RUMOR: Typings of the Pokémon Sun & Moon Stater Evolutions LEAKED?!

SPOILERS?! This is a rumor post, but because this is based on what was dug up from official sources and not typical online hearsay, we’re warning you now: this could reveal new information.

YouTuber pdwinnall has discovered that the Japanese Pokémon mini-site for Sun & Moon contains extra icons for types that identify the starters. You can watch the video above to see exactly how it works, but essentially there are six images for the types:

  1. Grass (Rowlet, type 1)
  2. Flying (Rowlet, type 2)
  3. Ground (???)
  4. Fire (Litten)
  5. Water (Popplio)
  6. Fighting (???)

burrowing-owlSUSPICIOUS, eh? The YouTuber hypothesizes that Rowlet’s family will remain Grass/Flying, Litten’s will end up Fire/Ground  (oops, fixed: thanks CaH) and Popplio’s family will wind up Water/Fighting. Although I agree with Popplio ending up Water/Fighting, I’m not sold on the idea that we’ll get a Fire/Ground combo; you’ll notice that icon3 is ground and it comes before fire, not after. There’s a possibility that GameFreak has gone the trolling route and will ultimately make Rowlet’s evolution Grass/Ground. As you can see to the right, photo courtesy of Beth Ruggiero, burrowing owls exist and would make sense. If that were the case we’d have a pure Fire-type line with Litten.

Now all that’s left is for us to hear your comments and tell us what you think about all this!

<3 PJ

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  1. I think you mean Litten will end up fire/ground, not fire/fighting. Also, I am not sold on the burrowing owl theory. If they wanted to do that, just make it grass/ground from the start. There’s no reason to drastically change the typing like that.

    1. starters progress in weird ways most of the time, often changing subspecies entirely

      starting with grass/flying to compliment flying moves all bird pokemon learn early, then losing the typing as its body type changes into something more significant, does not seem too farfetch’d for me – skrelp to dragalge, for instance

      1. Water and Dragon aren’t what I’d call opposites. Flying and Ground in fact are, so I don’t think Rowlet will change that drastically.

        1. didn’t say they were opposites! just that “losing the typing as its body type changes into something more significant, does not seem too farfetch’d for me.” if rowlet becomes too large to fly, its wings do not increase in size as it grows, its body becomes shaped to dig more than to navigate aerially, it could lose the typing. another example of this idea is drapion losing bug for dark. it is still very much a bug, but ‘dark’ was considered more interesting and more significant by game freak.

          1. I know you didn’t say that, but I don’t believe a starter changing this drastically to a typing completely opposite to its initial typing.

    2. i knew from the first second i saw rowlet being a flying type that they would troll us, now that i know burrowing owls exist and ground types match perfectly with rowlet’s colors, even the types were found on the official site. Ha, i know this is real… it just has to be. but people does not want to believe it

    3. Coconut? As its falling it’s in the air then hits the ground…nah too simple

  2. don’t think these actually apply to starters, since starter evos are always revealed and thus added to the site much later

    these could apply to the legend (pure flying lunaala? fire/fighting or ground/fire solgaleo?) or to other unrevealed pokemon that we’ll see by this time next month

    i mean, it’s not impossible, they could’ve decided to do this now, but i wouldn’t say it’s guaranteed in any way

    1. Yeah these icons WILL be used on this site and WILL be applied to the starter’s page I mean stop trying to kid yourselves, the very second we saw them grouped with Grass Fire and Water they are infinitely bound to the starters, and a even stronger jumping point since it says Grass/Flying since that is Rowlet’s typing
      they’re labeled Partner types 01-06 so it’s going to happen sooner or later
      But hey we could be wrong,nor you could start accepting it

      1. they are not labelled partner or starter types 01 to 06, they are simply sorted under a broad /pokemon/ file on the site for use on any pokemon page on the jp sun/moon site.

        it does not make sense to add the starter’s types when the starters will not be added to the site for some time to come — why prepare so far ahead when types will constantly be added, sorted 07 and onwards, as more pokemon are revealed? it makes sense to upload only that which will be applied soon

    1. Fighting is basically a starter type along with the main three. More generations have it than not

      1. At this point it should be a standard starter type yeah lol. We’ve had 4 generations in a row with starters being part fighting. It would be a nice breath of fresh if we didnt get any starter that is part fighting for once.

    2. I love it, Physical, Extremely useful leveling type, overall awesome
      Combusken Double-Kick, Monferno Mach Punch and Pignite Arm Thrust all extremely useful attacks early
      Ground is good but honestly they don’t give Statters decent Ground leveling attacks, I’d lose it if they made a new low damaging Ground attack that isn’t Mud Shot or Mud-Bomb
      Bulldoze would be fine but I think it might be a little too op for beginners

        1. Nah I’m still loyal to Popplio
          But I will use anything Ground native to Alola in my Moon Ground Mono

    3. I agree. Fire/fighting especially has been overused over the years. A water/fighting type might be interesting, though.

  3. After some thinking, i am ok if rowlet became grass ground, its a pretty cool type combo. Torterra had the same type but since it was so slow, it couldnt barely utilize it well. But if rowlett is a speedy physical attacker it could be very nice. Leaf blade and earthquake are pretty cool. I would also be ok with fire ground, since fire ground is on the type of a below average become litten could utilize this very well. So i am ok with ground type starter. Lol still dont care for popplio it can get anytype it wants.
    But hey maybe these leaks arent applying to starters they could be to something else, they could also just not be real. It really depends how much you it to be real on how viable this leak is.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rowlet became Grass-Ground. this is the Cuban giant owl. it lived on my island millennia ago (became extinct before humans settled). It ran on its huge legs like a mini-ostrich, probably hunting rodents. Birds in islands tend to get big and become flightless (NZ’s kiwi, New Caledonian kagu, Madagascar elephant bird). I think Rowlet’s typing is meant to be misleading. Torchic didn’t end up Fire-Flying. And Piplup didn’t become Water-Ice nor Water-Flying. Let’s be real, Rowlet is only going to get bigger and heavier, so Grass-Ground makes sense. A pity it’d be a copy of Torterra’s typing, but oh well…

  5. Also worth noting: people have said Litten’s head markings are the alchemic symbol for sulphur. Volcanoes contain sulphur/compounds of sulphur. Fire + Ground = Volcano.


    1. I’ve been saying that for a while
      Fire/Ground isn’t the end of the world, it will be a gigantic obsidian tiger with glowing lava stripes that burn through everything, the more heat generated by its internal magma the stronger and faster it is,

      1. That sounds amazing! I like the fire/ground typing because you only have a 4x water, and a 2x ground weakness.

    2. Fair enough. Personally I would have loved fire/poison, simply because its a type combination we haven’t seen yet

    3. With the movie revealing mystery science, I can see how GF may have utilized alchemy for Litten

  6. I really want their typings to be something they haven’t done yet (like electric or rock), so I’m going to deny this until proven official.

    1. Well Rowlet is grass/flying so
      Litten I would love to end up fire/poison
      Popplio is a sea lion, so big chances on water/ice but it’ll probably be water/fighting. Personally I’m hoping water/fairy, because of the pink nose lol.

        See one tiny scrap of pink cuteness and auto-fairy,
        It’s like razor blades churning in my gut

          1. Only because they give them everything
            Mawile would still be crap without Huge Power, Gardevoir and Sylveon Spaming Hyper Voice
            And well Togekiss and Azumarill were pretty annoying before this but still annoying as f*ck to fight

            But hope we see Fairy Types die out this generation, no more special treatment from now on

          2. But I can still loathe them every day of the year
            Hell I might even breed a pure Anti-Fairy team that can counter them all

          3. Since it’s an odd number we’re going to get a pure poison blob
            But Poison/Steel Trashcan Pokemon!!! Wastenaut and Garbarge

          4. Agreed that they are too powerful, but they were necessary to mitigate the domination of Dragon types.

      1. A fast Tiger leaving lightning bolts as it runs? I don’t know, GF has done more that surprises us. Those typings were just examples. I just don’t want three secondary typings that have been used before.

        1. It be easier to make Tiger Onis but that’s a hard sell since Electabuzz has that niche
          Otherwise Fire/Electric Tiger is incompatible

          1. So is a Water/Steel-type penguin, but Game Freak is creative like that. A Fire/Electric-type would be great.

  7. I kinda wish the starters would have been
    Grass Flying
    Fire Poison
    Water Psychic

    That’s just my opinion I liked that but I’ll be happy with whatever we get.

    1. Water/Psychic isn’t too far off since we only have Starmie and Slowpoke’s line
      But the Water Fighting Clown Acrobatic pleases me more

      1. If they do Water Fighting well I have no issue sure everyone thought dewott would be water fighting and I was pumped for that .. Then we got solid water haha.

    2. I’m hoping for that as well. I’m pretty tired of seeing starters with fighting as its secondary type. There are 18 types and they insist on using fighting over and over

  8. Well the news spreads by the day
    But now the buzz is dying (But Butthurt all time high)
    Well I’m bored, Might start Spirit Tracks until the 19th when the Fallout DLC drops then squeeze every drip of content out of that until something else captures my short attention span
    Any suggestions?

    1. I like Litten’s evo and Rowlet’s isn’t too bad, but I think I might have nightmares for the rest of my life thanks to that Popplio evo………

    2. The Litten one looks lit-git. Rowlet doesn’t feel like Pokémon. Can we name Popplio “It”?

    3. They look GREAT as far as drawings come, but hell no as the starter’s final evolution.

  9. I honestly can’t see Rowlet changing types…..I’ve said this before and because this is now technically the proper article I’ll say it again lol The starter Pokemon are meant to be the most accessible Pokemon in the games. They may change other Pokemon types based on theme or lore, but the starters need to be the constant in the games. GF wouldn’t want to do anything to screw over their target audience (children ages ranging from very young to moderately older) and changing Rowlet would in some ways do that. Younger audiences aren’t going to put two and two together necessarily and realize that it changes typing. The starters aren’t up for that kind of experimentation. If they wanted Rowlet to become part ground type they would have left it as just grass for now.

    1. I disagree. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t help but feel that Rowlet will lose its Flying-typing. It might end up looking like a kakapo. The starters don’t need to be constant for the kiddies when they are plenty of other Pokémon who lose a typing and gain another. Younger audiences are getting smarter by the decades; they’re not incompetent. I’m sure we’ve all seen little 5 year olds using tablets. A starter Pokémon changing/losing it’s type would not phase them. Plus, they’re not the ones who take this game seriously. It’s the young adults who do, and we’d love that shit.

      1. Then why even bother giving it the flying type at all? Early in the game it doesn’t really matter whether you have that typing. If they were gonna give it a ground typing why not just leave it grass and be done with it until it evolves? Whether the children can comprehend the change I will admit is irrelevant. It just doesn’t make any sense for the starter Pokemon in particular to have it’s typing changed in such a way.

        1. Game Freak changes the types because of the Pokémon adapting upon evolution. Some examples are Fletchling losing its Normal-typing as it changes into the Fire-type Fletchinder. Nincada loses its Ground-type but gains Flying-type as it evolves into Ninjask and Nincada’s left behind shell gains a Ghost-typing as Shedinja. Skrelp loses its Water-typing but gains a powerful Dragon-typing as it becomes Dragalge. It’s evolutionary, my dear~!

  10. If this doesn’t please you, you can always play Yokai Watch 2 in America when it releases in September!

    1. Or Yooka-Laylee!!!
      Join the Chameleon and Bat in 5 glorious 3D Worlds as they breathe a breath of freshness to the long forgotten era of 3D Openworld platforming, a plethora of wacky characters and amazing moves and abilities and beautiful music that will get stuck in your head
      available October 2016
      Check out Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee demo and press at E3

        1. Hey I never played it either yet I funded the kickstarter and can’t wait for it… Now whether that makes me dedicated or just stupid I don’t know…

  11. Total fairy world domination 2k16!! Seriously though I hope we get tons of fairies this gen >: )

      1. Yes Meghan trainor! Yes! Preferable a cute ghost/fairy because those are my two fav types ;P

          1. Aw, how come? I have an obsession with them (except mr.mime) I even have them all as legit shinies

          2. I love dragons too, they were my favourite type until gen 5, which is why m altaria I use so much, dragons are the

          3. How can fairies beat dragons? It does not make sense. Gamefreak wanted to balance the typing and bring Dragon back to ground but in the process they made fairy type OP

          4. Because just because something looks strong doesn’t mean it is, and just because something looks weak doesn’t mean it’s not strong. I thing fairy is the perfect type to oppose dragons they’re made of magic and whimsie ^_^

          5. Whimsical means always acting as one pleases and not caring about others. I think you mean to say soft or someting like that( I hope I don’t sound like a complete nerd)

          6. ive never heard that as being a deffinition of whimsical… That’s not what it means, unless there’s another use for the word that I didn’t know about

          7. you know what actually you are correct, that is one of the definitions of whimsical but not the only one. The way i was using was more suited to the definition as being “fantastic, unusual, quaint and mysterious” I suppose I could have used a word that was more understandable to what I meant such as enchanting, eccentric, or even just said they’re cute with mysterious qualities. However in my first post I did misspell Whimsy which may have been why it may have not been seen as meaning, anything odd or fanciful or rather a product of playful capriciousness.

    1. I don’t hate fairies but they are too OP. They need another weakness. It’s the new Dragon and unbalanced.

        1. The only time I can beat them is when I have a Fire Type like Camerupt or the rare occasion they don’t out speed my steel type

      1. I don’t believe in Pokemon being op or weak, it all depends on your battle abilities and strad

        1. It’s not the Pokémon, it’s the typing. Most of them are bulky but you can’t do anything to them because theyre only weak to two unusual typing that they typically out speed.

          1. I guess I just don’t see it, maybe because even my fully trained mono-fairy team only wins like half the time, online battles always are like a game of Rock Paper Scissors to me (and yes I train them well) 😛

          1. Yeah like legends are which is why I don’t use them ever, but outside that I’m still gunna kill things with a sunflora if I have to because i want to 😛

          2. Honestly I never pick Pokemon on stats just weather or not I like them and then I make them work on way or another

        2. I agree the only op pokemon (not including legends) is mega kangaskhan. Everything else is not op just some things are more tedious than others

          1. BST 601+ legends are obviously are strong but theyre legends. All the other legends that are bst 600 or below arent op at all

          2. Oooh I forgot about Mega Kangaskhan. That’s another good counter to Fairies.

          1. Ice types need a serious buff. I dunno why GameFreak keep making defensive Ice types lol when it’s clearly a offensive type. I hope they remove bug resistances on Fairy types too.

          2. Since it’s a new Gen they’ll redistribute stats and adjust everything. I just hope they dont ignore types like ice this time.

          3. They adjust at least one type, raise or lower stats, and change move pools every Gen. Not to every single Pokemon but they do. That’s why Nidos started seeing use in Gen 6.

          4. Usually when I lose on BS there’s a Sylveon or Mega Gardevoir. Too bulky and offensive

          5. Try Metronome Hyper Beam Sylveon paired with a Parafusion or Spore spreading Poke in doubles.

      1. Well that was unexpected lol….

        I rooted for team Aqua back in the day too so I bet that makes it even worse eh? ;P

  12. Any body have Solgaleo number ?……..just till him to reduce the volume of the sun ….day from hell.

    1. that’s because the ground is the second typing of rowlet’s final evo I guess

      1. That is what I said earlier. But, does that mean Fighting is added to Popplio’s second stage?

        1. that’s not certain, just like everything else. The only thing that’s most likely true is that the final Popplio version will end up being water fighting

  13. Plot twist: triple typings will be introduced and Rowlet will be Grass/Flying/Ground and Litten will only be Fire and Popplio will be Water/Fighting/404

  14. Maybe they are just new Pokemon to be announced. IDK, I feel I’m the only one who doesn’t give a damn about starter types.

    1. I don’t care. I’m just sick of people complaining about another fighting starter and a bird that becomes a ground type.

    2. You’re not, idc either but that’s because I usually ditch my starter after the first gym (except totodile, love that little gator) but I may keep rowlet around this time around but it could become whatever type idc lol

    3. Typing is half of the game.. . Unless you never play competitive. Plus it’s all we have to speculate on right now. So I understand personally

  15. Is no one else wondering what kind of fossil Pokémon we’ll get this generation? I’m hoping to finally get a Rock/Ice-type sabertooth tiger Pokémon. Might not happen, but I want it!

        1. Well this isn’t exacty a fish fossil tbf, just a living fossil. Getting something along the lines of Dunkleosteus (pokémon sage’s interpretation is pretty cool) or Eusthenopteron or something would be amazing and should happen someday.

      1. I love the Rock/Ghost idea. Would also love to see a Rock/Poison, but I have no idea what kind of fossil that would be.

        EDIT: I thought maybe a frilled dinosaur or a predecessor of a platypus.

    1. From the Fakemon game Pokémon Sage – Cubzero and its evolved form Avalynx.

  16. If Popplio grows legs, I will SCREAM at Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori! They were probably drunk as skunks when thinking up the final typings for these three, if this is to be true, which I’m 99.8% sure it is true. Knowing Game Freak’s very poor track record to keep information hidden from fans. Remember the ORAS Demo?

      1. It’s not standing on two legs, I’ll take it! It is a little ugly though in the face, no offense (I know it’s obviously fake). Basically, at this point, I’ll take any Popplio design that doesn’t stand on two legs.

        1. Sorry but I don’t think it’s at all ugly, in fact I quite love this design, and if Popplio’s final form even remotely looks like this, then that will be its saving grace in my eye’s, because I happen to think that Popplio’s design, is kinda on the ugly side itself. 🙁 (if it didn’t have that ridiculously huge nose, I would probably love it. LOL )
          But I liked the one other fakemon design idea for his final evo, so if it looks like that it would be fin too.

  17. I prefer pure fire type litten than a fire/ground so I hope that the ground type is just there for rowlett or for some other random pokemon as for the water/fighting popplio kind of makes sense if you think about it

  18. All anger aside, I just hope the Starter’s final evolutions are designed well. I can care less as this point about the Starter’s types. I love Popplio and I don’t want Ken to fuck him up. I don’t want a druken seal that can barely stand up on a circus ball as a final design. I would love to have it remain on it’s belly like Popplio.

    1. I personally want his land weakness to go away.
      I’m sure he will at least find a way to be fast on land as well

  19. Thanks to popplio I finally know the difference between a seal and a sea lion…yay I guess

  20. If anything I think the next Pokemon they plan on revealing on the website will be fire and ground types. I doubt that whoever’s programming the website knows the type of information yet.

    1. If they are programming a site for an official source, i should hope they know at least what they are setting up for… You are aware that there are documents that can legally get you into trouble if you reveal classified info from a company, right? I had to sign one for both of the places i worked at when i was working… They might KNOW the info, but if they say it, they’ll land their butts in big trouble. Is it worth getting fired, fined, both, or worse to reveal the types of creature’s attributes of a fictional nature?

      1. I don’t think you understood my original post. I doubt the website programmers even know the typing of the starter’s final evolutions

        1. Everything goes through game freak. They know if gamefreak wanted them to know

          1. Yeah but maybe Gamefreak never told them …… its not like anyone was ever supposed to see these two icons. They didn’t specifically leave these as a hint for us or anything….

          2. lol where’d you get a number like 90% from… we can’t just make up numbers like this

          3. …. ok. 60% it’s definitely more than 50. It was found on a page only for the starters… on the official site. If the typings upsets you that much, you might as well be prepared yourself to be upset when these turn out right.. I mean.. “if”.. ?

          4. you still can’t just decide a number – this could mean something and it could mean nothing and you and I have no idea. Thats it.

          5. I can… and I did.
            To say it could mean something or nothing is exactly what I said. You just put percents on it too!
            You don’t understand statistics and probability.
            You are saying.. 50..50.. in words
            I am saying ..60…40.. at least. in numbers
            The fact if where it was found and how definitely increases the chances of it correlating to the starters.
            This is Widely excepted… just go look at the new post.
            Being delusional won’t change anything

          6. i didn’t say 50/50 … but theres no point debating with an uneducated person. BAI

          7. *Bye
            Uneducated? I just explained what I meant in layman’s terms. Meaning it couldn’t get any simpler. But I will try, for you.
            To say “it could mean something.. it could mean nothing”
            Which you Did.
            Is the equivalent of saying there’s a 50/50 chance in percents.
            So I added the Fact of Where it was found and How it was found to the equation..
            Stating that this makes the probability of these being the correct typings more likely.
            Which from a scientific standpoint.. it does.
            Increasing it to 60/40 At Least.. if not more.
            So 10 had to leave the 50 side of it being less likely.
            Meaning there is more chance for these types to be correct.
            Yet.. with 40% still left for it to be wrong.. it’s still a nice size probability you are correct.
            Yet. If we are going based on our feelings only, and not math and science. I would say 90% it’s correct, you would say… “what are you talking about, that makes no sense at all, you’re wrong” most likely. ? . Any questions?

          8. We’re not friends.
            This is exactly how math works once you leave middle school.
            It’s called statistics and probability. .. google it.
            There are also X’s and Y’s.. etc.
            Bye Felicia.

          9. Normally I just ignore trolls because I just end up becoming a mean person, but you’ve been oddly persistent.
            Statistics, by definition, is a numeric representation of data. Data must be collected and WE HAVE NO DATA FROM ANYWHERE. We have a couple images that may or may not mean something. Also, saying that there are two options (may or may not…) does not imply 50/50. It means that we just don’t know anything. You can’t just create probabilities you think sound reasonable. You literally need to go back to every Pokemon website and see how often hidden data correlated with unrevealed information and then analyze that data before you start throwing numbers at people expecting them to take it seriously.

          1. I with you on this one.
            It’s more about who gets which typing. .. At this point.
            But if wishful thinking makes them happier. It’s ok, I guess

          2. Lol. I’m one of those people who cares little. I just dislike it when people try to pass of rumours as undeniable fact.

            However it works out in the end, it matter little ibvthe grand scheme of things. I’m more interested in how they will fair competitive.

  21. So why would they put the typing icons in and not the Pokemon designs? Are they somewhere hidden on the site?

    Have GF just not given them the designs but let slip the typing?

    Are GF stupid? Is the fandom overreacting (as always)? Do people get paid to make rumours and push theories?

    Stay tuned for answers to these very important questions.

    1. Let slip the typings.

      However while I do see the logic in the theory, I’m not sure that the two types relate to the starters. There’s nothing in the file names that say that the icons are for the starters.

      Apparently the page they’re on is for all new Pokemon, not just the starters. The reason only the starters are there, is because the starters are the only new Pokemon fully revealed for Sun and Moon.

      This could however just be me wanting my Grass/Flying, Fire/Poison and Water/Fairy trio, but the arguments are valid for both sides.

  22. Hmm… I noticed that to.. but the guy to originally discover this said wording made ground go with fire most likely. ..
    Well that would give your rival the advantage if you chose litten after its evolution.. assuming the other boy is your rival.
    But, only make Popplio weaker to Rowlett

  23. I think Rowlet changes from Grass/Flying to Grass/Ground, it just seems strange that the Ground type is before Fire.

  24. Well for the most part… I believe the typings. Just not sure which goes to who.
    When you think about it….
    Ground, Flying, Frighting
    Fire, Grass, Water
    Sun, Moon, Eclipse.. .
    Tiikis ( or whatever )
    All the things Hawaiin culture represents!

    Too an outsider anyways… they probably feel stronger about Spam nowadays ?

      1. Don’t talk like Ground isn’t a good defensive type. <3

        Also, start using Landorus-T. Let go of your distaste for legends. 🙂

    1. You only have to face the rival a couple of times in the main game and by the time Litten is fully evolved you will surely have caught other mons that can compensate.

    2. Fires always OP compared to grass and water in game. For many gens it even has the highest base stat. Let it be worse for a bit.

  25. PLEASE NO.

    They could be for other Pokemon right??

    Rowllet should not become a Ground type.
    It’s already flying! It makes no sense.

    Same goes for Litten. I will not accept anything other than Fire/Poison or Fire/Dark.

    I don’t want a fighting type starter for the 5th generation in a row, but I’ll accept water/fighting

  26. As long as Litten final evo gets a diverse movepool I think I’d be ok with it being pure fire

  27. don’t know if u all saw these already? Probably fake but I’m lovin them all, even Popplio’s xD/ It scares me though.

    I love the Blaziken counterpart’s Rowlet’s final. The panther is heaven!

          1. Well, he’s not that hairy so I guess he’s no bear. What’s the name for an elder creepy gay guy?

    1. OMG! Rowlet and Litten’s last evolution looks SOOOO GOOD! Popplio looks like he took too much crack but alas, a trio such as this would be heaven!

      1. No I love it too!!! Please let this turn out to be like the Unova starters; when the evolutions for the starters were revealed early and no one believed the leaker…

        1. I want the whole dex
          I’m starved to learn every detail of Pokemon Sun and Moon

    2. I mean these are really cool to look at, especially the final evolution to Popplio. But these all look like they’d be from a Pokemon horror game, they’re so fucking dark lmao.

      1. I bet that Popplio’s evo only method of communication is grinning menacing
        My kind of Pokemon
        Also slapping your face

    3. I love Littens final evo, like that would be one of my favourite Pokemon. Haven’t we seen that middle owl before? Must say rowletts final evo just looks weird, it’s based of what? Owl to person? Someone explain don’t get me started on poplins final. It’s too much clown, too little sea lion. Another delphox situation.

      1. Yes we did see the middle owl, I guess he thinks it;s the middle evolution right now, because of the similarity of the faces of the second and final rowlet

        1. It’s got such a flat face… I thought it was rowletts previous design

          1. no I think it’s pretty much fake and a coincidence that it has similarities with the final one orrrrr…. it’s was real all along and the middle stage starter owl, but i’m not sure

    1. This is likely a stupid question, but what is “ingress name” and “ingress level”?

      1. Ingress is am app by the same company that’s making pokemon go, I believe it’s similar concept. So I’m assuming your info for that 🙂 I had to look it up to find out haha

  28. I don’t understand why everyone gets so fussy about the starters. If you don’t like them, just don’t use them. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

    1. But the starters are special. It is the Pokemon that starts you on your journey

    2. That’s practically the only thing to talk about right now other than the box legends.

      Without the “leak” there would be even less to talk about. <3

  29. What I see around are Litten Fans trying to convince themselves and the others that the ground type belongs to Rowlet, Rowlet Fans trying to convince themselves and the others that the ground type belongs to Litten, both fans trying to convince everyone that the types will never be those. Then Popplio waiting silent for his Fighting type that will happen for sure

    I would like that all of you calm down and think a bit about the past.

    In the last two generations the starters became something completly unexpected:

    – Snivy lost hands and foot.

    – Tepig became… well Emboar.

    – Oshawott, a otter, became a sea lion.

    – Chespin became a baloon.

    – Fennekin, the cute golden little fox, was forced to stand on two legs and wear an old dress.

    – Froakie, the so hated starter, become a freaking OP Ninja frog with his tongue as a scarf.

    That said, If you think for some reason that the starters will be an elegant Owl, a monster Tiger and a Clown Sea Lion you are probably wrong, cause GF does not do obvious things. Speculation is good but

    be also ready fot a grass/ground owl, a fire/ground cat and a fighting otter, maybe? Just don’t be obsessed about your idea of what the starters should become, cause at GF they do what they want and you will be disappointed.

    1. The questions is, why does nobody want the ground typing?

      Probably cos whoever gets it is stuck with a 4x weakness.

      1. I just don’t want it because I feel it will restrict the design. Hopefully I am wrong though.

      2. Rowlet will already get the 4x weakness if it’s flying.

        I’d actually prefer flying because if it were Grass/Ground water would do neutral damage.

    2. I am litten fan ……and I believe it will be stand on 2 feet in final stage and I want it …..I think Fire/Dark or Ghost r more suitable for him ….I can’t deny I don’t want him to be part of ground not cuz it sucks but cuz I can’t imagine how he could be look like …I don’t want Rowelt become part of ground though ground type is sucks in the starters.

    3. Well I’m a Rowlet fan that’s trying to convince myself that the Ground type belongs to Litten so I can switch to that. :p

  30. If ShinyXatu appears, tell that buzzard I have a Darkrai code for him.

  31. I have a bit of speculation as to the moon legendary’s typing:

    Hear me out first though. “B-but, fire is–” no, shut up. Listen.
    Whenever I think of daylight/sun, I think warmth, so Fire is obvious. When I think of night time/moon, I feel cold, hence Ice. But what of this Steel eh?

    Look at those things on its wings. It looks sharp, it looks, metallic. And if you think about metal is usually cold.

    Ok, now comment.

  32. I’m extremely tired of data miners at this point. They ruined Mega [email protected], Hoopa and its forms, Volcanion, and Diancie. Now the Sun & Moon starters are subjected to their annoyance. I swear, I usually don’t care for spoilers, but this is getting ridiculous. Here’s my idea/hypothesis on the starters future typing:
    Rowlet: Grass/Flying.
    Litten: Fire/Ground (highly), Fire/Poison (alchemy symbol), or Pure Fire.
    Poppilo: Water/Fighting (again, highly), Water/Normal, or Water/Fairy.

    1. It’s missing the infinity part of the alchemy symbol so all it looks like to me at this point is three lines/stripes on Litten.

        1. And the ears could be triangles for another symbol. Too soon to get on the theory train.


  33. Idk why the placement is out of order, but I know GameFreak.

    GF are not going to troll people that choose a starter. At least, not in their typings (maybe in their designs). It makes zero sense to do that.

  34. I just hope we get some info in June
    I want to skip the summer after E3 until I get a new desktop so I can get Warcraft Legion on Aug 30
    Then play that until October and Yooka-Laylee
    Then finally at November the glorious Sun and Moon……..which in grand total is 6 months the second we hit June

  35. I think it would be pretty funny if the starters turned out to have none of these types (except flying rowlet) so we all stressed/cared for it for no reason

      1. It’s on watercolour paper that I used watercolour pencil crayons with. That’s how I made the leafy designs around it.

      1. Yep. Best I can draw are stick people.

        I don’t know how some people do fanart so quickly.

          1. I would do it tonight, but still don’t feel good. Been in bed most of today. Otherwise my pink and blue ‘turd’ would beat the crap out of your Ground-types.

    1. That’s very good for an app that doesn’t have soft brushes. I dig the shading on the Lunaala.

      Ever thought of getting an app like procreate or sketchbook that’s a bit more involved?

  36. Ehhh art corner time
    I did my Inksona
    My only issue is face proportions and the Squid shirt (should’ve done an 8-bit squid)

      1. Cross between a gentle giant and a raging sea demon
        But with his Roller he bulldozes the competition

    1. If GF do it and make all these new pkmns based on the same region that would brilliant. I mean all these pkmn r based Hawaiian animals.

  37. Unless the design is ultra-sweet, I’ll be a bit disappointed if Rowlet loses the flying type. I’ve been waiting so long for another flying starter (he would be the first since gen 1!) and I think the grass type deserves it since they seem to usually be viewed as the “weakest” of the starters. I actually thought they should have given Sceptile another mega evolution as a dual Grass/Flying type as well.

  38. And if you ask me, I think Popplio looks like a good contender for a straight Water type only. Litten is the one I think could be tricky. Dark is what comes to mind first. Or maybe just fire? Watch, it’ll be like it was with the 3 fire/fighting starters in a row, but this time with Psychic.

  39. I love ground types, and Rowlet and Litten are my 2 fave starters this gen. So honestly either of them turning partially ground type is a-ok by me! ^__^

    1. possible….and it makes sense when rowlet turns into a ground type….i dont care if he is flying or ground, both seems to be cool….and if he still can learn fly , everythings fine:)

    2. *mind blown*
      …And here I thought it possibly came from rowan tree. Burrow makes so much more sense if it does evolve into a flightless bird. Although, rowan tree could still be a possibility since its Japanese name Mokurou origin is from wood and owl.

  40. So im From Germany and I have to say something about rowlets german name. I noticed something. So the german name is “Bauz “. At first sight it seems the name is a combination of ” Baum” which is german for tree, and ” Kauz ” which is another german description for owl. So let’s have a look… The part in its name “Bau…” is also a german word. ” der Bau” is german for burrow…. What a coincidence :)… What do you think?

  41. I’m willing to bet that rowlet becomes ground. It feels right. That said, something tells me these are just typing for the second stages, since those will be revealed first. It still leaves a lot of possibilities for littens final form. Im personally hoping for fire/ghost or fire/poison

    1. I can’t believe people really think rocket will turn into a ground type.. This is baffling to me… Bulbasaur didn’t turn into a rock type ??

      1. True, but I feel like since gen 5 game freak is starting to break the mold bit by bit

  42. Litten has Fire/Dark written all over it. I honestly have a hard time imagining anything else, except maybe just a straight up Fire type. I’d be sorta disappointed if it got a Ground typing.

      1. “Well too bad” lmao, why you gotta sound like a dick? The black fur does give off that impression, but it’s not just that. The overall way it looks and the personality description for it make it sound like a straight up Dark type.

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