New Pokémon in Corocoro Trailer?!

Japanese comic Corocoro has recently uploaded a new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon and in it is a very brief glimpse at what appears to be a new Pokémon. The Pokémon appears to be some sort of canine/feline species (seen in the image below on the left). Could it be a new Eevee evolution early-on dog Pokémon similar to Lillipup?

New Pokémon

Very reminiscent of Espurr being found before having been officially announced!

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Go create one and maybe it will be featured here!

  1. Das Fluffën !!! In my head that’s German for Dog, in reality it’s just not haha.

    Seriously tho a nice early normal type dog but not as robust as Stoutland would be welcome 🙂 Cats have had there time by now haha

      1. Isn’t that a Pomeranian? My sister has had a bunch of them. They’re adorable little fuzzers.

    1. why would another dog be a problem with all the breed of dog we have, in the real world, there would be many a breed in the poke world as well.

    2. I would like to see more dogs, there is much potential….and it looks like one. Maybe a husky or a similar dog…

    3. every gen have at least one dig line…..I hear many dog howling out side though.

  2. Lol could you imagine if they made a literal papillon dog pokemon, Normal/bug type?

    1. Speaking of bugs I have a insane idea for a Bug/Ground Type
      A literal Rhinoceros Beetle
      A massively pachyderm with a tough beetle shell and horns
      I mean people might call it a Rhyhorn Heracross fusion but I still like the concept

  3. So our little mystery Pokemon seems to be mammalian in nature
    Either cross with a Doe and a Rabbit
    Prominent Ears or Horns
    Pink brown coat with some kind of fluffy collar
    I can deduce (heheheh Duce) it is a normal type
    But too early to say regional rodent

  4. It could just be an evee with a collar, maybe its a sign of pokeon customization

  5. I’m guessing that it is the starting rodent-like animal. I wouldn’t mind another dog similar to Stoutland. I’m guessing this is the beginning area of the game. I seriously can’t wait (yet again) for next month’s issue.

  6. It’s look like a dog for me …… could u know about corocoro trailer Sunny?

    1. I’m going to answer as I imagine you meant me as sunny lol Well for one, Serebii mentioned that a video was going to be posted by CoroCoro this weekend. I guess they said something last month about it, but it was swept under the rug for whatever reason……..oops I probably shouldn’t mention that name after earlier today hahaha Either way I saw about it on twitter

    2. There is more than one Sunny in this jungle. Although I haven’t been that active due to university as of recently.

        1. Yea I joined a day before the announcement of the newest generation and coincidentally my name and icon kind of went along with the new generation.

          1. You can have the sunny name. I might end up changing my sunny to the moon lol

          2. I am fine either way. It would only mean that their is another orb that will shine in this jungle. Continue being you. Nevertheless, thanks for the concern.

  7. They wouldn’t have fully evolved Eevees in the first hometown. It’s more than likely the local dog to be caught in the first route.

      1. that’s right at first look I thought it have a spiky ears but it still dog by the way.

      2. Our of curiosity.. Do you like the song Moving by Supergrass? Your name reminded me of it.. which.. I love ❤

        1. Each leg’s foot is darker then the shadow
          It’s not a Deerling but a entirely new Pokemon

      1. I don’t think it could be a deerling. I don’t remember any of the seasonal forms having a white tail.

      2. A long shot but what if it’s based off the Dik Dik? Still too stout but the overall size and height match it.

      1. Hahhaaha I didn’t know but when charcoal is an item that boost fire move sound logical.

        1. Ok haha I’m hoping for Fire/Dark as well. As far as color schemes go, it definitely fits that typing.

  8. Looks like a deer to me like deerling…. What ever it is, it must he the starting normal

  9. In anime news Ash is bot to get his 8th badge so 6 1/2 months of kalos anime left. Get ready for the goodbyes of clemont bonnie serena and the saddest, dedenne!!!! Dedenne is too adorable to go 🙁

    1. We still have the Pre-Pokemon league misadventures and some Zygarde arc
      And Iris

  10. What is everyone’s biggest fear about the games? Mine is not including difficulty options, and to make it even worse, a game as easy as X and Y. Seriously, they did this once before, so why did they ditch it? I would prefer to have it available at the start and not have it depend on what version you buy, but either way, they need to include this.

    1. I’m scared of the final starter evolution, of having a map too linear, boring and uncharismatic characteres, not enough new pokemon and more than everything, I’m scared that the game will be too eay :/

      1. I am fearful of lot of things in this game, but above all, I want difficulty options, or at least a game as hard as DPPt.

        1. Yeah same! The “difficulty” of X&Y was ridiculous. Gym leaders and regular trainers didn’t even felt differents… It was a real bummer. Unfortunately, I just think it’ll only get eaier and easier :/

    2. I have the same fear I hoping it’s not as easy like X/Y. In fact I’m hoping GameFreak don’t do anything like X/Y with Sun and Moon. I’m keep my expectations very low with this game, I don’t want to want to be severly disappointed like I was with X/Y.

      1. Yeah I get you! I also hope they’ll drop the “3 pokemon per trainers” bullshit.. it’ll be nice :/.

        1. I know right? All gym leaders had only wtf no challenge at all. Remember when catching legendaries was actually hard? I caught Yvetal on my 1st try.

          1. Hhahahha Yveltal was such a disapointment, it made his great entrance just to be caught after 2 balls, ridiculous. I don’t get why they drop the difficulty this low, I hope we’ll be able to choose our difficulty degree (hard mode please!)

          2. Me too because the easy mode of the game will start to become a problem for me, sooner or later :/

    3. I really want to be able to take off my hat with trainer customization. That really bugged me in Pokemon X&Y.

    4. Literally two things (ATM)
      Popplio being a potential Fairy
      And less then 6 fully Evolved Ground Types; I pledged to do Ground Monos of every and XY denied me that with only 2, and since I don’t use Legends I only had Diggersby which I used in XY and is now a sickening meme

  11. I’m not sure if anyone has pointed it out, but in the Japanese trailer (found here: ), at around 0:42, you can see the sun legendary’s (probable) signature move! The trailers really only show the moon legendary’s (probable) signature move.

    1. This is meh. I like the art but I really want Litten to be like a Puma or slim Tiger. A lot of people make it look like a bulky fire tiger but I like the sleek design of a puma….

    1. which site ,give us a link ?……..wat that mean fire-ground type this is horrible.

      1. the official japanese site for sun & moon. Apparently someone decrypted it…

    2. i just don’t believe these typings…

      fire ground?? howwwww??
      water fighting? Perhaps perhaps…

        1. That’s right but he represent most natural element in general GF can give him any type but not ground this is ridiculous.

        1. No, it’s real. You can type in the URL that they have in the graphic and it will literally take you to what they say it is. I’m not saying the starter types will be as outlined, but these types do exist in the web code.

          1. Click on the URL that I posted with the Japanese over the brown background. in the URL, it should have a portion at the end that says “icon03.” change the “03” to any number in the picture you posted above. “icon04” will get you fire.

          2. but if these types do exist in the web code is that supposed to mean something?

          3. Well sure it could mean something, but who knows. Given that if we go in order Litten would be Ground/Fire, that doesn’t really make any sense( should be Fire/Ground).

          4. It shouldn’t be any of them, maybe these just the types on the game I mean they r separated type .

          5. It means that Popplio, even with a base 50 sp. att. will destroy Rowlet with an ice beam and Litten with a surf. This is what it means.

  12. This is very off topic, but I want to give my thoughts on the circus starter evolution theory. I, for one, am against it, but I will have no problem with this as long as it is EXTREMELY subtle. If they go all out with it, if it turns out to be real, this would ruin the starters for me. If there are very subtle hints, such as Popplio doing tricks (which he already does), or Rowlet being sophisticated and fancy, or even just Litten having a fire ring move, then I have no problem with it. My fear is that they go all out.

          1. it has a magic wand… It doesn’t look like a fox anymore, more like a character…

    1. Ken Sugimori in an interview said that 7th gen Pokemon designs are gunna be simple. I don’t think the starter evolutions are gunna be over the top.

  13. So if this decryption is in fact correct
    Rowlet is Grass/Flying
    Litten will be a Ground/Fire (which makes zero sense giving it primarily Ground)
    And Popplio Water/Fighting

    Overall I can say I’m thrilled and enjoying the chaos, Ground and Fighting go with me like that *snap*

        1. I Know. That’s why I cannot understand your scepticism on Litten evo being part ground

    1. If Litten is Ground/Fire I’m going to be so upset. I just wanted a Fire/Dark Puma

    2. Nothing about Litten screams Fire/Ground to me so I don’t really understand the choice.
      Not a fan of any of the typings, hopefully the designs justify it.

        1. Litten doesn’t make sense to be a ground type, like Tepig becoming a fighting type.

          You only really like it cause of the typing let’s be honest here

          1. So every fire pokemon should be part ground because sulfur is a volcanic material?
            I don’t understand your justification

          2. Well with that given it will have a Lava Theme, and they did this already with Camerupt

    3. I don’t wat the point of those codes but it looked a separated codes maybe we misunderstanding this.

      1. I keep telling you sulfur is its face
        And it’s a volcanic mineral
        So we’re getting a Lava Tiger

    1. Poplio is beast. Probably my favourite starter this region thus far. Depends of evolutions now.

    1. Please oh please let Rowlet become a griffin! Idc if it’s still Grass/Flying!

    2. I don’t like it. The design is kind of complex, and it doesn’t really fit into what Rowlet is.

  14. Skiddo was also seen before it was revealed. These are intentional on Pokemon’s part, to increase interest. We now have four unnamed/unannounced Gen 7 Pokemon, including legendaries!

    1. That’s how you get people talking. I always loved how they do that, the speculation goes through the roof

    2. yeah there’s a long line of history of pokemon being seen before reveals
      I remember when lucario was such an awesome pokemon in the mystery of mew movie that I was pumped for Gen 4

      1. I think they should have put a Gen 7 Pokemon in last year’s movie, because we were kept in complete silence until this February’s CoroCoro with Magearna’s reveal. I know we’re all excited and hyped now, but for a whole 12 months our potential hype was being wasted.

    1. I hope they go back to the ‘bad ass-style’. I know a lot of people love Goodra, but I think it looks too sweet.

    2. I hope it’s something different like gen 2
      I love myself a dragon but some variety would be nice

      1. Maybe they’ll give us two like in gen 3: one dragon and one differently typed Pokemon

    3. Well there’s metagross. It isn’t a dragon. Speaking of metagross, I’d love another steel type one.

      1. I was hoping for a dragon-type that hasn’t been done yet
        like Grass-Dragon (not temporary dragon :/)

          1. exactly
            wouldn’t lava dragon be fire-dragon or ground-dragon
            cuz there’s already good examples for those two

  15. As I am in the early stages of restarting my Soulsilver, I have quickly realized how bad/mediocre a majority of the Johto pokemon really are..

      1. I was really excited about playing through the game without trading anything over but I’m looking at my options and going, “all the good ones are later in the game/in Kanto or I’ve already had them.” :/

    1. I totally agree. The Johto Dex is in my eyes the worst one. 50% baby Pokemon and 50% Pokemon that are “okay”.

          1. Mehhhhh. Cyndaquil is just okay. I really only like it because it’s a fire type.

        1. In my opinion:
          1 – Sinnoh Dex
          2 – Unova Dex
          3 – Kanto Dex
          4 – Hoenn Dex
          5 – Kalos Dex
          6 – Johto Dex

          1. I never get why people bash on Unova. Sure, Vanniluxe isn’t a Pokemon design to write home about, but other than that it has some of the most beautiful Pokemon. I’m glad I found someone who thinks of the Unova Dex as one of the better ones.

          2. A lot of them are usable, which is why I really like it! Unique typings and thoughtful designs = yes.

          3. I’ll give it a shot too.
            1. Hoenn
            2. Sinnoh
            3. Unova
            4. Kanto
            5. Kalos
            6. Johto

    2. I feel like it’s a bit low on flying types.
      Apart from Xatu there are no flying types I like that much.

      1. Yeah I have Spearow right now but Spearow isn’t really one of those pokemon to get excited about having :/ Also, Noctowl should’ve been part psychic. They should retcon it now.

    3. Johto has some of my favorites.

      Totodile line, Ampharos, Furret, Togepi (Later evolves into togekiss in gen 4) Slowking, Scizor, Heracross,Houndoom,Skarmory, Kingdra, Tyranitar then the 2nd best set of legendaries

          1. That’s what I’m trying to figure out lol. I chose to go with Chikorita since I’ve never had one so it’s looking like:
            -Espeon (?)

            I’m trying to use pokemon that I haven’t before so my favorites are being left out

          2. I’ve never used Meganium in my life haha. I like your team I guess. Maybe use Tentacruel instead of Gyarados to avoid the electric weakness of Fearow AND Gyarados. As for the ground Pokemon, I’d choose Golem just based on design (and based on the fact that Nidoqueen is poison like Tentacruel). Doesn’t sound like a bad team to me.

          3. That’s probably what I’ll do! Unfortunately the random geodude I caught and trained has a modest nature and it’s killing me. I told myself I wouldn’t worry about that stuff though >.<

    4. Tyranitar is Johto Pokemon.

      But you can’t get it until right at the end, and levelling up is horrible in those games. Something they definitely should have fixed in the remakes.

        1. It’s annoying how they made literally nothing good available early on, I away had to go with the same roster. Starter, Ampharos, Lapras, Victreebell. Didn’t even have a full team, cos the levelling up is so poor.

          1. And how a decent bit of Johto Pokemon aren’t available until Kanto part or just very rare. Thus why some people think Slugma and Skarmory are Hoenn pokemon

    5. This is a cool coincedence considering i’ve been marathon-playing the pokemon main series.
      I’m currently playing Heartgold and I just started the Kanto portion

      1. My team right now is:

        Not exactly the perfect team because half can be decimated by electric-types but it’s worked for me so far

          1. well my scyther has technician and it tanked half the elite four so it does pretty well on its own 😀

      2. Heyyy saame
        I just beat Sabrina with:
        Im doing it with a challenge. Battle Style- Set/ Only using same amount of pokemon as gym leader/ No healing during battles. I like how fresh Kanto feels after leaving Johto

        1. I had never played pokemon heartgold/soulsilver before this marathon so it’s been amazing

          1. Marathon started with Firered/Leafgreen (Which i had played to the elite four but didn’t beat them),
            then it was Platinum (which i finished but I didn’t feel like catching post-legendaries)
            and now I’m here :3

  16. I don’t really like Fire Ground and I don’t like fighting types in starters anymore… so if these are true Rowlet is my choice!

    1. Only negative to Rowlet is the awful Grass/Flying combo.
      It’s weak to so much. If it gets thick fat I would be happy but it’s unlikely.

        1. I just wish the starters wouldn’t be stuck with blaze/torrent/overgrow as their primary abilities.

          1. Yeah. Well who knows? They are breaking alot of traditions with these games so they might get new abilities in their final evos

      1. Meh I don’t really care for the bad type advantages for in game starters, if anything it’s a challenge, plus It’s flying so I don’t have to waste a space for flying type

        1. As long as it is a physical attacker so Fly is useful I’m okay with it.

          1. If it is that’d be nice, with Leaf Blade and Drill Peck and Brave Bird

          2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got Double Kick “drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks.” Maybe it can get Spinning Bird Kick (points if you get the reference)

        2. considering most grass types always are confined to just using grass-type moves they have to be lucky to get another type of move like dark or else be forced to use TM’s

    2. Correctionb: I don’t like fighting types
      Easily one of my least favorite type either 17 or 18th place

      1. I like certain ones. Lucario, Gallade and Breloom for example. But most of them I’m kinda “meh” on

      2. Fighting types are beast. Probably my second favourite, Steel being number 1, followed by a tie between Ground and Fighting.

          1. Funnily enough my favourite legends are actually Dragons types, Lati Twins and Rayquaza.
            Probably because there haven’t been many steel type ones, Registeel is meh, Dialga is pretty good, Arceus- Steel is meh.

          2. My favorite is a tie between Dragon and Ice. Ice needs to be buffed in SuMo, seriously

          It would have the most amount of SuperEffective stab attacks

      3. My favorite typing is Dragon maybe tied with Steel, which is why I hope Haxorus will get a Dragon/Steel mega (which isn’t unlikely, but I don’t see it happening). My least favorites are Psychic, Bug and Fighting.

        1. That would be bad ass. Patch up that defence, and give it a few resistances. That thing would be a menace.

  17. What are some of your pokemon pet peeves?

    I usually pick water types. So I never get to use Lapras in the games I can get it easily in and I really like Lapras.

    Also when you put up a repel and you still encounter pokemon because the front member is low leveled

    1. My pet peeve is having an HM Slave
      or grinding
      I don’t like grinding

      1. I’ve managed to go through Pokemon Heartgold without grinding for a long period of time yet
        I was about 10 levels under lance’s strongest pokemon at the elite four but I pulled through
        it was worth for me cuz i just really really don’t like grinding >_<

    2. Grinding for Ralts on route 102.

      Must have played through Emerald like 20 times, never left Route 102 till Ralts was mine.

    3. 1) Grinding
      2) Saving cool pokemon until late into the game and then when you get to them they’re massively under leveled, forcing you to grind…..-_-
      3) Pokemon that should be able to learn fly but can’t!
      4) Pokemon with terrible stats. Why do they exist if they’re unusable?
      5) Gym Leaders/E4 members with pokemon that aren’t part of the type they specialize in…
      6) NO DARK GYM

      1. 5) when the fighting elite four member in Johto pulls out an Onix amirite?

        1. Stupid Bruno. I’ve thought of another: HM’s. Honestly just replace them with TM’s that mimic the attack power of surf/fly and designate a 5th slot for these moves so that they’re unusable in battle but don’t have to take up a slot. Or just give us key items instead? Weed wacker, Flashlight, iron fists, teleporter, swimsuit, rebreather?

      2. I actually don’t mind 5 when they have some sort of moves that are related to the location of the gym leader and have a moveset with those type of moves.

        Like the 8th gym in D/P

        1. So I feel they should maybe just get rid of specialized gyms then? Would that be a yay or nay?

    4. -Hitting Yourself from confusion!
      -When you are trying to train a pokemon and it KEEPS dying, so it won’t get exp
      -Gym Leader getting Increased hax
      -Every time GF removes a good feature
      – Shauna
      – Losing SOLELY because of hax
      – When you go far into a route and you realize you need an hm so you must travel back to PC
      – When IV you always get the exact opposite IVS you want (EX: I want 31/x/31/31/31/31 pokemon, but all the eggs are 31/31/31/x/31/31)

          1. It really is, idk why it’s so annoying and mean, then she wants to be the one to cry when she loses how annoying

      1. – The time you are looking for a certain pokemon that pokemon becomes super rare, no matter how common it actually is

      1. Hahahah Kukui is the real hotness! I don’t know who’s the real bae between him and Marlon from gen5; Too handsome!

    1. This would so be me. Kukui is ridiculously hot!!!!! Game freak is finally blessing us with someone even hotter than Sycamore and THANK GOD!!!!!!! My gay self needed this. When I saw the newest trailers for the first time, I prayed that he will be our professor. Cuz it seems that u will stay in constant communication with him (again, thank God…….. Just seeing his shirtlessness on a daily…… UNNNNH!!!!) like I just can’t wait.

      1. He is heavily influenced by most of the local guys here in Hawaii. I guess that’s why I don’t find him too attractive. I see these types of men so often. If you want some Kukui action, move to the big island of Hawaii!! Lol 🙂

  18. Do you guys play Nuzlockes? I’ve never done so before, and I was wondering if you guys thought it was fun to do. What did you like, what did you hate? Etcetera.

    1. I’ve tried but I’ve never been successful
      I like the random catch aspect of it where you catch your first pokemon and then you have to power through with it
      but the concept of perma-death can be destructive when your starter goes down
      It can be kinda disheartening

    2. I start them but I dont like using pokemon I’m not that interested in. I tried to start one on Y, got a fletchling, got bored.

      1. That’s what I’m afraid of too, while it’s actually a good thing to use Pokemon you’ve never used, because I’ve heard people saying they suddenly liked certain Pokemon after a nuzlocke.

        1. Yeah. I dont know why I get bored because I like the thought of trying new pokemon. The farthest I got in a nuzlocke was in Platinum when I got to Oreburg city

  19. what was your first gym leader/rival battle/elite four member that was basically the wall you couldn’t get past without multiple tries?

    1. Mine was Lance in Firered/Leafgreen when I played it for the first time
      I was having a good time getting through the elite four and then suddenly full blown dragon-types
      I think I just stopped playing the game at that point, which is why i didn’t finish it until my marathon

    2. Can’t think of one.
      Cynthia, Red and the Steven rematch in ORAS were the only battles I’ve lost. I think I lost to Red twice.

        1. Hey this was after years of not playing a Pokemon game (I was like 9 or something) and I didn’t know Fighting didn’t work on flying
          Also Earthquake Altaria wtf

      1. Was she really a challenge for you? I thought you were joking what made her so hard for you?

    3. A lot of places in Kanto Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh
      But My first had to be the second/thrd rival battle at the bridge in Kanto
      I cried so hard losing to him over and over

    4. It was in my first game ever, Sapphire, The Rival battle, under the Cycling Road a.k.a. “bridge”, south of Mauville, near the Trick House.

      That was my only wall, the rest, I was old enough to know. 😐

      In the Alpha Sapphire version of that fight, I already had a Taillow ready to destroy the rival. 😀

      (I started with Mudkip both times, but when I was young, I had extreme Starter focus.)

    5. Byron but not because I couldn’t beat him. I didn’t want to beat him.

    6. I know it’s not the most “original” but back when I was a kid I was playing through Crystal and Whitney kept destroying my team.

  20. Crap. I just got my PS4 (finally), but I realize now that it doesn’t come with a vertical stand. That’s kinda important to me. I hope I can find a store that sells those stands.

    1. Nice!
      I really want a PS4, just for Uncharted 4/FFVIIR. I don’t have the money though :/

  21. According to the folks at Bulbagarden forums, the starter typings could be Grass/Ground, Fire and Water/Fighting, not Grass/Flying, Ground/Fire and Water/Fighting. That’s why the Ground icon is between the flying and fire icons, because Rowlet changes types.

    It sorta makes sense, since Rowlet’s final stage could be based on a burrowing owl, but I hope you guys are right, I want Litten to become a dual type.

      1. Where did I say Fire/Fighting? I said it’ll either be pure Fire or Fire/Ground. I highly doubt it’ll be Fire/Fighting.

    1. Huh. Well I wanted a fast-moving Fire/Ground-type Pokemon. Looks like my dreams are shattered and I’m back to team Rowlet.

      1. And I lick the shattered dream shards and laugh and laugh

        1. Why the schadenfreude? We should be on the same team,, starter-wise, this time. 😀

          I was moving from the possibility of a Fire/Ground kitty to the possibility of a Grass/Ground owl, BTW…

          Oh wait, you’re picking the Water one this time. Heh heh heh.

          1. Who cares I like Fighting types too, and if Litten ends up ground I can just use it in my Moon Ground mono

            Besides things could change, but I don’t jump ship often

      2. It could still be Fire/Ground, I’m just offering an alternate theory.

    2. pure type is better than fire-ground type.
      the big question is y they reveal this now ?

      1. They haven’t revealed it, people looked deep into it and found it. Officially, we’re not supposed to know this yet.

        They’ll only reveal the starter evos around September/October.

    3. Is there any concrete information confirming this before I need to get mad?

      1. Same info as before. The image tags being Grass, Flying, Ground, Fire, Water and Fighting.

    4. Ew No that sounds awful, even worse Litten becoming fire ground, no thanks.
      If one of them becomes ground I’ll pick the other

      1. That’s certainly a possibility, it would be nice if that came true.

    5. “According to the folks at Bulbagarden forums”

      what, are we treating them like legit insiders now? lmao

      Just wait until we get the next stage of evolutions guys, it’s close to impossible to tell without that. I mean who would have thought Froakie would be water/dark? Or Piplup be water/steel?

      1. Haha, no, I just wanted to give them credit, since that’s where I first heard about this.

        For the record, I want the final types to be Grass/Flying, Fire/Poison and Water/Fairy.

  22. What is the majestic punk ass looking dog?! Oh my lord it reminds me of a baby German shepard.

      1. I thought it had pointed ears I think it’s part of the trainers shoes. If it’s tail was downward it would look more like a german. It does look like a Shiba or pomeranian now.

  23. The chaos I love it
    All because you’re all so shallow at the sight of Ground or Fighting on the Starters

        1. that just means grass types wipe the floor with it no matter the stats
          it’s sad

    1. No, it has nothing to do with that, It is that the starter designs just dont fit those types. Like, charmander. You can kinda see it could turn into a dragon. Mudkip, has mud in its name, could totally be ground. But Litten doesnt look ground at all. It looks like Fire/Dark or MAYBE Fire/Poison.

      1. Because it’s a youngin, then you’ll perk up with a magma charged Lava Tiger

        1. I think you’re missing the point here. The line cant just completely shift. Other starters that grow to have dual types have parts of that type in the designs and descriptions. Tell me what about Litten makes it look remotely ground?

      2. I see ground in the reference to oil. Maybe for once we’ll get an elegant ground type ( flygon isn’t enough)

        1. If the design looks good and the stats can back up the terrible 4x water weakness then It is fine I guess. But it has so much potential for other types that would fit alot more

          1. A sad truth of Pokemon…. I wish they’d balance types up a bit. Thinking my queen of night Lunaala could end up ice flying makes me shiver…

            ( stealth rock= death)

            But what a strange thing to be picked up on. Sounds like it could be true.

            Just let Litten keep its quizzical face, dark colours, 4 legs, and sleek look!

          2. Honestly I wouldn’t care if Litten was ground as much if we could buff Ice. It is the worst type. Only resists itself and weak to the most common attack types. Not to mention its pokemon are either walls (which makes no sense because of the things I previously mentioned) or glass canons Save ice types please

          3. I know and they have so many Pokemon just so beautiful. Aurorus oh my god. Articuno, Glaceon, Frosslass…

      1. Like you’re incredibly biased cause you love ground pokemon.
        You’d bang Rhyperior if you could

        1. but the sun legendary is already a lion who would use that
          maybe if you’re a big cat person

          1. Dude if they made Kitty starter, Sea LION starter, who cares if Solgaleo is also feline

          2. As long as it’s not too similar to Solgaleo, I’d be fine with a tiger.

      2. After seeing Greninja, which is only a dark type in concept and definitely not design, and the general trend of LETS SHOCK WITH STARTER EVOS ( Samurott, Chesknaught) I wouldn’t be suprised if any one of them ended like that

    2. Fighting needs to be banned from being a secondary typing for starters. And ground types suck, get over it. Only useful thing about them is EQ.

      1. Me get over it. I’m in the best mood in a looooong time
        I’m enjoying everyone getting salt in their b-holes

        1. you’re enjoying it but you don’t even know if any of these starter ‘theories’ are correct
          enjoy it while it lasts
          watch it be something you’ll never see coming, that’s how it usually goes
          nobody expected froakie to be a water dark

          1. Shut the fuck up you cry whenever you lose a Pokemon battle and are butthurt about Sableye

          2. I love BJs. I could refer you to some girls I know that are MORE than qualified to work there, you’d be great coworkers! 🙂

          3. This chick has been particularly friendlier when I helped lifted this gigantic box of patio furniture without difficulty
            Even going as far to say I have super strength (all true)

          4. I do which is why I would never do that to Chico. However a hot guy….

          5. Ehhh we all have definitions of hot
            I assume buffly and studly

            Me thick & huuuuuuuge

          6. Would actually love this.. People say that a chimera would be part fairy…. I’d love that for Litten.

      2. I agree with the Fighting part, which could have been said alone
        To each their own with the ground type part

    3. You misunderstood me, I said I wished Litten would have become a fast-moving Fire/Ground evo before the bulbagarden people (maybe) dashed those dreams. 😉


    Explain to me please where this notion that the starters will be part ground flying and fighting ( again GAMEFREAK, 5 starter Pokemon in a row fighting type? If this is true I’m heading to your HQ and giving you all a brick break…

        1. No idea, but this kind of thing happens fairly often I think. Remember when that URL confirmed that the Sun and Moon codename was real?

          1. The type icons being on the site is 100% real, and it’s exactly in the order that the picture I posted is in(I checked). Can’t say if those will be the starter types, though.

          2. As long as Litten isn’t part fighting.

            But I must say, fighting is slowly becoming one of my least favourite types. GET OUR OF THE SPOTLIGHT AND GIVE POISON A TURN

      1. But so many fighting types for starters. There are SOOO many types they could use instead.

        1. Maybe so but it fits. I’m just glad it wasn’t Fighting on a grass type or fire type.

  25. Feels weird to finally be doing this (been stalking all of your conversations since 2013), but hello everyone! My name’s Tevis and I’m 23 years old. I currently live in Hawaii (born and raised), so if you have any questions about it feel free to ask! I’m part Japanese / Caucasian / Portuguese, an art student attending the University of Hawaii at Hilo, and gay.

    Obviously we are all here for Pokemon so here are some Poké-related facts about myself: I’ve been playing since its release in America (I was 6 years old and played blue version), my favorite Pokemon is Lopunny, and I will most likely be picking Popplio for my starter in SM. K. I want to get to know all of you! So please tell me about yourselves! 🙂

    Oh! And I think the new Pokemon showed in the Corocoro trailer looks like a shiba.

    1. Nice to see you joining. I also quite new to this as well: the actually participating in discussing part. In my case I started with Pokemon Gold and I am between the grass and fire starter this time around.

      1. I can see myself choosing those two as well actually! I guess it will depend on the final evolutions.

    2. As with all newcomers
      Thou must past a series of excruciatingly painful trials to prove you love Pokemon

        1. Well I was going to cover you in honey and lead you into a Urasring infested forest

          1. Well next trial is to wear this “Kick Me” sign and walk through this Fighting Type Gym

          1. It’s a fairly recent collection. A pumpkaboo plush is being delivered this afternoon. Enjoy! 🙂

          2. We like a lot of the same Pokemon… Gardevoir, mega mawile, Deerling…. Ninetales was my first Pokemon love at the age of 5, it’s unquestionably my favourite. I don’t think about it much, like I do about other mons, but Ninetales makes me feel so nostalgic and it’s design is literally perfect.

    3. Welcome to PokeJungle
      I lowered your attack by 2 stages due to Menace (my ability)

          1. He is a bit of a grump but you kinda get used to it. He doesnt like fairy types and is kinda crazy for ground types

          2. Dont worry about it. Fairies are awesome! IDK why he hates them but we can still enjoy them and the look in their eyes as they adorably slaughter dragons

          3. *camera pans out*
            *you and me are at a tea house in dapper clothes*
            *Sipping classily*

          4. *sipping*
            Wait a second…..
            THIS IS STOOPID!!!!!!

            *Tears off shirt* *pulls out a Minigun and fires wildly*

          5. I watch as the room is set a blaze. A single tear falls from my monocle covered gentlemanly eye

          6. *Lies on ground pondering life* Why am I wearing a monocle? It doesn’t help me see at all. I have two eyes! Is this monocle even prescription? Why do monocles make people look more important than they really are?

          7. *while in your internal mental anguish*
            *i break out of the rubble*
            *without any clothes I’m still shooting the Minigun burning down the country club laughing maniacally*

          1. You mean the red one? Because now she looks like Super Meat Boy to me. Shoot…

          2. No, the blue one (Sapphire, thanks Basti), under the “skirt”. It’s those ring stuff because she don’t got legs… it looks like meat with some food coloring.

          3. Lol. I think it’s supposed to resemble a geode. Her legs are kinda odd since people who make the show sometimes draw promos where she has legs showing but you dont see them in the show, at least not as if now.

      1. -When your entire friend group (irl) is gay
        -But you’re as straight as can be…

    4. Welcome to the group! What’s your favorite generation? I’ve been playing since I was in third grade when Pokemon finally came over to the US and my favorite generations are 2 and 4

        1. Nice! 5th generation gets wayyyyyy too much hate in my opinion! The Pokemon were awesome just wish the starters were better

          1. My thoughts exactly!! The starters are.. Okay (being nice here), but majority of the rest are soooo good!! Musharna is one of my favorites!

          2. I love Galvantula, Krookodile and Excadrill! Each one was pretty creative IMO. I even like the ones that are most hated by the community, The Vanilluxe line lol

    5. Ok for real though.

      I’m Star! I am a huge nerd! My favorite Pokemon is Lucario and my favorite game is Earthbound (Soul Silver is my favorite pokemon game). I’m always learning to be a game designer. I also like to draw sometimes

      1. My best friends favorite Pokemon is lucario! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of my lopunny being wooed by a lucario… Lol. Nice to meet you star!

    6. Hey I’m Chico. I’m by far the coolest person here, it was unanimously decided a while ago, and you seem pretty cool so you’ll be fine here and I hope you enjoy your stay.

      All you need to know about me is that I love Milotic, especially my shiny Competitve Milotic, it’s basically my signature Pokemon.

      1. Nice to meet you Chico! I’m enjoying my stay So far…

        My favorite water type is Milotic! Waiting impatiently for the day an official plush is released (that tiny/chibi Keychain does not count >.>)

          1. Well there was this one fan made plush that was really cool looking and well stitched but you guys would just piss on it

          2. I actually think it is kinda neat. Alot of MLP cross over things are cringe worthy but this one isnt that bad

          3. Look I know some bronies are horrifying but who’s to say we’re not
            Yeah some do bad stuff and some do good creative things but one bad trait doesn’t define their entirety

          4. Bronies are no different from any other fandom. I think it is just the notion that men cant enjoy a show intended for little girls that makes them seem worse. I’m not a brony myself, but I dont think they are anything to get upset about.

    7. Nice of you to drop in, finally! It’s awesome that you have this personal connection and it will be cool to hear your Hawaiian facts as time goes on. You probably already know who I am, so this is a short introduction 😛

      1. Hehe thanks! Being from Hawaii is actually what inspired me to make an account. I saw false info on Hawaii the other day and thought I could put my two cents in. I’m sorta familiar with you. I didn’t pay too much attention to usernames over the past few years… (-。-;

        Anyway, nice to meet you!!

        1. I am the Raging Earth!
          The Thunder from Deep under!
          My very presence shakes the ground!
          Fear Me for I am The Earthen Warrior!!!
          The Down to Earth Trainer

    8. Also, here’s half of my face for you folks. It’s a lot more recent than my profile pic.

    9. Hey Tevis! Nice to meet you! I’m from Florida and I’ve been on the site since 2013. Except my username was CharizardKing back then. Now I’m PokeMania88 and I’m SO HYPE FOR SUN AND MOON.

      But yah, I obv. like pokemon, and also music. I love music. And food. I love love love food. Because who doesn’t (especially that I’m a growing teenage boy)? XD

      But yah, I’m straight. So can’t help you there bud. lol

      1. Hello poke mania, nice to meet you too! Thanks for introducing yourself! What’s your fave Pokemon (I’m gonna go ahead and guess charizard lol)? Food? Type of music? 🙂

        1. Well, actually it’s been very hard to pick a favorite Pokemon… But I do love Charizard, and two other favorites are Skarmory and Greninja.

          In terms of music, I love very type of music there is. You name it, I listen to it.

          And food? Well my favorite is avocado, but I love to discover new places to eat because I travel a lot around the world!

  26. Also another normal type deer or dog? How about switching things up and making it ice.

    Anyone else see fighting type in Solgaleo?

    1. Well, I haven’t seen a Fighting-type box legend, but if Solgaleo ends up with Fire/Fighting, I’m pretty sure people won’t be happy about it. Unless… surprise, based on the sun but not Fire-type! (Like Solrock haha.)

      1. It sucks that Fire/Fighting is so hated now. Why did you have to ruin it Emboar?

          1. Ok, well… It has the best shiny form of the Unova starters but other than that… yeah could be better

    2. Also, about Normal-type, well this game actually needs more good Normals now, especially since some of them were converted to another type, if you know what I mean…

      1. Hopefully they’re competitively viable then. I don’t like normals just being beginniner Pokemon. There should be a normal champion…

  27. I feel ok while knowing Litten will not being Fire/Ground type …..but I feel sorry for Rowlet and the grass lovers.

      1. I’d be okay with fire/ground but I would prefer dark or poison as its secondary type

        1. Yea same, it’s still pretty cool Pokemon, and even more unique design

          1. Yeah. I think the reason I like it so much is the coloring. I love black and think ever color goes amazing with it except brown. Only time will tell what its second type will be

          1. I barely understand you half the time
            If it’s Ground cool, if not fine,

          2. sometimes I can’t focus while I am writing english ….I didn’t use to use english in my real life.
            if u mean my grammar.

          3. Your English is fine
            I can barely write a cohesive sentence in French. don’t worry about it

          4. Now you know what I feel like whenever I talk to you.

            Seriously though, not everyone speaks perfect English, especially on a site like this with people spread across the world, English is probably their second language. What other languages do you speak?

          5. Chico he just said he barely understands him, he didn’t insult him. I can barely understand Shady too. Im not insulting him, I’m justing saying it is hard to understand him. I know it may be hard for him, but we aren’t trying to offend him.

          1. Sorry it was a reference to something. Your english is fine. There is a really bad movie called The Incredible Bulk and that is a line that I thought was funny. You saying bulk reminded me of that. No worries!

      1. If we’re going with oil, wouldn’t poison be a much better fit? It opens up more design possibilities! The only thing that sucks is it gets even more 4x weaknesses.

        1. Just ground right? It can’t be as bad as Chesknaught. That things defensive but it’s typing is such a curse.

          1. Does anyone think will ever get a starter with Bug as its secondary type?

          2. Nope, I will dedicate the rest of my life to mentally disable your sense of hope

          3. I can’t believe they made masquerain bug/flying instead of bug/water. That was dumb. I’ve never used a masquerain but I’m thinking about using one in my next Omega ruby play through

          4. Yeah that’s it, Surskit is a unique Bug/Water typing even now, while Bug/Flying is generic as all can get. 😉

          5. Water dwelling larve
            Leaves the scummy poo pond, gets wings
            Evolution baby

          6. True. Some by Pokemon should be changed from Bug/flying to something else. Vivillon, Masquerain, and Scyther come to mind

          7. I know but I’d love to see a water/bug starter in the future based on the diving bell spider

        2. Maybe they could give it Fur Coat as a hidden ability to make up for its weaknesses if they make it fire/poison

          1. That’s a pretty good idea actually. Since Earthquake is physical that could be a great way of dealing with that

      2. You’re playing way too hard to flammable oils
        Fire and Brimstone
        Volcano Tiger

        1. That would be cool too, but too similar to Camerupt for me. The oil thing works well for cats I think, like scruffy oily hair, licking it smooth. Kind of comedic, setting on fire all the time,,. I’d love it if it became really scruffy and slender like a street cat.

  28. I hope they make a bunch of new moves this generation and revamp a lot of pokemon’s movepools. I want a special based ground-type move similar to earthquake called Mudslide. Some power and accuracy just make it special.

    1. I still want my Blindside attack which is basically a Dark physical Futuresight but it randomly triggers 1-3 turns so risk reward kind of thing

        1. With the introduction of fairy types in the sixth generation, I would like to see dark types to get some love this generation.

          1. They also need to revamp the type chart. Dark-type has been completely screwed over.

          2. Bug,ice and Dark are the three types that need a revamp the most. They also should combine Rock and ground into something because both types are redundant

          3. Either combine them into mineral or earth-type or have ground absorb the rock typing

          4. I agree with you completely. Having ground and rock separate always confused me. It just gives pokemon more weaknesses to deal with

          5. How ITS ICE
            It is fragile and brittle
            And you can melt it or shatter it
            How could you buff something so pathetic

          6. you do realize that ground is dirt. So dont be judging ice for being frail. And even if it is frail, have you ever tried to punch a block of ice? You dont shatter it, your fist freaking hurts

          7. Not unless the creatures doing it have gigantic fists or legs a thousand times harder then a hyooooman

          8. True and can we also talk about how poison should be buffed to be super effective against water? The whole pollution idea fits it

          9. Maybe they can be weak against each other. Similar to bug and poison in the 1st generation

          10. Well that transition makes oodles of sense
            Bug was weak to poison in past
            And the next generation the bug learned how to resist the poisons

          11. If we’re talking about revamping the type chart they should make Bug super Effective against Fairy. Lord knows bug type needs a buff like that.

          12. Honestly, I think the whole “realistic” approach to type effectiveness needs to die horribly in a fire. Pokemon is a game series that’s played by may people competitively yet it is so unbalanced it isn’t even funny.

          13. I wish fire beat fairy
            Some stupid kid in ORAS said they’re flammable

          14. Along those lines I think Ice type has really been screwed over, and I don’t this new region will do any favors for this type.

        2. Blindside
          Force Volley: Psychic Bullet Seed special
          Quicksand: Field trap that prevents switch ins from leaving
          Cauterize: Fire Healing move,
          Rock Rush: Slams their body into the opponent
          And Ignite: a priority move that damages those who selected a physical attack

      1. Dark physical Futuresight sounds interesting.
        I was thinking about psychic Futuresight and return.

        1. They need to make a special based Return and a physical based Hidden Power

        2. Because the Pokemon readies an attack and waits for an opportunity
          Then randomly strikes
          And the base power is 120

    2. I’d like to see a fairy type equivalent to Draco meteor, maybe with stars dripping light on the opponent…. And more status dragon type moves, physical fairy moves. A really strong dark type attack. A grass or bug variation of earthquake…. More physical psychic attacks. Maybe a new status condition…

      1. Dragon Fang
        The user bites the opponent with draconic fury, always lands a crit

      2. I like these ideas. Bug definitely needs more strong attacks and Fairy needs a few more physical attacks. I’d like to see a bug type trolling move called Hive Mind. If your opponent has any bug Pokemon on their team then your bug Pokemon takes control of them and makes them attack the other trainers Pokemon on the field

  29. Proposed changes to ice types:

    1.Make them resist more types. Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ice and Water.

    2. No longer weak to fighting.

    3. Add more boosts in hail

    4. Stop making defensive ice types/glass cannons. More pokemon like Froslass and less like bulky icebergs

      1. With gusto
        Fairy really doesn’t serve a reason to why they shouldn’t damage it normally what you think they would just freeze on contact
        I can see a similar state with grass but honestly I can see a log bashing ice to chunks and vines whiping it apart,
        Ice already resists ice
        And for Water, Water is a state of Ice and it can melt the water or at least strike the ice, not enough to effectively kill it but just enough to hurt it

        1. Why does grass resist electric, you seem to have a good idea about this type thing and I’ve always wondered.

        1. I agree with ice being super effective against water. They should also make Acid and Acid Spray super effective against steel types like freeze dry is against water

      1. I like fairy being OP because it’s my favourite type :/. Come on, it’s like heaven/ light/ elf type, it deserves to be OP like dragon was…

        1. Okay but having it be resistant to bug was bullshit. Just more proof GF is biased against them.

    1. I think that Ice types should resist Grass, Ice, and Water. Those make sense. I think it should be super-effective against water types, have a boost in hail (like speed or something) and have boosts in stats of ice types.

      Overall, I love ice a lot (especially the designs of some, but it is a really poor type in battle and wish that GameFreak capitalizes on this and makes a move.

      1. You know i thought about how to boost ice types without making them too op. So i thought, why not make hail remove the weakness of ice types, kinda like delta stream?

  30. Why does everyone suddenly think Rowlet will be ground type? I mean, I know the ground image comes first, but couldn’t the icons just be a random order?

    1. Well owls do sometimes burrow to make nests
      But honestly i need not work, I don’t see Rowlet changing types if they wanted it to be ground it would’ve been pure grass

      1. I really hope this isn’t true. I also think Litten has so much potential for a secondary type, so they really better not screw this up. Also, why do people associate it with starters?

          1. Well the images correlated with the starters
            And like any fan of Pokemon we blow every tiny bit of info way out of proportion

          2. Very true. The problem with us compassionate fans is we hear and see so many different rumors that once Gamefreak releases the real stuff we are slightly disappointed

          3. This time around, however, I am not dissapointed with GF, but I wish the rumors weren’t true.

    2. Who thinks Rowlet will be ground type? Why would they change it from grass/flying to grass/ground? It’s a starter so I don’t see them changing it so drastically.

    3. No way.. I think speculating it’s type will change is completely dumb. It’s a bird.. therefore it will definitely stay flying.. If anyone thinks it will loose grass then.. not worth my typing

      1. I feel I am overreacting a bit about this. It is just a theory, after all, but I really love Rowlet, so I really don’t want them to ruin it. All they need to do is just go with safe owl designs, and no change, and I’ll be happy.

        1. Ugh… you had to… ugh..
          No. It’s a Bird.. who Starts Flying.. that’s what I meant

      2. There is a difference between a starter losing it’s primary typing and it losing it’s secondary typing.

        1. He ain’t lyin^

          Masuda literally stated in one of his blogs: there will be many surprises in the upcoming games.

    4. Burrowing owls are a thing. Plus based off Popplio’s acrobatic abilities a fighting type is possible for it. Just going off that.

      1. I’m familiar with the concept of what it would be, I’m just scared of what they will do to Rowlet. Another part of it is that I want Litten to have a cool secondary type. Maybe these are middle stages?

      1. The japanese site uses images with the types in japanese for the starter types. the filenames are listed as follows:


        Most of the fandom seems to think this means the starters’ final typings will be Grass/Ground, Fire and Water/Fighting.

        1. apart from the obvious grass/flying, fire/ground, water/fighting. And i will of course not suggest the third option.

          1. It’s based on the order of the types. Since Ground is between Grass and Fire, it seems to be indicating Rowlet will become a Ground type.

  31. How many new Pokemon does everyone think will be in this generation? I think 80/90 would be a good number and hopefully less then 5 legendaries

    1. As long as I get at least 6 fully evolved ground types
      And that goes to every type as well

    2. Yeah.. I kind of doubt they will ever go back to large quantities of new Pokes again.. unfortunately.
      But if the new ones are very potent.. as in all good. Then I’ll be fine. Last gen was pretty good

      1. Reese’s we had like 3 years of creative build up
        Like Casc said they probably spent more time doing all the 3D graphics and Megas to give us more “new” Pokemon

      2. Last gen had pretty good Pokemon but the problem was that there was only One Ground pokemon(Diggersby) and one bug type line(Vivillon) they need more diversity and not 65 new water types

      3. Last gen was good in terms of the Megas, fossils, box art legendaries. But they also introduced barbacle my absolute least favourite Pokemon I hate it so much

        1. Lol.. I admit.. and F*cking Hand for a Head!? But ugh… I try not to think about it. I don’t remember fossils though…. you mean omega alpha?

          1. Aurorus is just so beautiful. It needs a mega evolution where it grows even taller with huge sails running its whole body with a hidden ability making weaknesses resistances

          2. I loved them both but though Aurorus was more creative. I’m hoping for more then just two fossil Pokemon this generation

          1. Unrelated to Pokemon but are you excited for the FF7 remake? I was until they said they’re making it into episodes

          2. I just started playing a week ago, lol
            It’s very good. I don’t have a PS4 so I dunno if I can get the remake, but I’m hyped nonetheless.

            I don’t really mind the episodic thing too much, it depends on how it’s handled.

    3. I hope around 100 with lots of diversity and new type combinations/ Pokemon inspirations. Also, challenge type stereotypes. Make a physically strong ghost type, a defensive fire type etc.

    4. I think 85/95 (although I really want 100) and then probably 10-15 megas. I included the number of legendaries as well.

      I also agree with Moonlight Marble. I’d love to see maybe a speedy rock type and a slow and defensive fighting type (would be interesting).

          1. I’d hate to be THAT guy but wouldn’t Mega Diancie be considered as a fast Special Attacking Rock-Type? Haha xD

          2. Er, not really. As a sweeper it is always a mixed attacker because it doesn’t learn Power Gem and thus has no good STAB Special Rock attack.

          3. That’s true, I just hope they add a decent special Rock type move to the games

        1. Oh yeah I forgot about aerodactyl. But when I mean defensive fighting I mean way more defensive then your examples.

          But those are definitely not out of the question lol good catch 😀

          1. Aerodactyl is kinda….eh not really a Rock Rock type
            But we should see a speedy special rock in the form of a…..jewel…..SH*T

  32. I hope that in the future they make a generation that takes place millions of years ago. Imagine how amazing the Pokemon would look in prehistoric times. Wild Tyrantrum and Aerodactly 😉

    1. I’d prefer this as a side game… sounds more like one of those games where you are the Pokemon.. umm dungeons!
      They wouldn’t waste time making the main series less relatable I believe.
      Not with Yo-Kai Watch out

      1. It would be interesting as a dungeon game but they’d have to add a bunch of prehistoric Pokemon to a main game since they wouldn’t add new Pokemon to a side game before a main series game. Also it would be interesting to see how you would catch Pokemon back then

    2. Hmmmm….. Maybe a spin-off but not main series. I think that Pokemon will grow with technology and not take a step back (except for remakes :D)

  33. I would like to see non-fully evolved Pokemon get another competitive advantage.. though that light send some Pokemon over the top accidentally.
    Like maybe an Eviolite but for Attack..
    Sort of like light ball for Pikachu.. but no so specific

  34. You know what I just noticed? Johto and Kanto gyms cover every single pokemon type without any repeats EXCEPT for Dark. There was Karen, of course.

    1. This is true but sadly in gsc/hgss ground type is replaced with miscellaneous

  35. Really hope litten becomes fire/poison. That would be so cool! Ive never used a fire starter pokemon so i hope litten makes it worth it! Its so cute!

    1. Me too! Delphox was Fire/Psychic, a ground-breaking typing since Victini and Zen Mode Darmanitan were previously the only other Pokemon with that combination. The only way to top that is to promote an entirely new combination altogether. I’m going to choose Litten regardless, but Fire/Poison would make my decision so much sweeter.

    1. It’s tail looks like a Pomeranian but it’s not that fluffy like one. I wonder if there’s a dog that is commonly found in hawaii

          1. Unless GF goes out of their way to repeat themselves, I don’t think normal/ground will happen. NORMAL/GHOST I NEED THAT THING

          2. Well GF repeated fire/fighting three times, and grass/poison is all over gen 1, I wouldn’t put it above them to try another normal/ground. 😉

          3. Well, then I really hope they do a normal/ghost… or at least a pure ghost.

    2. This might be a super crazy hunch but, What if the theme was a Dog burying a bone, Normal/Ground or pure Ground
      Then the final is basically Marowak but doggy style

      Like a powerful dog with a bone in its mouth and attacked with it

  36. When you want to stay home and play pokemon all day long but you gotta go work for 8h at H&M in the women’s department so you can’t even check guys out. u_U

      1. 12h??? That’s a lot. I did 8h yesterday and 8h today and I’m dead. And mind you that I’m in France so I have 1H30 of break. I’ve worked in a fast-food chain before and I can tell you that I’ll never do it again, it’s horrible. I’ll pray for you (may Arceus be kind)

    1. My boyfriend has worked at H&M at the women’s department and I just still hear him complaining about also not being able to check guys out hahaha

      1. It’s the worst. But whenever a cute guy looks at me I immediately avoid eye contact so (I wonder why I’m still single lol). I find it cute when women flirt with me though.

  37. I still don’t get why people think ROWLETT will lose the Flying type.
    Psychic makes no sense at ALL.

    Littlet should become a Black Panther or a puma and be a Dark type and SHOULD NOT BECOME BIPEDAL.

    Poplio.. I don’t know how they’re make it going to look good.

    1. I like your ideas for Litten, but I’d like to see it become poison instead of dark. I agree on the puma/panther though, especially after watching Civil War.

    2. Litten has red stripes so I feel like it would be a tiger rather than Panther but we’ll just have to wait and see. As for Popplio any thing could happen, I realized that when Oshawott’s final was Samurott which looks drastically different from both Pre-evolutions. outside of the Seashells

      1. Everyone knows that they experienced artist block and settled on a sea lion after a trip to the aquarium

        1. I know and there’s nothing that says they wont get artist block again. That was what i was trying to get at

  38. Found these cute chibi sun and moon legendaries on tumblr! I’m gonna use the solgaleo chibi as my new avatar!!!

  39. I wonder if we’ll be receiving new Evolutions for already existing Pokemon

    1. Me and Cascoon had this idea for a Evolution to Dodrido
      With the most perfect name Doquadro

    2. I also hope so, but as you can see, there are always new evolutions in every second generation. So the chance is not high… We maybe get some in the eighth generation… But its definitely time for new ones

      1. Even my youngest sibling liked the idea Fire/Ground in the form of a lava tiger

        1. Who wouldnt it looks pretty cool, even though it would have a bunch of weaknesses i would still like it

          1. People focus WAY too much on types (granted we do too) but I’m focusing on design appeal, it will always be powerful in our arsenal

          2. So am I, i dont care if it has an awful type combonfor starters im just looking at design

          3. I never really cared for starter types for advantage/disadvantage sake

          4. I mean we’re just going to us the new op Pokemon and what we’ve always used

            But hopefully we’ll get so many that we discover some gems

          5. I mean we are just going to use the new op Pokemon, and what we have always used implying we will use previous pokemon

          6. Oooooh ok
            Im not im using pokemon that looks cool to me, a lot of people are
            And if the cool pokemon is op so be it
            Its not good to generalize

          7. I just see a black and lava shimmering mountain tiger with flaring red fur and melted skin
            Bright yellow eyes that can see through the thickest smoke, they can heat their fangs and claws to increase damage,

            Oh crap I nearly forgot to add Fire Fang to my moveset for these guys

  40. I’m not salty yet but I really hope Rowlet stays part flying because flying is my fav type

    1. I have some theories about kukui:
      1.He is ur cousin and serves as an early guide to your adventure
      2.He is prof. Hala’s assistant
      3.He is the professor
      4.He is the champion
      5.He is part of the evil team, likely the boss or an admin
      6.He is not ur cousin and that is just a way to say “man”, “dude” or “mate” in the alola region
      7.He has nothing to do in the story after he sees u choose the starters and u never see him again in the game(this one’s really unlikely)
      8.Gym leader
      Ps: Go team litten!

        1. Haha I guess I did…except that I didn’t mention that he might be…THE LEGENDARY POKEMON! Jk lel

        2. All but one

      1. Well I’ve got a hunch that Kukui isn’t literally the protagonist’s cousin. As in not really related. “Cousin” is just something people call each other in Hawaii.

        1. So I guess that makes #6 more plausible, I also think he isn’t ur cousin as it wouldn’t make much sense if u choose the blonde and white protagonists, which is also why I believe that the lady shown in the trailer isn’t ur mom

          1. Well I don’t want him to be a random guy calling us cousin though. My vote is prof’s assistant, or prof as well along with Hala. Since Kukui is also a tree.

          2. Well Grace was still your mother in XY regardless of what skin tone you chose so the same might apply here

          3. Grace’s skintone changed depending on ur character’s, if u chose the dark skinned character she was dark skinned as well but this lady appears dark skinned while the character from the trailer is white

          4. You are mistaken her skin never changed no matter how dark or pale the character you chose. It always stayed the default color

          5. Never mind apparently her skin tone stays the same, idk I always thought that my grace looked darker than my friend’s grace

        1. I have some Pokémon drawings from when I took up practice last fall, but I only had mechanical pencils and Crayola pencils. It all sucks.

      1. I bet you have abs and muscles… something I didn’t work on because I drew and didn’t go to the gym, it’s just a tradeoff. <3

  41. I thought of this for Popplio’s final evo Cirquedeleo
    Long sleek body with long powerful flippers each with a flat finger, it has a long ruffle around its neck similar to its first form but with a pointy bit throughout it and on the long bit a pink bauble, it’s tail each fin is wide enough to support it, now for the head it retains its white muzzle and large pink nose, but now has long eye markings similar to eye paint and it has two long jester cap like horns”
    Since the data hack we may see Popplio become a Fighting type, but more graceful and precise

    I’m getting back into drawing later today, so I will try to draw this

  42. I just noticed something. When Hala is giving you your Pokemon and is zooms out and pans over to show you there’s another person behind and to right (from our perspective). It almost looks like they’re wearing a white dress and a hat. I’d take a screenshot, but for whatever reason disqus doesn’t want to upload the pics. It happens at 20 seconds in the CoroCoro video. and presumably at the same scene during the English trailer too.

    1. You mean Kukui? My Alola husband? Ain’t he fine?

      Yeah. I see it too. I didn’t even catch that.

  43. Data dumps are disappointing but knowing there is a slight possibility for Camerupt to no longer be alone is exciting. However

    People need to find something better to do.

      1. It’s what ruined the ORAS Megas for us. It is interesting that Corocoro might not be the headquarters of big news anymore though.

      1. Yes. If they do turn out to be legit. I’m curious about the 404 image though.

      1. Camerupt isnt worthless! If it mega evolves, its the perfect pokemon to buff floors with!

      2. You obviously have never used Mega Camerupt. I’ve won’t as many battles with it as my Mega Gyarados or Sharpedo. The only issue is keeping up Trick Room.

        1. Alot of people underestimate certain megas though. I find mega gallade and mega manectric to br some of the best. My favorite is mega altaria though.

          1. Gallade is good late game. Manectric is beast. I haven’t used Altaria but I love the design. Sharpedo is my favorite though. I even have the Japan only charms. :’)

          2. altaria is one of those “good at any time” megas. It doesnt need to be trained in offense at all, so it can tank hits, dragon dance, roost off any damage, and have near perfect coverage with pixilate boosted return and earthquake. Can go special too but i havent used that.

      3. I love using my Shiny Mega Camerupt. It’s an excellent trick room sweeper. I also hatched myself, my first and only Shiny hatch to be 6IV as well. I love it!

        1. I will admit though, it’s not nearly one of the best megas, and it is very situational, but when the situation IS right, it’s a beast

  44. Rowlet, Grass/Flying counters Chesnaught Grass/Fighting
    Litten, Fire/Ground counters Delphox Fire/Psychic
    Popplio, Water/Fighting counters Greninja Water/Dark

    1. Aww i hope its not ground. I mean id be happy if its anything but pure fire or fire/fighting but i was really hoping for fire/poison

    2. That’s a neat theory. I don’t know about Litten. I believe Litten will become a Fire/Dark Type. Also, Popplio isn’t showing signs of being Water/Fighting. Yet, who knows? Anything is possible!

      1. It already has shown signs of Water/Fighting. It’s acrobatic. We know from Mienshao that it will be Fighting.

        1. Ooooh mienshao! One of my favorite pokemon! I think it would be better to say “could be fighting”

          1. This brings back memories of when everyone thought Greninja would be Water/Flying.

          2. Oh, sorry, I meant Froakie because of the frubbles and the legend of the flying frog.

          3. It’s because of Acrobatics. Little did we know it would be Water/Everyfuckingtypeweknow

    3. Hmmm… I would say Fire/Dark for Litten and Water/Fairy for Popplio. All still counter gen6 starters

  45. So, what if they’re going to make Mega forms for Kalos starters, and “Ash Greninja” is Mega Greninja…

    1. If ash greninja has to be a thing, ud prefer it to be a mega rather than some dumb fusion mechanic

    2. As I said before, the new games’ campaign hasn’t been focused on mega-evolution… at all so this might point to a more traditional route for GameFreak. Not many like my theory about Ash-Greninja being the NATURAL form of mega-evolution that human and Pokemon can reach together but for the Kalos and 6th generation dimension, this process was quickened and flawed by the mega-stones and rings. Who knows, this generation just keeps getting better and better.

          1. Gen 5 is nice but I’d like some regular evolutions instead of megas like in Gen 4

      1. I don’t want fusion evolution at all. I think it’s a lame idea, but there has to be a reason Ash Greninja is a thing. It can’t just be for the anime… Although hopefully I’m wrong and it is…

        1. It’s not fusion in the literal sense but rather the trainer and Pokemon’s mind and heart which I think is actually much more appealing than Mega-evolution which I still LOVE.

          1. Yeah. I didn’t mean in the literal sense. It’s not White Kyurem and Black Kyurem ? But… If it is going back to Unova, where fusion was introduced… Could those “stones” in the Pokemon Sun and Moon names be that… Fusion stones… Like, what if the legends “fuse” creating an eclipse… Totally just going off the cuff here and I hope “fusion” isn’t a thing… But?

  46. I cant wait to start planning an pokemon moon story mode team! I remember my x version team!


    Post yours below!

        1. I despise using old Pokemon in new games until I finish the games; that has been my philosophy since Platinum! By the way, you’re one of the few Purugly fans I’ve seen! <3

          1. Yepp thats exactly how i am too. And yes i love purugly! Underestimated pokemon for sure. Its also why normal is my favorite type, no one likes it and doesnt realize how great it is.

    1. Nice using two Dragales!!
      Chesnaught, Talonflame (The real fire type starter of Kalos) Gourgeist, Heliolisk, Clawitzer, Goodra, ,

    2. When I get my New 3DS XL back after being grounded, I plan to replay Y. Here is my teams:
      Y: Chesnaught, Gyarados, Aegislash, Gardevoir, Talonflame, Garchomp

        1. Its typing is horrible, Its movepool is horrible, its abilities are horrible, and its design is unfinished. I now hate Heliolisk. The only redeeming quality is its awesome name.

      1. The Helioptile line is one of my favorite lines from generation 6. However, the line feels incomplete… adding a third evolution and making it the pseudo-legendary would have been better. A giant frilled lizard/raptor Electric type Pokemon would have been awesome.

      2. You had a bad time with Heliolisk? I remember using it and it’s Special Attack stat was outstandingly helpful.

    3. My X team:

      Dragalge (traded over)
      Blastoise (Mega)

      No Starter for me, not a fan of them.

    4. Y team
      Trevenant/Snorlax before Winding Woods

      AS team
      Beldum-Metagross (the event one)
      Bagon-Salamence (traded one in at the start to give my PC a little personnality)
      All 3 starters

  47. One of the best reasons as to why I love generation 4 so immensely is due to how old Pokemon received evolutions and pre-evolutions and they added so much to the Pokemon lore and world. To me, X and Y felt a little disconnected from the Pokemon world and didn’t add a lot to the pre-existing lore of Pokemon. I hope generation 7 fixes that.

  48. My first X team was:

    Scizor (Mega)

    My Y team is:

    Abamosnow (Mega)

  49. If you guys could choose two pokemon per region to get an evolution which ones would you pick

    1. Gen 1: Jynx Eevee
      Gen 2: ledian girafarig
      Gen 3: masquerain tropius
      Gen 4: Lumineon Skuntank
      Gen 5: Heatmor Druddigon
      Gen 6: heliolisk carbink

        1. Apparently according to some shady thugs i met on alpha sapphire yesterday, diancie is a mutation and not an evolution.

    2. Mr. Mime, Jynx
      Miltank, Octillery
      Tropius, Solrock/Lunatone duo
      Chatot, Male Combee
      Klefki/Hawlucha. Gen six didn’t have many without evolutions

    3. Kingler Jynx
      Octillery Skarmory
      Grumpig Seviper
      Male Combee, Floatzel
      Druddigon Beartic
      Pyroar Heliolisk

        1. Omg I didn’t even think of that, that would be so awful, How about Stantler

      1. Dragon Eevee may be coming soon, since eeveelutions are based on the special types, and dragon is the only special type not yet done for an eeveelution

        1. That’s why I expected one in XY. Dragon/Fairy combo seemed pretty natural. But it was the second generation in a row to not feature any old Pokémon evolutions aside from Sylveon, which was very disappointing in my opinion. SM needs to have some fresh evolutions instead of only Mega’s.

          1. Poison and Steel were Physical types, they first need to finish the Special types.

    4. If you mean true evolutions:
      Dewgong Tauros
      Xatu Skarmory
      Torkoal Tropius
      Spiritomb Carnivine
      Scrafty Heatmor
      Meowstic Heliolisk

    5. Mr. Mine (Dr. Mime), Weezing
      Dusnsparce, Stantler
      Torkoal, Kecleon
      Floatzel, Carnivine
      Scrafty, Durant/Heatmor
      Heliolisk, Alternate Bergmite Evo

    6. Gen I: Marowak, Rapidash (honourable mention to Jynx, Mr Mime, Kingler and Starmie)
      Gen II: Octillery, Girafarig, (Honourable mention: Hondoom, Noctowl, Xatu, Sunflora, Skarmory, Qwilfish)
      Gen III: Vigoroth, Banette, (Honourable mention Keckleon, Torkoal)
      Gen IV: Combee, Drifblim, (Honourable mention: Chatot, Carnivine)
      Gen V: Zebstrika, Maractus, (Honourable mention Durant)
      Gen VI: Pyroar, Heliolisk, (Honourable mention Hawlucha)

      Prevos: Heatmor, Girafarig, the rest are pretty optional and I’d only choose these to be added if it was really called for: Druddigon, Skarmory, Chatot, Carnivine, Tropius, Keckleon, Absol?

      Eeveelutions should keep being a thing

      Yes some of these have megas but I hope that won’t be a barrier someday, it’s perfectly tenable for both to coexist for a same pokémon.

    1. Yeah this seriously needs to be a thing. I was seriously disappointed that they didn’t give this little guy a third form. It’s clearly meant to be an enormous electric dragon. It’s like if charmander evolved into charmeleon and then just called it a day.

  50. I wonder what type of Tobias-rip-off they’re going to conjure up now that Ash Greninja is going to be mastered in a few weeks and a few weeks after that is the League.

    1. His name will be Pierre. And he will most likely use a Mega Evolution and some legends.

      1. So Brock from the parallel french anime universe is coming to whoop Ash’s derrière in the league? Get hype!

    2. Well, I have two theories. If Ash can’t figure out how to stop passing out, I think Ash-Greninja won’t be used unless Ash makes it really far such as the semi-finals (because of the risk of passing out). However, he loses because of it.


      The other theory is Ash learns how to not pass out, and makes it really really far. But obviously gets beaten pretty bad with a legendary or mega- evolution.

      But either way I feel like Ash will get very far, possibly farther than any spot in the league ever. But let’s see!

      1. That would put him in the final. Hopefully.

        Honestly the only thing I want is a good league. A good number of battles, at least 3 6v6s, 2 3v3s (not montages), a couple of doublr battles, Pokemon rotations, maybe a couple of evolutions (Totadile, Snivy).

        1. Yah! For sure! I just want a longer league then Black and White. I want something interesting.

          1. My favourite League this far was Hoenn (3 6v6s), followed by Johto and Sinnoh (2 6v6s).

            Unova was just a waste

          2. Every League would be better if there wasn’t that random break episode in a the middle that has no battles in it. If i recall there is always at least 1 of those for every league. They also only need to montage Ash’s rival’s battles against random trainers and not to montage Ash’s battles. I also want Ash to battle ALL of his rivals (both sinnoh and unova messed that up). But my favorite is Sinnoh, Hoenn/Johto, then Kanto/Unova

  51. Earthen grows bored, I figure we got at least a two week dry spell until we get an announcement for another video,

  52. I never understood how trainers got away with using legends in the anime.

    1. I honestly want to keep the PSS, Amie, and Super Training on the form of a Tablet device

      1. I hope you mean in game tablet, because I do not want main games to even come close to mobile things

        1. Look it’s just a hint to in-game modernism it’s not a totally bad thing

      1. That’s the best part
        I love that adorable honker, and the ability to blow balloons out of water shows this Pokemon has a knack for flashy battling
        Though I am a terrifying physical force battler I still love creative attacks and this power gives me so much to work with
        Which is why I’m excited to start with Popplio

    2. I really hope the Cgear of SM has a pokemon snap embedded mini-game. The camera icon is a hint.

    3. For me, it’s not that Popplio isn’t popular, I love it. But, it scares me he could turn clownish, which would suck

      1. Let this image swivel in your mind
        Popplio’s final evo using powerful backflips and slaps the opponent with its mighty tail and flippers, blowing a massive bubble to vault itself into the air doing a trapeze spin and doing all these beautiful jumps flips and graceful acts like a Chinese opera fighter but looking like those cirque de sola people

        1. That’s fine but I don’t want a clown! When I first saw the starters I was drawn too Litten and Popplio. As I watched more and more, I was drawn more to Rowlet over Popplio because I just don’t like clowns. I hope that’s not the direction they take these guys in… We don’t need a theme. Just make them all amazing and monsters and beats and blow us away. If Popplio’s evolutions are great I’ll stick with it as one of my starters, with Litten as the other starter

    4. It’s not popular because a lot of people are bothered by clowns.
      I really don’t get it though.

      1. I get that, it looks a bit like a clown, but until we’re not sure it evolves into a clown, we can love it, right?
        If it were to evolve into a clown-like Pokemon, I’d instantly put it on the bottom of my list.

    5. cuz Humanz just repeat wat they hearing from each other without any understanding ……weird nose make it characteristic for me.

    6. Because the design is basic and sticks to typical water starter conventions, unlike the other two. It’s not bad, just not interesting to me.

  53. Hey all, so now that the starters have been revealed… How do you think they’ll stack up to the previous region’s starters? And, have any of Alola’s starters replaced your previous favorites? Whose your favorite starter ever?

    1. Well litten replaced fennekin as my second favorite(1st being snivy) because litten is more lit than delphox, i was srsly disappointed when i saw delphox fennekin had so much potential :'(

        1. I kept fennekin because I thought Delphic would grow on me but it didn’t, I just can’t get over the fact that the wizard/mage theme was overdone

    2. People will mostly depend on Final evolutions to see if they like the new starters or not. I personally like them, and if Popplio’s evolution turns out promising, I could see it becoming a pokemon I would like.
      My personal favorite starter is Chespin

    3. They will be better than Gen 2 and Gen 5. Probably on par with Gen 6 starters.

      My favourite is Torchic

      1. Well it’s your opinion but personally gen 5 had better starters than gen 6 especially comparing Chesnaught to serperioi

        1. Yep it’s my opinion. I always thought Gen 2 and 5 had lacklustre starters, Gen 1 and 6 were average, and Gen 3 and 4 are my favourite.

          1. My least favorite starter is chikorita but I don’t have a reason for it, I just don’t like it

        2. Gen five was okay. They were just too complex. I like Serperior though and Chesnaught is adorable.

    4. My favorite starters come from Generation Three or Four. I typically lean towards the side of Generation Three. So, if I were to rank them:
      1. Gen 3, 2. Gen 4, 3. Gen 7, 4. Gen 1, 5. Gen 6, 6. Gen 5, 7. Gen 2

      My favorite starter depends on the region. Yet again, I’m going to split it up into Gens:
      1. Charmander, 2. Totodile, 3. erm… this is hard, 4. Piplup, 5. Snivy or Oshawott, 6. Chespin or Fennekin, 7. Litten

    5. Gens, ranked based on the quality of all three starters combined:
      1. Gen 4
      2. Gen 1
      3. Gen 5
      4. Gen 3
      5. Gen 7
      6. Gen 2
      7. Gen 6

      Individual starter top 5 (also based on final evo’s):
      1. Piplup
      2. Oshawott
      3. Charmander
      4. Turtwig
      5. Chimchar

      For now, the gen 7 starters are not in my top 5, but perhaps the final evolutions can change that (I hope so).

    6. My Top 10:

      1. Piplup
      2. Rowlet
      3. Fennekin
      4. Chikorita
      5. Snivy
      6. Turtwig
      7. Oshawott
      8. Chimchar
      9. Treecko
      10. Torchic

      Honestly, it’s SO hard listing favorite Pokemon/starters because mine probably change with the temperature.

    7. Earthen’s top 7
      1: Tepig
      2: Chespin
      3: Turtwig
      4: Popplio
      5: Charmander
      6: Totodile
      7: Mudkip

    8. I’m really torn on the Alola starters. They all have great potential but we said that about Fennekin. Here’s my top 7:

      1. Oshawott
      2. Litten
      3. Charmander
      4. Fennekin
      5. Mudkip
      6. Piplup
      7. Cyndaquill

    9. Poketard101’s top 7

      1. Charmander
      2. Cyndaquil
      3. Treeko
      4. Chimchar
      5. Oshawott
      6. Fennekin
      7. Litten

    10. My top 7

      It’s sad that 5th gen is my third favorite in the series but I just really really dislike the starters

  54. What do you guys want/think the gym leaders to be for Sun/Moon? These are all based off the names we saw in the video:

    ~ Gym 1, Caitlin which means “pure” – Normal or Fairy
    ~ Gym 3, Pablo which means “little” or “small” – Water or Grass
    ~ Gym 5, Hoku which is a Hawaiian name meaning “star” – Psychic or Dark
    ~ Gym 7, Ed which means “prosperous protecter” in French – Dragon

    1. People don’t think those are the leaders names but there are eight altogether and four visible ones. There were more than 8 kids in the class for sure…

      1. GameFreak is immensely clever with their marketing. They know how to incorporate just the right amount of easter eggs to get the fans ticklish! 😀

        EDIT: This is coming from an individual who has been less than pleased with their marketing tactics. 😀

    1. I’m recording it so I can skip all the boring songs 🙂 I’m from The Netherlands (Douwe Bob, Slow down). You?

      1. Belgium, but all the songs till now were very bad. Didn’t like Douwe Bob in the slightest.

        1. Ah okay, that’s possible. I like the song, but I know it won’t win. That’s okay tho, otherwise we have to pay for the organisation next year 😉

    2. Really funny how Ukraine passed by Australia at the very end haha. Belgium did well! Bit disappointed with our 11th place, could’ve been higher.

      1. I don’t hate Popplio. I think it’s cute and right now I like it better (just a smidge) more than Rowlet.

        1. It will be hilarious when the show the starters final evolutions and Popplio’s final becomes the favorite

  55. What do we think of these evolutions for the Alola starters? I know they’re fake, but just what do you think? The second picture would be cool, and I’d be picking Popplio and Litten based on these (I know we’ve seen these before, but I haven’t seen the second evolution yet). And the last pic is just cute. I really hope we do pick up whatever starter we pick and give it a great big hug!

    1. Well I kind of like the bird and the cat, but I hate how they did the seal. 🙁 It just got a whole lot more creepy looking for me. LOL
      Although I hope that Litten’s real evo stays on all fours this time, I’m kind of tired of all the fire starters ending up on two leg’s.

    2. The first set look more like digimon than Pokemon
      I really like what the artist did with the second lot (I really like the art and colouring style), would totally had a hard time choosing if the starter evos are anything like the third stage ones

  56. I have a sickening bad hunch
    Remember the datamined Types and one missing
    By bile brewing gut tells me to fear if they might finally crap out Cosmic Typing
    Please for the love of Arceus give us the types before that happens

    1. Cosmic is stupid and it better not happen. Unless they change Psychic to Cosmic.

      1. What’s so stupid about it? It could unleash entirely new designs of Pokemon from space and other planets, opening entirely new possibilities for stories and creative pokemon

    2. I don’t care if they introduce a new type, it just better not be strong/resistant to bug or dark. I also really hope there’s a balance between all types for the new pokemon. A LOT of types were completely screwed over in X&Y. Electric, Ground, Bug, Poison…I hated only having 70 some pokes.

    3. No we have enough types!
      18 is an even number for pokemon too
      Divisble by 6
      19 would be too much

          1. That’s pretty much an understatement
            I spent my entire day today reflecting curves across each other and analyzing them

  57. We still can’t see any wild battle encounter ……..actually I cant’ see where is the Grass where should catch pkmns in.
    the best part when camera close to Litten face.

    1. If you look at the Alola region shown in the trailer, you can possibly spot some. Look at where the pokemon center is, where the paved road becomes dirt. Keep following this dirt road to the very edge of the island, and it heads straight up. At the end of the road, there’s some dark green shading. That MIGHT be tall grass, just because it seems so (it’s rectangular, etc.)

      1. It’s look like boundary trees and if u was right it’s very small amount y should I cross all that distance to reach there?

        1. I’m not sure we’re looking at the same spot. Here’s an image for clarification c:
          It’s the parts circled in pink

          1. that’s not pkmn center by the way pkmn center is above of this pic.
            but the ara that u have been circled it was shown in the trailer …..did u remember the slope area? no grass on ther it’s just darker spot.

          2. Yeah, but I don’t think it’s that because there’s ocean to the right of you. If you go down the slope near the top pink circle, the ocean would be to the left of you.

  58. I kinda hope sky battles don’t return. Trying to beat them all with just Talonflame was torture. Especially when they were using shit like emolga…that’s really not cool.

    1. I agree. I avoided them all the time. I’m just glad none of them were ever mandatory

  59. Who wants to see my extremely rusty Cirquedeleo
    It’s been months since I drew something but I got a stack of printer paper and a decent sharpie pen
    Obviously I’m going to redraw this
    I took a lot of inspiration from Italian opera clowns
    It can use its powerful arms to vault itself into the air and deliver a slap that can shatter stone, always striving to perfect it’s performance it trains its body to be agile and precise

    1. It’s good but I don’t get the “fighting” type from it. And, I don’t wanna see Popplio urn into a clown.

          1. I really need to fix the collar
            But other than that everything else sprucing up

          2. I get it, and I’m sure that’s the direction Popplio will go, but I just don’t want to see it turn into a clown.

  60. We need a Grass/Bug coconut crab with insane HP and defense and filter.

  61. This is just like Espurr being seen in the day care. Back when X and Y came out.

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