3 Days Until New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info

Here at PokéJungle we aren’t above doing useless countdowns and speculations if there isn’t anything better to cover… and right now there really isn’t. The new information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Moon are exactly 3 days away and what will be revealed is a MYSTERY.

Today’s topic of speculation is Solgaleo & Lunaala’s typing and names. Although we do know what they are to be called in Japanese, we still don’t know what their English names will end up being. Personally, I think Solgaleo may keep its name while Lunaala will most likely be changed.

More interesting than their names is probably their types; will Solgaleo be our FIRST FIRE/FIGHTING LEGENDARY?! We can only pray to Arceus that GameFreak has stopped their obsession with that combo and instead gone for the crowd-pleasing Fire/Electric instead. The mysterious “third eye” seen on Solgaleo may even mean it is part Psychic. Lunaala is an enigma, but seems to be a combination of Psychic/Dark/Fairy and Flying… we just don’t know.

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts below!

<3 PJ

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