June CoroCoro: Correcting Misinformation

2016-06_02We didn’t really cover this month’s leak on the main site because it was not really notable and only showed a bit more of this summer’s movie Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna. One thing worth mentioning, however, is that contrary to other sites which claimed that, “next month’s issue will have an exclusive scoop on Pokémon Sun & Moon and claims itself to be the Pokémon Main Source for the news”, the Japanese in question actually refers to the CoroCoro Pokémon comic‘s protagonist, which has been Clefairy, but may be changing to a (brand) new Pokémon and next month’s issue will shed light on it.

It is probably the end of an era for CoroCoro leaks during release cycles; The Pokémon Company International seems to be using YouTube as one of the main sources of information releases and the Japanese comic magazine hasn’t provided much for us. We’ll be covering the monthly leaks still, but it may not be the hype-worthy news source it once was.

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  1. So be it, seems they finally decided to end the leaks by releasing their trailers before corocoro instead of alongside it. I can’t say I’m exactly opposed to this.

  2. Honestly it is about time for Pokemon to move away from CoroCoro. CC can still reveal the occasional pokemon or so but with the way the media goes these days giving so much space to CC isn’t reasonable.

    I wonder how we’ll get the next butch of news. More vids? How will they be released time wise? Every 10,15 days? Every month?

  3. Maybe they had a contract with Corocoro that said they had to be entitled exclusive information and they just chose not to renew it or something? I’m kinda glad though, as long as the Pokemon Company does give us information regularly like we’ve come to expect from corocoro


  5. There be a fight brewing on Twitter between PJ and Serebii due to this lol GO POKEJUNGLE!!!!! hahaha

  6. Still thoroughly outrageously disappointed but do you think we can make One of the Alola Starters the Mascot in commemoration of Sun and Moon info?

      1. Basically. I wonder how long it’ll take for them to announce it. Prolly next month I imagine.

        1. How long did it take them to reveal Furfrou? It was shown in the anime but I don’t think it was discovered until the game came out.

      1. CoroCoro just released a video that is basically what we got already. The only difference is there’s a slightly longer clip that shows the main character ruining out of a house that seems to possibly be their house? Anyway that’s what this shot is from.

        1. Oh, thanks! just saw the video on serebii… This is actually the kind of stuff i crave for! BELIEVABLE leaks from unknown sources, unidentified pokemon in trailers (Furfrou) or Pokemon spotted in trailers yet unrevealed and people drawing them up (Trevenant and zygarde core)… It might be a bunnary back though… Let the speculation begin!

        2. oh wait, looking at it zoomed in, it’s almost definitely a new pokemon!! HYPE

  7. And Joe will argue with you about it up and down just because he is brick.

  8. Guys what if they remove tall grass, or rather battles are initiated much like the dexnav, sneaking up on overworld models?! also, what if the shift between overworld and in battle world is almost neglible? the trainer in battle models almost definitely match the overworld player model in size and resolution and stuff… maybe instead of changing screens, there’s more of a smooth shift, like we can see them sending out their pokemon!

    1. I wouldn’t get your hope up about a smooth transition into battles. The reason it happens is because the current systems Pokemon has been on don’t have the power to do a clean transition. Look at Mortal Kombat 9 and 10. They basically do that, but it takes systems that have WAY more power than the 3ds to do it. I’d say they stick to what they’ve got. Either way I’m glad they are changing up the battle look. It’s about time they did something cool.

      1. Well, in my opinion, and I have next to no technical knowledge, there are games with way smoother graphics on the 3ds… also the time taken between screen shifts that is used to load the in battle arena is so little, that i doubt it’s a “power” problem. I think it’s more a problem of an aesthetic dissonance between overworld and in game graphics in games up until XY, but considering that there is some sort of graphical advancement in sun and moon, albeit a little, I feel the two worlds have been brought aesthetically closer

    2. IDK about your other ideas but I would actually really like if random battles were replaced with the dexnav. Of course some tweaks would need to be made to the system but I really enjoyed how it streamlined the encounter process in ORAS.

  9. So our little mystery Pokemon seems to be mammalian in nature
    Either cross with a Doe and a Rabbit
    Prominent Ears or Horns
    Pink brown coat with some kind of fluffy collar
    I can deduce (heheheh Duce) it is a normal type
    But too early to say regional rodent

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