Jungle Asks: Are we still hyped for Pokémon GO?

PokÇmon Go device 3With the slow beta rollouts and previews of the simplistic gameplay, how is the Jungle community feeling about the game that was supposed to bring Pokémon into the real world? Do you still look forward to it or has it just become a ‘meh’ on your radar?

Been thinking about this lately and curious as to where everyone is at. I’d be more than happy to see it succeed and be a really kickass game. Just one more excuse to get out my HYPE HORN.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend 🙂

<3 PJ

  1. I’ve never been all that hyped for GO tbh, mostly because Ingress (the other Niantic game) was very disappointing to me.

  2. I think hyped isn’t quite the word i would use. I am still very much looking forward to trying it out and seeing what it’s like for myself, but hype is a bit too strong…..and to a degree different from what I’d say. I think a better term would be intrigued? I can’t say I’m all that excited per say about it the way I’d be excited about Sun and Moon, but I am very interested in the capabilities of the app. It’s very promising and if they can refine it to a certain degree I think it could be a fun little thing. People keep putting it down because it’s not what they imagined, but the truth is that things are rarely as great and grand as our imaginations make them out to be. The app itself could be great once it’s complete. I just hope that people’s personal imaginations don’t overshadow it’s potential. Either way I look forward to giving it a try for myself so I can make a more informed opinion on the matter.

  3. Srsly, I lost my hopes on this game. Ponemon prefer to revail it without knowing if the game will be done by the tome they set. It is kinda dissapointed that they gave us a super trailer and then the game is even worse than thst, and yeah I know trsilers are never the same as the game. Aldo, they said that the game will be coming out at the beginning of this year… We are in the middle… Sorry but Pokemon made me lose my hopes and emotions on this game.

  4. I think they had a really bad marketing plan for this “game.” The announcement trailer had a lot of hyper around it, making the game look like this awesome immersive Pokémon experience. I never expected the game to be like the trailer shows (because that would be a little ridiculous), but I did expect more than what we’re getting. Based off the beta, the game looks really boring and hardly like a game at all. I say they had a bad marketing plan because they first announced the game back in September. We’re very quickly creeping up on a year of its announcement with no release yet, and hardly any information to go off of. The hype in general has died down, at least for the avid Pokémon fans. The hype has now shifted to Sun and Moon for them. I think the game will still do well though with nostalgia players.

  5. I was never hyped for the game. The concept was just.. not that promising to begin with imo

  6. Nope not at all. At first i was excited but it just died down. The game looks boring. And they barely advertised it except for one trailer. But what im really excited for is PJT16…

  7. I was sceptical of the game from the start seeing as how it is a mobile game. I didn’t have high hopes for it even when they announced gyms and all that. The gameplay looks awful not to mention the integration of Google maps is the worst part for me.

  8. Well, I beat Pokemon Red!

    Blastoise – Jet
    Ninetales – Penny
    Jolteon – Tera
    Marowak – Bonely
    Vileplume – Danny
    Articuno – Everest

    This games has one tough elite 4. The best moment was when Bonely had just 4 hp left but managed to take down a paralyzed Alakazam with 3 earthquakes. I ended the battle against blue with only Everest and Danny. Everest fired off one final Blizzard and took down Venosaur. So awesome. It was so cool playing through Red for the first time in years

    1. Nice. Your team has good coverage. I stupidly forgot to buy revives when I challenged them (my pokemon were lvls 52 & 53) and so I only had 3 in my bag. I had to take on Blue with only 5 of my team…sorry, Butterfree. You didn’t make the revive cut

      1. My pokemon were all 10 levels lower than they should’ve been so I really had to rely on items between battles

    2. Yeah I beat the Yellow Version (3DS Version) not long ago myself. 😀

      Pikachu- Atem
      Mew- Tikanni (Yes its legit.)
      Charizard- Toriel (Yes its an Undertale reference. 🙂 )
      Venusaur- Ichigo
      Blastoise- Tsunami
      Articuno- Chinook/ Pidgiot- Hawkeye (Had him/her before Chinook and kind of switch back and fourth.)

      And I agree it is rally tough, but it was funny, it used to give me so much trouble when I was younger, so I did some level grinding until all of my team was in there early 50’s. LOL It seems that was good enough to totally crush them and my rival. 😀

  9. Any Smash players? I heard Bayonetta got nerfed pretty badly. I mean she was broken as hell but she got nerfed haaaard like daaamn

    1. Well a whole patch was made alone for just bayonetta nerfs, so yea she was pretty nerved. Oh well I don’t main her nor did I really have a problem with her. I want low tier character buffs rather than high tier nerfs

  10. Welp, on the topic of Pokemon Go does anyone know when U.S beta test starts?

    But I’m not as hyped as I was before the info was given or “leaked.” Who knows, it might be the most amazing spinoff game ever! We’ll just have to see.

    But it doesn’t feel like this is a true Pokemon game. It feels like a forced marketing strategy for Pokemon (it is). But let’s see.

  11. Well out of boredom I nearly finished EV Training and leveling a whopping 7 Pokemon

      1. Charizard, Alakazam (Shiny), Greninja (Shiny), Aegislash, Flygon, Slurpuff, Aggron

          1. Look I mass breed Unburden Swirlix and I kept a decent one just to have
            I still hate Fairy Types,

  12. I was interested in Pokemon Go when it was first announced but since Sun and Moon have been announced I honestly could care less about Go

  13. 10 more boring days until info…which’ll probably be Solgaleo and Lunalaa’s names and if we’re lucky their type
    And if we’re really really really lucky a welcome to the Alola Region trailer

    1. I dearly hope for a “welcome to alola” trailer and some more info about the characteres we’ve seen last time 🙂

  14. So I ordered the Vulpix coffee mug from the Pokemon Center website, it’s so cute I can’t wait to get it and use it every morning.

          1. So a hot headed, belligerent lunatic with a affinity for fantasy and warfare wouldn’t make an interesting personality

    1. I have it! I got it a few weeks ago and it’s even cuter in person!! And referring to earthen’s comment… It’s built like a rock Pokemon. Sturdy (seriously though, it’s well made).

  15. Its my birthday on Saturday and I bought 300euro (350$) of booze haha. Time to get everyone wasted next weekend 😀 😛

    1. I hope you at least spent that much money on GOOD alcohol…..none of that cheap stuff……lol

  16. Well I’m bored, if you could have your own type, ability and like 10-15 attacks what would it be

    1. Ground/Fighting
      Guts/Sheer Force, HA Anger Point
      Arm Thrust
      Take Down
      Body Slam
      Belly Drum
      Hammer Arm

      1. I’d be pure Fairy with Geomancy, Moonblast, Ice Beam and Protect.
        And levitate. I am the Earthen Killer.

        1. No legendary signiture attacks
          I’ll just have to learn Iron head or Metal Burst

      2. Fairy/Normal


        Swagger (Lol I wish)
        Helping Hand
        Nasty Plot
        Self Destruct
        Attract (The move failed)
        Shift Gear

        1. Ghost/Normal
          Simple HA Infiltrator

          Lick lv. –
          Confuse Ray lv.-
          Spite lv. 8
          Shadow Sneak lv. 13
          Curse lv. 19
          Ominous Wind lv. 24
          Fake Out lv. 29
          Shadow Ball lv. 35
          Screech lv. 39
          Destiny Bond lv. 44
          Recover lv. 50
          Boomburst lv. 57
          Minimize lv. 64

    2. Ice/Electric (Blue electricity too)
      Origin Pulse
      Ice Beam
      Blaze Kick
      Leaf Blade
      Sky UpperCut
      Close Combat
      Flash Cannon
      Blue Flare
      Dragon rush
      Shadow Force
      Lol This is more of a list of cool moves, but I’d still have these moves

        1. There i updated my list to have some order its mostly ninja like moves

    3. Dark/Ice
      Magic Bounce/Bad Dreams
      Dark Pulse
      Ice Beam
      Dark Void
      Shadow Ball
      Shadow Claw
      Beat Up
      Hone Claws
      Sheer Cold
      Icicle Crash
      Ice Burn
      Freeze Shock

    4. Water/Fighting
      Regenerator/Telepathy/Swift Swim
      Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Secret Sword, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Tailwind, Calm Mind, Rain Dance, Barrier, Telekinesis, Psycho Shift, Thunder Wave, Teleport

      Everyone seems to be only thinking about moves to be the strongest in a fight, but I’ve also got moving around in mind.

      Basically I chose some moderately powerful special attacks, some HM’s to move around the sea, and then things that help me do tasks in real life like Telekinesis, Tailwind and Teleport.

      I decided on Thunder Wave and Icy Wind to slow down those annoying hobos, perfume saleswomen and people asking for donations–to stop them from chasing me. And Tailwind to get to my destination faster and also get away from these fools.

      Rain Dance because I’ve always been fond of rain and I’d want it to drizzle anytime I want.

      Psycho Shift so if I feel sick or depressed, I’ll just move it to a hapless victim.

      1. Well “shockingly” I’m straight out offensive with all attacks that either involve me throwing my body, fists and emotions at the opponent and I do hold Grudges and Spite into the mix, honestly I hold grudges and I sometimes want to burn the world

        But I wish I could include my signature attack
        Ragnarock Ground 150: Pushed to its very limits, the user unleashes a cataclysmic eruption, this attack also deals Fire

        1. That is cool. There’s a math nitpick though, if you have 1 HP (say, due to Sturdy or Focus Sash) you can’t use that new attack, because it’s less than 1% HP. 😉

          Well it’s not just you, everyone else seems to be focusing on combat as well.

    5. Dragon/Poison
      Magic Guard, Regenerator, Adaptability
      Dragon Pulse
      Draco Meteor
      Sludge Wave
      Gunk Shot
      Confuse Ray
      Hydro Pump
      Calm Mind
      Light Screen
      Dazzling Gleam
      Dark Pulse
      Shadow Ball
      Energy Ball

    6. Steel/Dark
      Ability: Adaptability

      Beat Up
      Metal Sound
      Mirror Shot
      Eerie Impulse
      Night Daze
      Charge Beam
      Nasty Plot
      Dark Pulse
      Flash Cannon
      Hyper Beam
      Zap Cannon

      The idea would be an evil robot, hence why it also dabbles in electric type attacks. Ideally, GF would create more special attacking dark and steel moves considering the options are so limited. Stat spread would be
      Hp: 80
      At: 50
      Def: 100
      Sp. Attack: 125
      Sp. Def: 100
      Speed: 90
      Total: 545

      I was thinking about being a mixed attacker since robots tend to have both laser type attacks and can be quite physical and aggressive, but I thought if I myself were a pokemon I’d be a sp. attacker so I based it around that.

        1. That’s okay, I can’t be strong to every type. I could change my ability to levitate though, although you are a fighting type.

  17. I was never really hyped for it, so no, not really. It’s only gotten worse with the gameplay, in my opinion. Debbie downer over here, I know. 😛

  18. I’m gonna be honest, if we live in a world that was taken by storm by
    – flappy bird
    – 2048
    – neko atsume

    pokemon go has more than enough in its arsenal

    1. It will do fine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t absolute trash just like all those games you listed. Mobile games as a whole are piles of worthless trash that shouldn’t exist.

      1. They’re meant to be convenient and to pass time. The opinion of 2048 I disagree with just because that’s what I mobile game should be. Not a full fledged RPG

    2. 2048 is garbage. I wish everyone played Threes instead. The real innovator.

      Also, Tiny Wings is too hardcore for most people in mobile.

  19. My answer ever since it was first show has been: “this looks/sounds absolutely god awful”. And it is more and more justified with time.

  20. I can admit I was excited at first but now I’m just kinda meh about Go. I’m ready for Pokémon Sun & Moon to release. Also on a side note another franchise I love has another game coming out, monster hunter generations. So the next few months have been eclipsed with more releases that are just simply more interesting than Go at this point. The videos of go show a game play that’s either too simple or simple repetitive for my taste.

    1. Another game should be coming aswell: dragon quest monsters joker 3. Hopefully it won’t be a Japan only release, I really want it

    1. Dude I told you nobody here has one, go to Showdown and go to the lobby chat, there are tons of people there and you’re bound to find a guy who clones them

    2. I have ONE. I would clone it but I can’t because my internet isn’t fast enough to update my PowerSave.

    3. If you want one I could gen one for you but you seemed to not want a hacked one. It would look legit according to the games and you only need it for breeding so… *shrug*. Up to you though.

  21. It might be interesting to see, but i need a better phone for it, no gyro on my current one… it’s an older model G3…

    1. Ayyy you have my safari but no shiny lol, dont know why youd hunt in my safari. My pokemon are trash (Im huntark)

          1. Well if I bitched about Rhyperior not being a fairy would you kill it with a rock? … … … Didn’t think so. <3

          2. Well neither is illumise, so by your last reply, you should be killing all the people bitching that Illumise wasn’t a fairy with a rock, not (an) Illumise.

  22. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Whether or not it allows me to transfer the pokemon I catch in it to the main games, makes all the difference for me between totally awesome and totally suck. ♥

    1. You can already transfer all 151 from R/B/Y so I think it would be a bit redundant.

      1. Except, I’m kinda a collector of sorts. And as a spin off game, Pokemon Go does NOT interest me by itself. However, I’d get it if I could add another Mewtwo to my collection (and it’d be unique as in it came from a different game title even if there’s nothing special about it). Even though I already have more than 15 of them (I don’t reset games to get infinite legendaries). But if I can’t take it with me outside of the spinoff title, then all the effort to get it would seem in vain to me… Same is the reason why I bought pokemon dream radar. ♥

        1. I kind of agree. The spinoff games don’t interest me unless they have something to offer for the main games.

          1. Well that’s basically it. Except I played and enjoyed the mystery dungeon games, cause they’re so intricate. But the most recent two games have not held nearly as much reply value or been as much fun after beating the game that the first two did, so I’m starting to like those less as well. Even though SMD has tons of missions, and lots of pokemon and legendaries, I HATE a lot of the mechanics. ♥

          1. me too. though I got me two copies – one on each system. twice the legends! ♥

  23. Sun/Moon info comes out during first exam week… then additional info comes out during the last week of exam where we do core exams… BUT… JUST TWO MORE WEEKS! I’LL PULL THROUG- *drops down dead*

  24. I just got Wind Waker (the GameCube one), Banjo-Kazooie and Crash Bandicoot from my favorite games store. I already have Wind Waker HD but I have such strong memories playing the original with friends in my childhood. That will be a good throwback game 😛 Banjo-Kazooie is a game I’ve heard about for many years and always wanted to own, so that will be a blast. And I played the Crash Bandicoot minigame in Uncharted 4 which just made me crave more XD

      Omgomgomg you will love it, the worlds, the music and the characters
      But the very second you finish it I highly recommend finding Banjo Tooie which is like tenfold good

      1. Yup, I’ll be getting Banjo Tooie as soon as possible 😀 I’ve been listening to Banjo music for years, and I know that Rare games are very special.

          1. It seems that Banjo-Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee are the only times you aren’t an internet jerk. What if Yooka is revealed as a Fai-

            Honestly, I never cared for Banjo-Kazooie because the main character designs are atrocious. I’m way more interested in the new duo because they look way more interesting.

            YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR SINS!!!!!!!!

          3. I’ll play the Banjo-Kazooie games (other than Nuts and Bolts) if there is a mod that replaces the main characters with Yooka and Laylee. <3

          4. Well he is a Brown Bear, the reason why he looks like this is it was a sorta mishmash of Project Dreams Derpy Dog Companion and a bear that would eventually be Banjo
            Besides that face is aorbs, you just know he’s a nice guy
            Kazooie in the other hand is a universal jerk with cheeky comments on literally every character

        1. Have you played any of the Kinect Sports, or Nuts and Bolts? 😉 You might agree that those no longer have the Rare magic.

          1. Nuts and Bolts isn’t as overrated as some say
            Yes it was completely rehauled and different but that’s only because Microsoft bought rare and left it to rot
            But nonetheless I enjoy building vehicles and the challenges
            Hell I even 100% it with all TTs in dedication to 100%ing all Banjo Kazooie games

      2. I have it on XBLA. Screw the ice world. Seriously. Screw the ice world. The freaking snowmen ruin the whole level. Plus they are so hard to kill with the flying mechanics.

        Other than that it is pretty good. Stil need to get around to BEATING THE ICE WORLD

    2. Ummmm There’s Conkers Bad Fur Day, that one is awesome if you don’t mind crude humor. And Star Force Gemini is a good one, Miss Pack-man, and Glover, Which is O.K but really frustrating at times. But I can’t remember if the last few I listed were RARE games. 🙂 I totally adore Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, they are my top fave N64/RARE games

      1. You kidding if you can find a copy of Conker’s Bad Fur day hold on it for dear life

  25. Nope. Don’t care.
    What I want in the new games. ..:
    Flying Gem
    To be able to do whatever Ash does with Greninja
    Better fairy attacks
    Harder Game
    Good amount of new Pokemon, All well made stat wise
    Pokemon Amie to cone back or something similar
    Pokemon following you (doubt it)
    Strong Rival
    Good Story
    All Starter Mega’s
    More support for Unevoled Pokemon (Attack eviolite)
    Different ways to battle online (sky battles)

    1. – Gems other than Normal aren’t coming back
      ? Anime only (for now) but I’m not sure how it’d work in the games… surprise me GF.
      – Moonblast actually needs a nerf to be in line with other similar attacks like Ice Beam. What we really need is better distribution of Play Rough.
      – We can inflict difficulty on ourselves anyway.
      + There’d better be more new ones than Kalos added
      + I’d be disappointed if they cut any feature, including Amie
      + It’d be cool, and now actually fairly possible because there’s no more “deformed” overworld models vs. “realistic” combat models, there’s only one model for both, now.
      + That’d be good.
      + I doubt they can top BW1 but I’d love to be surprised.
      + Well I guess they won’t have megas for Gen 7 ones though.
      ? There are some Pokemon that need pre-evos like Sneasel, Scyther and Gligar to make them more in-line with Little Cup. I don’t agree with an attack/spA eviolite though.
      ? I’d want 6on6 singles at least.

      1. I wish the game would give us the option for difficulty at least. When I have to implement my own rules to make the game interesting on any run other than my first, I know it’s too easy. Give us a good medium and give us options (they did it once anyway, so why not now?).

        1. My guess is they didn’t wanna allot dev/balancing time/money to do a new challenge mode for the initial release of XY. Though I would’ve expected it if a “Z” came out, since it’s easier to rebalance it for a hard difficulty once fans have gotten their hands on the original and they can get feedback.

        2. Not just challenge mode b2ww did challenge mode amazing but they forgot one key feature to make it perfect.
          Challenge mode accessibility from the start! The whole challenge mode after you beat the game was sooooo pointless and lame

      2. A harder difficulty wouldn’t work, and sometimes people don’t like doing things like nuzlockes.

          1. True, though simply turning off Exp. Share would already increase the difficulty.

            This is the last natural way to increase difficulty, though. The rest are self-imposed like Nuzlocke rules.

            There are difficulty house rules that don’t go as far as being an outright Nuzlocke, though, it’s not like it’s “Nuzlocke or bust”.

            Slightly easier house rules may include one or more of the following: catching restrictions (basically Nuzlocke with no permadeath), level limit before gyms, starter only, no Megas, no final form evos, etc.

      3. -why cant the other gems come back? What exactly is stopping them? (is it because it wasnt in previous games because that can change)
        – i dont really think moonblast needs a nerf maybe if it became a tm that literally hundreds of pokemon can know like ice beam and etc. Then yes i can see it, but only 18 pokemon can learn it naturally
        – i do agree with this one, but challenge mode would always be nice
        Sorry if i come off as just trying to start an arguement, but i just didnt agree with the points/reasoning.

        1. – Non-normal gems were removed for balance and metagame health reasons. They already noted that Gen 5’s metagame particularly in VGC was dominated by Pokemon surprising what would normally be their counters with a gem-boosted hidden power. This also explains hidden power’s cap in BP to 60.
          – Moonblast is 95, “the rest” of the “beams” are 90. If that isn’t an imbalance, I don’t know what is. And Fairy-type attacks don’t even have the excuse of poor coverage like Psychic does.
          – As for difficulty, well I already covered it below.

          1. -Ok i never knew that i was just wondering
            – but like i said moonblast isnt even on the same level as the other beam moves. If a lot of pokemon could learn it a nerf would be fine.

    2. Honestly I just hope they stop centering their design around children whose attention span is shorter than X and Y’s post game. Seriously Gamefreak. The kids who get bored durimg a Pokemon game is not going to buy the next one no matter what you do. Honestly a lot of my problems with ORAS can be summed up to this

      1. But thats their main audience and target audience. Its like telling teachers to stop focusing on the kids and focus on their parents. Sure the parents are very important but if the kids are happy then thats all that matters. (idk if thats a good analogy lol i tried)

    3. Earthen’s list of demands
      Only new Pokemon until post game (and if i hear one word…)
      Unique type combos (Ground/Fighting and Grass/Fire)
      throw a rock at that “Rival” he looks too upbeat and thick headed
      PSS, Amie and Supertraining a absolute MUST
      An inclusion of a “underground” type of minigame
      Secret Bases
      And Blissey Bases
      And Move Tutors (with new attacks)
      Horde Battles
      And that’s pretty much it, I don’t need much

  26. Sure yeah, why not? This is a new type of game for Pokémon, I’d want to try it.

  27. My nuzlocke is going okay. I just beat Tate and Liza but lost a Banette and Pelipper in the process RIP

    1. I don’t think I could ever do that. Do you have to be super careful when training them?

      1. kinda. I just go back to the pokecenter often.
        I lost like three pokemon while training because of flinch and crits though so that sucked.

          1. Ah, I’m not overly familiar with the rules. But the emulator does seem like a good way to balance the extra time

          2. Yep. I’ll be moving on to Platinum next but I can’t use a DS emulator so grinding will be hell.
            I don’t expect to complete that one either way.

          3. I doubt I’ll even make it that far.
            I’ll probably lose to Fantina.

          4. Heyy i am doing a platinum nuzlocke right now, i always lose to fantina so i probably wont be getting far lol

    2. Lol. Tata and Liza wrecked me so many times….on normal gameplay, let alone a Nuzlocle

      1. I honestly don’t understand how so many people had issues with Liza and Tate, I beat them on my first try when I was a kid,
        But Emerald is a different story

        1. I only had trouble because I was stupid and didn’t anticipate Lunatone Solrock having such high Sp. Def.

          In Emerald I don’t think I would’ve got past the at all honestly Emerald Tate and Liza is one of the hardest gym leader(s) battle in the entire series.

    1. Hmmmm if memory serves me right
      Phanpy, Dugtrio or Nincada, Gastrodon West
      And honestly they’re not the most creative shinies

  28. So apparently they’re holding a special event in Nintendo NY, the first 500 people in line will be able to play Zelda Wii U for a E3 thingy
    Between June 9-14
    Honestly I want to go but even with the Pokemon day was absolute hell it took 6 hours to get in and honestly it wasn’t worth it (But I was in a group interview for Twitch)
    So unless I can squat days in advance to secure a spot which I can’t so I’ll miss it

        1. Put a Pokemon with Compound Eyes in the front of your party to increase held item encounter chance.

  29. The Beta invites have started to be sent out and there are some new screenshot released. Here’s a few.

  30. Hey can anyone tell me if roserade, luxray, floatzel, and volcarona are good competitively? Based on stats i think they are but I’m not completely sure

    1. Roserade only so far with crap defense
      Luxray shit, outclassed by Mega Manetric
      Floatzel even worse, don’t even bother
      Volcorona literally the only decent out of the list, Quiver Dance and your good watch out for Stealth Rock

      1. Probably shouldn’t compare a non-Mega to a Mega though. I think a more apt comparison is Electivire, which is better but still not decent, or Jolteon, which is way better and faster, but does Special Attack instead.

    2. Roserade is pretty good, especially because of how common fairies have become. I prefer an all offensive, speedy set with giga drain and sludge bomb at least. HP fire too.

      Volcarona is scary good but you really have to watch out for stealth rocks. Volcarona is one of those Pokemon that I would only recommend to skilled players. If you’re new you may have a hard time utilizing it.

      The other two are subpar, I don’t have much competitive knowledge about them. I’d choice band Floatzel and Scarf the Luxray.

    3. Roserade is pretty good, Nice Special Wall bad defense
      Luxray is not very good, very situational it also has low speed so I would say it’s bad
      Floatzel is pretty bad, it doesn’t do much and gets outclassed by azumarill
      Volaronca is very good, and if you get a quiver dance up it can sweep

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