3 Days Until New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info

Here at PokéJungle we aren’t above doing useless countdowns and speculations if there isn’t anything better to cover… and right now there really isn’t. The new information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Moon are exactly 3 days away and what will be revealed is a MYSTERY.

Today’s topic of speculation is Solgaleo & Lunaala’s typing and names. Although we do know what they are to be called in Japanese, we still don’t know what their English names will end up being. Personally, I think Solgaleo may keep its name while Lunaala will most likely be changed.

More interesting than their names is probably their types; will Solgaleo be our FIRST FIRE/FIGHTING LEGENDARY?! We can only pray to Arceus that GameFreak has stopped their obsession with that combo and instead gone for the crowd-pleasing Fire/Electric instead. The mysterious “third eye” seen on Solgaleo may even mean it is part Psychic. Lunaala is an enigma, but seems to be a combination of Psychic/Dark/Fairy and Flying… we just don’t know.

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts below!

<3 PJ

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  1. I just hope they reveal a Pokemon or two. I don’t think types really count as big news that it warrants GameFreak to announce a date. Last time they did that we got a big news bomb so I’m expecting something pretty cool

  2. Earthen cannot wait for new Pokemon!
    My greatest desires is solely New Pokemon, New Attacks and New Abilities
    Honestly that’s just all I care for, not mind boggling new mechanics (Granted Mega Evolution is my favorite) but new Pokemon this could be the worst region for all I care but as long as we got new Pokemon I’ll be fine

    Also if we don’t get a Ground/Fighting Piggy (I mean Hawaii are known for boars) and the Grass/Fire Tiki is the perfect excuse for such opposite types to be paired I will smite somebody

    And Malco I got your big fat pig waiting for ya, inna da dusk ball

  3. A thought has echoed in my semi empty skull
    What of a villainous team,
    Team Rocket wanted to buy and sell Pokemon then force evolution
    Magma and Aqua wanted to screw the ecosystem to benefit different life
    Galactic wanted to make a new universe
    Plasma wanted to “Liberate” Pokemon and Trainer then simply take over
    Flare wanted to make a new and beautiful world aka the Ultimate Weapon

    Now what will be of team…Nova, Quasar, Celestial, Comet or Blackhole
    I think the direction should be an extremely religious Cult Worshipping the Sun and Moon Legendaries at all costs; maybe even some brainwashing or gigantic prophecies involving some snot nosed ten year old
    But point is they are cultist extremists who won’t take any other actions without a fight

  4. I’ve since lost the video… Can’t seem to find it, but someone on YouTube commented with an interesting battle style idea. That’s the best I can do to cite this source unfortunately, but the idea really intrigued me.

    He suggested 5 players (which was later amended by another user to be 6) battling at once in a free for all battle. Each Pokemon whether it’s one or all 6 on a team or anywhere in between could battle any other Pokemon. Eventually this would get down to one Pokemon or one team left and they would be the winner. Now while

    I’m not sure how all the specifics would work out, this battle style really excites me… Whether it’s completely similar or not, this kind of idea where the rigid turn based system is out the window is a breath of fresh air.

    Whether or not a new battle style is revealed Thursday, we’ve had plenty of new styles throughout the decades.

      1. It has to be like 3-4 players
        Like 3 Pokemon per team
        And elimination once a player is out of Pokemon
        Then the perspective shifts to 3 free for all and until 1v1

  5. I just thought of a feature that no one seems to talk about that needs to return. The run toggle from HGSS. So much better than having to hold down B for the entire game

  6. If feel like, at most, we’re likely get the official reveals of the mascot legendaries names and possibly their typings. Maybe a little basic information, but that’s about it. I’ll be glad if they give something more than that, like reveal one or two new Pokémon to us.

  7. Man those days went by fast (especially if your crying over nuzlocke deaths). Anyway i would hope they reveal some new pokemon and maybe a new feature. Another trailer more indepth look at region and starters. Look at a gym leader/characters. I think Solgaleo type is definitely fire seconday maybe electric or psychic. For lunaala i will guess Dark/Ghost/Ice/Flying/Fairy. I highly doubt it will be both dark flying because yveltal was just that.

      1. Meh i dont think it will be psychic type idk. Just doesnt come off as psychic to me. But it definitely could be

  8. I don’t know what to expect from the impending news other than the reveal of some new Pokemon, new footage, and legendary typing. I honestly cannot wait for Wednesday to come around. I hope GameFreak surprises us with something interesting.

    1. I like the idea for Fire/electric, but ghost/ice for lunaala seems much more likely to me

      1. i can see it being ice because night = cold = ice. and ghost because of the skeleton. but a fairy/dark typing will be so cool

        1. Yeah but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Some other pokemon will have it

          1. i feel that they gonna exploit the fairy typing for the next 3 generations to try to bring to equal the number of fairy pokemon atleast to the ghost ones

          2. I’d rather not. The fairy type should be a novelty, just like the dragon type. Just like legendaries should be novelties and there shouldn’t be hundreds of them

          3. They will not exploit Fairies. As long as it remains a popular thing, they will obviously use it more often. But it will become less popular eventually, and I expect a new typing with gen 8 actually.

  9. According to https://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/mko/ “The 4,200 meter high summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii houses the world’s largest observatory for optical, infrared, and submillimeter astronomy.” I think we might be going someplace like that for an evil team hideout or something.

      1. It is dormant now, but according to wikipedia it is the largest mountain in the world from base to summit, and the largest in hawaii

        1. Hmmm and some seismic activity could make things a bit more >:) interesting

          1. Or my legion of heavyweight ground types
            But nonetheless I want some new volcano dwelling Pokemon
            (And I smell a Heatran in the post)

          2. Well, we’re gonna be getting an actual active volcano (probably) so there would be Camerupt, Macargo and maybe even Heatran.

          3. The entire region should ring around a volcano with the volcano being in the middle. But this is kinda stupid

          4. Fairy tikis! It works because they’re mythical! (just kidding. I’m making fun of people who think everything will be a fairy)

        2. And the base is completely submerged. That could be turned into something interesting.

      2. There most likely will be an active volcano somewhere on the same island though. I live on the island you guys are talking about (The Big Island), and along with Maunakea we have 3 active volcanoes… Kilauea, Manaloa, and the third… I don’t know it’s name but I’m pretty sure it’s underwater somewhere near the Island lol

    1. The observatory could have something to do with the legendaries considering that they’re Sun and Moon.

      1. I agree. Also, after looking closely at solgaleos surroundings, the shrubs around it look like the variety you can find on Maunakea!

  10. With all of our Grass/Fire Tiki talk we should come up with a concept
    Ignitiki and Pydol (crappy names) but I want to see a Special sweeper with decent defense

    1. I am pretty sure there will be Grass/Fire in this gen ….I am not sure about Tiki though ..cuz many Hawaiian flowers r live in volcanic soil.

      1. Yeah but we have too many Flower Based Pokemon
        So a Crarved Wooden Idol with a fire that is its soul is a better idea

  11. For those that saw episode 28: Did any of you noticed that when Greninja went back in its base form, the sound it made was the same sound as when a Pokémon exits its mega evolution? Do we need any more proof guy? Ash-Greninja=mega <3

  12. My guess for information: 2-3 new pokes (The dogISH poke, the region bird woodpecker and a surprise), 2 new Megas and a gym leader.

    Overall looking forward to news, it is exciting that we are getting news this way. Quite exciting.

          1. We’ll see
            Come to think of it does Unova have a official Regional Bug

  13. My guess:

    1) 2-3 New Pokemon (nothing special, just random regional Pokemon)
    2) Some region information
    3) Some character information

    Bonus – Legendary names and typing confirmation

  14. I’m hoping for useful beginning area Pokemon. We’ve never really had a beginner Rodent that’s been useful as a battler except for maybe Raticate ingame.

        1. Huge Power makes it have a base 112 Attack plus Choice Band bumps it’s attack to deathly levels
          Quick Attack
          Wild Charge
          Iron Head
          Even Facade

      1. Yeah but that’s still only 2/6. I think pokemon you catch early on should evolve into some great ones because we all know they’re gonna be levelled up quite a bit at first…plus we spend a lot of time with some of them. I’m thinking in the ball park of gen 3. Ralts, shroomish, etc. are quite good when fully evolved.

          1. Spearow is decent too, but Fletchling is definitely #1 for best regional bird.

          2. I don’t think Spearow was a regional bird, though. It was the Pidgey line.

            Spearow is probably akin to… some extra birds we encounter later, like Wingull, Rufflet and Vullaby.

  15. Hoping for an info dump.

    Legendary names and typing, new mega’s and more 7th gen pokemon. Regional bird, rodent etc. Maybe the first gym leader and villainous team.

    I’m only expecting legendary info though, really.

  16. I hope they focus on new Pokémon instead of new Megas. In fact, I hope it’s like Gen 4 and old pokemon get new permanent evos.

    1. I love new evos for old Pokemon. There are plenty of old Pokemon I’d like to try using, but every generation I always favor the brand new ones instead as I’d rather use the new native Pokemon.

      1. I would really love evos for like Chatot and Lumineon, but I’d also like to see megas for so many Pokemon…

        1. Yeah Lumineon is like….one of the most forgotten Pokemon on the planet

    2. I want this so much more! Mega Evolution is such a cool concept, but I HATE that they make megas for Pokemon that could just evolve WHICH IS LITERALLY TOO MANY TO LIST. I miss all my old Pokemon evolutions. I mean, a lot of my favorite Pokemon come from the end half of the 4th gen dex. *heart eyes*

      1. I definitely agree with you guys here!
        I too liked all the evos they added in gen 4 and wish they’d do something like that again!

        how about a branched evo for a male gothorita?
        Or a male combee?
        I HATE HATE HATE the fact that they allow some pokemon to be permanently useless. There was a “Beedrone” rumor on this website back when the x/y leaks happened. So sad it was fake!

    Today is the birthday of the man of a thousand voices
    A beloved icon in cartoon history
    Who’s voice acting is surely to inspire all in the voice acting industry
    I’m talking about the legendary Mel Blanc!!!!!
    For those who don’t know he voiced Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and hundreds more

  18. In the forums we’ve been talking about the rumored “Cosmic” type. Is it possible that Pokemon from space will finally get their own type?

    Possible Victims: Elgyem, Beheeyem, Clefairy, Clefable (as if turning Fairy wasn’t enough), Deoxys, Solrock, Lunatone, Solgaleo, Lunaala.

    1. 2 things Pal
      And 2: I have your Thick Fat Dusk Ball Piloswine for you

      1. Well thanks! Though, I’m sorry I don’t have the Miltank yet. Having better luck? I’ve run into about 10 tauros hordes and 4 miltank hordes so far, and all of them fell in one Petal Blizzard each. <3

        Also, Cosmic Typ-

          1. If there is a “type which shall remain unnamed,” I think that other Pokemon besides those you listed could get this type added such as Deoxys, Jirachi, even staryu and starmie (according to bulbapedia), etc. I honestly think it is quite possible.

          2. With aforementioned type that we dare not speakith, it is just a glorified psychic type or a even stupider Fairy Type

    2. Meh we just got a new type and its so makes the types number such an even number. Divisible by 2 3 and 6. Its just nice. 19 doesnt seem nice.

        1. Thank you. Also, maybe one day we will have 20 types. That would be perfect in my opinion

  19. After the news on June 2nd, I feel like the next big news would be at the time of E3 like how it was for XY. E3 is in June, right?

      1. Sadly, you think wrong. It’s from the 14th to the 16th. You weren’t far off, but we’ll likely get Corocoro leaks a day or two earlier (maybe 3 if we’re really lucky)

        1. I think Corocoro is stopping leaks
          Pleasepleaseplease don’t let this be true

          1. A lot of people in Bulbagarden seem to think Corocoro will become irrelevant as a news source and will just do recaps like pokenchi.

            I hope this isn’t true, since any advertising channel that Pokemon doesn’t take could be taken up by *shudders* Yokai Watch.

            As for the leaks, the last issue did actually leak, it’s just that the leaker didn’t want to post the Pokemon stuff because it was a repeat of the site update from earlier in that week. I don’t think this’ll be the case in June though.

    1. I honestly don’t care about 98% of what’s listed here……hahaha

    2. This is very smart and likely to be true. This will be plenty for me in replacement for E3, since we’ll be treated to a Zelda blowout. I just want last year’s event to be erased from my mind forever.

  20. The toughest thing with gamefreak and news announcement is their patterning. On the one hand, they have a habit of trying to through curveball our directions. On the on other hand, their are patterns that exist. Sometimes gamefreak goes with the obvious option; sometimes they pull something crazy and break all their patterns. (Sometimes sticking with the pattern is the curveball.)

    Anyway, my point being, everyone seems to be convinced that Solgaleo will be a Fire type. This is the obvious option because the Sun is associated with Fire. However, I think the coolest thing would be if they didn’t make him Fire. I look at Solgaleo, and I do not see Fire at all–especially since they literally just did that forgettable fire lion in gen 6. I see Electric (which actually makes more sense with the Sun physically), and I see Psychic. I think both Solgaleo and Lunaala will be part psychic type. For Lunaala, I think Fairy is the given. They wouldn’t push so hard for Fairy typing to be associated with the moon in gen 6th and then NOT make the moon legendary part Fairy. In Summary:

    Solgaleo: Electric/Psychic
    Lunaala: Fairy/Psychic

        1. Steel and Dark were created to balance out the then overpowered Psychic and Normal types, Fairies were created to balance out the dominance of Dragons.

          The game is pretty much in balance now (although Earthen thinks otherwise xd) so there is no reason whatsoever to bring in another typing.

          1. I don’t think its balanced. I think fairy is quite a powerful type, and needs maybe another weakness and a resist. Also Ice, Grass and Poison need a buff.

          2. I don’t think it’s balanced. Fairy is quite a powerful type (start with nerfing Moonblast to 90 BP). Water and Ground are still dominant types as well.

            Also Game Freak were wrong to invent two types to combat Psychic. The reason Psychic was OP was due to a bug in ghost type along with the combined special attack and defence. Come Gen 3 onward, and Psychic is underpowered as all could get.

            Fairy is also an overreaction the power of dragons. The reason why dragons are good is because they are usually the legends or pseudo-legends, plus they have good moves. Instead of making more dragon psuedos, they should make more uniquely typed pseudo-legendaries like Tyranitar.

    1. A good week for me. Blood and Wine expansion (Witcher 3) came out today and in 2 days new Sun and Moon info 😀

  21. Sun’s typing seems a tad more…straightforward for lack of a better word. Assuming they don’t add a new typing, it could be Fire, Electric, possibly Dragon & Fairy at a stretch (but I doubt it)

    Moon on the other hand, well there are at least 6 types I could list for it
    Psychic, Fairy, Ice, Dark, Flying & Ghost (maybe even through in Poison, who knows)
    Personally I’d like to see Ice/Fairy or maybe even Dark/Fairy (the reason as to Fairy is obviously a lot of moon Pokemon & moves were changed in Gen VI)
    I just hope that it isn’t part Flying, that would be a waste of potential.

    1. Fire/Electric would be a new type combination, so I would like to see that. Lunaala is a tricky one, it could be a Dark/Fairy, Dark/Ghost, Dark/Psychic, Psychic/Flying, Ghost/Flying, Ghost/Fairy to name a few.

      Personally, I hope its either Dark/Fairy or Ghost/Fairy

        1. I don’t count Rotom, its base typing is Electric/Ghost so I’m sticking to that lol.

  22. I am so hyped about the new games and upcoming announcement, that I even tuned into the anime and rewatched all the big XY battles. Really hope for some good stuff. 51 hours to go.

  23. Ok guys, I finally got my hands on Pokemon Platinum 😀

    Even though Chimchar is my favourite Sinnoh starter, I’m probably gonna go with Turtwig for my 1st playthrough. Any suggestions on what kind of team I should be aiming for?

    1. It’s up to you. Personally I use Pokemon that are from that Gen, and Gen IV has some great in game usage Pokemon.
      Staraptor, Luxray, Drifblim, Floatzel, Garchomomp, Lucario, either of the fossils, Honchcrow, Abomasnow + any of the evolution of older Pokemon

      1. I definitely want a Honchcrow, never had one before. Where can I find Dusk Stones in Platinum?

        1. Staraptor is a beast. Hawlucha and Staraptor are my favorite flying types

    2. Well letsa see….
      Turtwig is basically only good for Razor Leaf and Bite so you will need some muscle

        1. I’m talking about long run, sure you can plan for things like Honchkrow or Garchomp but getting those early is the issue
          So I says, Turtwig, Starly, Shinx, Buizel, maybe even a Bronzor

  24. I can swear Sun’s legendary will be typed Light/Fire and, Moon’s, Light/Dark.

  25. I want to vote Litten but the poll isn’t working… nothing happens when I click the “vote” button OR click “view results”. On ANY browser. And two computers. Had this problem forever with last poll… never fixed it, nor spoke up.

    Actually, while writing this, it’s now just showing me the results. It seems like it might have counted my vote despite the glitches. Tell me… is Litten in bold text because I voted for it, or just because it’s winning?

  26. OH YEAH! WONDER TRADE IS AWESOME AND SO GULLIBLE! I got a meowstic, a torchic and a larvesta in exchange for a zigzagoon, a voltorb and a zubat!

    1. How can they be gullible when they don’t see what they’re getting before they are forced to “agree”. <3

  27. Nyarghhhh the rest of the day and a solid day left until sweet glorious info
    I really hope the official names are Solgaleo and Lunalaa, I’ve grown quite accustomed to them but luckily most Legendary Pokemon keep their Japanese names
    Also one thing strictly Solgaleo Male and Lunaala Female (and not fairy)

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