Jungle Talk: What will CoroCoro reveal?!

We’re about one week away from CoroCoro leaks! After teasing the boxart for Pokémon Sun and Moon last month, I think it’s safe to say we’re in for some BIG NEWS!

What would you like to see? Any guesses on what it will reveal? I’d like to at least see silhouettes for the starters; I’m not sure if I actually want them to be revealed without any buildup, but I want at least a hint! Wonder if we’ll get to see the games’ Legendary mascots on the boxes or if they’ll be doing something new.

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  2. I’d love to see a full reveal of the main legendaries as well as starter silhouettes, to be fully revealed next month. I don’t think it’s that much to ask for, since it’s nearly 3 months since the game’s reveal…

  3. Hate to be the pessimist here, but the description for this month’s issue says nothing about Pokemon…….what in the world do they have panned?

  4. Boxarts revealed and starter Pokémon silhouettes. Maybe even region name.

  5. Everyone shut up and listen to me Earthen
    Nintendo has announced that there will not be a Digital Showcase for this year’s E3, all of their time and info is dedicated solely to Zelda Wii U and will feature a day long massive Nintendo Treehouse playing Zelda Wii U, and if you don’t already know Zelda Wii U will be the only playable game on the floor
    I would just like to say something; If this presentation does not make orgasm I will be tenfold disappointed, but I still have faith that they put in countless hours of pure Zelda essence into this game that will the dynamite blockbuster of gaming which the world hasn’t seen since Mario Galaxy or Pokemon X & Y

    1. We’ll probably get a Direct before or after E3. I’m honestly not surprised.

        1. He did. He was one of the very few executives in Japan that was able to speak english. And before he became President, he was head of Planning from 2000 to 2002. Then before that, he worked as a Programmer. He even helped with some titles like Earthbound and yours truly, Gold and Silver because Game Freak had trouble debugging them.

      1. There hasn’t been any difference in what Nintendo has done since he died and before he died. There may have been more directs with him, but he hasn’t been dead long enough for them to change anything he’s done.

      1. Yveltal: What should we reveal for the next Corocoro
        Fennekin: Box Legendaries
        Froakie: Starters
        You/Chespin: Pikachu

  6. Legendaries with names, rodent, bird, zoroark poke,starter Silhouettes and maybe region name

    1. I think we can definitely expect the boxarts, and possibly a more in-depth look at the legends (official art, name, type if there are no surprises). To expect anything more is foolish. We could get more, but don’t expect it.

  7. More NX rumors boys
    We might be seeing a return of a cartridge based system since Nintendo’s go to rom people are gearing up for a increased production of chips next year
    I for one would love to see Nintendo make cartridges for this, by removing the very loud and bulky disc drive you allow a more compact console to really maximize space

    1. It makes sense to have carts now considering they have much better storage space now than in the N64 days and can store more in a smaller (physical) space than even Blu-Rays. The cost of production is 4x compared to each Blu-Ray, though. But at least as storage tech gets better, the carts get more packed while Blu-Rays are stuck at 50 GB forever. (50 GB is overkill for today’s games though, for now.)

    2. I’d love that. It’d be even cooler if the rumors were true about a hybrid and they release a handheld compatible with these cartridges.

  8. I believe the box arts are pretty much a given right now. I really hope we’ll get to see the starters too. However, I’ll be happy with a little bit of new info.

  9. I feel like the idea that if the copyrights that went through should make the box legendaries and the beginners a very real possibility. They have gotten very immediate about things like that. They probably don’t want those names sitting around for too long, so I am thinking that those 5/6 names will be connected to real pictures. Then with the way that they have had handled these leaks, we will get coro coro leaks, then a day or two later, there will be an international video. We may get english names for the box legendaries and starters, just possibly.

  10. They’ll probably reveal the box arts but with the legendaries silhouettes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. I’m not going to over-hype myself due to the disappointments in the past. Yet, I do believe the Box Art, Main Legendaries, Trainers, and Starters will be potentially revealed. I hope there is gameplay screenshots because I seriously want to see how this new Generation will look. CoroCoro is about a week away, there isn’t much waiting left.

    1. Think smaller. Don’t expect anything more than the legends and boxarts. We could get the starters and trainers, but don’t expect them. Keep your expectations low so you aren’t disappointed.

      1. Hence why I said I’m not going to over-hype myself. I’m just expecting a few things, yet keeping my overall expectations low.

        1. Fair enough. In all honesty, your predictions sound likely, I’m trying to be over-cautious so that if your predictions do ring true, I’ll be all the happier for it. That, and in the event in that you are wrong (I hope you aren’t), the disappointment will be easier to bear.

  12. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone’s expectations are very low because of last month’s debacle… I’m expecting nothing more than the box art and the legendaries on them. I’m not even expecting for them to reveal any actual information about these legendaries, just the images of them as they are on the box art.

  13. Give us something CoroCoro…anything…Starters, legendary pokemon, protagonists…i dont even care… just something.

  14. Probably just the box art. Pokemon Sun and Moon are being treated with A LOT of secrecy. I am not sure why though… like usually they give a decent amount each month. This time though they are being really stingy. Doesn’t leave me with a good feeling but eh… *shrug*.

    1. B2W2 aside, they usually are stingy with news for the first three months. I’m okayish with them being quiet, what I don’t like is the constant teasing of news.

      Having said that, the last two times Corocoro said they would have a big scoop they revealed Magearna and Volcanion respectively, so the boxarts and legends is a conservative enough guess

        1. XY was the only time they had a blowout for the initial reveal of the games though, that’s why it seems better.

          It’s possible that they’ve heard the Internet fandom complaining about everything being revealed during ORAS’s prerelease, and they’re going to reveal as little as possible.

          That’s unlikely however. ORAS, being remakes, are relatively well known, since we’ve played (or at least know of) the originals. They need to show us a reasonable part of the game prerelease.

          It’s also worth noting, that we have six and a half months minimum until release (assuming it’s released around thanksgiving). The amount of news we get increases as we get closer to release.

          1. They revealed too many megas for ORAS. I’m fine with minimal information as long as we get basic information. Box art, legends, and starters. A few town or two, but nothing more. I loved going into games blindly before Gen 5.

  15. Corocoro usually releases on the 15th of the month, leaking between the 10th and the 12th.
    But the next Corocoro releases a day earlier, on the 14th.
    => http://corocoro.tv/image/next/copyNext01.png
    So MAYBE we’ll get it a tiny little bit earlier: from the 9th (unlikely) to the 11th (likely).
    Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes too high though.

    1. That sounds about right. But just for clarity, you mean the 9th in USA right? Because that would be late 9th/early 10th in Japan.

      1. Yes, it usually leaks on the early hours in the USA, so same day later hours in Japan.

    2. Oh wow, that’s good news. We can definitely shift the expected days of leaking one day forward. That’s always a good thing!

  16. What about regular evolutions? Are there any you guys would like to see? I for one wish they gave Primeape, Arbok, Weezing, Starmie and specially Seaking new evolutions.

    1. At this point, unless they introduce a new method of evolution, I don’t want any new evolutions for pokemon gens 1-4

  17. After two months of straight bait, it better be something damn good. Also, I saw Civil War and it was so amazing!

    1. Spoilers for anybody who doesn’t wanna know a line or two! There’s a line or two from the movie below!
      So it was amazing? Did you know it the whole time?

    1. Of course this happens on one of my busiest days of the semester………Oh well Tuesday is looking to be less busy than I thought, but still lol

      1. It will likely be the same info. Pokemon wouldn’t let Corocoro have first hand at a brand new first announcement.

    2. “Pocket Monsters Series” Newest Installment
      In 2016, a new world unfolds!
      Pokemon Sun / Pokemon Moon logos
      A new adventure begins!

      (fine print)
      “Pocket Monsters Series” Newest Installments Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on Nintendo 3DS, a new world unfolds!
      (This installment of the Pokemon series is available in 9 languages. Then list of languages.)
      (More fluff about new world and shiz in 2016.)

      2016 May 10 (Fire a.k.a. Tuesday) new information to be shown

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