Volcanion Event & Movie Coming Stateside!

Volcanion will be distributed via serial code in Gamestops across America, and yet to be announced locations throughout Europe, this October! Rounding out the 6th Generation a month before Pokémon Sun & Moon hit stores, the event Volcanion will be level 70, holding an Assault Vest, with the moves Steam Eruption, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump and Explosion!

In related news, its featured movie will be dubbed later this year under the title Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel! No word yet on when or how the official English DUB will premiere, or any Magearna event. Check out the English trailer above!

About damn time. But will AZ’s Floette ever see the official light of day? :'(



FEATURED DISCUSSION: What Trainer Class Most Resembles Your “Type”?

    1. Its mega evolution, but without keystone/ring. And the Pokémon’s eyes are purple instead of regular colour. Dont think there’s any changes in power.

    2. It’s called “Mega Wave”. It forces Pokemon to Mega Evolve without Mega Stones and it causes them to be under the control of the Mega Wave user.

  1. Wow. I never knew how much I disliked Clemont’s voice. I’ll be watching the movie tho.
    Anyways, I was combing through the comments of MunchingOrange’s video of the starters and there is so much denial. I’m stunned by how many people loved Litten’s evo though. Continuing on my previous comment, some people thought that Mallow was just a coincidence and that GameFreak wouldn’t draw art with Ash. It’s obviously concept art from the anime showing the starter’s personality. If there is another form of these starters; I assumed it would have been shown. Still, there is a heavy possibility of having two starters.
    Rowlet – Grass/Flying and Grass/Ground
    Litten – Fire/Dark and Fire
    Popplio – Water/Fairy and Water/Fighting

    Yet, I could only see a slight or drastic gender difference for Popplio and potentially Litten.
    Lastly, our furry friend Verlisify thinks that there is a Alolan Tauros based on the round gray riding gear placed on it; when we literally saw a regular Tauros in both the English and Japanese trailers. He really is one of the worst PokeTubers.
    sorry for the slightly long comment…

    1. Verlis might actually make sense for once. I still want to physically assault him with a steel knuckle though.

    2. libra, people are dumb, just gotta except it, I still don’t understand how someone can see the exact and I mean exact same character (mallow) and think its just a coincidence, it boggles my mind sometimes how people think

    3. I have doubts it’s anime concept art. I’ve seen doodles like these before, and I find that they are more commonly found in game concept arts than anything from the anime.
      Additionally, the art style of the final starters is more akin to official GameFreak games than anime in terms of color and outline. Complete with a Confidential Label. The Noviern concept art, which many uses an example of anime concept, was actually a game concept setup art for the 3D modelers as seen in this video.
      Anime concept art is more focused on how a Pokémon is animated (with different stages of movement/expression) rather than showcasing a personality/trait.

      What we’re dealing with is actual game concepts with the Alola Starters as far as I can tell. And if they are game concept arts, that means we cannot be certain about the details of the anime, like whether or not Mallow is actually a companion.

  2. Boring, but I guess it’s better since Ash is getting thrashed in every other scene

    1. Ash sucks. Let’s get a new MC with something other then that overrated mangy rat Pikachu

      1. Exactly. I thought Alola will be a chance to have a fresh MC. With the anime concept art, I’m quite sure he’s returning with his partner being Mallow. At least Mallow is cute…

      2. I want a bad ass female main character in the anime that actually knows whats she’s doing, unlike ash… or just more of pokemon origin style anime

  3. I like game explains idea for alola marowak, making it a fire dancer, goes with kiawe, would match type, something native to hawaii

  4. So wait. . . While Z-Moves can power up moves of a different typing than the pokemon itself, as long as it learns a move of the same typing. .. this is Only done if the pokemon holds the same type of Z-Crystal in the Z-Ring.
    Meaning, it uses a your hold item slot.
    Also meaning, this won’t be very useful for lets say.. . A defensive pokemon who needs their leftovers or eviolite to battle competitively. . .

    *Le Sigh ?

      1. Huh?
        I Really hope these things 1-hit KO.. or I don’t see their value much. Very niche

        1. If they aren’t OHKO moves, I hope they have insane side effects like priority, 100% paralysis for the electric one, or flinching for the fighting type Z move.

          If they had priority, I could give more viability to slow, insane attack Pokemon like Rampardos.

    1. Of course. It has to create balance in the games. It’s like a Mega Stone; you cannot use a hold item other than a Mega Stone. Do you want a Pokemon to hold a Choice Specs while using a Z-Move like Bloom Doom? The moves are powerful, but there not instant kills.

      1. Yes, I wouldn’t mind if it meant every pokemon could use it competitively. Otherwise it may not see much play outside of in game. If it’s not powerful enough it Really cripples a majority of pokemon who need their held item to survive.
        I rather they split items into 2 sub sections.. offensive and defensive.. and say it can be doubled with defensive items not offensive or whatever. Some other solution

        1. In theory.. defensive pokemon lose each way here… Most can’t mega evolve or use a Z-Move.. the meta is moving towards quick power

          1. I agree – Pokemon really need to make some changes to balance out the meta. Types should become more equal ( or at least give ice and grass more resistances, they still have unique play styles) and Megas should have gone to weak Pokemon… It’s sad, most of my favourite Pokemon aren’t even competitively viable. Just play for fun I guess 🙂

    2. Do you really want to be battling a Mega Kangaskhan when it decides to use its Normal Z-Move?

      1. No, I had long thought that through. I wish they could find a way to make it an option for every pokemon still. If the trainer wants the pokemon to mega instead.. of course they couldn’t double up

  5. Hey everyone I came on to say I Sam on vacation and won’t be posting as often till the 11 I will miss hearing you guys

    See ya till then!

    1. Enjoy your vacation! When you get back, there’ll be more news, so that’s something you can look forward to.

  6. Why does everyone dislike mega evolutions? I don’t mind them mostly but my feelings are they should’ve given them to Pokemon the really needed a boost. Blaziken, Scizor, Gengar and Garchomp are examples of Pokemon that didn’t need one

    1. I could of sworn mega hate was over.. I love them. Just want more for other pokemon

          1. I just find weird that Americans say could of way more than people whose native language isn’t English x)

          2. I think once you’ve mastered something as basic, it’s easy to get lazy with it. I also don’t know what foreigners you are speaking to. I often see them making complete sentences out of similar words such as “You’d” etc. I’ve forgot exactly what I see the most, but along those lines. I think ” ‘ “, is their specialty ?.
            But, unless you’re an English major, I can never understand why people are so critical of other typing, when so many factors could play into their misspellings. It’s just the internet, not a test. Takes the fun out of talking online Bruv

    2. I hate them because they take away from Pokemon that needed a real evolution, like Mawile, and they also take attention away from new permanent Pokemon. I much prefer what they’re doing with Alolan variants, as they’re permanent.

      1. but the alolan alternatives do not provide needed stat boosts and needed abilities like mega evolution does. you cant honestly tell me that a mawile evolution would be the monster its mega evolution is. would you want a lucario 3rd stage to be as ridiculous a mega lucario is? mega evolution limits these to one per battle, they are supposed to be over the top, as that gives certain pokemon a chance to shine that otherwise couldn’t.

        1. I really don’t have a problem with megas like Mawile or Beedrill. They really helped them be relevant again.

      2. Absol,Kangaskan,Manectric,Abomasnow are all Pokémon that aren’t 3-Staged, but don’t need a proper evolution. So megas are perfectly fine.
        As for mawile, It’s mega makes it useful competitly plus it’s design doesn’t seem like a normal evo to me

    3. I think people just hate them because of the theory that their existence reduced the number of actual new pokemon (And by that I mean they have their own national pokedex numbers). It annoyed me too, however, I agree with you that it helped make older pokemon more relevant again. As far as pokemon like Gengar and Blaziken, the creators said Mega Evolution existed to make popular pokemon closer to legendaries, so it makes perfect sense… Although unnecessary.

    4. I love megas, and their backstory that suggests that the pokemon with megas are unlocking their past forms and power, its like way back in the pokeverse there was all these crazy powerful pokemon roaming the earth and over time they scaled down (kinda like dinosaurs to birds if you will) and the only way for a pokemon to unlock such skill is to be bonded with its trainer

  7. Unlike some people thought, GamexPlain are fairly certain that megas will return in S/M. See at 38:41

    1. People are delusional if they don’t see them returning with at least a few new ones

  8. After watching the GameXplain analysis and skimming through the footage; they seem to be on to something:
    1. The island names might be Melemele (confirmed), Akala (confirmed), Ula Ula, and Poni.
    2. Hala might actual use Z-Moves against you in battle as he holds a Z-Ring. I’m quite sure all Kahunas will be able to use them.
    3. There might be multiple trials and Trial Captains! Mallow is obviously on Akala Island, Lana and Kaiwe might be on Akala Island as well. I’m expecting to see maybe 8 or 10 Trail Captains. One on MeleMele (which specializes in Normal Types), three on Akala, two on Ula Ula, and two on Poni. Obviously, this is just speculation.
    4. Here is the screenshot I’ve been talking about. There is a hole for a Key Stone. I’m rather sure that Zinnia will have a plot with Zygarde and I’m quite sure that she’ll give you a Key Stone during the story.
    refresh for images.

  9. Fan Fiction Theory:

    The creators of the Z-Ring (as mentioned in the Japanese trailer) are the criminal orgnization of the team and is solely comprised of cult-like females (due to the name Princess, but who knows, it’s 2016). Their HQ is probably the artificial island and intrust the island kahunas to give the Z-Ring to new trainers to harness Z-Power for an ulterior motive. They’re a religious cult in the veins of Fractale (anime) and they have breached the Island Challenge system to favor their heinous motives.

    Honestly though, what if we don’t get a villainous team this generation? 0_0

    1. Lillie might be a part of the Princesses of Pokemon and she might assist or defy the player in taking them down. It’s obvious the Z-Ring will be an issue of the plot. I like this! We need a female to a leader of the evil teams.

      1. Similar to the sages and their roles, but vastly improved and much more integrated into the games, I can see the Princess of Pokemon either helping you to defeat a common cause or being the main cause to defeat. However, unlike other teams (excluding Team Plasma), their cause is actually one that is two sided and has blinded many people into following them. What I loved about B/W was how they created this whole story arc od how it affected the region’s people and how it changed them for better or worse, incorporating every fiber of the game in a universally understood language. That made Team Plasma feel real and threatening as it wasn’t pure evil, but rather yin and yang. Hope Sun/Moon does that.

  10. What would you guys feel about there being a Trial Captain specializing in each type? I got the idea that each Captain uses a certain type and then provides you with the corresponding Z-Crystal, but would that be too many characters? I wouldn’t want them to make too many more bland characters, but I would love to finally see a Dark “Gym Leader.”

      1. I definitely think there are more than four, since it appears at least three of them all appear on one island.

        1. All trial captains have a charm with four sided shape and each of them has a colour corresponding to them filled in. So either we have 4 trial captains or these 4 of them are somehow related like they are on the same island.

    1. I don’t think we’ll have Trial Captains for each type. However if these trials are going to be simple minigames like finding ingredients and copying Kiawe’s dance moves, I think we’ll have more than 8 trials.

    2. I doubt it. I think eight or ten Trial Captains are the actual amount. I think you’re going to find the Z-Crystals similar to Mega Stones. We might get a Dark-Type Trial Captain.

  11. They should have given Ninetales Magic coat or adaptability… It’s such an awesome Pokemon and deserves a better ability than snow cloak ( even though I guess it makes sense…), especially with all these new amazing abilities… I wish they’d given Lunala and Solgaleo new interesting abilities too.

  12. Man I knew they watered the games down over the years but I just started playing Pokemon Yellow for the first time in years and I forgot how challenging it is. I had to grind before facing Brock, had to keep walking in and out of Mt. Moon and SS Anne because of low HP and I could barely afford any potions and pokeballs because you barely get any money. Compare that and XY, huge difference lol. Thoughts?

    1. I appreciate a little difficulty, but I’d prefer a happy medium between Yellow and XY. When I played Yellow I would get so bored with grinding that I’d put the game down and not touch it for weeks at a time, but I would like more challenge than XY provided.

      1. BW2 had a fine level of difficulty for me, a little more would’ve been perfect. Plus, there was options, so everyone got what they wanted. Difficulty options would ease my worry greatly.

      2. I agree with you and Ithsme. My problem with BW2 was that you had to have a friend with the other game to unlock difficulty mode an even then, it’d be Easy OR Hard mode rather than both, so i never got to play hard mode. But yeah, the grinding’s getting old. I think my only issue with it is my funds mean limited items. I wouldnt mind trading blows with wild pokemon if it didnt mean having to walk allll the way back to a pokecenter. But I dont know if that’s better or worse than the repetition of repeatedly knocking out wild pokemon in one blow like XY. You’re right about needing a happy medium xD

        1. I’d choose Yellow difficulty in a heartbeat. I’d rather have yellow difficulty than BW2, but it’d be a medium for all players to enjoy. My only complaint is that there are ways to make it difficult without requiring excessive grinding, but if Sun and Moon were like that I’d be over the moon (lol).

          1. I never got to play BW2’s difficult settings. As good as an idea as it was, it came with the bad idea of needing a friend with White 2 to unlock it and everyone I knew at the time had Black 2 =/ I’ll be ecstatic if S/M has a difficulty setting.

          2. Yeah, putting it behind a paywall if you don’t have friends was a horrible idea. Also why does GF make a great new feature, everyone loves it, and then removes it next game? Why haven’t we seen the settings back, especially because Gen 6 was so easy?

    2. I like Gen 3 and 4’s difficulty. It’s pretty hard to level up, you need to buy more than one of a TM and you don’t make too much money from battles.

    3. I got Blue a couple days ago on VC (woulda gone with Yellow if I knew only Yellow has colour on VC)

      I’m not having trouble on cash, at the beginning sure, but I’ve stuck with Diglett, Pikachu and Wartortle without catching many others so I haven’t been spending much on Pokeballs.

      I really can appreciate all the changes made. In RBY the PC doesn’t heal pokemon, sleep takes a turn to wake up from before attacking, wrap/bind moves are a nuisance, the bag is tiny, you can’t see move dmg in the stats menu, you accidentally learn tms overwriting the wrong move because it doesn’t ask you “Are you sure you want to forget ____?” All these things are painfully noticeable now.

      1. I completely forgot how annoying sleep and wrap/bind used to be lol. It’s still a fun game but it does have its problems.

    4. I think HGSS, if it had a better level curve, would be the best difficulty in the series in my opinion. I’ve actually had to fight Silver 4 times before I beat him in Azelea Town, with decently leveled pokemon too.

  13. So, as I’m sure most of you know, one leak has mentioned “creating your own league”. Assuming this is true (for the sake of this mini theory), “create” could mean one of two things:
    1. Create, as in you can customize it.
    2. Create, as in it’s predetermined and can’t be customized.
    In the unlikely case that the leak is true, and “create” means the first option, my mini theory (if you can even call it that) is this; You get to select 8 out of however many trial captians to be gym leaders which can be battled post game.
    Literally my only piece of evidence behind this is that they have type specialties, and none of the trials seem to be battles at this point. Other than where the captain is encountered, the type specialties aren’t used for anything yet, and I seriously doubt where the captain is encountered is it. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but a customizable league that you could battle post game would solve two major complaints with games in general: post game and replayability. Tell me what you think, or if there is anything for or against this theory! Sorry for the text wall, I just wanted to put it all out there and it ended up being really long.

    1. I thought the idea of you creating your own league is a glorified version of Super Secret Base battles. I think a new mode or area will allow you to create a league and share it with your friends. With Trial Captains, I think it will be a side event you could do.

      1. I would love that, infinite replayability… Unless of course “creating your own league” on S/M is EXACTLY like “creating your own gym” like in OR/AS. In that case… Meh.

          1. It’s really more of a personal grievance. The super base was just unimpressive to me

    2. The first immediate thought in my head when I saw the “create your own league” idea will never happen… But here are the steps:

      -Travel the Alola region and catch pokemon, battle trainers, and challenge the enemy “Team” like in other games
      -When you find a trainer you like, you present them with one of the eight badges, it unlocks a predetermined questline for that badge.
      -The chosen trainer will be your companion as you finish the quest that prepares them for gym leadership
      -Complete the questline and the trainer you chose will leave you to prepare the gym
      -Go to the gym and battle through it and beat the new gym leader which will establish the gym because… Pokemon game logic
      -Repeat 7 more times

      1. It said that your goal is to establish a league.
        That’s it.
        So it’s most likely a predermined story thing

        1. True, but please note that the first thing I said was that my idea will never happen

      2. Hmm. That’s an interesting idea. I’d be all for it except for:
        1. I want my league to be permanent and now have to replace them
        2. I wouldn’t want to make generic trainers gym leaders, I want trainers with unique models.

        1. 1. I can completely understand that, just thought it’d make it fluid, more postgame.
          2. My thought behind it was the generic trainers would get an updated look and EVERY trainer can become a leader, even a Team member you beat. So some of the unique trainers can become one like your rival

          1. While I’d rather have unique characters I do like the idea of having NPCs be sort of rivals, I think I could have some fun with that.

    1. I’d say: swap flying and dragon, make poison ghost, make the one after ice fairy, put psychic after that, and replace your old psychic with poison.

    2. I had the same problem
      Left to right
      Top row: Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Fighting, Normal
      Middle: Steel, Rock, Poison, Ghost, Dark, Bug, Flying, Dragon
      Bottom: Ice, Fairy, Psychic, Ground

  14. I hope there is a male trainer class for the hex maniac and Fairy tale trainer classes, in Alola! I want my PPS to reflect the types I love 😛 and I think they would be super cute designs for them

    1. ouuu also they should have a mermaid trainer class (not actually a mermaid but like a swimmer wearing a tail)

      1. I wouldn’t say that they have a clear love for fighting types, that’s the black belt’s job.

    1. I feel I wouldn’t get along with Litten at first but once it evolves and discovered a burning passion for winning I think we’ll establish a relationship

  15. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but given how much we’ve seen about zygarde i have the distinct feeling we’ll get some postgame episode delta episode-style about zygarde. They wouldn’t make it such a big deal if it wasn’t going to be in the game, and it really doesn’t fit the Alola region so far.

    1. I hope it’s not like the delta episode. While it was grey that we got a post game mission, it felt like a fetch quest and a chore more than anything. Fly here, listen to this dialogue, fly there, listen to that dialogue. The only good part was the climatic ending on sky tower.

  16. What do you think the villainous team will be?

    Since the motif GFs going right now is diversity and culture , it would be cool to have a team that wants to globalize Alola and introduce different Pokemon, and make a Pokemon Leauge. I just want to know how the legendaries will be used

    1. Even though it turned out fake I liked one Rumor that said the villain team wanted to basically exploit the Tapu’s for their business ventures and were basically trying to take over Alola like a company would take over another company. It would be like a company buying up beach front properties and building hotels and giant buildings basically ruining the environment. They basically want to own Alola I guess lol

    1. They have questionable color choices for some of those but you likely have the right order. I’m just not sure which is Flying and which is Dragon since I can’t read the symbols on the two blue things properly.

      1. The flying is darker blue, which is a questionable choice, yeah. I think it should be a light blue like the sky.

        1. Yeah, I agree. I would’ve put flying’s dark blue in water, sky blue in flying. And Garchomp bluish-purple for Dragon.

          Oh, and bug should be olive green rather than lime green.

      2. I am still wondering if Z move is it special or physical attack ….or maybe non of them.

        1. I wonder if it just picks the higher stat between Attack and Special Attack and does physical or special damage as a result.

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