Limited Mew Download Returns Next Month

This is a PSA post for those that missed the February Mew distribution (done via GameStop stores in the US); there will be ANOTHER chance to grab it coming soon. The important thing is that you need to be registered with a Trainer Club account at Pokémon’s official website AND be opted in to receive the monthly newsletter by May 31st!

If you had trouble getting a code for the Legendary Birds, you might want to double check your settings so you don’t miss this. Great opportunities don’t often come twice like this.

For those who did get a Mew, sorry. This new code will not be redeemable on games which already received it.

<3 PJ

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    1. So that you don’t overwhelm the Pokemon ecosystem with your army of Mew. :p

      More likely though, so that Mew maintains its value as a rare Pokemon.

  1. I got one Mew from GameStop, but I can still use this code on one of my other games. 😀

  2. I still have like 9 event Pokemon just waiting to be picked up from the PC

          1. Yeah, but that Mew in the graphic has a pentagon. So I’m talking about Gen 6 capture or event only. <3

  3. Since the Volcanion movie is opening in a month, let’s look back at the history of the Pokemon films and watch the gradual decline! Sadly, ever since the Diancie movie, none of the Pokemon films have topped the ¥3 billion (¥5 billion is considered blockbuster and the last Pokemon film to achieve that mark was The Rise of Darkrai) marker which is quite a showcase of how much the films have suffered. Pokemon is to date, the only annually released franchise film that has not been on an increasing trend with One Piece, Naruto, Detective Conan, Doraemon, and even Crayon-Shin all breaking decades old franchise record. Hopefully this down-trend begins to dissipate and Pokemon can resuscitate itself after Yokai’s popularity has begun to die down.


    1. ¥7.54 billion ($77.8 million) / 6.54 million :: Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 1998)

    2. ¥6.36 billion ($64.8 million) / 5.60 million :: Pokemon: Revelation Lugia (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 1999)

    3. ¥5.02 billion ($47.2 million) / 4.78 million :: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: The Rise of Darkrai (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2007)

    4. ¥4.85 billion ($45.7 million) / 4.50 million :: Pokemon: Lord of the Unown Tower – Entei (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2000)

    5. ¥4.80 billion ($53.3 million) / 4.66 million :: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Giratina and the Sky Warrior – Shaymin (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2008)

    6. ¥4.67 billion ($51.6 million) / 4.40 million :: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Arceus – To a Conquering Spacetime (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2009)

    7. ¥4.50 billion ($38.4 million) / 4.28 million :: Pokemon Advanced: Jirachi – Wishing Star of Seven Nights (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2003)

    8. ¥4.38 billion ($39.1 million) / 4.16 million :: Pokemon Advanced: Deoxys – Sky-Splitting Visitor (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2004)

    9. ¥4.33 billion ($56.1 million) / 4.13 million :: Pokemon Best Wishes: Victini and the Black Hero – Zekrom/Victini and the White Hero – Reshiram (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2011)

    10. ¥4.30 billion ($38.9 million) / 4.10 million :: Pokemon Advanced: Mew and the Wave Hero – Lucario (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2005)

    11. ¥4.16 billion ($50.3 million) / 3.97 million :: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Master of Illusions – Zoroark (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2010)

    12. ¥3.90 billion ($32.5 million) / 3.63 million :: Pokemon: Celebi – A Timeless Encounter (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2001)

    13. ¥3.61 billion ($46.0 million) / 3.44 million :: Pokemon Best Wishes: Kyurem Vs. The Sacred Swordsman – Keldeo (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2012)

    14. ¥3.40 billion ($28.2 million) / 3.23 million :: Pokemon Advanced: Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea (Kunihiko Yuyamai, July 2006)

    15. ¥3.17 billion ($33.0 million) / 3.01 million :: Pokemon Best Wishes: ExtremeSpeed Genesect – Mewtwo Awakens (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2013)

    16. ¥2.91 billion ($28.2 million) / 2.70 million :: Pokemon XY: The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie

    17. ¥2.67 billion ($21.8 million) / 2.55 million :: Pokemon: Guardians of Altomare – Latias and Latios (Kunihiko Yuyama, July 2002)

    18. ¥2.61 billion ($21.3 million) / 2.40 million :: Pokemon XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

    Franchise Total: ¥77.18 billion ($774.2 million) / 71.88 million admissions

    1. Well lately pokemon movies have been super lame. So I don’t have any hopes at all

  4. Whose seen the latest Pokefan scans? I’m even more psyched about the kalos league now <3

  5. Episode 927: Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival!
    Episode 928: The Kalos League Begins! Mega Charizard Showdown: X VS Y!!
    Episode 929: Mega Sceptile VS Raichu! I Received Some EXP!!

    1. Absolutely hyped for this man! The Charizard Y is probably Trevor’s. I’m curious to know who owns the Raichu though.

        1. A supporting character. Hes also in the XY games, always hangs around with that chubby guy who loves to dance

          1. Ah ok. I’m surprised Tierno’s competing, I thought he was aiming to build a dance team lol

      1. Ehhhh I think only if you got scans
        Otherwise our system is fine

        Not to be “That Guy” but Serebii always is on top of the anime

      2. Naw, probs too spammy if anime titles have their own article. Maaaaybe if 3-5 titles at a time, and it’s bundled with speculation talk like predicting battle results and (sportscenter-style heh) trainer and pokemon comparisons to go with it.

  6. I just had a thought
    Unless Ash recaptures Goodra he’ll be 1 Pokemon short
    Because I don’t think we got a 6v6 Pokemon League battle in BW

    1. Goodra should come back and join him for the league, akin to Gliscor back in Sinnoh.

      Also I’m hoping he rotates with his Pokemon back at Oaks

    1. Except for Mega Charizard Y, who has not appeared as any particular trainer’s.

      Mega Absol-Astrid (Beginning of Diancie movie)
      Mega Garchomp-Guy in mega evolution special 1, Alain battles him about halfway through
      Mega Sceptile-Shota
      Mega Charizard X-Alain

        1. He is, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has a mega sceptile.

      1. I honestly think Alain has this match hands down
        Unless Trev’s Charizard can muster up a decent Dragon Pulse otherwise Charizard X’s Bulk and Stab Tough Claws Dragon Claw and Thunder Punch easily trumps whatever Y can throw

        Also Alain has way more experience

        1. I don’t doubt that Earthen. Plus Dragon resists grass, so Solar Beam wouldn’t do anything, and MCY’s drought would power up MCX’s fire moves as well. I expect Trevor to put up some fight, but it’ll be a somewhat easy sweep for Alain.

    2. I feel like this league will amazing battles. Too bad xy adventure is coming to aclose though we only have about 6 months of it left

      1. Dude you know they’ll either go on hiatus and poop out a Decolora island Arc because everyone knows that they will squeeze more stuff for a while until the Iris arc and the inclusion of a Alola Pokemon

        1. Iris should have been in the last season normally the female comes in the second season. Hopefully ash does something that isnt just filler the whole time.

          1. This is a perfect time for this to happen
            I have such a hunch that Iris is going to be paired with Drasna as a form of Dragon Training and sin X Flare is evoking the powers of Zygarde she’s bound to investigate


        1. I need to see
          – if it can still use its wings (or if they have them)
          – a super Megahorn
          – Pin Missile
          – and lastly it’s Herculean strength vaulting a opponent

          1. This
            Or his Glalie with mega evo. Basically his Glalie could have been an immense powerhouse, but the writers sort of neglected it at the end, like his Noivern.

          2. To some offense all it does is spit ice, attempt to bite and just fling itself at the opponent

          3. And Headbutt a Metang into submission.

            Now I’ve seen some crazy stuff in the anime, but a Headbutt vs Meteor Mash collision resulting in a Glalie win….

          4. Like I said, Glalie could have been a massive powerhouse, it having a mega evo proofs this. It just needs more love, like Noivern and Torterra.

    4. I don’t like this frog thing killing all the Megas! Mega> Fusion any day of the week for me. I’m hoping this is a one in a million year thing like AZs Floette

    5. still not really a fan of the whole mega evolution thing. most of the mega evolution designs are lazy and just horrendous to look at. nevermind the fact that most mega evolutions rob pokemon of ever having a permanent evolution. Mawhile.. sableye… heracross… all shouldve had awesome evolutions. i still feel cheated. i personally wish mega evolution was only possible for pokemon whove already reached their full evolutionary potential. that to me makes so much more sense. but whatever -.-

  7. So I’m in a Fakemon slump
    I cannot find a catchy Luck Dragon name I tried, Fugon or Lukodake but honestly there just isn’t too many lucky words that pair with dragon other then Furyu
    But I did come up with a better name for my Mythical Metal Superhero Pokemon
    Herore and Feroic pure Steel and their ability is Justified
    Paying homage to a Superhero theme they naturally learn
    Strength, Bulk Up, Psychic, Frost Breath, Recover, Quick Attack, Bullet Punch, Aura Sphere, Agility and so much more
    But with such a wide array of powers (Thanks to the mysterious alloy that makes up their bodies) we need to give it a very subpar HP to compensate
    But what would such an amazing Pokemon be without a signature move in the form of attack not even Pokemon has touched officially the Optic Blast! Otherwise known as Eye Lasers, but the type is so enigmatic to choose just one

    1. I’m just imagining this as an Amiibo
      I would like Pokemon to have amiibos for actual Pokemon games (as opposed to the cards that they might opt for, as in AC) but it would sell out very very quickly

  8. Amazon is selling the Collectors edition Pokemon Sun and Moon Book for a steal of 23.99
    In other news I heard a rumor that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be gracing E3 in some way
    And also the Sun and Moon site will be updating June 2 to accommodate the new info

    So let’s prey that we get some hidden Pokemon at least

  9. Was buying a ukulele (a cheapo one because 1.5yo) for my son and had a thought; what if the champion has a Chatot and has a mega ukulele and plays it to mega-evolve Chatot?

    1. I always hope that if mega evolution continues in the next games that there will me a ‘Mega Store’ or something where you are allowed to make a one time purchase of any type of mega evolution gadget (Which there would be a variety of, like bracket, ring, glasses?, Charm, etc) and it would come with a Mega stone (the same mega stone no matter which gadget you pick.)

  10. The new episode titles for Pokemon XY and Z:
    – Episode 927: Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival!
    – Episode 928: The Kalos League Begins! Mega Charizard Showdown: X VS Y!!
    – Episode 929: Mega Sceptile VS Raichu! I Received Some EXP!!

    Alain is entering the Pokemon League after explicitly saying that he chose a different path than that of normal trainers during his last battle with Ash… Ash still doesn’t have a 6th Pokemon and the Pokemon magazine is hyping it up quite a bit so it must be something quite special. Tierno doesn’t seem to have a Mega Blastoise (sad face) but oddly enough, Trevor has a Mega Charizard Y! This is quite intrigueing: Team Flare are finished making their Ultimate Weapon and are returning to Lumiose City where the Pokemon League is being held, Alain mysteriously enters the Pokemon League with just one Pokemon, and Ash’s 6th Pokemon is supposed to be very special… I’m thinking Team Flare will attack the Pokemon League before it finishes and then they’ll finish the League afterwards.

  11. I just finished Gravity Rush Remastered (minus challenges) in three sittings. Crazy fun game, and I screamed many times throughout. Amazing music, gameplay and art style. I recommend it to anyone with a PS4!

    1. I loved Gravity rush on my Vita!! It really is a great game and I can’t wait to play the second!

  12. i really hope they make changes to the female protagonist (the male is bland but not bad). Serena had a good design so why this girl design is lame

    1. I think they are purposefully bland and customization will be vastly expanded upon with a lot of clothing options from the start. But mainly I just hope that

      1.Males can wear female clothing and vise versa. If animal crossing can do it, so can Pokemon

      2. They let you buy clothes that look like the previous trainers. I love Serena’s dress and Gold’s hat

      1. I was watching this thing and an idea was costumes that resembles Gym Leader clothing

      2. I also hope there are more male options. I’ve always chose the female protagonist knowing there would be more customization for her.

      3. i understand the factor of customization but atleast Serena design was a good one. Xavier was alright. Those two are just ugh. Hopefully you are right

  13. So in my pursuit of building a NU I hit a snag
    So if anyone has a Sap Sipper Miltank they ain’t using I would pay moderately

    1. I’ll see what I can do. After all, it’s only Petal Blizzard/Razor Leafing hordes of Miltanks on Kalos Route 12 until one survives then you catch it. Any favored kind of Pokeball you want it in?

      What I really want is HA (Thick Fat) Mamoswine female in a dusk ball, but if you don’t have it, I don’t mind anything else.

      1. Well I’ve been hunting down hordes for 2 days now and only found 6 Miltank hordes
        So a HA rate of 5% in a horde and only one Miltank per horde and the initial chance of finding a Tauros horde (jeebus I said horde like 6 times -_-) is 5% It would take very long with gratuitous amounts of luck

        But if you did manage to look a round and find one a Heal Ball would be nice
        I haves excessive IV’d Pokemon like a HA Swirlix or some Inkay, but you could have the Shiny Flaafy I found yesterday

        1. I did gligars before, so this shouldn’t be a huge deal except for the randomness… I tried it hours ago, then I slept. But I’ll keep trying, just post when you have succeeded, so I can catch my own in a dusk ball instead… <3

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