Meet the Protagonists of Pokémon Sun & Moon

It was exciting to get our first look at the starting Pokémon of Sun and Moon, coming November 18th for the 3DS, but did you put much thought into the newest protagonists we were introduced to? From the looks of the trailer customization seems to have returned (THANK YOU) and we may even be able to remove our hats (although honestly it seems like a beginning cutscene when he is preparing)!

The male character starts out with longer hair and a simple baseball cap, while the female character has a rather unique hat almost reminiscent of Ruby’s. When you begin the game, you’ll get to choose a skin tone which all start with varying hair colors.

A new change is the way the characters are portrayed on the overworld; the chibi-style of Pokémon X&Y has disappeared and the protagonists are much more proportionate to their full display in battle.

What do you think?! Even if there is trainer customization, are these a good template with which to customize?

<3 PJ


  1. Sadly customization is a double edged sword. Yeah it’s great we can change the way the characters look, but in return the characters will look pretty bland because they are basically the base we ourselves can build up on by changing their outfits and hair.

    1. Exactly what I was gonna end up saying. If people are happier with this though, then I don’t necessarily mind too much. It just ends up being one less thing for me to look forward to in a sea of new things with each new generations.

      1. Yeah, i think that the anime and Manga will help this though. They’ll give character to these protagonists while we have our own personal ones in our games.

    2. But, what if this game’s choice of clothing, hairstyles and possible new hair dyes and eye contact colors enables you to not look bland? Then the double-edged sword would now be single-edged, no?

      1. Well that’s the thing. That obviousl is the point, but that means there won’t be one concrete looking protagonist. That’s not a bad thing but it won’t be the same, minus the character that ends up appearing in the anime.

  2. I just hope there’s way more and better choices of clothing, hairstyles and colored eye contacts for us to choose from this time around. They did add an extra skin tone choice, so that’s a plus. Hopefully, those won’t be the only things we can customize. Let’s go a little deeper, Game Freak!

  3. The protagonists look extremely generic and bland compared to all other generations
    I really hope the character customization is better than XY

    1. I think it will. The fact that it’s more bland than xy was, means that they probably gave more room to customize.

  4. I like the Template PCs we got!
    They look fitting to the region and seem chill. I love the possibility of skin color change, even though I’m caucasian it shows the respect they have for all ethnicities.

    Now the girl could’ve got a bit more pep in her shirt but I love the hat and hairstyle. Would love for a the PC/Luna to appear in the anime with dark skin.

    The boy looks decent and I wonder if Ash will wear those clothes.

  5. I know that you’re a 10 year old kid on this games but we all know more then half the ppl playing this games are adults and the majority are guys and all we want is to be able to customize our male protagonist with facial hair. lol

  6. Hopefully contacts come back too. And thank Arceus it looks like we won’t be strapped into roller skates for the entirety of our journey. That was such a dumb idea. I really do hope there are some unique and vast choices for clothing. Otherwise, I see no point

    Also: Shiny Xerneas is out for those in NA

  7. I want Leather based S&M clothing…. Why I don’t know but I want them! My Character Simkenno greatest PokeMaster and Sex Lord of Sun’s and Moons. ?

    1. Just my in game persona and brothers going to the Alola Region to relax but is mistaken as new trainers and was offered a starter, and Poppilo takes a shine to me
      My youngest got Litten
      And middle not caring the Rowlet just flutters into his shoulder and rolls with it

  8. I’ll prolly go with the blonde version of the character as I have blonde hair. As for customization I do hope it comes back. One thing that I find interesting is that the 2 trailers are conflicting colors for that one scene where the rival runs up to you. In the English version you have a black stripped shirt and in the Japanese version you have a blue one like all the other shots. It makes me wonder if they just snuck that quick difference in for shits and giggles or if it was there way of hinting at customization coming back. Either way it’s obvious that while that is the same scene those are 2 differently captured versions of the footage. Anyway one other thing I noticed and I saw others notice is that there is another scene where the protagonist doesn’t seem to have a hat. I don’t know whether this game will be similar to XY where your other rival is the opposite gender except without the hat or if we can FINALLY take it off lol I sure hope we can take it off lol

  9. When will Coro Coro leak? I’m not expecting news I just want to see it… Maybe they’ll give some details on legendaries… Am i expecting too much?

    1. I think maybe you might be. While they have done some supplement stuff like adding the names before I believe I don’t think we’ll get very much if anything. The description for this month’s issue I don’t think said anything about Pokemon so it’s possible we won’t get anything other than the typical “look forward to next month!”. Next month for sure we’ll get something, but I think this month is about as big as it’s going to get in terms of news. lol

  10. I don’t like her chicken hat, it looks like she works at a fast food chain like Grand Theft Auto’s fictional “Cluckin’ Bell”.

    It’s the first thing that goes once I reach a clothing store. Or find a way to take it off.

      1. I already thought of so many abilities for Poppilo
        Mostly in the form of his balloons
        The big one is to blow a huge bubble and freeze it with Ice Beam or Icy wind and hops on top and balances on it, while rolling around to increase mobility the ice is strong enough to block an attack, and finally can toss the ball with its flippers as a projectile

          1. I was also experimenting with the idea of blowing the balloon and Poppilo immediately rolling into it to encase itself with a defensive bubble
            Or Blowing several small bubbles and slapping them at the opponent
            But I must remind myself they’re only elastic enough to support itself and vault itself they’re not indestructible

        1. Me too, for one of the versions (moon probably). As long as it’s not a clown throughout its evolution form… If so, I’m picking Rowlet

  11. Can anyone find fan art of Ash in the new clothing. .. I’m trying to find it… can’t. In sure someone has already done it

    1. Prolly some in game new fangled gadget OS… the same one he’s using to video call the professor Kukui

      1. Same. At first I was skeptical, but look at this beautiful thing. I like it. Just hope the final evolution doesn’t have a pink nose like his.

    1. At first I was drawn to Popplio. I still am. But, I’ll be picking Rowlet for Auroara’s starter if it turns into a clown. I dislike clowns. My Sun character is getting Litten, that’s for sure. Then my Moon is leaning towards Popplio but we will see…

    2. It’s cute. It looks like a dog. Since sea lions are actually dogs that can dive and do such watery things, it’s good. But look at its puppy eyes. Can’t you see the pain of all tortured animals in so called Sea Worlds…

  12. I’ll probably go with the blonde guy since my hair color isn’t around this time like it was in XY…

          1. Yeah the contacts are a must! I have dirty blonde hair as well, but the eye color for the blonde version in both these games and in XY are not what my eyes are (which is brown)

  13. wat about Marshadow can any one guess wat he looks like ……I mean wat he should based on?

    1. I’m gonna guess it’ll be ghost/water. It could be a take on a will-o’-the-wisp. Or a ghost/poison snake?

  14. Am I the only one who doesn’t care that much about the characters? I mean, sure it’s nice to be able to customize it but even if we didn’t get that option I wouldn’t mind. I’m glad they’re not chibi anymore though

    1. I love customization. I’m am forever glad for no chibi. It looks more like XD

      1. I will never be able to make the character look like me cuz we can’t make them almost bald (I shave) and no beard. I might go for the girl lol

        1. I’d love being able to have a beard. I mean why do we have to be so young in the games?

          1. Prolly cause kids are the main target audience and they want them to be able to put themselves into the game

          2. Kids are the ones playing those Call of Duty gun games (funny cuz they’re too violent for me lol

          3. Same. The language is intolerable for online play too. I can’t stand any of it.

          4. Yeah, it’ll be cooler if we were older. And if we were indeed older, kukin or whatever his name is would maybe have a different role ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      2. Damn Basty where you got that avatar pic? I’ve seen like 4 pics of Kukui but never that one o.o

  15. Coro Coro will probably leak tommorow morning in Japan, 1 day before official release!

    Also, did the new legendaries remind anyone else of dialga/ palkia? Weird designs, but cool. Hope to see lots of gen 4 parrallels, but I doubt we’ll get remakes till gen 8 when they’ve released a new handheld.

    1. I could see one more remake to end the 3DS era. Especially since it looks like they’ve perfected everything.

    2. I just can’t get around the sun legendary’s body….it’s so weird….it reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it……also it looks like it’s wearing mountain climbing sneakers..I don’t mind it’s head I love the moon legendary though!!!! Such a cool design for a bat!

      1. I find “Solgaleo’s” legs to be oddly bulky and its mouth to be a little odd. As for “Lunaala,” how does it even land, on its blades?

        1. Yeah maybe what’s putting me off about it is how muscular it is? Idk…..maybe once we get better art of it I’ll understand lol Also Lunaala don’t need to land!!!! It does whatever f&$k it wants hahaha

        1. A little? I do like the Tiger Zord a lot though…….lol What’s bothering me is less it’s over all design and more so it’s torso….I just have no idea what it is lol

          1. I actually love the design of Solgaleo. I also like Lunaala but something about Solgaleo’s bulky and powerful persona makes me think it’ll make for a good legendary.

          2. I can’t tell whether I don’t like Solgaleo or whether this sense of familiarity is just driving me crazy lol I love Lunaala though. It’s whole look just does it for me lol

          3. It’s so SMALL though like smaller than Xerneas… My first gens were 3/4, all the box arts I’m used to were huge. I could understand Xerneas being smaller, but for a deer Pokemon that too was huge. Solgaleo is like the size of a jeep.

      2. Litten and the moon legendary… We have similair tastes! Would you say the Moon legendary is more like Xerneas or Yveltal, in terms of vibe, not body shape ( as that answer would be obvious)

  16. I have to say, 2015 was a very bad year for Pokemon (I don’t have to say that, ’cause we all know that) but 2016 is like Pokemon saved everything from 2015 for this year plus gave us the stuff for this year (I know that’s not what happened, and it’s the 20th anniversary). But what I’m saying is, last year I knew a ton of people who were into Pokemon and lost interest slowly after ORAS.

    But now the anime is actually pretty good, the games are gonna be wildly crazy, there are a lot of spinoff games as well (don’t forget about Pokemon GO), and the news is starting to come. So I guess I’m saying is, THIS IS THE YEAR OF POKEMON!!!!!! (obviously, its the 20th anniver.)

      1. I love Rowlett’s complete sense of ‘ I have no idea what I’m doing 😀 ‘ and LOVE LOVE LOVE Littens quirkiness! How do you want it to evolve?

  17. Do you think that the new legendaries will be part Steel type? At least they seem to have metallic parts.

    1. I do like the fact that their foreheads look to be like glass monitors rather than organic parts of their heads lol

      1. Fits well with Magearna, who was made by humans ! Do their eyes remind anyone else of dialgas/ palkias

    2. This might sound odd, but Solgaleo could be Fire/Psychic-type (I say that cause of its glowing eyes during its signature move) while Lunaala could be Fairy/Flying-type. I doubt it, but it kinda fits. Sorta…

        1. Dark-type only if it’s suppose to represent some kind of evil or “badness.” Fairy-type definitely fits because the moon has been associated with Fairy-types in this series.

    3. I don’t think so Moon legendary more like ghost/dark-fairy/flying…..sun pure fire or fire-psychic.

      1. Remember, Dark-type is known as Evil-type in Japan. Just because it’s of the night doesn’t mean Lunaala is evil.

    4. I see both being part Psychic. Probably Fire and Dark. Psychic is technically the cosmic type sooooo….

  18. So a lot of people are saying that the game looks identical to X and Y. But actually X and Y and Sun and Moon are quite different. I think what they mean is that ORAS looks similar to these games. ORAS also improved on the graphics of X and Y but still I think Sun and Moon have even better looking graphics than ORAS

    (except for the colors, ORAS was like a children’s tv show with all them bright greens and blues XD)

    1. Game Freak must definitely do this on purpose. Each and every generation has a different look to the overworld, upgrading each time. X & Y were chibi, ORAS had a bit of an update, but Sun & Moon changed it up and evolved their chibi into normal size. I love it.

      1. Yes, and its AMAZING NOW…. It feels like you are more attached to the character/protagonist.

    1. I mean, in XY the characters were almost the size of the Pokémon centers

    2. Sun&Moon look polished and cleaner. It’s very smooth, but X and Y isn’t bad. It’s just very rough and geometric. But because of the removal of grid based moving, I feel like the region will feel like an actual place. Because its not square and circle, its curvy and grander.

        1. XY was an experiment for GameFreak. ORAS was an improvement of XY. These games are the real thang

          1. Kalos is kinda shitty, this new region is beautiful. This game has the potential to be the best generation ever, imo.

    3. on a side note, Im worried that Alola isn’t as ambitious as Kalos or Unova. We’ve already seen Honolulu (Hawaii’s biggest city) and while the detail and texture is far superior to XY, its not exactly breathtaking either…

      1. Well since this is just the first island, I assume the best stuff will be later in the game!

        1. Well I hope so. Hawaii is a beautiful state but it doesnt exactly have many iconic locations or landmarks. Theyre going to have to get creative

          1. That’s very true. Hopefully there’s a cool volcano location, if that’s not too obvious lol.

      2. There’s always the chance this isn’t even finished graphics either. The image from XY was from way before they finished it.

        1. Im not so much worried about graphics than just locations and landmarks. Kalos had inspiration from Mont Saint-Michel, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles and more. Unova had Manhattan, Jersey City, Brooklyn and more. Im sure Hawaii has some notable areas but theyre just not nearly as iconic

          1. For what it’s worth, there aren’t really any iconic landmarks in Sinnoh/Hokaido or Hoenn/Kyuushu except for Mt Coronet/Mt. Fuji. They also didn’t use a lot of Tokyo’s famous landmarks for Kanto like Shibuya crossing or the Meiji Shrine.

          2. Thats true but those games are practically a decade old at this point. I think after the bar was raised with BW and XY they shouldn’t go back to that simplistic style.

          3. Yeah I hope they get super creative and include ideas and places that are maybe sci-fi or fantasy based to really elevate the region.

  19. So after I finish Yellow, what game should I replay?
    1) Soulsilver
    2) Black 2 or White 2
    3) Y

    Kinda leaning towards Y…

    1. I reset my Y file yesterday and beat the first gym (took me ages to get the pokemon I wanted. My team: piplup,volt tackle pichu,torterra,charmander(soon),togepi, aipom). I love HGSS though, it’s fun to see the pokemon following you 🙂

      1. Maybe I’ll just give up and play both at the same time xD I really just wanna do a play through where I don’t breed or worry about IV’s/natures and stuff

        1. I did that with my last ORAS playthrough. I only used pokemon that I had never used and with whatever nature they had and it was actually fun. It does bug me to have bad natures though. If a Pokemon is a physical attacker I’ll take any nature that lowers the special attack for example.

          1. Yeah ever since I learned about natures and stuff years ago it bugs me when I don’t breed for them lol

  20. I think the protag white one looks fine, but the darkskinned black one doesnt look right.the hair doesnt fit the skin tone, the hair sorta looks blueish. They should have just made it black hair. And the hair is too long for me also. Also the running animation looks stupid imo

  21. Yeah everyone hates the water starters at first. Oshawott, Froakie, now Popplio. Same stuff each time, oshawott is like piplup, its nose is terrible, Froakie is sad and old and its bubble nose is terrible, Popplio is a clown and its nose is terrible. How cool the fire starter is… Bla bla bla. Then Emboar, Quilladin and Delphox happen and everyone suddenly forget about noses…

    1. Honestly, just in the day they’ve been out the starters have grown on me so much. My initial impression was “they’re all terrible”, and now i like them all in their own way! Rowlet’s still the best tho 😉

    2. I think water starter is fine, first time I actually dislike the fire starter. Grass one is also fine

      I think Delphox was fine, didn’t like Emboar though.

      There is always a general consensus when it comes to stuff like this, but I don’t like people that bandwagon hate something without substance and just repeat what famous poketubers say. Pokemon designs always get hatred with many people thinking they can design something better, with pretty laughable results.

      Of course there’s plenty of designs I dislike but I can’t say I can do better, not will I ever say GF are ‘running out of ideas’, which is probably one of the most absurd claims I’ve ever heard.

        1. They’ve made like three Primal cards and three mega Gardevoir. They can make at least one Mega Sharpedo.

  22. The two parts i am most excited about:
    * The new overworld improvements, such as true character size and detail of the overworld itself.
    *The possibility of seeing trainers in battle, if you look at screenshot #3, this is either the entry or attack stage of the battle, and it makes more sense that the trainer is standing there, i also noticed they vanish if an attack is used, (Which may be because of reducing lag and battle time) i hope this evolves or is optimized into something significant like maybe mega evolution, a new mechanic, or at least what happened in Pokemon Colosseum/XD with reactions to attacks, with triple battles, that might actually be kinda fun.

    1. In the Japanese trailer, the supposed rival actually stays as the Pokemon gets attacked. I could image the Trainer disappearing during certain animations or Wi-Fi Battles. I just hope they are animated to react with the battle surrounding.

  23. Is CoroCoro gonna leak this month or is it only going to be the trailer ?

    1. Corocoro leaks every month, but it’ll probably just repeat info from the trailer, and maybe have protagonist arts or some new info

      1. I think it might give more info on the region,the names of the protagonist,maybe the types of the legendary and maybe some new pokemon like the bird in the first announcement.

  24. I had a theory for the S&M starters final stage, I believed they would keep the double effectiveness against each other as in X&Y.
    Rowlet final evo: Grass/ Flying
    Litten final evo: Fire/ Dark
    Popplio final evo: Water/Fighting
    It almost works, but unfortunately Litten being Fire/ Dark isn’t double effective against Grass/Flying Rowlet, so I don’t know. Although I still think it’s very likely 🙂

  25. How’s this for Rowlet’s second stage
    Taller and bulkier body, the stomach area opens up and dark green and brown markings adorn its belly, it’s develops legs with zygodactyl talons, the wingspan doubles and at the bottom quills stick out, now the big part is the face with grows these long leaf like eyebrows that stick out and on the top of the head branches form similar to horns with tiny buds, and the tail grows two additional leaves

  26. The recently released trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has amassed around 5 million views in just two (one and a half if you were being technical) days! Taking into account the already gargantuan viewership audience of 8 million by the announcement video, the Sun/Moon era has already garnered an impressive 13 million views! In a few weeks, the trailer will surely reach around 7 – 8 million dependent on dissemination of news and whether or not it had received its viewership spike yet (which it most certainly has when assessing the data)! This era is going to be INSANE! Will Sun and Moon be the first games since the Generation 1 and 2 ones to break the 20 million barrier?!

  27. I can totally see Rowlet become this gentleman-like owl evolution with a grass cape and a hat made of branches! Just look at that leaf bowtie! It’s the stepping stones to a dapper Pokemon!

    1. Rowlet = Ring Master
      Popplio = Clown / Sea lion that does tricks
      Litten = The tiger or the flaming hoop jumper guy (I’ve never been to a circus)

    2. I foresaw a large sage like owl with long wings with sharp feathers
      A tall slender body with smooth feathery leaves that are razor sharp, and it’s face grows actual branches from the base of the beak and spreads out and these horn like branches can allow it to sense movement, and beak sharp enough to stab through tree trunks

  28. Rowlet – Ring Master
    Litten – Fire hoop jumping tiger
    Poplio – Clown Seal

    Circus theme confirmed…

  29. Does anyone have guesses as to what the “r” in rowlet is for? I can’t for the life of me recognise it having to do with a grass theme.

    1. I was also trying to figure that out. Maybe it’s a play on “roll” + “owlet”?

      1. I found online a few people saying Rowan + Owlet. I gues it makes sense, because it is a tree, but I think they could’ve done better, or worked off of the “t” in owlet.

        1. Yeah I thought of that too. Roll doesn’t make too much sense unless they’re alluding to it being based on a coconut, which are spherical. That seems like too loose of a connection though.

          1. Either way, I hope it has some significance. It is really bothering me because most pokemon have two or three words in a name origin.

          2. Same! It’s pretty obvious what the other two are, Lit + Kitten & pop + lion, but this one is vexing.

          3. The lio in Popplio doesn’t actually come from lion. According to Bulbpedia, Popplio may be a combination of pop and lio from Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua, the Hawaiian name for the Hawaiian monk seal, meaning “dog that runs in rough water”.

  30. Anyone notice the X/Y sound effects in the trailer? I wonder if those are place holders for now

      1. In the Japanese trailer there are sound effects if you listen closely in some parts

  31. I dont know why I’m still excited for CoroCoro when it most likely going to be a repeat of the Trailer yesterday

  32. Does anyone else think Rowlet will lose its Flying-type as it evolves? I can’t help but feel it’ll evolve into a flightless bird like a kakapo (pictured below). Rowlet might end up evolving into a giant, flightless parrot-owl shrub… and I’m ok with that.

    1. I hope so. I don’t like Grass/Flying type because an ice move is an immediate KO.

    2. The description of Rowlet discusses it’s kicks… It could become a Grass/Fighting bird like Blaziken

      1. And then the Grass starters go the fire route and we only get Grass/Fighting

        1. I don’t mind too much. I never pick the grass starter. Although this could be the first, depending on Popplio’s evolution

    3. Rowlets not going to lose his flying type. This secondary type switching happens very rarely in the franchise

  33. CoroCoro is set to release soon. Is there a possibility for any new information? Thoughts?

    1. Well, I think that we might get a little more info on legendaries and maybe more info on region, but I also don’t really see that happening….I feel like there might be some info but it’s probably not gonna happen.

  34. There seems to be people disappointed in the size of the Alola Region. It’s completely obvious that this is not the full region. The map shown is extremely details and obviously an overhead view of the first island. Hawaii is made up of a lot of separated islands, which are connected by ferry or boats. I could image the protagonists moving between the islands using this form of transportation until they obtain the HM of Fly. You cannot even place all of he locations, gyms, and cities on the map. I guarantee, there would be more.

    1. Exactly…I don’t understand how people think the entire region is this one island.

  35. By the way those in Europe wondering why we are getting it late its because back in 2013 when X+Y came out it was supposed to be a worldwide release but places in Europe broke the street date and sold it 1+2 upwards to 3days early, thus royally pissing Nintendo off.

    Were paying the price for this now : But that’s the mystery solved for those who didn’t know 😛

          1. I’ll be honest I think we’re both jealous of each other. Many thing the US gets that we don’t, and there’s many stuff we get you don’t.

          2. I’d rather get the game than get some figures I’d put on a shelf and never use.

    1. Then at least let us be able to buy the game on the nintendo store, that way in won’t leak before. 5 days is a long time, most of you guys will probably have finished the game by the time we get it…

      1. You do realise I’m EUROPEAN ! They won’t do that this is a way for us to learn. Its 5 days that’s nothing be thankful its not 6-9months like it used to be.

  36. You guys I’m such a hypocrite.. . Lol.
    I used to think Popplio was stupid looking…
    Bit after seeing it’s other artwork and it’s amazing personality in game. ..
    I think I want one.
    etc.. …
    If it turns out to be fast I will definitely get it… slow… then I’ll just have Litten.
    I don’t know why I’m trying to make a full team before we’ve even seen the other Pokemon of the gen yet! ?

    1. I’m glad someone seems to like Popplio ! He will be my starter for sure haha 🙂

      1. Yeah.. . He grew on me.
        He’s like .. I don’t need looks to be.. Me! I do my Own Thang!
        Cute in his own way

    1. It could have leaked at any time after about midday on Tuesday in Japan, we could get it at any moment. It is actually on the late side this month.

      Don’t expect anything more than the legends’ names and artwork and Player artwork though.

      1. Yeah, I just looked back at the January 2013 CoroCoro leaks, and detailed stats for Xerneas and Yveltal were given. Unless Game Freak wants to delay this information another month, which seems very unlikely at this point.

  37. Also just a little note on those saying if that’s the whole region or just one island.. Its definitely only part if it its cpbased on 1singular Hawaiian island and in the left there’s a dock to take you to other islands is my guess 🙂 here’s little pic to show you the region island comparison 🙂

  38. Guys I am in love with this : Rowlet if it was a gen 2 starter on the gameboy. Omg I think it is just 10/10 (refresh for image )

    1. I actually love that darker shade of brown, makes it look more earthy! Either way, who cares, Rowlet is awesome! 😀

        1. Same! They’re all very unique, expressive (except for Litten who hides its emotions), and full of character!

        2. I prefer the first stages of the Kalos starters.
          I think the Alola starters have the potential to be far better than what Kalos had, though.

          1. I agree with you here. But I think the fact we were given nice artwork with Kalos starters madenthem more appealing than just the ingame footage it wasn’t until after people saw a good clean image. Either way I defo agree 🙂

          2. I don’t like the in game models much at all. Rowlet seems kinda flat. It’s bow tie doesn’t pop out at all.

            Just nitpicking now, though.

          3. When I first saw them I honestly laughed in a what the hell sort of way but after a second or two I started liking them more and more 🙂

          4. The art work makes them look better.

            I think they’ll be improved by the time the game comes out.

          5. Rowlet or Litten.
            I just don’t want Rowlet to be Grass/Flying but it looks like that’s what it’s going to be.

          6. I would’ve thought the games were farther along in development than that.

    2. It really is a great design. Sugimori wasn’t kidding about the simple designs, and I love it.

      1. Yes I have HUGE hopes for this generations Pokémon. I honestly am getting so greedy and want to see what they evolve into and other new designs !

        1. I just want them to release more new Pokemon than in Kalos. I don’t want this kind of laziness to become a trend for future generations. “Quality over quantity”, yeah right. Their job is to do both.

          1. Here here ! I agree and I wasnt a fan of oh but mega evolutions are basically new Pokemon…. No. Now I actually love megas and like the idea if done correctly. But don’t slap a wig on Ampharos and call it a new Pokemon coz that won’t fly haha

          2. I like the Megas but not enough to sacrifice 40 real new Pokemon for them every generation from here on out.

  39. I am still thinking about Marshadow ….wat if his name from Mars-shadow ….urrrrrrgh I hope I can learn Japanese.

  40. If Popplio goes the Water/Fairy route, I suspect this will be how it kind of looks. *Refresh for pic*

    1. If the face was more deal-like it’d be cool and I wouldn’t mind it… But this looks like it’s half deceased

  41. Can anyone explain the naming of Popplio to me? I still don’t understand it.

    1. “The lio in Popplio doesn’t actually come from lion. According to Bulbpedia, Popplio may be a combination of pop and lio from Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua, the Hawaiian name for the Hawaiian monk seal, meaning “dog that runs in rough water”. Courtesy of @ClausHLuiz:disqus

      1. Oh, pop, as in popping a bubble. That other connection is pretty neat as well.

    2. “Popplio may be a combination of pop and lio from Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua, the Hawaiian name for the Hawaiian monk seal, meaning “dog that runs in rough water”.

      From wiki

    3. Name origin
      Popplio may be a combination of pop and lio from Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua, the Hawaiian name for the Hawaiian monk seal, meaning “dog that runs in rough water”.

    4. It may also be due to the words “pop” and “leo”/”lio”. Perhaps pop, like popping his water bubbles, and lio/leo, for sea lion?

  42. I want a Pokemon like Feebas and Magikarp! Something that at first glance looks foolish and weak but once it hits its second or third stage it’s a powerful and magnificent beast!

      1. xD No, something more meek and terrible than that… like an actual, flopping worm that evolves into a giant, armor-encased and intimidating beast!

        1. Dunsparce needs a Dragon/Normal evolution to justify it’s years of suckiness.

          1. Honestly, GameFreak knows this and is just trolling with us! One of the biggest contenders for a mega-evolution was Dunsparce and then during generation four, when past Pokemon received evolutions, it was also a top contender. Not to mention how many times Ash has tried to catch that thing and failed miserably and how many times GameFreak has shoved it in her heads!

    1. I want a Cod Pokémon. Why because fish fingers are made of COD. Do I want a Pokémon based off fish fingers or the actual fish… Who knows haha

      1. If they do that, they have to include a custard pokemin right next to it in the dex

  43. Popplio’s last stage: Water or Water/Ice or Water/Ground
    Rowlet’s last stage: Grass/Flying or Grass/Fighting
    Litten’s last stage: Fire/Poison or Fire/Electric
    Lunaala, Fairy/Ghost
    Solgaleo, Fire/Psychic or Fire/Fairy

  44. Rowlet evolution line potentially leaked already : ? Refresh 😛 ??? Oh Delfoxxxxx u trickster

    1. It looks beautiful! I could watch it burn to death in a forest fire… the crackle of leaves and wood give me life!

        1. I would’ve preferred if the Fennekin line was just four legged.
          I just don’t think Delphox looks great, especially in game

        2. Everything has potential when it’s a newborn organism (Fennekin) about to fly into a world of unknown and potential. Some reach their highest potential and are loved (Braixen) but others falter and become drug addicts (Delphox).

          1. Hate Delphox at at first look it normal …..but u should learn how to love creepy character…I blame anime team cuz they didn’t show that but Delphox is awesome.

        3. I wanted to see a sleek, feminine red fox…. Like this amazing one. Instead we got this bushy, bland thing with a little stick boring eyes and just plain flat design which in NO WAY shows Fennekin’s potential

          1. I’d disagree, I think it develops Fennekin’s really well through the textures

  45. I don’t know why, but I imagined Rowlet’s evolutions having something to do with coconuts. Maybe it is it’s round shape. Mixed feelings about a coconut owl.

  46. So how many new Pokemon do you guys think come out this Generation? I think somewhere around 90-100. And maybe 10-15 mega evolutions.

    1. I’m thinking around 90-100 too, but how many would be evolution/pre-evolutions for pokemon of previous generations?

    2. I’d rather be pessimistic and think around 70 until proven wrong, though they could feasibly do 90-100 and that would be marginally better. I’d love to return to 130+ odd generations, but GF seem to have decided that megas take up new pokémon slots so I doubt we’ll get more than 100 pokés.
      As for megas I’d predict 20-30 as in XY and ORAS though maybe they will wind numbers down because the novelty factor is reduced and they can afford to dole out smaller offerings in each game.
      It would be really great to have proper evos back as well, alongside megas. I feel a lack of either would be jarring and a missed opportunity.

      I think without being wishful the best thing we can reasonably hope for is that they don’t commit the atrocity of revealing 70-100% of the new mons beforehand.(I’m glaring at you gen VI marketing strategists) That’s just poor treatment of us fans and an obvious case of criminally lazy and badly thought out hype train conducting, because it ruins a lot of the fun actually getting the game provides. And don’t strawman me with “well stay away from leaks then” because that doesn’t change anything to the fact it’s a bad promotional strategy (and not actually “leaks”).

      1. 15 that’s a bit much 10 would be plenty

        Seriously we need to slow down on the old and work on the new

        1. A lot of the old need work honestly, but megas are not the answer to every problem. Hopefully the new ones are better than those in Kalos, which was the weakest gen in my opinion.

          1. Yeah yeah bagging on XY the generation that gave us so much stuff
            Greedy sob’s

            I loved XY

          2. I just don’t like a lot of them. I could probably count the ones that I do on my fingers. A lot of the megas are meh too.

  47. My friend just told me something that blew my mind in the Japanese commercial there’s milktanks face on milk carton lol

        1. Because inherently, down voting is just a bad feature. People would down vote people for their opinions, so only “popular” opinions were seen.

    1. It will be but not like this ……it’s very hard to make him have strong character while he quadruped.

    2. This is just a reskinned Braixen. I am of the firm belief that it won’t become bidpedal

        1. Usually I like masculine character but this time I am just confuse which one should I choose but I feel I wanted moon too.

  48. Am I the only one who wishes they updated the pokédex 3D pro app? It was genuinely amazing (-ly expensive heheh), with prettier and livelier models than xy, and a bunch of cool features. It’d really love to see gens VI and VII as well as megas added to it, would be nice to have the new cries as well (and an easy way to compare new and old ones), and a few extra features and bells and whistles. Would be prepared to pay for it, I find the steep price of the original was actually worth it in the long run.

    1. It’s unnecessary now that the games are in 3D though……If anything they should flesh out the real Pokedex in the games to make it more fun to use.

      1. Yeah fair point it would be nice to see the in-game pokédex fleshed out. I was angry they restricted camera angles in the ORAS pokedex for one. But the thing with Pokédex 3D is it had better models, both in terms of graphic quality but also in terms of pose and personality, compensating for the loss of the charm sprites had better than XY’s bland models did. Not needing to use the models in battles means they can do more with them. Plus I really liked seeing the pokémon in various backgrounds, and it would be great if the pokédex in the games did that as well. It would also be cool and much more practical to get learnsets and all in game as well.
        But I honestly doubt GF would ever be bothered to do that and as such I think a Pokédex 3D update would be a nice compromise.

        1. Oh don’t even get me started about the camera angles…..I loved being able to look at the bottom of all the Pokemon in XY and they took that away from me!!! lol As far as the Pokedex Pro having better models I’m not so sure. I think the models are the same and the only real difference is that the in game ones are cell shaded. I think being in game and having the cell shading gave them an unnecessary jaggedness to them unfortunately. You can blame the 3ds for being under powered for that hahaha

          1. Not getting to see the underside of Mega Camerupt has infuriated me since day one

    2. Actually not a half bad idea (since I have it too).

      They could halve the original price and sell the extra gens as DLC. $1-$1.50 a pop seems fair.

  49. Everybody I’ve seen is saying kukui is the professor, but I thought the professor was hala, with kukui being his assistant…what do you all think? Who’s the professor?

          1. The point was non-professors can dispense starters too.

            But having an old man as a rival or stealth mentor or “guy who randomly pops up and battles you to test your power” can be amusing. <3

    1. I think he could be an up and coming professor. Maybe Hala is a professor that’s going to be retiring and Kukui is planning on taking his place. I honestly think though that Hala is the main prof in this region. Maybe Kukui is more of an engineer and gives you whatever the new device is.

  50. Ok we got our Gen 7 Starters now Trough Gens 1-7 What are the Starters Based on?

    1. Bulbasaur, Frog/Dinosaur seed
      Charmander Salamander
      Squirtle Turtle

      Chikarita Sauropod and herb
      Cyndaquil Echidna
      Totodile Crocodile

      Treecko Gecko
      Torchic Chick then Cock Fighting Chicken
      Mudkip Axolotol/Mudskipper

      Turtwig Turtle again then world turtle
      Chimchar Chimp then Sun Wukong
      Piplup Emperor Penguin

      Snivy Garden Snake
      Tepig Piglet then (can’t remember the name) Zhu Baje
      Oshawott Sea Otter w/ Clam then Sea Lion (design was settled)

      Chespin Hedgehog Knight
      Fennekin Fennec fox sage
      Froakie frog rookie then ninja

      Rowlet Rowan Tree Owl
      Litten Fiery Goth Kitten (may have ties to lava and sulfur)
      Popplio Sea Lion preformer/clown

      1. Ok now we what they are based on now Trough Gens 1-7 What do the Starters Have in Common?

        1. Though species wise they are all Reptiles, Mammals or avian
          They are all capable of transvering on land
          They share the same abilities Overgrow Blaze or Torrent
          Learn Grass Pledge Frenzy Plant, Fire Pledge Blast Burn, Water Pledge Hydro Cannon
          All have three stages in their evolution
          Have a male dominated gender ratio at 85/15
          And always the first Pokemon ever obtained in main games (Excluding Yellow)

          1. Hey dude not trying to rub you the wrong way, only filling the holes in your otherwise great analyses, just contributing extra stuff to the convo …
            Eh I know you’re quite fiery anyhoo but please don’t take it personally I literally just want to give us more information to think with 🙂

            (seriously not trying to one up you, you definitely know as much if not more than me and frankly I’ve better to do than try and one-up the one person most likely to call me out for it here)

            Actually a bug starter would be sweet for once.

          2. I’m sure I’ll be dead by the time they give us a bug starter unfortunately

          3. Hmm interesting Ok now we know what they Have in Common Now What motif pattern that the Starters Have?

          4. Arceus enough with the trivial stuff
            I may be savant for Pokemon but enough of the quizzing

            And I can’t really say Starters have a strict motif pattern

      2. To complete this a smidge (though it’s mostly complete)

        The bulba line is more dicynodont than dinosaur, and venusaur incorporates a rafflesia

        Charizard is obvs a dragon but that goes without saying

        Wartortle has elements of a japanese yokai turtle iirc

        The Cyndaquil line goes echidna/hedgehog-stoat or similar mustelid-badger or wolverine

        Grovyle and Sceptile obviously are also based on theropod dinosaurs

        Torterra is an ankylosaur with world turtle thrown on top

        Empoleon is also based on Napoleon Bonaparte

        The snivy line incorporates elements of european influence (Serperior has Fleur de Lys on it’s body), the tepig line chinese influence, and the oshawott line japanese influence with the samurot the samurai (durgh)

        There’s a decent theory Chesnaught’s shell is based on that of a Glyptodont, which fits the fact that all grass types can be somewhat assimilated to prehistoric creatures, though less of a distinct and surefire pattern than zodiac fire types (wonder how the rowlett line will do this? Oh well there are fossil owls and seperior only fits in the theory through similar logic)

        1. Look I know that crap I was focusing on the starters first stage not writing a gigantic data sheet

          1. Oh I don’t doubt that but you did cover the whole line on occasion and my ocd kicked in, plus having a more comprehensive look gives better insights 🙂

        2. I believe that the water starters have some tie into war. Blastoise has guns, Swampert has a jet like propeller on its back, empoleon is obviously like an emperor, samurott is a samurai, greninja is a ninja, but I’m not sure with Feraligatr. But yah that’s a pretty popular theory

          1. AH yes I have seen this floating around (lel), seems even more tenuous than the grass thing but nonetheless it makes sense. It’s certainly more distinct as a conceptual theory than that whole thing about semi-aquaticness, that just seems artifactual IMO.

          2. Yah. That’s kind of obvious. But I like the theory of the water starters being war themed. And if Popplio turns out to be a clown then we can all agree that the theory can be put to rest XD lol

          3. Lol, for some reason its tail reminds me of a jet. But I guess it isnt :/ lol I don’t know why it reminds me of that though XD

          4. You’ll want to be looking at mega swampert’s swimming mechanism 😉

          5. I know the orange gill like things play a part as they swell with water
            They may propel it similar to a siphon but honestly we only got the one trailer

          6. It’s also in it’s concept art from the ORAS pokédex guide. TBF though why would jet imply war? Feraligatr seems more war-prone than Swampert…

          7. Because people use jets to fly. Mega Swampert uses jets to swim. Am I really pushing this? XD 😛

          8. Screw pushing
            *Grabs you overhead and plainly chucks you off a conveniently placed precipice*

          9. *Nonchalantly accepts this slightly early instance of an ultimately inevitable demise, looks back on life, feels grateful, appreciates Earthen’s thematic use of a precipice to cause death, dies in a colourful splatter of blood and organs”

          10. Finally a confirmed kill, most would’ve smart alecced their way out of a gruesome Earthen death but damn finally

          11. 😮 sorry :'( lol I don’t actually think that Swampert is connected to the war theme XD

    2. Fire: Chinese Zodiac (a bit of a stretch since Fennekin is the “dog”)
      Water: Semi-aquatic creatures
      Grass: Plant and animal hybrids (I think.)

      1. One popular theory about grass types is them being based on prehistoric creatures, which definitely doesn’t hold as well as the zodiac thing but works pretty solidly for all but Serperior (who doesn’t contradict it, just means you have to stretch it to “there are fossil species of these things”-probably where Rowlett is headed though I’d love to be wrong).

        As for water types I couldn’t think of a pattern, I guess because the semi-aquatic one is just that blindingly obvious… It’d be nice to have a proper fish for once though. I’d always envisioned a water/poison clownfish with an anemone tail that evolves into a cleaner fish and and then a lionfish, with a signature poison bubble move!

        1. Well are there giant snakes or prehistoric owls in the past? Servine is arguably a raptor though. Maybe.

          As for plant and animal hybrids, there is a contrast between the starter grass types and the non-starter grass types. Almost all of the non-starter non-legend grass types–correct me if I’m wrong–can be described as “mobile plants”–contrast them with the starters, Shaymin, Virizion or Celebi.

          I don’t think the water ones being semi-aquatic is as obvious as you may think, though. But if it seems a bit shallow and maaaybe the connection should be something cooler or deeper like zodiac animals or dinosaurs, then unfortunately I don’t have a clue to a more cool commonality between the water starters yet.

          1. Yeah there are giant prehistoric snakes like Gigantophis or Titanoboa and prehistoric owls like Paleaoglaux.
            As for water types, dow below Pokemania88 brought up the war/weapon theme which seems even more tenuous than the prehistoric one but works on some levels.

            The things with semi-aquaticness and plant-animal hybrids is that thought the patterns do hold, I feel they’re not a thematic pattern as much as just representative of what gamefreak considers as suitable concepts for starters, because of the need creatures that are mobile on land, and the desire to keep it animal-based and more appealing I guess?

      2. I saw that water is based on weapons ( guns, knuckle, i forgot swampert one, trident, sword, ninja stars) and grass were prehistoric fossils

        1. The water one is good! Very good!

          As for the grass, we already tried dinosaurs but we’re not sure about any prehistoric snakes or owls… unless Rowlet becomes some sort of hybrid with Pterodactyl or Archaeopteryx in the end.

  51. Someone posted this on 4chan, and I actually would be really impressed if this happened:
    “Sun / Moon take place in Alola which is made up of 8 islands.

    The first island contains only brand new Pokemon. There is one main city on each island. The next 6 are based on previous regions only vastly scaled down, for instance the second island is modelled off Kanto, in that you start at a southern port town and travel north through a forest area and then through a mountain cave and so on, mostly Kanto Pokemon can be found.

    The third island is modelled on Johto and has a traditional theme. The fourth is Hoenn and has a wilderness theme. The fifth is based on Sinnoh and revolves around a large central volcano. The sixth is based on Unova and is a bunch of smaller islands connected by bridges. Seventh is Kalos and has a flower theme. Each island contains mostly native Pokemon to each region as well as some others.

    The final island is post-game and home to a large resort and hotel very similar to Unova’s World Tournament where previous leaders visit and challenge each other, however there are more facilities so it’s similar also the the frontiers.”

    1. If this happens, I will throw all my money at Game Freak. Although for the sake of the region and flow of the game I don’t think they will keep Alola pokemon exclusive to the first island. But bruh, this would be freakin amazing.
      And it would make sense since it is the 20th anniversary games!

      1. Absolutely agree! However, I wouldn’t like it filled with cameos either, since I don’t want S/M’s plot to intermingle with anything we’ve learned about past generations. It does fulfill my wish to see different landscapes, however.

    2. Seems like a cool idea rolled into a rumour by the usual temptations of human nature to me, but it’s definitely interesting.
      I’ve got to say cool as it is though I’m not a fan of it being true, because then Alola wouldn’t be it’s own region which doesn’t seem quite fair. Plus this makes it seem like a farewell tour which is alarming…

      1. I agree. If this concept doesn’t come into fruition, I would still like some kind of differentiation between the islands–I don’t want them all looking the same, like the same color scheme and everything.

      2. I have to agree with you as well. But I think the word needed is sprinkled. I think if they “sprinkled” some hints on the islands of them loosely based on the 6 regions then that would be cool. I think I just really want there to be variety in the region lol

        I just kinda hope we don’t have to look at palm trees the whole freakin game. I want towering Mountains, huge cities, small villages, desert, swamps, jungle, foresty areas etc.

        1. Honestly, for these games, this is the thing that I want the most. Variation. With one massive region, there is a plethora of variation from city to city, but in this case, GF is (likely) throwing a curveball at us with different islands. As a result, they have to make it up by giving each island its own feel or landmark, so we feel like we’re in a different part of the region, not just plots of land that look the same with a few exceptions.

          1. Yep. I feel like Hawaii/Islands don’t have a ton of variation, so I really want confirmation eventually that we will see something interesting and not water, sand, tree, volcano, water, volcano, tree, beach, tree, water, tree lol

    3. I call bullshit, but sounds cool. I don’t like that old pokemon appear though, unless they appear in the postgame.


    Know how sun is often male ( appollo for instance) and moon female ( artimis), is this same design seen in the legends? Is that winged bat thing in anyone elses eyes feminine at all ? Not sure if it fits with the whole blood sucking bad thing, right…

  53. So particularly the Sun and Moon anime peaked my thoughts
    I wonder what hair colored Female will be the next sucker to be paired with Ash, I’m leaning towards the brunette
    And I can see her picking Rowlet but Ash’s Grass type history could come into play I really don’t want to see Ash or the Female get Litten only because Litten just does not seem like Ash and we just had Serena get Fennekin also fire
    Now as tradition a young Gym Leader most likely the mature one of the group and cooking the dinner, maybe some wise for his age tan island boy who wants to explore the world but yadda yadda reasons

    Also freaking give us another Paul we need more jerks

    1. When one life meets another life, something will be born.

      Please give us a Paul. PLEASE

      1. I should insert myself into the anime and fight Ash myself and end him personally

        1. lol. Ash is honestly the least relatable person ever. But I kinda like him in this anime. It’s quite good honestly

    2. Yeah I was thinking Ash would get Rowlett or Popplio, I have a gut feeling probably Rowlett. I’d wager the girl still gets Litten because it fits the usual pattern, but it would be nice to shake things up. Haven’t watched the anime in years so don’t know much of the more recent rivals, but Paul was definitely one of the more interesting characters the show has put out.

      1. Well, Miete is a pretty good rival for Serena. Sawyer’s alright. I like the trio of Shauna, Trevor and Tierno. They stand out more in the anime than the video games.

        But none of them are like Gary/Paul.

        1. Miete and Serena are two bitches fighting over Ash’s Butt
          Sawyer’s a nerd
          And the Ditz, Nerd #2 and Fatboy

          We need a rival that is not only better but straight up dick
          I’m sick of all friendly “I’m your rival but also your buddy” bullcrap

          1. Ash is definitely more interesting when he has someone to hate/obsess over beating. Then you actually get pumped watching his matches.

          2. Lol, I personally love the Miete and Serena duel. It cracks me up.

            But Sawyer is meh. I think the trio is alright. Who else is there? That’s all I can think of.

        1. Nah, he’ll get Popplio. Or he will get all of them like he did with the Unova starters. I hope not. I like when each person gets a different starter. But, I think Popplio and Ash is what it’s going to be.

    3. I feel like Ash will get Rowlet, save Popplio from a Circus, and Litten… I’m still unsure about Litten. Doesn’t have that starter feel.

    4. I’m 99% Sure he will get Litten and it will be his Greninja
      And a Popplio

    5. (Wispers).. serina will get poplio and ash will get either the rowlet, which fits him or litten

    6. I hope we get a Darker skinned female companion, and hopefully she will get Rowlet.
      Would wish for Serena to tag along, so we’d have two female companions for the first time.

          1. We got plenty of time before it
            We still got the Pokemon league and Zygarde arc and the oh so popular previous gen companion arc undoubtedly Iris

          2. Who says it has to obey to fight
            It will rampage, but once it discovers Dragon Rush doesn’t work it will become furious and lash out EVERYTHING

  54. I’m surprised Corocoro hasn’t leaked yet. I bet it will leak tomorrow.

    *Waits for Chico to nag me.*

      1. Also when will you use reactions with a animated girl that doesn’t have a pig nose

  55. Okay, so some discussion:

    If pokemon were real, what would your partner be?

    But Pokemon in the real world could be dangerous so make sure your partner would be a Pokemon that isn’t considered dangerous to you (example: legendaries).

    Mine would probably either be Charizard (with Charizardite Y), Garchomp, or Greninja.

    1. Two pokemon that could bite your head off or burn you or stab you. Nice. Totally not dangerous.

      I would like a Piplup or Bastiodon. ALL THE BIRBS AND ALL THE WATER TYPES AND ALL THE STEEL TYPES.

      1. Lol I like your thinking. But I’m saying if I was their trainer, then I would choose those. I basically meant anything as big and powerful as a legendary is no good XD

        But good choice with those two.

        1. Wailord would be nice. Idk. There’s so many I’d want but there’s also so many that I can’t think of them all

          1. I know I feel the same. I always have a hard time deciding what my favorite pokemon is. I definitely have those 3^^^ on my top 10 list though 🙂

          2. Tbh Pokemon would be pretty useless in the real world since fighting would be banned and they’d have the brains of our animals. I’m all for holographic battling though

          3. Obviously it ain’t happening but I just thought it would be interesting to see your thoughts.

            But one day holographic pokemon battling will be a thing and it will be an AMAZING THING!!!! 😀

        1. Definitely my top two. I have a hard time picking which one I like more. Fortunately Empoleon exists.

          1. Exactly! That’s why empoleon is one of my favorite starters of all time but I o back and forth between the two myself

        1. Yeah, I would just like to mega evolve it and ride it like an X-Wing from Star Wars

    2. Azelf would be pretty useful. I’d make it teleport me to my apartment and it’d help me with chores since I live by myself 5 days a week now. And before you say “legendaries”, he’s probably smaller and safer than the huge ones.

      1. No, that makes sense. Azelf is one of the wisest of pokemon. So definitely a very wise and great decision!

        1. The problem is, it’s too smart and probably can read my mind. Smart enough that I can’t just walk out of the shower willy-nilly anymore. Or browse hentai without feeling ashamed.

          Also I have to make sure it doesn’t use Explosion.

          Yep, those are downsides…

      2. So how you gunna find one
        And wouldn’t some quicker more experienced trainer snatch it right up
        Only one

        1. Well, hey, I can dream, right? Details of how I’m actually going to get one aren’t necessary. Heh heh heh.

          In all likelihood some major protagonist or villain is gonna have something that powerful, though.

          1. No dreaming
            And you can’t just waltz up to the cave of Valor and just be like hey Azelf wanna hang, it would be long gone when any humans approach

    3. Zorua! I just love it so much and to begin the journey with it would be so cool. I’d also like a Togepi if I can get to have two lol

    4. Rhyperior, it is my Soulmate
      And next would be Excadrill who you all know is infinitely important to me

    5. Haxorus of course. Maybe it can help me gardening or cutting vegetables for dinner. However, it seems more likely for Haxorus to cut my head off.
      I guess I’ll go with Piplup then. Much safer.

    1. I’m Really not surprised… . Lol.
      But I’m surprisingly satisfied with what we have gotten thus far

      1. Haha, so first month they troll us with no info, promising a feature on Sun and Moon in the next issue. Next month they troll us with a “feature” but with basically no information. They then promise us with a big scoop in the next issue. Finally the next month arrives, with no pokemon information whatsoever. There was a big scoop, but it was not from Corocoro. Now they’re like, LOLZ we’re finally done trolling you. Next month we will have a sun and moon feature, information will be provided AND WE WILL BE THE SOURCE.

        Either this was an elaborate prank in line with some strange Japanese sense of humor or…

        it really can’t be anything else.

        1. See the post I made earlier please. Last month they said that there’ll be a big scoop in May. Usually if they’re going to be the source, they will specify it, which they did not do. Pokemon SM was also not mentioned in the preview for this month’s issue.

          In Corocoro’s defence, they’ve revealed numerous important Pokemon including the vast majority of mythical Pokemon (possibly excluding Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys, I can personally vouch for the rest), Zorua, Zoroark (the first two gen 5 Pokemon), Munchlax (first gen 4 Pokemon, the gen 5 starters, the gen 6 starter evos and more. It is highly likely that they will reveal quite a few new Pokemon, just not this month.

          Oh, and they revealed mega evolution.

    1. Holy moly. Could you imagine the pokemon we would have there!!!! I can see lots of Sky Battles there for sure!

    2. Also, there are some snowy regions in Hawaii. Could we see a city all the way on top of a mountain??

  56. Just sayin, in one of Masuda’s blogs it said: and lots of suprises in these video games. Although I don’t remember which one

    1. The grass bird concept looks more like it is steel type or something.

      Flying-Grass-Steel triple-type desired by the artist?

      I kinda dig the propose Popplio evo, even if it’s basically just more of the same just more badass than before.

    2. Those are some neat predictions.
      But I have a feeling Popplio’s back pedal will get more prominent and allow it to move more.

      Litten’s evo looks amazing. Wouldn’t really changing anything on it.

      Now Rowlet’s evo has some issues but looks good as well.

    3. I’m hoping Litten keeps it redness and sleekness. That bulky things borders on entei/ solgaleo. But I can see it loose it’s black colour when it evolves burning off the oil, though I’d rather it didn’t happen

    4. I fear the more people try and predict the evolutions the more disappointing they will actually be hahaha

      1. Something like this would be awesome!! I want him to really turn into a complete bad ass

    5. damn… it’s making me love rowlet even more!!!!!!! Other two are great aswell though.

  57. To those complaining about Corocoro not having anything, I hate to be that guy, but:

    a) Corocoro did have a large scoop on Sun and Moon, it was just exactly what was revealed in the video, so the leaker decided not to leak those pages.

    b) Corocoro never said that “the announcement everyone has been waiting for” will happen in May’s issue, they said it would happen in May. So they never promised that the following issue would have news. We got a huge scoop

    c) They have however said that next month’s issue (next month’s issue specifically, not just next month) will have a huge scoop.

    So if next month’s issue doesn’t have new info, I’ll join you guys and rage about it, but not this month.

  58. Remember this “water hotel building”?
    See it anywhere on the Alola map?
    No. So multiple islands basically confirmed.

      1. The island is not cut off anywhere, except for the black rocks in the ocean. This is the entire island.

        1. I said top portion dummy
          And I say so because there is a building right in the middle of the land and where there could be more

          1. Oh I get it.
            But the entire scenery around the water building also isn’t seen. It’s pretty clear to me that that building is not on this island.

          2. Do you?
            Because it is clearly on the island and it’s highly unlikely that they wouldn’t have a little bit more

          3. Of course I don’t. That building is on a completely different island. It must be.

          4. And regardless if it’s on this island or not, there are undoubtedly more islands to this region, so it doesn’t matter. I personally don’t think it’s on this island either

          5. Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about the house that we can see at the northernmost edge. The water building is def not on this island, why the hell would they build such a structure on this kind of empty island? I agree with you

          6. *inbetween pounding head into the wall* The Topmost *wham* part of the *drywall cracking* the island in the middle a red building the one *crash* behind the mountain

          7. Are you kidding me? I’m not talking about that at all. I am talking about the water building in the very first trailer of SM. Just go see my post. God.

          8. *Intensely glaring* there is a good chance that there is more to this island and said building could easily be on a outstrip of land behind the area that is being cut off by clouds

          9. In my opinion there isn’t. But I’ll stop here because you’re pretty stubborn. Let’s just wait, we’ll see later.

          10. I don’t think that there’s a more northern part for this island, it doesn’t look cut

          11. Because you’re being convinced by a layer of clouds and thinking its the sea

      2. I don’t see anything that is cut-off. I know your talking about the top portion of the island. There are various islands to this and Hawaii. We’ve seen the entire first island at this point.

    1. well I only count a couple of pokemon centers, I believe we can say that this isn’t the whole world of su & moon, else I would be done in like jhalf a day I guess exploring it..

      Looks more like 1 city (ish) then an entire region

    2. LOL I’m not sure if you noticed but that is just concept art, and it may or may not have been scrapped. Or its there and you just cant see it yet on the map that they showed. 🙂

        1. maybe, maybe not, all I was saying is that just because you don’t see it there, doesn’t mean that there are going to be several islands to explore. Plus to me the picture kind of looks very league-ish, it could be the pokemon league. 🙂

  59. Here’s a look at the route sign. It was in the same scene with the female character running downwards to the girl at night. Notice it uses the colours of the US Interstate Route Sign and the Green Sign, which indicates a direction.

    1. Nice find 🙂 It’s more or less confirmed that the new region is Hawaii, especially when you watch the Japanese trailer, but them using the US signage is a nice touch.

    2. Oh wow it really does look like a US road sign!!! that’s a great catch! I’m starting to love al the details that are gonna be in this game. Plus presumably this is just some of the relatively earlier looks of the games like with XY. So slightly ore detail and texture could be added!! I’m so excited to explore the Alola region!!

  60. Startling Anime news everyone
    First of all Sawyer’s Doublade and Clawitzer has very interesting battling motions, extremely impressed with Clawitzer blasting itself around with its claw (Also they float but can’t fly)
    Ash’s Noivern is revealed to have learned Dragon Claw
    And for the first time in the series Ash did not sync with Greninja, they were about to but fell into some kinda internal revelation or something and their heart rates fell out of sync and lost to Sawyer for the first time

    1. So you felt the need to post it and spoil it for someone who wanted to watch the episode online ?Dope

        1. Well yes when someone doesn’t want to see it. Personally I see them all day one first so it doesn’t bother me. But you ruin someone else’s day doing that.

    2. Good Ash needs to start losing to Sawyer now. If he continued to win then when they got to the league it would be very weird…unless it is fact Sawyer that beats him there. Either way I find the conflict between him and Greninja interesting and something that can breath newer life into the idea of their sync. If there are no obstacles then what’s the point am I right?

      1. Of course not
        Everyone knows it takes roughly 3-4 weeks for those guys to neatly sub it
        And the fact the episode aired today so don’t expect anything but RAW until 2-4 weeks

  61. So I guess they didn’t reveal the names of the legendaries (although we know what they will be in Japanese). I can’t stand having this loose end until next month or more.

    1. y they tell us that then?… next month will provide a huge scoop on Pokémon Sun & Moon??? !!

  62. Can anyone really say they are surprised CoroCoro didn’t give us anything? Last month it didn’t specifically say it would have info. It just just said the info would come to us. And guess what, IT DID! lol I hear people are getting angry that nothing was in it…..That’s just silly. It promised us info this month and we got it. It just never promised us that the info would be coming directly fro it. CoroCoro uses it’s words very carefully and if it say info is coming you better believe it’s coming. Next month it says we’ll be getting info specifically from the magazine. We have no reason to doubt at this point that it’ll supply us with the goods lol

    1. I swear if next issue is just Solgaleo and Lunalaa I am going to bust a gasket
      I demand next issue at least give the bird and rodent and maybe a little something out of the ordinary

      I have a really high hope for a Grass/Fire Wooden Tiki Doll that becomes big kahuna idol with flames spurting out

      1. We’re getting into the actual season for news so I wouldn’t be too afraid of something like that. June is typically a pretty big month for revealing new Pokemon. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the bird and a few new mons that we haven’t seen yet. Plus maybe a better look at the region as a whole.Also the grass/fire Tiki would be amazing!!!!!

  63. Some people on Reddit think the silhouettes are the Gym Leaders, four of them labelled, with the others likely on top, hidden from view. What do you guys think? Caitlin, Pablo, Hoku (confirmed from trailer) and Ed.

    1. Could very well be. They’ve done hidden stuff before like that I think and it would be a great way to subtly hint at them without actually having to commit to it. lol

    2. They’re not the names of the gym leaders. There’s no type affiliation in their names, examples being Brock having rock in his name and or how Korrina’s name has the sound of the word arena in it (i.e. fighting arena). Those are the names of the students. Near the end of the Japanese trailer when the Japanese kid says, “My name is Shohei,” the native Hawaiian kid replies, “My name is Hoku.”
      Also, right when the Japanese kid and his mom arrive in front of the store selling Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, you can spot “Solgaleo” using it’s signature move, which looks similar to have a slightly similar animation as “Lunaala’s” signature move, just in a different angle.
      Oh, and the mom isn’t the same skin tone as your character in this game like the mother in Pokémon X & Y was. One more thing, this island region isn’t completely shown. There are clouds obscuring the view of the top half.

      1. Well I would react the exact way I did when I saw Fennekin change into Braixen…. CRY 🙁

          1. honestly though I think the one that’;s gonna look the most amazing is Popplio. Although I like it the least at the moment.

    1. I know I said I like evos that are just the same but more, but this is too ridiculously same to the base form, I don’t dig it. I gotta ask for a little more complexity from these concepts, whoever drew these.

  64. The CoroCoro has leaked and it has nothing for Sun & Moon. They just said that they will become the official source of Pokémon News once again, while promising something for the next issue. I was at least hoping to see a proper recap and some artwork of the recently introduced characters. Yet, it seems like we got nothing once again.

      1. Who is your bae now? May is still my hoe until we see official art of the Sun & Moon female character. Based on your profile, I’m assuming Kukui!

        1. Yes Alola husband
          Archie is Hoenn husband
          Byron is Sinnoh husband
          Drayden is Unova husband
          Lysandre was Kalos husband
          Johto didn’t have anything except Kanto husband Lt. Surge.

          1. I won’t lie in rare moments even I may fall victim to a very nice beard but Earthen still looking for a big sweet mama to call my own

          2. I will say bigger girls do tend to be more attractive but I’ll stick with my men

          3. Hahhaha I thought I was the only one having husbands around the pokemon world :’)

  65. So I’ve been wondering about our big lion and bat
    I know it’s Sun and Moon and our Legends often have ties to the title in some way but I wonder if they’ll do something different

    I don’t think these Pokemon have complete dominion of the Sun and Moon but they drew great power from these celestial bodies and used the power to do something to the Alola region

    Now we need a evil organization to harness these Titans for their own selfish world dominating reasons


    1. I have no clue what they’re going to do. I can’t even think of my own theory aside from starter evolutions.

      1. Well I got one theory but it only works if Solgaleo and Lunalaa command night and day

        These Pokemon are said to be the bringers of Day and night and their power must be in perfect balance otherwise the celestial cycles are damaged, and I can easily say we need consistency of daylight and darkness since if one side grows too powerful the world falls into disarray

        I can see big phat greedy tycoons who could abuse the power of the sun to fuel solar panel sales or force the world into nightfall so people use more energy (before anyone ask yes this is totally a steal on Mr. Burns)

        But in their conquest this greatly upsets the natural order and therefore evoke the wrath of Perfect Zygarde and causes all this crap to fall together

        1. Well let’s see. Gen 5 GF attacked PETA with Plasma. Gen 6 they attacked fashion with Flare, and now they could attack the “green” movement that tries to make money off of overpriced, low quality “green” products.

  66. This has nothing to do with Sun and Moon. But I’m kinda afraid Ash will get knocked out of the Kalos league pretty fast. Did any one see episode 25?(SPOILER ALERT) He lost control of Greninja near the end of his battle with Sawyer (which he ultimately loses due to said lost control of Greninja)

    1. Yeah, and (SPOILER) loses to Sawyer because he depended on Ash-Greninja way to much.

      But I don’t think Ash will recklessly just use his Greninja in the first couple rounds. He knows from experience that he could potentially lose. So, I don’t really worry. But I think that he will lose in the semi-finals.

      1. Agreed, and I think he needs to add more spice to his team. Way too much relying on Greninja atm. Has to train his entire party, and not just Greninja. I’m kinda hoping he’ll bring back Charizard for the league (maybe with a mega stone, but thats probably too much dreaming XD)

        He seriously needs to train his Noivern. It hardly has any battle experience and loses to a Clawitzer. Noivern’s a pseudo-legendary, Ash needs to work with it a lot before entering the league I reckon. Potential powerhouse right there.

        1. I kinda miss Goodra, and really hope Goodra comes back for the league. I really really hope that happens. But yah I hope he trains Noivern.

          1. Yes, but if Goodra doesn’t come back, then Noivern needs to be trained. I mean, it’s just terrible!

          2. His Noivern is shy, kinda introvert and really attached to Ash (which is a good thing though) but I think it also prevents him from battling with his full power. Noivern is serious shit if you train hard with it, you can’t tell me it can’t be on par with his Charizard in terms of power

          3. I can definitely see Noivern having so much potential if trained in future episode, it’s just so weird seeing ash have three flying types in his team

          4. Oh! Well that’s good that goodra comes back. So, is the league gonna be this season? I’m guessing this is the last season before Sun and Moon, right?

          5. They always have that after season where they just travel from place to place like in black and white, they went to the decalora islands with dawn and Cynthia and in hoenn they had the battle frontier but I’m just hoping they move on to the next series though. Also, I wouldn’t mind if there was a new protagonist as well but that’s just my opinion

          6. I kinda want them to start Sun and Moon ASAP. I wouldn’t mind a Battle Frontier type of post-league season but the Best Wishes was meh.

          7. Best Wishes was horrid, and Ash’s team bar his Krookodile was fking pathetic as well.

          8. Who knows, judging by the series’s title, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Team Flare/Zygarde arc are the remaining episodes, and that they’ll make a seperate season for the league and post-league, like they did with the Black and White arc.

          9. Maybe, but I feel like with how close Sun and Moon is I don’t think they will have another season. But I also didn’t enjoy the Best Wishes stuff so maybe that’s why I’m hoping there is no post league season XD

          10. Yes, but how many episodes are in a season? I guess that would be stretching it…

          11. We still got a lot going on
            Ash still doesn’t have 8 badges
            We are definitely getting a Zygarde 2-3 parter arc
            And the lastly Iris is going to show up (Which I extremely can see Drasna being involved)

          12. That’s true. I forgot about Iris lol. Ash gets his 8th badge very soon though (in Japan) and of course the Zygarde stuff will have several episodes. Then we got all them in betweens. I think we could see another season.

            Besides the league what would be in that season?

          13. Well, his Goodra returns in episode 29 (I think its 29), so maybe it’ll rejoin his team.

    2. (I had a summary of notable events)
      Ash needs to get his booty kicked hard in the next upcoming episodes
      I got a hunch Greninja might ditch Ash because of this dependence

      1. Well, he pretty much beat Diantha, so I was sort of getting hyped for a potential league victory, but this new episode totally destroyed that. Sawyer really isn’t that good of a trainer, kinda reminds of me Ash in his early days. Although it is sort of impressive his Sceptile can Mega Evolve

        1. Both of them are turds
          I want to crush them with my Ground Type Pokemon

    3. He almost won against Diantha in the previous episode though.
      Besides,the only reason Ash lost is so Greninja can run away in the next episode and so Ash and Greninja can have some development which will lead to Ash-Greninja defeating Wulfric’s Mega Abomasnow

  67. I saw somebody mention this page from the book in the 3rd movie. Think they drew inspiration for the sun legend from this?

      1. As for me I just want to use only native Pokemon in sun
        Then for moon Earthen goes to Alola to further his mastery of Ground Types

        1. wat’s ur opinion on it ? ……I need those words from artist like u …any advice?

          1. I used to practice every day and I totally sucked when I started out but I just started by copying picture off the internet through my drawing and see if they look alike but I never trace

  68. I can’t deny drawing Litten evolution Fire/Dark type ,u can criticize as much u can except saying he look like fire/fighting.

    1. Pokemon website describes Litten as having fur with flammable oils. And apparently, the symbol on its head is the alchemy symbol for sulfur.

      So atm, I’m calling Fire/Poison

      1. Ehhhhhhhhh I don’t see Oil immediately as toxic in nature, but then again Smoke and Sulfur fumes can be poisonous

      2. I know about alchemy symbol ,I hate Fire/Poison compo but if happen it could be like my art ..u know shinobi or ninja assassin use poison needle For assassination.

          1. that wat I see when I look at him he looks like wearing helmet with symbol on it , If u read the dex entry …what they mean by Litten always remains coolheaded and doesn’t show its emotions on the surface …this is look like assassin Feature….don’t forget u said it should be have shadow sneak.

    2. A quicket of knowledge, those markings are meant to symbolize the chemical symbol of Sulfur
      I can see a mountain lion/tiger who inhabit active volcanoes
      So maybe a blazing Panther

      1. it’s to it’s too difficult to make characteristic quadruped,and I know how GF style would be.

          1. ppl have the same feeling when they predict Finnken evolution …but feeling give u nothing.

    3. It’s pretty good but because I’m choosing litten as my main starter, I’d prefer if it stand on all fours

      1. all ppl want him stand on four but I am trying to predict what is evolution looks like.

  69. Plot twist: Aqua and Magma come back to try to keep the sun raised or flood land with the moon’s tidal control. Archie lost all clothes and now roams in a speedo.

    1. The Archie in a speedo part repeats itself inside your head, ain’t it? 😛

      1. It was my avatar for a while actually. Everyone complained so I changed it.

      1. New Archie killed people in the Manga. Not sure if it was Special or not but he did. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  70. I wonder if a possible 3rd game could be titled Eclipse or gen V alike over do Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. But that is thinking way ahead, but just a thought.

    I wonder about the Villain team and their design, will be tough to deliver something original. Also Name? And signature pokes! I need a mean poison-flying parot or something.

    1. What if the bad guys were based on the Hawaiian Witch doctor or the tribe members?

  71. Just 2 Corocoro pages and no any single info about S&M …I had enough with disappointment.

    1. And I have my fears that E3 won’t deliver onto us a glorious trailer

      1. maybe they’ll do something the same time as e3 but not technically e3

  72. I’m finally done with testing!! (Well except for my Calc BC makeup, but I should be fine for that)
    I’m so happy, I’ve had a test every day since last Monday! 😀

  73. I’m hoping that if we get another eeveelution we get 2 hopefully ground and poison you know since one is always weaker to the other

  74. Apart from the slight Disney vibe from them, I think these are a nice representative of what the potential final evolutions for the starters could look like. (Refresh for image)

    All I’m saying is gimme all 3 if that’s the case ?

    1. Honestly, I really don’t dig these versions… especially not Popplio’s evo.

      But to be fair, at least this evo’d Rowlet concept doesn’t look like it’s steel-type.

  75. What is everybody going to school for? Major, degree type, or if you’re still in grade school, what is your favorite subject? What do you hope to be doing as a career?

    1. Judging by your name, you and I have something in common!
      I’m going to major in Microbiology & Mathematics, favorite subjects are math and science of course 😉

      1. Yay, a fellow microbiologist! Words of advice, if you plan on going into research and/or grad school, take Quantitative Analysis. Biotech companies/Medical facilities LOVE that.

        1. That’s exactly what I’m going to do lol. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. My younger brother is currently working on that right now as well. I hope you love math!

          1. I’m proud of being a nerd. If it means that I love doing the work I do and have a genuine passion for it, then so be it – I’m a nerd and there’s no shame in that.

          2. You’re hopeless, dude. I feel sorry for you. I hope one day you can actually be yourself instead of hiding behind that wall all the time.

          3. Jerk? How? I genuinely feel sorry for him like I want to know more as to why he’s so defensive. If anything, I would love to help him as I’ve gone through stuff like that growing up.

          4. He’s an adult and can take care of himself. Acting like you know everything about him when you really don’t like that is rude.

          5. How do I act like I know everything? All my comments have ever been is that I feel sorry for him. That’s literally all I have ever said. Plus, in other people’s comments I’ve replied with my personal experiences, so how is that justified as knowing everything?

          6. I speak my mind,
            Everyone knows that sometimes I can be a genuine bastard, but other times I am intelligent, spontaneously violent, illogically violent, vindictively violent, but hey it’s my nature, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be generally nice,

          7. Thank you for that and now I’m understanding you more. Afterall, you are THE Earthen Warrior 🙂

          8. However, I would like to apologize if I ever said something that hurt you in any way. That was never my intention.

          9. #mathisall haha without math there’s no physics, without physics there’s no chemistry, without chemistry there’s no biology, and without biology there’s no life.

          10. Does it make you feel better about yourself by trying to put others beneath you? Are you not a nerd yourself?

          11. Gaming Nerd is awesome and you should be proud of that. I know my wife does. I, unfortunately, do not play too much games but that’s my choice. I may venture out…maybe

    2. Just finished my Hons Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Law ?

      Stay in school kids if I can do that anyone can !! Haha

    3. I’m still in high school but I’ll be pursuing classes to go into marine rescue or something involving marine wildlife.

      1. That would be awesome! Keep up the hard work and never look back. The goal is in front of you.

    4. Finishing up my BA in Communication studies. Had a great time in college. It can be hard at times, but this whole thing has been very rewarding. If you can find one professor that you really connect with and inspires you it makes all the difference. Some of the professors I’ve had were amazing to the point where I wouldn’t want to have changed anything I did. I would never want to have a world where I didn’t have them as teachers. Now onto the real world!!!!

      1. I’ve had the same experience. My advisor was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a better professor, and now a colleague

    5. Getting ready to go into Entomology in the fall. Bring on the creepy crawlies

      1. I wish my undergrad (and grad) school had entomology. Iostly know that as vectors for certain diseases.

        1. Yeah I was trying to find something interesting and it was between Entomology or Marine Biology. Decided to go with Entomology after researching a lot of different bugs

      1. That’s awesome! Back in high school I used to record songs with my best friend before he was diagnosed with cancer

          1. It’s hard and I still think about it a lot. The memories, somehow, make it easier because the good times are what counts

    6. I’m a third (soon to be fourth) year Video Production student in high school. I’m considering entering the film business. I’d love to work for Pixar, as their movies have been a big part of my childhood and their headquarters are VERY local for me.

      1. I need to see what my cousin is doing because he just graduated from UC Irvine and is working on the trying to get into Nickolodeon

    7. Next year I’ll (hopefully) be in a programming class. I want to be a game designer!

      1. That’s great! A few of my friends and my younger brother took a game programming class and had lots of fun making their own games. His final is to play his game with his professor.

    8. To all that replied: You all have restored some more hope in me for the future. Good luck with your endeavors and never give up. Even if it feels like the chips are down, don’t give up and keep pushing!

    9. I am OOOOOOLD, but I took Computer Science in college. I am now working at a bank supervising ATMs, and I’m about to move to a new position about messing with numbers in Excel, which everyone thinks I’m a genius at.

      1. Computer Science is awesome. I’m old too (28 lol) we have a couple of computer scientists where I work who make programs for us so we can see how the protein we make affect pathogenic toxins, as far as structure goes.

  76. So here’s a thing. Supposedly CoroCoro stated that they’d post a video on their channel this month with exclusive Sun and Moon news. This to me is an interesting thing if true. Why would they show exclusive info on a video and not have anything in their actual magazine? Also what could they possible show off that isn’t what we’eve already seen? Wouldn’t they want something like that in their magazine?

      1. Joe Merrick (Serebii) tweeted about it a few hours ago. I’m just not sure what they could show at this point without it being either brand new or redundant.

        1. That’s true, but maybe we’ll get some clarifications on things we got. I’d personally like some official arts of the main characters and Kukui.

          1. True. There are a bunch of characters they could give us art for. Plus we still need the legendary Pokemon names officially revealed.

          2. I think it’ll be a while before we get the legend names. Wasn’t there some time between the original trailer for XY and the reveal of Xerneas and Yveltal’s names? I could be mistaken though.

          3. Nah we got Xerneas and Yveltal’s names immediately. They were shown in the trailer and then that same month they were in CoroCoro with their names. We had to wait a bit to find out their types though..

          1. I think we’ll be waiting until next month for any new Pokemon beyond what we have already. They wouldn’t want to jump the gun after revealing the starters and legendaries. The’d want to let them stew around for a little bit before throwing more at us lol

    1. Could be the names of the legendaries? They revealed Xerneas and Yveltal very soon after they were shown.

  77. You guys. . How long do you think it will take for Powersaves to hack this pokemon game? It is on the same system as last gen. .. I am Not about that breeding life. But I guess I could just use a perfect ditto created through hacks

        1. Ughhhhhhh I take the time to breed my shit while some douche just types a command and gets it without any labor

          1. I breed my own pokes too but I can see why people hack breeding takes a long time. It’s hard to put the time in when you got other stuff to do.

          2. My buddy gave me 6iv Dittos with the most common natures. Yes, they were hacked and those are what I used when I played competitively during the beginning of my post doc.

          3. It’s… a game. Powersaves don’t create anything that couldn’t happen with breeding. If a Pokemon was hacked or bred means nothing in battle, and you would never know.
            Plus, many people don’t have the time to breed for perfection or find people willing to.
            If it keeps the fan base strong..
            And people playing, supporting Pokemon in general so there’s more gens.. then I say.. it’s a good thing. And Nintendo must think it’s decent to or in sure they could find some way to stop it.
            Regardless, it will happen..
            And it doesn’t make you better for breeding.. it’s a game

          4. Blah’= I see you’ve made a good point and I can’t think of anything good to say to counter it.
            You’re welcome 🙂
            I like many others weren’t play a game we know we can’t be competitive in knowing it would take forever to breed full teams.. on top of it being hard to find people to help without long lines.
            It helps the games Thrive

          5. Phhfthh Blah = Bitch stop cheating or I’ll shove a pineapple up your ass sideways
            Cheating is still cheating, it don’t matter if they’re bred to be legit you still fabricated it out of nothing without any work, if you want it to be real make it real yourself

          6. I never said it wasn’t cheating..
            I’m just perfectly ok with doing it..
            it’s still “real” all data…
            And I like my daily pineapples Anyway I can get them!


          7. That leniency sickens me, but like it matters nobody has any fucking morals anymore
            But that won’t stop me

          8. Morals? You mean only in Pokemon? You just cursed and threatened me all in one reply..

    1. I am about that breeding life, but not the soft-resetting legends life, which is why I swore off VGC 2015-16. 😀

      I bet my dittos can still be transferred to the new game so I can get started immediately.

      1. I just freaking wish Gamefreak could give us a Legit 6IV Ditto
        That way we can officially get competitive Pokemon without hacking
        But still will have to get the nature’s and the Ivs on the eggs right, it’s the only thing,

        1. I have hacked onesy buddy gave me. I didn’t know they were hacked until I put the pieces together lol

          1. Sigh I’ve been there, hey I even got a Shiny 6iv Ditto off WT that….honestly hasn’t seen much action, I sent it to OR but I really don’t use OR
            Buuuut I may give it to S&M IAN, but I’m still holding out for a legit on

          2. My best legit Ditto is 4IV from Dexnav, though. Someone who’s tried harder can probably get more. 6IV is still rare tho even from Dexnav.

          1. It really would, I just want others to put the work in too
            I spend the time doing this stuff while others cheat and support cheating
            It’s just a gigantic middle finger to me and the very few who actually work for it

    1. Lol a lot.. not that much though. Plus I always pause a ton on the starters animation

      1. yeah I watch more tan 20 times at first ….yupe I keep my eye on starters animation.

        1. Idk how many times Ive watched it I just know it’s a lot and I still keep watching it I do love the starters they really grew on me especially ROWLET!!!

          1. Litten for me. wat expect from one his favorite is the tiger his favorite color is black and he have fire starter strike….but I still don’t believe he will sand on four legs though.

    2. I’ve watched it a lot. I know there’s not too much to glean from it after a couple of days of people staring at it, but I find it interesting to stop it at certain points to try and see something I didn’t notice before.

    3. I haven’t watched it yet today, but the day it came out, I’d say about 30, and I grab my own screenshots to show here or on other forums.

      I also have the trailers on my ipad so I can show it to randoms.

  78. The 2DS is going to be only $80
    I finally convince my friend to buy one to play with me.. because it’s.. Sooo Cheap
    I used to think these things were stupid.. and I thought that he thought we were to old to play.. but he has a problem with one eye and I think this gave him confidence to play it, on top of the price…
    We both want litten ?

    1. I still didn’t know how 3ds price? ….I visit many country its price is always different, I want buy one before SM release.

    2. I’m getting one because my wife and I don’t like sharing her 3DS all the time lol

    3. Well if he can’t see on one eye, he can’t see the 3D anyway on the 3DS so this is the perfect buy. $80 is ridiculously cheap, why would anyone get anything else? Congrats on getting someone to join the hype train.

  79. Speaking of the trailer I have another thought. anyone else notice how blurry and pixelated the map art is? I feel like even if they tampered with the general shot of the pic as to only show us a little it’s too weirdly blurry. Any ideas? Could that be an in game shot of it?

    1. Personally I think that’s just the 3DS’ graphics for ya… I also feel we see the entire map. I think the fact we only see 2 Pokecenters shows we will visit other islands

      1. But what I’m saying is that if it’s just an image of the art it wouldn’t be blurry like the game is (due to the 3ds having questionable graphics) So is the image of the island itself coming from the game or were they just being dumb and used a low res version of the art?

          1. It’s very tricky as the video itself is in 720p. Which isn’t all that bad a resolution.

          1. But why would they use such a low resolution pic? I find it very odd.

          2. maybe there an explanation for this …..if this is a not isolated pic ….I mean if it’s a shot and they show the hall map in this 3d render that’s too difficult and with all these details in the game they need to very powerful Pc to make it quickly.

    2. I agree with you. I thought the same thing, and I concluded that it looks shitty cause it’s probably an in-game shot of the island. Might not be the map, it might just be the opening cut scene or something.

  80. Litten really looks nice, but I REALLY hope it doesn’t become Bipedal, it would be complete turn off. The only way to tell is to look at second stage, normally they are bipedal by second stage. It’s between Litten and Rowlet, Rowlet looks promising the whole way through, but Litten looks much nicer now, but bipedalness is a turn off.

    1. Its so dumb when four-legged starters become bipedal, especially if they’re based on an actual four legged animal, like Fennekin.

      1. I understand.. but personally.. this would be the first poke.. I wouldn’t mind turning to two feet.. if it stayed short and cute for a change.. I’d actually Really like that

          1. Greedy… killer .. no way. He’s not about showing emotions. But I hope he’s cute.. they rarely are though, I know

          2. I said this many time not showing emotions is a sign for being sneaky assassin.

      2. It’s called creative liberation. A quadrupedal delphox would just be a boring copy of nine tails. I rather have a sick fox witch. I think it’s worse when a bipedal starter poke becomes a four legged animal out of nowhere… Cough, oshowott

    2. My youngest brother wants Litten and I really hope so
      He and Litten look and act alike (Like if you took Undertale’s Sans and put a human boy in that hoodie) and I totally would support him playing a Pokemon game

    3. Not the cyndaquil line tho. Cyndaquil and Quilava are both quadrupedal, but Typhlosion is bipedal.

      Litten should stay quadrupedal, I just hope it doesn’t become bulky (I prefer speedy pokemon, and Litten is my favourite atm). I’d like to see litten become a Fire/Poison panther or puma personally, in reference to the flammable oils on its body.

      1. all cyndaquil line r quadrupedal and bipedal at the same time …i mean they r quadrupedal but can stand on 2 feet .

        1. Curiously, if you look at their sprites, Cyndaquil and Typhlosion are always bipedal, Quilava is always quadrapedal.

          1. I’m talking about in-game sprites, not the anime. I’m well aware that all three have been shown as bipedaland quadrupedal at different point in the anime.

        1. Not necessarily, Litten itself is just a normal kitten. If it does become a tiger tho, it’ll be bulky. I’d personally prefer a puma or a panther, since they’re much more lean as animals.

          Why do you say it’ll become a tiger? I’m curious to know your reasoning.

    1. General consensus around the fandom is that this is only one of the islands that make up Alola. If you look at the bottom, the map is cut off. There could also be more to the north as well.

        1. The picture you’ve given isn’t crystal clear, there could be patches of grass that we haven’t seen. It would be odd to have an island without any pokemon.

          1. Well it’s the picture they’re giving. I bet there’s some conservation of detail involved and there’ll be tall grass and people and more buildings when zoomed in.

          2. So do I. I don’t think we’ve seen all of Alola, it’s at least a month too soon for that.

          1. Don’t act like clever man I mean the grass we know when music battle should begin .

  81. Yo I remember something
    We’re getting new moves
    I really hope at least every type gets like 3 moves that could be fair
    Also some new abilities to shake things up


    1. We are, one has been revealed, and two more have been shown:

      Leafage-Rowlet’s starting move

      Sun legend’s signature move-If you look closely at the japanese trailer, the screen at the front of the video game store shows something using a firey beam attack, this could be the sun legend’s signature move.

      Moon legend’s signature move-both trailers show the moon legend raising it’s wings and firing six beams that combine into a single larger beam.

        1. Did you see the sun legend move? I’m impressed, I thought I was the only one that looked that closely at the trailer.

          1. I am extremely observing
            I even call it Solar Flare and Celestial Burst

          2. Nor would I, they’re good names.

            An amusing point to consider, one suggestion for Tepig’s english name (back when Tepig was only known by it’s japanese name Pokabu) from one of the other fans was Pignite.

          3. Solar Flare is a good name for that move. I’m assuming Celestial Burst is your name for the moon legend’s beam attack?

    2. I felt like Litten is using a new attack.. mow just hair mixed with ember in the drawing.. may be wrong

      1. Different pokemon use attacks differently. Litten’s ember is probably a ignited hairball.

      2. It’s confirmed to be ember unfortunately. The three attacks are Leafage, Ember and Water Gun

    1. I’ve seen that theory too. I saw a set of fake final stages where Rowlet becomes the ringmaster, Litten becomes the tiger that jumps through hoops, and Popplio becomes a seal tossing a ball.

        1. No problem. I did here elsewhere that the symbol on Litten’s forehead was the alchemical symbol for sulfur (that combined with the flammable oils in its fur could indicate Fire/Poison), but googling it proves that false. The circus theory appears to be the most valid one atm.

          1. As a scientist, eehhhh…i tend to steer away from alchemy and leave it as is lol. I like my chemistry the way it is.

          2. Really? What kind of scientist are you? Not meaning to be rude, I’m genuinely curious. I’m an engineer, but I do like meeting other people involved in STEM.

            As for alchemy, I’ve always been very curious as to the more mystical parts of our world (hence why I like Pokemon and Harry Potter), plus I really want a Fire/Poison starter.

          3. I’m currently a Molecular Microbiologist. The company I work for is actually utilizing silver to disrupt the protein structure of bacterial cell walls, toxins, and viral protein coat. So far it’s proven affective at some of the local hospitals.

            Love em both too. A fire/poison starter would be amazing!

            What kind of engineer are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

          4. Wow, that sounds really interesting 🙂 So you’re using silver to try to destroy bacteria and viruses?

            I’m one subject away from completing a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, specialising in structures. The branch of Civil Engineering that I’m in is the one about making sure buildings don’t fall down, so answering questions like how thick to make the floor slab, how wide to make a column, and how much steel do we need to put in.

          5. My parents wanted me to be a Civil Engineer. I was doing it for a little until I took Statics. After the first exam, I basically said NO not for me. I have a new found respect for Civil Engineers. The physics has to be just right.

          6. Yeah, you have to be pretty good in maths and physics to do civil engineering, especially for structural. I had an entire subject last year that could essentially be summarised by Hooke’s law (The force in a spring is equal to the stiffness multiplied by the extension).

            It was on using a powerful method of analysis called the Finite Element Method, where you model every beam and column in the structure as a spring.

          7. I also took engineering physics and man it was rough haha. But it has given me a bit of an edge in the job market. I actually might be moving towards southern California (I’m in the bay area right now) because a company wants me to make monoclonal antibodies for them. I love physics and its helped me in the biochemistry/physical chemistry aspect of molecular microbiology.

      1. These designs aren’t gave bad but slightly basic, but I definitely don’t mind the circus theme. Imagine if Rowlett gets a top hat made of leaves and a stick for cane? Haha.

        Also the more I look at puplio (whatever its name is), the more I would love for it to be part psychic when it evolves.

        1. They did say they’d go back to basic designs and Pokémon basics of battling in the future. I think that’s why the starters were so well received after so many overly complicated designs in 5 and 6. (5 had the best designs overall, but I mean starter wise they were over complicated and sucked.)

          1. I actually like this set of starters the best, It’s the first time I like all three. Although I like Litten the best and Rowlet the least, I’d give Rowlet an 8, Popplio an 8.5 and Litten a 9.

        2. I saw someone suggest somewhere in the fandom (Can’t remember where, I float around various sites, though I post the most often here) that Rowlet’s final would cross it’s wings in front of it to look like a waistcoat/tuxedo. I feel like that and a top hat would be possible, but the cane wood be (sorry, typo, I meant would be) overkill.

          For Litten, I’d be slightly disappointed if it’s real final looked like this, something about the ring just doesn’t look right. Maybe it needs to be further back, like where Arceus’ rings are.

          And for Popplio, I just wish that the final stage is a bit more colourful.

      2. I don’t mind these evolutions, and I’d pick Popplio and Litten if this were true. It would also seem like Rowlet is the tightrope walker rather than the ring leader.

    2. And wasn’t there some circus-like concept art back in the Sun and Moon reveal trailer? Interesting.

    3. Could be… Rowlet could be the ring leader (monocle, top hat, boetie), Litten the tiger and Popplio the clown… I really hope not though, I hate the circus and clowns are scary.

  82. I just need my PokèHusbands to come to my bed and console me until more news comes. Preferably Alola, Hoenn, and Sinnoh husbands.

  83. So, I wanted to see what you guys can come up with for this: In every pokemon game right before the next generation, there have been hidden messages and little hints as to what new mechanic, story, or game is coming to the Pokemon franchise.

    For example, in black and white 2 Colress talked about a pokemon with full potential. A pokemon with maximum power.

    And then we got Mega evolution. So…. Anything in ORAS/XY that might lead to these games?

    1. I think there’s a couple, here. It starts with the Tiki Mask.

      Some people got distracted by the colors of the backpacker though, thinking he could be from Germany instead.

    2. What were the others? FRLG had the wireless adapter which lead to wireless battling, HGSS had the Pokewalker that lead to pokemon amie.

      1. I don’t think the Pokewalker thing is true. The FRLG is definitely true. I don’t remember all but there are certainly subtle hints….

    3. Archie can fill me with power.

      Tbh no. I didn’t see anything in ORAS. In XY I think there was something about retaining mega evolution power but I’m not sure if I dreamed that or not. I need to finish my second run through of it. I just forgot how boring it was.

    1. It’s also interesting how The rival has the Starter weak to ours,which means we might have another rival..

        1. I hope it’s not the opposite gender protagonist, though. Heh heh.

          (Though not like BW, wherethe opposite gender protag doesn’t appear in the story at all, and they cameo in the battle subway.)

    2. What trailers? Unless you meant that we can see battles in the trailers?

        1. I feel stupid now… in my defence, when I posted that, I couldn’t see the pictures.

          But that does improve the overall experience, as well as them removing the circles pokemon used to stand on.

          1. I like the expression on Rowlet’s face, as if it’s resigned to the fact that it’s about to be burnt to a crisp.

      1. Well, we don’t know that for sure because the first battle in X and Y did not have circles and that’s what we thought, but there were circles.

        1. There were circles in the XY reveal trailer battles though, whereas there aren’t here. I agree though, we need to wait for a wild pokemon battle to be sure.

    3. If that guy is the rival, then now we know he picks the starter that is weak against yours.

      1. That kind of stills worries me because what if it’s as simple as XY and ORAS. I want a difficult game you know

        1. They should make 4 difficultly levels (available from the start please). The bottom two levels he would pick what you are good against, and the top two what you were bad against.

          1. Yeah I wish they would do something I know they want to be easy for children but come on look at RB they had the difficultly on what you would pick

    4. What if he just picks the one he likes the best? Whether it’s weak or strong against the one you pick? Or it’s just random? I do hope that there is a second rival that picks the other one…

  84. Ugh it’s been 2 solid days and I’m already craving more info
    The dust has settled and we got nothing!

    On the other hand I made space on my mantle for Sun and Moon’s Cases
    But that’s the limit

  85. I cannot wait until November 18, when Pokémon Sun and Moon are scheduled to be released in America. I hope it will be there at GameStop along with the Official Strategy Guide (which is something I will read before playing the game), too. 🙂

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