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I’ve wanted to try to expand the site and hopefully get a few new members to join our Jungle family… and that means trying something DIFFERENT. In the lead-up to Pokémon Sun and Moon (coming this November), we’re going to be doing VIDEO CONTENT for the site!

If that sounds like fun please subscribe and share! If that’s not your thing, then continue to enjoy our articles and community 🙂 Comments and feedback are more than welcome! Thanks everyone!

<3 PJ

  1. If you want more traffic on your site I think you should cover rumors about this generation and suppose leaks. That’s how I found this site during generation 5. And those articles usually have the most comments

        1. ?
          She said favorite pokemon not type? Plus why do I have to advertise something? I don’t need to prove to anyone I like something

          1. I’m saying if your favorite isn’t a Cascoon it might be an ice type

  2. I remember when someone said they’d make short pokemon-related comics a long time ago… That could be a nice way to show everyone any speculation/actual news in a fun way?

  3. I’d subscribe
    I wish we could find that “Pokejungle Trailer” that I think Skiddo did and included the core group
    Quite honestly I wish I could animate a cool anime representation of the site, kinda like an intro
    But something like that takes time money and skill

  4. I have been frequenting this website for about 6 years now, since the Black and White prerelease (i also was the one who provided the first english gameplay video!), and I really miss the 2ch rumors and speculation. That was my favorite part of the BW prerelease! I would love to see videos about discussing rumors and fake leaks and information!

    1. Suhweet, Im doing a Nuzlocke of platinum, you can try to join too I am about to fight the second the gym
      Who’s the top left member?
      whats are some ups and downs of that nuzlocke?

      1. Really late reply but I’m doing a nuzlocke of Firered before I begin Gen 4.

        Top left member is Cradily.

        Ups: Beginning, and everything from Wallace to the Elite Four. Especially catching a Hariyama.

        Downs: I legitimately thought I was going to lose the nuzlocke while grinding near Fortree. Lost my starter (Combusken), a Lombre, a Trapinch and an Absol.

        The twins in Mossdeep were a pain, lost a Bannete and a Pelipper. Other than that the only challenging fight was against Flannery cause her Torkoal OHKO’d my Sandlash and then it ran out of PP against Combusken.

  5. I love this idea. It seems to suit Pokejungle.net very well. Keep it going and I’m looking forward to the first video! 🙂

  6. I will definitely support ! 🙂

    On a side note for a discussion what’s your favourite anime battle so far ? Can be between anyone.

    Personally I still haven’t gotten over Ash vs Paul in the Sinnoh League. 40minutes of Raw Pokémon battling spread over 3 episodes. With so many added effects, abilities , strategies it had Everything !! So for me that is still me favourite !

      1. The Lily of the Valley Conference is by far the best league we’ve seen. The whole DP series was quite good. It actually made Ash competent while making him appear like he still had room to grow. Plus all the characters weren’t super annoying and the over all story was decently enjoyable. I actually have to agree with you the Ash vs Paul battle is probably my favorite. If they had the animation style of XY (i.e. showing the Pokemon doing their moves without the colored backgrounds) with that kind of suspense and build up it would be damn near perfect!

          1. That is a very well edited video! It definitely captures the intensity of the battle lol

    1. As much as I don’t like Sinnoh. It had one of the best anime battles. All the gym matches were very cool. I think my favorite match is probably Ash vs Paul it perfectly wraps up the whole Arc

      1. It definitely had some of the best battles we’ve seen in the anime. And yup, ash and Paul is by far the best rivalry we’ve seen in the anime.

    2. I prefer the original Ash v Paul 6v6 in Snowbelle over the league battle.

      I didn’t like the league battle, while it was one of the better battles in the anime.

      1. I think you’re thinking of Snowpoint, not Snowbelle. Snowpoint is in Sinnoh (Candice’s gym), Snowbelle is in Kalos (Wulfric). :p

        Regardless, I prefer the league battle. I thought it was a fitting conclusion to Ash and Paul’s rivalry.

        1. Yeh fair enough. Too many town names to remember. :p

          I just thought the first battle had more of a back and forth, with both players constantly switching to gain the advantage e.t.c

          The league battle was Paul using strategy, and Ash winning by sheer plot power.

  7. I am excited about this since I use Youtube everyday, especially for Pokemon cobtent. I’ve been here since B2W2 so in it sends appropriate to do videos now.

  8. https://m.imgur.com/a/JyZUq
    The entire Yooka-Laylee article chock full of information
    And I did a whole Info Analysis
    New worlds: Tribalstack Tropics, a Ice World apparently inspired by Disney’s Frozen (Level Designer just had a Daughter and watched it 16 times)
    Some sample moves: Tongue Grapple, Rolling, Double-Jump, Glide, Ground Pound, Sonar Blast (Can find invisible platforms), Splash Berries, Frost Berries, Flight (Late game ability)
    All abilities have a Power Meter cost and Butterflies restore power, encouraging you to ration your power for challenges and missions
    Collectibles range from: 200 Quills per level, Ghost Writers, Pagies, Arcade Tokens, Butterflies
    Every Collectible will have tangible benefits
    Once you collect Tokens and unlock Arcade Games one can play with up to 4 players hosted by the guardian of arcade machines Rextro Sixtyfourus
    Minecart races every level hosted by Kartos
    Transformations confirmed with one having the Chameleon and Bat merge into a walking flower that allows them to speak with other plantlife done so by the young Octopus Scientist Dr. Puzz
    Worlds can be expanded through the collection of Pagies, usually upping the difficulty of the challenges and increasing areas to explore
    Play Tonics are the game’s RPGesque mechanic where you purchase them from a….living vending machine Vendi and they can upgrade your powers such: as reducing reducing power for Yooka’s roll attack (Best for speed challenges as so not needing to pit stop for energy) and his Tongue grapple to collect objects such as Quills
    Lastly little tidbits about a few characters including: A Bandit, Lady Leap-a-lot from Hamlot, Captial B’s Dr. Quack and a solider of the Ladybird Army

    This article truly gives hope that this game will be truly magical and everything that these guys worked on will not be in vain,

    1. Ian plz. This has nothing to do with pokemon. Don’t make me call the new guy to yell at you again

      1. Don’t you start, besides what’s that chump gonna to do
        He has no authoritah and if the mods want me to stop they will tell me
        And besides its very interesting
        But nonetheless its up to the mods to see if this slides

    2. So hyyyype.

      Also this is probably going to be the last Wii U game I buy? Unless Color Splash winds up being less disappointing than it looks?

      1. Well it’s for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC
        I’m learning towards Xbone since the better graphics

          1. I would rather have them stay Chameleon and Bat rather then the Bear and Bird
            Yooka-Laylee is not a remake but a spiritual successor

  9. I just realized PJ said “If you wanna just kick up your feet and .. watch gameplay” ARE YOU GONNA DO A SUN AND MOON WALKTHROUGH?? I’d watch that!! o_o

    1. I totally would too, especially if it’s informative, such as with tidbits of info like notable Pokemon on a route or something.

    2. I would watch that; it would give us a taste on how you go through things and what you catch

    1. I got 83……..not bad, but I certainly could have done better. Some of them I had to leave because I couldn’t remember how to spell and would always leave a letter out or something…….

        1. Exeggutor xD

          But yeah, Gloom and Beedrill are unremarkable pokemon so I forgot them along with entire “easy” evolutionary lines like Machop’s…

          1. That’s what I mean.. Totally f*cked that up.

            yes, forgot machop aswell.. I did know gloom and beedrill lines only because well.. I see a lot of them in the games

    2. 94% on my first try, 98% on my second (without checking answers in between)… Managed to only forget cubone and marowak, for no particular reason.

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