Sign-ups Begin for US Pokémon GO Beta

Trainers interested in trying out the augmented virtual reality game Pokémon GO, expected to launch later this year on iOS & Android, can apply to the beta now if they live in the United States.

Let us know if you’re throwing your name in the hat! Unfortunately I wasn’t abl to get into the Japanese field test myself 🙁 Best of luck to my American readers!

<3 PJ

    1. It pays what? you don’t mean it actually pays money to participate, do you?

  1. Already signed up, hopefully I get in. i think this will be fun, because it will get some lazy farts up and moving (including me XD)

  2. I signed myself up. Since I travel a lot during the summer, I would love to use Pokemon GO. Anyways, could we take a moment to commemorate the amount of detail Pokemon Sun & Moon has. I swear, I was not expecting to see the trainers standing with the Pokemon, the removal of the miniature models for full-scale 3D models, and the complete revamping of the Pokemon World. If Sun & Moon looks like this, image how Diamond and Pearl remakes might look!

    1. Things are truly looking up design-wise. That goes for actual Pokemon, as well as everything else in the Alola region. I think it’s amazing that this step is being taken before an obvious hardware switch. I have to say though, I’m looking forward to seeing the Pokemon world in HD for the 8th generation.

      1. There likely won’t be soon, but there will be eventually as every generation up to 4 so far has been remade.

  3. I signed up but I’ve never tried Ingress, so they probably won’t pick me. It’s worth a shot though: it’s FREE!

  4. Interesting! I signed up, it’ll be cool if someone here gets in. We’ll get some info maybe!
    But hopefully this game is aight because I think the idea is great.

  5. I signed up, hopefully we get picked and it takes our minds off this Sun and Moon information and not trolling the internet for leaks.

      1. Even if it is ground? If it does turn ground it could be a sabertooth tiger thing… That is what comes to mind

    1. Popplio
      I just know we’ll be a good match (Which is a absolute first since I’ve never chosen a Water for a main game) (ORAS doesn’t count since I didn’t care for it)

      1. What do you have against Swampert, you hated it in spite of being a ground type, preferring Seismitoad over it? 😉

  6. So I started Uncharted 4 this weekend and I thought about Pokemon when Nathan Drake said “Sun and moon…alchemy symbols for gold and silver”. This could easily point to connections to Gold and Silver that will occur in these games (possibly directly to Johto, or indirectly with Mega Evolutions and such). What I find more interesting is the design choice for Litten…it’s the ALCHEMY symbol for sulfur. Why is alchemy such a large part of these games? I’m going to theorize that it has something to do with the villain team (maybe Team Alchem?) that tries using magical Pokemon in some way. Wikipedia says that alchemy involves the creation of an elixir of immortality, the creation of panaceas able to cure any disease, the creation of an alkahest (a universal solvent) and the formation of a Philosopher’s Stone. I have a strong feeling that these concepts will play into the lore of Sun and Moon.

    1. Maybe Gold and Silver connections such as Alola being like Johto where you travel to the previous region! Maybe the chance to travel to Kalos when you beat the game! Maybe this gen is in fact 6.5…
      *inb4 6.5 triggers people*

  7. Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know I have received notification from gamefreak. I have done beta testing for gamefreak over the past 2 generations, so I am on the shortlist for the first round of enrollments. Don’t worry though, by Friday the rest of the notifications will be sent out to the first 10,000 sign-ups. I am hoping to beta test for gamefreak for Sun and Moon as well. Still waiting on the that though; last generation I received the test game in August. So, I will have info coming in a few months. Enjoy to those who have signed up for PokemonGo!

    1. Can you show us this notification in any way? If it was an e-mail, perhaps posting a screenshot of that and censoring any sensitive information? I’d really like to believe you.

      1. Even if it’s true, I think the info will be under such strict NDAs that it will be hard getting it out.

        1. haha right? Don’t think he can easily ‘leak’ things no, even if this is true. So hard to believe sorry

  8. Noticed yesterday, that Lunaala (Moon legendary, assuming thats its name) appears on the Anistar City’s Gym within the cosmos maze. Has anybody else noticed that too?

      1. I wanted to make one, but I couldn’t find my Phone. I saw it by coincedence, I normally don’t pay attention to the ceiling lol.

  9. Noooo thanks i will pass on pokemon go
    Pokemon go looks pretty lame to me, plus i am against all advances toward mobile devices

    1. But maybe i will still sign up to take away the chance of anyone else getting it…

    2. I signed up, though I do agree with you on the mobile thing. I think if their mobile games outsell their console games, they will put too much of a preference on mobile games, which I would’nt want, since console/handheld games are much better.

    3. You never know unless you give it a try. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  10. Pokemon GO seems a joke, at least what I have seen since now doesn’t have the quality I expected for a Pokémon game. It’s not done with the love and care usually Nintendo puts in their titles. Niantic can be good in those kind of games, but seems to not understand the spirit of Pokemon.
    I foretell this could either be a big success or a big flop. Time will tell.

          1. yeah I read it …but I mean I had been lived in many country but no one of them available.

  11. So what info does everyone want next? We got our starters, protagonists, region, legends, box art and game play. What’s next?

    1. I greatly want to see at least 5 new Pokemon of any of these types
      Flying, Bug, Rock, Electric, Rock and Poison

    2. It’d be cool to get some info on new Pokemon. Like that bird and that “dog”. Also more info on the rival(s) would be cool. Maybe some gyms too.

      1. It’d be nice to get clarification on the starters final typings too. But I doubt that’ll happen until right before we get the games

    3. Short teaser for the villain team (maybe the male/female grunts and the team name), Region name, Legendaries names, protags, and 3-4 more new pokemon.

          1. Lol. No worries. It’s not a powerful name like Kalos and Unova so easily forgettable.

          2. It flows and rolls off the tongue. I’m still not sure how to pronounce Unova

          3. Hate being that grammer/pronunciation guy but im pretty sure its “you-nuh-vuh”

          4. Umm…. Well i hope so because im me, and if you’re me, then that means im not me, and thats not good.

          5. I agree with this because it’s based off the United States. “You-nited” not “Oo-nited.” :p

          6. Those are the only episodes I’ve downloaded. They’re on my PSP for sexy time

          7. Not really mate, XYZ arc is really good, if you watch the Japanese dub that is. English is garbage yes

          8. The name isn’t dynamic sounding, but it’s not too bad. Just will take some getting used to

    4. I’d like some info on the main focus of the games. Doesn’t even have to be much, just a portion would be nice. Like they showed us a bit about Mega Evolution after they announced X/Y.
      I’m hoping something similar for Synchro (currently assuming that’ll be the main focus of gen 7)

    5. Want: of course the evolutions of the starters!!!

      Probably get: types of legendary’s and maybe some new early on pokes

    6. I want a battle frontier! That seems like later news, but the earlier i hear about it, the sooner i can feel at ease. Oh and i also want to hear polemonGO was canceled. Thatd be awesome.

    7. Early Pokemon (normal type, bird pokemon, other stuff), a full map of the region, and maybe a new feature revealed.

    8. I want a peak at the villain team, some early mons, maybe clarification if we go to different islands, I dunno. Maybe a gym leader or two.
      Oh, and clarification of Kukui and Hala. From what I’ve seen from everywhere, lots of people have different views about who is who (like Kukui/Hala is professor and Kukui is assistant, Kukui is your other rival, Hala is a village elder, etc.)

  12. So I was wondering about legendary pokemon and their powers and noticed that groudon is apparently capable to control the sun’s intensity, so I then started asking myself why would we need a sun legendary if there is already a legendary for that…does it mean that groudon can control solgaleo? I kept thinking and I believe to have found the answer.

    Short answer: No, groudon does not control solgaleo
    Long answer: I can’t fully prove this since we know nothing about solgaleo but I think that groudon doesn’t actually control the sun, I think groudon just controls the conditions in the atmosphere (humidity, winds, etc) to make the sun seem more intense and make the heat more extreme. As for solgaleo I think he just exists to keep the sun in balance with the moon along lunaala

    1. Well anonymous, May Groudon possess the ability to summon intense Sunlight, his Dex entries clearly state that it raises continents and evaporated water with “intense heat” not specifically sunlight because one could easily agree Groudon’s immense body heat could perform such a feat

      But we still have nary a drop of information on Solgaleo and Lunalaa’s powers, they might not have dominion over the sun and moon, but they could draw great power from the, and must remain equal or the planet will crumble

      So yeah

    2. I think Legendiarrheas have their myth according to their region. So Hoenn believes in Groudon’s powers, while this Lolala region believes in Pyroar’s powers.

      1. I am not talking about the color look closely at these 4 small gold pieces shape in those pic ….make a comparison.

  13. Do I need to do something special for the unown mirage cave to appear in ORAS..? I’ve been soaring for the past 2 weeks and it hasn’t appeared.

    1. I always thought the mirage island stuff appearances were random, so I dunno.

      1. I thought so too. Some do have to be triggered but I didn’t think the unown one was one of them.

        1. Really? I never knew xD Maybe Serebii or Bulbapedia explain how to trigger them?

          1. Yeah like some of the legendaries do and stuff 😛 I can’t find anything on the unown one, so I guess it’s random. Maybe I just have bad luck

          2. Well, I knew the legendary ones do, but I disassociate them from the other mirage islands I guess.
            Hopefully you’ll get it sooner or later. 🙂

          3. Yeah I’ve completed the National Dex except for Manaphy and Shaymin so I figured I’d give capturing all the unown a shot

  14. Ladies and gentlemen direct your attention to the center ring as I David the ringmaster I’m about to show you 3 Pokemon that are about to do some amazing best tricks ever,and I’ll direct your attention to Ring #1 where you will see Litten the Fire cat Pokemon is about to attempt a very dangerous act,jumping through a hoop of Fire! don’t try this at home.

  15. So, I believe we may have gotten a reveal of about half of the early route Pokemon: the red-crested cardinal/woodpecker and the kurī. We usually get three to four so 2/3 or 2/4 have been teased.

    – Red-crested cardinal, Flying/Normal –> Flying/Normal –> Flying/Fighting
    – Kurī, Normal/Ghost –> Normal/Ghost

    What do you think/want their typing and evolution to be?

    1. Why would a cardinal/woodpecker be a fighting type?
      Like all birds it’s going to end up Normal/Flying, but I bet we might get a 2 stage bird

      But a a Normal/Ghost would be interesting but I don’t know how far they would go for the extinct poi dog theme
      But still a Normal/Ghost type would only fear dark types

      1. If you research the characteristics of the red-crested cardinal and woodpecker species, they are IMMENSELY territorial and can be very aggressive. Thus, a Fighting type would suit them best but yes, I do believe they’ll stay Normal/Flying. However, that would be a truly saddening detraction from the advances they were making with Talonflame.

    2. I dunno about a fighting type for the bird. I either see it as Normal/Flying, or another type plus flying.
      But I really want that Normal/Ghost typing so bad. Maybe, though, it starts off as Normal, and evolves into Normal/Ghost? I can just imagine the Pokedex entry about it, something about how it became that way, I dunno.

  16. I don’t know how to describe such a feeling but knowing that we’ll soon get a new pseudo-legendary, regional bird, etc… makes me really happy. Traditions are meant to be broken but these traditions are some of the little things I look forward to when playing Pokemon because somehow, they’ve been ingrained in my heart!

    1. I uphold traditions with great gusto
      It’s not a Pokemon game unless
      Grass, Fire, Water Starters
      Regional Bird
      Regional Rodent
      Small cute cheeked Electrical Rodent
      Draconian Pseudo-Legend
      Two main Legendaries
      Small mythical Pokemon

      1. Or we could have something like Metagross and Tyranitar and they won’t be part Dragon…

        PS: I’ve thought for the longest time that Flygon was a pseudo-legendary!

        1. But Tyranitar still poses sea dragon like qualities
          And don’t forget Salamence which is still a dragon

  17. Speaking of new ideas I want to hold a little Idea powwow on potential Electrical Rodents for the Alola Region
    No wrong answers (except the wrong ones)
    Mine would be a Pale yellow and white Computer Mouse with a long plug like tail and sharp incisors to nibble wires to eat the electricity

    1. Ooo, I like that idea :3
      My idea is a Electric/Water beaver-like rodent. I thought because Alola is based on Hawaii and that there is a lot of water, it would be cool to have a part water rodent to commemorate that.
      Or perhaps a kangeroo rat-inspired one. Maybe part Ground or Rock?
      I wonder if they would do one based on the largest rodent, the capybara? Maybe not for this gen, but sometime in the future? It would be kinda awesome, capybaras are cute as well.

      1. I could see a Kangaroo Rat, its hind legs are directly linked to its energy generation so the faster it runs and hops the more power it produces

        1. And cute! I’d love if a regional rodent actually got to evolve too…most have poor stats

          1. That’s why I wish GF would change things slightly…they can keep the recurring stuff you mentioned but make them usable

          2. But they play their parts so well
            Rodents and Birds to catch early
            The rodent to gain cute appeal
            And to date every Pseudo-legend have very powerful uses

          3. I feel like the rodents aren’t even available that early. Only pikachu and pachirisu come to mind. The others were like post 4th gym

          4. So Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, Bidoof, Patrat and Bunnelby aren’t available early?

      1. As much as I love hedgehogs and porcupines…..and pangolins sadly they are not rodents

  18. This united states-only crap is bugging me! Why are so many nintendo things exclusive to US and Japan only?? Dont they use the internet? Isnt the internet a global thing? Also the caribbean uses US servers so why cant I have all the things too???? D;

      1. No like Nintendo Zone on the 3ds, Miitomo on the app store, thisss, etc are all US and Japan only and I cant use them

          1. Exactly! I had to put my mom’s iphone to actually see Miitomo in the app store but when I tried to download it, it said Im in the wrong store and when I went back to my country’s store I couldnt find it 🙁

    1. I mean, testing was also in other places before the US. At least, if I recalled correctly.
      Then again, I’d argue that Japan and Europe get the cool pre-order stuff than the US does, but I never pre-order so yeah

  19. I really hope the rival villain teams return. A fairly minor feature but one of my favourite parts of RSE/ORAS

  20. So, just to contribute/spark more discussion, what is the best Pokemon remake? My pros and cons will be things that were added and things that weren’t changed. Let me know what you think

    -VS Seeker
    -Sevii islands & added post game
    -entrance artwork

    -not much, improved on the originals in everyway
    -perhaps not innovative enough

    -Pokemon follow you!
    -included crystal elements
    -locked running shoes
    -leader rematches
    -huge amount of Pokemon
    -new safari zone
    -retro music

    -the grinding…ugh
    -cant some johto Pokemon till post game

    – graphics!
    -awesome for breeders
    -pokedex plus (pokenav and stuff)
    -can catch almost every Pokemon/legendary
    -connectivity with secret bases

    -gym leaders didn’t have emerald teams/were weak
    -no rematches
    -no battle frontier. Sorry, should’ve been included

    1. HGSS are the best. I love Johto, it feels so vibrant in the remakes and it has so many features to keep you playing for long after you defeat red. I may be biased because it was my first (besides red, that doesn’t count) but still. So good. Still my favorite Pokemon game

      1. I love them so much. ORAS is good too though. Without Soaring and the dexnav it’d be an easy call for me. I think I’d have to rank them as a tie because they both are good. And that’s pretty impressive for hgss since it’s like 6 years old..

    2. Am I the only one who loved Voltorb Flip? I love how I have more control than I did in gambling.

      1. Maybe if they gave us more variety and had slots and voltorb flip it would’ve been fine. But it became a little monotonous and stressful

  21. I think it would be neat if there was no evil team in these games. I would like the story to be pushed forward by characters instead of “Bad guys doing bad thing in the town you were going to go to anyways”

    1. Revolutionary but the sheer amount of dialogue, exposition, character build up, arcs, etc… required to pull it off is not worth it… at the moment. 😀

      1. Kiki nuts are very hard and oily so no, you can’t squeeze them (unless u have a very good grip and amazing strenght)

          1. Meh, let them have their fun. Some of it is quite amusing, for nut humor.

          2. I hope they smell nice because if they’re anything like green walnuts then no thanks

        1. I mean they’re so round and tempting, it’s like a forbidden fruit….err nut

          1. I know, it’s like you look at them and you get a sudden urge to fondle them

          2. They aren’t they are actually used as a condiment or something in some tropical areas (including where I live) but I’ve never tried one

    1. I don’t hate these designs. Certainly not official worthy, but they’re not the worst fakes I’ve seen.

      1. ppl should notice tiger will be great as animal but don’t force him to be on 4 leg as a pokemon it’s to hard anything special about tiger pkmn stater stand on 4 legs.

        1. Yeah, pretty much. The drawings are well done but the concepts lack vision. I don’t think every starter trio needs to be a combo of something like gen 5 and 6, but these need something extra.

    2. I like these, but they all look like their second type is dark, which is be totally okay with!

  22. (Offtopic pokemon topic) what are some story hopes you guys had for sun and moon:

    – I know this is sorta random, but I hope they increase on what Black and White did with version differences. Black and White probably had the most notable version differences out of any game but if they increased upon that would be great.

    – An excellent story like or better than Black and White

    – This also may be a off putting and most likely won’t happen happen ever again, but I would like it if the legends weren’t apart of the main villain team goal. We have had legends used in this aspect since gen 3. I think it is high time we switch it back to like gen 1 and 2 where the legends were a side mission. Maybe The evil team in Sun and moon and disrupt nature and the legends come in all mad and destroy everything, and whatever. I think it is kinda illogical (yes I know applying logic to pokemon isn’t good) that a whole group of adults cant catch a legendary, but a 10 year old can. So maybe we can have legends play a different role than main villain team target, or pokemon to help achieve goal.

    1. I don’t care too much about the version differences, but a story that is on par with BW would be awesome.
      And it would be refreshing to have the legend not be a part of the evil team’s plans, but with this pair I don’t see it happening. But who knows, right?
      I kinda want a villain either like Lysandre (who I feel is the greyest sort of villain we’ve ever had in a Pokemon game. His views were acceptable but his actions were not) or Cyrus. Basically, with the legends and the speculation about them (especially GameXplain’s theory of them also representing hope and despair), I could see a Cyrus-like villain where, in Sun, he/she wants the world to feel hope but does it in a wrong sort of way, and in Moon, he/she wants the world to feel despair but has things that make them more human and relatable, I guess.

        1. Yessss
          Wait, I have an idea.
          Version exclusive team leaders.
          One for Sun and one for Moon.
          At the end of the day, I will be sorta sad if it didn’t happen, but it would be awesome if some of these things were right.

          1. That’d be cool and different. I’m really trying to think of a scheme that would involve having control of the sun and moon but I’m failing.

          2. I’m thinking more of the hope and despair aspect, cause that’s easy to think about, but I’m sure there’s something about that. I think I heard something about control one to eclipse the other. Like a solar eclipse in one game, and a lunar eclipse in the other. Although, I dunno the benefits of that. Maybe to make people fear them so they could have power?

          3. Yeah, but that’s so basic. I have power, fear me! 😛 I’m interested to see what they come up with because I got nothin.

          4. I know, but I honestly can’t think of why they would eclipse the planet other than that. Knowing me, I’ll keep tossing the idea around until info is released about it.

    2. I like that 3rd idea… Hate the differences though. If you’re like me.. you brought the wrong version… White.. and missed out on that battle city people couldn’t keep quiet about!

  23. PJ ppl .. I am sorry but sometimes I can’t be in good mood to speak english fluently specially on those days…so I can’t write correct sentences … don’t hesitate to ask me anything u can’t understand.

        1. I didn’t see you say that. . Lol. I knew tho. Waiting for him to spill… or her. ?

  24. I want an overall tough game, I want to lose a gym battle for once… I’m sorry.. but I really dgaf if kids get frustrated and rage quit.

    1. Same, that just makes you rethink your strategy. I was battling Whitney’s Miltank yesterday thinking, “I’m about to crush this punk. Miltank ain’t shit.” But then I forgot that stupid cow knew attract…and dear god that is now my least favorite move EVER. EVER.

        1. I feel it’s underused. It’s risky because it depends on the luck that your pokemon is the opposite gender, but damn will it cripple them. It’s honestly a bit OP.

      1. It’s battles such as that that I love. Every gym leader should present a good challenge and be memorable.

        1. Like Liza and Tate in Emerald! I was disappointed they only had 2 pokemon in ORAS.

          1. Liza and Tate were so hard in the originals.. I remember one playthrough having to battle them over and over because they kept knocking me out. Every time I see them, I cry on the inside.

          2. I couldn’t even beat them during my first playthrough of Emerald so I’m pretty sure I gave up for a while

          3. I feel sorry for my younger self for having to endure that. As well as the E4, cause I only beat the RSE E4 and Champion once. And I played through Emerald so many times. I just reset it every time cause I was annoyed and bored.

          4. Granted this is what they are afraid of, and rightfully so. We are in a time where kids with a lot of quick mobile games, so most play a game and move on, and if a game gives them trouble, they stop playing and go on to a different game. This is a decent fear for a company to have, losing customers will never be a good thing. However, I think GF should overcome this fear, and reward people who do stick with it, and not let this hinder them. This fear should not prevent them from making an excellent game. Oh well, what can you do. Times have changed

          5. That’s the main thing here. And to be honest, it’s what I do when I’m stuck in a game. I usually put it down, sometimes I go back, sometimes I don’t. It depends on how much I loved the game so far.
            And it’s not usually because it’s difficult, it’s sometimes because I get lost and they don’t give me even a single clue where to go or what to do. Like, I don’t want hand-holding but I want to be able to talk to people or go to a journal to give me a hint about it.

          6. Exactly the second point!
            Literally all Link games have done this to me, it’s why I never have completed a link game because they never tell you where to go, or maybe like once.
            and if you look back on past pokemon games they did this as well, which may explain why games are getting more linear. I just want an even compromise so casual fans and hardcore fans can be happy

          7. I feel the compromise would be having a region that has a lot of awesome side features you had to discover for yourself like Sinnoh had. Fuego Ironworks, Chateau, wayward cave, etc. Places that you have to go back to and find. Part of why I didn’t like Kalos is because everything was spelled out for you. There were no mystery places.

          8. Yeah, exactly. I’m playing Pokemon Blue now and I know why my younger self never completed Yellow at all. It’s because they never show you where to go. There’s not even dialogue helping you. The only reason I’m still playing now is because I’m older and I know sorta where to go now.
            I want a compromise too. Cause I’m as casual as it gets(yet sometimes hardcore? I’m in the middle I guess), yet I still want a somewhat more difficult game that helps you if you need help.
            Then again, I don’t do Nuzlockes for the difficulty. I do it for the story/adventure I build in my head. So, meh, for me the story matters most.

          9. That’s true…I guess I never thought about that. Well that’s why they need challenge mode!

          10. I remember being a kid and losing to them over and over, to the point where I would be crying every single loss. But it feels so much more rewarding beating someone like that, than just OHKOing everything IMO

        2. I knocked them out with one surf, it was the most disappointing part of the main game for me.

          1. I loved the difficulty of platinum, that would be a great start to bring that back, along with a challenge mode.

    2. The most recent gym battle I struggled during a normal playthrough is Lenora. I dunno why but she is so hard for me. I dunno. Oh, and Korrina’s Gym is super hard without the Exp Share.
      Then again, any gym can be difficult when playing a Nuzlocke variant. I remember struggling to find a good Pokemon to be Clemont in my Y Wedlocke, cause I had no Ground types. Luckily, I found way using Venusaur with Bulldoze, but that Emolga almost fainted its partner, which was a Furret.

      1. I’m not bragging if you thought XY was difficult, but I went through the whole game on my first run and never had one Pokemon faint. XY was too easy, and thus very forgettable.

        1. The gym leaders were pretty forgettable. The celestial lady was cool, but that’s because her gym was awesome

          1. The designs are great, but I best each gym leader in >4 turns. And for God’s sake, GF, let them have more than 3 Pokemon!

          2. I just don’t get why they introduced challenge mode and then never brought it back, especially when people loved it

          3. this can be said for soooo many features in Pokemon, and it honestly does not make sense why they continue doing this. I just tell myself they do it to make the game it appears in memorable, even though thats a pretty stupid reason

        2. Oh, some of the trainers were a bit difficult (the Fighting type onces specifically) but I wouldn’t say it was difficult. Emerald is more difficult by far.
          I played through without EXP Share (which is the thing that made it easy), and I was specifically talking about the Nuzlocke variants myself. And, to be honest, my X Nuzlocke I barely lost any Pokemon and I had my starter to the end. As for my Y Wedlocke, so far I only have a handful of deaths, and some were my own fault really.

        3. XY were rushed games, thats why they were easy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sun and Moon are quite challenging.

      2. I retried XY without exp share, and the game was actually fairly difficult, but the gym leaders weren’t the difficult part. It was the trainers, and like Team flare HQ, because since I was so underleveled they would constantly bring at least a pokemon down per trainer

        1. Exactly, it’s the normal trainer, mostly the fighting type ones, that had mons that were surprisingly difficult (Reflection Cave, *shiver*)

    3. Honestly they need to have options (ones that are already unlocked). I shouldn’t be able to breeze through the game, it’s just not any fun. Even now, going back to some of the older games presents me with a fun challenge. They should take a page from FE and call the hardest mode “Lunatic” in Sun/Moon.

      1. Ikr! I want it to be Intense! Hard Mode!
        People get so bored they are forced to make up the stupidest challenges on their own

        1. BW2 was a step in the right direction, but no where near perfect. They should have easy, normal, hard, and “lunatic”. I also want good AI along with level boosts.

  25. I was hoping we’d walk around with a Pokemon outside its pokeball. It’d be cool if it was always your starter. I don’t know about you all but I always have my starter on my team.

    I just restarted my X versions (I have 2) and my Y.

    Y: Delphox, Charizard, Ampharos, Beartic, Dragalge (not sold on Dragale yet… Was also considering Ludicolo) and Sylveon

    X: Chestnaught, Blastoise, Abomasnow, Aromatisse, Honchkrow and Ninetalea

    X: Greninja, Venusaur, Manectric, Pyroar, Meowstic and Mamoswine

    The teams are based on the personalities of their characters. Y is Belle, a girly girl. X is Jeff which is really me and the other X is Barnaby my dog.

  26. So I thought I’d bring this up. I mean, in my opinion this could very well happen in the future.

    Since Virtual Reality is becoming a thing and will eventually be a very popular video game platform, I thought it would be cool if (in the future) Pokemon make a game on Virtual Reality. Wouldn’t that be sick!!!!!????

  27. I found a close-up from Lunaala’s head. It has a “3th eye” instead of the moon symbol like Solgaleo. Its also the psychic type logo. So what do you think

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