Pokémon GO: Battle Mechanics and More Revealed!

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon GO has sent out a press release details new information how battle mechanics will work in the upcoming mobile game, just in time for the user test that’s starting in the United States today.

Below is a summary of the information provided in the release:

  • More than 100 Pokémon will be available for trainers to catch in the game (hopefully more will be added over time?)
  • PokéStops (found at public places of interest) can be used to purchase PokéBalls and other items
  • Trainers can join Gyms once the pledge their allegiance to one of three teams
  • Players can place Pokémon at a Gym. Pokémon can be made to dodge attacks by swiping left and right on the screen and attack using the attacks of their own Pokémon
  • A Gym’s prestige game be lowered by beating the defending Pokémon at the Gym. The defending team loses control of a Gym when the prestige level hits zero
  • Prestige can be increased by training their Pokémon. The higher the prestige the more Pokémon you can assign to a Gym
  • Trainer appearance can be customised
  • The Pokémon GO Plus device features an LED and vibration feature, simple actions can be performed by pressing the button on the device

It’s good to get some further clarification on what’s going to be in Pokémon GO when it finally releases, though there definitely seems to be more excitement for Sun & Moon. What do you guys think?

    1. That’s what happens when your video game is on a dedicated gaming system instead of a phone

  1. People are not understanding the purpose of this game. It’s Ingress with a Pokémon theme, not a worldwide real action Pokémon game. In that regard it is more complex than I expected. They don’t want to cannibalise traditional Pokémon games and instead opted for a different style.

    1. But thats exactly the problem with it. If they are trying to draw pokemon fans into ingress, then this is only going to drive them away after they try it and say “eh, pokemon x and y (oras, sun and moon, whatever) are better.” its just an attempt to get people who liked the first games (people who wont buy a new pokemon game) to play it.

      1. Couldn’t that be said about any spin off game? Pokemon shuffle, mystery dungeon, conquest, and no GO aren’t meant to be better than or replace the main games but compliment then. It’s more than possible for a human being to play more and than one game a year, even if there under the same branding.

  2. Pokemon is one of the most complex RPGs there is IMO. 720 different monsters that have infinite combinations of abilities, moves, stats and items. So yeah, let’s just throw that out for a shallow real time system. I haven’t lost hype for a game this quickly since I found out FE fates was two games

    1. FE Fates is great, if you didn’t buy it yet because of two versions, then you should definitely pick up a copy if you are a fan of the series.

      1. I honestly never played a Fire Emblem game and thought the dual path thing was cool. That’s what interested me. I may try the other 3ds one

        1. Either one is great for a beginner. If you do choose Fates, Birthright is better for beginners.

  3. Ugh just cancel it already. There seems to be no effort in making this appeal to fans. Seems they are trying to draw in people who stopped after the first 2 games.

  4. My reaction : ‘ehh’
    Like, I’ll get it to play with occasionally, but it’s not something I’ll invest a lot of time in. (Like Miitomo)

    1. Honestly same. I’m not a big fan of mobile games.
      Speaking of Miitomo, I barely play it anymore lol.

  5. Actually gym feature sounds good. Being a gym leader is something everyone fantasizes about once in their lifetime.

    1. I care, and I think it’s pretty rude of you to post something like this when you’re guilty of spamming all of PJ’s posts with off-topic comments. Save those for the chat room or forum. I come here for Pokémon news and I don’t care which games you’re playing or which gym leaders you think are the best or whether or not you like Fairy types. Please be more respectful of the website and its users as you have personally ruined more comment sections for me than anyone else on this site.

  6. At the very least we have more evidence that customization is here to stay.

  7. I think I want to go for shiny charm to make shiny hunting a bit easier. Would anyone be able to help me? GTS sure isn’t

  8. I hate to say it, but people who were expecting standard Pokémon fare were setting themselves up for disappointment. =(

    Btw, I don’t post too much, but I figured I’d mention this here, caus y’all seem super cool. If anyone’s interested, I’ve got this Pokéblog that rates/reviews every Pokemon: RateThatPokemon.wordpress.com
    The Sun & Moon hype is real so I’ve been starting up this ol’ blog again! =D

    1. Haha, I enjoyed reading some of those :). Can’t say I agree with you on some of the Gen 2 designs though, I’d rate many of them higher than you did, except for ugly Meganium :(.

      1. Haha, thanks for reading! =) I actually love most of Gen 2. I just feel like there are a decent ammount of evolutions in there that seem to go a bit awry. Also poor meganium isn’t ugly. 🙁 Just not as amazing as the perfection that is Bayleaf.

    2. I have to disagree. When you say you have a Pokemon AR mobile game. I’m expecting a Pokemon mobile AR game

      1. I mean yeah. I guess the fact that people are saying that it’s basically Ingress is disappointing. But still, were you expecting it to play exactly like a regular Pokemon game? I’m sure that would cannibalize a ton of sales, and it would cost a ton more to make I’m sure.

        1. No, I expected to have the actual battle system and basic mechanics. Then just drop that into AR where you catch Pokemon exclusive to your part of the world

    3. Cool! I think you should post this more often, maybe after every Gen? It’s fun!

        1. Oh great, then I’m preparing for a great review already! He’s my favorite Pokemon overall, I guess even with Empoleon 🙂

      1. You just gotta find your place
        I discovered I tank really well in payloads, and can provide cover from an onslaught of attacks while my team take em out

        1. Honestly, I’ve been getting so much better. Bastion is my one and only love. Unfortunately, it’s really tricky to properly utilize him in Attack. *_*

    1. Reaper is my favorite ……when I saw Reinhardt at first time I remember u actually.

        1. Did ur really like this type of women?……I didn’t play the game yet …still waiting beta.

    2. I’m really killing Overwatch a lot. I’ve been trying to get into playing as Mei. I like her, but I find if my team isn’t offensive enough my skills as a defender go to waste…..either way so much fun!

      1. My brother like Mei, his quote is “Mei is Bei”
        But he’s trying to learn Genji

        Me I’m mastering Reinhardt, Roadhog and Winston

      2. Mei has my favorite design. I think I’ll probably be using Tracer or Widowmaker a lot though. I’ll have to play it first to know for sure

    3. If I ever get my computer finished up I really wanna play it. It looks like TF2 but with more diverse characters

    4. If you have better things to talk about WHY are you posting on this article at all? Go to an Overwatch forum or go to the chat room. Why do you and all these other users spam PJ’s comment sections with unrelated crap? It ruines the site for me and makes me want to get my news elsewhere. After all, thoughtful discussion in the comments is half the fun of getting new info… But that can’t happen when you hog the entire comment section like you’re own personal messages my app. Please stop.

    1. *Cough* Diancie Clone, sorry I had something in my throat
      I was trying to say Diancie Clone

        1. Both Mineral/Fairy
          They share the near exact bottom heavy design
          Female design
          Stars of their own movie

      1. It’ll probably be an event for SM, or if we visit Kalos in SM like people are expecting, we might see it then. I just have a hard time accepting it as a Pokémon. I think of it as the new Victini.

  9. Just about one week until we get NEW INFO! I think the legendary names are an absolute guarantee…but I’m honestly not sure if we’ll get more than that. Perhaps we’ll get some basic stage Pokemon, like that bone-collared dog and a few others. I would like to believe that the legendaries will be all, but I don’t think they would have given us such a long notice if more wasn’t planned.

  10. Pokemon GO looks TRAGIC AF, it’s no suprise because Nintendo is always behind when it comes to technology. I might download this game just to check out but they won’t be getting ANY coins from me.

    1. Sidenote: I LOVEEEE how in the commerical Nintendo advertise is at this virtualy reality yugioh tease mess. BUT the actually game is some low graphic shaky MESS. Smh

  11. top 10 pokemon battles imo:

    they all did #that

    1. 1 Red
      2 Cynthia
      3 Blue
      4 N
      5 Giovanni
      6 Steven
      7 Rayquaza (personal experience)
      8 Ghetsis
      9 Iris
      10 Silver

    2. 1 Cynthia
      2 N
      3 Blue
      4 Rayquaza
      5 Dialga
      6 Cyrus
      7 Ghetsis
      8 Silver
      9 Tate and Liza
      10 Maxie

    3. My favourite battle was always Tate and Liza in Emerald.
      A double battle where they actually used strategy. Earthquake partnered with levitators, Sunny Day/Solar beam combo.

      I struggled with it, but still my favourite battle.

    4. I’m sorry but can we please keep off-topic comments like this in the chat room or forum? This is not the place and makes it difficult to find comments actually discussing the article at hand…

      1. I’m sorry, but who are you to decide this? There are moderators, and there are rules which say these types of comments are acceptable as long as they pertain to pokemon

        1. You know what, you’re right. I’m clearly getting my news from the wrong website. If the mods think this kind of off-topic commenting is acceptable then I’ll back off and go elsewhere. You know it’s bad when YouTube and Reddit comments are more on-topic than a dedicated news site. Sorry for treating this as an article rather than a giant chat room.

  12. 1: Blue: I’ve never beaten him before on a physical copy
    2: Cynthia
    3: Clay: Drilbur evolved after that fight
    4: Steven
    5: Misty: The absolute scourge of Charmander users
    6: Ghetsis: I beat him during a Science Class
    7: Giovanni
    8: N
    9: Blue #2-3
    10: Brock: Your fist Gym Battle

    1. I’m sorry, but I can’t find the part in the article where it asks you to list your fav battles? Care to enlighten me?

        1. One problem at a time. Two wrongs don’t make a right and the “but they’re doing it too!” excuse has never worked in real life so why would it work here? Besides, at least they’re not rude and keep their “nobody cares” opinions to themselves.

          1. Yeah, I would sooner read stuff like what Earthen wrights, than read a discussion about a game I care nothing about, and wouldn’t even be able to play anyway because of what its for. 🙁
            So Yeah, nobody else but you seems to have a problem with off topic discussions. Like who cares. LOL

          2. But… If you don’t care about the game why post on an article about it? Do you do that for other games/movies you don’t care about? Just barge into their comment section and jus start talking about something else entirely? Doesn’t that seem rude to you? I feel like someone put up a Trick Room because this entire thing makes no sense to me.

          3. Actually, I was looking for thoughtful comments and speculation regarding Pokémon GO but I guess that’s expecting too much from an article on a Pokémon website about Pokémon GO.

          4. No it doesn’t actually. What YOUR doing is FAR MORE rude and ignorant. I come on here to have fun and read the interesting comments whether there related to the damn topic at hand or not. Not to listen to a troll who is purposely trying to start fights with people who have been on this web sight far longer than themselves. 😛 You said you have your own web sight right? Then if you have such a problem with how this particular web sight is being run, then why not run on back to your own supposed perfect web sight? THAT would make a lot more sense to me, than sticking around here where your CLEARLY not happy with how things are done.

          5. As I’ve stated before, my website is not about Pokémon and it would be hypocritical to spam our forum with unrelated topics. And I never stated my website or community were perfect, but that they followed the same rules and etiquette as the rest of the web and – as such – it was confusing to me why PJ would allow such behavior. Also, not that it matters, but you have no idea how long I’ve been coming to this website. Just because someone does not comment does not mean they are not dedicated readers.

          6. Well good for you, do you want a cookie? 🙂
            So on top of your Mega Man web sight why don’t you make yourself a on topic Pokemon web sight as well.
            But yeah anyway, your complaining about everybody talking about things that are not Pokemon GO related, BUT nether are you. Your going even further off the supposed topic, by complaining about people who are off topic. So your kind of a hypocrite sir. And you have NO IDEA how long I’VE been coming to this web sight myself, as you said just because someone doesn’t comment, doesn’t mean they are not dedicated readers. I for the most part just come on here to see if there is any interesting articles on what I happen to be interested in, and if I so happen to decide to do so then, I scroll down and read the comments, but for the most part I completely ignore the comment section.

      1. It isn’t, people just like using Disqus to talk.

        Kinda unfortunate since there’s a forum over there…

        1. Yea i agree. But at least its pomemon related you can only say so much about the article. As long as it’s talking about pokemon and youve made an attempt before to talk about the article then its fine. But if someone is talking about some game that isnt even pokemon much less non nintendo,then thats where i have a problem.

        2. This guy is just singling me out all because I did it off Carbink’s post
          Just some douche laying into me honestly, otherwise he would’ve attacked the others

          1. Oh. Well my comment still stands, people should use the forums more (if it worked right now though).

            Also, you’re coming off as a bit of a jerk too, Yer act scares off newcomers. <3

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          6. Hi Defensive. Well speaking of that forum place, it kinda doesn’t work right now, can’t reply or send PMs, would it be possible for me to contact PJ or someone in the know to get it fixed? <3

          7. Thank you
            Honestly for once Earthen ain’t doing anything wrong

            Speaking of which Gar I have 2 questions for ya
            1: do you use Miitomo
            Dos: Have you ever checked out Overwatch?

          8. I did for like two weeks and then I quit. Mainly because I had to do a factory reset on my phone.

            Only what I see on twitter. My internet isn’t good enough for it, and I don’t have a console for it so I haven’t paid Overwatch much attention.

          9. You’re right, this obviously isn’t the place for organized conversation. Apologies.

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          13. No, I’m here because my website is about Mega Man and my users are mature enough to keep their conversations organized. I come to a website like PJ because they report on Polémon. I saw a post about Pokémon GO which is something I’m interested in and came to see what other people thought about it. How crazy of me to think the comments would be talking a about the topic at hand.

          14. I’m currently in an interview, but I both agree with what you’re saying and don’t. I will post a comment and update in the latest post.

            Thank you for visiting, though! 🙂

          15. Thanks for the response and apologize for trolling the comments. I’ve been an enthusiastic reader of PJ since Paul first launched it and I have loved seeing it grow through the years… it’s just unfortunate that the comment section is basically useless now.

          16. So what if the comments here are all over the place? Pokejungle is known for discussion, and for me the comments are the best bit, you can discuss anything and use the article as a springboard. Indeed it’s one of the reasons Pokejungle does so well. Don’t associate ‘maturity’ with commenting ‘properly’ on websites, we’re not libertines… The gentleman doth protest too much… Maybe you should join in the discussion, it’s a hoot. Besides, we’re discussing Pokemon not having afternoon tea with the queen, please forget whats ‘proper’, this system has – and does – work quite well.

          17. Ok so we can talk about any game now? Ok i wasnt sure. Thanks for clarifying

          18. Any game is kinda strong
            But still we are a community of active gamers and we often share the same taste in games
            I mean a shout out here and a mild discussion isn’t the end of the world

          19. Yes. I can’t remember if there was both an article and a tweet or just a tweet, but it’s because of Retry Level

    1. I guess i see it, but why is everyone so quick to call things clones. Just because thinvs have similar designs means theyre clones? Just sounds insulting to the design team. But thats just me

      1. Earthen is just being a bit too cynical about it. If I looked at it I would probably guess they might be related in some way and there’s a subplot or movie that will explain this all in the future. Perhaps there’s even a third member of this trio in Gen 8 (or even an unreleased mythical in Gen 7), who knows..!

    2. You could kind of tell that from the beginning to be honest. No need for the detailed analysis.

      I’m pretty sure these two are part of a trio, but it will be the first time we have a cross-gen trio

  13. https://youtu.be/YngbHOz–oc

    *sigh* come on guys. Why? This game already was a mess. Then you do this. I imagine someone said “Hey guys people are really critical of the game, maybe we shouldn’t release this cringed trailer. Or.. At least remove the narration?” Then everyone else swiftly kicked him out the door asking for a job at Capcom.

    1. This is why we should focus a good portion of indie hype towards our true saviors

        1. Dude they basically have all the lead programmers and Artists from Rare before Microsoft bought them so it’s going to be epic

      1. Hey, there are other successful crowdfunded games too, it’s not like they all crashed and burned like MN9… heh heh heh.

        1. But this one funded its goal in less then forty minutes and kept going far after the amount and raised over 2 million dollars and met EVERY stretch goal
          So clearly a good portion of people believe in this project

          1. Ah, but MN9 has raised $4M and met every stretch goal… and a good portion of people believed (past tense HEH HEH) on that project… 😉

      1. quick summary: Ash lost to Wulfric>loses faith in his own skills>goes on a pilgrimage into the snowy woods>saves wild pkmn>falls of a tree>gets saved by Greninja>masters Ash-Greninja form

        1. Thank you ! Though I do despise ash greninja concept, it’s a frog with hair. That’s not okay.

      2. Ash lost in his battle
        (I think Greninja ran away to the woods)
        Went to the woods to contemplate
        Serena tries to snap him out of it
        Ash snaps
        Blizzard sets in
        Meets Wild Pkm
        Bunkers down in snow
        Meets up with Greninja
        Saves a bunch of spewpa
        Ash-Greninja maximum

    1. I saw it this morning
      Interesting enough Wulfric is using a Bergmite in his next battle

      1. I’m usually just fantasizing about Wulfric in my bed whenever he appears on my screen. Is he using a Bergmite? I didn’t noticed in the preview lol

          1. Mostly BBWs I mean I’m sorta ok with thick muscled girls, but not like those beyond abominable body builder types

            But honesty there are strictly petite characters unless the person is meant to be that way, especially in anime

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