2 Days Until New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info

Our countdown continues! We grow closer and closer to June 2nd when new information about GameFreak’s latest addition to the Pokémon franchise is revealed. Today’s topic is that of Pokémon Sun & Moon’s starter types.

What will we see in their final evolutions? Well, if the images discovered on the Japanese site are accurate we may have Grass/GroundFire and Water/Fighting. This is still very much in the realm of speculation, especially with the mysterious placement of the Ground-type image following Grass and Flying, but Rowlet showing no signs of Ground affiliation at this evolutionary stage. Anyone out there really pulling for a Fire/Ground final evolution for Litten?

Who am I leaving out…? Oh yes, Popplio. That Water/Fighting combo will truly make it a horrifying sea lion/killer clown mix that may just be the most awesome thing we’ve seen from a starting Pokémon. That’s being really optimistic though; it just looks doofy right now (please don’t kill me Popplio stans).

<3 PJ