Meet the Protagonists of Pokémon Sun & Moon

It was exciting to get our first look at the starting Pokémon of Sun and Moon, coming November 18th for the 3DS, but did you put much thought into the newest protagonists we were introduced to? From the looks of the trailer customization seems to have returned (THANK YOU) and we may even be able to remove our hats (although honestly it seems like a beginning cutscene when he is preparing)!

The male character starts out with longer hair and a simple baseball cap, while the female character has a rather unique hat almost reminiscent of Ruby’s. When you begin the game, you’ll get to choose a skin tone which all start with varying hair colors.

A new change is the way the characters are portrayed on the overworld; the chibi-style of Pokémon X&Y has disappeared and the protagonists are much more proportionate to their full display in battle.

What do you think?! Even if there is trainer customization, are these a good template with which to customize?

<3 PJ