Gym Leader Showdown: Unova

IF THE POLL ISN’T WORKING CORRECTLY FOR YOU: Firstly, I apologize and secondly I want you to know I’m looking for a fix but I have not found one yet. Sorry!

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! I’m bringing you the winner of the Showdown of Sinnoh, somewhat later than planned. The winner of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders is… Volkner with an astonishing 36% of the votes. There hasn’t been a Gym Leader who was so popular compared to its region’s Gym Leaders yet! The runner-up is Candice (15%), followed by Fantina (13%).

Sinnoh - Volkner

This week: The Unovan Gym Leaders. There are a lot more options to choose from this time, so I reckon it’ll be somewhat harder! Good luck and let us know your pick in the comments!

Cilan, Chili and CressUnova - Cilan, Chili and Cress

  • Gym Leader 1 (BW)
  • Grass, Fire and Water respectively
  • Lillipup, Pansage, Pansear and Panpour
  • Striaton City
  • Triple Badge
  • Work Up
  • Name: Spices
  • Trivia: Their Trainer title in Japanese is “Triple Trouble”

CherenUnova - Cheren

  • Gym Leader 1 (BW2)
  • Normal
  • Patrat and Lillipup
  • Aspertia City
  • Basic Badge
  • Work Up
  • Name: Ceren, Bulgarian for black
  • Trivia: Cheren is the first rival to become a Gym Leader within a generation.

LenoraUnova - Lenora

  • Gym Leader 2 (BW)
  • Normal
  • Herdier and Watchog
  • Nacrene City
  • Basic Badge
  • Retaliate
  • Name: Normal
  • Trivia: Lenora is the only Unova Gym Leader whom Ash had to rebattle to earn the badge.

RoxieUnova - Roxie

  • Gym Leader 2 (BW2)
  • Poison
  • Koffing and Whirlipede
  • Virbank City
  • Toxic Badge
  • Venoshock
  • Name: Toxic and rock music
  • Trivia: Roxie is the first Poison Gym Leader after Gen 1.

BurghUnova - Burgh

  • Gym Leader 3
  • Bug
  • Whirlipede, Dwebble and Leavanny
  • Castelia City
  • Insect Badge
  • Struggle Bug
  • Name: Bug
  • Trivia: Burgh is the only returning Gym Leader in BW2 that only uses Gen 5 Pokémon.

ElesaUnova - Elesa

  • Gym Leader 4
  • Electric
  • Emolga, Emolga and Zebstrika
  • Nimbasa City
  • Bolt Badge
  • Volt Switch
  • Name: Electric and Tesla
  • Trivia: Elesa is the only female Electric-type Gym Leader.

ClayUnova - Clay

  • Gym Leader 5
  • Ground
  • Krokorok, Palpitoad and Excadrill
  • Driftveil City
  • Quake Badge
  • Bulldoze
  • Name: Well, I guess clay
  • Trivia: Clay is called the Underground Boss in Japan.

SkylaUnova - Skyla

  • Gym Leader 6
  • Flying
  • Swoobat, Unfezant and Swanna
  • Mistralton City
  • Jet Badge
  • Acrobatics
  • Name: Sky
  • Trivia: Skyla’s grandfather was a legendary pilot.

BrycenUnova - Brycen

  • Gym Leader 7 (BW)
  • Ice
  • Vanillish, Cryogonal and Beartic
  • Icirrus City
  • Freeze Badge
  • Frost Breath
  • Name: Ice
  • Trivia: Brycen is the only Ice-type specialist whose team only consists of pure Ice-type Pokémon.

DraydenUnova - Drayden

  • Gym Leader 7 (BW2) or 8 (B)
  • Dragon
  • Fraxure, Druddigon and Haxorus
  • Opelucid City
  • Legend Badge
  • Dragon Tail
  • Name: Dragon and den
  • Trivia: The only differences between Drayden’s and Iris’ teams in BW, are all the genders and the abilities of Haxorus and Druddigon.

IrisUnova - Iris

  • Gym Leader 8 (W)
  • Dragon
  • Fraxure, Druddigon and Haxorus
  • Opelucid City
  • Legend Badge
  • Dragon Tail
  • Name: Flaming dragon iris (a flower)
  • Trivia: Iris is the first Champion to keep her Japanese name.

MarlonUnova - Marlon

  • Gym Leader 8 (BW2)
  • Water
  • Carracosta, Wailord and Jellicent
  • Humilau City
  • Wave Badge
  • Scald
  • Name: Marine
  • Trivia: Because of Marlon’s addition in BW2, there are two Water-type Gym Leaders in Unova (the first one being Cress).

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  1. If it had been Cilan, Chili, OR Cress I would’ve voted for Chili, but because I dislike the other two I voted for Marlon.

  2. Good to know that Volkner is the only Sinnoh Gym Leader to use single-types. I’m learning so much about Skyla.

  3. I honestly forgot about Marlons existence, tough choice for me between lenora, Iris or Roxie but imma say Iris because she’s my fav female companion that ash traveled with, she called him out when he was being an idiot, which is always

      1. misty is my second fav, only because she annoyed me because when she called out ash it was super aggressive and I don’t like that, Iris just said what she was thinking and moved on

          1. fair enough, Iris will always be the better companion in my eyes though 😛 and Im thankful they never got shipped, I hate shipping in pokemon 😛

  4. I’m gonna repost here what I said but is on the other page and it is

    What Pokemon do you think should get an Alolan form? Mine are

    To make it in tune with the Jungle like Mankey’s are!

    Seel/Dewgong-Water or Water/Fire
    After currents moved them to Alola they had to shed their need of cold water and went for tropical waters as Fire types

    Clefairy/Clefable- Fire/Fairy
    Maybe instead of praising the Moon they praise the sun (exclusive to sun version)

    1. I would like to see Staryu/ Starmie get an Alola form, but the typing switches to Water/Ground with the ability Regenerator. The change is it gains camouflage abilities and builds up better defensive qualities so that it is better protected from the Alola predators in the water. Where it gains better defense, it loses speed as a result.

      1. But if a part of the body is cut off excluding the core it regenerates but I still like the idea!

        1. The idea was sorta like how starfish are hard and have a tough exoskeleton, so I thought it would be cool if Starmie changed defensively rather than offensively

    2. Farfetch’d could become Ground/Fighting. It doesn’t look like much of a flyer and it already has a grass sword.

      Ekans and Arbok could become dark-type snakes.

  5. Had to vote Elesa. She can be one of the more difficult gym leaders from Unova, especially on challenge mode and without a ground type (probably the greatest gym battle I’ve ever had, only won because I stalled out a leech seed.) So I have mass respect for her and I also just like the presence she gives off. It’s not superiority, but confidence. Her design is nice too and I also appreciate how she helped out Bianca. It’s unfortunate that she’s one of the “sexy” gym leaders of this region though, and people will look past her other good qualities when voting.

  6. Waiting for corocoro to leak and we get this .-.

    But I vote Drayden cause he’s a GRAND-daddy :*

      1. I actually like how you’re doing it now with the gym leaders. Maybe the Champs can be it’s own entity throughout all the generations. Maybe do a final pick between all the voted winners for a grand champion?

    1. I’m not in the mood to torture my eyes right now, but if I am, I’ll remember this.

      1. Quick summary: Best Wishes was very cringeworthy, but they got rid of most of the staff who worked on it, and replaced them with the core team from Guilty Crown, which in turn makes the XY anime more story and character focused, rather than boring us to hell with filler episodes (like a handful of them in the entire XY and XYZ arc)

        1. BW was horrible, and that makes me skeptical to watch this. I’ll just read the synopsis, and if he wins I’ll watch.

          1. Fair enough. But as I said, XY has almost no filler episodes and its very much focused on story and character development. Like Ash has really grown as a trainer ánd a person

          2. XY and Z has been a good series so far, I can guarantee it’s better, some of the battles are really good. I would recommend to watch it in English Sub because it sounds better.

          3. XYZ animation have set a new standard for future anime series imho. Its just incredible.

    2. I have actually started watching it since the beginning of XY and Z because Zygarde ties into the story, so I went ahead and watched it. I gotta say, XY and Z is pretty good, way better than the torturous BW saga which made me stop watching the series till now.

      1. I non-stop watched the anime till Sinnoh. Then I suddenly just lost interest and didn’t watched B/W at first. I got back into it because I enjoyed the gen 5 games and I just assumed the anime would be equally good. I did finish the whole of Best Wishes, but it is something I’m still trying to forget, it was so incredibly bad lol

          1. Lol ikr? Even Ash’s team (bar Krookodile) was just fucking pathetic. There’s 1 episode in the entire B/W series I genuinely enjoy and thats the Charizard v Dragonite battle.

          2. Ash’s team sucked ass. Most of them weren’t even fully evolved, save for Leavanny, Krookodile, and Unfezant. In the past they made us care about his team, like Charizard, Infernape, and Gliscor, while in BW most of them were bland and didn’t even had backstory, they were just there for Ash to use. Tepig’s backstory was pathetic because it was essentially Charizard’s backstory all over again, and then they just dropped Tepig’s story after he evolved for some reason. Only one on his team I liked was Oshawott, he was fine. And it was so stupid that Ash’s Pikachu, the one who defeated Tobias’s Latios, gets knocked out by a level 5 Snivy a few episodes later and a newly evolved Lucario in the League. At least he has Ash-Greninja now.

          3. Unfezant is the crappiest bird ever, so I dont even count it as a team member

        1. Sinnoh was good in my opinion, I liked some of the battles, the characters were solid, and Ash’s rival is good.

  7. This is a toughy lol I’m torn between Elesa, The three brothers, Cheren, Roxie, and Marlon hahaha I can’t choose!!

  8. I gotta say it is hard to choose because of how great the character development was in gen V but i have to go with Marlon, there is something about his laid-back personality that makes him stand out from the rest

  9. Hey I had this idea yesterday and didn’t want today it until next day’s discussion, but what if after we beat the SM game, we could host a Pokejungle competition (since we can host our own competitions now) where we can only use the team we used in game. The competition could be held after 2 months of the game’s release.

          1. its a insdie joke, I added sanic face to rowlet one time and it just stuck to me

          2. O god xD At first I thought you just meant Sonic and then I googled “Sanic”…kinda regret it

  10. Now this is the one I’ve been waiting for
    It was during my battle with Clay is when my Drilbur evolved,
    Blow after blow each of our Pokemon fell, but it finally was down to the main event Drilbur versus Excadrill
    Drilbur was clearly outmatched by every one of Excadrill’s attacks, whatever Drilbur did Clay’s Excadrill did better, things began to look grim as a powerful Metal Claw sent Drilbur flying and crashed into the wall
    After a insulting show of words I decided to throw the match, but as I tried to recall Drilbur he was nowhere to be found; befuddled the room began to shake the ground started to crack open, blinding white light escaped from the fissures, the tremors got even more violently until Drilbur bursted out in evolution!
    Now standing before me was my very own Excadrill, a look of determination was painted on his face knowing he still had something to prove! The two duked it out without nary a response from their trainers, With Excadrill’s moves being enhanced he finally perfected Rock Slide which buried Clay’s Excadrill allowing him to land the finishing blow
    Earning me the Quake Badge

    1. Chapter 1 in Earthen’s upcoming novel ”My journey to Ground Greatness”

      1. Well of course they don’t, but Drilbur did evolve after the match
        But if I want to write it like this it is my own choice

          1. You should read the one about my Krokorok going rogue for a day joining a renegade group of thieving Scraggy

  11. Off of some comments below about the show who is your favorite companion of Ash’s and who’s your least mines gotta be Brock or Serena for favorite and I hate Iris with a passion a close second is the fruit Cilan though

    1. Iris and Cilan were annoying af, BW anime was terrible to begin with,

        1. mostly the the anime had so many characters but no development, Serena got more development in her first few episodes then iris ever did

          1. Iris’s team sucked
            “Oh I’m a dragon master wannabe”
            “What is your team?”
            “An op Axew, a bratty Emolga, a Excadrill with trust issues, and an Angry Dragonite”

        2. Yeah, it was good they weren’t in every episode but when they showed up they were SO BLAND!

        3. That’s the reason I am losing likeness of the show cause team rockets too serious now and not funny they are more like terrorists than thieves anymore.

      1. Not to mention Ash’s Pikachu, the one that beat a Latios, lost to a level 5 Snivy and a newly evolved Lucario. Really?

    2. Misty the best, everyone else can buzz off. Except maybe Brock but only because he was in the original 3

    3. Actually it’s pretty much the same like yours lol. Only thing different is that I did like Bonnie a lot, she was funny, mischievous, and somewhat refreshing in my opinion.

    4. Misty, May, Dawn, Clemont because I ship Clemont and Alan (i hate that name for heartbreaking reasons), and Serena.

        1. No reason. The pairing between a strong, quiet type and a nervous, geeky, and easily embarrassed type is just cute to me… I don’t know why…. O///O

          1. Story of my life: When you’re gay af, but like straight dudes and not other gay people…….. It doesn’t make sense.

          2. I can see that, but something makes me ship AshxClemont more… I mean Clemont is always trying to impress Ash and stuff…

      1. In order mine goes

  12. My vote goes to Elisa, she’s really cool and helped Bianca with her dad, having one of the better little gym stories in Unova.

  13. How I miss the Black and White / Black 2 and White 2 games / eras. My vote will have to go to Elesa due to several reasons: I chose Oshawott as my starter and due to my hatred for Ground-types, did not catch any Ground-types and that little, pesky flying squirrel called Emolga Volt Switched me to death. She, along with Lenora remain the only gym leaders in Black and White I had to re-battle. However, I grinded my Swadloon to the bitter ends and she eventually became a Leavanny and battled the trainers to the east of Nimbasa City and evolved my Dewott into a Samurott. Additionally Elesa has one of the best gym designs and puzzles ever! If they ever include gyms in the Pokemon Park, her gym should be No. 1 in the priority list, Lastly, her overall design, character, and gauntlet for the trainer were all great aspects of what truly made her stand out.

    Honorable Mentions: Iris, Cheren, Lenora, and Drayden because he gives off daddy vibes.

      1. I do, but I mean miss as in like the hype train leading up to the release, the realization of the plot, the characters, the story, the plot, EVERYTHING! I want BW3, BW4, BW5… and so on.

  14. Didn’t know that Skyla’s bit of Trivia is that she’s also a Sinnoh gym leader, haha
    I enjoyed Gen V as a whole, the plot was really involving of the gym leaders and they actually had a role which was nice. None of them caused me problems however, even on the hard mode of the game

    1. Hahahaha, I didn’t read the article too closely and didn’t even see that.

    2. I thought it was amazing in BW that the gym leaders were helping out to fight Team Plasma, they cared about something happening to the region.

      1. Yes that was good too yet wasn’t the Striaton brothers not their to notify the police I forgot

    1. I remember every friggin lyric to the first opening and that damn chorus, “It’s not always black and white” -_- It’s like my guilty pleasure song.

        1. I hated that stupid Axew SO MUCH 🙁 I couldn’t stand it when they tried and failed to make it cute with that horrible voice….

          1. May is still my favourite companion of Ash’s. And she had a beast team, through Hoenn and the BF.

            I always liked her with Blaziken, it just suited her so much

        2. I like it up to the first Don Battle Tournament. I thought it was a cool idea and would allow them to throw in more official battles and reduce the number of fillers.
          Boy was I wrong, not only did they not do them enough, some of the later ones limited Ash to only use 1-3 Pokemon….when he was rotating around 8-9 Pokemon.

          1. because heres the thing. After they werent allowed to use team plasma. it was filler

          2. Team Plasma could have been really cool. I remember that double episode they were supposed to have in Castalia which essentially got cancelled because of an incident. It went to complete shit after that.

      1. It started with Ash suddenly being a weakling lol Very bad sign from the start imo

        1. I didn’t have a problem with that. I enjoyed the fact that they tried doing something different. Ash catching more than 6 Pokemon, darker team rocket, don battle tournaments, Ash actually training his Pokemon …. But then they just reversed everything and I never understood why.

          1. Feels as though the writers have a coherent plot and idea of what they want to do up until the 2nd gym and then everything is rushed and written in a few hours or so. Good thing the XY plot and characters have been handled much better.

          2. This is exactly how I feel. It felt it was going somewhere up until the Lenora battle, then it just sort of…stopped

    2. Its thanks to Best Wishes that a lot of people lost faith in the anime. Which a real pity, because they have redeemed themselves with XY and XYZ.

      1. Can confirm, I used to watch the anime religiously. I stopped around when Ash battled Skyla, and only watched a few here and there afterwards.

        1. I fully watched the Best Wishes series, because I am the kind of person who finishes something, even though its really bad. And yes it was dogshit, but as I said they redeemed themselves with the Kalos arcs. Also a interesting sidenote is that they replaced the team that worked on Best Wishes, so none of those writers are still present.

        2. Ugh, that battle was so stupid, when I watched the show I actually skipped the Gym battles and tournaments because they were super boring…. Unlike X and Y where battles are all dynamic and exciting!

  15. I’m gonna be to go for Clay. Ground types are cool and his Main was Excadrill, one my favourites from Gen 5

  16. On the basis of listing favorites, what are your favorite villainous teams? Mine would have to solely be Team Plasma. Ghetsis, the mastermind behind Plasma was a genius, utilizing the love of Pokemon to meet his own twisted agenda and even going so far as to use his own adopted son to create a world in his favor. The idea of liberating Pokemon from their owners because they’re merely, “used as slaves” is the darkest theme Pokemon has ever dabbled with and it was done so delicately, with great finesse, care, and love and in a way that was not preachy. The Team Plasma grunts had back stories, they told the player why they joined the cause and weren’t just mindless puppets because no matter how influenced they were by Ghetsis, they still had a fiber of their own will to command their actions and opinions. N was a tragic anti-hero fitting of a Shakespearian play. His desires and then his realizations all played out on the great stage created by the man he thought loved him, but was simply his puppeteer. Although there were many plot holes and aspects that could have been fixed or drawn out to make more sense, Team Plasma were really well fleshed out and developed, so much so that they gain the title of best villainous team in my books. Admit it, you had goosebumps when Ghetsis first appeared and preached to the audience of Accumula Town.

    1. Probably gonna have to agree with Team Plasma. They are the only bad guys we as the player could actually root for. That’s what makes a great villain in my opinion.

      Nostalgia vote goes to Emerald Team Magma :p

      1. I actually rooted for Team Plasma until Ghetsis showed his lil rear end and I lost my shiz.

    2. Team Plasma no contest, for most of the same reasons as you so I won’t repeat. Second place for me would be Magma in ORAS.

    3. A tie between Team Rocket and Team Plasma. Team rocket because they weren’t going after any legendaries or anything, they were just criminals and thieves, and were quite memorable in my opinion. Team Plasma because you could be sympathetic with their goals, as they only want to do what was right for Pokemon.

  17. Since we are talking about Unova, what was your Pokemon team in BW and BW2?
    Mine was:

    (Black 2)

        1. I’ve restarted the game many times, I don’t have my original hall of fame.

    1. – Serperior
      – Mandibuzz
      – Eevee
      – Lucario
      – Lilligant
      – Stoutland

      By far the weirdest team I have ever had.

        1. Nope. Didn’t evolve my Snivy until the E4 and by then it was a lil too late, but I did it for the stats…

    2. I’ve played the game so many times..But my original team for White was:

      My current team on White 2 is:

    3. White: Samurott, Liepard, Crustle, Reuniclus, Ferrothorn, Chandelure

      White2: Golduck, Crobat, Flygon, Magnezone, Cofagrigus, Sawsbuck

  18. hm I was thinking Ash wins the Kalos Leauge and wins a trip to Alola, Seeing the tribal challenge and decides to take it. seeing how mallow might be the new companion maybe this could be a first for the series, Serena joining Ash in Alola giving the anime the first 1 boy 2 girl group.

      1. well i just think shes a great character who still can be relevant since her feelings for ash.

    1. I would like that, we could see more of Ash and Serena which would be interesting to see how this goes in Alola.

    2. I have HIGH hopes for Mallow; strong female lead that helps Ash perfect his battling skills and is a blend of in-game Iris and anime Misty. She is a much more proficient (Ash is like a good singer who doesn’t always hit the notes perfectly, but when they’re on fire, they surprise you with their potential) battler and at first only acts as a tourist guide for Ash, but due to the villainous team and her wanting to stop them / act like a spy, joins Ash. I actually want to start writing a Sun/Moon fanfiction.

      1. Mallow and Lillie could also work, Mallow being the new broke/Misty and Lillie being like the smarty pants of pokemon

  19. Elesa? The only gym leader that matters. Everyone else (especially the triplets) can go

      1. You know those types of people you know NOTHING about but raduate an alluring aura? That’s Elesa, the one and only.

      2. imo Elesa was the hardest gym leader, my non competitve mind battling that stupid emolga and zebstrika volt switching every single ground move. She had the best gym leader song and liked her personality. Plus she was a good character in the anime so props for that

        1. I was using a ground type my run through I never really noticed. Honestly I only played both BW and B2W2 once and I used ground types, so her gym wasn’t the worst for me.

          1. Ground types are cool. Excadrill and Mamoswine are probably my favourite. Diggersby is badass. Krokorock was awesome, Donphan, Steelix and of course the formidable Groudon, now known as the even more formidable P-Don

          2. I guess it’s because of their cool/neutral coloring on most of them and I like warm tones with contrast.

          3. qwilfish, stunfisk, pan trio, simi trio, thoh, sawk, djinn trio, tympole and…. ugh….. Palpitoad (vomits everywhere) say hi.

    1. yeah I still need that card in my collection. hopefully my booster box of breakpoint has one in it.

  20. hm quick question, since x/y and oras did it, you think we gonna get a event mon that launches with the game?

    1. Some browsers work, others don’t. Safari has worked for me, chrome doesn’t. Mobile is way easier though. Chrome works for me on that.

    1. skyla is a transforming morphing lizard that can change her body into Volkner. Did you not know? Is on trivia in the pokemon manual

  21. I voted Drayden! Even though I am meh on this one.
    I find Elesa 2.0 very hot but that is it.

    No one really challenged me in the region. Really poorest region gymleader wise.

      1. i’d have to agree with you, Ultron (even if you did try to kill the Avengers). johto was a joke gym leader-wise, I mean, all their teams sucked (pryce, the 7th gym leader, had a weaker team than the 6th gym leader!) and the gen 6 gym leaders were so forgettable (love viola, however)

        1. Yeah. Johto gym leaders were generally bland in terms of personality, didn’t do much story wise, hardly used Johto pokemon, and were generally weak! Kalos ones were forgettable and easy, at least Johto had Miltank.

    1. XY was worse in Gym Leader quality.

      I liked that for the first the gym leaders actually helped take a stand against the evil team.

      Even though they didn’t do much, it’s the thought that counts.

      1. They are close in my opinion, but somehow XY’s were more appealing to me at least. Neither made me really stress out at any stage, except Clemont cause I hadn’t a grass or ground type at my side so it was a bit pesky.

    1. Girl you know she doesn’t need em. She’s gonna win. I’ve been right about every region so far, except Kanto, but I bet that one was rigged.

          1. Cant wait for Kalos. I will make 100s of fake accounts to vote Wulfric. Kakuna’s signature move applies to me regarding Wulfric.

          2. Winona? Leg only. Ended careers. robbed queen that got her place snubbed by flops wallace and flannery.

          3. Honestly though I never even hear people talk about her. Her altaria w/ dragon dance and earthquake are the only good parts about her.

          4. She has a nice team, but Pelipper, Tropius, and Swablu (why did she have this?) were pushovers. Skarmory was a bit more bulky than the others, but not difficult.

          5. Winona was good. Tough in Emerald cos you can’t get Ice Beam as TM beforeher, other than 10,000 coins from the Casino in Manville.

            I used to skip ahead to Lillycove, buy Blizzard from the Store, and then proceed to miss against her Altaria

          6. Not the worst gym leader in Hoenn, that’s for sure. I like her, but you need more than a decent team to get my vote. I chose Wallace because he had like triple the story that the other leaders had.

          7. Juan is cool, but still is overshadowed by Wallace since he had like no part to play in anything.

          8. Tate and Liza were the hardest for me in Emerald.

            Juan (and Champion Wallace) were a simple Gardevoir CM/Thunderbolt Sweep.

  22. By the way do we get to do an E4 poll after this. And then the Champ one.

    Champion is obviously between Steven and Cynthia.

    But E4 will be good. Flint in probably my all time favourite.

          1. None of them can match its speed. He has really slow pokemon. None of his pokemon even have a type advantage either. Aggron has dragonclaw, but would die from earthquake. It has sturdy, but couldn’t OHKO her Garchomp. She’d probs switch to Milotic anyway

          2. Garchomp can be walled by Skarmory, Claydol or Craydily depending on the move set. Garchomp Is strong but it needs more than 4 moves to truly beat Stevens entire team.

            I dunno if we are referring to in-game movesets or not, but Claydol learns Ice Beam and Aggron learns Ice Punch.
            Mega Metagross is also faster and learns Ice Punch. Lives an EQ and Fire Blast from full health.

            Craydily walls Milotic. Skarmory takes Roserade without HP Fire, otherwise again Craydily. The only real issue is Spritomb with Will-o-Wisp

            Again I don’t know the in-game movesets. Just theorymonnong here. Depends on a number if factors but it’s a battle I want to watch In the anime

          3. Yeah I was going off of movesets that they both use in game 😛 Garchomp probably couldn’t sweep all of them, but I guess it really ends up as who gets lucky with type matchups. I think if they battled in real life, Cynthia would have the advantage due to type coverage though 😛

          4. In game I would probably agree. But the anime ignores type coverage for the most part. (See Hawlucha vs Slaking and Medicham vs Snorlax for the most extreme examples). It would just be an epic anime battle to witness. Cynthia might edge it, but keep in mind Stevens Mega Metagross takes Flare Blitz from Mega Charizard X and shrugs it off.

          5. I guess it would also depend if Cynthia would use Mega Garchomp…and whether or not that’d be a good or bad choice.

        1. listen, i wont start drama but everytime cynthia and steven battled in the PWT in my game, cynthia won so yeah thats the absolute proof

          1. Lol. If that happens everytime, it’s programmed to be that way. Doesn’t prove anything.

    1. Are we doing an E4 one? Is it just going to be a free for all with all of them in one big poll?

        1. He’s lame with his dumb Onix. I’d probably vote Seibold or maybe Malva. I like his character design a lot, and Malva’s side story. Karen is nice too, but I don’t like her team unless its her rematch one.

  23. I thought corocoro was supposed to leak today because it’s officially coming out the 12th .-.

    1. well news are coming out the 12th too, we might just get 2 new pokemon again lol

    2. It can technically leak any day…. There is no one day corocoro will leak.

    1. CoroCoro will be released on August 12th, the same day the Pokemon Company is revealing news. We’re likely going to see a CoroCoro leak tomorrow or on the 10th.

  24. I have the hardest time telling the difference between Chaos and Ultron because I think of them as the same person. I honestly am confuzzled at this point. And here I thought I had everyone at gun-point (metaphorically).

    1. YOU CAN’T TAKE ME ALIVE COPPERS! props to annoying who remembers the Spongebob episode it comes from!

      1. Is that the episode where spongebob gets his license and then Ms. Puff tries to steal his car? I’m blanking T-T

      2. Noooo, it’s the box episode. Although I cheated. I’m cheating! I’m cheating! I’m cheating!

          1. And then we sacrificed your mortal body and you ascended into the heavens to be reborn as a god.

    1. I think Elesa has more personality, although I like Skyla. Plus her gym doesn’t make you break your legs.

      1. True, but Skyla is kinda hot tho I think I’ll go for her. Sorry thegreatcarbinkle.

    1. Cause straight boys have no taste. I mean, even I can see Skyla is hot.

      1. Ikr! Scrawny girls are not hot! I want a girl with some kinda comfort, not a skeleton

    2. 1) Electric type
      2) Sweet gym, both times
      3) Bianca moment
      4) Gives off a cool aura
      5) Challenging
      6) Nice character design

      1. most of the comments were pointing that. it really a nice reference and i really like the beat

    1. Lol Bounsweet goes through puberty then becomes sour. If that aint a metaphor for life then idk what is.

    2. I don’t really speak German that much but as far as I can understand, the translation team sent this guy the list of names to localise them and give them German names. They also said that they’ll attach some pictures to make giving new names easier. It seems weird but still hoping for it to be true…

      1. This is sketchy. Why weren’t there pictures to begin with, you can’t name without images,

        1. Yeah, I’m starting to doubt the credibility for the exact same reason. I was like 50-50 without this mail, but after leaking the names, why the heck wouldn’t they also leak if not all, but some of the pics as well? I really want this dex to be true, because I’ve been waiting for the Guardrake line for like 6 years now but well… I’m not sure anymore.

        2. Checked if the address exists or not but it doesn’t so this picture at least is definitely fake. Doesn’t deconfirm the whole list but this mail is definitely not real.

    3. Yeah, someone broght them up back in the other page discussing the leaks. There were 3 more having the rest of the alola Pokedex. He said he found it on Reddit and 4Chan but they got taken down real quick. It has the english names and the german locilizations of the already announced Pokemon. It also said something about 3 attatcments, presumably about the news Friday. Don’t know see how this takes away credit from the leaks. Quite the opposite, I say

      1. Because it says something like please do localisation due to beginning of september, and it’s odd.

        1. Yeah wth is that thing. What sane person would put a bun on their forehead. Looks like a dick.

      1. she’s basic, and is basically wearing one of Zero suit samus’ costumes from smash

        1. That’s so true, she just cut some parts off. She should be dressed like a pilot, not some hoe cosplayer

        1. Because she could’ve had a cool pilot design with goggles and shit. Her design is just “cutesy” and uninspired.

          1. The Queen of Flight Winona and The Expert Pilot Skyla
            Im Wiz and Im boomstick, and its our job to analysis their weapons amour and skills to see who would win a death battle

          2. I can see her being cute I just don’t understand how a cartoon can be hot 😛 but maybe thats just me

          3. That’s the problem. Her design is bad because the only plus is “she’s hot.” You can’t even tell what they were going for with her design

          4. At least she has a flight suit here, although she looks like a water trainer from the waist up

          5. They were going for a cute pilot chick. Different strokes for different folks.

        1. P-O-K-E-M-ON POKEMON!
          and honestly i could easily picture her in the sun and moon Graphics jamming out the guitar and doing a guitar rift before battle

        1. eh its the second gym. it could of used like maybe bouncers trainers and fans

    1. I chose Iris but even I can respect Elesa, she’s got that bad ass, I will cut you if you cross me, look. Where as Sklya just looks a little derpy.

  25. So I was punching the numbers and trying to find the best form of each Pokemon that is said to have multiple Pokemon according to the leaks. What I’ve concluded is that Rowlet’s best form is it’s Grass/Electric, Litten’s Fire/Dark form, Popplio’s Water form (or water/fairy if you think the extra resistances and new immunity outweighs the extra weakness), Delfin’s Water/Dragon form and Rockruff’s… Well all his forms’s typings are kinda horrible 😛 and the Fabled Breed Cat’s best form will be it’s normal/ghost form as I have said before (it’s one of the best type combos possible).

    This is all from a typing stand point, based on the number of weaknesses each of the form’s type combo has.

    1. As I understand it you are only taking into account defensive capabilities, What about offensive presence.

      And also the fact that its better to resist/be immune to common attacking types such as Ground/Fighting/Fire than Posion or Grass for example.

      Just a couple more things to take into account.

      1. Yeah this was just taking into account the number of weaknesses to simplify it. Later I definitely will figure out the best offensive type each one can have 😀

  26. QUEEN Elesa IS going to win. Know that. Roxie and Lenora were pretty cool too.

  27. Does anyone else think that future CoroCoros are just going to cover the remaining islands? I don’t know what they mean by the “Southern Island”, but I’m assuming it’s either Ula Ula or Poni Island. Honestly, it depends on where you think north is. We got three more months (excluding this months CoroCoro) of info, so it makes a lot of sense to just give a guide of each island, excluding the man-made one.

  28. Earthen is finally home!!!
    Five whole nights camping in New Hampshire
    And during that long ass car ride, I ev trained and leveled a whomping 12 Pokemon

  29. So this poll really made me think about the Unova region in general. To be honest, 5th generation was just a mess overall. For me, personally, there’s no sense of cohesiveness in the region. It’s as if they threw random elements together and made a region. And the Pokemon designs… I mean there’s plenty of competitively viable Pokemon that were introduced but I’m not fond of many of the designs, again it’s just too random and not cohesive at all. And don’t even get me started on the abomination that is the BW anime series.

    Alola is getting Pokemon back on track imo. Everything feels cohesive up to this point, region wise, design wise, etc.

    1. In about 2 years everyone’s going to say Sun and Moon is shit
      Watch, it’ll happen.

      1. Sadly I see it as a possibility. People will complain about no gyms, mixing up the formula too much. But I hope not.

          1. Then they make another Kanto like mainland region and “WE MISS THE WATER BRING IT BACK”. And then the next region is a series of boats.

        1. And people like to complain about people who complain about what their complain about
          Remember when this world didn’t suck so hard, kuz I don’t

          1. I keep telling y’all if I could get myself out there I’d run a Pokemon rant segment under the name “Raging Rhyperior”

        1. Yea but before it came out. it was like how sun and moon was, hype does affect culture. so i wouldnt say anything about sun and moon till it comes out

          1. Couldn’t’ve said it better myself. Before XY I was more hyped than I am for sun and moon, and it was a resounding “meh” for me. That’s why, while I’m excited, I’m not making any judgement like “sun and moon will put the series back on track” or “they’ll be the best games ever”. Still holding out for difficulty options (please GF PLEASE).

          2. yea we can dream. honestly im minority but the hype culture for ORAS was over the top that it killed it for me. I thought the games were ok. not bad not good

          3. I feel like maybe the reason I’m not as hyped for SM, even though I really want to play them, is because I was too hyped to XY and ORAS, and they let me down a bit.

          4. Yeah before XY came out everyone loved the pokemon designs now I see hate towards them and Im just like, ok then? Meanwhile I see the good in every pokemon design and cant think of a single one that I actually really hate, I also get really upset when people call GF lazy for making certain pokemon a certain why because it just makes them seem entitled to what they want, when tbh pokemon doesn’t have to give us anything they could end the series tmrw if they really wanted to, so I like to stay grateful for what we have and even more so for what we get.

          5. honestly the pokemon designs most people hate are usually the bizarre most creative ones, if u look at them at them a bit harder

          6. Ive always said there’s not a Pokemon design I hate, or can call lazy. There are simply ones I prefer over others. I still think Aegislash is one of the all time best designs/concepts GF has come up with.

          7. see thats the kinda positivity I like to hear about, until recently I wasn’t overly fond of Mr. Mime, it was the one pokemon I kinda looked at and was like, ew, but I forced myself to use it in one play through and now while its not one of my favs I have respect for it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, so whats not overly awesome for one person could be the best thing ever for another, and I think gf knows what they are doing. 🙂

          8. For me, it was the Zubat line. I never cared for them, but I decided to use one during one HGSS playthrough and now I Love Crobat, it put in work and I grew to appreciate the designs of all three 🙂 I learned from that experience that I should probably try some more Pokemon I am not entirely fond of

          9. Honestly I can’t find it in myself to shit on something that someone else likes, even if I’m not too fond of it. The same goes for other things like movies, e.t.c. To each their own.

    2. I actually liked a lot of the Gen 5 designs. Scrafty, Excadrill and Volcarona are amongst some if my all time favourite. Other than the starters Gen 5 had some pretty good Pokemon designs ( I even think the likes of Vanilluxe and Garbodour are decent).

      Gen 6 was a lot worse than Gen 5, even ORAS couldn’t make up for the mess that Gen 6 is.

      1. Gym leader designs, Pokemon designs, region design, overall “feel” of the game. For example, Hoenn was very tropical all around and that showed in most aspects of the game, Sinnoh was very mountainous and cold and I think the native Pokemon all blended well.

        Unova on the other hand, is a geographical disaster and the Pokemon are all so random .

        1. That’s a good point. I can definitely see what you mean by cohesiveness in Alola now.

        2. oh you mean like how we had a desert, and a icy mountain not even that from each other?

  30. I’m gonna be in a minority, judging by the early votes, but my favorite was Roxie. I loved her personality and I loved her relationship with her dad. She loved him, but could also get upset with him, as in the case with him ignoring his captain duties. She had a temper to her and she really reminds me of myself in both of those ways.
    Although honorable mentions are Elesa, Skyla, and Cheren as Gym Leader (he bothered me in BW, he beamce more tolerable in B2W2 and I loved his redesign <3 )
    (Hoping to be back to commenting normally by tomorrow, I'm on the road back home and I can't be on all the time, I made an exception here since a new gym leader poll was up)

    1. I don’t like her design, plus she didn’t do my favorite type, poison, justice in battle.

        1. On a side note, I want to see late game bug and rock bosses, and early game dragon and ice bosses in SM.

      1. I can understand that 🙂 I prefer Elesa/Skyla’s design, but her design is nice. And she was an early gym leader so that could affect things. SHe could have been stronger if she was a later gym leader.
        Skyla’s easily my second fav because of her design and her personality.

          1. Grrrrrgggrggggrrrrrrr she in the anime really pissed me offed
            Air Battles!!!!!!!! TIS A DISGRACE

    2. I dunno she had too much forehead but in the anime he had dem bridge freckles….they are my one weakness

      1. I don’t judge my favs off of attractiveness to me. Sure, good design is great, but what matters most to me is personality. She had a clear one, as well as Skyla, which is why they are among the top for me. THe other leaders may have had some, but I loved theirs the most because it was totally there.

        1. I rarely do as well since none really do it for me
          But unless we get some belligerent madwoman gym leader who plays for keeps….

          1. Hopefully you’ll get your ‘Pokegal’ :). Lucian’s my Pokeguy, but only a little bit is because of his looks so to say. His interests really reflect mine, he specializes in Psychic types, and he’s very cool and collected.

    3. oooo forgot to mention that she is the only gym leader who was in a band and it influenced the gym (it was a club and they were practicing) I found that super cool as someone who loves that kind of thing <3

  31. I really don’t understand all the hate that Unova gets. Sure it had some bad elements to it and yeah it had some bad Pokemon, but it still had a good story and a pretty huge postgame for both BW and BW2

    1. Everything gets hate. Gen 4 is by far my favorite Gen and its gets shitted on the most it looks like.

    2. Gen 5 had one of the best stories, evil teams and a good set of Pokemon. The only thing I can fault is the region itself.

    3. I agree. They weren’t the most stellar games, but they weren’t incredibly easy like XY, had an actual post game, and a viable story. Plus the difficulty options were a plus.

    4. People just didn’t see all the good it did
      Fully animated Sprites
      So many good and unique Pokemon
      And so many good items, Rocky Helm, Air Balloon and….Evolite (actually could do without)
      Type Gems
      Team Plasma easily best villain
      Fucking Hidden Abilities that nearly everyone relies on
      Battle Subway
      And many more

      1. also the generation included fluent trainer sprites and gave them all movement

      2. I don’t really like the fully animated sprites much tbh

        They just look kind of off to me.

      3. Team Plasma was easily the best villain team ever created. Flare was a huge let down

        1. I mean, they really did something truly special
          Trying to liberate Pokemon by force, that’s just brilliant

      4. Or the bad was enough to outweigh the good.

        – The style of animation used (mostly sprite transformation) paired with a lot of zooming (sprite zooming just does not look good)

        – Scaling EXP meant that your team wasn’t going to be much higher than the wild Pokemon unless you were willing/able to go Audino hunting (which wasn’t always an option)

        – Trainer and Gym Leader levels were generally 4-7 levels above the wild Pokemon and, by extension, your team (lots of time spent either running back to a Pokemon center or money spent on healing items).

        As much good as B/W did for the metagame, Team Plasma didn’t really live up to their potential and some of the mechanical quirks detracted from the fun of the single-player experience. Gen 5 really suffered from trying to break convention while at the same time being somewhat shackled to it. The games weren’t bad by any means, but Unova remains my second least-favorite region (the first being Hoenn) and Gen 5 my least-favorite gen.

    5. the hate is unwarranted, if people don’t like it thats fine, I think we should just love all the pokemon games just in different orders, like I do with pokemon and zelda, they have a ranking in my mind but I don’t need to spread it around or inject it into things all the time so everyone knows my ranking, all the games are great, and without them none of us would be here ^_^

      Also Unova was great 🙂

    6. Gen 5 was amazing! My only issue with it was the region, nothing really special about Unova apart from Castelia City. It’s because of Gen 5 I had such high hope and expections for X/Y.

    7. Gen 5 is great. I think region works well too, although city to desert was a bit jarring

        1. I guess that’s fair, but Las Vegas also isn’t situated on an ocean. Not to mention Castelia is supposed to be New York basically

          1. oh well idk, I’m not from the US so I don’t really know 100% about what its like, and yeah I know the castlela -NY thing, but idk 😛

      1. Yeah as far as I can tell they basically wanted Unova to end up being an amalgam for all of the U.S., from New York to the rainy Northwest to the desert-hot Southwest, I mean the U.S. Is such a massive country with so many ecosystems and cultures within it that they must have had a hard time fitting it all in there together, but like for instance the orange Charizard bridge I think was meant to be the Golden Gate Bridge but the gym leader for the city closest to it looked like a cowboy businessman, so. Also there are big cities in the desert states here, like Phoenix and Las Vegas to start like the previous commenter said. It’s my favorite region and my favorite generation yet because of Cubchoo/ Beartic being my favorite Pokemon ever and Brycen being my favorite gym leader of all time (although I do sometimes wish they made him look a little less… Feminine?) And I haven’t played through X and Y yet ? But I will, been so poor I bought the game and haven’t yet bought a 2DS to play it on but I think I will relatively soon especially with Sun and Moon now coming out.

        1. LOL look at this kid keithiwb trying to delete all his comments where he said “magnets making people fly like Superman and animals with glowing eyes making heat vision possible is more realistic than U.S. government overspending,” something that is actually real, lmfao.

          Why did you delete all your comments, mcnugget? How about you just don’t say stupid things to begin with like that gem up there and “Bvs made $620M profit,” then you won’t have to delete all your comments later when you go back and read them and see how dumb you sound. Lol. Oh don’t worry, if you get this one deleted or try to delete any of your other comments, I can still find you and reply 😀

          Let me guess, you’re gonna delete every comment you’ve ever made so I can’t reply to you anymore? LOL go for it! That would be FUUUUNNNYYY!

          1. banned me, idiot. Not gonna get banned from this website, so you know what? Do your worst. Not gonna respond to you at all, in any other websites including this one. Have a nice life, good luck with all your problems, do your very worst.

          2. HAHA get banned, little mcnugget. It’s very much deserved. Next time don’t spread false information or say completely dumb sh*t and maybe you won’t get banned.

            Just a thought! 😏

    8. I only dislike BW for the lack of Pokemon that I can make a team with. There’s like maybe 6 or 7 pokemon I like from the region that are available to me early.

      I love BW2 because it has the good pokemon from Gen 5 and all the older ones that I love.

  32. Here’s a question.
    Which Pokemon from other regions would you want to be able to catch in Alola without transferring?
    I think Larvesta would work well.

    1. I want things in the right places,
      Larvesta only in the depths of the volcano
      Ice types in the mountain
      All I care about is finding Rockruff early, like first capture early

        1. I mean some could be around the base of the mountain
          But yeah 26 ice types my Rocky ass

          1. I thought that the professor gifted it to you or somethin. I would’ve swore I read that somewhere.

          2. I’ll save you some searching, it was some stupid Reddit post which isn’t true unless proven
            So at this point, no official gift Pokemon acknowledged

          3. there will be gift pokemon and in-game trades but lately they’ve been lacking

    2. Scyther. Although it would be nice to find it earlier in the adventure this time

      1. I ran the numbers and the earliest chance of obtaining a Scyther is in Platinum around early 20s
        But I cannot stress this enough they will always be like a 5% chance,

          1. True. That’s why I liked HGSS so much. Scyther before Whitney, Heracross right after getting headbutt in Ilex Forest and head butting trees in Azalea. Also Golem being a beast throughout the whole game 🙂

          2. Reminds me of my Nidoking
            Just extremely powerful as early as level 16 and Thrash, that was simply one of the most powerful moves out there

          1. If anybody is in need of a Hawaiian scatterbug, I’d be happy to catch some. Just give me a heads up and a little bit of time! 😀

          2. I have shiny one. And I’m pretty sure its legit. its at a pretty low level and I got it a very long time ago when the instagram shiny community was booming lol

    3. I’m usually all about the new pokemon when it comes to the new region but if I had to say one I guess maybe I’d like to see swirlix and seeing as how the old run down department store has them in their logo, its not totally impossible 😛 but yeah, I’m all for the new pokes

    4. Snorunt, sewaddle, blitzle, zubat (I know, I know but I love crobat), noibat, elekid, spheal, numel, I want a lot lol

      1. Also mienfoo, venipede, ducklett, baltoy, combee, cubchoo, torkoal, and so many more!

      2. Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll get Zubat. Definitely. I hope we get Alola Zubat, Golbat and Crobat that become Dark/Flying because there are actually no poisonous animals on Hawaii. Also Hawaii’s only native mammal is the Hawaiian Hoary Bat. So they should be fuzzy

    5. Sneasel so I can have my favorite Pokemon Weavile and it looks like it would live there

  33. I think alolan forms for crogunk and toxicroak could work well, perhaps. Frogs are really great at adapting to their surroundings. I researched this one endangered species of tree frog that adapted to living in city public fountains in central America because water was so scarce and their forests were being cut down.

    1. To the best of my knowledge, Cane Toads were introduced to Australia from Hawaii (I think) and since they were introduced, they thrived and their numbers exploded rapidly. (It was also a joke in the Simpsons episode where Bart has to apologise to the Australian boy over the “which way does the toilet water spin” theory)
      Frogs and Toads are very adaptable, especially those that can thermoregulate!

      1. Ah, yes! The cane toad would make a cool pokemon. Probably poison/dark? Or pure poison. I watched a documentary in one of my classes about them and this one they showed was so HUGE. And Australian people used to friggen keep them as pets! Bad idea, but they didn’t know much better I guess

        1. It would make a pretty cool Pokemon that could literally be a stand alone, really bulky and able to adapt to anything that attacks it. Make it a really annoying Pokemon, like Wobbuffet – which has one gimmick, and if you attack it incorrectly, you’d get punished

          1. That sounds like a really frustrating Pokemon lol. But cool in concept. I want to have one now

  34. I hope some day they make a game set in a region that mirrors Canada, they could include some pokemon based on some of our creatures from folklore and such, the legendaries could be a Mishepishu (water/dark) and the Thunderbird (Electric/Flying) as they are natural enemies, and the event legend could be a Jackalope. My gosh, a Canadian based game would just be so awesome XD

    1. Isn’t the Jacalope legend from the Midwest? Or am I off my mark, I don’t know much about Canada.

      1. The Jackalope became very popular in the states at one point because a bunch of taxidermist’s made fake ones but the legend itself is not entirely from the states, just north america in general, I thought it was a purely canadian thing for the longest time because its so much more well known here (or so it seems to me) than in the states but yeah, its both.

          1. you mean zapdos? I mean yeah but it could also be an electric/water type as its the bringer or rain, I just thought if we were to have a region based on canada the Mishepishu and the Thunderbird are the most prominent mythical creatures to have a rivalry

          2. I have a question for you probably wrong but are you The Lavender Swirlix cause I remember he was from Canada and just asking

  35. I just had a thought… If Minior is Rock/Flying; what possible Flying Moves would it learn?
    I truly only see Acrobatics and Bounce

    1. I could see it spinning really fast to achieve some others and the obvious flying type move “fly”
      but also:
      Mirror Move, Hurricane, sky attack, sky drop(maybe), tailwind, defog, and of course there could be some new flying type moves introduced as well

      1. Mirror Move can work and those others are good yet Aeroblast is exclusive to Lugia yet who knows!

        1. Aeroblast? Are you thinking….
          It’s a sky born meteorite

          The sheer fact that it’s a flying type is nothing less then a miracle

      2. Ehhh it just honestly doesn’t strike me as very viable as a flying type
        It’ll probably just learn like 2 attacks tops and they won’t be even good for it
        Just a slightly better Carbink

        1. Minior is going to be weak to 5 types, carbink is only weak to 4, even if one of them is a 4x weakness, so like… its not going to be a better carbink? what are you talking about…

          Anywho, Miniors primary type is flying so most of its moves will obviously go towards that type so I’m seeing a lot of rock and ground, but like I said, it could learn some new flying moves if their is any

          1. You do realize it’s Rock/Flying right? Flying/Rock is just absurd
            And i believe they gave it Flying since they couldn’t give it levitate since they want to milk it’s Shields Down ability

            But I’m confident that it will learn very little to no actual Flying moves since this Pokemon is actually a first, a Flying type that isn’t a winged creature, and the Flying Type is practically a Bird Type but since not everything with wings are birds but trailing off, I don’t expect it to get anything like Hurricane or Brave Bird

          2. I’m 100% aware that its rock/flying? I made a typo in my comment I meant to say its primary type is rock, which I why I immediately followed that by saying most of its moves will probably be rock and ground. Also you do realize that not everything needs to have wings to fly correct?

          3. Hmm, gyarados (at least I doubt it can fly using it’s fins), the hoppip line, rayquaza, the drifloon line, fan rotom, and the kami trio in their incarnate form… That’s a decent bunch actually!

          4. Fair enough but truthfully they hardly learn any Flying Type attacks (minus Rayquaza) naturally which is the root of this whole thing
            Gyarados only bounce
            Hoppip only gust and acrobatics
            Drifblim only gust
            Fan Rotom only Air Slash but hardly counts since the whole form thing
            And only Tornadus learns any Flying Moves naturally the rest Jack squat

            So its fair to say Minior’s flying type move depot will be very minimal

          5. Yeah, that’s completely fair, based on evidence, it’s likely minior won’t have a very usable flying move palette. You never know, they might surprise us, but you’re probably right on this one!

          6. you’re kidding right? just because we don’t have many doesn’t mean that we cant have this one, my god earthen its like you’re incapable of thinking outside the confines of you’re clunky little box, open your mind, clearly you don’t read any great works of fiction, science fiction or fantasy, what a bore.

    1. I’m gonna be able to watch in a half hour. Until then. No Spoilers…. Actually feel free to talk about Beta. I’ve already seen the whole thing :/


      1. hopefully once they fuse some more and get more accustom to each other that weird arm will be fixed, its the only thing holding it back

        1. No the arm is on purpose. I don’t think it’s a first fusion quirk. She used it to help control her yo-yo

  36. I don’t like the implication that Marlin is actually just white and his tan makes him look african american. I also this post reminds me of how much these gym leaders fucking suck. By the 8th gym, I want to be doing a full 6 on 6 battle not battle three halfway evolved Pokemon, most of which can be taken out in one hit. They really dropped the ball gym wise this time around. Especially since at this point every type has been used a gym at one or another so the formula really felt tired at this point.

    1. I’ve never thought of Marlon as White or Black (no pun intended).
      I always thought of him more as a Pacific Islander.

    1. Maybe the Salandit line and the grass type that follows, since they’re both three stage and gain fire in the second stage

      1. Just those ? ……due to my english I can’t analyze any of them except the dolphin and gorilla and maybe pseudo legendary.

  37. Unova had the best music and best gym leaders (and gym designs).

    Elesa is “cool” in every sense. She is cold, distant, and knows she is the shit. Definitely my favorite gym leader of any generation.

    1. Don’t let kids sit on his lap…..
      Drayden: What do you want for Christmas Little Boy
      Boy: *Sweating unsurely* Umm…. Uhh… To… Get… Off… of you?
      Boy’s Mom: SECURITY!!!!!

  38. Hehe there’s a fairy ground Pokemon on the “leaked” list… Where you at Earthen XD

      1. Its in my army, its gunna crawl down the throat of your inferior rypherior and destroy it from the inside out

          1. These are both true, well Half true, I don’t exactly hate Swampert per say but just never cared for it
            And I only like Slurpuff to a very clear degree half the time they’re out to get me personally so they must be stopped

          2. I don’t make exceptions anymore and love all fairies, they are my main, so I guess I like my type more than he like his lol, weird, but oh well

          3. And since when did you gain control of them, what did you do to earn their loyalty

          4. I dont control anything, they willingly lend me their strength because of my love and compassion for all of them, which means this little dust bunny will run away from your dictatorship of carnage and evil, straight into my fairy army that fights for whats right

          5. love is the strongest thing humans have earthen, you cant ever deny that, people give their lives for love, love conquers hate, love will always be the strongest force on earth.

          6. Well Earthen ain’t got love no mo, ergo leaving me a hardened and bitter warlord bent for destruction and conquest

  39. I really hope that pokemon list is real. It has some super sweet new type combos. Bug/dark and Dark/Electric are all I’ve ever wanted.

      1. Seems too good to be true. Sometimes that can be a piece of evidence against it, though weak. I do hope it’s true though for the most part.

        1. That’s really the only thing that’s going against it though…. I mean, we’ll definitely find out on the 12th!

          1. I would hardly say it’s the only thing going against it, but if we’re lucky (very lucky) we may see it later tonight or tomorrow!

      2. Yeah! I was thinking, if real, the bug/dark type might be based on either the Jewel Wasp or the Dementor Wasp, given the typing/name!

    1. I like how many poison types there are. I’m also happy with the small amount of Legendaries, gens 4 and 5 had too many.

      1. Yeah, there are a lot of poison types, aren’t there? I’m happy with all the bugs and dark types 🙂

          1. Lol, yeah but there are a few that were meh to me. They just kind of stand out since there were so few overall

          2. Such under appreciated and under represented and weak types. I can’t say it enough. Buff ice with good Pokemon like bug got in gen 5. And make them better against other types offensively and defensively!

          3. This needs to happen! Maybe the new ice/bug will be glorious in battle. Provided it’s real

  40. I’m going to be in the minority but I voted for Clay. I liked how he was involved in the story for both BW/B2W2. He fought against Team Plasma in BW and was leading the other gym leaders at N’s castle. Yet in B2W2 he was still willing to let some of Team Plasma makes amends. Also he gaves us the PWT.

  41. Y’know, Minior is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. With how much mind-blowing news we got in the last trailer, I feel like Minior was kind of overshadowed. I hope the list is real, because I’d love to see what it can evolve into! If not, I’ll still love it 🙂

    1. He’s grown on me quite a bit, while Lurantis has done the opposite. I still like Oricorio more though.

      1. Yeah, I think Lurantis is a very average Pokémon design. Not horrible, but nothing special.

        Oricorio is indeed a brilliant Pokémon and I love all four of them 🙂

      1. What’s not to love about a round sphere that breaks open to reveal a colorful surprise? I’m gonna name mine “Wonder Ball!”

    2. right? minior is lowkey amazing. like i cant point why is amazing but it is amazing

  42. I was hoping that “if” the leaked list the Grass/Fire Pokemon would be a Tiki. But from the sound of the name, it sounds like it’ll be based on a Pepper. 🙁 I have to admit, some of the Pokemon on the list are uncreative from the sounds of their names or creatures/concepts we head before or are too complex. I don’t like the idea of a dolphin that evolves into different type for each of the Islands.

    1. Triburn sounds like Tribal and Burn so there’s that but I think this list is a bunch of sh*t

      1. Tbh that sounds EXACTLY like a name that TPC would come up with 😛 Personally I love this gen so far and think this list has lots of potential.

      1. Ultron clearly has lost his mind, permission for execution to prevent the spread?

          1. Look do you know how effing expensive my freaking weapons budget is these days?
            If I’m going turn a profit I need to start offing more people

      1. I didn’t know I am ok with previous leak but Beltigre is not good name at all for me I like those names more.

      1. I didn’t know but I don’t believe the theory of Island evolution it’s not logical at all.

  43. I do wish they made up for their portrayal of their only Black Gym Leader.. . Lenora… By making one of the island leaders or whatever Black and more modern looking. To “correct” this in BW2 they replaced her all together.

      1. I would assume some people think she’s stereotypical. I still like her though. She’s cool.

        1. …. ok then I don’t see how thats a problem though, there are people out their that fit stereotypes, no matter what stereotypes those may be, they deserve representation too, I for one love lenora, and don’t see whats to get upset about, instead the narrative should be, yay cool, I hope there are more people of colour in the next instalment of various backgrounds and designs 😛

          1. Yeah, I personally don’t have a problem with it because she’s a good character. However, it might’ve been better if they had made more POC with different personalities that are inspired by different cultures.

          2. well tbh they might for S/M and I mean we already have 2, one being a rival and the other a trail captain so its a start

      1. actually looking at the picture very well he has white feet and and his pelvis area is white so he has a bad tan

      2. Possibly… But he could just be another islanders like Iris.. they use dark color ppl as a black replacement

      1. … Google. They went out of their way multiple times to make sure people Knew she was Not Black

        1. well her skin is very dark so its not like she’s a white person with a tan, plus her shirt resembles and african dashiki to an extent, so maybe she’s not black per say but she is still a person of colour which is good for diversity in pokemon is it not?

    1. Sorry but he is by far one of the better looking of the bunch, and he has my vote. 😀 And he’s not black he’s Hispanic. there is a difference. 🙁

      1. i think he is white with a bad tan. it doesnt scream hispanic to me. maybe carribean

        1. Yeah maybe. 🙂

          It just drives me nut’s, that just because he has darker skin color he is automatically labeled a “Black person” Do people not realize that there are more than just “black” people who have darker skin colors.

      1. Yeah. But there’s something else I need to say. I need everyone’s OK first though because I don’t want to be the guy who spoils it

    1. Ok. I’m saying it.

      I HAVE A NEW (2ND) FAVORITE FUSION. (Malachite will always be my favorite.

          1. Well I’m a spoiler hound so I don’t mind, but my office filters the pics for some reason heh heh heh.

            If only Disqus had PMs…

        1. No prob 🙂
          I honestly don’t mind spoilers either, but I get curious whenever I see them and end up watching the entire episode on a computer. I prefer watching it on TV the first time, but when I rewatch it on TV, it doesn’t have that…. spark.

      1. She is awesome yet I saw a soon to be episode that tidbit spoiled something but nothing big but look up SU Bubbled leaks if you would like to see (that’s the episode name)

          1. I saw 10 seconds of it and thought Uh-Oh that’s gonna ruin your weekend plans!

  44. There are several Pokemon on the leaked potential list I don’t understand are based off. Most of these just sound weird and/or unoriginal.

    1.) The Cosmot family (Dark/Electric)
    2.) Hydratom, Posatom, Negatom
    3.) Pesp/Peskool Family
    4.) Scruluse/Structor (Steel)
    5.) Fiddlob/Calcua (Steel/Water)
    6.) Cumbersum/Anenemie (I know Cumbersum is the Cucumber but what about the possible second Evolution)
    7.) Cubbage, Meritote, Stalute (Fighting, Fighting, Fighting/Steel)

    1. 2 has got to be based on atoms. Smallest Pokémon yet??

      3 ) Pepsi-Cola? Lolz I dunno xD

      5) A fiddler crab?

      6) An anemone? *insert Nemo reference here*

      That’s all I can think of atm

    2. Quasars
      Atoms positively charged and negatively
      Maybe Esp?
      Some kind of structure
      No idea
      Anemime the wiggly shocky sea things
      Living statue

    3. the atoms are based on protons/electron. the pesp looks like to be the parallel with bruxish. anemie is something like a coral i think.

      1. Panquake; The BREAK-fast Pokemon. When put in a stack with other Panquake, it can cause tectonic plates to shift, the only way to stop this is by drowning it in Maple Syrup. This Pokemon makes an excellent meal, especially when cooked with buttermilk. This is why it’s almost extinct… 😛

      2. “Panquake. The Pancake Pokemon. It is said to cause earthquakes and the shifting of tectonic plates in Alola using a powerful move called flapjack. But because of it’s size and looking so tasty, this Pokemon often becomes eaten by the people of Alola.”

    4. 1) Seems to be a black hole or something similar. A Quasaur, the supposed final in that line, seems to be inspired by a Quasar, which is like a big cosmic event thing
      2) Hydrogen, Positively charged atom, Negatively charged atom
      3) not sure
      4) Structure? Something like a building or steel beams
      5) Lobster probs
      6) Separate pokemon. Cucumber and Sea anemone
      7) Idk, but the last one sounds like salute. So something army inspired maybe, idk. Or a statue.

        1. Well quasars deal with black holes in some way, not sure how exactly I’m not an astrophysicist, plus it might make sense given the dark typing. Idk though, but it’s cosmic based

          1. You’re right actually, they have something to do with blackholes. I can’t make sense of this wikipedia article but it mentions them a lot.

            Could be some Cosmo Dinosaur line.

    5. 1 – Space, quantum mechanics
      2 – hydrogen atom and it’s subatomic particles (electrons and protons)
      3 – pest? No clue
      4 – things that make up come sort of structure, “screw loose”
      5 – Fiddle may refer to the fiddle head of a darn before it matures alone with dew drop. Calcua isn’t apparent to me but the “-ua” may be from “agua”, Spanish for water
      6 – sea cucumber and sea anemone
      7 – almost sounds like a ranking system to me

    6. Pesp peskool looks like a single psychic fish becoming school of fish with psychic powers.

    7. For 7, I see cub, as in a cub scout, + badge; merit + totem; and statue + salute.

      I feel the others have been discussed sufficiently.

  45. Omg u guys… We all forgot… XY has a good black gym leader.. the rock type ?. I’d still like more tho..

    1. Kiawe and Hau are also coming, although I don’t think they are necessarily black, probably supposed to represent native Hawaiians.

  46. I’m still so dissapointed by the lack of Fire types… With a freaking Fire Themed Volcano Island.. ??
    I wanted my Only Alolan Form to be Growlithe
    Posatom . .. I suppose.

    Quasar and criptic the ice fighting interest me

  47. Alright Earthen is finally going to sleep in his own bed for the first time in a week
    If you have anything to say to mah face say it now

    1. Oh .. ppl like u keep reminding me we are waiting when I forget! Lol. It’s an easier wait when u forget about it!

      1. Every moment I’m not here tonight, I’m like “maybe they’ve leaked, I should check”. I think I may have a problem.

        1. I like how you guys talk as if leaks are scheduled. “Oh yeah about 10pm is when the leaks should come out” like what? lmao

    1. Well. I was watching it but my parents wanted to change the channel…. *Sigh* I guess I’ll watch it tomorrow morning when there’s no one else home…

  48. Ayo I just had this idea for a new cash grab EXP Pokemon
    What about a Normal/Steel Piggy Bank Pokemon, they use their powerful sense of smell to search for iron ores, during the process they often discover gold deposits, after years of finding riches many claim this Pokemon brings good luck

    They would have a massively high exp yield and they either come with Pickup and Illuminate

          1. He needs to feed his daily kidnapping victims to Frank, the Squid that lives under his bed.

    1. that’s a really neat idea and I love it, but i’d give it a more specific pick-up ability that finds either mushrooms or nuggets. for a name, how about Suideposit, or, like listed below, boarbank 🙂

  49. Suppose were getting leaks tomorrow of corocoro, anyone know what time they might be coming out for central us? I don’t want to be checking every hour at work in order to fuel my pokemon obsessed life.


    …there’s a new Pokémon GO feature being tested and it looks really legit. Well done, Niantic!

  51. well guys let’s get the Majora’s Mask meme in place,because tomorrow’s going to be the three days until the new info on Pokemon Sun and Moon. 🙂

        1. By the way, “do you know who you’re talking to?” or similar is an intimidation/threat in English. I don’t think that’s your goal when you typed that, though.

          1. of course not but it’s so oblivious I like the badass and creepy character not the cute one.

          2. Well not everyone can see or remember all your posts at a time, so it is helpful to just repeat that you prefer certain kinds of designs or characters. <3

            I don't expect you to memorize my favorite types, for example. 🙂

  52. Ash’s Team:
    Bonene/Mightior/Alolan Form (Flying)
    Alolan Form Pokemon

  53. CoroCoro has leaked and disproved that ‘leaked’ list of Alolan Pokemon! So happy ??

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