Top 5 Features Pokémon Sun & Moon Need to Bring Back

Videos will probably been a once a week thing, most likely posted during weekends, and this is our first one! I want to get the discussion ball rolling with the top 5 features I hope make it into Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Right now I’m trying to decide whether I want to spoil the video by posting a text summary, but let’s try no summary and see how it works out first. Of course I want to hear what features you want to see come back in the comments below!

As I said earlier, this is a new venture for us and we appreciate any shares, likes, etc that you’re willing to give to our cause!

<3 PJ

  1. 1. World tournament
    2. Wonder trade
    3. It’s probably here to stay, but repels asking if you want to use another
    4. Actual I’m game events
    5. Idk, maybe pokemon following? Not super important to me, but still cool

    1. Agreed to all of these. I loved World Tournament especially and MY GAWD DO I MISS IN-GAME EVENTS. Why the hell did they stop doing these? It’s so sad we don’t get them anymore.

  2. 5. Legendary Pokemon Quests (Rather than giving them to you)
    4. Pokemon following (it’s probably never going to happen, but I can hope)
    3. Battle frontier
    2. Gym leader rebattling
    1. Difficulty options

    1. The idea of taking on a quest to capture legendary Pokémon sounds really good! I love that. I think Pokémon could definitely excel with a bit of a questing system.

  3. 5. Yes yes yes i think we all can agree this needs to happen
    4. I would love game corner back maybe if they made it less gambling-like but it’d be cool
    3. I never really tried this…
    2. I never really noticed/liked this because it was so rigged! How does my scyther lose to someone who caught weedle
    1. Yessss again most people will agree. Especially with these graphics.
    GF just loves taking out good things to keep us guessing
    My list: honorable mentions: gym rematches/some side thing to do with your pokemon (IE: contests)/ 3 XY bottom screens return/ 6v6 wifi finder/ Indepth characters
    5. Having pokemon follow you (explained)
    4. Lots of New pokemon. Since xy brought so little i would like a lot of new pokemon. Maybe like with earthen said at least 6 fullyevolved/single staged pokemon for each type
    3. Habitat List. Its the easily the best way to find out if you caught them all (thats available)
    2. Harder game/Beginning Challenge mode accessiblity. Im pretty sure we all would love this to return and we are kinda sick of easy pokemon games and making us do things to make them hard. Challenge mode would be amazing return. B2w2 did something right with challenge mode. But the way to get it was just stupid. So early accessibility sould be awesome. So kids can have an option if they want it easy and we can have the option to bave it hard.
    1. Battle frontier + Expansive post game-I’ve been wanting this since oras. And since oras didnt deliver i want to see this in sun and moon. Battle Frontier is easily my favorite feature it adds so many unique ways to battle so seeing the frontier (specifically Hoenn’s) return would be a blessing. Also i promised myself when i was a kid i would get the gold symbols. Now with competitive pokemon much easier obtain then gen 3 (where as in gen 3 you just level up to 50 and call it competitive for frontier) i think this would be perfect. Not only do i want frontier i want expansive post game. I know a lot people dont like Frontier (idk why???) so an expansive post game would be amazing too. Expansive post game+Frontier would make everyone happy post game wise. Make like what platinum did with their post game have a whole different island with frontier and things to explore. Lets have that but x10 bigger!!!
    Also keep these videos coming you are good at them and explaining them!

  4. Pokémon following doesn’t really work as well now that we have the games in 3D, since a lot of Pokémon would just look weird and/or too big to follow you when they’re not sprites. The only way I can really see it happening is if they limit it to a few specific ones, like the starters and maybe a handful of others, but I really doubt they’ll ever do it like HGSS again and let you have /any/ Pokémon following. (That said I did love the feature, and I hope they do bring it back even if there are limitations)

    Also, re what you said about not having to pick one of the three starters: The games have never forced you to use your starter, you’re free to just put it in the PC as soon as you can, if you want an alternate starter just trade one over from another game.

    1. Maybe as a way to limit following pokemon, do another amity square type thing?

    2. If only specific pokemon followed you, like in the park in DPPlt, I would be fine with that, or even just sizes Bastiodon and down.

  5. Customization: definately. This was awesome
    Post game content: this is what everyone has a problem with. If they added a battle frontier (which is something EVERYONE misses) i could die happy.
    Gambling: hit or miss. I dont care either way
    Pokestar studios: 110% nope. This was horrible. It was nothing more than trial and error interractive cutscenes. The fact that it was forced upon you in B2W2 was the nail in the coffin, and the reason i cannot play that game again.
    Pokemon followers: make it optional or leave it out. I hate this and cant see why people want it so much.

      1. It’s unnecessary and a little annoying.

        Plus I always ride my bike around anyway

  6. Customization would make the most sense to come back now because we have full character models instead of chibis.
    Having pokemon follow you with these full models would be hard to pull off because in HG and SS they were basically just levitating behind you with their legs moving periodically. If they were full models, they would have to spend time animating that as well.

  7. Customization is a must. Everyone loved it in X and Y, and it needs to continue. I was hoping for your pokemon following you, but then I realized that now with the graphics being so much better and in 3d that could look funny… you capture that giant lion sun legend and it’s following you around and is smaller than you? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem likely. Unless it was your starter that followed you around but if you deposit it in the pokebank it stops following you. I always keep my starter with me, but I know not everyone does.

  8. My top 5:
    1) Soaring! This would be so awesome between the Alola islands!
    2) Challenge Mode (but not have it locked up..)
    3) Dexnav (so, so helpful…)
    4) Customization
    5) Secret bases

    So I love having pokemon follow you, but at this point in the franchise I do not think it is feasible any more. I would love for GF to surprise me though. Also, having an expansive post game should be something we EXPECT from GF at this point. XY’s was absolute shit, hence why I severely dislike Kalos.

    1. I love the soaring. It’s all I use to get around between towns now and it saves you from having an HM slave. Would be even more perfect if you could bring up a mini-map when soaring around.

  9. Earthen’s Five
    5: PSS, Amie, Supertraining
    4: Customization
    3: High Level EXP Pokemon
    2: 6 Fully evolved Pokemon of each types
    1: Absolutely no pre-Gen Pokemon until post New game means new Pokemon, so use them and only them

    Now I request an audience with some mods in regards of yesterday’s fiasco,

      1. I know not just to EV train on the fly but never has keeping track of it been a breeze

        1. Right?? I feel like it has to come back. They already did the bulk of the work in Gen 6, all they have to do is render the new pokemon and put them in.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have the place where I can feasibly watch a video with sound/ headphones (between work and such) and I would rather be able to look through an article instead. Good idea, and I wish you the best with these videos, but I’ll be sticking to the articles you post instead.

  11. I think they should just introduce a game arcade where you can purchase tokens with the ingame currency and play mini games by yourself or over wifi with other players. This way we can get a game corner without gambling but that’s still fun.

  12. Finally able to watch the video. GREAT JOB! (Although, text recaps would be nice as well. 🙂 I know I said that earlier so no more bugging from me.)

    My top 5 (although not all are “features”)
    5. Soaring: Someone else said it and I agree. I love soaring in AS and I think that Alola’s region looks absolutely beautiful.
    4. Simple designs for new pokemon: I was never a huge fan of the gen 5 starters (they grew on me) but they just seemed so unnecessarily complicated design-wise when compared to the kanto starters or honestly any of the starters for other gens. (I promise I’m not a genwunner.)
    3. Buffs to certain types. If I’m not mistaken, gen 5 did wonders for the bug type by introducing strong bug types such as Scolipede and Volcarona. I would love to see this given to ice (I mean if you look at the amount of pokemon for each type, we don’t need any more water, and ice is severely lacking). In addition, continuing to add certain pokemon that go against the “stereotype” for each type would be nice. I’ll take a bulky electric type that isnt meant for a hit and run battle style.
    2. Gym and E4 rematches. The E4 in X and Y are so lame post game.
    1. BETTER POST GAME. Its what we all want. Did you all expect anything less for a #1 slot. 🙂

  13. My top 5 wishes for Sun and Moon are:
    1. An actual storyline. Like one that not only matters but that also makes me beg for more. A storyline that actually goes REEEAAAAAAL deep and makes you think.
    2. More than 100 pokemon. Must. X&Y were so barren on the new pokemon department.
    3. Trainer customization seems to be everyones thing and I’m not against it. I would just like to see options that not only fit the theme of Alola but that offer much more. I feel like if they did it based on Alola’s Hawaiian feel, it would all be really laid back. Also, Kukui is already shirtless so just let the characters we play as be in “bathing suits” too (shirtless dudes and girls in two-pieces; it’s only fair.)
    4. POST. GAME. PERIOD. X&Y had nothing and ORAS had an Emerald remake as the postgame. I want something amazing and original.
    5. Amourshipping…… Eh. X&Y friendzoned us. I feel like with what’s going on in the anime between Ash and Serena could be carried on into Alola. (Sidenote: i think we might see Ash’s first legit girlfriend at the end of the series……….)

    Sorry for writing an essay.

    1. I agree with you. Not for number 5 but everything else is solid. Lets hope for some of these things in Sun/Moon

  14. 5. Difficulty options
    4. Dexnav
    3. Different methods of finding shiny Pokemon (inc. Dexnav)
    2. Pokemon following you
    1. Soaring in the sky

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