24 Hours(!) Until New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info

PokéJungle Hype Horn

We are less than a day away from getting new information about the most anticipated games of 2016; how am I going to be able to concentrate at work tomorrow?! SOUND THE HYPE HORN! Today’s topic of discussion is: will the new trailer show off some early Pokémon?

New Pokémon

In the reveal of Pokémon Sun and Moon we saw a wireframe of what appears to be the “bird” of the region which will most likely be available to trainers early in the game. We also saw a mysterious dog-like Pokémon in CoroCoro’s “exclusive” trailer.

Are there any particular types of Pokémon you’d like to see? Perhaps a bug Pokémon? I know that’s what I’m pulling for.

<3 PJ

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FEATURED DISCUSSION: Pokémon Sun & Moon Discussion

        1. Tough luck buster, you wouldn’t have anything to lay your roots in without the ground

  1. I swear to the darkest deity that as ever graced humanity’s fearful mortal psyche that if this reveal is just Solgaleo and Lunalaa names and nothing more I will personally invoke the fury of a thousand salty Suns!

  2. Hopefully this reveal will be quite bulky, something to keep us going for a good month (one can dream right?)
    It’s exciting just to wait and think what new things we’ll get, hopefully more official artwork!

  3. What I would like:
    -Character art
    -3-5 new pokemon with typings (new bird/rodent/bug)
    -First gym leader
    -Legendary names & typings
    -Some nice screenshots
    -Would be nice to know how many new pokemon to expect overall, but won’t count on it
    -An unexpected surprise

  4. -Name of the evil team
    -Electric/Dark typing
    -New Megas
    -Starter 2nd evos
    -More info on Alola

    If we get either one of these things, I would be very happy

  5. I would be very happy if videos was the new method of grtting main source of info. Anyway i think it will show early pokemon. More places in alola and some characters. Honestly im ok with anything. You know what would be cool Poison Fire type Nuclear pokemon with it’s move nuclear erosion that has poison fire type (and can hit steel types for super effective damage)

  6. I would like to see new type combinations.
    And then some combinations that haven’t been used that much

      1. That would be interesting. I’m honestly surprised that some combinations haven’t been used yet. I also forgot to add Bug/Dragon(Why you no this type Flygon?)

        1. Flygon should have been Bug/Dragon yeah. It doesn’t even remotely resemble something that would live underground (and yes, I know some bugs/insects do live underground)

          1. Yeah Gamefreak is weird with type combos sometimes. Why isn’t Vivillon bug/Fairy, Electivire fighting/Electric, Golduck Water/Psychic, or Ninetales Fire/Psychic

          2. At least with bug/flying you get that 100% accuracy STAB hurricane with compound eyes

          3. Antlion Nymph
            A sand dwelling insect that builds put traps
            And in some cultures Dragonflies are called Sand Dragons
            Sand = Ground, Dragon = Dragon

    1. A Bug/Dark-type could definitely be a cockroach Pokémon. Hawaii has 19 different species of roaches with the Periplaneta americana being the largest. (*cringe*) Here are some pics of the Thief Bug monster from Ragnarok Online for visuals to a possible Pokémon. We all hate these creatures in this reality, but in the fantasy world of Pokémon, we just might love ’em hate ’em less.

      1. I’m surprised we don’t have a cockroach Pokemon yet. I made a fakemon Cockroach based on a hazmat suit that was rivals with my nuclear Ant

          1. Love Surskit, so another Water/Bug I would like to see. I think Bug types need more love anyway, and a buff too.

      1. Yessss! We could’ve had two Pokemon with that type already: Flygon and Yanmega but noooooo!

          1. Mega Flygon was supposed to appear in ORAS, but they scratched it due to production time. Maybe it’ll be in Sun/Moon, with Bug/Dragon its Mega typing.

          2. No idea, but Mega Flygon was confirmed by someone from Game Freak, they had to let go of the idea, because there were several designs, and they couldn’t agree on either of them.

          3. Not going to happen EVER
            DESERT AS IN SAND
            SAND AS IN GROUND


          4. lol, looks like I hit a nerve there. Flygon=the pride of Ground types huh? xD

          5. I have been saying this for years
            -Megas NEVER lose primary type so Flygon would remain a Ground/Dragon indefinitely
            -Despite being inspired by a Antlion, Trapinch plays more in the aspect of tunneling and put traps then a Insectoid
            -Flygon’s whole theme is this sandstorm whipping dragon that has a mystical singing sound as it flaps its wings so not a Bug in any way

    2. Don’t laugh, but for the longest time I thought Luxray was electric/dark. Like, I literally just found out he’s pure electric.

  7. There’s 6 months to go until release, and 7 islands left, what if they do an island a month, show a few pokemon and features, and have a special island left secret?

    1. Did I miss something and we know that there are going to be exactly seven more islands? Or is this an assumption.

  8. So we will more than likely get another Pokemon based on an inanimate object this gen (they’re getting pretty frequent) and while it may not be revealed tomorrow, it could be soon (honesge was pretty early if I remember correctly). What inspirations do you hope game freak draws from? I personally would love to see a ghost/ flying type fan or parasol, and maybe another food related ‘mon. What do you think?

          1. Bronze + mirror = Bronzor.
            Although, I’m sure it could work as a levitating shield to protect its trainer.

        1. Yes, bronzor is based on a bronze mirror..and then it turns into a bell. I think an actual mirror from the modern era would be cool. I hate bronzor.

          1. >:O
            How could you hate it? I love Bronzor and Bronzong! I doubt Game Freak will design another mirror-like Pokémon. Bronzor was great for that because it wasn’t just some regular modern-day mirror, it was an ancient bronze mirror.

          2. I think it’s ugly as hell. They were also really annoying to fight back in sinnoh. Good thing they nerfed steel type. I like Bronzong better though. An ice mirror pokemon would be nice, I think.

  9. A few gym leaders would be cool. I hope they look more diverse this time (and no ice gym, enough is enough).

  10. The first female villian based on Demi Moore with a 530 base stat poison/fairy pokemon as her main.

  11. My favorite fakemon is banana bird. It combines one of my favorite fruits and bird!

    1. But another Grass/Flying, and we already have a few of those xd, including Rowlet.

        1. Could be, but bananas grow from plants, so Grass/Flying would make more sense.

          1. Lol cuz game freak always makes so much sense with all their typing a. Lol 🙂

          2. There’s a convo going on in this comment section about Flygon not being bug/dragon despite being a dragonfly. That’s one example. There’s plenty more. Not complaining, cuz there’s nothing I can do about it, but yeah…

          3. Granted it could be normal, just because IT LOOKS LIKE ONE DOESNT AUTOMATIC MEAN ITS ONE

            Hell it could just have bright yellow feathers and just be in the shape of one

    2. That’s actually Really cute and we’ll done.. one of the Only fakemon I like..

      1. oh…I think I post this in the wrong place ….I still did the same mistake over and over and I can’t learn.

  12. I’d like the standard bug pokemon to be above average this time for a change. You know what I mean? Like actually useful and combative. It’s’ kinda lame how we catch them just to kill time until smt better shows up, right?

        1. I loved that about the unova games. The standard beginner bugs were quite good. Scolipede with speed boost is great and Leavanny was a much improved Parasect. Then they had to go and bring back the generic Butterfly in Kalos. Don’t get me wrong, Vivillon was cool but why the standard Bug/flying mess?

          1. Because GF sometimes makes no sense. Like the Flabebe family, should have been Grass/Fairy, yet its a pure Fairy, despite it learning several Grass moves and they literally are flowers.

      1. Yeah, but for instance, I’ve always thought Vivillon should’ve been a more hardcore bug pokemon. It’s design could’ve’ gone towards a bug/dark type with lots of hellish sp moves and status moves.

        1. They should have given a different secondary typing for each of the seperate designs imo.

  13. I’d also appreciate if gym leaders had 6 pokemon as a standard. Sometimes it takes so long to get to them and when the battle happens is such a huge letdown; way too easy.

      1. X/Y were rushed games. I don’t expect the same with Sun and Moon, since this year is the franchise’s 20th anniversary, so they will want to make these new games solid.

          1. X/Y didn’t disappoint me, but they also didn’t took hold of me, like D/P R/S/E or HGSS. So much potential gone to waste, and it was rather pathetic they basically added no content post-league, other than Looker and Kiloude City.

          2. I hate to say but X/Y was a bad game imo. Pathetic storyline, non existent post game, only 69 new Pokemon, too linear, and waaaaaay to easy etc.

          3. I agree. We had a good story with BW and BW2 had so many features it was amazing. Then XY came along and was very disappointing. ORAS was worse IMO

          4. ORAS was just as bad as X/Y because it didn’t feel like I was playing R/S/E with better graphics. They changed it too much and made it super easy like X/Y and they didn’t include the Battle Frontier :/

          5. I only bought ORAS, because I (typical me) lost my Emerald game. I get that its a gen 6 remake, thus the inclusion of megas. But it totally disappointed me overall, gen 3 games were actually my #1 favourites, Still trying to get my hands on Emerald lol, no luck thus far.

          6. Same here! 3rd is my favourite. Pokemon Emerald will forever be my favourite Pokemon Game, I spent my childhood trying to collect the battle symbols at The Frontier.

          7. Yeah that was a dick move of GF to display the battle Frontier as a coming soon model in the post game.

        1. They dot release rushed games.. they start figuring them out at least a full gen before

  14. Along with new type combos I would also like to see differences in the same family of Pokemon. Similar to Spinda. Also different shiny colors for each Pokemon

        1. Yeah you play too far into names and labels
          As much as I love Ground types it just won’t cut it

          1. I would be nice though but it’ll most likely stay mono fire. If that’s the case, then I hope it gets drought (unlikely also but who knows)

    1. I’d definitely love to finally get those. Hopefully they can make them all pretty useful Megas. I dunno whether they should get new dual typings, or just remain mono Grass/Fire/Water, haha.

      1. I would love dual typing, but I don’t know how useful it would be. Typhlosion will probably stay mono fire. I can see Meganium be grass/fairy but I do the know of any clues that would lead to that. Feraligatr I can see water/(dark or dragon)

        1. I would want Fire/Ground like you said above, don’t listen to Earthen. I would give it Drought to protect it from water types too. EARTH POWER! (Also I love Camerupt, Fire/Ground all the way)

          1. Yes listen to Earthen
            Typhlosion is called the Volcano Pokemon solely because of the fire ports on its neck, and it spews out flames as it fights

            Yes it can learn Lava Plume and Eruption but sadly those are fire attacks and playing on the dex entry stating it rubs it’s fur to create explosive blasts

            Just very little Ground Type properties

          2. Well, in his defense, he has a point due to the fact that Typhlosion does that learn Earth Power in any way. I would still love fire/ground with drought.

  15. I have a Bug/Dark type saved up for a special occasion
    Pestuzz and Vampsiphyre (Name is a WIP)
    Mosquito Pokemon
    And like the real insect only females evolve (and if anyone says Vespiquen)
    And the big hook is that they have a signiture Ability Power Drain that increases damage done by HP stealing moves and learn a signiture attack which is like a super Leech Life,

    1. Definitely wanna see more Bug and Dark, whether its as a type combination, or seperate mons.

      1. No, Bug/Dark because what’s more evil than gigantic Mosquito that drains prey to a lifeless dried husk
        No steel

        1. Well if they combined it with a syringe it would be pretty sweet since they both draw blood. Vespiquen should’ve been bug/dark

          1. What possible reason would Vespiquen be a Dark type
            Look it’s my idea and it would be more unique as a Bug/Dark type

          2. Is it really that hard to think of why Vespiquen would be bug/dark? Do I really need to spell it out?

          3. I mean it’s one of the most menacing looking bugs with dark coloring to boot so dark wouldn’t be a stretch imo

          4. It would be, you people go too far on appearances
            And it’s a bee, Yellow and Black isn’t far off

          5. Another example: if bidoof was a dark type, people would say “it looks nothing like a dark type” so looks are something. Sorry to bring out the bidoof card.

          6. Menacing yes but so are a lot of Pokemon
            I hate how everyone just bases their accusations solely on looks
            And honestly it’s just the rhomboid red eyes and the mandibles

          7. Looks are probably one of the biggest things a type is based off of or vice versa. Then learnable moves are probably adjusted based on the types. How many non menacing/ or atleast cutesy Pokemon do you know that are dark types and don’t have an ounce of darkness in their personality/ looks?

          8. Honestly 95% of all dark types have a reason
            Umbreon and I guess Inkay and slightly Absol since of the whole bad luck thing kinda labeling but I don’t like labels otherwise all other dark types are either, evil, shady, cruel or thieves

          9. As much as I do love your opinions Earthen, Vespiquen as a Dark/Bug is totally legit

          10. Dark types doesn’t necessarily have to do bad things, look at Greninja for example.

          11. It’s a ninja, everything they incorporate is through stealthy tricks and deception

          12. Feh but that one notion is extremely outweighed by all the naturally ruthless dark types

            The only not directly evil Dark type is Umbreon, granted it hides in the shadows to strike

          13. That’s exactly what Queen Bees are. It controls combee with pheromones…so it basically enslaves them and makes them do as she bids. That’s a little dark if you ask me. Wasps are angry and quick to anger, dark type is perfect for it.

          14. Everyone knows that the grubs serves its queen/mother, yes they use their phenomenons to control underlings but honestly that’s common in hive minds

            Still never going to be a Dark type get over it

          15. I never said it is going to be, but said that it should’ve/could’ve been and I think my reasoning is justified. Either way, you always feel the need to fight with people who have different opinions than you.

      2. I really didn’t liked Durant. Scizor is okay but overall the Bug/Steel combo hasn’t worked for me thus far.

          1. Eh, can’t blame you. It’s weirdly forgotten, even though Brock used it, and it’s a pretty great tank in competitive.

  16. And now that the dragon age is gone (welcome fairyland) maybe they could let us catch a nice dragon early in the game for a change, instead of holding them back until the end of it. Plus it’s bizarre how they evolve at outrageous levels (you, hydreigon).

    1. As much as I love Hydreigon, it really evolves at a way too high level. Just like Braviary btw (epic mon though)

    2. Totally agreed. I wish they would switch this part of the game up a little more. Why can’t the first few areas have a better plethora of types to catch as opposed to the standard birds, dogs, rodents, and fish. Hoen was the only gen to get this even somewhat right

    1. The top hat doesn’t look organic enough otherwise it’s not bad
      Just watch the real thing disappoint the masses

          1. Haha indeed! I’m personally picking Litten on my first playthough, and good lord am I hoping he ends up alright in at least the design department!

          2. Oh, I ordered both versions, so one gets Litten (sun) and the other gets Popplio (moon)

          3. That’s what I plan to do as well, although I’ll be getting Sun digitally, and if I end up having the money for it, get Moon the next day.

          4. I ordered on Amazon Prime and it was $60 total for both, and free shipping and it’ll arrive the day they come out.

          5. But, they do have a promo where you can test Amazon Prime… Where you can get it for free for I believe 30 days. I doubt they’ll have the promo 30 days before Sun and Moon come out, but if they do, just sign up like 25 days before and then pre-order the games and get them delivered the day of. Then cancel the Prime membership so you don’t get charged $100 for another year.

          6. Make a note in your calendar or set an alert in your phone. The promo has been going on for a while so it could very well still be going on when the games come out (or at least 30 days before). Also, we should be friends on our 3Ds’

          7. I don’t have mine on me, but when I do later today I’ll tell you what they are. I have two 3Ds’

    2. The number 2 is kind if cool… The 3rd is well designed.. but not for Rowlett.. or Pokemon in general to me

    3. Um no. Just no. This just looks BAD and destroys all the things people like about rowlett

  17. Remember when that “leak” was going around with the owl Pokemon on it? And then Rowlet came along…. What if that was the second evolution?

    1. The trademark leaks right? It wouldn’t surprise me if the copyrights for all three starters’ first stages were floating around.

      1. Ooh, that one. I dunno. I think that’s just a fake based on the leaked trademarks of the starters. Or at least an artist’s concept.

      2. This “leak” was around before XY. Even if it somehow happened to be real, we probably won’t find out until closer to release.

          1. Yes. Only a few people remember it. I think it was on Deviantart and a forum or something. But if you Google it now it, the only thing that comes up is from right before S&M were announced plus a few recent articles.

      3. This could very well be rowletts second evolution. I remember when the sheets of oshawott and snivys evolutions leaked and I completely thought it was fake. This leak has been floating around for a minute and it’s just too coincidental that it’s an avian creature with leaves for wings.
        I will be shocked if this ISNT rowlets evolution, but it could possibly be a rough draft of the rowlett we know today.
        Also note, definetly not a ground type

  18. Just got back from my last day of High School, going to graduate tomorrow (after the news though, so I’ll be able to see it ;D)
    Going to miss all my teachers a lot (especially one of them, sorry other teachers). I would say I miss my friends, but I’ll see them over the summer 🙂

    On a happier note, I’m super excited for the news tomorrow! I’d really like to get more information about the region, it’s always one of my favorite aspects of Pokemon.

    1. Congratulations on graduating! You’re moving onto your next step in life! Two very exciting things happening for you in the same day!

      1. Might as well be, I took all college courses both last and this year.

        1. Wow… smart. Are you planning on spending less than 4yrs in college, or just getting a large head start on a longer than average course?

          1. I’m spending 4 years, no need to rush into working. Plus I’m super indecisive, so I might double-major; Since I don’t want to overwork myself, I’d spend the 4 years doing 2 majors, instead of 1 major in 2 years.

          2. Lol, I’m actually really lazy, so I’m probably going to drop one of them

      1. I’ll be right there in Gainesville 🙂
        But I do have a lot of old friends going there, so I may visit from time to time.

        1. I apologize for prying and you are free to not share this, just curious, are you going to a college in Florida by chance?

          1. No, don’t worry. I’ve talked about me living in Florida before 🙂
            I’m going to UF

          2. Dang it. I was curious because I am currently going to UM, and I thought that it was possible someone else on this site was also attending the college I am at ; – (

          3. Hey, I’ll be there tomorrow for my graduation 😛
            I applied to UM and got in, but didn’t get enough money to go, and I’m broke so that didn’t work out well. I know a lot of people going there, though!

          4. Really, in my case, UM gave me the most financial aid out of the colleges I have applied to. Than again, that could have something to do with my home state not putting a lot of money towards education. Well I hope you enjoy your graduation. There seem to be a lot of them over this summer at UM. You probably won’t see you as I am going to be busy the entire day tomorrow. Good luck on your ventures.

          5. The funny thing is that my sister is planning on applying to all three of the schools that we have mentioned.

  19. Hopes:
    – A region map
    – Customization confirmation
    – A few unique Pokemon (by that I mean not a regional bird, rodent, or bug)
    – A true rival that is not just the opposite gender protagonist
    Honest Predictions:
    – The bird we saw
    – The dog(?) we saw
    – Legendary info

    1. Yeah, these are basically my hopes as well. Masuda’s hyping up this reveal, so I’d assume we’re getting something at least exciting.

  20. If they would just show us the whole region I would be thrilled. I wouldnt need
    anything else. But I wish to see so much.8/
    The thing is I dont know what amount of reveal should we expect . If it is a video
    again, I expect a lot. Still it could be a mini trailer that would be a mean tease. /

    Overall I need at least 1 killer poke to keep me thrilled.

    Wonder how many Fairy type we will get.? I could see the dog or bird go half fairy in later evolutions.

        1. This is why I hate Fairies
          “Because why not” they need a solid reason to be a fairy

          1. Feh I honestly don’t care; I just hate Fairies
            Not everything should be a fairy based on looks, like Megainium, Milotic, Rapidash and ect
            Same goes to others like the whole Flygon Bug typing controversy or Luxray not being Dark, I truly hate that people go off thinking it should be something based solely off looks

          2. Okay. That’s perfectly reasonable man, no need to get so aggressive over a typing. I have no ill will towards you.

          3. I personally still can’t believe flygon and it’s pre evolution are NOT big type. If they’re were ever the perfect chance for a big/dragon Pokemon… Well Flygon was it. We were rooting for you flygon! We were all rooting for you!

          4. Flygon is based on an antlion…which is a type of insect. If anything it should be bug/ground. The dragon type is purely based on looks and the fact that it’s mistaken for a dragonfly. So please follow your own advice, stop basing pokemon typings on looks. Flygon should not be a dragon type.

          5. And Antlion’s/Dragonflies are also called Sand Dragons
            Which where the concept comes from

            Do you think Swirlix is a cotton candy because cotton candy is sugary? No because in Australia Cotton Candy is called Fairy Floss so that

          6. This is incorrect. Sand dragons are actually a name for many species of the progomphus genus, aka dragonflies. Antlions are not dragonflies.

          7. Also I’d say a lot of Fairy pokemon have solid reasons to be fairy.

          8. Everything except……..Azumarill has somewhat fairy ties and they can easily be researched and explained

          9. Wait, so nothing is justified but Azumarill?
            I’m confused here.

          10. I’m saying everything BUT Azumarill is justified
            Azumarill doesn’t have any reason to be one

            Hell Mr. Mime makes a better case since clowns and jesters can be whimsical and that could translate into Fairy but not that Aqua Rabbit

          11. Puny magic, I’ll drag you through the depths of the earth, as the jagged stones rip you to shreds

          12. Well this is solely Mah Thang
            Basically an all consuming “Land Whirlpool” that sucks down all ground bound enemies and they are broken and churned into the depths of the ground, not only breaking their bodies to pulp but also suffocated in the process, obviously very ineffective against flying, nature and extremely armored foes but still gruesome

          13. You do realize you still will be pulled underground, you may not have been crushed but you’ll still be like 30ft below the crust, and even then it’s not like water and you can climb back up, it’s like jagged twisted earth
            So you’ll probably die from lack of oxygen

          14. Then I’ll use my custom move 360 Noscope and OHKO you before you can use it cause of it’s 100000+ Priority, and it never misses even if you use protect. It just shatters the shield.

          15. Uhhhhhh you’re like buried alive so your saying a bullet can not only peirce through 30 feet of stone soil and sand and somehow magically hit me

          16. Yep. I also ride the bullet to the top and shove my rifle up your ass and wave your dead corpse around like a flag.

          17. How could you even manage that, buried alive means all stone and earth completely encases you, it be a miracle that you can even move at all
            And catching a bullet and still be light enough to carry you
            You just have your head so far up your ass you can see the light
            Face it you dead, I’m clever

          18. That’s why the move’s typing is magic. Cause it’s magic.

      1. Well I noticed that they seem to have made quite a few Pokemon that were pink into Fairy type. Not all of course. But to me that mystery Pokemon looked like it very well could just be a pure normal type. 🙂
        But I like the Fairy typing, its one of my faves ether way, so I don’t really care about it’s typing, I just hope that if it evolves it has cool looking ones. 😀

  21. Well guys there’s a couple of hours left I’m starting to get the hype-train all Juiced up for the big event while we get some cool info on Pokemon Sun and Moon in the meantime I got some updates on the collecting of all the Pokemon from Generation 1 through 6 I’m starting up with Caterpie now.

  22. I’m very excited for tomorrow. I might have to wake up at 6 in the morning, but damn is it worth it. I really hope Masuda’s hyping it up isn’t some red herring, and that we get some cool ass new stuff.

        1. Hardly a gen after introducing them? That’ll never happen. They’re more likely to expand the concept and hopefully balance them a bit more.

          1. Please they’re giving us too many
            Soon they’ll be so abundant that the magic is gone

          2. The magic’s been gone since ORAS. As long as we get more actual evolutions to old favorites, I won’t mind it. But there’s no way they’re leaving Megas alone now. There’s too much lore left untold about them that needs explaining.

    1. Fire/Psychic


      I am saying this not because those are the types that I want for them, but because from what we know about them (their designs only) that is what I am guessing.

      1. Yeah, I agree. Although I think Lunaala(?) could also be Fairy/Flying. There’s been a lot of theming with fairies and the moon.

        1. That was what I was thinking as well. But these past two generations we already have Xerneas, Diancie, and Magearna. I want for Moonbat to be Fairy/Flying, but I don’t want fairies to be thought of as the new dragons with a new fairy legendary every generation.

    2. Solgaleo(?): Fire/Psychic
      Lunaala(?): Dark/Flying (I was hoping for ice, but I dont see that anymore)

    3. I’d guess Fire/Psychic and Dark/Fairy (bias b/c I really want the type combination).
      It’d be cool to see Fire/Psychic and Ice/Dark though, Fire is super-effective against Ice but Dark super-effective against Psychic. From the info presented, though, I don’t see how “Lunaala” could be an Ice type.

    4. Calling it now
      Solgaleo Fire, Fire/Psychic (and 100% Male)
      Lunalaa Dark/Psychic/Flying (And 100% Female)

      I will emo myself if Lunalaa ends up a Fairy

          1. I hate Fairy Types so much I’m willing to build an entire team devoted to the sheer destruction of Fairy Types anywhere

          2. Well for one taking over the meta
            Everything everywhere are becoming fairies
            They breed stupidity and cause people to connive that some should be fairies even though they have nothing to do so, that gets my blood angry
            And they are just plain annoying

          3. i dont see how they’ve taken over the meta. there arent any fairies in VGC, and most of the fairies in OU were already there lol

          4. And that thing dominates with Geomancy which now Smeragles everywhere abuse to no point

          5. It boosts the stats. It’s typing is totally irrelevant
            It’s typing does not affect the outcome of any battle

      1. It makes sense though. But I’d definitely prefer Lunaala to be Psychic over Fairy.

        1. Does it really?
          I never truly bought the whole Moon = Fairy thing
          Unless the Pokemon canon provides concert evidence on the correlation then I will continue to disapprove of it

          An excellent example is Cressellia it is said to symbolize the moon yet it isn’t a Fairy
          Outside Moonblast, Moonlight and vaguely Clefairy nothing really goes on explaining the type

          1. That ain’t good enough for me boi, until I get official evidence I will disagree on the issue without let up

          2. Faeries being linked to the moon in real life is enough. Pokemon doesn’t need to feed you every bit of information

          3. If you can’t use your brain to link one thing to another that’s your problem.

    5. I think Solgaleo will be fire/psychic and lunaala dark/flying. I dont think that we will have another fairy type legendary. Atleast not in the mascots. I mean it has already been confirmed that the mythical pokemon of this region, Magearna, is part fairy. What im interested in now is finding out what the legendary trio will be. Im thinking itll have something to do with hawaiian gods. Like the ones in the picture. One of them is the chief. It can be its own thing and then the other three can be the trio. I think Kāne is the chief. But i read up on them and it could work.

      1. I didn’t mean the flame I mean Charizard himself …..I like old flame though.

          1. I can’t understand ur feeling but …..look at the old one darker skin like he said I am burning look at the color of the wing actually the color in general is better ….the jaw and claw position r more realistic and the most important the eyes more emotional.

  23. Do we know if there is going to be another trailer tomorrow? I’m very excited for whatever is coming!

  24. Oh big reminder
    Keep a tab on the Official Sun and Moon Site
    They said they are updating with the new info so if the trailer doesn’t fully show off details the site might

  25. When was the last time we had a Psychic legendary that wasn’t part of an event?

  26. Going to make a bold prediction here that is probably going to be wrong, but I predict we get a brand new Eeveelution tomorrow. After the starters of X/Y we got Sylveon, could we follow that same path for Sun and Moon?

    1. A lot of people want a Dragon Eeveelution but I’m hoping for poison/steel to counter Sylveon.

    2. Another thing
      Jesus I just want a solid 100% new region will only new Pokemon and only new Pokemon until the end of the game

      That way it’s 100% new and we’re forced to try new stuff instead of crutching ourselves

      1. We literally got that in BW, and look how that blew up in GameFreak’s faces. And it sorta happened in R/S too. All games that were mixed when they came out to fans. We’re better off getting a mix of new and old. Anyways, eeveelutions are never done until there’s no more types.

        1. That was the best decision they made, you all were butthurt that you had to use new stuff
          Then what’s the point of a new generation, just to use the same stuff from before
          Bullcrap, it’s funner to make a brand new team

          1. Dude, I love BW. I’m not butthurt about it at all. I’m saying from a business perspective, GameFreak will never do that again. It does not help the game at all.

          2. Maybe because a lot of the pokemon were crap and evolved far too late for their own good.
            A decent mix is the best decision. Nothing like X/Y, though.

          3. Not just Hydreigon.

            Larvesta? Rufflet? Tynamo? (To a lesser extent)

          4. I know, but at least they tried to help us out a little bit. I always wanted to use deino though..

          5. I LOVE B2W2. I think it fixed a lot of problems, particularly with the old pokemon being available.

          6. They fixed Volcarona’s issue with evolving too late by giving us a level 35 one in B2W2. Too bad they never helped us use a Hydreigon.

          7. Part of the reason Sinnoh was so great was because it gave many old pokemon new evolutions, like RHYDON. So stop being a hypocrite. Many of us want new evolutions for old pokemon, like Eevee

          8. Technically Rhyperior is new, yes it evolves from something previous but it’s still new regardless you put it

        2. B/W didn’t have one b/c it was like R/S, kind of restarting everything. New region, with only the new pokemon in it, until the sequels (B2W2/Emerald). Since they’re supposed to be disconnected from previous regions (hence the “restart”), it’s understandable that there were no new Eeveelutions in either generation.

          1. What I’m saying is that leaving only new Pokemon tends to blow up in GameFreak’s faces at first. While those games have aged like fine wine, they were very polarized by fans when they first came out.

          2. Oh yeah, for sure. We’ve already seen a Meowth [Although it could have come from a different region] in the trailer, so we won’t [hopefully] have a repeat of tha! 😀

      2. I disagree, I love the eevee line and would love to see more of them. Also we would be using something new since it is a brand new eeveelution

      3. I disagree. Eeveelutions are fine and HELL NO to only new pokemon. That hurt B/W a lot.

      4. Why so angry? You’re like the only person who doesn’t want a new eevee. What does one or two pokemon out of dozens matter? You’re not bound to like all of them anyway.

    3. It’s the 2nd trailer for the game and you already want another eeveelution?

      1. When did they reveal Sylveon? It wasn’t long after the announcement of the games if I recall correctly.

        1. Huh. It was around a month after the games announcement. I still don’t want another eeveelution so soon though. We just had one, and usually they don’t release new ones right after others are revealed.

  27. The trailer will probably show us early mons. I want to see some megas though. Maybe Ash Greninja news as well.

          1. I say save the Kalos Starter Mega’s for later. Greninja is pretty OP already, anyway.

          2. That doesn’t seem to stop most OP Pokemon from getting Megas. In fact, it seems mega Pokemon are given primarily to OP Pokemon.

            Gyarados, Blaziken, Alakazam, Gengar, Scizor, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Lucario, Salamence, Latias, Latios, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Diancie………

          3. I remember reading somewhere that it was based in their popularity or something

      1. Was it confirmed to be a trailer? That’s good, I’m looking forward to hearing new music.

  28. Wow I cannot believe I got my first Wonder Trade shiny. A Shiny Articuno. Probably cloned but still

    1. Awesome! XD
      I personally don’t really care if its a clone Pokemon or whatever, (I never trade those ones anyway, I have them because I wanted them so my brother used his action replay to get them for me.) to me there still fully functioning Pokemon, so theirs nothing wrong with having them. Man that’s how I got some of the event Pokemon that I do have that I couldn’t get.

  29. Sooo guys here are some pokemons that Iwould love to see in the games.
    I know most of you think wow Hawaii is a beautiful place and so peaceful is like paradise but Hawaii also has dark stories and by the means of ghost type pokemon
    -Pele Ghost/Fire 2 stage evolution (Female) humanoid and beautiful like Gardevoir but more ghost type and with fire beign part of her appearance.
    -Kamapua’a Ghost/Dark 2 stage evolution (Male) humanoid that oos like a boar it last evolution would be like a minotaur but pig style.
    -Dolphin(we all want this)- Water/Psychic 2 stage evo.
    -Mermaid- Water/Fairy
    -Green Sea Turtle- Water/Grass
    -Paefowl-Grass/Psychic or Peacock Spider- Bug/Psychic 3 stage evo
    -Lunar Moth-Bug/Fairy 3 stage evo
    -Firefly-Bug/Dark 3 stage evo
    -Tiki-Grass/Fire 3 stage evo
    -Humpback whale-Water/Ghost or pure water 3 stage evo
    -Flamingo- Water/Flying 2 stage evo

    1. These all sound like really cool ideas, I especially like the Pele, Mermaid, and Lunar Moth ideas. Fairy and Ghost are my two fav types lol

    1. nahhhh
      What would be interesting is some more Sinnoh or Unova Megas
      I could see Mega Vanilluxe for some reason, but Mega Darmanitan would be either Fire/Fighting or Fire/Psychic with a whole wild monk fighter (with a necklace made of pure energy)
      Who else, Mega Roserade, Rhyperior, Excadrill and that should be good
      We honestly need less Megas this time

      1. As do I, also I hope they go Mega Pidgeot and supe up its Sp Attack,
        Giga Drain, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Boomburst, Signal Beam and Fire Blast
        Also I truly wish they gave Flygon Sand Stream as its ability or at least HA
        But that way they make Mega Flygon’s ability Sand Rush and that way it would finally give it some glory, but granted Mega Garchomp is best dragon!!!!

        1. And then give it screech and three special moves like the pro dragon master Drake.

          1. Honestly who has time for screech
            But still if they do so
            Earth Power
            Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
            Giga Drain/Signal Beam/Boomburst
            Fire Blast/Heat Wave/Flamethrower
            Honestly Timid/Modest always

            Also one thing GIVE IT SOME CLAWED FEET, that has bugged me for years

        2. giving Mega Pidgeot all these move r u kidding me ?……Mega Pidgeot already OP.

          1. He’s talking about Flygon, not Pidgeot.

            I was confused at first as well

          2. I didn’t get it how he mean Flygon ???……. Flygon already can learn Fire Blast though.

          3. When he said “Go Mega Pidgeot” he meant give it the Pidgeot treatment.
            As for the different moves they were justification for the boosted Special Attack. Flygon already has all those moves yes

          4. I said I hope they GO Mega Pidgeot and supe up Its {Flygon} Special Attack

  30. I really hope the surfing in Sun and Moon isn’t super restricted like Hoenn.

    1. I wonder how it would look, seeing as how we have full models instead of tiny ones

          1. My natural pose is some a crossed between gunshow and wild ape, or the lumbering manbear look
            Also I have bad knees….

          2. Wait a sec, I thought you were Bastiodon for a moment
            GET THE HELL OFF MY KNEES!!!

          3. Me and Gar go back
            We are brothers in mineral and we are two halves of the combat coin

          4. You mean “Wildly flailing fists” and “Forces Nick to wear a colostomy bag”

      1. I hope that you can see the pokemon you’re surfing on this time…

        1. Don’t push your luck
          Who knows maybe we’ll get some Emerald Sea Turtle Pokemon that is given as a gift, but honest Lapras holds the place for the Surfing Pokemon

    1. Same here in X&Y the backpacker that you talk to I don’t know if his talking about Alola but he did say that the Champion was different than the others obviously everyone is different but I think he said that their Champion was extraordinary or something like that I don’t remember much.

        1. Wooooooo that would be a plot twist or your dad since the only dad you get to know is the one from Hoenn wich is May’s or your Dad in the game because in the other games you never get to know the father of the protagonist.

          1. What if Norman is the father of every protagonist and he just gets around a lot?

          2. Or worse. Maybe the champion is the professor himself and he sent us on a pokemon quest to gather data about us as trainers and screw with us when we challenge him in the future. Devilish, right?

          3. Yeah true but not gonna lie to you kind of funny is like who is the Champion when you reach the Champion seriously -_-

    2. Oh I don’t know I actually really liked Diantha. (I believe that was her name. I loved that she trades you a Ralts holding its mega stone. XD ) As far as I now she’s the only Champion that you can interact with like that. (Where they ask you if you want to trade Pokemon)

      1. You’ve got a point there. But it’s just that in the anime she’s way too nice and sweet. I like some attitude to throw Ash off his game and spice things up a bit. Perfect people are kind of creepy.

        1. LOL I guess so. 😀
          I actually haven’t seen her in the anime just yet, I’m so darn far behind its not funny. TvT;

        2. Nobody in the anime has real character development anymore. Everyone’s sooo hunkey doorey

          Not to mention that ash is so unorthodox as a trainer that the whole thing just makes my head hurt watching it now. This kid has travelled all around the world trying to be the very best like no one ever was and still makes beginner mistakes a decisions. I just can’t

          1. As long as you are on this planet, my earth spirit can travel through the earth’s crust to nearly any location

          2. I got pages of this stuff, Old Man Henderson taught me if you have pages of back up you can do virtual anything

      1. Not gonna lie to you I just went to see if there was something new in 4chan and boom that appeared.

      1. It looks to much psychic for me.I would say that is an awesome type for a starter like Delphox well it would be cool having a water/psychic starter also.

        1. I wouldn’t mind poplio becoming psychic. It needs a boost of some sort of it’s ever gonna be taken seriously

    1. Cute, rowlett looks legit, little looks a little too majestic to be a second stage, and pollipo’s second stage looks like it doesn’t quite fit with the first, but still cool

      1. I know O saw popplio’s evo and I was like it doesn’t fit the type and the Pokemon

    2. If Litleo’s final turns out to be the most majestic then Im gonna be pissed because I really want Rowlet but I dont want an ugly final for it

          1. To be honest, I must have called Litten Litleo like 40 times now and had to correct myself haha

      1. I like it I want Litten to stay on its four legs to evolve into a panther.

      2. Rowlet I think it might be more epic that we think for example chespin middle evo I didn’t like but the final evo is cool

    3. Popplio evolution looks like a knock off Dewott, I mean it’s even got the same damn shell.

      1. Sooo you notice that to I was thinking the same thing. I was like it looks like Dewott.

    4. Yeah, they clearly didn’t put much effort into it. I don’t want another Dewott or Noctowl, thanks.

    5. That huge nose of Popplio is bound to get bigger, not smaller. The cat and owl are great though.

        1. Amen brother, enough is enough. And another bipedal fire starter is officially mockery.

          1. Holy crap I just realized we’ve never had a non-bipedal final evo for a fire starter

          2. Insane right? Let’s pray for Arceus for better luck this time. May it lift this curse once and for all.

          3. Yeah if it gets to be bipedal my mind is gonna say another fire/fighting -_-

    6. I like the fakes. It reminds me how drastically these starters could change upon evolution. The door of possibilities is wide open

    7. Litten’s evolution… Isn’t that Espeon’s body?? Come on now, artist!

  31. 10PM draws near
    Hopefully my night terrors won’t get me up at like 4-5

          1. Hell even last night I was hallucinating and tossing and turning, had a killer migraine all day (and still do)
            And now I fear some creepy guy named Francis, way mooching on my house and looked like that fat guy from space jam, Stan Podolak

  32. With our luck Popplio will turn into an archer so along with the samurai and the ninfa we go for a water warriors trilogy. lol

    1. I’ve never seen the idea for Popplio becoming an archer, and quite frankly that’s the best idea I’ve seen for it.

      1. Please don’t say that, it was just a joke. We’ve already had too many messed up water starters lately.

          1. It doesnt even do anything as a samurai. Archer gotta hold a bow and arrow tho

    2. Well they’ve already done so great with the samurai and ninja interpretations… What could POSSIBLY go wrong -_-

          1. Nah, 11 was close enough. It sucks though because my work starts at 9! And I won’t be able to check my phone till I’m off at noon. Boo

          1. I guess so? I think its just a promotional snapchat. Kinda weird considering its Skylanders, but I guess they gotta expand their market lol

          2. I mean they pretty much have the whole “Toys to life” market which hasn’t slowed down pretty bad
            Also they’re making a TV Series for late 2016

          3. Dude they’re in the run for number 11 in the most popular franchises list

          4. Well since Disney Infinity bit the dust, they practically have it all to themselves now with amiibo and Lego Dimensions picking up the scraps…

      1. Archeops, I got my friend codes.

        Cosimo: 3007-9158-7071
        Jeff: 1779-0850-4141

        What’s your name so I can add you?

    1. So right as I wake up the news will be breaking. Pretty cool! I’ll sleep and won’t have to worry about looking for the news or frantically refreshing

      1. Well if you wake up TOO early, you will still be frantically refreshing Pokemon’s youtube (both NA and JP) and website…

  33. I’m hoping we get evolutions of starters and types (I know, I’m reaching), some gym leaders, a map of the region, rival and names and types of legends.

  34. I have these two medical exams in a few hours and I’ll be discharged at the same time as the news come out. Hopefully I won’t be too drugged by then. If we get the map, some random routes/cities/landmarks, something about the story + the lengendary names and types I’ll be very happy

    1. Good luck! What med school are you in? I did a PhD/MS (medicine with a Pathologists Assistant concentration) dual program.

      You got this!

      1. I meant actual exams (colonoscopy and endoscopy x)) ). I could never study medicine. But thanks!

        1. Oh lol my bad and never say never! Trust me, it scares me that some of my graduating class are doctors…

          1. : O I’ve changed doctors a lot because most of them just told me everything was fine with me even though I told them it wasn’t (wasted a lot of time and money..). Then I went to this new one and she actually tried to help and found something! Might have Crohn’s Disease so I gotta do these two tests to confirm it : / I did horribly in Chemistry in high school and I can’t stand needles or blood so medicine is not exactly the best program for me haha

          2. I gotcha haha. I’m glad that you found a GI doctor that wants to make sure you both know what you’re all dealing with.

  35. Are we finally going to get a dolphin and a kangaroo Pokemon after all these years???

        1. But when you think about kangaroos it can only be Australia. I mean, lions reminds me of royalty and that was very present in the games

          1. What the regions based on really has little bearing on what we can see. The first three regions are based mostly on Japan, and half of the Pokemon there aren’t exactly from Japan 😛

          2. Well my main point was there are Kangaroos in Poké-Japan… so I don’t see a problem with Kangaroos in Poké-Hawaii…

      1. I’m from the Big island and growing up I heard a ton of rumors about wallabies living in one of our well-known valleys (Waipio). Of course I don’t think this is true, but I thought I’d share… lol

        1. Side Note: I think I’m going to incorporate Hawaii into my username so I don’t have to state that I’m from here every time I try to join a conversation on this site.

        1. Ah, I guess, “all these” years doesn’t necessarily mean none existed before. To be fair, Kangaskhan and Kanto came out 20 years ago.

          Kangaskhan pre-evo!

      1. I know she has the whole pouch thing, but I’ve honestly never thought of Kangaskhan as even remotely kangaroo-like. Looks more like a hard skinned dinosaur than a furry marsupial to me. We need a more traditional fighting type kangaroo.

      2. Horrible excuse for a kangaroo, we definetly deserve something of more traditional kangaroo. Give it boxing gloves and make it a fighting type

  36. We need a Pokémon based on Hugh Jackman and make it a Wolverine and get a region based in Australia and call it a Hujackmon

    1. They’ll probably do an Australia region next, it’s an easy contender for beautiful landscapes, Pokemon designs, exploration, and adventures. Calling it

          1. No, Chico, no! Bad, Chico, bad!
            I’m gonna make you do naughty stuff when you end up being wrong… >‿>

          2. I’m surprised people actually hope we’ll get starter second stages a month after their reveal

          3. Lol people are wishful thinkers. We won’t get an official reveal like that at least until August

          4. the litten evolution is in the exact same pose as espeon, as well as having the same body type. come on chico, you cant fall for this stuff this earl

          5. Actually this comment reminds me Serperior-Milotic, Samurott-Dialga and Rhyperior-Emboar.

          6. Yeah, haha. I had that in mind when making this. My only thing is that the Litten evo and Espeon have uh, the exact same ass lmao. The others had slightly more different poses than that.

        1. The cat is Allright i guess

          Dont think they are real though, layout seems a bit messy

          1. it’s also a bit funny that its Japan writing and the types are in english suddenly

    1. Yeah I honestly don’t know why Typhlosion doesn’t have flames coming out as default. I don’t know why it’s an attack animation.

      1. Typhlosion is my least favorite fire starter. I would be more sold if the flames were default but regardless, it’s design is still extremely iffy. The way it stands is completely unnatural, it looks like it’s in pain judging from his body posture. Not to mention it’s pure fire typing doesn’t really help its attraction levels. Pure fire is nice sometimes but not if you’re a starter evolution and don’t have a killer design to pull it all off.

        1. I actually really dig Typhlosion for his utter simplicity, especially when compared to other fire starters.

    2. My guess is that it doesn’t want to get too tired intimidating the opponent, since that doesn’t look like a slow, “maintained” burn like Charmander’s tail.

    3. I hope that too …I am not ok with gen 6 sprite , I don’t think they 3d model him correctly ………..Where did u find that ?

      1. Googled “Typhlosion sprite” and it was somewhere on there. Some person from a Smogon forum made it.

  37. hey guys I’m Shining up the hype train so anything happening in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Info Yet?

    1. Nope. See Malco’s countdown link, the news will drop in approximately 5 hours and 6 minutes as of this post.

  38. Mega Skarmory, Mega Milotic, Mega Rapidash (fire/flying), new pre-evolutions, and most importantly… New evolution(s) for Dunsparce plus a final mega for it as well (ground/dragon).

    1. So I want my Little Cup pre-evos to make them useful instead of banned by Smogon: Sneasel, Scyther, Gligar, maybe Swirlix. I wonder if they’re still doing pre-evos… I’d hope they are.

  39. See you at 5:30, ladies and gentlemen. I have been focusing on games other than Pokemon lately, but I wouldn’t miss this news for the world!

  40. well guys today is the day the days that we’re going to get some more info on Pokemon Sun Pokemon moon! So all aboard the hype train all aboard!

  41. I’m sure most of you know this, but in the japanese trailer from the last update, when Shohei and his mother were outside the video game store, there was footage of the sun legend using a firey beam and the moon legend using what looks like Cosmic Power. Does anyone else think today’s update will include that footage? I hope it does, I’d like to see the sun legend’s signature move more closely.

    And there are 3 hours and 45 minutes left to go as of this post. Due to personal superstition, I will not be staying up to enjoy it with you guys, but I’ll be around when I inevitably wake up at 2 in the morning (the news drops at 11pm for me here in Sydney).

  42. Welp, time for an all-nighter since I can’t sleep. Seriously rather sleep than stay up but whatever, I’ll probably go to sleep afterwards.
    But, at this point, I just want something. It feels like forever since that trailer and I dunno why, but I’m really impatient. I’m expecting something, but want anything at this point. Cause at least I can go over it for a few days 🙂
    Less than 3 hours to go! 😀

    1. I dunno. I don’t think they ever said they are doing the same thing. I would assume so, but not sure myself.
      I’m just gonna pull up both English and Japanese Pokemon channels and have Serebii up. They should cover my bases.

    2. Both NA/EU and JP. And they will also update all the websites at the same time, so it’s worth monitoring.

      2 hours 5 minutes and some seconds remaining as of this post edit.

  43. I’m so bored when will they Show us the information on Pokemon Sun and Moon I need new info!

  44. if anyone is still interested in previous Event pokemon i offered from the last topic, I created a permalink to them here: http://pokejungle.net/2016/05/31/manaphy-download-now-available/#comment-2706022518

    I still have most available, which are:
    x1 SMR2012 Keldeo (Not part of the 20th, but still up for grabs, 2012)
    x3 Mac Hoopa (McDonald’s Pokemon: Hoopa & Clash of ages promotion, 2015)
    x3 GF Mew (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016)
    x3 GF Celebi (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016)
    x3 GF Jirachi (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016)
    x3 GF Manaphy (Pokemon 20th Celebration, 2016) Live now!
    x3 XYZ Shiny Xerneas (Pokemon XYZ Anime Shiny Edition, 2016)
    x3 XYZ Shiny Yveltal (Pokemon XYZ Anime Shiny Edition, 2016)

    For more details, see the link above or make a comment~

  45. Well I just finished watching Ash Vs Wulfric Round Two and all I can say is this….

    1. When Ash and Greninja activated Ash-Greninja at will with ease i got hype

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