Too early to discuss starter evolution fakes?

One Japanese artist has already drawn up evolutions for Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. The image is currently circulating on Twitter.

Personally, I don’t mind the Litten evo. Certainly a direction the real evolution may take, I don’t care much for the starved-cat look it currently has.

<3 PJ

  1. That Litten looks too much like it could become fire-fighting type for me to like it.

  2. I don’t want Litten to go bipedal! They’re nice designs, otherwise. Although I feel like the Popplio one is a bit too ‘busy’

    1. i am with you i am tired of every time we get a quadruped fire starter they turn it into a bipedal and i hate it

  3. I do like littens sleekness, and the fact it’s on 2 feet. But guys we just had delphox, no one ever says this for fire but I see it being bulky and slower. Some people are saying fire/fairy chimera. Someone please explain to me, HOW is a chimera fire fairy? But also, look at all our other cat Pokemon. Liepard. Persian. Pyroar. Purugly. Solgaleo. All on 4 feet. I can see them putting this guy on 2 just to differ him. And I call on this, Littens final evo will look so different to the first form. Masuda said expect suprises. And it’s description says when it sheds hair it will light up in a fiery blaze, burning off its black oily hair. It’s taking the greninja route, last two generations fire mons look like the first evo. I’m hoping it stays logical and strange, but I feel the reason they mentioned it is cos it will evolve into an agressive mon. Which is a shame for me, cos all these things loose what I love about Litten, it’s starved look, quirky expression, black hair.

    By the same principle Rowlett should become sleek and fast cos of Chesknaught prior. Grass haven’t had a fast physical attacker. I don’t know if it will take the delphox route and be a bigger tan owl or the Chesknaught route and will be very dark, to look different from Chesknaught.

    Poplio’s description mentions speed so I can see it getting faster, also expect them to try really hard to to differ it from Samurott. I can see a full body colour change, and it being able to stand up more.

  4. I see the artist went with fire-fighting for the final form of the litten line, however its a stark contrast to the no emotions on the surface that litten has.

  5. Those are some ugly looking Pokemon. Their designs are lackluster and rather hideous. I’m starting to question the artists.

  6. Tried doodling my own Evolution concept, for Litten. Tried to make it have a large “Explosion” theme.

    And the above artworks all look like trash.

    1. Yea cause you are totally in a place to judge someone else’s art work. At least the artwork above adheres to the Pokemon style. Your drawing is pretty crappy

          1. That’s nice. I’ve done better though. This took me around 15 minutes with no shading/lineart. But whatever floats your boat. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Litten and Rowlet evolution looks cool, but not really liking Popplio evolution

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