2 Days Until New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info

Our countdown continues! We grow closer and closer to June 2nd when new information about GameFreak’s latest addition to the Pokémon franchise is revealed. Today’s topic is that of Pokémon Sun & Moon’s starter types.

What will we see in their final evolutions? Well, if the images discovered on the Japanese site are accurate we may have Grass/GroundFire and Water/Fighting. This is still very much in the realm of speculation, especially with the mysterious placement of the Ground-type image following Grass and Flying, but Rowlet showing no signs of Ground affiliation at this evolutionary stage. Anyone out there really pulling for a Fire/Ground final evolution for Litten?

Who am I leaving out…? Oh yes, Popplio. That Water/Fighting combo will truly make it a horrifying sea lion/killer clown mix that may just be the most awesome thing we’ve seen from a starting Pokémon. That’s being really optimistic though; it just looks doofy right now (please don’t kill me Popplio stans).

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  1. If they go with the circus gimmick then Im gonna be pissed. I dont want a circus-themed owl. Gen 6’s starter theme was alright but circus??

    1. I agree completely. If they do that though, I hope that it is subtle and they don’t overdo it.

    2. I’ve always thought that the theme could be live performances. With Popplio representing circuses, and Rowlet representing musicals.

  2. Honestly, if you look at a color scheme for each type, there tends to be a pattern. Not every Pokemon fits it, but look at water- lots of blue in their designs. Electric- yellow. Fairy- pink. Ice- light blue. Ghost- deep purple/black. Poison- purple. Ground- tans and browns. Look at sandshrew, diglett, hippowdon, etc. and rowlet really doesn’t fit the bright green pattern most grass starters have (looking at you chespin). The evidence, atleast design wise points to ground type being very likely down the road.

  3. Fingers crossed for fire/poison litten. Id be happy with not pure fire litten though

      1. I second that. If it was pure fire, I would honestly have to think twice about using him. At this late in the game, I don’t think game freak should ONLY do final starter evolutions with a second typing.

  4. Honestly i am 100% ok with any type for the starters. As long as rowlett can learn fly and litten doesnt become bipedal i am fully content with those two, though plain normal for litten will just make it a typhlosion. Cool design but just very basic moves and moveset. Popplio can do whatever it wants i dont like it and if it becomes fighting more of a reason to give it the cold shoulder.
    P.S my forum article was featured so check that out 🙂 and check out the forms its actually pretty organized and neat
    P.P.S.S Manaphy event is now live so go get your tail glow manaphys to sweep!! Or just trophy manaphy

    1. T_T I like Popplio
      Look I keep telling y’all that Popplio being a fighting type could be similar to Meinshao’s graceful and and performer aspects

      Using powerful Tail and Flipper muscles to catapult itself into the air and deliver powerful slaps
      And incorporating it’s bubbles to allow it to create a battling spectacle that blindsides the opponent

      1. If it’s fighting type I want it to be a special attacker, or mixed at the least with a good move pool for both offenses. There aren’t enough special fighting moves and it would help popplio stand out

        1. Well Aura Sphere and Vaccum Wave could be powerful
          Otherwise it’s just not a special type
          Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Vaccum Wave and Final Gambit
          Same goes for Psychic for physical
          Zen Headbutt, Psycho Cut and Heart Stamp

      2. Honestly it doesnt matter fighting type in starters is fighting type still. And any fighting type in starters is an automatic turn-off and disgust.

        1. Sorry, popplio is just kinda meh and tepig was just kinda…not cute. I like pignite though. Emboar is alright.

      1. Try Litten. It doesn’t even look like a starter. It looks a mid game fire mon. It’s the only starter that I think needs a cool evolution for me to like it.

      2. Tepig was my favourite starter in gen 5, i thought it was so cute, wasn’t found of its evolutions though. Eventually I came around to snivy too though. Give Popplio time, it may surprise us. (Still won’t pick it though)

  5. Nyarghhhh the rest of the day and a solid day left until sweet glorious info
    I really hope the official names are Solgaleo and Lunalaa, I’ve grown quite accustomed to them but luckily most Legendary Pokemon keep their Japanese names
    Also one thing strictly Solgaleo Male and Lunaala Female (and not fairy)

    Also make sure they let Popplio learn Aqua Jet and Acrobatics

  6. Just a couple more days… And it’ll definitely be a long couple of days.

    1. Also keep your browser glued to the official site
      They said they would update the site accordingly

    2. The news will drop at 10pm JST on Thursday, whatever that is in your Timezone is when you should expect it.

  7. What about the Pokemon Global Link artworks of Female Unfezant, Female Frillish, Female Jellicent, Female Pyroar, Xerneas Neutral Mode, Volcanion, and Zygarde Complete Forme?

  8. I predict the woodpecker, dog, Ash greninja details, and official art for the playable characters. Maybbe something on Zygarde to.

  9. Well it was inevitable but Skylanders is making yet another game….
    Something about building your own characters and using them….
    Similar with Pokemon I cannot resist colorful video game characters that have powers and abilities corresponding with Elements
    Expect E3 to overblow this out of the water

  10. They will reveal:

    Generic Dog Pokémon
    Generic Bird Pokémon
    Generic Worm Pokémon
    Legends name and typing
    Look at the professor
    Who’s that mysterious guy?
    Route 1 screenshots.

    1. I really hope they don’t make another generic butterfly/moth. I hope they do something similar to unova and give us something different.

          1. Granted it would have the defensive capabilities of wet rice paper so no,

          2. A scorpion of some sort would be cool. Drapion and Gliscor don’t count. Bug/Ground works great for a scorpion

  11. Do you know what really Gear Grinds my Klink?
    People all over the globe are constantly begging on the PSS for Shiny Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon, and the GTS isn’t even better, I came there to look for a Scatterbug and they expect me to trade a Meloetta for one are they this greedy or just plain stupid, probably both

    1. Fair trades go out fast and you know it. <3

      If you want a scatterbug, put up your own Pokemon for one.

      And by the way, the sap sipping cow still eludes me. T_T

      1. Fair, you call nearly 80% of GTS asking for Legendaries for common Pokemon fair?

          1. It definitely is ridiculous. I just wanted a lotad to complete my Dex in Omega Ruby and every single person wanted one of the bird trios

    1. I assume that the Ash Greninja mechanic will be largely dropped after Ash goes onto Alola. I can’t see Ash keeping Greninja with him for very much longer unless they pull a Charizard and let him bring Greninja for the first couple of gyms only to be sent back at Oak’s place for the larger part of the series.

      1. No, I’m sure Greninja will save a pond or lake from some mean pokemon and then Ash will release him to live and protect them as their leader. And then we’ll never see him again

          1. The real questions to ask about the anime are: Will we ever see Primape again? And will Ash ever evolve some of his old Pokemon? (Poor Totodile,Bayleef)

      2. Who knows maybe they’ll pull a squad of Greninja Heroes and Ash will leave Greninja under their care

  12. Rowlet being a Grass/Ground type is actually very likely imo. They have officially stated that Rowlet can release powerful kicks and burrowing owls do have very.. pronounced legs

    1. All that matters is ONE starter is going to be part Ground in some way
      And that means I can at least have one to begin with for my Alola Ground Mono

  13. well guys tomorrow’s the big day the ultimate inside info on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon I wonder what Pokemon Sun and Moon are going to give us hopefully the new Evolution of our starters or some cool mega evolutions for Generations 2,4 and 5!

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