RUMOR: Typings of the Pokémon Sun & Moon Stater Evolutions LEAKED?!

SPOILERS?! This is a rumor post, but because this is based on what was dug up from official sources and not typical online hearsay, we’re warning you now: this could reveal new information.

YouTuber pdwinnall has discovered that the Japanese Pokémon mini-site for Sun & Moon contains extra icons for types that identify the starters. You can watch the video above to see exactly how it works, but essentially there are six images for the types:

  1. Grass (Rowlet, type 1)
  2. Flying (Rowlet, type 2)
  3. Ground (???)
  4. Fire (Litten)
  5. Water (Popplio)
  6. Fighting (???)

burrowing-owlSUSPICIOUS, eh? The YouTuber hypothesizes that Rowlet’s family will remain Grass/Flying, Litten’s will end up Fire/Ground  (oops, fixed: thanks CaH) and Popplio’s family will wind up Water/Fighting. Although I agree with Popplio ending up Water/Fighting, I’m not sold on the idea that we’ll get a Fire/Ground combo; you’ll notice that icon3 is ground and it comes before fire, not after. There’s a possibility that GameFreak has gone the trolling route and will ultimately make Rowlet’s evolution Grass/Ground. As you can see to the right, photo courtesy of Beth Ruggiero, burrowing owls exist and would make sense. If that were the case we’d have a pure Fire-type line with Litten.

Now all that’s left is for us to hear your comments and tell us what you think about all this!

<3 PJ

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