Gym Leader Showdown: Unova

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Greetings Junglers, Evan here! I’m bringing you the winner of the Showdown of Sinnoh, somewhat later than planned. The winner of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders is… Volkner with an astonishing 36% of the votes. There hasn’t been a Gym Leader who was so popular compared to its region’s Gym Leaders yet! The runner-up is Candice (15%), followed by Fantina (13%).

Sinnoh - Volkner

This week: The Unovan Gym Leaders. There are a lot more options to choose from this time, so I reckon it’ll be somewhat harder! Good luck and let us know your pick in the comments!

Cilan, Chili and CressUnova - Cilan, Chili and Cress

  • Gym Leader 1 (BW)
  • Grass, Fire and Water respectively
  • Lillipup, Pansage, Pansear and Panpour
  • Striaton City
  • Triple Badge
  • Work Up
  • Name: Spices
  • Trivia: Their Trainer title in Japanese is “Triple Trouble”

CherenUnova - Cheren

  • Gym Leader 1 (BW2)
  • Normal
  • Patrat and Lillipup
  • Aspertia City
  • Basic Badge
  • Work Up
  • Name: Ceren, Bulgarian for black
  • Trivia: Cheren is the first rival to become a Gym Leader within a generation.

LenoraUnova - Lenora

  • Gym Leader 2 (BW)
  • Normal
  • Herdier and Watchog
  • Nacrene City
  • Basic Badge
  • Retaliate
  • Name: Normal
  • Trivia: Lenora is the only Unova Gym Leader whom Ash had to rebattle to earn the badge.

RoxieUnova - Roxie

  • Gym Leader 2 (BW2)
  • Poison
  • Koffing and Whirlipede
  • Virbank City
  • Toxic Badge
  • Venoshock
  • Name: Toxic and rock music
  • Trivia: Roxie is the first Poison Gym Leader after Gen 1.

BurghUnova - Burgh

  • Gym Leader 3
  • Bug
  • Whirlipede, Dwebble and Leavanny
  • Castelia City
  • Insect Badge
  • Struggle Bug
  • Name: Bug
  • Trivia: Burgh is the only returning Gym Leader in BW2 that only uses Gen 5 Pokémon.

ElesaUnova - Elesa

  • Gym Leader 4
  • Electric
  • Emolga, Emolga and Zebstrika
  • Nimbasa City
  • Bolt Badge
  • Volt Switch
  • Name: Electric and Tesla
  • Trivia: Elesa is the only female Electric-type Gym Leader.

ClayUnova - Clay

  • Gym Leader 5
  • Ground
  • Krokorok, Palpitoad and Excadrill
  • Driftveil City
  • Quake Badge
  • Bulldoze
  • Name: Well, I guess clay
  • Trivia: Clay is called the Underground Boss in Japan.

SkylaUnova - Skyla

  • Gym Leader 6
  • Flying
  • Swoobat, Unfezant and Swanna
  • Mistralton City
  • Jet Badge
  • Acrobatics
  • Name: Sky
  • Trivia: Skyla’s grandfather was a legendary pilot.

BrycenUnova - Brycen

  • Gym Leader 7 (BW)
  • Ice
  • Vanillish, Cryogonal and Beartic
  • Icirrus City
  • Freeze Badge
  • Frost Breath
  • Name: Ice
  • Trivia: Brycen is the only Ice-type specialist whose team only consists of pure Ice-type Pokémon.

DraydenUnova - Drayden

  • Gym Leader 7 (BW2) or 8 (B)
  • Dragon
  • Fraxure, Druddigon and Haxorus
  • Opelucid City
  • Legend Badge
  • Dragon Tail
  • Name: Dragon and den
  • Trivia: The only differences between Drayden’s and Iris’ teams in BW, are all the genders and the abilities of Haxorus and Druddigon.

IrisUnova - Iris

  • Gym Leader 8 (W)
  • Dragon
  • Fraxure, Druddigon and Haxorus
  • Opelucid City
  • Legend Badge
  • Dragon Tail
  • Name: Flaming dragon iris (a flower)
  • Trivia: Iris is the first Champion to keep her Japanese name.

MarlonUnova - Marlon

  • Gym Leader 8 (BW2)
  • Water
  • Carracosta, Wailord and Jellicent
  • Humilau City
  • Wave Badge
  • Scald
  • Name: Marine
  • Trivia: Because of Marlon’s addition in BW2, there are two Water-type Gym Leaders in Unova (the first one being Cress).

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