New Sun & Moon Info Coming June 2nd

PokéJungle Hype Horn

The official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account has revealed that new information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Moon will be revealed in two weeks on June 2nd. This “announcement of an announcement” should tide some fans over who have been waiting to know when we’d get more news about these anticipated entries in the main Pokémon series.

Sounds intriguing, although it may not be quite as exciting as the starter reveal we got this month! Over to the right is our official PokéJungle Hype Horn™ which we will be blowing FREQUENTLY and LOUDLY in anticipation of new information 😉

<3 PJ

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  1. I found a close-up from Lunaala’s head. It has a “3th eye” instead of the moon symbol like Solgaleo. Its also the psychic type logo. So what do you think!?

    1. Honestly I don’t get why so many peg this as a Fairy,
      Yeah yeah Moon Blast and Moonlight, but that’s where it all stops now anything with a moon tie should be Fairy feh and yuck

      This thing may not even be Flying, what if it was a Dark/Ice,/Psychic type and threw in some flying attacks (also 100% Female)
      And Solgaleo would be Fire/Psychic (100% Male)

      1. But you just stated why so many peg it as a fairy. Tenuous connection with moon = fairy. Gotta wait until it’s confirmed (or de-confirmed) though. I’m still holding out for my Ghost/Psychic or Flying/Ghost.

    2. Oh yeah. Olympia’s cape + Moon theme = Psychic/Fairy?

      Well it will need levitate as an ability though. But I won’t mind.

    3. I’m really confused by Luna-ala. My first thought looking at it was ‘psychic/flying’. But it does also give me strong ghost vibes. And it could potentially be fairy too, since GF seem to sometimes associate the moon with fairy types (moon blast, the Clefairy line).

    4. finally some one revealed that … did u get that? …I was trying to stop the video but I can’t catch it.

      1. Uhmm.. play. Pause. Play. Pause. Play. Pause. Play. Pause. 1seconde later. Play. Pause. Play…. Pause. Damn 2 secondes to far XD

    5. It is the moon symbol just reversed. Rather than pointing out (the shape of “Lunaala’s head” they point in.

    6. I think it’s a move cause it’s not shown on the box art or anything else… Maybe it’s Miracle Eye?

  2. Guess we are getting the types and names of the legendary’s, hopefully a little bit more though.

  3. Wow, they’re really controlling the info this time around, aren’t they? It’s kind of a nice change for them to step up with frequent official announcements, and not let Coro Coro leaks have all the spotlight for once 🙂

    1. They are also timing the info to way before any insiders can get hands on a leaked copy of Coro Coro earlier than street date in a month. <3

      1. Yeah I’m starting to see its not just with Corocoro but with every other leaker I guess GF just want to really handle this on their own. I mean yes corocoro did kind of still let out the new dog/deer thing on their trailer and the SUN and MOON and mon names TM were leak early but to me that’s not big news.

        1. I didn’t see the sun and moon and mon names leaked early in corocoro? If I remember correctly it’s because of the teaser trailer + trademarks filing.

    1. What do you mean? If you don’t see them, they’re just under the featured discussion link at the bottom of the article.

      If you’re looking to put similar reactions into your own website, ask one of the mods about the code, they’re better suited to helping you than I

  4. Ugh it says two weeks but one forgets how long that can be, thankfully Fallout 4’s DLC drops tomorrow
    Far Harbor, higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople. Will you work towards bringing peace to Far Harbor, and at what cost?

    Any Fallout Fans here?

    1. Yep! I haven’t been able to play in a while/have been playing Pokemon though. Excited for that dlc though

  5. I updated sample attacks
    Rowlet: Tackle, Leafage, Growl, Foresight, Quick Attack, Gust, Leech Seed, Echoed Voice, Whirlwind, Leaf Tornado, Roost, Air Slash, Leaf Storm, Hurricane

    Litten: Scratch, Ember, Leer, Smokescreen, Shadow Sneak, Fury Swipes, Fire Fang, Hone Claws, Smog, Copycat, Roar, Crunch, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Inferno

    Popplio: Pound, Water Gun, Tail Whip, Odor Sleuth, Aqua Jet, Encore, Double-Slap, Aqua Ring, Charm, Work up, Protect, Acrobatics, Slam, Swagger, Aqua Tail and Hydro Pump

    It’s really hard to not just load up on attacks and distribute status moves

  6. At this point I hope for 4-10 Pokemons, I am okay with any amount of Poke, & 1-3 Megas but I overall I want Region information for people to stop bugging about that.

  7. I’d be willing to bet that just like the past couple of Junes we’ll get news in waves next month. First will be this June 2nd announcement, then could CoroCoro, and then maybe just maybe if we’re lucky they do a short little thing to commemorate E3. And before I start getting attacked by everyone saying “They’re only doing Zelda this year and nothing else!!” I say that doesn’t mean they can’t do something on the side. It doesn’t have to be specifically AT E3 to be released around then lol

    1. Especially cause I think they rented out a huge space. Why that for only one game? I thin k they’ll show off other games, but Zelda is a focus and will be the only playable game.

    1. Definitely joking. Some of them are in the middle of nowhere and don’t make any sense lol

  8. So it’s an announcement of an announcement to announce a new announcement? Game Freak being Game Freak.

  9. I swear Announcement to an announcement better mean they’re revealing something and telling us that they’re announcing something later on

    Because if it’s just telling us that they’re telling us the date of the next official info at a later day I shall burn all with my anger

    1. Now that they’ve started the proper pre-release news cycle, I don’t think they’re going to pull that stunt again. I don’t think we’re going to get a lot of news, but we will get news.

  10. I just restarted my X versions (I have 2) and my Y.

    Y: Delphox, Charizard, Ampharos, Beartic, Dragalge (not sold on Dragale yet… Was also considering Ludicolo) and Sylveon

    X: Chestnaught, Blastoise, Abomasnow, Aromatisse, Honchkrow and Ninetalea

    X: Greninja, Venusaur, Manectric, Pyroar, Meowstic and Mamoswine

    The teams are based on the personalities of their characters. Y is Belle, a girly girl. X is Jeff which is really me and the other X is Barnaby my dog.

  11. I hope we get a formal introduction to the Alola region. I really like seeing the new landmarks and getting a better picture of where we’ll be exploring. I want official art to look at instead of the blurry and pixelated picutres we have. Obviously new Pokemon would be nice too lol

      1. I have a feeling people will be right about it consisting of multiple islands. If so then I think it’ll be really interesting.

  12. Hey all, I need some advice. I restarted my Y and I need a good water type to fit my team…

    Delphox, Charizard, Ampharos (Mega), Beartic and Sylveon.

    I’m leaning towards Ludicolo, Dragalge and Golduck. But I’m open… What do you think?

    1. I was going to saw Clawitzer but you lack it,
      Normally I pick only native Pokemon so……..

      OOOooooo hunt down a Binacle

      1. Yeah I try to stay true to the original games version until I’ve beaten the Elite 4. So you think a Binacle?

        1. Yeah and if they don’t meet your battling standards
          Perfect HM Slave,
          Cut, Rock Smash, Surf, Waterfall

          1. Well tough titties, HMs are vital in making you actually progress
            You’re going to have to wait to surf or you’ll need to cut some easily avoidable shrub

            Otherwise there would be literally no reason to progress if you can easily access the area where the next plot it

          2. No no… I mean I don’t like the fact that they can’t forget HMs without the move deleter… I don’t mind waiting to get them, just I want them to be easily forgotten if I need

      1. Lapras would be a cool addition to the team… You think that over Ludicolo or Binacle?

        1. I like Ludicolo but Binacle is cooler. Dragalge is my favorite one from this gen though

    2. I would go with Ludicolo. Great coverage and I was very surprised how good it is when I used one

    1. I was gonna ask if anyone here wants to get together sometime. I always feel kinda lonely and would enjoy company if anyone is interested~

  13. I dunno if anyone will see this or read this, but I just had the biggest mind-blow ever while watching some video that’s Sun and Moon related.
    Now, I dunno if anyone’s thought this before or what, but I need to speak this.
    Now, I thought the reason GF and Nintendo are acting this way about news because we take a mile for every inch we got. We find out things early, and they don’t want that anymore. While I still think that, my mind expanded on that more.
    Ok, think about it. 20 years ago, with the first Pokemon games, we had no info going in, it was a surprise. We didn’t have things the way we do now.
    What if GF wants to recreate that? They’re gonna reveal stuff, they need the hype, but what if they don’t reveal too much in order to recreate that same feeling with the early gens? IT make more sense because this is the 20th anniversary, 20 years of love for Pokemon. They kinda want a throwback.
    I dunno, maybe it’s not that at all, but I just saw that connection and thought to share it with you all.

    1. I want this so bad. I want to go into a Pokemon game mostly blind, but I know that if they reveal information there is no way I will be able to avoid it. This time around, because if the XY leaks, I am going to attempt to completely avoid the internet for two weeks prior to launch, but if they reveal too much before that, I will be disappointed. I think they should have only reveal information every two months or so, solely for the sake of speculation and to keep people interested.

      1. I mean, I don’t mind either way for me, but it was interesting to bring up.
        My only thing is I want to know a good amount of the new Pokemon so I can plan my teams since I use only new Pokemon on my first runthroughs and I hate changing it once I plan it.
        But, other than that, I don’t mind going in knowing barely anything or knowing everything. I’ll still have fun experience regardless. Plus, they don’t entirely reveal everything about a game so I’m content.

        1. I plan out teams as well, but they always end up changing in the end. I guess why I want it most is because it would add difficulty (I bring this up a lot, I just realized) to the game because I wouldn’t know what to plan or prepare for (in terms of rival battles or E4).

          1. True, that is a valid point. I always bring up loads of things (I think I mentioned my planning teams like 10,000 times, I dunno),

      2. XY leaks aren’t GF’s fault though. Some stores break release date once in a while and spoilers come out.

        1. I know, but it is just to be safe anyway. Anything GF reveals, I’ll probably see.

    1. Yeah, that didn’t need confirmation, because anyone with a brain could figure out Alola has more than one island…

      1. Tyranitar tube didn’t get it in his video :/ he said that he thought we may go to other regions because of how small that Alola island looked.

        1. And he gets paid for his stupidity. Like Verlis and GCP and the other dicks of the community. The only PokéTubers I respect is Shady and that’s because he stays clean, is hot, makes sense, and is actually good at it.

    2. It is pretty obvious but it is nice to have some confirmation I guess. The island shown was WAY too small to possibly be the region

  14. Leave it to Ash, to beat the crap out of the champion’s Mega Gardevoir and then lose to a useless piece of ice chunk that is Avalugg.

  15. Leave it to Ash, to beat the crap out of the champion’s Mega Gardevoir, and then lose to some useless pile of ice chunk that is Avalugg…

      1. I know that, but I felt like bashing Ash, because so much potential as a trainer, he can beat any one.

    1. Lol Ash lost to Wulfric? I knew he would since he has only lost to one official gym match in kalos thus far. Ash’s own level is never constant. He can beat someone super hard, but then lose to someone easy.

      1. Yes he lost, just like he lost to Sawyer in the previous episode. But I’ve seen the preview of next week’s episode, and it looks promising. I’m guessing Ash and Greninja fully master the transformation (meaning they can trigger it at will, and not randomly anymore) and will absolutely annihilate Wulfric in the rematch.
        He basically was beating the crap out of Avalugg, but at the end the strain of the transformation took his toll on Ash and Greninja eventually as well.

    2. Wait was it another handicapped match in favour of Ash, or did Wulfric just not get a chance to use a third Pokemon?

      1. He beat Wulfric’s Abomasnow with Hawlucha and then Avalugg easily ko-ed Hawlucha and Talonflame. Ash then went with Greninja, it transformed into Ash-Greninja, and still lost because Ash lost his focus.

    3. Don’t forget Avalugg has gratuitous amounts of defensive capabilities and His Ice Body healing him every blow it really boiled down to who hit harder and how much punishment each could take

  16. So I know we have that one conversation about the dolphin Pokémon that people want, but what do YOU want to see a Pokémon be based on in Sun and Moon. I want some kind of fire type tiki mask-wearing thing which is fire type and has tiki torches. Also a shrimp, so I can call it Sriracha Shrimp. You smell that Sriracha Shrimp boi, that Sriracha Shrimp.

    1. As I said before my all time highest want is a bonafide Ground/Fighting type in the form of a Mud Wrestling Pig/Warthog/Boar since that makes sense (And it has to have sky high attack and Guts so you can’t burn it)
      Otherwise a Grass/Fire Tiki
      A decent Poison type maybe in the form of a venomous Water Snake
      A Normal/Rock Ibex goat with massive Stone Antlers
      Moorish Idol Fish Water/Psychic
      Coconut Crab Bug/Grass
      And that’s all I can think of right now

    2. I think a lot of people will be disappointed if there is not a tiki Pokémon in this region.

        1. My original idea was a wooden chimp carving Montiki Grass/Rock then into the massive ape statue Kongidol Grass/Rock

    3. First time posting here :3
      Just had to say tropical islands demand a Toucan Pokemon. Other than that a Lionfish Pokemon and a Cockatoo/Parrot inspired evolution for Chatot would be nice 😛

      1. I agree with the Toucan part, though they’re most native to South America. But who cares? Its not like fennik foxes are native to France.

      1. Yeah. I’d like the coconut crab too. They could even make it Grass/Fighting, but it’ll still be able to learn water moves.

        1. I donno, but I have this weird fascination of Sableye. I think there’s a lot to it we haven’t discovered yet.

      1. Pre-evolutions of current pokemon are useless except for a couple. They’re unnecessary and probably why we haven’t seen them since Gen 4.

        1. I know, but he asked what we as individuals wanted to see, so I answered 😉

      1. There was already a conversation about this last night. Plus anyone that can think would know that it was going to be multiple islands. Except TTube

      2. I never said it was wrong
        I said that the picture we were show isn’t the whole region because there is way more cut off by clouds at the very top

        1. If I remember correctly you said the rest of that island was blocked off by said cloud , you were debunking claims of others saying there would be more than one island but eeeh.

    1. So many feels. I honestly think this episode will mark the moment Ash and Greninja fully control the form and be able to trigger it at will instead of randomly.

    1. That Avalugg is a freakin tank. Wulfric is no pushover either, and utilized clever tactics. Had Abomasnow use Snow Warning to summon a hail storm. His Avalugg has Ice Body, which restores health during hail storms and Ice moves do 2x damage

      1. I’m pretty sure Ice attacks aren’t boosted in a hailstorm
        Similar to Sandstorm

    2. It’s funny to me because I OHKO every single one of his Pokemon with delphox using flamethrower

        1. Most of the music used are remixes of black and white what the heck? I thought this was kalos

      1. It’s a gifriggingantic Iceberg
        And that Gyro Ball made me love Avalugg even more

          1. Both
            But Avalugg would never replace my Mamowine

            If they would let me I would have a custom knit “saddle bag” to drape over his back since Mamowine would be my main Mount Pokemon for land


      2. Unless they are hit by a double kick, or flamethrower, or flash cannon, or rock throw,

    3. The ice type specialist are always so cool. And losing to them nust makes them look cooler (puns not intended). Thats why if i had to be a type specialist it would be ice because you know if you lose to ice its a REALLY good ice trainer. Ice types are just so rewarding since they dont have super amazing pokemon nor do they have many great moves (just ice beam and shard) so using one successfully feels great.

  17. I think it’s weird that there are people that don’t see the tall grass on the island shown in the trailer, there are crearly(not really since the pictures are blurry, sorry for that) areas with a darker green color visible to the east and south of the town shown in the trailer. Am I the only that sees them?

    1. If u watch the trailer carefully it’s just darker area.
      or maybe they didn’t add the grass area in this trailer.

  18. How do you guys think they will incorporate new and old ice type Pokémon into this generation with the region just being a group of islands?

    1. Of course there is going to be an area for them to be obtained. I am just curious as to what you guys think this area is going to be like.

        1. I was also thinking a cave at first; but I don’t really like the idea, because I feel as if the concept would be to similar to Shoal Cave in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

        2. There are snowy mountains in Hawaii, but they could just as easily create a snowy area somewhere. Or maybe they’ll do seasons and ice Pokemon will be prominent during colder seasons.

    2. Honestly I was thinking how would a cluster of tropical islands would accommodate Ice Type habits

      My first idea would be a total ripoff of Banjo Tooie’s hailfire peaks where dual mountainous islands have extreme climates

      Otherwise a drifting collection of icebergs that has a complex of hollow icy caves which some Pokemon nested

    3. Snow falls almost every winter at tallest volcanoes in Hawaii, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Or so i’ve heard from my relatives that live there. Seasons returning confirmed?

    4. I hope it’s not just an ice cave… that’s lame. We’ve had like 3 of those. They should just pull a unova and disperse some ice pokemon here and there

    5. Somewhere artificially cold to store seafood maybe. Like cold storage in New Unova, which was a warehouze. That was creative.

      But not creative as Beyonce faking her pregnancy. I mean it’s not a bad thing to have a surrogate. Why did she do that after anouncing it live on TV? All these months faking a pregnancy… wow

        1. There are lots of conspiracy theories if you search it like there are many conspiracy theories about starter final types. I’m trying hard to keep everything on topic.

  19. What is everyone naming their characters in Sun and Moon and who will their starters be?

    Sun: Cosimo and Litten
    Moon: Aurora and either Rowlet or Popplio

    1. I used to name my person Landon because for whatever reason I chose that name when I started Ruby way back when and it stuck, but since gen 6 started I’ve just stuck to using my real name which is Alec. I’m definitely going with Litten. I’m still on the fence as to which game I’m going to get as I’d like to know a bit more about the exclusives, but I’m leaning towards Moon now because I really like it’s legendary.

    2. I always name the characters IAN, I only do Earthen for non-important stuff
      And Popplio will be my starter for sun
      And if Litten ends up ground I’ll pick it for Moon Ground Mono

    3. I’m only getting moon. Rowlet is the likely starter.

      As for name, I’ll have to think about it. It’s either Phyllis, Pandora, Lilo or Yuna.

    4. I dunno about character names, probably after Jamie and Percy (my two names), but I know I’ll choose Litten for Moon and reset for a female one so I can name it Molly. And Rowlet for Sun but no names yet.

  20. Pokémon official twitter has been tweeting about Fairy types non-stop. Something is about to happen Fairy wise ?

      1. Bleh, they could never make a decent Ground/Fairy
        The only thing that would make any sense is the pink fairy armadillo

    1. I can see that. They’ve done it before I think where they basically subtly tweet about random stuff and then it becomes relevant weeks later. I wouldn’t be surprised if the announcement on the 2nd has a fairy type Pokemon involved.

    1. Luna looks it’s very well designed. I would expect the same from Sol though. It would be better if they gave it circular mane-like thing rather than an obvious mane, just like Luna’s abstract body. It would resemble Sun Disk that is prominent in egyptian mythology and also link these two legendaries in a better way

      Something similar to this, not exactly this, but you get the idea:

      1. i want random combination like electric/poison or ice/bug. Hopefully they have fun with the designs and create random dual types

          1. Haha true. I can’t really see this thing not being ugly but maybe just use the concept but apply it to an animal. A corrosive electric centipede, scorpion, or hornet would be cool

  21. Someone wanna help me decide a 6th pokemon in my Soulsilver? My team is:
    -Bayleef (Grass)
    -Tentacool (Water/poison)
    -Magmar (Fire)
    -Graveler (Rock/Ground)
    -Fearow (Normal/Flying)

    1. Try Scizor or Heracross. They both pretty much wreck everything throughout the game

        1. I’m obviously being biased but only because it’s a great Pokemon to use lol

          1. It is great. Too bad you can’t get the steel coat till post-elite four…boo

          2. There’s a way you can get it before the elite four but it’s alittle time consuming. If you have the move thief you can steal one from the wild magnemite on the route before Olivine City.

      1. The only thing is that you don’t get Sneasel until late in the game. I’d have to trade one over. I thought about Jynx too, but same situation. I’ve also thought about maybe switching Fearow or Xatu, but not sure if I want to put the effort in. Thoughts?

        1. Curse of the rare native pokemon strikes back!
          That would be a nice switch though fearow is pretty much better than xatu so i would keep fearow. But if you wanted to have a psychic johto pokemon how about espeon or girafarig

    2. Fighting type will complete ur team , Umbreon ,some Elc type like Electabuzz,Ampharos….,Dratini if u can, steel type like Scizor or Steelix.

      1. Dratini is a good option. I’ve thought about Umbreon/Espeon..I just hate evolving pokemon with love. Too much work..Electabuzz is good too, I’ll just have to trade one.

        1. Neither are weak to fighting actually they are strong against it their shared type doesnt collide to add negatives! Youll be fine! But i can understand if you didnt want that i dont like sharing types that much either

          1. I know :/ Just makes me wish they’d get rid of normal/flying types though. Most can’t even take advantage of the normal typing and therefore just take more damage from fighting.

          2. Yeah. Staraptor was a great Pokemon but it should’ve been flying/fighting imo

  22. For this generation I want GF to revamp a lot of Pokemon to have better stats and a few need proper typings. A new type chart will be fine as well.

    1. they tried in Gen 6, some pokemon had +10 in a random stats. it worked for some of them but mostly is was useless

      1. I know but you can’t just give a Pokemon +10 in a stat and think it’s much better now. They should give a Pokemon like Dunsparce 50-60 more base stats (assuming it won’t have a mega)

      1. Absolutely. Mega evolution was an interesting concept but I would prefer just regular evolutions

        1. Yeah. I think Megas should only be given to pokemon that for sure can’t evolve again.

      1. I like that idea. I’ve always wanted a Bug Pokemon similar to Tyrogue that could evolve into Scyther, Pinsir or Heracross

    2. Not to be a downer, but i really think and hope that was a one time thing. As much as i want ice type and some pokemon to receive buffs, i dont want pokemon to start getting to a habit where something gets buffed every generation. I like if they keep it consistent and right now i am perfectly fine. Maybe like ability small buffs or or ice increase a stat in hail. But buffs to BST or type as a whole is not what i want to happen every game because people will just try to rely on it. And yes i know and am ok with them buffing movesets and moves, but just not a pokemon ingeneral.

      1. I understand. It’s just sad seeing older Pokemon have no relevance because of poor stats. I like the idea of hail increasing a stat for ice types because Hail is the worst of the weather abilities

  23. I wish they make at least one pair of Sun/Moon based Pokemon. Maybe version exclusives, or maybe branched evolution based on day/night just like in old days. A plant Pokemon could be exciting(like Moon Vileplume and Sun Bellossom). I would also like to see more of encountering of nocturnal/diurnal Pokemon based on time.

    1. I miss when some Pokemon could only be encountered at night or during the day

    2. Solrock and Lunatone evolution.

      Wait actually no, I want a new set of sun and moon-based mons besides SolgaLuna. 🙂

    1. I said this this morning, and I just noticed that someone else said this in 20 hours ago. We were both beat to it. On this topic, however, I don’t like how people keep saying that this is common sense. I mean, it was likely, yes, but it is still good to have confirmation. I keep seeing people (not generally here) getting ridiculed for getting excited over this.

        1. This is troll freak though.

          If ya don’t confirm it, it is not likely to happen. Even multiple islands. 🙂

  24. Thank you everybody for the suggestions, but I’ve narrowed my choices down to Scizor and Jynx. I like Scizor better, but idk how I’ll fare against Lance without an ice type.

          1. Apparently not unless I get it at the game corner (no thanks!) I’ll have to go with Blizzard

          2. I’ve heard multiple theories but yes it mainly has something to do with the U.K. I’ve also heard that they got rid of it to keep their E-10 rating

          3. Well if it is to do with the UK my suggestion would be:
            1) Cut the game corner out of their versions of the games and put it in everyone elses.
            2) Replace the game corner with an arcade type location w/o gambling and w/o stupid voltorb flip. Maybe like 4-6 different minigames where you can win tickets for prizes

          4. I like the arcade idea. They need to add something like that back into the games. I miss the game corner and I also miss Safari Zones. We haven’t really had a new one since HGSS.

          5. Well there was the ORAS safari zone, although it didn’t much feel like one. I think HGSS did it best.

          6. I agree. I know we just got the ORAS safari but that was pretty much a copy and paste of the original. HGSS definitely had a unique safari zone. I’m hoping SuMo has something similar to the Johto one

    1. I’m a fan of Ice types, and I think one would be a good addition and bring some diverse typings to your team

    2. I will tell you since i recently used jynx the only special attacking move it grts is powder snow when you catch it and blizzard at level 55 so good luck with that
      And you dont get ice beam tm until kanto

  25. Wooo! On Pokejungle on my new computer! 😀
    Lunaala’s third eye looks sick! I love it more everyday freaking cool

    1. I will so be pissed if Rowlet does lose its flying type for ground. I want fire/ground Litten.

      1. I was really hoping for Grass/Flying, Fire/Poison and Water/Fairy but oh well

        1. Assuming the rumored typings aren’t true, those seem to be the most obvious final types. I’d like to see those three personally.

      2. Grass/ground, fire/fighting, water/fairy would be the most ideal for any generation

          1. I was only joking. Although, Rowlet going ground shows variation within evolutionary stages.

          1. I was only kidding. I do kind of want Rowlet to become ground. It shows variation within the evolutionary stages.

    2. Who the hell freaking cares if Kukui is married?!?!? Listen sometimes watching these videos can be fun for me so I can excited, but I’m not a huge fan of Game Explain……Most of the time they they are looking way too deep into stuff and stretch what info we have into something that doesn’t even make any sense……People may like them and that’s fine, but I think they over analyze this type of stuff way too much……..That said I still don’t think Rowlet will be Grass/ground……It just doesn’t make any sense…..anyway that’s all I have to say about this video lol

        1. I hate that
          Everyone knows Gamefreak puts an insane amount of research into Pokemon concepts

          1. I picked a country and looked up that country’s history and mythology on Google. The designing is the most interesting part, but the research wouldn’t be too difficult.

        2. Some things do. sometimes it’s not obvious sense, but GF aren’t idiots that just slap a bunch of stuff together and call it a day. lol

          1. I know they’re not. Idk whether to include the anime or just games as far as pokemon logic goes.

    3. I hope Rowlet becomes Grass/Ground. I want to see the community burst into flames so I can watch flesh burn and I can laugh while watching

      1. I’m starting to accept it. I guess the worst part would be Litten, who is full of potenetial for a second typing, is supposedly pure fire.

    4. I’d love for Caitlyn to be the champion or have some kind of importance or at least be in the games!

    1. Ground/Fighting
      Poison/Psychic (Psychedelic gecko)

        1. I had this idea called Psychicko or Psicko
          That sprayed a “dizzying” haze
          But controversy pinged in with the name and the advocation of drug use

    2. Poison/ Electric
      Fairy/ Fire
      Ice/ electric (not counting rotom)
      Bug/ Fairy
      Fairy/ Ice

      1. Ughhhhh every other is a fairy
        And like it or not Freeze Rotom still counts but I wish it didn’t
        That way Wash Rotom won’t be such a thorn in my backside

        1. Ummmmm ok? Thanks for your opinion on my list? My hopes still stands. Lol

    3. Poison/Ice (ancient parasite)
      Ice/Bug (Scorpion)
      Electric/Poison (Corroded Battery)
      Ice/Electric (Snow leopard)
      Ground/Fighting (Minotaur)

      1. Why would there be an ice scorpion or an electric snow leopard? That doesn’t even make sense

          1. I’m with Valdimir Pokin
            Those types and that species just don’t mix logically
            I mean a Normal/Electric Leopard makes sense
            And for a Scorpion anything near ice just don’t work since they are cold blooded and just won’t mix well
            And Ice/Poison the only thing I can think of is a Cold Virus

    4. Normal Dragon
      Normal Ghost
      Ghost Fairy
      Fairy Dark
      Fairy Fighting
      Fairy Poison
      Fairy Ice
      Ice Poison
      Ice Bug
      Dragon Bug

        1. I don’t mind having more fairies but a ground/fighting is yet to happen

          1. I know
            But regardless XY fairy hype is over, and I want it to stay over

        2. Fairy is my favourite type! THEYRE LIKE ELVES FROM LOTR ( or they have potential to be, but some turn out like candy floss…) TAKING POWER FROM PURE, WHITE – SiILVER VIOLENTLY BEAUTIFUL STARS

          And ground is NOT on of my favourites, though I like a lot of ground Pokemon, Nidoqueen is one my faves Love Steelix, Golurk , Gastrodom… Gliscor and torterra ( not my kind of thing, but one of the best designed IMO). And though a lot of ground type moves aren’t my thing, I do love sandstorm! ( Drews Absol, Grand Festival)

          Edit: Sandstorm is rock type….

        3. Really why should people who love the Fairy type, (like myself.) have to stop talking about it, and hoping that when a Pokemon evolves, it will gain that typing, when you don’t have to stop annoying people with your ground type worshiping. Hmmmmmm? >:) I think its only fare. LOL

  26. I really do not get why people are so upset that Rowlet might be ground type…It would resist more things, be immune to electric and as long as it can still fly and use flying type moves, wouldn’t it just be more versatile?

    1. Like I said Groundaphobes
      Regardless it will still have a 4x weakness to ice any way you look at it

    2. I have no problem with it being ground type. My problem is I don’t think they would suddenly swap typing’s like that on a starter Pokemon.

      1. No. I think it could change to Ground type in the end. When a lot of the Mega’s evolve, their types change. When Skrelp evolves it goes from Poison/Water to Poison/Dragon and looses its Water typing. When Scizoe evolves it turns into Bug/Steele from Bug/Flying. When Surskit evolves it goes from Bug/Water to Bug/Flying. Nincada goes from Bug/Ground to Bug/Ghost and Bug/Flying. Skorupi goes from Bug/Poison to Poison/Dark when it evolves. Swablu is Normal/Flying then gets Dragon/Flying then Dragon/Fairy… I think I’ve made my point.

        1. Ehh type shifting isn’t all that uncommon
          Usually it’s secondary type that can be changed but extremely rarely Primary (only like a few instances Swablu, Fletchling)
          And the infinitely rare dropping of second type Bellossum
          But this case I don’t see why they would do something like dropping Rowlet’s flying since it took such a risk of making it the first dual first stage starter outside Bulbasaur, if that wasn’t the case they would’ve made Rowlet pure Grass

        2. You actually didn’t make your point because none of those examples are starter Pokemon. So… You fail. Wanna try that again?

          1. Yeah because Pokemon are Pokemon. Just because they’re starters doesn’t mean their typings can’t change during their final evolution. My point was that they do change, it’s not out of the realm. Charizard turns into a Dragon when it mega evolves, which I know is a little different but it’s typing still changes.

        1. Fanbase should learn to canalize butthurt into something enjoyful like one-fifth of world adult population does.

  27. Oh For anyone who is still in denial that Alola region is not based on numerous islands… Amazon spoilers return and confirm the back of the box. ?

    The description for the games reads “[e]mbark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!” Amazon’s description confirms the theory that the Alola region will be a series of islands. ?

        1. We all are
          I’ve been trying to mentally will a copy of sun into existence just for a solid 24 hours just to learn all I can

          Hell if that meant locking myself in the restroom to maximize playtime I would do it

  28. It has been announced that the video will be broadcast at 10 p.m. (22:00) in Japan.
    UTC: 1 p.m. (13:00)
    PDT: 6 a.m. (06:00)
    EDT: 9 a.m. (09:00)

  29. Favorite types ( not if you have fave PKMN in them, more just the type itself)? For me, divided into three ranks ( fave to least fave)

    1) Fairy, Ice, Dragon, Dark, Psychic, Ghost
    2) Steel, Water, Fire, Electric, Grass, Flying
    3) Fighting, Normal, Poison, Bug, Rock, Ground

    1. That just seems excessive
      Ground, Fighting, Rock

      And most hated: Fairy, Psychic, Flying

    2. Types i really like: Ice Steel Dragon Electric Fire Ghost Fairy
      Types im indifferent: Bug dark flying grass ground poison psychic water
      Types dont like: normal rock fighting

    3. Top 5 favorite: Dragon – Steel – Ghost – Water – Poison
      Top 5 least favorite: Psychic – Normal – Rock – Fighting – Bug

    4. 1) Fire, Dragon, Dark , Ghost.

      2) Psychic, Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Poison.

      3) Grass, Bug, Steel, Fighting, Ice, Flying.

    5. These are my faves/not so faves. LOL 🙂

      1.) Fire, Fairy, Dragon, Electric, Psychic, Flying.
      2.) Dark, Ice, Ghost, Normal, Grass, Bug, Water.
      3.) Fighting, Rock, Ground, Poison, Steel

  30. I don’t know why, but I found this on Youtube and I love it so much. So this is for all you jazz swangers on PokeJungle XD

    It’s so GOOD!!

    1. I have a growing love of jazz music and of course Pokemon is at the top of things lol I can’t help but find some of this video a little funny though. She acts a little goofy at times and the part where she’s scatting with Pikachu’s is funny. With those things aside I thought they did a great job and it was quite entertaining.

    2. Wow… I freaking Loved it.. expected Meh at most.. and the guy playing the huge violin thingy’s kind of cute ?


  31. School is over! 😀 Now I’ll probably start playing Y version. Well, I’ll finish Red first (gotta grind for the elite 4)

    1. In Japanese, Double Slap is known as Round Trip’ Slap. So, it does have the ability to hit multiple times because the name doesn’t correlate. Blame the English Translating Team. It’s basically how Aerial Ace is called Shallow Return since a lot of Pokemon learn the move and not to heavily associate it with the Flying-Typing.

    2. Lol… Always has.. but I think the animation is two slaps per set… right?

    3. I believe it is called Double Slap not because of how many times it hits, but because oh how fast it hits.
      Like when someone thinks your going to slow, (Gym Teachers. LOL) they yell “Common move it, move it, double time, move, move, move.” LOL. And also when you see it being used in the anime, the characters arm/hand is usually moving in rapid succession back and fourth while hitting. And it usually hits far more times than five in the anime. 😀

      So that’s why I think that its called “Double Slap.”

    THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!
    IM POSITIVELY ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I’m glad that multiple islands are virtually confirmed. I don’t know why people thought that the first island was the complete region. These means that Alola might be one of the most sprawling region. I cannot wait to see the info on June 2nd.

    1. Because a good portion of people base everything on a glance and do no research

    2. You could easily figure out that the island shown would be one of many. There’s no way it’s the only one, given that many of the places shown in the first announcement trailer are not visible (from what I remember) in the first island!

  34. You guys.. I’ve been thinking about it. Based on the positioning of the types .. I really do think Rowlett turning Grass Ground is more probable. But.. I also read a YouTube’s comment that these my just be their typing for their first evo.. so Litten Could gain a second type. If it’s a trio.. maybe.. Litten will become part fairy or psychic at the end..
    Also if the info comes out the 2nd.. doesn’t that mean corocoro promised it’s own information.. different from what we first get??

    1. Bullshit if you think that sorry if I’m being this harsh but whoever heard of Type changing starters,

      1. There is a first for everything i would be ok with rowlet becoming half ground. Plus ground seems to be before the fire which is suspect. You never know

      2. I KNOW!!! ?
        I was as passionate about this BS as you all… but… based on the positions.. then it’s possible

        1. My passion is fiery and I will use it to torch everything to the ground

      3. THANK YOU!!! It’s not that they haven’t done type changing Pokemon before. It has happened, but for the starters it’s improbable for it to happen. Sure you could say there’s a first time for everything, but in this case I’d have to agree with you and say it’s bs lol I don’t think they will ever do type changing starters.

          1. I wouldn’t even say it’s because of tradition though. You have to look at this very systematically. Yes Pokemon is for everyone, but GF look at very specific clientele and have their own ways of doing things. Again there is a first time for everything and it could happen, but people are reading too much into the order of these images. For all we know it’s just how the programmer for the site inputted the info and the actual order means nothing. GF are going to do the starters differently than they would other Pokemon and that means in a lot of ways the starters are going to end up being for a lack of a better term kind of boring type wise. They won’t experiment with the starers because they have to be the constant throughout the entire game. GF aren’t thinking about the people who dumb their starter at the beginning they are thinking about those who keep them.

            On a side note I’m glad we have the same postilion on this subject hahaha

    2. lol wut? How would Litten become Fire/Psychic or even Fairy. I think it could only go two ways in complete typing:
      Rowlett: Grass/Flying, Litten: Fire/Ground, and Poppilo: Water/Fighting Rowlett: Grass/Ground, Litten: Fire, and Poppilo: Water/Fighting

      1. This is ALL honestly rediculous. Have you not realized that for the past 4 generations, we as fans have feverishly predicted the final stages of the starter Pokemon and have been wrong EVERY time?

        Rowlet won’t be part ground because they’re not going to change a starter pokemons type that drastically. They wouldn’t give the world an avian, grass/flying starter just to make it another grass/ground type in the long run.

        Litten will most likely not be ground either seeing as we already have so much of the fire/ground combination but it’s not completely out of the range of possibility. I’m personally still banking on it becoming a dark type based on the extreme levels of black in its coloration but any thing could happen.

        As for poplio, this ones all up in the air and I really fear that they will completely fuck over its final Evo wether it be by its type or its design. Best of luck to this poor guy.

        Bottom line is that whatever you’re thinking about the way these starter evolutions will turn out, it’ll probably be the opposite

    3. Where are you getting Fairy and Psychic from? the reason people think the evolutions will be ground and fighting for them is because of the images form the website. If Litten was going to be either of the two you said there would have been an image. I don’t think they would have posted the other images and not one for Litten too. The images are ore or less place holders and technically weren’t suppose to be found in the first place.

      1. Ignore that part .. . I mixed up ground for being weak to fighting.. but it’s rock

  35. What do you guys think/want Alola Post game will be like?
    I want something like sinnoh where there is a whole island off with new things except i want it to be a couple of islands. One of those islands containing Battle frontier. I hope the post game is pretty big sure delta story and looker saga was “cool” and all but once you finished that there was nothing to do. i think i want something that can last me a while. Battle frontier does just that. To each their own though, some people dont do after game battle tower like place and just like exploration. I would love a good mix.

    1. That would make for a good post game. I want to see something similar to the Delta Episode done again. Maybe, they could use Volcanion and Magearna as a post game story. A new battle facility would be neat with some other side quests and legendaries sprinkled in.

      1. I would love if they made catching all the legends side quests. Like remember how getting event legends in gen 4 were side quests. It would be cool if all legends were like that, rather than go to this place and the legend is just sitting there.

    2. Part of me kind of wants a Sevii Island 2.0, because I LOVED having extra places to explore!

    3. I just want a villa of my own
      A customizable base that lets you have your own area, and a backyard ranch based on what decorations you plant that would attract Pokemon of a certain type

    4. It’s likely the battle frontier. It was almost finished in the last games
      Including another short story

  36. I said Litten may get Fairy or Psychic in its final evo only if Rowlett gets ground. This way they all become super effective against the type they were weak against.. which would make your rival getting the weaker type make sense as well..
    I Don’t want to believe this.. but… Who Knows! ?

          1. Yeah. It’s possible. But I’ve never seen such a cute soft mammal ground type. Of course things change

          2. Is that.. umm.. soft? Lol. Well. K. Just saying. My typing may be wrong for litten.. but it may not be the ground one

        1. It could be based on the Burrowing Owl, which digs into the Ground to build their nest. Rowlett could lose the Flying-Type, yet be able to use moves such as Flying, Aerial Ace, and Brave Bird. Personally, I think Litten would be come Fire/Ground instead of being Pure Fire. However, anything is a possibility.

          1. Evolution. Chespin doesn’t look like a Fighting-Type, yet it becomes one. Litten is either Fire/Ground or Fire simply based on the rumors.

    1. For all we know, there could be two rivals. The second rival could easily be another trainer or simply the opposite gender. This would be like virtually repeating X/Y, which would make the variation boring. I don’t know where this speculation comes from other than mindless Youtube comments. The typing literally makes no sense because if Poppilo became Water/Fighting, how would Poppilo counter Rowlett? This theory has no substance and from a design point of view, it makes no sense.

    1. The thickness around the eyes give her a “nerdy” aura
      But nonetheless nice job

      1. Thanks! I’ve actually been experimenting with eyes. Im trying to have a good balance of realistic and cartoon and I think I got it how I like it

        1. Next time experiment with making her *Whistles* a lot more * HmmmHmmm* and her *Honk honk* way more *Boingyoingyiong*
          Then you’d be on the right track

  37. I still wonder what they mean by “It all comes together”. Do they mean they’re incorporating features from previous games into SM? I highly doubt they’ll let us return to previous regions but who knows

    1. Hopefully they’ll allow pokemon to follow you and let you fly on latias or whatever x)

  38. Just want to say today was a good day
    Made over 8 Bucks in tips at my job
    Yooka-Laylee gave a total info bomb and it was AMAZING
    Saw the Angry Birds Movie, crude, funny and asinine
    And have the whole weekend off

    Earthen Out

    1. Woooo! Good days all around!

      1.My computer is pretty much all ready
      3.Other stuff!

        1. Correction the phrase is “pale in comparison”. Honest mistake I know lol #GrammarPolice #ButtingWhereIDon’tBelong hahaha

      1. Well I don’t make tips in this line of work (Wholesale)
        But sometimes when loading things for people they tip
        So yeah that’s a lot

        1. Lol. Fair enough.

          10 more days like today and you’ll be able to buy Pokemon Sun and Moon

    1. He’s such a passionate person. He loves what he does and I respect everything he puts out for us to play.

      Yah he’s pretty awesome.

      1. It’s not entirely your fault
        You weren’t blessed with such a childhood gem

    1. Well I think you’ve gone a bit overzealous with your off-topic posts and shilling of Yooka-Laylee… <3

  39. hey guys I got an idea to honor upcoming game of Pokemon Sun and Moon let’s see if we can try to catch all the Pokemon From Generations 1 to 6 ! 😀

    1. Finished that early last year :p Well, I’m missing Volcanion, but since there’s no legit international ones, I’m not counting it. Other than Volcanion, I have a full living pokedex.

      But for those who do not have one, a living pokedex is a fitting tribute to the 20th anniversary.

      1. I’m working on Generation 1 after I’m done with that I’ll work on generation 2 and so on.

  40. Here is the strategy guide for Pokemon Sun & Moon. It’s supposed to have 350 Pages, with a Collector and Standard Edition. It states:
    The official strategy guide from Pokémon for the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon video games!
    Be prepared for each part of your journey with the step-by-step walkthrough and extensive hints in Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: The Official Strategy Guide! From your first steps as a Trainer and through your adventure, this guide has the info and tips to help you play like the very best.
    Here’s what you’ll find inside:
    -Detailed walkthrough of the brand-new Pokémon games!
    -Locations of where to catch Pokémon!
    -Lists of moves, items, and more—including how to obtain them!
    -Helpful tips for getting the most out of communication features!
    -Pullout map of the region!

    1. Well that confirms that we will have a region, since they stated a map. This is so exciting!

    2. This cover bothers me. The box arts are more orange and purple and this is more reddish orange and blue.

    3. How does 359 pages stack up to the guides without pokedexes (since this one doesn’t seem to have one)? I’m wondering just how much we can tell by page numbers.

      1. Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver – 352 pages
        Pokemon Black and White – 256 pages
        Pokemon X and Y – 416 pages
        Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – 480 pages

        1. Those numbers are slightly alarming. If the ORAS guide had 480 pages, yet people were still complaining about a lack of postgame content…
          I’m not too hopeful about S/M, either.

          1. Also everything was short and straight forward so there weren’t any fancy maps.

    4. Well if it’s a pullout map, the region will likely be pretty big with lots of islands.

  41. So since we got some fresh blood around I want to ask a personal question
    If you could have a custom Mega Accessory what would be (Best Three)
    Mega Hat: a Cowboy/Safari hat with Pokemon teeth and claws in the rim with the keystone In the center
    Mega Claw: I would “wedge” the keystone into a Ursaring Claw which I fashioned into a shamanistic necklace
    Mega Belt: just a thick ruddy leather belt with the keystone in a Sideway Cubone skull styled belt buckle (in the eye socket)

    1. Mega Watch: a.k.a. diver’s watch with Mega Stone slot. Because if that mega accessory thing has to take up space, it better be useful for other things as well.
      Mega Phone: A bad pun, and something an annoying villain can carry. Announce evil plans while mega evolving their most powerful minion!
      Mega Cell Phone: a.k.a. Digivice wannabe. Like the Mega Watch, that accessory be useful for other things. Smart phone, pokedex AND mega evolving device all in one.

    2. Mega Belt Buckle would be cool… It’d be a neat idea to be able to attach the Mega Key Stone to accessories you can buy for customization.

          1. We had mega “rings” that were bracelets. Lysandre had an actual ring. He died. If you’ve played X or Y and paid attention you’d know.

          2. X and Y was forgettable (and I played it twice each version). So I don’t blame Ithsme.

          3. He died under rubble. The main characters and Malva are the only ones that knew.

        1. Idk…what does a scientist where that a mega stone can be put into? My damn Chem goggles? Lol

    3. Put of those three i guess belt
      But if i had to choose i would definitely choose mega bandana arpund my head or neck

    4. Mega Pimpcane
      Mega Whip
      Mega AK-47
      Mega Shoelace
      Mega Grillz
      Mega Piercing -you decide where! 😉

      1. A Mega AK-57… so just shooting high velocity keystones at the opponent…

  42. Starting off a Y playthrough with a Fennekin shiny hunt! Naming it Zuko or Azula depending on the gender I get

    1. Gl, took me somewhere around 6000 or 7000 SRs to get mine, but I guess I was really unlucky 😛

    2. Nice! Are you doing an Avatar theme for the whole team or just your starter?

  43. A question for everyone. Do you prefer shiny hunting or finding a shiny randomly? I honestly prefer to find them randomly but still enjoy a good shiny hunt now and then

    1. I like both. Shiny hunting is so gratifying because it takes so much time to get them. Finding a random wild shiny is super exciting because of the surprise

      1. Yeah. Usually I don’t plan my teams when I do a play through and sometimes I add a Pokemon I never thought I would use because It happened to be shiny. Weedle and Lillipup for example

    2. Randomly. There’s a pureness to the happiness you experience when it’s random that just can’t be replicated by actively wasting time and effort searching for one.

      1. I agree. I’ve done a few shiny hunts before but finding a shiny you’re not expecting is way more enjoyable.

        1. I feel there’s also an extra certain amount of pride when it’s random, but maybe that’s just me

          1. No I feel the same way. I discovered how much I love Azumarill just by finding a shiny in azurill in black 2. If I never found a shiny one I really don’t think I’d ever use one

          2. I found a shiny tangela in the Sinnoh safari zone and it was so nerve wracking but I caught it! Proudest moment of my pokemon career

          3. Nice! I found a shiny Machop in the safari zone and it ran but I was able to catch a shiny magnemite in my SS safari zone. I hate encountering shinies in the safari zone.

    3. I actually prefer hunting because i love getting something i want and the build up of suspense hunting something. Plus most of the time random shinies arent competitively viable

    4. Well considering I’ve only ever found one shiny randomly I guess I’d have to go with hunting. Sure it’s technically been made “easier” than it was in past generations, but the current methods still don’t guarantee you a shiny. I have had plenty of times where I’ve nearly given up and then suddenly BAM A SHINY! It does take patience and your not guaranteed one quickly in anyway. Even the easier ways can take considerable amounts of time. To each there own though! Shiny Pokemon are just fun in any way lol

      1. True. I love all my shinies…except for my shiny Walrein with a negative nature in special attack lol

    5. I’d rather hunt. Yeah it’s nice showing off one you worked on hatching, but they’ve lost all value and the excitement of them have gone down. When I hatch them I’m like “Oh look another shiny. Well no one is going get excited about it since literally anyone can easily get one now.” Even in the TCG shinies now have uncommon cards, like the upcoming set Steam Seige, shiny Azumarill is uncommon instead of a secret or ultra rare.

      1. I find hatching eggs so tedious…..I think my ditto is foreign, but I’m too lazy to take it out of the day care lol I like the other forms of hunting much better. At the very least they make you feel like you’re doing something lol

        1. I got tired of them. I hatched a shiny Oshawott first egg and then I’ve hatched two shiny Spinarak in a row during IV breeding.

    6. I don’t really hunt for shinies anymore, and I prefer to find them randomly because you were not expecting it. I still remember how my heart stopped when I found a shiny zubat (first shiny ever). Rnging for a shiny feebas in Pokemon HGSS was really rewarding though

  44. Alright some gave some….interesting Mega Accessories
    But now next is our Pokemon’s Mega Holsters
    Now your top 5 Mega Pokemon
    Garchomp: a black and silver plate of metal with the stone on the center, with chains around the neck and under arms
    Heracross: Red and Maroon Wrestling Belt
    Aerodactyl: now I want to give it something like a bone necklace or fang necklace
    Camerupt: Burnt rusted shackle on around his right hoof
    Swampert: a gold shoulder pad

    A thought occurred what of ghost Pokemon, I just can’t see Gengar physically holding anything

      1. Yeah I could just see a crystal ball that Gengar keeps inside his body, and only see it as a glowing orb through his body but when he cackles its on his tongue

        ……would it be in bad tastes to give Gengar a tongue piercing

    1. Thanks to Cascoon and belmad and screw you Earthen I’m a pokepro

  45. Well, gave up on the shiny fenniken. Just decided to name it Autumn and I’m goona keep it as a Braixen. I really hope SuMo expands on customization because I love making my character really cute!

      1. Shiny hunting for starters in XY takes so much more time than normal for one sr. Gotta name yourself, go through dialogue, get the Pokemon, accidentally nickname it, more dialogue, Pokedex, professors letter, start battle, reset

  46. possible unpopular opinion time:

    Kalos had a relatively bad regional design. It’s completely linear and most routes are relatively forgettable.

    1. tea!

      I mean they did it to make it easier for the young kids getting into their first pokemon game but still it was very linear

      1. I mean, at the time of release Kalos was awesome, but I think the completely new game engine, 3d graphics, Pokemon models etc really covered up its major flaws.

        My thoughts on this basically come from looking at ORAS and mainly the limited amount of gameplay we’ve seen of Sun and Moon

        1. that how it is which new games and mechanics. After a while you realize that they are only seasonal game and not lifetime

      1. Yeah I guess I just didn’t want to offend those who worship Kalos as the best region. It’s far from it.

    2. Some towns are just so pointless too. A lot of them you just kinda walk through and continue on without paying any attention to it. Maybe stop at a Pokemon center at least

    3. I liked Kalos
      And aren’t most regions almost as linear in terms of exploration?
      And I can’t say routes aren’t forgettable (though placing names isn’t a strong point for me personally since I remember via attribute) , some have their charms, The Cliffs over Cyllage, the autumn forest, the badlands, the frost cavern and lastly that big marsh

        1. Sinnoh and Hoenn were actually the most perfect regions regarding their maps :D! In my opinion at least 🙂

      1. Unova has a shitty layout too but the number of Pokemon and the great story made up for it.

    4. Personally, I quite liked Kalos.
      Parts of the region are quite forgettable, I would admit that. But the region does make up for it’s beauty, Kalos is no doubt the prettiest region we’ve had by far.

      In terms of linearity, I’d say that Kalos gives the illusion that it’s a vast explorable region but it’s really not. It’s still just as linear as any Pokemon game. However, BW Unova still takes the cake for being the most linear.

      The only gripe I have about the region is the lack of facilities and region-specific features. Trainer PR videos were shit and the Battle Maison was just annoying.

      1. BW2’s Unova make up for the linearity of BW1 Unova! BW2 Unova was actually pretty nice to be honest and each town had a little something to help it beeing remembered. You can’t say as much about Kalos…

      1. I liked the idea they had going with certain areas. It was fresh, but it sucked overall.

        1. Me too. Like Cyllage city, for example, was aesthetically really cool. But there was no point to that bike path so it was just pointless…I feel very little effort was put into things outside of making them look good.

          1. “I feel very little effort was put into things outside of making them look good” kind of sums up how I feel about Kalos as a whole. It had so much potential but GF were too busy making sure it looked pretty to make sure it had any depth behind the prettiness :/ That’s not to say it sucks…I just feel it could have been so much better.

    5. I thought it was very linear but I liked some of the areas of Kalos a lot. Especially the one with the foresty fall atmosphere and I also liked the coastal areas! But otherwise everything was pretty bland.

      1. Coastal Kalos was the best part of the region, the rest was really forgetable (except maybe snowbell city) victory road was nothing compared to the one of black and white two, Lumiose was just a mess. I mean, this city was far to big for nothing. There was nothing really interesting in that city, it was big just of the sake of beeing big! Not like Castelia of Jubilife, who were two of the biggest citis but happened to haave interesting things to do in them… Anyway, I hope that if our next metropole have to be massive, it’ll at least be interesting…

    6. I agree that the routes were largely forgettable. I liked more of the later half than I did the earlier half, though. Cities like Laverre, Dendemille, Anistar and Snowbelle were really neat and had character.

    7. I agree but also disagree. Anistar city and the fairy gym town were amazing.

      1. I actually don’t like those warping thingies, it’s frustrating.

        Valerie is actually a Team ?(Alola Villains) experiment in which they tried to fuse pokemon and human, she escaped half way and ended up with completely black eyes, and ran to laverre town and set up her gym. She thought the warpsydoodles were cool, so she put that as the gym puzzle (I just saw X-Men Apocalypse, so the hal way thing is stuck in my head)

    8. I think XY routes were actually pretty cool and it was very unique and also in 3d. Most of the routes werent that liner. Honestly i think XY gets more hate than Unova does, and unova has an awful region design. You literally move in a circle. Unova just has a story to back it up. XY story was pretty bad but i thought the region looked amazing. Also most routes in pokemon games are forgettable lol. To each their own though.
      But if anything i think you have the popular opinion not unpopular.

        1. Maybe he doesn’t need it as an old sagely coot who dispenses advice and repeats what he said again if you mash the buttons wrong.

          Did you get any of that?

  47. I ran into a zigzagoon three routes in a row. Then I got Wurmple (Already had silcoon)

    I’m in Dewford and my team consists of Combusken, Beautifly, Whismur, Zigzagoon, Magikarp and Zubat. Things are looking better than they were in Rustboro.

  48. Gonna shiny hunt for a Piplup now! Watched the HGSS randomizer nuzlocke on GameboyLuke’s channel and decided I want one too 🙂

          1. Unfortunately I started my game over recently, so no… Do you maybe have a Ditto I just found out I forgot to take it out of daycare in my last game 🙁

  49. Does anyone have a spare Ditto for me? I wanna shiny hunt but I lost my Ditto in a previous game 🙁

  50. Boredom seeps through my crusty bones once more
    Its roughly 2 weeks until the Sun and Moon details and 5 weeks until E3 which will have info, not out the wazoo but some to keep us titilated for the long boredom of summer nothingness
    So any ideas gamewise I kinda feel like replaying OR, LoZ Oot, Luigi’s Mansion DM, BK, Pikmin 3, hell may even try Earthbound again
    I got nothing going on

      1. Ehhh not one I enjoy….I rather do inside story in regards to a Mario and Luigi game

        1. Lol i wouldnt either,i probably wouldnt even be honest with myself. If a pokemon died i would just be like “hmmm well that doesnt count because i wasnt ready”

      1. I’ve only ever beat one, which was ORAS. I’ve tried Pt multiple times and can never get past Fantina. I’ve also tried HGSS once and there are no places to grind, so it’s very tedious, so I quit after Chuck.

    5IV Timid Shiny Yveltal all legit…..but zero Sp Def

    1. And the buck doesn’t stop rolling
      Steel Hidden Power
      That takes care of prissy Fairies and glorious Rocks AND Ice

    2. Sweet i have to iv hunt the yveltal, i just finished my xerneas’s and i got two 5 iv huzzah and i got 5 and 4 iv zapdos and articuno and 4iv moltres. The luck is our favor

      1. EV training it and this Shiny Froakie off WT
        Parts of me wanted to do the unknown and make this Dark Greninja a Physical Attacks but alas Bold doesn’t help me in that department

          1. I am but speed is need
            But I did like the idea of a Choice Band Protean Greninja
            Water Shuriken
            Night Slash
            Rock Slide

        1. The stats dey is born with
          They have stats in Hp, Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed
          And they’ll say Decent, Above Average, Relatively Superior and Outstanding

          Usually anything that is below Outstanding Potential isn’t fit for competition

          1. My Haxorus is Outstanding, it has max attack EV’s but the IV detector guy in XY is saying it’s good in Sp.Def or something I’m like wtf man are you blind

          2. I don’t understand. My Haxorus is max attack EV and that guy’s like my Haxorus is a Sp.Def thing. My Sceptile is a speed demon and he’s like my Sceptile’s super slow can u explain why

          3. That means its good IVs are in. SpD you cant configure IVs so it always has IVs. You changed the evs

          4. : you are worse than my mother at learning!
            Look up guides
            You cant configure ivs

          5. Nay, those tell you what stat it is most proficient in and what stat is struggling
            Adamant nature (My personal favorite) means they have a slightly higher Attack growth while Special Attack is genuinely lower
            IVs are truly individual value meaning all that Pokemon

          6. Wrong again idiot, Ivs have nothing to do with Shinies
            They just mean stat pedigree and we want near flawless Shinies with beneficial nature’s to comply

          7. So for my simpleton mind, let me think more IV=good. Soft reset to get the IV stat you want. Now, how do you find out what IV’s you have?the potential finder guy?

          8. Soft Reseting for IVs is a big no no
            Usually the schbeal is to get your hands on a Foreign Ditto (With high IVs) or even better a perfect Outstanding 6IV Ditto (But they are super rare legit and most resort to hacking them…sad)
            Anyway you attach a Destiny Knot to the Ditto and Breed the, with a Pokemon of your choosing, The offspring will inherit some of the IVs from the partner, hatch eggs until you get a good value or high enough to replace the breeding Pokemon, eventually you will hatch a outstanding IV Pokemon ready to be EV trained, leveled to fifty and ready for competitive

          9. They are a IV checker in every game
            For XY Kiloude City Center
            And ORAS Battle Resort Pokemon Center

          10. Ok.
            So legendaries should be soft resetted for better IV’s pokemon should bred again and again for optimu IV’s with a foreign ditto. I have a japanes litwick. Can I evolve it to Chandelure, and try to breed it with pokemon of the same egg group?

          11. I mean it’s a good start
            I would try to paruze Showdown or other sites like us, usually some nuts mass clone 6IV Dittos
            Ditto is the first step

          12. Word of advice u gotta make sure the dealer is dealing out right
            Plenty would just fork over a commoners Ditto for legends and mythicals
            So yeah it’s best to find legit scumbags

          13. Pal I only got 2 6IV Dittos
            And I need them

            This is why Gamefreak should do a Legit 6IV Ditto Event so that everyone has the tools to make competitive Pokemon without hacking

          14. Well Max I got off WT
            And I got my first one from a friend

            Like I said you need connections for this kinda stuff

          15. Max is the Ditto’s Name
            Shiny too

            I got the Shiny 6IV Ditto who is named Max off Wonder Trade

          16. I planed to give him to my OR self but never really bred anything so I’ll give it to Sun Earthen when the time comes

          17. Look I told you, yous gotta find some guy who mass produces them,
            Because I don’t know anybody here who does so your going to have to ask around
            I think Starstorm gens maybe he can do it for you otherwise try your luck on GTS or try and find a Ditto safari

          18. I am just destined
            Hell my first legit shiny was a Marowak in FireRed
            And X gives me a Ground Safari

          19. Yeah it’s confusing at first but after breeding tons of stuff it becomes second nature

          20. IVs are permanent
            While you can adjust the EV spread

            This Haxorus was born with just Sp. Def IV

  52. Speculation time:

    If the Alola starters are based off a Circus troupe, would Litten’s final evolution be based off the Tiger that goes through a flaming hoop?

    1. I just want Popplio to be decent
      I truly just want to explore and level up a brand new team of unseen Pokemon

  53. I really wish Nintendo was doing a usual E3 this year, but I understand that the timing is just awkward for them. We will have an announcement blowout later this year equivalent to E3 for the NX and its launch titles, but it’s just not the same. My May just seems a little empty without the usual E3 hype…I am excited for Zelda U though! We’ll get the name (finally), much more gameplay and other information. It’s not all bad.

      1. Can you explain to me why people love and praise that game, even when it was just being funded? It looks like a good game, but people made a big deal of it before they knew anything about it.

        1. Its predecessor was extremely popular, most of the hype comes from those that loved the previous games and want to relive the hype and nostalgia they had with the originals.

          1. Ok, thanks for explaining that. I’ve been confused for a few days now about that.

          2. I’m saying it basically made some people’s childhoods
            And I’m truly grateful for this revival

    1. Same for me. I am really not hyped for E3 because instead of getting info on a lot of games, we are getting a ton of info on one game. Also, we can’t necissarily count on a big amount of pokemo info, which is concerning.

        Preferably in the form of a Rock type and believe it or not a Poison type

    2. I fully understand Nintendo’s reasoning. They do not want to repeat what happened with the Wii U with the lack of third-party titles. From a slue of rumors, the NX is supposed to be shown to the public between September and October, giving consumers about 5 months to prepare. The NX will be a beastly console and I hope it brings Nintendo back to front-lines of gaming. I’m excited for Zelda Wii U! Instead of getting it for my Wii U, I’m getting it for the NX, since the graphics, controls, and overall features would be better handled on that system.

  54. What are all your favorite gym leader from each region? For me it’s
    Liza and Tate

    1. Gen 1: Misty or Sabrina
      Gen 2: Whitney
      Gen 3: Flannery, Winona, or Roxanne (you known them school girls)
      Gen 4: Gardenia
      Gen 5: Elesa or Skyla
      Gen 6: Valerie

      All my choices are based on the sexiest female in the Region. Hoenn is obviously the hardest choice. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. For me it was:
      Lieutenant Surge
      Those were the absolute best in my honnest opinion with a nice puzzle and some good difficulty 😀

    3. Misty
      Tate & Liza
      It seems that the female gym leaders are more liked than the male ones lol.

      1. Yeah I felt like they just had a lot of unique design and cool alter egos besides being a gym leader

    4. Gen 1: Misty
      Gen 2: Clair
      Gen 3: Winona
      Gen 4: Crasher Wake
      Gen 5: DRAYDEN
      Gen 6: Ramos

    5. 1 – Blaine
      2 – Pryce
      3 – Watson (I’ve only played ORAS)
      4 – never played but will
      5 – Cheren
      6 – Ramos

    6. Gym Leaders:

      Elite 4:

    7. Blaine
      Wallace (honourable mention: Liza & Tate)

      Hmmm….seems I have a thing for the 8th gym leaders, they have been pretty awesome last few gens.

    8. Misty <3 <3 <3
      Liza and Tate (I respect them, don't really like them)

  55. This comment is heavily inspired by CoolGlaceon, but do any of you all think the starters have a Circus-vibe? Think about it, Rowlett could be the Ring Master, Litten could be the Tiger/Animal who jumps in the Hoop of Flames, and Poppilo is obviously the playful, ball-bouncing seal. The Kalos Starters were obviously based off of Fantasy-Games or General Classes with Chespin becoming a Knight, Fennekin becoming a Wizard, and Froakie becoming a Ninja. I just hope none of them become a creepy clown…

  56. What would you guys like to see as post-game content?

    – Battle Frontier or something equivalent to that
    – Ability to travel to Kalos or another region
    – Episode Z where they finish off the Kalos story because it was left TOO open-ended
    – Rematches
    – Quests / you acting like an actual champion
    – People challenging you for the champion title

    1. I would love to see traveling to Unova. I think it’d be cool if you were challenged by your rival for the champion title, if that is the route he takes.

      1. Since Sun/Moon are seen as Pokemon coming full circle, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to make a lot of references to past gens, especially Gen 1, the one that began it all.

        1. What if you visit all the regions? That would be sweet, but A LOT of game play

    2. Lol you listed most of my list
      Battle frontier
      Travel to Kalos/ a whole couple islands to explore
      A story after the game
      Plenty of legend to catch

    3. Mine are a lot of the same.

      – Battle frontier (with multiple battle areas, not just one)
      – Kalos travel to end the story
      – Gym leader rematches
      – E4 level and Pokemon upgrade
      – Legendaries WITH ACTUAL STORIES. I want I between the number of Kalos Legendaries and sinnoh Legendaries, but I want to work to get them. When a delivery lady plops a legendary in your team, it is out of character. They are LEGENDARY Pokemon, not gifts.
      – A final challenge trainer, like Red (if we are going to Kalos, maybe AZ?)

    4. Gym-Rematches with updated teams
      Lots of places to explore
      A Hyper-Über manslaughterer’s island filled with the most extremely powerful trainers and sky high wild Pokemon (Like 70-100)
      Some kind of minigame like the Sinnoh Underground

    5. I’d like a feature called Groom Kukui. You get to bathe him and stuff and you can unlock characters such as Byron and Archie as well.

        1. Well you know, you’d want the target to be willing and like the protagonist, not keep them bound in a dungeon… <3

    6. Definitely a trip back to Kalos. Even if isn’t the full region.

      Kalos felt skipped and an overthought. I feel like they aren’t done telling its story.

  57. Favorite gym leaders:
    – Gen 1: Blue, ’cause he’s cute
    – Gen 2: Falkner, he’s cute and I would want to be a Flying-type gym leader
    – Gen 3: Wallace, he reminds me of me but less… showy/extravagant/rambunctious
    – Gen 4: Volkner, he’s calm and collected and I like those type of people because I’m the exact oppposite
    – Gen 5: Iris, she reminds me of me
    – Gen 6: Olympia, she embodies perfection

    1. Yes! Olympia is queen! Elegance and sorcery! She looks like an old and wise bitch who doesn’t even need to try to defeat you! Disappointed by her team tho…

      1. XY gym leaders were disappointments. Olympia should have used malamar

        1. Yeah I wanted that too but I wonder if they didn’t want her to have a Dark Type

          And I did research and I was wrong there are a few Gym Leaders with dark types

          1. I think its because one of the team flare admins ace was malamar so i guess they didnt want to copy

    2. I’ll say it once I’ll say it again
      I’m a fan of Iris in game and anime, she’s so much different then the girly girls that get suckered into traveling with that blockhead
      She got spunk

    3. Sabrina – cuz Mysterious
      Morty – cuz Purple
      Tate and Liza – cuz the tag team thing was cool
      Fantina – cuz Purple
      Drayden – cuz the others were just booty
      Valerie – cuz Fairy

    4. Gen 1: Koga
      Gen 2: Jasmine
      Gen 3: Wallace
      Gen 4: Volkner
      Gen 5: Drayden
      Gen 6: Korrina

    5. Lt. Surge
      Liza & Tate was very memorable for me
      Byron Byron Byron Byron
      Clemont is okay but only because his name sounds like my last name.

  58. Speaking of Gym Leaders whoever we get in Sun and Moon is going to be a Traveling companion (Or at the very least related to own) and quite frankly I’m interested in how that will would play out
    Brock a mentorish family man with a womanizing streak pretty much took up every slot up until BW where we got a classy eccentric Jack of all weird trades who also did the cooking, lastly a blonde out of shape nerd
    What do you want to see in a traveling companion

    Also I hope they re-establish a rival who sticks to the whole season and I cannot stress this enough PLEASE MAKE HIM OR HER A COMPLETE ASSHOLE IM SO SICK OF NICE GUY RIVALS, in other words I want to see a rival in the anime (or in game) who’s a bigger jerk than me

    1. Ever thought about not being a jerk for once, if only so that you’ll like more rivals based on that criteria? <3

  59. Ok, worst gym leaders.

    Bugsy (What kind of name even is that? They didn’t even try)
    Juan (don’t kill me)

    1. Viola

      Oh wait… those are all the kalos gym leaders… how coincidental

      1. Well, I like Valerie, and Clemont and also Korrina. Everyone else is kinda forgettable.

  60. I bet the news is gonna be…… I have no idea… What did they release after the starters for XY?

          1. I have plenty of reasons to hate this type
            -Excessively overhyped
            -instead of just countering Dragons they replaced them on top
            -They have access to an op ability Pixilate
            -Their introduction caused everyone to assume anything remotely pink or cute as a Fairy type and pushes so many things to be a Fairy when clearly not and that just sickens me to no end
            -Pretty much anything Retyped to a fairy has received significant boosts in everything
            -Mega Mawile is beyond ridiculous, one Swords Dance and you are basically done, if you can’t endure the Sucker Punch you can’t win

    1. I feel like it would just be the names and the types of the Legendary Pokemans

      1. I don’t think so… Why would Masuda make a countdown again if its just gonna be that? That doesn’t seem like him to countdown a little reveal like that..

        But who knows. It’s possible!

        1. Well considering there’s really only been one reveal in this fashion before (i.e. the last trailer we got) we don’t really know how they plan on doing each announcement. For all we know we’ll get one each month and Masuda will set up a countdown for all of them. I guess we’ll find out, but I would agree I don’t think this announcement in particular will be just for typing and names.

          1. That’s true. I think we get the names of the legends (not the types), a few starter route pokemon, and protagonists.

            Maybe a region map if we’re lucky.

  61. I want to know if we are going to get the rollers skater back or a new thing to transport….. I would like to see a skateboard or a new thing, I dont know

    1. Keep your fingers crossed that it isn’t one of those hipster hover boards

      1. I hate those little hover board riding brats.

        It seems very obnoxious and showy-offy

        1. Hmmmmm is tackling them to the ground repeatedly punching them and tearing out their beating heart a first or second offense

          1. It’s manslaughter/homicide, at least. Your posting here about your plans might upgrade it to murder, though.

          2. In the end it’s for the best, we’ll have one less hipster in the world

        2. Lol why?
          It’s just people minding their own business no reason to be so angry. I shouldn’t hate you for driving a car or walking (whatever means of transportation you make)

          1. Nah, I’m not angry. I think the people that I see riding hoverboards are always very obnoxious with it.

            I guess hate is a strong word XD. Let’s use the word calmly dislike.

          2. They’re pretentious douches half the time
            Nobody rides one of those things to get around just to show off

  62. I am wondering y pkmn company didn’t reveal this will be the 7th gen of the first trailer ??

    1. I don’t know. Maybe because it’s so obvious? New starters, new region = new generation.

    2. Did they need to? It’s kinda obvious. Hopefully this is also gen 6.5

      1. I don’t think it’s “6.5.” A new region, all new pokemon plus starters, new legendaries. It’s the 7th gen like it or not XD.

        Personally, I wouldn’t mind another game in Kalos. I feel like everything is a big blur there. But hey, I’m ay okay with Alola so far. 😀

        1. Yeah this also dismisses this being a neighboring region
          It’s a dang series of islands

      2. The term .5 region is flawed
        This is clearly a new region and generation, to say it’s generation .5 says they’re adding to the previous generation which is absurd
        There will never be a .5 generation, only sequels, remakes and brand new generations

    3. If this is gen 6.5 I will apologize to all of the people that I said are stupid for thinking the Alola region is one small island. Nah, they’re still dumb.

    4. Do people seriously still think this isn’t Generation 7? Generation 6 has ended with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire being the last games of the Generation. Nintendo’s press statements have stated that it’s an entirely new Pokemon Generation. Essentially, it’s Generation 7, not 6.5, live with it.

      1. I didn’t say it’s 6.5 gen ,,,, it’s obviously gen7……I said y they late to tell us?

  63. Playing through Y again reminds me how good Kalos really was. Sure the region design isn’t too great but it does so much right. The bottom screen functions, customization, cafes, hotels, horse battles, getting items when you use certain moves on special areas in a battle, I’m really enjoying it

      1. Nah, I really think it did suck aside from the updated features. That’s all it had going for it.

    1. I don’t quite understand the purpose of cafes and hotels other than just aesthetics. It would be nice if they were in routes and they healed your pokemon

      1. It was certainly a nice touch for Lumiose in terms of looks. However, they weren’t really that important XD. Completely agree

      2. I think that’s why I like them though. It makes the world feel so alive. That’s another thing about Kalos. It feels really alive

  64. Way off topic, but my wife and I can finally junk our oldest car for parts and buy an actual fame car. The question is what?

    Tesla Model X?
    Mazda CX5?
    BMW X1?

      1. I’ve heard good things about the cx5 and it’s been in top 3 for the past couple of years.

  65. Zygarde and Kalos had so much going for them but now (seemingly, with both Sun and Moon coming up), they are just wasted potential

    1. They could always come back to it afterwards. Like how the did HeartGold and SoulSilver.

      1. I’d loooove for that to happen. But it’s so unlikely, they’d have to remodel the entire region to match S/M’s artstyle and we all know how GameFreak loves skimping on features with the recent 3D Pokemon games

        1. we’ll have to see. There’s still hope. I did enjoy the Kalos region, so hopefully they will revisit with Pokemon Z or something later on after revamping the region and changing it up like in Black2 White2

          1. Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of Unova but I loved the updates they’ve done to the region in B2W2. So, it’d be great to revisit a revamped Kalos.

      1. I see them expanding on Zygarde in Sun/Moon, regardless whether it’s gen 6.5/7 but not on Kalos. I’d loved to be proved wrong tho

      2. When there are new starters, it’s a new generation. Of course there could be a connection like Johto and Kanto.

        1. Ehhh Post Game at the best, besides Johto is meant to be next to Kanto because story-wise but that gimmick is long long gone
          Otherwise it gen 7 no exceptions
          To say .5 means it’s still the same pokedex with added Pokemon which never happens
          The anatomically correct is Kalos.5

      3. They introduce new starters, yet some people still believe its gen 6.5. Okay mate

  66. I heard EarthenWarrior got blasted by a new person for being off-topic? Where?? xD

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