24 Hours(!) Until New Pokémon Sun & Moon Info

PokéJungle Hype Horn

We are less than a day away from getting new information about the most anticipated games of 2016; how am I going to be able to concentrate at work tomorrow?! SOUND THE HYPE HORN! Today’s topic of discussion is: will the new trailer show off some early Pokémon?

New Pokémon

In the reveal of Pokémon Sun and Moon we saw a wireframe of what appears to be the “bird” of the region which will most likely be available to trainers early in the game. We also saw a mysterious dog-like Pokémon in CoroCoro’s “exclusive” trailer.

Are there any particular types of Pokémon you’d like to see? Perhaps a bug Pokémon? I know that’s what I’m pulling for.

<3 PJ

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