June CoroCoro: Correcting Misinformation

2016-06_02We didn’t really cover this month’s leak on the main site because it was not really notable and only showed a bit more of this summer’s movie Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna. One thing worth mentioning, however, is that contrary to other sites which claimed that, “next month’s issue will have an exclusive scoop on Pokémon Sun & Moon and claims itself to be the Pokémon Main Source for the news”, the Japanese in question actually refers to the CoroCoro Pokémon comic‘s protagonist, which has been Clefairy, but may be changing to a (brand) new Pokémon and next month’s issue will shed light on it.

It is probably the end of an era for CoroCoro leaks during release cycles; The Pokémon Company International seems to be using YouTube as one of the main sources of information releases and the Japanese comic magazine hasn’t provided much for us. We’ll be covering the monthly leaks still, but it may not be the hype-worthy news source it once was.

<3 PJ