Pokénchi — May 15: FINISHED!

We have decided to provide our readers with a place to watch the latest Pokénchi episode as it is broadcast live in Japan.

While we’re not expecting any huge news from the episode, there’s a chance the crew could take a look at the recent Sun & Moon trailer/s. Stay tuned!

Live Stream

A stream for the episode can be found by clicking here. NOTE: The stream is hosted on an external website and as such we are not responsible for any content broadcast. We also do not host of moderate the broadcast chat, please represent PokéJunge responsibly!

Live Coverage

We did not provide love coverage for the stream and the epiaode has now ended. See you soon for more news and updates!

  1. Maybe I’m obsessed, but I’ve probably watched the Ash v Diantha battle like 15 times today? I just can’t get enough of that final stage of Ash-Greninja, it is something else entirely.

    1. And then I see their putting him back in that stupid water veil for his gym match.. as if any of the viewers really care if Ash and Greninjas bond has weakened again.. . -,-
      They need to focus on Pikachu for a change

      1. Pikachu makes more sense to get an ash forme, seeing as THEY HAVE BEEN TRAVELING TOGETHER FOR SO LONG…

        1. Lol… ikr. Guess it’s an evolution thing. They should allow uneveolved Pokemon do it too.. though.. pikachu just needs a stone… hmmm

          1. He kept the stone he got that one time, then at some point in sinnoh I think they revisited pikachu evolving and team rocket stole it.

          2. Yeah, they kept the Thunder Stone. But Pikachu just doesn’t want to evolve, and Ash respects his decision.

      2. Well, personally I think its awesome there’s finally something serious happening to Ash and his Pokémon. I would have loved it if it’d be Pikachu, but it wouldn’t make sense since it hasn’t evolved into Raichu.

  2. I forgot to say when everyone was discussing what they want.. but I feel..
    All the Megasa for previous starters are Mandatory. It’s stupid to make us wait Any Longer… unless I guess Pokemon Eclipse is coming out.
    And I want the new starters to get their burst for in game if burst or whatever becomes a thing.

  3. Hahhaha why did you even bother making this post if you weren’t gonna try and cover it? Or at the very least if there wan’t stuff worth covering…..lol

        1. Refresh your post. It shows the pic without having to click on the link

      1. The blue behind Rowlet’s HP bar looks like a spray pint streak.I really like that a lot.

          1. the hp bar is also changed, it’s slightly angled being taller near the max.

          2. I think they built on the X/Y engine quite nicely, the best foot forward when you think about it… so far~

          1. It’s prolly just a stylistic thing they wanted to do with the bar like they always do. Maybe on Moon it’s that blue color and on Sun it’s red or orange.

      1. until now know ……but I can’t find the steam ….ur GYM leader u should help me on that.

        1. I only moderate the comments. I don’t have control over the articles. If I did we would have more speculation articles.

    1. I truly hope someone takes the pokemon thats strong against your starter.

    2. I really like how the trainer stands in the background.
      The small editions really make a difference.

      1. Add in the fact that there are model people actually watching your match which is a great additive to the environment and atmosphere! The little, circular territorial platform being exempt truly adds a much more realistic feel, at least for me.

    3. It looks like this is a completely new area. There is a bonfire and various Villas in the background. The new HP hud look like it was straight like a Splatoon. The gradient of green, with the splash of blue pant looks really nice and emphasizes the Hawaiian feel. As we already knew, trainers will be standing in the background. I hope they are properly animated with reactions to their Pokemon getting hit, fainting, and more; similar to Pokemon Battle Revolution.

  4. I guess that shrine stage shot proves that they are doing away with the traditional circle platforms that we’ve always had around our Pokemon. At leas I hope that’s what it means lol

  5. Sam did youe knot proove reed you’re articl. I understand its late there but that last pair of graph

  6. Like I said before. Coconut crab that’s grass and bug with high defenses and HP and a good defense buffing ability

  7. What I really love about the water starters is that you never know what they will become. GF always surprises us with something unexpected. Think about Samurott or Greninja. I know Popplio is hated now, but I know (cause I’ve seen this many times before) that it will shine like (maybe even more) like the others.

    1. These look extremely out of place compared to poplio.
      Plus the concept art really makes popplio seem like it’s going to become more playful.
      Plus Rowlet already has the bowtie.

      1. I don’t understand the hate around popplio. When I watched the trailer I loved all of the starters for the first time, but I absolutely loved popplio.

        What do people find about popplio that is so unattractive? Or is it just that people love litten and rowlet?

        1. I don’t mind Popplio. It took a while to grow on me though. The only issue I had were the ears, but now they don’t even bother me that much.

    1. What new video are you talking about? If you mean the one we were expecting form Corocoro, see the “New pokemon revealed in Corocoro article”. If you meant Tuesday’s one…… it’s a few articles before.

      We aren’t expecting any other videos, nor did we get any.

      1. No there was a new video with some new footage. With litten vs rowlet. The battle sceen shows the hp bar and people watching the battle in de background.

        1. Oh right, the one that pic comes from. Was that from footage or just a picture though? I’m not sure if we’ll ever see an official upload of that until next month tbh.

    1. I’m not sure about Rowlet, unless… It’s a combination of burrow and owlet. Litten is just lit+kitten, and Popplio is just pop as in popping bubbles…

      1. lit? ….I should work harder on my english …..I thought it’s little+kitten.

    2. In ancient Hawaii monk seals were called llio holo I ka uaua, which literally translates to dog that runs in rough water (did a quick Google search b/c our state mammal is the Hawaiian monk seal). So the “Lio” part in popplio could be inspired by that. Also, “popp” could be referring to popping bubbles.

    3. Popplio is likely POP (as in bubbles) + sea LIOn, at least since its Japanese name indicates sea lion as a basis for its design.

  8. So I happened to stumble across this theory video and he brings up some really good points about the main character and his connection to Kalos, and who is mom could be. What do you guys think? (Definitely watch the whole video)

  9. Another fun fact I’ve discovered from my replay-through: Both Totodile and Chikorita’s typings are super effective to 0 of the Johto gyms, while cyndaquil is strong to 3.

  10. Are you all ready…
    TO LIST YOUR STARTER POKEMON BELOW?!?! RULES ARE SIMPLE! Each gen, and its replacement if you are into that sort of starter-hating thing!

    1: Bulbasaur
    2: Chikorita
    3: Treecko
    4: Turtwig
    5: Snivy (funny, my phones autocorrect fixed my typo to a capitalized Snivy…)
    6: Chespin
    7: Litten

    1. (I played them out of order so I’m gonna list them out of order)

      4. Turtwig
      3. Mudkip
      2. Cyndaquil
      5. Snivy
      6. Chespin
      1. Bulbasaur
      7. Popplio

      Wow, I thought I was fairly loyal to grass type, you’ve been sticking with it all the way up until now! I didn’t really expect to not want to choose grass either this gen, but Popplio ended up being too appealing to me for me to pass up!

      1. Well really i wouldnt mind rowlet. If litten wasnt a cat im sure i would have went grass again. A friend of mine who always gets the opposite game as me loves owls, and i love cats so… Eh one time cant hurt lol

        1. I don’t mind Rowlet either, I just ended up loving Popplio (and Litten) a bit more design-wise this time. Rowlet’s honestly really cute!! I just can’t say no to the clown seal (or the fire cat, me and my friend are going to actually restart together so that we can both start with both of them)

    2. 1: Charmander (Squirtle being really close)
      2: Totodile
      3: Mudkip
      4: Piplup
      5: Oshawott
      6: Froakie
      7: Rowlet

    3. 1: Charmander
      2: Totodile
      3: Treecko
      4: Chimchar
      5: Snivy
      6: Froakie
      7: Rowlet

    4. 1. Bulbasaur overall, but I like Squirtle by itself better
      2. Totodile
      3. Mudkip
      4. Chimchar
      5. Tepig
      6. Fennekin overall, but I like Chespin by itself better
      7. Rowlet (so far)

    5. 1. Squirtle
      2. Cyndaquil
      3. Torchic (treecko was my first choice)
      4. Piplup (chimchar was my first choice)
      5. Oshawott
      6. Chespin
      7. Rowlett

    6. 1.Bulbasaur
      5.Snivy (I really dislike the starters from the 5th gen)
      7.Litten from what we’ve seen so far but this could change

    7. 1. Charmander
      2. Totodile
      3. Mudkip
      4. Chimchar
      5. Snivy
      6. Froakie
      7. Rowlet

    8. 1: Tepig
      2: Chespin
      4: Turtwig/Chimchar
      5: Totodile
      6: Popplio
      7: Mudkip

    9. 1. Charmander
      2. Totodile
      3. Torchic
      4. Turtwig
      5. Snivy
      6. Fennekin
      7. Rowlet

    10. 1. Squirtle
      2. Totodile
      3. Mudkip
      4. Piplup
      5. Oshawott
      6. Fennekin
      7. Rowlet (or Popplio maybe)

    11. 1. Charmander
      2. Cyndaquill
      3. Mudkip
      4. Piplup
      5. Oshawott
      6. Fennekin
      7. Litten

    12. 1. Bulbasaur
      2. Cyndaquil
      3. Torchic
      4. Chimchar
      5. Snivy
      6. Chespin
      7. Rowlet

  11. Ladies and gentlemen,Welcome to The Pokemon Big Top Circus The Greatest Show on Earth!

        1. They bear hug you digging their claws into your back, and then they stretch their necks out and wildly peck and bite your face,
          Until you finally give up and they just let them break your bones, kill you and hastily devour you
          And do it all again the next night

        1. My Inkling obviously is taller and heavier, has a tiny chin beard with tentacles, has camo shorts like dark green, tan and orange, some kind of army backpack, hiking boots and some kinda Cowbow hat
          Ink color: dark orange

          And my Squid form is twice the size of a regular squid and has a permanent scowl with thick eyebrows with tiny horns on the head triangle thingy

          1. I’m saying that’s just how I’d look doesn’t do anything purely atheistic
            You know if literally any game catches my eye I’ll always make a Sona based on it

          2. What is yer favorite weapon in Splatoon, I wonder? Mine is L3-Nozzlenose (No kidding!), then .96 Gal and Splattershot Pro. And Splat Bombs. That’s my favorite kind of grenade.

          3. I gave it a quick shot. Roller’s a bit small tho. You don’t get this everyday so I hope you enjoy it and it’s good enough!

          4. Dude all I need is to steamroll the competition and my signature attack My Ink Splat

  12. I think this is worth you guys watching – they’ve most probably found the secondary typings for litten and popplio’s evos

    1. Discovered….feh probably stole it from 4Chan, Reddit or Us
      We were all over this stuff and we’re the best speculators around

        1. Poke tubers and other news sites steal theories. They stalk comments and tweets and claim them as their own.

          1. so all the theories that start here are…. real/good… better? and how do you know that they steal theories? maybe you do

    2. Thank You!
      I hadn’t seen this yet.
      And, it seems he did the work for finding it himself!

    3. After ORAS, where we had Mega Camerupt and Primal Groudon, a Fire/Ground starter seems really annoying…also that x4 water weakness is not good at all due to water moves being everywhere in the metagame and if you think to aqua jet with priority, things go even worse

      1. As a Ground Type specialist I can concur but that is easily evaporated with the idea that Fire/Ground always resulting in Lava Based Pokemon and since Litten’s face resembles the symbol for Sulfur it is definitely going to have a Volcanic theme and that means mother frigging lava tiger
        And do not forget Tigers are often associated with the Earth Element in China
        So all of these are extremely plausible

        In other words stop bitching

    4. not logical at all …and it will not happen ..keep ur shity type away from my Litten.

        1. Not me, I NEED MOAR
          Clips, screenshots, Rumors, announcements (All plural)
          and with each new Pokemon revealed a brand new attack associated with it, maybe an ability too

    1. I don’t mind the typing all that much. At least they’re different. I would have liked them to phase out fighting for any of the starters, but I guess water has been waiting for it’s time to have part fighting until now lol Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what other Pokemon are in the region so I can start building my team! lol

    2. I still think this is fake. Gamefreak can be misleading at times. Remember pokemon Z? AZ’s Floette?

      1. How can it be fake, these images are found in the sites text under the starters
        So they are extremely likely to be associated with them
        If you have chrome and follow the video you can see for yourself

      2. Well it’s not fake per say. Sure they could have put those type images on the site and them not be for the starters, but the fact that they are in fact on the sites coding is very telling.

      3. It’s in there but who’s to say that they can’t be associated with a event,
        Or the idea it’s in the coding but no official event to go with
        It could be scrapped

  13. I’m a terrible artist but I wanted to try and convey the aesthetics of what I want Rowlet’s evolution to be. I feel like due to owls being known for their knowledge and the legends surrounding them, they could do so much with Rowlet! I just put glasses, a grass quil for tail feathers, a scroll, an olive wreath, and a grass cape for wings so it looks terrible. But I guess that’s how I imagine Rowlet to look later in its evolutionary chain or at least what I want GameFreak to incorporate.

    1. Omg! This is great! I really hope game freak really implemented these ideas into the actual game although I’m going with Litten.

    2. I like how the body of the 1st evo looks also like a flower bulb. That was a clever design

  14. I just realized that this Hawaii region is the closest thing I’m gonna get to a Caribbean region with multiple islands ;_;

  15. Fuck Game Freak and The Pokemon Company for not protecting their shit! Did they not learn from the Demo of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?! Masuda you need to learn to train your staff better. You’re dumb as a prick. This is pretty much 99% confirmed for me.

    1. Well, I think they’re trying harder. The Sun and Moon logos were only revealed like the day before the actual announcement…

      1. No, they’re not. It just proves they haven’t gotten any better and that this is going to be Generation 6 all over again. Street date for Sun and Moon will probably be broken 3 weeks early this time, instead of two weeks early like it was for X and Y.

    2. That seems like an over reaction……This is just how websites work. It didn’t have to be Pokemon. Could have been any other gaming franchise or in general any other series. The website creators don’t do this as a mistake it’s so it’s easier for them to update the site pages on the fly and get the info to us quicker.

      1. Well, fuck that YouTuber. He just ruined my day. I’m SO PISSED right now that we know the types. What next? The Starter Evolutions? All the Generation 7 Pokemon? The entire game? Game Freak and TPC, I’m VERY disappointed in you two.

        1. Well I will admit the YouTuber could have used a better thumbnail to keep it a secret, but getting this angry about it won’t help…… As always around this time it’s really viewer discretion advised. If you freak out about every little thing then maybe try to stay away from comment sections of websites. You can’t blame people on the internet for not knowing you don’t want specific info.

          EDit: Just so you know I’m not trying to be mean. This is just a fact of life. The internet waits for no man and info will come whether you or I or anyone else likes it.

  16. Fire/Ground and Water/Fighting, eh? Not as cool as Fire/Dark or Water/Fairy but it’s cool. This just means that the Rowlet line will completely shit on the Popplio line haha

    1. I don’t want a dumbass Circus Seal that can stand up. PLEASE NO! If that design comes true, I will choke Ken Sugimori in his sleep! They need to learn Fighting types as a secondary type for a Starter DOES NOT WORK!

    2. I think it’s Grass/Ground, Fire, and Water/Fighting due to the order of the icons. Otherwise the typing for Litten’s final evo would be Ground/Fire (different than Fire/Ground). But that’s just my guess.

  17. Well, I’ve calmed down now from the initial reactions. Just because we have the typings revealed and likely 99% confirmed, doesn’t mean the designs will be awful. But I am very concerned that this is not the end of leaked info from the site. I hope programmers learn how to better protect things in the future hopefull. But knowing Game Freak’s track record, it seems VERY unlikely. Also, if these types for the Starters turn out to be true, they’ll be three of the most horrible typings for any Starter trio ever, to be honest. All would have double weaknesses to each other and not to mention terrible typings overall.

    1. You do realize that the Kalos starter trio also have double weaknesses to each other right? Calm the fuck down, I don’t know why people are taking unconfirmed news so seriously. Let’s just wait and see what happens and then you all can complain once we get confirmation. No need to get worked up over speculation.

        1. GF and TPC are not stupid lmao. They know very well what they’re doing. This sounds like YOUR problem though, if you don’t want to get spoiled, leave and don’t follow any Pokemon related YouTubers or sites. Problem solved, see ya in November.

    2. I welcome terrible typings so the game will be more challenging. I’m fed up with how easy pokemon games are becoming e.e

  18. So is it for certain the final typings are Fire/Ground, Water/Fighting and Grass/Flying? And are those the real evolutions?

    1. Yeah. They were found in the website’s code and programming by a PokeTuber. It’s pretty much 99.9% confirmed. As for those Starter Evolutions shown on the site here, I believe those are fake (thank god).

      1. I hope Litten’s evolution is fake, but I’m not sad about the typings really… Fire/Ground is different for starters, but I do wish it was Fire/Dark… guess I’ll still have to wait for my bear fire/dark starter…

    2. No, it’s not certain. Those icons could apply to the legends, for example, or other Pokemon. People are just assuming that it applies to final evolutions.

          1. Hmmm…. Well, I’m no too upset. Guess we will have to wait and see what they look like now.

          2. Has there ever been a case where a pokemon with 2 types evolved and 1 or 2 of its types changed?

          3. Onix and Swablu are a couple of examples I can think of off the top of my head. Onix was Rock/Ground then changed to Steel/Ground upon evolution and Swablu was Normal/Flying before changing to Dragon/Flying upon evolution.

          4. There is also Skrelp who was poison/water and then changed to poison/dragon after evolving into Dragalge.

          5. That one makes sense since of a water born larve evolving into something with wings

          6. Why do people keep assuming that Rowlet WOULD change typing…..? Where did this thought even occur from? It’s a starter and it would be dumb for them to all of a sudden change it’s typing to something else. If they wanted it to be something different then they would have just left it as a grass type.

          7. Everyone since ground was second to flying and Fighting was second to water.

      1. The horns are the boy’s shoes next to the pokemon. It’s probably a dog-esque pokemon.

    1. In the trailers it looks more brown than blue.
      But I wouldn’t mind if it was another Eeveevoltution. More for me to enjoy <3

    1. Uhh did that thing just grab a grown bird?! Fuckin owls scare the shit outta me

  19. I’m surprised that no one made mention about the illustrious Strange Souvenir. I remember his being a major topic of debate from it being connected to a Kalos extension to a completely new region. I feel like the Strange Souvenir is was a major hint towards an Alola Region Legendary. It might activate a special event that summons this Tiki Legendary. The backpacker who gave it to Calem said he wasn’t from any of the older regions, which means he’s from Alola. I cannot wait to see if it has any substance in Sun & Moon as a whole.

    1. Ofc it has substance in S&M! It’s a tiki thing! It could be a post-game thing where you transfer it over and use it to get Tikiwaka the tiki pokemon

  20. What’s this I hear about leaked final typings? I’m really behind I guess xD
    But I’m loving this info that we have, I love all the starters so far and I’m seeing all these background details that are small but they matter so much <3

  21. So I’m cleaning out files and stuff in preparation for a new computer and I found this from a couple months ago. This was when they had that live stream and played the first trailer again when we were all expected new stuff. Thought it was funny. (RF)

  22. I had a dream about Alola last night. It featured the strange waterfall that flowed in the reverse direction lol

    1. I honestly can’t wait to see it. It was mentioned by an NPC in X and Y and there is one in Hawaii. I’m probably gonna sit there and watch it for a few minutes.

    2. I googled it to see if you probably just dreamed something from a tv show but then I got this and holy crap (refresh)

      1. That’s dope af, I wonder why. It looks like it’s because of the wind, but I dunno

  23. I just looked at camerupt
    Fire/Ground is actually Amazing Typing.
    2 weaknesses
    Immune to electricity
    And a good amount of resistances!

    1. And we only have one water/fighting I can think of and that’s Keldeo.
      Sure, Rowlet effs it up real bad, but you’re gonna have other Pokemon in your team I hope.

        1. Oh sorry xD I always forget something.
          It’s still not a super common type.

    2. Yeah I’m surprised as well! I definite;y wouldn’t be opposed to having it on my team. I think having an interesting type combo the team will change how I look for others to add. I really prefer to not have to many overlapping types and just cover my teams with moves that help fill it out, but sometimes you can’t help it and I refuse to dumb my starter kitty lol

  24. I was wondering why the bird would be immune to the cats second typing and 4x effective against the water fighting type..
    It’s Because Grass/flying already has a fair amount of weaknesses on its on… it balances it out! Good! ?

          1. Say Wahhh?
            Oh come on…
            Cool looking.. sure… but..
            “Adorable” ? ????
            Beauty Really is Subjective.
            It’s Mega is cute again to me tho

    1. I’m definitely not opposed to the typings.
      Sure, I was super hype on Fire/Poison cause of the sulfur marking on its face and the flammable oils being poisonous and Water/Fairy just cause, but these typings aren’t bad either.
      At least it’s not another Fire/Fighting.

      1. how about they’re all fire/fighting. best starters ever 10/10 would recommend

  25. When you guys build a team.. what are your priorities?
    Typically.. tbh.. I go by appearance first.
    If my team is visually off to me.. I’m never happy.. I always restart til I get it right
    How they all look together.
    Then Typing, Then Speed.

    1. I typically build my team around the starter. I do go by looks, but I really try and have a balanced team. If I can’t get it balanced by the Pokemon’s actual typing then I start adding moves that do the job.

      1. I know. . . I Love balance. But I refuse to not use my favorites including Togetic. Ice types are typically a problem. But I find ways around that.

          1. Lol.. jerk!
            Though technically.. it’s not cheating to prepare for someone’s team if you know their weakness..
            I talk too much /)_(

          2. Touche
            My Togetic can drop it’s flying typing for a moment though..
            Not much help against that type. I’d just swap out. ?

          3. And then Mamoswine will knock off the Evolite and hammer it with Ice Shard and Stone Edge
            Then just sic Garchomp on that Fairy

          4. No. It’s already switched out.. lol. I have 5 others on my team
            But good to know..
            I’ll predict your dark type move! ?

    2. All based on Earthen Appeal
      If it looks like a Pokemon I’d use I’ll try to catch it
      Examples: Golurk, Excadrill, Electabuzz, Heracross, Hariyama, Pangoro, Golem

      Basically big thick physically strong Pokemon
      But some Pokemon make their way on the team: Vileplume, Dewgong, Reunicles, Beheeyem, Lucario

    3. Is this by in-game or competitive? xD
      In-game I go by types and which Pokemon I like/want to use.

    4. I’m noticing I play yugioh the same…
      Not that anyone here likely knows it .
      But I play..
      Odd-Eyes, Magician, Performapals..
      Lol. Maybe I’m wrong

    5. In game: 6 pokemon i havent used in game before
      Competitive: one or two pokemon i feel like using, then building around that with good coverage

          1. I don’t normally draw them myself, but Rowlet was so popular i felt compelled to.

          2. Yo did you see my doodle for Popplio’s final evo I call it Cirquedeleo

          3. The idea is that they can easily vault themselves into the air and deliver chops and slaps strong enough to shatter stone
            My only quarrel is I did the neck ruffle badly
            And the tail area could be better

  26. Anyone else kind of odded but Greninja being the one to bond with Ash apparently more than Pikachu.. I mean.. according to Slopoke getting a Mega.. Pikachu IS fully evolved.. likely just needed to keep his design cutsey at all cost or whatever..
    Less hope for Togetic now.. ?

    1. This is a anime special Greninja biz
      Olympia said this Froakie was special

      1. I’m like.. 110% this will show itself in game.
        But that’s not what I was talking about. I feel that Pikachu should of been the special one

    2. Slowpoke didn’t get a mega though, Slowbro did.

      I think it’s either because Greninja’s body type looks more like Ash (Ash-Greninja really doesn’t look that much different from normal Greninja), or because they wanted to use a Kalos starter.

      1. Ok yeah… I keep forgetting slowbro. Good points. I guess it’s the body thing. And the gen needed something new.

  27. If Litten turns into fire/ground but isn’t fast, I’m going to be really disappointed.

        1. The reason is Camerupt is fragile and scary slow
          But it can only be saved by Trick a Room and Storm Drain

    1. I think it will be fast, cats are kinda speedy and if it evolves into a tiger, I can’t imagine it to be super slow.

        1. Ever since someone mentioned it could evolve into a tiger, I immediately couldn’t think of anything else.
          I never knew I wanted a tiger this much until now.

          1. It always bothered me how Arcanine looked like one but was still basically a dog :/ I want a real tiger!

          2. I’ve been waiting for my friend to be free so we can watch it together. Plus it came out around finals for me, and I wanted to focus on my finals first. I heard so many good things, and I love the cast and the stuff I’ve seen of it.

          3. Ahhhhh Volcanoes
            Lava is starting to be my new favorite thing

          4. Sounds too close to Arcanine. Plus Canine refers more to dogs than cats.
            It still is a nice name though.

          5. That was what I was trying to do with Volcaline. It doesn’t flow all that great.

        1. Forgot about typhlosion.(ironic since that’s my profile pic) But what I meant was a fast Volcano themed Fire/Ground type.

          1. Which won’t happen since a severe lack of Ground types
            It may be the Volcano Pokemon but maybe because it spews flames out its neck like one

      1. I’m really interested to see how these turn out. I’m scared for Popplio’s though…

    2. The biggest problem with these typings is that the starters aren’t equal. Most starters balance each other out. But Litten has a 4x weakness. That gives Popplio a huge advantage.

  28. An alternate explanation for those typings is that they are goona reveal pokemon of those types. We already have the starters so they may reveal a gorund, fighting, and a flying pokemon.

        1. Because they ARE going to be used on the site and associated with the starter pages

    1. I mean, there is that unknown bird we saw in teaser trailer in that program

    2. I’d say that’s unlikely. If there were two flying icons maybe, but without the second icon that would leave Rowlet as just grass and we know that’s not how things are. I think they are just there in the event of the evolutions reveals.

    1. I ask this because I cant find the files for the alternate typings on any of the starter pages

          1. Welp, better breed a Totodile so I can have a starter I dont hate. I still hope that these arent real.

          2. I’m so disappointed right now. Litten had so much potential. They better release something disproving this.

          3. It still has some potential to me. A Fire/Ground tiger sounds so dope to me, I dunno.

          4. Yeah, but Fire Poison would be so unique. Heck, even Fire/Dark would open up so many cool design possibilities. But the 4x water weakness cripples it so hard. One water fall and that thing is done

          5. I mean, same thing with Rowlet and ice. and Popplio with flying. Not even pokemon is perfect.
            Fire/Dark is too close to Houndoom to me.
            I will admit tho that Fire/Poison is still my fav. Especially cause of the sulfur markings and flammable oils being poisonous.

          6. Ughhhhhhhhhhh I get the sulfur dioxide but seriously people not all oils are poisonous you are reading WAY too into that one notion

          7. True, my thoughts were more into the markings than the oils part myself. I thought there are some poisonous ones plus the overall danger flammable oils have. It’s very harmful to have on yourself, just like poison is.
            It’s just speculation. Like the Water/Fairy for Popplio. I don’t have/believe there’s too much evidence for that. It’s jsut what people think.

          8. I still want a Fairy starter someday. Maybe not with Popplio but sometime in the future.

          9. Ooo yeah that could work. Maybe it could start as an angel fish and evolve into one of those. GF likes to combine species and such sometimes.

  29. People complaining that starters should be ‘balanced’, keep in mind that you are allowed a team of six Pokémon. Should your starter be at a serious disadvantage to your rival’s starter (5 out of 500 battles with an average of 4 different Pokémon), just use another Pokémon to beat it down.
    I’d rather see them exercising creative control instead of restricting themselves to avoid fringe situations that can be easily avoided in the first place. Fire/Ground isn’t even too bad of a type, it only has two weaknesses, which is the lessthan most dual typed Fire types.

      1. So because someone doesnt want a pokemon to be ground that means they hate the entire type.

        Ok then.

      2. Its not that people are hating ground types its just a big shift than what is expected

    1. Problems come when a priority aqua tirtouga faces you and destroys you with litteraly no speed.

      1. Pokémon will always be a Rock/Paper/Scissors system, it’s up to you to take it your advantage and exploit it.

    2. We’re allowed more than one Pokemon on our team????? You don’t say…….lol You have a point though. The amount of times you battle your rival is minuscule and even if you do run into another trainer with a type advantage there are plenty of other mons to choose from. Even if the starters and the legendaries were the only Pokemon from this gen there are 721 Pokemon you can get to beat up the opponent lol

        1. I don’t understand how I’ve managed to remember the 700+ that we have… At first it seems too much but by the beginning of next year, we’ll probably know them all! 😀 XD

          1. It’s the incremental introductions. It’s like learning peoples names or stuff for school or work. You slowly let the knowledge in and it goes on the back burner until you need it. Yay for the human brain!!!!

          2. You know, even though I ‘know’ every Pokémon, I’m getting a hard time remembering names from Gen VI. I’m getting old! Or maybe it’s just because I played very little XY and repitition is helpful for remembering.

          3. I have a hard time remembering the Generation II Pokemon. If you told me to name all the Generation II Pokemon, I would fail miserably because I either think they’re apart of Generation III or I.

          4. I think it’s just related to when you started playing. I know all the names of gen I-IV because that’s when I was the most invested in Pokémon.

          5. Even more unreasonable when you have memorized all pokemon cries (Gen 5 version) the gen 6 version of cries have yet to stick fully,i might can name a couple

  30. Litten –> Fire/Ground lava tiger/cat which is a defensive physical attacker
    Popplio –> Water/Fighting an acrobatic/clown-ish sea lion which is a fast physical attacker
    Rowlet –> Grass/Flying an intelligent and scribe-like owl which is a fast mixed attacker

        1. We used to have to wait like 1 year – 1.5 years back when there wasn’t a simultaneous world wide release. This is nothing.

  31. Pokemon Black and White possessed some of the greatest and most emotionally driven themes/songs of all time. The story, the depth, the characters, I fell in love with them so much. Black and White, to date, is still the longest Pokemon game I’ve played. I cannot wait for my Gen IV and Gen V remakes! 😀

    1. I emulated B & W when they came out in Japan, then played them again when they came out in the US :^)

    2. Hopefully Sun/Moon deliver in the soundtrack aspect with an impacting and impassioned story rivaling or even surpassing that of Black/White’s.

      1. X and Y was really disappointing IMO. (But the legendary battle theme is awesome) That being said though, ORAS has some of my favorites. All of the Zinnia tracks, May/Brendon emotion theme and freaking Wally!

  32. I hope the goat/dog thing is a Shih Tzu. I have two so I really want to have a pokemon to name after them

    1. It could also be based off an extinct species of canine that once roamed the Hawaiian islands.

          1. Oh, that is totally what that is. Seems like it could evolve into a Normal/Ghost type based on what I found on Google

            “Ancient accounts tell of dogs turned to stone, ghostly barking, and supernatural beings in the form of kurī.”

          2. Normal/Ghost would be an amazing typing and really unique for a beginning route dog.

  33. What if the supposed Grass/Ground Rowlet evolution is based on the stilt-owl which is an extinct species of owl that were able to fly but preferred stalking and killing prey on land?

    1. It would make sense because supposedly all the other grass starters were based upon prehistoric animals.

    1. I still can’t decide which one should I choose ??……..this first time happened to me.

        1. Stellaluna <3 I loved that book. I feel like I need to have that in my book collection just to have it.

          1. Goddamit, I thought I was the only one who read that book.

            (Un?)fortunately none of the previous bats in Pokemon were worthy of that name. And now there’s a worthy contender.

          1. It’s not about name it’s about wat should one I should choose cuz Solgaleo is masculine and Lunaala is dark.

          2. Oh.Well I’m betting you’ll get both with the third legendary but I would go with Lunaala. I’m biased though because it is probably one of the most stunningly designed pokemon ever.

          3. Also, to anyone looking for a name for Lunaala, beware. Googling “bat characters” will give you lots and lots of Rogue the bat from sonic. I think you can fill in the blanks.

          4. I am your opposite but facing the same issue! I always go with feminine and light, and am tempted by Solgaleo’s majesty and radiance but Lunaala’s delicacy and concept! I understand the struggle! I’d say choose when you know their types and how they’re described in the pokedex.

  34. About those “leaked” secondary typings: why the fuck would GameFreak be thick enough to program those icons on the site where the starters are. Do people actually believe GF is that stupid? I don’t. Things can go anywhere from now in my opinion.

    1. GF has been pretty stupid lately TBH. Dont forget they trade marked sun and moon WITH LOGOS a day before the announcement

          1. I don’t know how everything goes when you want to trademark names, but it doesn’t have to be a mistake on GF’s end. I just don’t believe they programmed those icons there, because they don’t have to at this point.

          2. Trademarks are kinda challenging, I think if I heard correctly. You kinda have to do them in advance or else someone might take it. I think they were being safe.

          3. I think that’s why, for the starter/legend trademarks, they tried to do them through a lawyer so no one would notice them and it would be kept secret until they were released. I think it’s us really because we go searching for any info from anywhere. It’s only natural of course, but it causes problems like this, where we have no surprises.

    2. Because they’re going to use those icons eventually
      They ARE going to be used and since they were found with the Starters it’s pretty much concrete

      1. Yeah but why program them now? There is no need to. I just refuse to believe they are that stupid. I am not believing anything until it comes from an official source.

          1. No, but I know that you can program a site whenever you’d like. Unlike a game, where it is normal that hackers can find hidden content, because you can’t change a game afterwards.

          2. Gamefreak doesnt seem to know its audience if they think people wont go digging in the files. Have they not learned from every time since D/P the secret mythical has been hacked and shown to the world?

          3. Well what do you expect them to do? Its not their fault their game is being defiled. If you want to blame anyone blame the people

          4. Exactly. Plus there’s only so much you can do to prevent that kind of stuff. I don’t know too much about programming (my older brother does though) but I can’t imagine hiding your code from people trying to go through it is easy to do.

          5. I can forgive them for gens 1-5 but by gen 6 they had updates. Keeping the data for Diancie, Hoopa and Volcania out of the game until announcement would be very easy to do. Release the game, spend some time to make builds with those pokemon in them, wait to update.

    3. I’m still on Team Fire/Poison even with this. I’m not putting too much into it for now.
      I need more evidence (like future moves/2nd evo) before I can say for sure.

      1. If they announce the 2nd evo and it is Fire/Poison I’m going to celebrate. IDK how, but it is goona be a party

          1. I wouldn’t mind either way. I just want good designs.
            I just prefer the Fire/Poison type is all.

      2. Fire/Poison is just making it easier for me to Ground
        Also Water, Psychic, Rock,

        But I will say perfect Fairy Counter

        1. Not every Pokemon is perfect :3
          It’s just one in a team of six after all.

    4. Game Freak doesn’t have as much control over the websites as you apparently think they do. That’s TPCI. And sure why couldn’t they put those icons in there? Sure they should expect the sites to be scrutinized, but people looking deeper into the sites shouldn’t stop them from doing what they need to do.

  35. If you could make an original pokemon spin off (No sequels) what would it be?

    1. Well original is strong
      But I still have that idea for a XY Mystery Dungeon based on Dungeons and Dragons
      Standard turn into a Pokemon plot
      Partner Pokemon wants to be a brave knight but struggling in the Squire Academy
      Setting Kingdom of Pokelot ruled by King Dragonite
      Sir Aegislash is the captain of the Royal Guard
      Lady Gardevoir Powerful Psychic

      Knight Academy
      Pancham: Toughest Student, picks on you and partner
      Honedge: Son of Aegislash tries to live up to his father
      Litleo: Spoiled Rich daughter of Chancellor Pyroar, develops a Crush on main character
      Ralts: The shyest student, low confidence and considers himself the wimp of the group

      And the main issue is the Evil Dark Kingdom led by the Ruthless Lord Hydreigon who plans to take over

    2. I feel like having a mystery game would be cool. I like Sherlock so that kind of feel would be great.
      I know there’s the Detective Pikachu game that has that feel, but I dunno if it will be released outside of Japan at all

  36. That guy in the video leaking the supposed Starter Final Evolution types apparently did further research, here’s what he said in an update:

    “ONE THING I’M LIKELY INCORRECT ABOUT IN-VIDEO: Upon reading your comments and researching, I think it’s in-fact ROWLET that will evolve into a Grass/Ground type, due to the order of the type images, and Litten will REMAIN Fire type! I’ll discuss this all in a video tomorrow!”

        1. Some people were saying a few comments down or something about it being based on an extinct owl that can fly but likes to borrow and hunt underground or something.

          1. The stilt-owl which was an expansive species of over 4 variations but became extinct before the European conquest. Although it could fly, as you said, it preferred stalking and hunting prey on the ground. I think it’s actually incredibly smart and a change of pace.

          2. That is an interesting design for a Pokemon. I would love to see it happen, honestly.
            At the end of the day, I just want a well-designed Pokemon.

    1. That makes absolutely no sense. Why would they go from glass flying to grass ground?

    2. Why the hell would they do that? It’s like changing Bulbasaur from Grass/Poison to Grass/Rock type. They might do something like that for other Pokemon, but the starters are meant to be easily accessible and changing the typing part way through it’s evolutionary line would be stupid. (imo anyway……)

      1. True, that is something to consider.
        Hopefully we’ll know soon if this is true or not.

        1. Some people would say they’d rather learn later than sooner lol You know……on account of them being revealed sooner being blasphemy or something……*spoilers* hahaha

          1. xDDD I’d rather know sooner. I’m that type of person to want to know most of the Pokemon of a new game.
            But that’s just me cause I like planning my teams before the games come out and I like having a solid plan going in and I don’t like changing them midway through ((there are exceptions tho)

          2. I’m the same way. Sure I’d like some surprises, but I also like knowing what I’m gonna find so I can plan things out lol

    3. I love Rowlet, and I really don’t want this for it. If it becomes a ground type, it better wow me.

  37. Has Game Freak learned their lesson that WE HATE Fighting type Starters?! I think Ken Sugimori and Junichi Masuda must be really high and drunk. If this is real, Rowlet and Popplio’s final types being Grass/Ground and Water/Fighting, I will murder both Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori in their sleep!

          1. The correct reaction, if Game Freak just moved their fetish for fire/fighting to the box legends from the starters. 😐

    1. Since every single type for the starters have a fighting type, I think this will be the last generation to have a starter have fighting as a secondary typing. Grass has Chesnaught, Fire has… too kany to count, and Water MIGHT have Popplio’s evolution (s).

    2. I didn’t like the amount of Fire/Fighting starters, especially them being back to back, but I don’t mind a water/fighting starter, especially when there’s only 2 Pokemon in that typing. It would be interesting. And Chesnaught wasn’t too bad. I think they only complaint there was its design not its typing.

  38. We all just need to calm down and take a deep breath. Even if these typings become true, you cannot judge until you’ve experienced the games for yourselves. Pokemon is trying to rattle up their rock, paper, scissors mechaic and trying new things. Change may be hard to adapt to but we cannot be blinded by our own wants and needs because you never know how everything’s going to turn out.

    1. And here we have a voice of reason. Anyone else want to take up this trait? lol

      1. Me :3
        I just try to be this and open-minded.
        Plus, I truly just want good designs and a good game (Which it will be regardless although I am basing on the recent trailer)

      1. True! I guess being a Gen 5 Pokemon designs lover helps with having an open mind… LOL

          1. I like all of them to be honest. They have so much personality and the settings and geography, climate, and world of Unova was so fully realized, it felt like they were real animals just living with people.

          2. I can respect that. I’m like that with Sinnoh and Gen 4. Plus, it also made me realize I love Pokemon and I never want to quit anytime soon.

          3. I dont care what people say, I love chandelure’s design! Imagine walking into a haunted house and then the chandelier falls down and attacks you!

          4. I would freak out xD I don’t like haunted houses cause they’re so scary and my brain just nopes out xD

    2. I guess I did get a bit too upset over this. I think I just got really attached to Litten so when told that it is more than likely a ground type, it kinda sucks. But idk, maybe they can pull it off with a Sphinx or something. Or maybe they are completely wrong and it stays pure fire.

      1. I don’t blame you for the attachment on Litten. It was love at first sight for me too. Especially when I realized that it acted and looked like my cat, Molly. In fact, regardless, I’m still gonna restart it to get a female so I can name her Molly after her.

      2. I’m upset for the same reason, but for the fact that the ground type may go to Rowlet. I guess it’s you or me.

  39. In the end, so long as the final evolutions are well designed, I’ll be happy. I just really don’t want a drunk seal that is a Water/Fighting type. I love Popplio as is. I REALLY don’t want it to be a Water/Fighting type. Anything else is fine. If this is going to be the final typing for Popplio, I’d like a Water/Fighting type that doesn’t actually stand on twos, like Keldeo! Please Game Freak!

    1. Well… technically it is a seal who doesnt stand at all when it’s in the water…

      1. Ah, true. It’ll be interesting if it is Water/Fighting type, how it will be able to punch and kick. From the site description, I can see Rowlet getting moves such as Triple Kick or Rolling Kick, not Popplio.

        1. Instead of the circus clown design, I can see them going for a circus acrobat design. Rowlet can be a crazily adept ground fighter and Litten as a fiery tiger.

          1. I’d love to get a Fire-type Tiger or a Cheetah even. I can see Litten being unique and specalizing in Attack and Speed. Being more of a Physical Speedy Fire type than the typical Fire types who are more Special Attack oriented. As for Popplio, I can expect a good Special Attacker and another great bulky Water type. As for Rowlet, I’m sure what Stats it will specialize in. I can see it being a mixed Attacker and good all around, given the site description of it.

        2. It’s called slapping and chopping, and who knows it may get legs like flippers
          And don’t forget Chesnaught only learns Hammer Arm as its sole Fighting move

          1. It learns other Fighting moves tho, like Bulk Up, Low Sweep, Focus Blast, Brick Break, etc. (Bulbapedia)
            By level up, sorta, cause it learns Bulk Up by level up as well. But I get what you mean, only attacking Fighting move by level up :3

          2. But only through TMs
            Bulk Up doesn’t count since it’s a status

            Otherwise only Hammer Arm

          3. That’s what I said at the end, only attacking Fighting type move by level up.
            By your context tho, it seemed like you meant at all. I just interpreted your comment wrong and realized halfway through my comment you meant by level up.

          4. Also all it needs is Fingers that can curl into a fist
            Power-Up Punch
            Brick Break
            Force Palm
            And Close Combat who says it can flail wildly and slap left and right
            And if it tightens its focus into its performance Aura Sphere and Focus Blast

        1. I imagine they will be at times. This picture prolly doesn’t do night time justice. lol

    1. They may not be legs buuuuut
      The flippers will lengthen and strengthen, strong enough to hold itself up, vault into the air like a springboard, and swim powerfully

        1. It would still lie idly on its stomach, but I can easily see its skin covered in a slippery fluid allowing to slip and slide for land mobility

  40. Why is everyone so upset about the (relatively likely) possibility of Rowlett ending up ground type? It would become a burrowing owl! How is that not an amazing concept! I’d be very happy if it did get some prehistoric elements but why the heavens are people comeing up with these protracted fossil owl based explanations when we have a cute, awesome justification around today? As long as the design is good I think it’s an amazing idea, especially as it’s turning people’s expectations on their heads!
    Not too chuffed about having pure fire over fire/dark or better, fire/poison and getting yet another fighting starter rather than a fairy or something.

    1. I guess because we’ve had a Grass/Ground type starter before..? Idk, I’d rather have a unique typing

      1. Yeah unique typings are best (why the hell they choose not to give them to Litten and Pupplio rather than bog-standard stuff is beyond me), but IMO burrowing owl is one of the best directions they could go with this, and that’s nothing to be sniffed at.

    2. My stance: I’m just here (which is my stance on a good amount of things)
      There is one thing that comes to mind for me (I don’t care both Grass/Flying or Grass/Ground is good for me)
      But the text on Rowlet states that it’s a good hunter in the air, that it hunts like normal owls (silent in the air, night vision, etc.)
      I don’t know too much about borrowing owls, but I don’t think they hunt in the air.
      I dunno, I just want the games already, really.

      1. Actually as far as I know they completely do hunt in the air, they just live in burrows.
        I’ll check that.
        EDIT: yep, they do 🙂

        1. But TBF this is pokémon, they’re not married to the real world concepts, so they may go with loss of flight.

          1. Still, but I just think it’s a bit off, that’s all. Either typing is fine with me, and a burrowing owl design is awesome

      2. No matter what
        I’m still getting a Ground a Starter and Rowlet will still have a 4x Weakness to Ice

      1. Well the way I see it a) we don’t have one yet, so that’s already a uniqueness point b)the concept, though based on reality, is already unique and pokémony in itself and c) Gamefreak will doubtless include other distinct design inspirations as they always do. Something has to be done with that bowtie for one.

        That said I’m all for a stilt-owl, just seem unlikely compared to the more mundane alternative.
        A combination of both would be best IMO.

    3. Dang only just found out stilt-owls were hawaiian, suddenly that seems way more likely than I thought it was. So I’ll just sit here and hope we get a burrowing stilt-owl…

    4. I think it’s also possibly because flying and ground are like opposites, so making Rowlett a flying type is like it’s type is inverted. They like surprising with starters it seems, just look at Chesknaufhts colours or greninjas tongue 😛

  41. I couldn’t care less about how Popplio’s and Rowlet’s final evolutions turn out, I just want Litten to be either Fire/Dark or Fire/Poison. Funny thing: I was initially going for Sun but I’m lying in bed now and i can literally see the moon shining so I might consider choosing Moon. Is the world trying to tell me something?

    1. I would love Fire/Poison, but I just want a really awesome design for all the starters, regardless of typing.

      1. I don’t see any of them (except for Litten) having a really good final evolution. I mean, how can an owl and a seal look actually good (and not awkward) ?

        1. I can see some really good designs. In fact, a good majority of starters and their evos I like the designs of. (Tepig line and Bulbasaur line come to mind, I like them now that I used them, but at first glance they put me off somewhat)
          Then again, design is subjective somewhat and I’m also easy to please really. There aren’t too many Pokemon designs I dislike/don’t care for

          1. I don’t like Sceptile, Emboar, Samurott or Chesnaught. There are loads of Pokemon that I don’t really appreciate but i just never use them so it’s just like they didn’t even exist (*looks at most of Unova’s Pokemon*…)

        2. And technically Popplio is a sea lion, which are slightly different than seals 🙂

      2. I don’t mind to see Fire/Poison but not my Litten I am waiting fire-ghost or fire dark starter since Typhlosion’s day.

    2. Honestly, I’m cool with pure Fire. I am a sucker for pure typing, and I’d take another Typhlosion situation willingly.

        1. Yeah, same here. I really would like Fire/Poison this gen though; if not for Litten’s evo, then another Pokemon.

      1. Pure types kill my goal of a fully dual-typed team 😛 I like as much coverage as I can get.

    3. Take a nap during the day, wake up and see the sun shining in your face, and you’ll be back on Team Sun in no-time.

  42. It’s not an Important question ..4 weeks ago I was notice my upvotes down from over 1200 to 921 …is there any reason for that?

    1. YES! Team Litten on Sun… I haven’t decided what starter will be on my Moon version, Rowlet or Popplio… Waiting to see what they turn into (looks wise). But Litten and Sun are the BEST!

    1. This made me go with Sun. I was already going to.. Hut the bat tempted me… def lion now! ?

  43. I understand you guy have… lives… whatever that is ?
    But still no article on what you said you would report on.. And the Typings.. which is Major news for Pokemon.
    Maybe you guys need a larger team.

      1. Umm… I thought I was. .
        I don’t have the energy to be more direct if that’s possible anyways..
        I’ll just wait ?

        1. We know. 🙁

          We’re discussing some changes soon.

          Like I have said before it’s sort of only two of us who are around all the time on the site and we’re super busy right now. 🙁

  44. I feel it’s a Giant middle finger to the Grass Type for Ash to not have one on his team yet. ..
    I understand they want to give Greninja the utmost attention.. but damn.
    It’s likely a previous grass type he will use again as Mega……. Sceptile.
    Or even a Gen 7 grass type.. unlikely due to evolution and bonding time left..
    But I Still Don’t approve

    * unless His grass type get as much use as Greninja.. and Soon!

    1. I thought Sceptile would come back. However they threw a curve ball and introduced Ash-Greninja, so I don’t think he’ll have one.

      1. I think he will.. . It’s absolutely the Only way to justify not having a grass type so long I believe.
        Because he has already bonded with Sceptile so they felt no need to over do it.. on top of a mega. I’d be upset if Ash didn’t Mega before XYZ is over.
        Also he doesn’t need a bracelet for his Greninja which frees his wrist.

        1. True. I kinda wanna get into the anime but I hate how the Pokémon talk.

          1. Lol. I don’t actually watch anymore… I want to. I watch the latest Yugioh tho. I only watch important battles and other Clips. And keep up with ashes team and their moves

        2. Shouta already has a mega sceptile, so there’s no chance it’s going to coke back.
          Plus with Ash-Greninja, Ash will never get a mega

  45. I’m getting more and more convinced Lunaala is part ice or water type. Look at those icicle patterns on its crescent cape. And it’s frosty skeleton and the pale blue glow from its chest. And the logo is also a shade of blue, as is its signature move. If they’re going to fire Solgaleo because of the Suns temperature, I can see them doing the same for Lunaala. Plus it’s obviously part flying ( unfortunately) as any legendary which so obviously flies flapping about has been flying, Ho oh, Lugia, Yveltal. Reshiram, Zekrom, palkia, dialga, girantina seem to float around more… Plus ALA means wing.

    Though we can dream of ghost fairy…

        1. Or they could do Ice/Dark and Fire/Psychic. Or a new type like many have speculated.

          1. I like that pairing better, actually xD
            As for a new type, ehhhh, I feel like it’s unlikely since we just got fairy. But hey, I thought the same before fairy so I dunno.

          2. Same, I think it’s unlikely. I wouldn’t mind so much, unlike others here, but I hope it’s not OP if there is one.

          3. I learned my lesson from Fairy. I won’t dismiss a new type so heavily. While I think it is unlikely, I won’t outright reject it. I might end up liking it, like Fairy.

        1. Uh….. Charizard isn’t a “Dragon” until it mega evolves in X… And Dragale and Altaria are Dragons…. So, I wouldn’t put it past them…

          1. Ostrich Dragon. Seaweed Dragon. And I’m sure they didn’t make Charizard Dragon originally because they wanted Dragons to be “rare” and hard to get.

          2. It’s still a seaweed dragon. That’s what the leafy sea dragon is supposed to look like.

        2. I always see dragon as like beast type anyway, not a reptile, just something mythical and brutal, I get those vibes from Solgaleo

      1. That is not balanced. Fire will be super effective against ice/fairy. Buy fairy and ice will be neutral against fire/dragon

        1. Yeah I always forget that fire is resistant to fairy, not the other way around

    1. I am not trying to be annoying ,but yeah moon and water r connected with each others would be cool idea but I don’t think so it will happen in Lunaala …most likely ghost fairy and those icicle patterns u talk about is abot design take a look at my drawing I did this before Lunaala leaked …..how could be ?…..cuz I want fix this rigid and bulky mass it’s better for the eye ….I hope u understand me it.

      1. Your sketch looks too much like Xerneas though. I don’t think they’d go with a reindeer again one gen after.

        1. Yeah I know I was predict XY not ending ….my theory was Xerneas Yveltal have parallel pkmn in other dimension …when I say parallel I mean opposite being so we have Dark looks like Xerneas and represent moon and the other look like Yveltal and represent sun …..I called this one Saenrex though .

          1. Ah so your concept is basically Dark-type Moon Xerneas and Fire-type Sun Yveltal… and you are thinking of an X2Y2 editions? I see!

            Well I’m not good at fixing monsters and mythical creatures, just humans and anthros. <3

  46. If anyone ever happens to come across an extra Darkrai code before the 24th, I’d REALLY appreciate it if you could pass it on to me. At this rate it seems like I waited too long and I won’t be able to track down a code myself. I’m not one to beg, but I just want to put this request out there 😛

  47. Just thought of something, (surely I’m not the first one to speculate on this) What if Rowlet evolves into an Owl Shaped totem?

    1. Or maybe, the reason why it’s a Grass/Ground type (according to the leaks) is because it’s based off a coconut? Coconuts do fall from the tree when they’re ripe

      1. Oh god please not this. While I would love a coconut themed Pokemon and I love Rowlet, not them together, no. It would spoil the owl aesthetic entirely.

  48. I have the same question as Xatu. If someone has a spare European code for Darkrai, can I have it then? There’s not a GameMania close to where I live, so I’m not able to get a code myself. Thanks in advance 🙂

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