8/1 New Pokémon Sun & Moon Information

New Pokémon have been revealed for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon Sun & Moon!

  • Oricorio is a bird Pokémon which has multiple styles which are different types Fire/Electric/Psychic/Ghost paired with Flying. The different styles can be found on different islands. It knows a special attack Revelation Dance and the type the attack is matches the style. It has the new ability Dancer which copies dance-based moves such as Quiver Dance.
  • Minior is a Rock/Flying type Pokémon with the ability Shields Down. Its core varies in color
  • Gumshoos is the evolution of Yungoos
  • Fomantis and its evolution Lurantis are new Grass Pokémon. They can learn the new attack Solar Blade.
  • Mudbray is the pre-evolution of Mudsdale

Alola Forms have been revealed! These are special versions of older generation Pokémon!

  • Alolan Exeggutor is now Grass/Dragon
  • Alolan Vulpix is Ice and its evolution Alolan Ninetails is Ice/Fairy with ability Snow Cloak
  • Alolan Sandshrew and its evolution Alolan Sandslash are Ice/Steel

Other new features of the games have been revealed!

  • Poké Ride is a new transportation method and allows you to use Pokémon to travel. These Pokémon do not join your team and can be called on anywhere. Charizard, Mudsdale, Sharpedo, Tauros and more are shown as examples
  • The gym system seems to have been replaced with the island challenge. Trial captains will challenge you and specialize in certain types. They seem to have tasks which may or may not also be accompanied by battles. Each island has a Kahuna, or final leader, which must be beaten and also a totem Pokémon
  • Z-Moves have been revealed as extra special attacks. Pikachu can learn Gigavolt Havoc. These powerful attacks can only be used once per battle. Each type has a different Z-Move.

<3 PJ


  1. I’m glad you mentioned this because Serebii.net hasn’t. Very few sites have in fact.

    1. That’s because most sites will only update after the announcement. Pokejungle is the only site I know of that updates live with an audience (us).

      1. Well Serebii.net and Nintendo Everything and Miketendo64.com did the times before but not this time.

  2. As much as I’d love starter evolutions, I think it’s very unlikely we’ll get them since we always get them roughly a month before release. Besides, if they’re released we won’t be getting as many creative fanarts. 😛

    1. I’ve learned to never doubt the Internet when it comes to fanarts xD
      But yeah, I agree with you that starter evos seem unlikely right now, but if they do release I don’t be too mad 🙂

  3. Wonder what we’ll get info wise! Maybe new evolutions of older pokemon? I really want a Cacturn evolution.

    1. I think almost anything’s possible at this point. We won’t know until the trailer goes up! 🙂

      1. U know I must predict something ……and I think u should that ,psychologists r good at prediction after all.

  4. – Hopefully some Gym Leaders and/or E4 members reveals…!
    – Evil Team would be cool!
    – A close-up on one or more of the other islands.
    – A new Guardian (at least).
    – A new Legendary?
    – More Pokémon, please.

  5. Oh….ok so everyone came back here? And is Discord not working for anyone else?

      1. I bet you secretly want a new version of the underground.
        (Not that I’d blame you, that was a fairly fun feature back in the day.)

  6. I’m getting VERY concerned that we’ve seen little character information, such as the Evil Team, Gym Leaders. Just Pokemon, the Professor, Rival, & the mysterious Lillie and Hala. Please reveal the Evil Team and some Gym Leaders and other details!

  7. – How about more info about this “Extra Move Slot”? It’s made me quite curious!

  8. I’d like some gym info. But I think we will get the Coro Coro information for this month in video form. Just a odd hunch.

  9. Gonna watch Chuggas LP of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon to wait out these 5 minutes. BRB haha!

    1. I’ve been wanting to redo Dark Moon for a while, but that game really brings out the OCD

      1. According to him, you don’t even really need to get perfect for the end game as the reward is not fulfilling. Sucks as I wonder if its like Sunshine,

  10. I have like 5 tabs open because i have no idea where the news is gonna drop, lol. Probably youtube, right?

  11. Apparently they are Alola Forms. The typings are on Serebii. Literally what in the world just happened?

  12. I AM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE JUST SEEN!!!!! new ninetails is the best thing I have ever seen, and so is sandshrew. *dies* <3 <3

      1. I’m not 100% sure about the chinese leaks themselves, but there other leaks that corroborated them and also added that old Pokemon would have new forms like this

    I can’t handle it
    Variations? Trials? Kahunas? New mons? Z-Moves?
    Looks like some leakers might be right…

  14. WOW! Ice Vulpix and Sandlash line??? Didn`t saw that coming!
    The Ice Vulpix look amazing!

    The 4 birds look decent as well.
    The “HM slave” evo, looks powerful.

    But who are the 4 people`? Gym leaders?

  15. LEAKS CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!! I for one am SUPER excited to see more new (old) Pokemon lol Also OMG they really made a Donald Trump Pokemon hahahhahaha

  16. Ok, I like the idea of there being no gyms in favor of these Isle Trials and the Kahunas being the main bosses. It oddly reminds me of Pokemon Colosseum and XD too which is a nice vibe to have. Also love those forms and new Pokemon.

  17. So pokemon are adapting to new environments and changing type!? That’s really interesting but idk how I feel about it! Also, the charizard mount basically confirms Soaring will return, right? I called it!

    1. Alternate typings for old Pokemon actually seems interesting. They looks pretty cool except for Exeggutor lol

      1. Yeah and it has frisk…how the fuck is that thing going to frisk me? Slam its big head into my Pokemon’s body?!

  18. I will say, this trailer made me happier than any other sun and moon trailer so far. A few things I’d like to point out.
    – no gyms likely, 4 trials + 4 kahunas
    – how will we get Alola forms in games further down the line
    – the leaks are real, obviously
    – what is that weird rock ball thing?

  19. Introducing Z-Moves
    A new element has been introduced into the Pokémon battles in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: Z-Moves. Z-Moves are moves of great power that can only be used once per battle. When the Trainer and Pokémon’s wishes resonate with each other, and both release their full power together—the result is the explosive force of a Z-Move! All Pokémon can use Z-Moves to perform mightily in battl


    Also the question remains, where are the megas. The postgame suggestions are getting stronger. NGL it’s gonna be a riot if they dare remove them.

    Also kudos to who predicted the Mudsdale prevo!

    1. I honestly thought it was mega exxeggutor (I watched the Japan version of the trailer first)

  21. wat happened to the classic Pokémon ??? ……A new version of them or some kind of transformation?????

  22. This was an epic surprise. Or as some people would say: “Didn’t see this coming..!”
    What a twist!

    Love it! 😀

  23. Idk how I feel about the new form thing. It’s just unnecessary and complicated. So a Sandshrew that is an ice type?.. That just totally invalidates the name of the Pokemon. I might need a while to get used to these.

      1. Mantis orchids actually (it’s a grass type pretending to be a bug, instead of what an orchid mantis usually is).

  24. Well damn! That rumour was totally right! I’d like it if someone could repost the link. I don’t know if HMs are returning after seeing all of the rideable Pokemon, I absolutely love the Alola Form Pokemon, and Z-Moves look crazy! Lastly, it seems like Gyms are being replaced with the island challenge!

    1. Nice spot! And eurgh. I mean yeah Rowlet evo! I mean eurgh the other two monstrositiesI I mean yeah awesome Robin Hood owl! I mean eurgh offensive bipedal tiger wrestler. I’m still divided as you’ve probably guessed.

      1. Too late, that one was confirmed by hacking of the Japanese website aeons ago. The proved the page for the starters had a fighting type symbol among its type images.

      1. My bud gave me a low down on these leaks and they are Grass/Flying (YES), Fire/Dark, and Water/Psychic. All of are good.

    2. It also means that Ash may get all 3 starter Pokemon again if the picture of Litten’s final evo with a Popplio and Rowlet is to be taken right.

  25. I wanted a regular ice type, like a brand new one. But an ice vulpix and sandshrew is nothing to be mad about, although it is a little weird.

  26. What exact leaks are now basically confirmed real? There are so many out there I’m super confused? Are we getting see cucumbers, rubgy gorillas, and those controversial starter evos?

  27. I’m down with the new “adapted to Alola” concept, more realistic and breathes fresh air into old pokes ^-^

    1. vulpix and sandshrew are also one of my faves, so I think it’s fun to see them diverent

        1. Soo.. I probably will be making a gen 1 alola version team xD. Still look way better than the new ones

          1. Nothing much. Gen1 is superior imo. and I think only gen 1 pokemon will recieve alolan versions, to celebrate the franchise’s 20th birthday

          2. Celebrating the 20th shouldn’t be about just celebrating gen 1, they should give alolan forms to pokemon from all generations. (And personally I think gen 1 is one of the less interesting generations)

    1. Don’t be so down. We have four trails and likely four kahunas! It’s basically like gyms!

      1. That’s definitely what I think. It’s not exactly equal to Gyms, but it’s our new take on Gyms in Alola. It makes sense for it <3

      2. Yeah it reminds me of Colosseum’s in XD: Gale of Darkness, my number 1 favorite home console Pokemon title still.

  28. Z-Moves and Alola Forms are SO much better than Megas and you know it. At least I know it.

    1. Gonna agree with that point on Alola forms, at least comparing my initial reactions to both, though I do love megas now. Z-moves though I’m just completely indifferent to.

  29. Not gonna lie, as weird as the Alola forms are (since it was something I brushed off earlier) that ice Vulpix was my fave, very majestic.
    My fave of the new mons is the grass mantis one, loved it and it’s evo (defininitely something to consider) Oriocorio is very interested <3 Mudbray is adorable I need it xD
    Services for riding Pokemon hmmm…
    Mallow is my fave of the trail captains <3
    Toten Pokemon at the end of the trail? Are they summoned by the Tapus, I wonder?
    And it seems like the trails and the Kahunas are our 'Gym' replacement, obvious I know, but just thought it needed to be said. I wonder who the other Kahunas are <3
    AND ACTUALLY IT CONFIRMS HALA IS HAU'S GRANDFATHER, I mean we speculated it and agreed it was a most likely thing, but they've clarified it now
    And Z-moves are what I expected them to be after I saw them, still look awesome <3

  30. Well that…wasn’t quite what I was expecting.. I mean, I love the idea of ice ninetales and sandzlash, but not what I expected by any means haha. Z moves…kinda a let down :/

      1. I think it was one of the Chinese rumor stating that new form of old Pokemo were gonna appear like water type arcanine

    1. Apparently so! I hadn’t heard about these rumors before so I was completely blindsided…

  31. MY FAVOURITE POKEMON WITH A GLORIOUS NEW FORM AND PARTLY MY FAVOURITE TYPE ( Fairy!) ice ninetales is my new fave!!!!!!!

    Just hope that it’s typing doesn’t make it suck in battle…. But who cares I mean look at it! These games are complicated sure but will be SO AMAZING OH MY GOD

    1. Though the downside is you don’t use your own Pokemon, and it’s still limited to “certain” ones

      1. It’s the evolution of soaring Latios/as
        I find it particularly useful so we don’t have undeletable moves anymore, which cannot be deleted until you reach a certain city far in the game…

  32. So basically, Po-ké-Watch? Tell me I’m not the only one that gets the Yo-Kai vibes from Sun and Moon. I’m down with it, it’s just.. such a huge change to the franchise that’s it’s kinda hard to take it all in y’know

  33. “Some Pokémon have adapted to the distinctive microclimates of the Alola region, taking on different forms than they have in other regions. These Pokémon are called regional variants. Taking root in the Alola region, they live like native Pokémon. Regional variant Pokémon can have different appearances and types, and their ways of living can also differ from that of the forms previously known.”

    I never knew how much I wanted this until right now.

    1. yes now we can make a team of gen 1 again, only updated, so that we have a fire kingler and water arcanine.. xD

        1. But it also listed Ninetails as Fire which turned out false, so take it with a pinch of salt.

    1. It’s uncanny. 100% confirmed, everyone. I have no idea how it happened, but it did.

    2. That’s it..that’s the straw to break the calls back for me. I’m taking these starters as real

    3. this basically confirms it then, thank goodness, I grew to love that goddess of a mermaid 🙂

    4. Welp, there’s my confirmation that me being neutral wanted.
      At least I’m more used to Litten’s evo now, I jsut don’t want it to be Fighting type

    5. Eh… I like Litten the same seeing as it’s basically confirmed.. so #WRESTLERCAT and #SIRENSEALLION are on my alola team..

  34. So no gyms, BUT the Chinese rumor states that “There will be no traditional Gyms and no Pokémon League in Alola. Your goal is to actually create one. After you do, an Elite 4 will appear which are the leaders of each island.”
    We already know the leaders of each island are fought in Grand Trials prior to going to the next island (from the website here http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/the-rite-of-the-island-challenge/). Thus, we will not be fighting the leaders of each island after, but during our adventure. This helps actually discredit part of the rumor.

  35. Huh. This is weird. They’re making a Z ring toy.
    When a player uses a Z-Move in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, his or her real-life Z-Ring will light up, vibrate, and play sounds to go along with the video and sounds in the game. With this new experience, players will feel the force of these overwhelming Z-Moves with even more realism! Please look forward to more details about the Z-Ring to come from Tomy International.

  36. Great sun and moon got leaked 5 months before release good job game freak you broke X and Ys record

  37. The picture down there is enough evidence but…those leaked starters were real. Unbelievable, this will go down in record books as the earliest and most significant leak ever.

    1. Didn’t doubt them for a second. They were too inspired and random to be fakes. An archer, mermaid and a wrestler? Nothing about Popplio and Litten points to being a Siren or Wrestler.

  38. I’m super excited now!!! I’m so glad they are trying something a little different this time around. They may go back to the typical stuff again some day, but this will make things so much more interesting and exciting!! Anyone got a complete list of all the leaks now that we have confirmation?

    1. OMG!!!!! Most people were just joking about Yungoos’ resemblance, but this…THIS!!!! It incredible hahahaha

    2. I really hope he’s not elected now or he’ll try to get pokemon banned. We’ll have speakeasy’s for battling xD

      1. I like how it has strong jaw as an ability, like yeah, of course he would, its gotta be strong from talking all the BS

  39. I was going to say last night that I predicted an Ice/Steel-type, but this is not what I had in mind. In a good way!

  40. Mallow is in the leaked evo pics. So that definitely means Litten is off limits to me, no matter how cute it might be.

        1. aw be nice to the wrestler kitty :3 (I respect your opinion though) I didn’t do anything :3

        2. Aw be nice to the Wrestler Tiger.. Its no it’s fault that it was drawn that way (I respect and understand your opinion though)

    1. Dragon exegutor makes 0 sense i wanted my first grass/dragon to be something cool looking not a derpy palm tree

  41. So Z moves are major BS!

    Except the Z moves, love all the revealed so far.

    Wonder how further generations will look like considering Gymleaders being out apparently.

    1. The Trials and Kahuna thing fit Alola, so I dunno if no Gym will be permanent.
      I mean, it doesn’t make sense if another future region, let’s jsut say based on Germany, do a trial and kahuna thing.

      1. It is risky play cause with Alola it works, and I doubt they will bring the old concept back.
        I am happy about them trying to innovate but we`ll see how it looks down the line.

        1. I think they will bring back Gyms, that this is a temporary, only Alola-thing, but we’ll see 🙂
          It really doesn’t matter to me, because I think the games will be enjoyable regardless.
          It seems like GF listened, since I know a good amount of people wanted some of the more formulaic parts of Pokemon to be revamped and changed.

  42. As expected, they’ve revealed Alola’s equivalent of Mega Evolution. It’s infinitely better and made my hype increase tenfold. They better not drop the ball with this concept, I want to see more!

  43. I’m…what do they say on Tumblr? I can’t even lol so will ninetales not be Fire anymore for only in Alola? I love the design, but that bullet punch is going to suck hahah

      1. I’m not mad I’m just like in a whoa-like state. Idk how to feel yet haha. I have to let it marinade for a bit

  44. My Vulpix turns to Ice! I finally have my ice fox!!! So happy. Also, does it seems like there are no gyms?

  45. I feel like this is some weird dream lol. Like I’ll wake up and say ‘guys, you’ll never guess what I dreamed! Exeggutor turned into a dragon with a long neck, the starters turned out to be real, and gym leaders are gone! Also you now have to perform a dance move to unleash your Pokemon’s full potential!’

  46. Z-moves: You sell your soul to Zygarde and it gives you devilish powers in exchange for a silly dance..


  47. OMG I’M SO PUMPED!!!

  48. I truly hope the Alola variants have their own Dex numbers. I sort my PC by Dex number, so if I have 2 different Sandshrew, that’ll just make things inconvenient.

    1. Well, the rules of competitive wont let you have pokemon of the same dex. Number in a single team, so I think they’ll prevent using both variants of the same pokemon by giving them the same number, so you’ll have to find another way to arrange your boxes.

    1. In Japan, Sandshrew is called “Sando” and Sandslash is “Sandopan”. Unless those names have ice-related connotations, they would come off as weird there too.

      But that’s what nicknames are for!

  49. I’m loving that the trial leaders seem to be prevalent outside of their “gym” too! This is especially seen in the Japanese trailer.

  50. Wonder how Alola forms work. Like if I transfer an old Ninetails, will it turn into ice/fairy? Or does it only count for Vulpix born/caught on Alola soil?

      1. probably the same as the female, they are probably coded as separate pokemon in the game

    1. Nope, the old Vulpix will remain an old Vulpix. They coexist because they’re niche species of the same Pokemon!

    2. Maybe it works similar to those rocks you use to evolve Eevee. We’d have to be in the snowy area with Vulpix/Ninetales for them to change formes.

  51. Holy crap this update, (almost) all my dreams came true. Minior the meteor pokemon? That wonderful little dude has a guaranteed spot on my team. Bird of paradise pokemon? I’m sold. Flower mantis pokemon? yeeessss. Yungoose evo? Now he looks even more like donald trump. Only thing I’m sad about is that we can’t ride on our own pokemon 🙁 But hey all this great stuff makes up for it.

  52. Can anyone get the Ninetails page on the official site to load? I keep getting an error, but not with any other Pokemon.

  53. Oh wow and the leaks even talk about Oricorio too!!! Things are definitely coming together people lol

    1. So basically, someone got a job at Gamefreak just to get leaks out to the people and gave no fucks about losing their job. They had to get word out to the people asap! (My theory xDD)

      1. I want to be that guy.
        Nah, jk, but this person is a bamf if that’s what happened xD

  54. I guess forms solves the issue of ever-increasing number of Pokemon by cutting down on new Pokemon and just giving new forms of older, already existing mons

    1. The numbers are just numbers. Remembering how many alternate forms a pokemon has still takes up brain space. It’s like if Plusle and Minun were different forms of the same pokemon.

  55. Oh yeah, and the 4chan leaks about no gyms and the leaked evos turned out legit. Shout out to those who said it was bollocks!

    1. This is why I stay neutral and wait for official word to deny or accept anything <3 🙂

  56. You know, this is the gen Tierno is supposed to be introduced.

    I bet he’s sad, sitting there in Kalos reading about these Dancing birds…

    ON THE OTHER HAND… look at how awesome this is gonna be in doubles or triples. Are we ready for dancing teams? Quiver Dance buffing two Pokemon at once?

      1. Actually no, there’ll be Species Clause in Battle Maison and online. 🙁

        It’s more like Volcarona + Oricoro form of your choice. (Mine is Electric.)

        Sure you have a Rock Slide weakness, but nothing’s perfect.

    1. Lessee, the birds, Ludicolo, Bellossom… Who am I forgetting? I’m down with making Tierno proud =P

    2. There’s nothing to say he won’t make a return.
      It would be neat if he turned up as a Kahuna and it turned out he was actually from Alola and never mentioned it during X & Y.

  57. Everyone ready for their sea Cucumber Pokemon?!?!?!? I bet it’s gross looking (in a good way lol) hahaha

    1. Does that mean…. we’re gonna get a pearl fish? xD does anyone know of what I’m referring to? Please say yes

  58. Wonder how they will put this into the anime. Now that no gyms seems all but confirmed, I’m curious to know how this will turn out for Ash.

    1. When you put it that way, I wonder if he’ll catch an Alola variant of a pokemon he’s never had or one he’s caught before.

      1. Wins the Kalos league and gets an invitation to participate in the Alola Island challenges, something like that I hope will happen.

    2. I’m guessing it’ll be like the Orange Archipelago? Weren’t there trials in that too, where you had to do out-of-battle challenges.

  59. I wonder if they call them “Alolan Ninetales” and “Alolan Exeggutor” in the games?

      1. Yes, Delta, I was trying to remember what that was called! I’ve wanted to see that concept in the games for a very long time.

  60. I think I’m going to faint…..they’re just going to rehash old Pokemon with different skins…..avoiding actually making new Pokemon

    1. It’s niche species evolution. There’s scientific reasoning behind it, rather than the dark magic that is Mega Evolution.

  61. I will be back later, this is too much to take in right now need to procces it in mah small dumb brain

  62. Uh-oh. I just realized something. The Alola forms, like mega evolution, might take up new Pokemon spots, which will mean another gen with few new Pokemon.

      1. Well, bc its real now, the leaker did mention that there are more pokemon in Alola, and the chinese leaker said that there will be 100 whom is also real. So worry not 😉

    1. I’d say fewer, but not as few as Kalos. Possibly something around Johto’s amount?

    2. I’m just over here like ‘New pokes yay’
      I don’t care much for how many anyways 🙂 (although more is better xD)

  63. “Its pastel coloration has a cute look, so this Pokémon is often used as a design motif for clothing and accessories” Minior clothing confirmed pretty much 😛

  64. I dint understand totem Pokemon or the new gym system? Is there less battling? What?!

    1. From what I understand totem Pokemon are a bit stronger than regular Pokemon, and they can call another Pokemon, making it 1 v. 2. The new “gyms” system appears to be Trial Captain with a task instead of a battle, Kahuna with a regular battle, Trial Captain, Kahuna, etc etc, totaling to 8 “trainers”.

      1. I hope that the trial leaders battle as well as give a task… I mean why else would they give them type specialities ?

  65. I didn’t wanna think Megas are gone but.. Alola variants are starting to make me think otherwise

    1. Ironically I was looking at that prior to the video.
      It means leaving the house though ; n ;
      “It’s a jungle out there.”

  66. Maybe the environment effects which forme of Pokemon you get? Like for example you find Snow Vulpix in colder areas, while you find regular Vulpix in warmer climates.

  67. Kiawe is a captain whose expertise is in Fire-type Pokémon. Together with his Marowak, he studies the traditional dances that have been passed down in the Alola region.
    Marowak Fire…… *Pukes*

      1. My brain hurts……. I don’t like Alolan Variants of Pokemon, now people will start barking Alolan this will be that type and this and that…….oi vey

        1. Most will be ppl saying “this thing that makes no sense as a fairy will should have a fairy alolan variant” ugh

        2. Well obviously this mechanic won’t carry over to Gen 8, so you can personally be happy about that. Although I guess people will transfer Alola Forms to those games.

  68. The game differentiating itself from the others by having no gyms is really interesting.
    I want this game.
    Also I want litten to become fire/dark

    1. I think this could be good for the series. It’s different so while playing it won’t be as predictable. Something different will be super fun!!!

    1. Doesn’t the whole regional variant idea sound a lot like Shellos East and West Sea?

      1. Yes it does and I never understood why it never got new forms after its pokedex said it changes forms base on which region it is in

  69. Move Forward with Poké Ride
    One aspect of the culture in the Alola region is something known as Poké Ride, in which certain Pokémon help people get to places they wouldn’t be able to reach by using human strength alone. These Pokémon don’t join your team, but you can call on them anytime to receive their help. This practice is typical of the way of life in Alola, where humans and Pokémon are so closely bound together.

    1. I love that we seem to finally be moving away from HM moves. However I wish that if we had these Pokemon on our party, we could ride them. It’s less fun to ride some random Pokemon :/

  70. Hey, remember when Sugimori said that he wanted to return to Gen 1’s simple designs? He sure wasn’t kidding!

  71. My heart cannot take this. I just woke up and have seen the video multiple times yet I’m still unable to comprehend what the hell is going on… Pokemon just proved every single hater wrong by changing its core formulas and has taken a huge leap towards truly making changes and adding excitement!

    1. THat’s definitely what I think. A lot of people were wanting at least some change to the core formulas, and they definitely listened for sure <3
      Makes things interesting for sure ^^

    2. Seems like GameFreak are trying their hardest to redeem themselves after X/Y 🙂

  72. Mallow’s description mentions that she loves cooking….Guess that means no Brock this next season either …….lol

    1. And this is what I was dreading…
      Why can’t people be responsible and think these things through? ; n ;

      +1 for picking a gen 4 instead of a gen 1 though (even if it’s evolved from a gen 1).

  73. I can’t help but imagining, that all the genwunners who started playing Pokemon Go pick up Sun and Moon to try Pokemon out again. They catch their favorite Gen 1 mons (especially Exeggcute) and then they evolve. And they’re like “what is THAT thing??”

    1. I’d think they die on the inside xD
      And go on the Internet to rant how Pokemon is dying, has no new ideas, and they ruined the Gen 1 mons xD

        1. Aw, I’m sorry D:
          I’m about to see my older bro too (he played until Emerald then stop because it was so repetitive) so I dunno how he’ll react if he finds out.
          ….actually, I’d think he might like the changes. Might get back into Pokemon now maybe…..hmmm…at least worth mentioning ^^

    2. Exeggutor the only thing I disagree with right now. Im totally down with they did to vulpix and sandshrew

  74. Considering Z-moves require pokemon to hold an item to pull off, I’m starting to think Mega-Evo is gone. But that’s weird considering only two gens of starters got them and only one Gen V. Plus, since there’s only one Z-move per type, they seem like a generic/silly concept to me. But what about Ash-Greninja? Is it a strange Mega Evo? A Synchro Evo? An Alola-Variant? An Anime-exclusive form? What? What!?!?

    1. They don’t have to be gone. They will likely be put on the back burner, but I can’t see them going away completely. I imagine they’ll be modified sort of.

        1. Megas were an extremely succesful and popular formula. Would be strange if GF decides to remove them so soon.

  75. YES! I don’t know whether to be excited or upset that it took them over a decade and a half to finally give Pokemon new forms base on the region they are at.seriously they had three times to do this especially when they introduced seasons,I don’t know why they now doing it but give me my tropical butterfee and my crystal onix please thank you.

    Ps exeggutor looks stupid lol

  76. The idea of Alola variants of certain Pokemon is such a simple yet unique idea that has truly taken fruition within S/M. There were several Pokemon whose designs differed SLIGHTLY from region to region, but never on such a scale as this. Ninetails and Vulpix MUST be mine!

    1. Several examples? I don’t mean to doubt you, but in my excitement I can’t even think of one >.< (unless you count Deoxys?)

  77. Wow this is a lot to take in foreal. This is more baffling then when Mega Evolutions were revealed.

    1. Yeah, I’m surprisingly not as pissed as when Megas were revealed. (I love Megas now btw)

    2. Yeah, and I was so dead set against them when they were revealed.
      Today’s info isn’t that way though. In fact, I actually commend and like what they are doing.

  78. Fomantis is a nocturnal Pokemon. Does that mean day/night exclusive Pokemon could be returning?

    1. I’m sure the’ve been around for at least the last 2 games, why would they get removed?

    1. You’ve got to wonder if they planned it out this way for a long time. Perhaps this is one of Ash’s final stops.

    1. Nope, that’s the sunlight. Harsh sunlight desaturates colour. That is a normal Tauros with a saddle.

  79. I just had a wild dream about S/M where you were working for Team Flare and your main goal was to free Zygarde from its capture and… then it changed to one of the members and you in a glass tube shooting up through the atmosphere into space and Lysandre blowing up Alola… O_O

  80. I remember when the Rotom pokedex seemed revolutionary… Doesn’t compare to this stuff! Though I must say, with everything else amazing in this gen, Z moves are a little boring

    1. Grooooossss gross gross gross grooooooossssssss
      It gets a freaking new grass move Solar Blade….

      1. There has to be. 4 Trial captains, 4 islands makes sense. However, one of them is clearly uninhabited, so I’m sure that there’s multiple ones per island.

    2. Hmm well that puts a spin on things. I thought that Mallow (whose trial is clearly in a jungle) would be the Trial Captain of Melemele Island. Now I’ve got no idea about who’s there, because Kiawe is on the second island and Sophocles on the third

    3. Lurantis about to take lives. It don’t play around at all.
      ‘You wanna beat this trial get past me and my son/daughter, you can’t, get out of my house’

  81. Imagine Sceptile with Solar Blade… it looks like a Special-based move, doesn’t it…

    Nah, Sceptile’s not gonna be great unless it has more coverage.

  82. That Pink Mantis Pokemon is cool as hell, I need it in my life. Snow Sandrew and Vulpix are dope too.

  83. Guys, I just realized that we mat get new info in the 15 bc we never got info on the southern island XD

    1. It’s actually the 12 that corocoro is out this month since the 15 is a holiday in Japan so we might get leaks earlier!!!

  84. The other Pokemon in the Chinese leak that are basically confirmed:
    -Werewolf evolution for Rockruff
    -Mushroom Pokemon
    -Snowman Pokemon
    -Rugby/football monkey
    -Sea Cucumber Pokemon
    -Dolphin Pokemon
    And of course, the starter evolutions are confirmed too.

        1. Grass/Flying, Fire/Dark, and Water/Psychic from what I was told. But some say its actually the first 2 and Water/Fairy :/

    1. And the 2 stage cat Pokemon who changes it type when it’s hatched or something like that.

          1. Nah, I see 2 possibilites. 1) Fire is Ninetales original type and as such, that was a typo and the guy meant Ice/Fairy. 2) Why is Alolan Ninetales dual-type while Vulpix stays pure Ice-type like its regular counterpart? Maybe they’ll retcon regular Ninetales to be Fire/Fairy.

          2. Or maybe the leaker saw an early document and things changed since then. This, however, opens the possibility of other Alolan forms being different from what the leaker saw.

        1. Rockruff’s design’s amazing but it just wasn’t my thing, but being a Werewolf just makes it 10x cooler and a possibility of being a Fairy type soooo yeah haha

          1. Erm, fairy? Since when are wolves part fairy?

            (Say ‘fairy tales’ and I will throw a Drampa at you).

    1. Yes! This exactly! I was gonna search for this. Alolan Exeggutor’s design was definitely inspired by this old and erroneous image of it.

  85. Prepare yourself for these:
    There are new forms of old Pokemon which are not Mega Evolutions but
    more along the line of Shellos/Wordam. Another chunk of information
    suggests that these are a few Pokemon that’ll get new forms…
    Butterfree (Bug/Psychic), Rattata line (Dark), Nidoqueen/Nidoking
    (Poison/Fighting), Ninetails (Fire/Fairy), Growlithe line (Water), Abra
    line (Fighting), Duduo line (Fighting/Flying).

  86. I love the names for the super moves. Gigavolt Havoc, Bloom Doom, Inferno Overdrive!!!! They’re so ridiculous that I love them lol Popplio’s move name isn’t as exciting lol

  87. The real question is, who isn’t going to use an Alolan-adapted Pokemon on their final team? I’m very convinced by Alolan Sandslash, since I’ll likely have the Fairy type occupied by something else for my playthrough. Alolan Ninetales is beautiful though.

    1. I’m thinking only Alola native Pokemon in my Moon playthrough, and only Alola variant Pokemon in my Sun playthrough.

    2. It’s going to be a really hard decision to make. Every time I play a new game I always try to use the new Pokemon, but then also always feel like I want to use Pokemon that are older that I haven’t given chance yet. This could open the door for me to experience something new with old Poke lol

    3. It’s odd. I mean, I like using native/new mons in my first playthroughs, but these are new forms…
      I mean, it depends on what other new Pokemon are out there/how many. I’ll consider it, but I might not use them during the first playthroughs ^^

      1. These basically are new Pokemon, it’s just hard to think of them that way right now. I’d say they qualify for new Pokemon more than Megas do (since I know people claim they are).

        1. I mean, I see them as different forms of old Pokemon. Sure, they have new types and new moves and stuff, but it’s still the old mons really.

    4. If no other new Pokemon interest me enough to fill a team, I’ll consider an Alolan form. Besides I’m crazy for ice-types, and Sandslash and Ninetales are pretty tempting.

    5. I want to but I haven’t decided yet cause I like them but sandslash the one I was going for is 4x weak to fire and ninetales now is 4x weak to ice

  88. There’s one thing the leak got wrong though. “Ninetails (Fire/Fairy)”

    Well hold on to your horses, not everything there is 100% confirmed!

    1. Ok ok come on now…..let’s not get pessimistic here because they got one thing slightly wrong. Whether they meant to do it or it was just a mistake it doesn’t matter. I’d wager that the leaks themselves are real and even if some types change they’ll be more or less the same lol

      1. I’m an optimist and you know it. <3

        They'll probably only get some typings here and there wrong. I'd give it a 95% accuracy rate.

    2. But the leak also said
      “There is a flying type bird whose appearance varies each island”
      So I’m a believer x3

      1. It doesn’t mean all of it is correct. 🙂

        I’m still thinking they might get some of the Alolan Formes typings wrong, but nothing major.

        1. During x and y leaks, there was a leaker who gave info and told everybody some was wrong, so hebdidnt get in too much trouble, so maybe purposlybadded wrong stuff?

  89. Everyone says those leaks of the starters were confirmed, where? Is it because that lady is in the Litten drawing? Or has it officially been confirmed?

    1. The lady in the leaked Litten 3 picture resembles the one that was revealed today down to the pixel. They’re all absolutely real.

  90. Dear Arceus, PLEASE do not make me have to dance in front of DS camera to do Z moves….

    1. I don’t think that’ll happen hahahaha And if it does you can show off all your new dance moves to your friends and family!!! lol

  91. I’m incredibly interested in that cat that gets a secondary typing based on it’s fathers typing. I wonder if that means it’ll be able to breed with a wide variety of Pokemon

  92. I’m looking at these Trial Captains again. That kid’s name is Sophocles? Where are we, Ancient Greece?

    1. It took me a minute to realize that’s how his name is pronounced lol I like his name and design, but I can’t say I’m thrilled about yet another inventor electric leader. Electricity is used for many things damn it!!! lol

      1. I’m going to take a huge leap and say that this is a hint that Gen 8 will be based in Greece or Rome. Sun and Moon were hinted at in X/Y, so you know that I’m going to analyze everything for hints in November.

        1. Gen 8? Woah woah woah.
          We’ve not started gen 7 yet.
          Talking about gen 8 is like telling gamefreak “Yeah, this stuff is wonderful and all, but now we’re bored with it, when’s the next one coming?”

  93. Do you guys think HMs are completely out of the picture? I mean, there’s no point in teaching a pokémon Fly when you can just call a Charizard, which already hapenned in ORAS thanks to Mega [email protected]

  94. So if classic Vulpix evolves with a Fire Stone, how would Alolan Vulpix evolve then?

    1. That’s a good question, I hadn’t even thought about that. I think either it’ll stay Firestone or maybe water stone?

    2. I think it’d be cool if it still evolved due to a fire stone. Kinda do that whole hot and cold thing lol

      1. That’s a good one, evolving using an old held item with a new purpose.

        I feel like Sandshrew will evolve by level-up as usual.

  95. …I like the idea of Alolan Pokémon, but I simply can’t wrap my head around the idea of a coconut tree being part dragon type. Anyone have any ideas? Surely there is some conceptual reasoning behind this..

      1. Got this from Facebook:
        Shaytokun Metanari Okataki: From what I’m getting at… Exeggutor is a reference to the Madagascar Dragon Tree. They are mostly found in tropical areas (from what I read) but can be found in domestic areas as decorative trees. This would explain the Dragon typing (pretty amusing if I do say so myself) whether you find this stupid is up to you. I find it to be cool and a good way to mix things up.

    1. I think the answer lies with Hawaiian lore or something, I’ll give it until the end of the day for fans to figure that one out for us.

  96. Hey guys, doesn’t Alola remind you of something? -HINT, its the Orange Islands- I think that because they also had variants of Pokemon and are based on Islands. And since we got RBY VC and not FR and LG, there is the Sevi Islands missing. What if Alola is like a re-imagining of them! Cool huh?

  97. The gym replacement actually sounds pretty cool. Doing challenges, and then having big boss battles? That sounds pretty sweet!

    I wonder where the guy who was flipping out about it a month ago is…

    1. Because fetch quests and quizzes always go down well in rpg games…
      Also, the ‘trials’ are effectively just gym traps.

  98. The thing is even with erasing the GL they kept them.
    We have 4 mini guardians and 4 big ones. Mallow and Hala seem to be thr bosses of Mele. Hala could be having a Fairytype based team, so we would have grass fairy water fire and electric.

    It really seems they games will be more task by task and not just running from gym to gym.

  99. So, from what I understood/guessed, the very first challenge is to defeat Tapu Koko in Melemele Island. After doing so, we show we’re capable of taking the Island challenge. So in each island, first, we take the ritual passage where we defeat Totem Pokémon (not sure if they actually beling to the characters or if they’re wild) and then we battle the Kahuna. My guess is that after the four islands, we can create our own league, as the leaks say, and finally we take on the Elite 4. The final boss must be a battle against Tapu Koko (now in full power) and the other guardians. We can catch Lunala and Solgaleo before this.

  100. What’s the new obsession with ice forms about? (really unnecessary with vulpix/ninetales)
    But it would be nice to see other 1st gen pokemon in new forms. Hope starmie gets another chance to shine.

  101. A few things:

    Gumshoos might have a resemblence to DT, but I really don’t think that was intended. Nothing in his bio stands out as having relation to him.

    I LOVE THE BIRDS. I want them all.

    Minior- LOVE. I wonder if it changes color or if I have to catch each one. -_-

    Lurantis- surprised its not grass/ bug. Not like we needed another, plus it would also have a strong resemblence to leavanny.

    Mudbray: exactly as expected.

    New forms: I dig them so far. I dont want just gen 1 pokemon to get it however.

    Call me skeptical, but we still dont know if every single leaked pokemon is real. The starters sure are, but thats about all we know for sure. Leakers have only gotten portions right before.

    1. Of course they can’t risk getting sued from making the connection too obvious but as soon as I payed eyes on gumshoos, I knew exactly what it was suppose to be. From the hair, to the eyes, to the grin, to the hands behind held behind its back. That’s Donald trump

      1. Are you American? Maybe what you think is true, but I’d bet that it’s probably just another American thinking the world revolves around the US. And the Pokemon was probably designed a long time ago

  102. Also, I think its safe to say that HM’s are gone since you can call on the riding pokemon whenever you want to fly, break rocks, etc.

  103. As a fan I must say I really don’t like any of this. I’m disappointed but mostly just outright confused. Why is exegcuter – of all Pokemon – now a nine foot tall dragon? Why not just give it a new evo if they wanted to do that? Why are vulpix and sandshrew ice types? Is that even biologically possible? Why would a fire type all of a sudden turn into an ice type from being in a tropical island area?? And how will this macanic work for transferring over old pokemon? Will I be able to have a fire vulpix and an Alolan ice Vulpix at the same time? Not too mention that the starter evos are actually real so this really throws a tench in my plans because I wouldn’t be caught dead using any of those beasts. I’ll possibly use the litten Tony the Tiger Evo but judging by its wrestler design and wrestling moves from the leaked image, it’ll be YET another fire/fighting starter and I just refuse to use that ever. However if it’s fire/dark I will use it. Also, no new gyms? Seriously? Really don’t know how I feel about that at all.

    BUT THE BEST THING I SAW WAS THAT YANGOOSE AND ITS WVOLUTION ARE ACTUALLY BASED ON DONALD TRUMP! This is hilarious and extremely meta on game freaks part. I don’t think there’s any other poke that’s design so blatantly on a famous person. They nailed it.
    Yeah but all the other news today makes me wanna cry 🙁

    The rock/flying touch is interesting as well

    1. There’s probably and explanation for the dragon type, we just have to wait for it. And anything in biologically possible in the pokemon world because they don’t actually exist and neither do types. And species do adapt to their environments so the same one can have two different niches depending on where they’re found. And of course you can have both at the same time, they didn’t erase the old forms, they just create new ones native to Alola, you probably just won’t find a fire vulpix there (at least not in the mountains). I agree that the starters suck. And did you actually like doing the same thing over and over in each game? Gyms are not needed and I’m glad they’re gone. And while yangoose does look like DT I don’t really think they would base a Pokemon on an American politician, it’s a Japanese kid’s game.

  104. So in the Japan trailer where we saw the riding Pokemon first they are trading a bewear that is white shiny confirmed.?

  105. Some images of Tauros have it a white “mane”. Does that mean that Tauros will have anotehr version in Alola?

  106. OMG I am so surprised. Game freak must have read my damn mind. I had the same idea, with the alternate forms. I had an ice form for Vulpix as well. Kyaaaaa XD XD

    1. There was the big thing about a year ago about different pokemin varieations, and maybe pokemon noticed how popular it was and how much sense it made

  107. Not sure what to make of the Alola forms, seems lackluster on GF’s part. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad old pokemon are getting some love but this feels very underwhelming. On the other hand everything else is awesome.

  108. Ok, it’s a lot of information at once but here’s what I think:
    I really like the new Alola forms. I mean, if you put the same species in two different environments they’re bound to adapt, so having Vulpix turn into an ice type is pretty cool and it’ll definitely be on my team (Ninetales is soon beautiful)! I don’t care about the other two although I don’t hate them.
    I love Oricorios and all of its styles, my favorite one being the ghost style. Should we expect an evolution for each one? PLEASE.
    Minior didn’t do anything to me. Another flying rock? (and the eyes are horrible)
    Give a small loan of a million dollars to Gumshoos so he can make Alola great again.
    Fomantis/Lurantis: I love them! Pls be a fast sweeper and your weaknesses won’t matter.
    Mudbray: not fan of ground pokemon (sorry earthen)
    I love that we can ride Pokemon, hopefully our own too.
    I cannot tell you guys how happy I am that we’ve gotten rid of the gym system! It was always the same thing and every time I challenged a gym leader I just wanted to get it over with as fast as possible.
    Kiawe is hot and he can have his way with my character.
    Totem Pokemon are cool.
    Z attacks can be an interesting addition to the games considering every type has its own attack
    About the starters: Litten is my favorite one but I refuse to use it because of its final evolution. Emboar was bad, Delphox was bad and now Litten3 is bad. I’ll get a female Popplio and that’s it.

    1. Vulpix also makes a lot of sense because some foxes are known to change coats in different seasons.

      1. That too, the only difference is that it can’t change to its fire form 🙂 I love Ninetales so an ice form is more than alright with me

  109. The next update on Pokemon Sun and Moon will reveal at least 3 or more new Pokemon plus a few new Mega Evolutions plus more Alolan Forms plus Starter Pokemon evolutions plus Fossil Pokemon plus at least one Dark-type Pokemon plus Marshadow.

  110. Any chance I can talk the person with the picture of mellow in the leaked starter art into posting that pic again?

  111. What I am looking forward to:
    -Alola forms
    -Riding your own Pokemon

    What I hope will not happen:
    -Challenges replacing gym battles.

  112. I hope we will have both challenges and gym battles. It has been almost 5 generations since Dark types were introduced and we still don’t have any gym leaders who speciallize in them.

    1. I don’t want to lose gyms. They’re irreplaceable IMO. Island challenges, not too fussed about that…

  113. With the release of an Ice/Fairy Ninetales, I’m officially more hyped than I have ever been for any Pokemon game ever. Bring it right the way on! #hypetrain Woooo!

    1. things are CHANGING? OOOHHHH NOOOO

      Seriously. People will complain that pokemon never changes than turn around and say they hate the new pokemon when it does change

  114. The idea of old Pokemon with new types/forms has slowly grown on me since this morning but I’m still a little on the fence

    1. People have been doing Pokemon variants for years, and now it’s a reality. I’m kind of nervous, but at the same time really excited for it, like that feeling before getting on a roller coaster.

    1. And also : judging by the french page of Kiawe, “Kiawe est un Capitaine spécialisé en Pokémon de type Feu. Avec son Ossatueur, il étudie les danses traditionnelles d’Alola” (meaning : Kiawe is a fire-type specialist, with is Marowak, he studies traditional dances) we may have found an other case of Alolan-form ! 🙂

  115. Gumshoos for me doesnt feel like a DT inspiration even more now since I realized the name inspiration and the hands behind his back are it “waiting” and watching.

    The birds are some of my new favorite pokemon ever. Love them.

    And I REALLY hope that more than just kanto get new forms.

  116. Anyone who doesn’t think that Gumshoo is based off of Donald trump is seriously in denial. I mean seriously. LOOK at it. LOOK AT IT. it looks exactly like him. The hair, the eyes, the smile, the hands behind the back! Of course the Pokemon company would want to downplay the comparison to avoid getting sued for defamation

    Also, after a day to adjust to this news, I really have come around to the idea of old Pokemon having brand new forms and types. I mean sandslash and nine tails do look really fucking cool as ice types. I actually might put sandlash on my team this time around. I’ve never used it before and now that it’s a steel ice type… Damn the possibilities have become endless

    Dragon egg Palm tree, I will never be able to support unfortunately

  117. I’ve got to say, IMO Alola forms are by far the best thing that has happened to pokemon in a while (or maybe ever?), and I’ve really loved practically everything that’s come out of the series in it’s history, so that’s saying something.
    Whereas megas I initially hated and slowly accepted and grew to love, this idea I immediately adored, probably because I’d always wanted it in the games. Like many when I first saw the video, I thought we were in for mega exeggutor, but lo and behold, I saw the title and lost my mind. And then I saw the video. And hell the rest of the reveals were amazing too.

    I know I’m certainly not the only one who had the idea, but I can hardly believe my old idea of having pokemon species variants like shaggy zubats or magikarps that retained their famed historical strengths is now coming true in pretty much that form, minus the specific pokemon. What with gamefreak actually making archelon and archaeopteryx based pokemon that I hopelessly wished for back in gen V, and other stuff coming true I forget, sometimes I wonder if GF and nintendo aren’t reading our minds to get ideas…

    As a biology nerd the idea of pokemon having subspecies and phenotypic plasticity is mind-bogglingly amazing. Intraspecies variation is an idea that makes the pokemon world more biodiverse, and thus realistic and more vibrant. Compared to mega evolution, this is a new addition that really feels organic to the pokemon world rather than tacked on, and that’s because it’s an idea that’s been present from the series’ inception. And the thing is, with how uninterested in fully coherent wordbuilding GF are (try having a conversation about how coherent the pokemon world actually is with the canon information we have, seriously), and how happily and well they retcon stuff that can be retconned (mostly additively) while still keeping the series at a decent level of coherence, this is the sort of idea that feels like it has indeed always been a lingering possibility in the pokemon world but hasn’t been explored until now due to technical and developmental constraints. We had the idea of alternate arbok designs. We had weird anime variants. We had delta species. It’s always been there on the sidelines, and now it’s entering the mainstream. Tbf the idea is basically a middleroad between these concepts, like a biologically thought out concept for delta species.

    And the thing is, it puts those sidelines in a new light. It means the snowlaxes, crystal onixes, orange island variants, and weird electric type dratinis and steel/fire blastoises of Holon of our youths suddenly can be way more coherently included in the broad canon. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll get snowlaxes and crystal onixes in the games? That’d certainly be cool! (I’m especially hoping for a pink buterfree, or, even better, an orange islands butterfree! Also purple keckleon can now more easily be made mainstream canon!)

    It also reminds me of something mentioned in the pokemon adventures manga GSC arc (which is currently coming out in France, so I’m finally getting to discover it), in which Professor Oak enlists Crystal’s help to fill the pokedex with pokemon from the Johto region , including Kanto pokemon, as they have subtle differences from one region to the other. The given example is the length of ratata teeth iirc, but the main point is that again this is circumstantial evidence of how easily this feature fits in the pokemon world since it’s often been alluded to. Granted this would be a more precise and local population phenotype based approach, but who knows, maybe one day…

    I’m hoping that, years in the future, when the pokémon series now only exists as a series of expansions to the Pokémon World game (with online multi servers existing of course), individual pokemon variation is taken to it’s final logical step, and each pokémon’s model legitimately becomes unique. Each pokémon model would have a possible set of sizes, and not just overall, but for specific body parts. Body part shapes could also change and pokemon markings would vary. A pokemon would also have a chance of having one (or more, if exceedingly lucky) unique visual feature such as a special shaped marking, a different coloured element, a chip in a protuberance, etc. I know this sounds like an impossible amount of work ot create, but that’s why it’s a fantasy for the distant future. And regional variation could easily play a part in this, with trait size geographical gradients or areas having pokemon that are uniquely coloured in certain areas or uniquely marked.

    Wow, that’s a lot of talking, but I guess it shows how excited I am about the whole concept! Hopefully it’ll make others think more broadly about the idea too!

    I’ve been sick these past several days with a head cold, so I just learned about this.



    THE–!! Donald Trump? NNOOOOO!! I CAN’T UNSEE!!

  119. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this… I think (most of) the new Pokemon look cool, some of the Alolan forms look neat too, but I want to know if I want a regular Vulpix, where’s it going to come from? Probably have to send some from Pokemon Bank or a Gen 6 game. I was honestly tired of Mega Evolution in general, so I’m not too sad about that if they drop it. The super powerful moves triggered by dancing sounds kind of cool, like it’s linked with hula dancing. A little silly, but kids’ll have a ton of fun learning them IRL.

    On the bright side, the official site shows that the fire-type trial leader has a Marowak as his main sidekick. I’ll bet you $5 that means there’s an Alolan fire Marowak (that’s my favorite Pokemon). I mean, now I could have 2 different types of Marowak on my team, so I say “Aloha, cousin!”

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