Were The Typings For The Guardians of Alola Revealed?

This is speculation about information from the August 1st trailers and should not be treated as fact.

We were all slightly overwhelmed with the amount of news The Pokémon Company rolled out on August 1st. Within that news bulk, however, we were introduced to the new Pokémon, Oricorio. Oricorio is a secondary Flying type Pokémon who has four forms. Each of those forms has a different primary type.

Baile Style Oricorio is a Fire/Flying type.bailestyle

Pom-Pom Style Oricorio is an Electric/Flying type.pompom

Pa’u Style Oricorio is a Psychic/Flying type.


Lastly, Sensu Style Oricorio is a Ghost/Flying type.


It was also stated that “Since it has four different forms—the same as the number of islands in Alola—it would seem that different Oricorio live on each of the islands.” The same is true for the Guardians of Alola. Tapu Koko, Guardian of Melemele Island, has already been confirmed to be an Electric/Fairy type. There are three other Guardians that we do not know about. It has been speculated that they will all be secondary fairy types. Tapu KokoThat would make them Fire/Fairy, Psychic/Fairy, and Ghost/Fairy. If this is true, then the Guardian and corresponding Oricorio will probably be found on the same island and that would also mean Pom-Pom Oricorio will be on Melemele Island! Do you think the last three Guardians also be the same primary type as the corresponding Oricorio, or is it just sheer coincidence? Let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. Lol.
    Oricario Fire/Fighting?
    Salandit Evolution Fire/Fighting
    Alolan Arcanine Fire/Fighting

    Fire/Fighting master race

      1. The evolution is not fire/fighting it’s fire dark but it does look like it’s fire/fighting

        1. That’s not the point, though. It’s not even speculation. 🙂

          It was part of the Fire/Fighting joke since the article at first typoed one of Oricoro’s forms as Fire/Fighting.

      2. I think it’s Fire/Dark, not Fire/Fighting. The way they are changing things up so much it’d be stupid of them of to give it a Fire/Fighting. Plus it looks Fire/Dark.

    1. Oricorio isn’t fire/fighting also I don’t see salandit turning into fire/fighting I think it’s going to keep it’s typing or it’s going to turn into fire/dark.

  2. I also totally think that the guardians will share all these primary types as well. Bird Keeper Toby on Youtube has some really fun theories about all this stuff, and it aligns pretty well with what’s mentioned in this article about the typings.

  3. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I wonder how the 4 gods will line up with these typings :p

  4. it would be cool to have a ghost/fairy legendary! I just hope there’s an actual story for these legendaries and not just “I protect this island, catch me and store me in the computer”

    1. That’s… kinda enough. They’re guardian deities who protect and watch over their respective islands. It’s legendary, by its own definition.

      It’s more than the legendary birds, even.

  5. It’s definitely what I think too. And the islands will be named after the corresponding color.
    I think GameXplain mentioned it in the latest analysis as well. It’s definitely the most likely thing right now.

  6. The Fairy overlords are coming! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
    Resistance is futile!


        1. Cute as a hive of Scizor using Bullet Punch while venom soaked Tentacruel tentacles entangle your precious Fairies
          And a team of Nidoking swamp you with Sludge Bombs

          1. yeah its too bad Alolan Ninetales is going to slaughter most of your ground types right? 😉

            Sucks that you have to resort to branching out from your precious ground types to beat my fairies but I will always stick to them and still overcome.

      1. A swarm of Scizor and Durant, Tentacruel and Aggron, some Crobats and Excadrill

        Literally all Fairy Types have difficulties with these

        1. difficulties but all of them can be overcome, the only real problems come with the nidokings and queens

          1. Well I most definitely have several of them at my disposal
            And remember these Pokemon are dedicated to slaughtering Fairies
            Ergo no traditional battle educates
            But currently these Pokemon are a Fairy’s deepest fears

          2. My fairies fear nothing, and fairies types and move pools have quite the range, the psychic moves say hello to your poison types and for the steel, my slurpluff has quite the fire move in store 😉

  7. You may be onto something with this theory.

    Another island was revealed called Akala Island, and “akala” is supposed to be Hawaiian for pink, just like “melemele” means yellow. In Pokemon, pink is one color associated with the psychic type, which would correspond to the Pa’u style Oricorio.

    1. I’d also like to add that irl each Hawaiian island is assigned a specific Color. Oahu is yellow, which Mele Mele seems to be based on. Maui’s color is pink and can you guess what island Akala resembles? 🙂

      1. I guess I should also add that here on the big island our color is red and Kauai’s (the island with the canyon) is purple.

        1. Yep, looks like we have our answers here. There are just too many connections to be false.

  8. I think that us rather large stretch. I think Oricorio just revealed the potential island names, which are Melemele, Akala, Ula Ula, and Poni. I don’t think GameFreak will repeat the typing. I still think that the remaining guardians will be Fire/Fairy, Grass/Fairy, and Water/Fairy. Yet, anything is a possibility at this point.

      1. A lot of people thought they would represent the original 4 Games and starter Pokemon. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

      1. They better effing explain the crap out of this
        I just don’t want a lame “decided to light its club on fire from living near volcanoes and magical began to breathe fire”

          1. I freaking know, I’m saying that doesn’t explain how it would become a fire type

        1. Don’t worry, the ones we have have fine explanations. The typing explanations I’m worried about are like fighting and psychic and stuff. Like, what was wrong with Alakazam in Alola that it needed to be fighting?

          1. That’s one I feel would not be true
            No amount of environmental adaptations would ever justify a Fighting Type Abra, it’s called a freaking Machop

          2. Well that’s not exactly true. The adaptations we have been exposed to so far seem to only be environmental (as in climate and terrain related), but there is another important factor that can cause these changes.
            In the Vulpix explanation it is mentioned briefly that they went to the icy peaks to avoid other pokemon’s territories down below. Now, the abra variation in the leaks could very logically be explained as an adaptation to be able to defend itself from a particular predator.
            After all, if we look at the types, the Abra line is Psychic and is stated to become Fighting, which is coherent with the thought that a Dark Type could have, through it’s oppression, catalyzed the change. I particularly like this idea because we haven’t had any Dark Types revealed for gen 7 that I recall, and in the same leak it is said that a certain gen 1 rodent has the very same typing in its Alolan form, making the puzzle pieces fit quite well if you ask me.
            But hey this is just speculation.

          3. If the leaks are true then this could link to the raticate line now becoming dark type.

  9. Oricorio changes its form according to the nectar it drinks from special flowers. I’m sure these flowers are native to each island. Basing the guardians off this adorable bird seems like a stretch but anything could happen.

    1. Or it could be the other way around – as in each island represents a type and as a result the guardians have the type and the flowers from each island impart that type through the nectar??

      1. This makes more sense to me, guardian ends up making the bird that type, not basing guardian on bird

  10. That’s been my leading theory from the beginning, with the colors the islands will be based on, and the colors corresponding to types, it makes sense

  11. Well tomorrow I embark upon a mini vacation to New Hampshire
    During the long car ride I plan to EV train a whopping 12 Pokemon

    1. I really like the growlith, I think I would like an Arcanine that looked closer to that growlith. The Arcanine just looks like a fusion with vaporeon imo :p

    2. :O I love these! I really hope Arcanine gets an Alolan form, it’s my third favorite Pokemon, and I can’t wait to see it get some love from GF!

    3. A couple others I found. I like tropius, the idea of growing more fruit and not being able to fly because of it. But jynx…nightmare fuel?

      1. I feel like Jynx is going to sit this gen out, and I feel like Tropius is quite tropical already, but cool finds!

    4. I like the wet fur thing going on with Growlithe but I’m not feeling Watercanine as much. Feels like a cross between Samurott and Vaporeon almost

  12. Also (not sure if anyone brought this up yet), check out the colors on this tapu-esque sign briefly shown in the trailers.

  13. Hey guys! Sorry if this has been said already, but the island names back this theory up alot.

    I translated all the (supposed) island names (Melemele, Akala, Ula Ula and Poni) from Hawaiian to English and they translate to:

    Melemele=Yellow (Electric like Tapu Koko and Pom Pom style)
    Akala=Pink (Psychic, like Pa-u style)
    Ula Ula=Red (Fire, like Baile style)
    Poni=Purple (Ghost, like Sensu style)

    1. Great observation, you’re a little late with that one, but yeah, this has so much evidence.

      1. I didn’t know …..the perfume should be stored in something solid or artificial…..so the steel type is good choice.

          1. maybe its a secret ;P maybe its not

            I’m just poke jungles resident fairy master, that should give you a hint

  14. Btw there is another scene when the trainer is entering Lush jungle and the fence is colored pink purple yellow and red. So basically these are 90% the typings of the next guardians as well…..

  15. Guys, you do realize that the introduction of “Alola Forms” just made all the weird pokémon variations from the Anime canon, right? Crystal Onyx hype!

    1. there are tons of pokemon variations in the anime, snowmen snorlax, Orange Archipelago butterfree, pink butterfree, Pinkan Island pokemon, Valencian Pokémon, crystal onix, golden sudowoodo, etc.

      I would love personally to see some of these in game at some point

      1. As long as we can have this in the games (or, at least, the possibility), I’ll be a very happy trainer xD

    2. I guess… not really? Well, that particular form is still non-canon for the games. Until it actually appears in the game, of course.

      But the concept that somewhere else in the world there’s have a new look and type for existing Pokemon? That’s confirmed at least.

      1. Yes! You’re absolutely right; I wonder if they would actually take the Anime into consideration when designing new forms..

        1. Probably not, considering that the anime is made independently by a different group of people.

          1. anythings possible though right, look at how the alolan exeggutor was originally on some old tcg art

          2. Maybe, but I won’t give up hope just yet; the reference Steven makes in ORAS to the Mega Evolution Special from the Anime makes me think the developers can cross this barrier if they want 😀

  16. I’m looking for someone willing to bring a female timid scatterbug into their sun/moon for a future trade, anyone willing to help me?

    1. What’s your plan, you trade that scatterbug to me, I put the scatterbug in my bank, upload that to Sun/Moon, then trade it back to you? Is that the idea?

      1. no. just anyone that has the scatterbug, bring it to sun/moon, I will trade for it when they come out. I currently don’t have any pokemon games, and I didn’t want to get one just to bring scatterbug over lol

        1. Oh, I see. Well don’t worry, right now on my X game I can make timid ones with 5IV’s and will become Ocean Pattern (a.k.a. the Hawaii pattern) at any given time. I’ll hold on to one for you.

          1. thank you very much I appreciate it. I’m not too concerned on the patter (I guess as long as its not polar, but monsoon is my favorite) the ocean pattern rocks!

          2. oh and the iv’s can be adjusted in hyper training in moon so don’t worry too much about them.

          3. Well, it being 5IVs will make it less of a grind, though. And besides, I’ve got a 6IV ditto and a 5IV Scatterbug as parents so you’re guaranteed at least 4 IVs. (I was using my X game for making more Vivillons for trading.)

  17. Fire/Fairy, Ghost/Fairy, and Psychic/Fairy Tapus incoming!

    Hopefully they’re not all secondary-Fairy type Pokemon though; that seems a little bland and the secondary typing association to substantiate their ties with one another has been done to death with every trio, quartet, duo, etc… Maybe add a sub-plot (through subtle dialouge, ancient texts, or explanations) to reinforce their relationships rather than showcase it through typing. I’m only grasping at straws here, but just my two cents on why I hope they’re not all secondary-Fairy type Pokemon although that may end up to be the case.

  18. Not sure if anyone’s posted this but the Hawaiian islands each have their own designated colors in real life, Kauai is purple Oahu is yellow Maui is pink and the big island is red so then going off of this the four main islands names should be (from left to right) Poni Melemele Akala and Ula Ula. And the smaller island off to the left of Poni should be Ke Oke O, or something to that effect, which means white. Not sure if they’ll make Ula Ula into Ulaula or Ula’ula or make Ke Oke O into Keokeo or Ke’oke’o. But those should be the names more or less given this new info.

  19. No I dont agree. THe guardians are probably based on forces of nature. It was said that the guardians are able to control the enviroment. Grass, Fire and water are the other 3 with fairy. There will also be a 5th as an event pokemon. It will be dark or ghost.

    1. Akala is Hawaiian for pink, and has its own island, so it would feel weird if the Guardian of Akala isn’t pink itself.

    2. Yeah no, if there’s a fifth on it’ll be Magearna as it would represent the 5th island which is artificially made

  20. Sensu Style Oricorio looks freaking good, the colours, the typing, Japanese influence. And my second favourite is Baile, the hot Spanish.

  21. Well there’s two possibilities:
    – Electric, Fire, Ghost and Psychic (to match the colours on the charm & the Oricorio)
    – Electric, Fire, Grass and Water (to match the Trial Captains)

    The thing is, from the Gamexplain video, it showed that the Baille style Oricorio probably resides on the southern island, and if Corocoro is gonna focus on this southern island, revealing a Fire type guardian would not prove or disprove which of the two the guardians will be haha.

    I’d much prefer the more unusual guardian typings however they better have a good reason as to why their typing is the way it is (I’m gonna presume they’ll all be fairies seeing as they’re guardian type fairy tale Pokemon)

  22. There seems to be a big connection between Alola and Kanto. So far all the “Alolian forms” are of Kanto Pokemon (I know it’s only been three we’ve seen so far…) and the description of the Sensu style Oricorio talks about Kanto. And remember way back in the beginning there was the guy that looked like Red standing in front of what we all thought was a water type gym?

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