Manaphy Download Now Available (+ Mew Code!)

The Mysterious Legendary Pokémon Manaphy is now available to download in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS. This event runs from today until June 24th and is available in North America, Europe and Australia.

What do you think about this little blue blob!? Technically I’m excited to add it to my collection (having never gotten it previously), but I can’t say I’m overly fond of its design.

UPDATE: The Mew code has been revealed, it is MEW2016

<3 PJ

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  1. I’ll take four of these and have each of them call me mama or daddy, no preference 🙂

  2. Very exciting! I unfortunately missed all of the previous events, so I’ll happily take the lil guy! Looking forward to transferring it to Sun too! 😀

  3. For those who might’ve forgotten it: you can breed Manaphy with Ditto to get a Phione egg 🙂

  4. I decided since i have all four games digitally, i will open a small exchange with anyone who wants a previous internet based distribution pokemon offered for the 2016 20th anniversary set. I also have some extra events from prior years, too! This will exclude code ones, like darkrai, and 3-4 for each event (i’m keeping the fourth for my own collection.) I will try to be reasonable and only offer legit certified events i got myself at each time or place. I promise to request only equal or lower trades unless offered by the requester something better, i will also let them know before i trade if it’s too much.

    Here’s what i have:
    x1 SMR2012 Keldeo (Not part of the 20th, but still up for grabs, 2012)
    x4 Mac Hoopa (McDonald’s Pokemon: Hoopa & Clash of ages promotion, 2015)
    x3 GF Mew (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016)
    x3 GF Celebi (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016)
    x3 GF Jirachi (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016)
    x3 GF Manaphy (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016) Live now!
    x3 XYZ Shiny Xerneas (Pokemon XYZ Anime Shiny Edition, 2016)
    x3 XYZ Shiny Yveltal (Pokemon XYZ Anime Shiny Edition, 2016)

    Here’s what i want:
    *Shiny Pokemon
    *Trade Evos ( w/ Item in needed)
    *Pokemon Carrying Mega Stones (that can use them)
    *Legendary (Mascots) or Trio (Certain Ones) Pokemon
    *Certain HA (Hidden Ability) Pokemon
    *Or if you’re feeling generous, you can always trade another Mythical/Event pokemon so others can enjoy further use of this.

    Here’s what is Required:
    *Friend codes exchanged (For the trade only, feel free to remove if you aren’t gonna do more later, no battles, please!)
    *A time to do the trade (If you aren’t sure, comment, we can work something out~)
    *Your offered Pokemon (If necessary, i will likely tell you before we eve exchange FCs or you can offer first.)
    *Any Added items requested (i can add certain items if you really need or want them, but don’t get crazy. No items that cost BPs, Mega Stones unless we specifically agree on it, or Master Balls, please!)

    (Note that this is merely a proposal for a trade concept, if it’s not permitted, i do apologize and will remove it or allow it to be removed, I hope you guys find a use for this~)

    1. Hey i would like a hoopa since it is the only one im missing so can you tell me if you want anything specific for it? I have many pokemon to offer but i cant trade right now because its 5 am where i am and i was going to sleep lol but i will come back later in the day if you are willing to trade

      1. Sure, If you got shines to offer, that’s first choice for me, But make me some offers and we can talk~

        1. I have many shinies almost a full box but the ones i can remember are flygon samurott gyarados golurk geodude relicanth skrelp wailmer medicham haxorus and garchomp, the rest i will check later and tell you because i cant remember

          1. I was looking for a Shiny Golurk for years!
            When you get back, i think we might have a winner~

          2. Hmmmmm honestly either a shiny Golurk or Flygon and Haxorus catch my fancy
            Buuuuut I am trying to not be one of those shiny obsessed fanatics

      1. That would be great, actually~
        I’m about to head out right now, but we can exchange friendcodes when i get back, which should be probably no more than 1-2 hours.

    2. I mean I would like a hoopa but I can’t see what I have until I get home from school. I do have some shinies though. I know for a fact I have a shiny gardevoir.

      1. I’ll take the gardevoir, funny you mention her, i actually got a shiny gallade i caught myself from a male ralts, so this is pretty cool to complete the set.

          1. I passed out before dinner time and woke up at two in the morning, but i am up now, sorry about that.

          2. Hi Deerlia I sent you a friend code and I was wondering if I can have a mew and in return I will give you a shiny volbeat

          3. I Will accept your offer when you get back, here’s my friend code: 3093-7151-7868

          4. I’m not going to be home ultil around 13-14 hours from now because I have a concert tonight. However my friend code is 4184-4157-1233

    3. I am also willing to give a shiny yveltal, and a darkrai for any type of Arceus Please!!!!

          1. If anyone has a shiny arceus I will give them 2 shinies 2 legendaries and larvesta and a darkrai and manaphy

          2. I am available later today, i am playing pokemon white 2 right now for the third time and dream radar for the second, so i’ll send you a message in a little bit when i am back.

          3. Okay but I was wondering if you could do it at about 8pm or 9pm cause Im free at those hrs but plz message me before because I want to know what time to go on

          4. Done and done, now tell me what you want, and offer what you have in mind, but if i decline to trade, it’s becuase we might need to discuss that particular trade first. just remember that, ok?

          5. what would you like for that Jirachi cause I want to give it to my friends birthday so what would you like he really wants a Jirichi

  5. Disgusting, an over influx of annoying bulky mythicals that can abuse Tail Glow

  6. To keep me busy while I wait for Sun & Moon, I might do somin fun like I did when I was waiting for ORAS.
    I’m gonna breed shiny versions of my favourite Pokemon from each of the Gens. Gonna do:
    This’ll be fun I’m sure

  7. Is there any news on when Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal event coming to Europe?

    1. Yeah I missed Shiny Xerneus, (I really wanted that one too. 🙁 ) but I did manage to get three Shiny Yvetal’s though.

  8. O.K Well that’s a little bit more than unfair. 🙁

    I have a membership with both Nintendo Club, and Pokemon, so I should have gotten the stupid newsletter that supposedly has the code for Mew in it, but yet I have received nothing. And when I tried to punch in the code that was just posted here, all my games tell me that “I can not receive the Pokemon for this code.”

    Oh well I guess the Mew that I caught on my Yellow Version will just have to do. 🙂

    1. I got a spare mew, just one though, would you care for it? I would like to ask if you got any shinies though, as i am hunting them.

  9. my ds is currently broken and i leave for bootcamp soon so i will not be able to get mew o well they will prob have it on the trading center

  10. I am willing to trade a shiny togepi for a jirachi please!! I Am not such good poke player.

    thank you for ur time 🙂

          1. Hey Deerlia John Whu is my friend and he really wants a Jirachi but he isn’t avalible so could you plz wait till tomorrow for him he really wants that Jirachi I will tell him thx

          2. oooohhhh well he wants to trade you another shiny becuae I want to keep my volbeat

          3. Hello Deerlia my name is John my friend code is 1736-3151-4391 Thank u
            i am online right now

          1. i can’t find u so tommorrow i will be online at around 12, give me ur friend code then we can trade

        1. i am in an event cutscene in pokemon white 2 in DS mode, so give me a little time, oki?

  11. I Have a shiny xerneus actually I have 3 shinys and one regular and I am willing to trade my shiny xerneus for a shiny raquaza or zapados or Articuno

  12. Hi Deerlia I sent you my friend code which was Matthew. My originally name was Matt on the chat but now its Matt matt so I’m wondering if I can get a Keldeo because I really like that pokemon or if anyone else has a Keldeo I will take it and I am willing to give a shiny volbeat or shiny yveltal and darkrai

    Thank you for your offer!:)

  13. Hello everyone, since I have most of all the legendaries I am planning to trade with anyone who has shinies or arceus you just tell me what pkmn you want and I will tell you if I have it or not

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