38. well guys we are just 7 days away until Pokemon info.i like to see:

    More Z-moves

    More New Pokemon

    Return of Megas and Some New Megas 😀

    1. well maybe they think they spoiled us too much the past couple months/weeks so they release nothing much..

      I hope the first evolutions of the starters of course

  39. Do you guys think Lurantis will be female only, or that there will be a male version too? They seem to based on the Orchid Mantis and from what I can see only the females are pink, the males are brown and white.

    I really want to have a male one though.

    1. I don’t think that’s going to happen, after all they don’t change any of the birds and in nature make birds are usually more vibrant than the females, besides, brown would be boring, I love the pink

          1. Didn’t know if you were. You said “they don’t change any of the birds.” Lol We have a lot of gender differences, although most are small. But jellicent, unfezant, and pyroar are all major changes.

          2. yeah ok, Pyroar is a nessecary gender variant because thats how lions are, but I honestly hope that gender differences severely cut down, imo jellicent could have been just pink as the blue one is boring, unfezant is fine as both forms are cool and serve a purpose I suppose, but gender diffences for the sake of it I find pointless, and taking a really cool pokemon like Lurantis and making half of them drab and boring would be awful, if they wanted to give them a gender difference and make one pink and the other like purple or green or something, cool, thats fine, but brown, no

          3. Well pyroar is necessary for the same reason the original commenter said lurantis would be welcomed as they are both found in nature. Same with unfezant. Jellicent looks to just be a fun gimmick.

          4. yeah and I changed my view on it, it would be fine, just as long as it stayed true to its bright colour, but its fine, I accept that I was in the wrong with my original comment, I just ugh, please god have it be a pretty colour like purple or something otherwise no one will use it

          5. I really hope they let males be pink as well (because as I said, I would love to have one on my team), and that it’s not a female exclusive Pokemon, but I was mostly wondering if Gamefreak would take the real life version into account. And I’m sorry if I were a bit unclear in my comment, but I would be quite sad if the male was a dull colour, like brown.

          6. no its not your fault I just saw brown and panicked because its so cute lol, sorry for my angst 😛 All this new info for the pokemon games has got me a little intense in my reactions lol

          7. Haha, it’s okay. I generally like brown as a colour, and Excadrill totally rocks it, but Pokemon like Lurantis that is specifially created to look like a gorgeous flower should have vibrant colours, regardless of gender. I’m just afraid that they’ll make it a female exclusive Pokemon due to it having a “feminine” appearence and colouring. 🙁

          8. Actually there are female lionesses that are capable of forming manes like a male lion. They do it specifically to fool other lions into thinking they’re actually male so the other lions are less likely to attempt any attacks or unwanted mating.

        1. if we were getting a gender difference for Lurantis we would already know about it

    1. Well that would just make them terminally broken, what with them being able to carry items. Plus their designs don’t work with the concept. Some regional variants could easily pass as megas, but the opposite is hardly true. Megas are supposed to be OTT overpowered next-level versions of pokémon. Alola forms are just alternate forms that are supposedly mostly on par with the originals (I’m betting we’ll be getting stat redistributions but none or few stat boosts). Now I’d agree Alola variants are a better concept than megas, but mixing the two would be a very clunky and uncalled for retcon IMO (plus I feel megas are good enough to exist in the first place).

  40. I would love to see them ported to NX <3
    it would be a smart move because they will sell more consoles

    but I would be a little fucked up after buying the 2 versions for 3DS

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