May CoroCoro LEAKING!

The first images of May’s edition of CoroCoro, popular Japanese comic publication, have surfaced. It appears that next month’s issue will reveal the boxart for Pokémon Sun and Moon! UPDATE: Magearna’s type has been revealed to be Steel/Fairy in another leak:


<3 PJ


  1. I really hope they don’t give any of the legendaries the Fairy typing. It’s nice on Xerneas, but I don’t want them to repeat it.
    I know they did that with gen 4 and 5, but in my opinion the Dragon typing is a legendary typing so it just worked.

    1. I’m actually rooting for a whole new type. Fairy was a pleasant surprise (to me, because I wasn’t really following any news at that time) so I’m hoping on another new type. I’ve wanted the Sound type for a while now.

          1. I can definitely see them creating new types somewhere down the road. Maybe in gen 8/9? 😛

      1. Sound type? That’s a little silly considering sound is a basic phenomenon of physics. It’s not really an “element” of nature the same way fire, ice, and grass are. However what do you think about maybe a Cyber type? Considering how much technology has completely taken over society.

  2. while i dislike the kind of condescending tone of his tweets, Joe Merrick makes a good point. they didnt troll us we trolled ourselves by expecting much

    1. I mean we are always expecting too much, last month they said PSM coverage would start this month. I expexted at least something, I would be happy with them just giving us the PCs.

      1. “it promises that from next month, special features on Sun & Moon will begin in the magazine.” right from serebii

    2. Did he say that? Lol big surprise. I already dislike Joe Merrick (he’s proved himself a condescending prick one too many times imho) but it grinds my gears when *anyone* starts with the old ‘I told you so, you only have yourselves to blame for getting hyped’. It’s obnoxious. Just cram it. Everyone has their hopes up, it’s what being part of a fandom and getting excited about something is all about. These people can sit in the corner like a cynical emotionless robot if they want but shouldn’t expect the rest of us to do the same. And if we get disappointed? So what? We’ll get over it. At least it means we cared in the first place. /rantover 😛

      1. um…ok… i think thats a little much… and i dont think hyping too much shows you care for a game tbh. many people care too much to not wanna be spoiled

        1. What’s too much? Suggesting that we should all be allowed to be excited and hopeful without someone arrogant feeling the need to crap on us? ^^;; I don’t see what spoilers has to do with anything…I don’t anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled will be interested in leaks in the first place, lol.

          1. i was just saying that not everyone who cares about a game will hype too much over leaks. that assumption cant be made unless you know every pokemon fan. and i meant going as far to call him a prick. i see him to be condescending but come on hes been running a pokemon site for years

          2. How does running a site for years determine your personality? I’m not gonna argue about it, that’s just my personal experience with him; his attitude really rubs me the wrong way and that’s why I give PJ my clicks for news, never Serebii.

            Anyways I never said that everyone who cares about a game will be hyped over leaks? I just said that those of us who get hyped care, because we love this series. That’s not something to chide us for. The people who sit around scolding others for getting excited always remind me of a cynical teenager getting embarrassed and annoyed that their younger siblings are having fun. I’m always like ‘you can have fun too, just jump in!’ It can’t be much fun to always stand at the sidelines scowling at other people. This fandom is all about inclusivity and childlike enjoyment after all ^_^

          3. i didnt mean his personality :/ i mean hes run his site for years so he must know something about leaks and stuff that has happened in the past. if you follow him on twitter hes saying that this has happened with previous games. the big info comes in may. xy had game announcement in the january of that year and then big info in may

          4. I don’t question his knowledge/experience, only the way he interacts with his fellow fans and runs his forums.

            And yeah, I kind of expected a big May announcement because it’s quite common, but still it seems cruel that if there truly is nothing else in this copy, then their idea of a sun/moon ‘feature’ is to say ‘wait until next month for news’ ^^;;

          5. but technically it did feature in the magazine. blurred out box art with a ‘huge scoop’ announcement is a feature in the magazine.

          6. I don’t think that’s many people’s idea of a ‘feature’ (nor mine!) but I think well have to agree to disagree on that 😉 anyways, we get news in a month. Woohoo!

          7. indeed. and im not trying to offend or be a downer but i just want to clarify that just cuz we didnt get news this month doesnt mean people should start losing hope for gamefreak

          8. also i dont think you should base going to a site on your dislike of someone. and nobody is scolding for expecting much. dont take his messages to heart. he was saying how they never actually said real big news and thats what everyone expected

          9. Pokejungle is lovely. I don’t just mean the community (which is a LOT less toxic than Serebii forums) or the excellent content, I mean the guy himself. He’s warm and friendly and is grateful for his fans. I would much rather give a guy like that my clicks.

    3. I don’t think we’ve ever had to wait three months for a bit of info. So far we still know nothing apart from the titles, it will be three months before we even see a tiny bit of gameplay. I mean, yes the hype was high, but I expecting protagonist art or even Magearna’s typing isn’t too much to ask for.

      1. its been more than 3 months for main game news. but huge scoop in corocoro means huge scoop just know that. and also someone posted in the previous article a pic of gen 4 when they showed a lot in corocoro so think of it like that. a huge scoop means lots of content

    1. no they promised that sun and moon features will start this month and on. saying that there will be a huge scoop is still talking about sun and moon

  3. Considering that the games come out this year, there will be a May,June, July, August,September,October and maybe November issue of CoroCoro before the games come out. A lot of issues still.

  4. I really hope this isn’t all there is. Their idea of a ‘feature’ n Sun and Moon is to tell you to wait another month for news. LOL Trollfreak gonna troll.

    1. I was already #teammoon but purple is my favourite colour so unless the mascot legendary is really, really ugly, looks like I’ll be sticking with that choice ^_^

  5. I am feeling starter silhouettes given this first image.

    I loved making and looking at the fan renditions of the gen 5’s silhouettes.

  6. wow what a joke, they give the game the worst announcement in the world by just revealing the logos and they refused to show anything about the game at all for almost 2 months. >_<

    1. They are dragging it out a lot, aren’t they? At least we know now that we’ll have something concrete next month.

  7. I think I can work out something in the sun box art.. Is it the logo or part of the mascots design?

  8. By the way, who says this is all? I don’t know Japanese, but does it say so on the leak? This is just a small part of the magazine, don’t forget that.

    1. serebii says the text says that there will be a huge scoop next month and also you cant see the pokemon on the box art

  9. *2:39 CoroCoro HQ*hmm according to the diagram of the HQ the Pokemon sun and moon leaks are on the very top floor i’m going up!*Grabs a Grappling hook in his bag and shoots his way up to the top floor*

  10. Nintendo totally failed at the 2015 E3. I think that this year, they’ll keep all the good announcements for June. It’s been months they didn’t reveal any game. I think we will not have any Sun and Moon reveal until the E3.

    1. im sorry but you would be wrong. huge scoop usually means huge scoop. they never promised real big news. this time they promise a huge scoop

      1. You keep saying that to all comments. But do you even notice I’m not talking about Corocoro?

        1. you said sun and moon reveal. first of all sun and moon were revealed 3months ago. theres that. and corocoro will provide us with a reveal next month. thats where the reveals are coming from. if you are talking about a trailer and look at the game then yes only e3 can provide that cuz a magazine cant.

          1. CoroCoro will probably just reveal the version mascots, starters and perhaps some minor information on the region, like they always do. I agree with Romain, They’ll probably keep most of it for E3.

          2. yeah but if you look at oras e3 is was just a small trailer so most will most certainly not be with e3

          3. ORAS are remakes, we already knew everything about the game, except the addition of new Mega evolutions.

          4. it doesnt matter. e3 doesnt spend much time on a game. and again we are getting news before e3. and e3 is only once. corocoro will start providing news and like always as we get closer to the games release there will be more and more revealed in the magazine

          5. Wasn’t the E3 trailer the one with the kid that finds a painting of the Primals? That kinda had a truckload of stuff.

          6. yeah the may edition but the june edition will come out in may. this is may edition and we are in april. e3 is in june not may. we will get this scoop in the june edition of corocoro in may


    1. how long between oras and gen 7 have we waited for news? longer than 3 months m8. and you can last that long

      1. Oh don’t give me that kinda statistical nonsense
        You know god damn well we were out of new game season drought

        1. facts are facts. may is the month news comes. has been in the past. and so what? yeah we are out of the drought they announced pokemon sun and moon and people are talking about them. you have to wait. ive said it a few times, they never said big news. they said feature. the games were featured in the magazine

  12. I don’t know who is the biggest troll here. Corocoro? Game Freak? or Luigi301?

    1. biggest trolls are ourselves for expecting too much. its not a bad thing. it just what happened.

      1. smh. presenting facts is not trolling. Strawberry_Pocky_Moose said below that being part of a fandom means getting excited by stuff like this. yeah its true and its not a bad thing. but to go crazy and blame gamefreak for over hype? come on… and people dont result to attacking me for stating facts

        1. Calm the fuck down please. I never said I was mad or blaming anyone. All my reactions until now have been completely normal and calm.
          You don’t have to tell anyone to stop blaming GF. If that’s how people deal with this, then let them do it. People aren’t waiting for someone to tell them “told you so”.

          1. first of all i am calm, second im not telling anyone to do/not to do anything. im not trying to change anyone’s opinion. why are you lashing out at me and cursing me out? im not saying told you so at all.

          2. I mean calm down in general. This whole thread is full of your avatar.
            After reading your comments, I feel you are just coming across as a know-it-all at the moment.

          3. a know it all? i literally said im just repeating Joe Merrick’s tweets. and my avatar? are you serious? its late for me and i happen to be up at a time when the majority of the people who visit the site are all asleep. a few hours ago the site was crazy with a lot of comments. im here now talking about corocoro

          4. it started with Romains comment, i didnt even mean to reply to you. it is clear that what i said was in reply to Romain but i had hit the wrong thing

          5. and now personal attacks? who says i dont already have a girlfriend you just dont know what time it is for me

          6. and if you are saying to let people deal with it that way, then why cant i deal with it the opposite way. am i not allowed to voice my opinion too?

    2. I think this is the point where the Japanese sense of humour and the Western sense of humour part ways 😀 this is hilarious to Gamefreak, but somehow the joke is not translating well to us, lol.

      1. Well, it is hilarious to me that people were expecting more.

        But then again I live in Southeast Asia.

        Also this is the “May” issue that comes out on April… and the Japanese are aware of April Fools…

        1. Pure Steel
          Seriously this lack of Info is the shank wound and Magearna being part fairy is the salt

          1. I’m not getting the Fairy part with Magearna tbf lol. Steel I totally see though.

          2. There’s nothing wrong with it being fairy. We still don’t have many. You don’t complain when every other legendary is a dragon

        2. Normal/Steel, I’m pretty sure we don’t have that one yet. Plus its an artificial Pokémon, and they are usually either Normal, or Steel (Polygon, Genesect etc. Mewtwo’s the only exception:

  13. Welp might as well pool my worthless time into something
    They started making an anime for Bokuheroacademia looks pretty decent

    The first episode has Mt Lady <3

  14. The shitty thing is that all the things we expected in this months issue we’ll get next month.

    I’m really intrigued to see what direction they’ll go this gen.

  15. God dammit they won’t even show us the damn box art WHY?!? I figured Magearna was gunna be a steel/fairy type couldn’t see it being anything else.

    1. Ughhhhhh I swear to freaking Gaia if it being a fairy is because of that soul heart maguffin I will find something and rip its head off

        1. Have we been properly introduced?
          Also (refresh)

          1. It’s very interesting that you have this picture ready to introduce yourself to new people… Nice to see you have 2 of my favs in it though

        1. They annoy me to no end
          But what truly angers me is what they did to the players
          Everyone is labeling everything as a fairy or it should’ve been a fairy or when it mega evolves it should gain fairy
          That’s what pisses me off

          1. Ooh, I see your point.

            Instead of wanting them to be part-ground or part-steel, right?

            P.S. I’m in the “Mega Milotic, if it should exist, will be a Water-Dragon” camp, though.

          2. I don’t make others into Ground Types unless they’re worthy

            Water/Dragon makes more sense, but noooo it’s pretty so it must be a fairy bullshit every and I mean every drooling Hoenn humper says

            Same goes for Mega Rapidash just because it has a measly Unicorn horn it should be one too which is stupid since they are hot blooded race horses with a competitive streak

          3. And the ones that pisses me off to no end is freaking Azumarill
            Literally nothing to do with being a fairy

            Also another pet peeve is everyone converting to Fairy Type trainers and blah blah Mawile Azumarill and Gardevoir as their mains

          4. I also did not like many of the Pokemon they chose to suddenly make part fairy. A lot of it just felt like they were reaching

    2. I actually hoped it would be Normal/Steel. Its an artificial Pokémon, so in my opinion, Fairy doesn’t even make sence, since Fairy types represent (light) magic, and as far as I know, the humans in the Pokémon universe can’t manipulate magic. Normal/Steel would make more sense (to me), since all artificial Pokémon have been of the Normal type.

      1. I get your point and Magearna being a normal/steel makes sense too. But not artificial Pokemon are Normal types, Mewtwo is a Psychic type.

        1. You are false
          Mewtwo is technically not artificial
          Mewtwo is a genetic clone from Mew’s DNA ergo isn’t artificially create but artificially birthed as with all clones

        1. They are cute, but thats not what they represent. They represent magical creatures, and they were created to balance out the then ongoing domination of Dragon types.

      2. You don’t even know enough about it yet to make that judgement call… How do you know Magearna is possessed by some type of magic or something which brought it to life, or some other magic/fairy related event? You dont

  16. “Babaan!!” is like “Ta-dah!”

    I’m still holding out for more pages, otherwise I will have to re-iterate my “lowered expectations” policies.

  17. Wow. Thank God I kept my expectations rather low. They just showed the box art with no picture of the legendaries at least. lol. I guess we have to wait for May… damn GameFreak, back at it again with the awful leaks. :/

  18. Wow guys cant you see, this leak is turning us all against one another. Friend against friend. Brother vs brother.

    If you do this we let corocoro win.

  19. Huzzah correctly predictrd Magearna steel Fairy i expect my prize on my doorstep tommorow

  20. So is it just the 1 page or is it currently leaking? Because so far the only thing to get me excited was a semi-look at the box covers for the games.

    1. Movie news is in there too, confirming Magearna’s typing as fairy/steel. I think that’s all folks till next issue 😛

      1. Everytime I hear it is another slow twisting push of that fairy thorn in my ass

        1. But I couldn’t care less about Magearna though. Its another of those you only catch to fill the Pokedex..

          1. Regardless it’s still another Fairy and one day it will be available to be battled with and unless it has some good flaws I can safely assume it will be another pain in the ass

  21. That’s the biggest troll ever!!! And they keep doing this since February!!! I mean Two month are past and all we know is Magearna and the logos. I’m starting to hate them.

  22. I don’t guess that was a trolling issue, ‘cuz the last first reveals for BW or DPP was the same thing. Now we have to wait until TPCi to announce this for worldwide and after that the June issue of Coro²

  23. I don’t care what any of you say, but Luigi301 is right! We are the trolls ourselves for expecting anything to come, and when there is no information, y’all start complaining. And when someone is being logical about the situation, you start slating them and call them a big troll. Get over it, be patient, and learn the difference between a feature and a big scoop! Besides, at least we got Magearna’s typing, whether it was obvious or not, and I love the box art colours 🙂

  24. One more month! One more month! Yaaaaaay! 😀
    At least next month will 100%, undisputedly have new Pokemon. We’ll get at least the mascot legendaries, but I’d say that we could get the starters as well. I just can’t believe we have to wait a whole month again…

        1. I feel sad because I used this to occupy my time
          But I was thinking of 100%ing Thousand Year Door
          But it has so much monotonous things to do
          Mostly the Tattle and Level Cap

  25. This is a rather interesting image. As you can see, we are still following the path of Black/White with a February reveal and the mascot legendaries revealed in May. Except in their case, they weren’t revealed in CoroCoro. The starters were, which makes me believe that we can get both.

    1. Guess that they will broke the timeline revealing the covers on next moth ‘cuz the Legendary could appear.

    2. You know ShinyXatu, I think you’re on to something here.

      Gen 5 was an improved version of Gen 4 while doing something different as well (starting fresh).

      I feel like Sun and moon (gen 7) will be like a Gen 5 to X and Y. It will improve on story, graphics, and number of pokemon maybe?

      I just feel like maybe GameFreak has spent more time on Sun and Moon than X and Y.

    3. When I saw the leak this morning. This was the first thing that came to me. shinnoh and BW were great, so I think this means well for Sun and Moon as they want to take their time and space our releases of info unlike XY.

  26. Eh we learned the typing that is considered news, well Corocoro didn’t say a huge scoop they just said info would start, we did get info but barely and saying showing the boxarts next month, if they become Trolloro and just show the backgrounds as and not the pokemon. but seeing now that the boxes are in the sky could lead to one of the two legends being a dual flying type or Psychic. and in the sun box. is it me or u can see a bit of the legend on the left side and a bit on the bottom of the logo?

  27. So, we’ll have the boxarts next month. That’s cool. Which game are you guys picking up? Sun or Moon? I have my heart set on Moon, personally. I love the purplish-blue thing they have going on.

    1. Why would we be able to tell which one we’re getting now?? We know nothing about these games

      1. Obviously, but I mean just looking at the logos you’d most probably favor one rather than the other

    2. Sun because Sun is fire and Fire is my secondary Element
      One of these days we need a bonafide Rock Legendary not minors like Regirock or Terrakion and Diasscie

  28. Is anyone else feeling the sheer comedy of this ? Sure im very disappointed we got no big news or reveals. But this is gas. Corotroll strikes again.

    1. I don’t see how anyone could laugh
      We were patient and what did that get up, nothing

      1. I kind of figured that out but of what I mean everybody’s been showing the same serebii pics over and over.

  29. Yo I need a quick poll, since we got stiffed I’m gonna need a new game to tide me over
    So does anybody here have Paper Jam or Hyrule Warriors Legend and if so would you recommend it

    1. I recommend Hyrule Warriors sooo much but that’s only because I want it soooo much 🙁

  30. So the nightmare come true ……just info about Magearna type that we all know , …this World is Stuffed with lies ….just give me a single SM info.

  31. At this rate, we’ll get staters at e3.

    I want the Pokemon company to say that there will be big news sometime. Then I will believe there will be big news.

  32. So…. this big news they promised was a lie… I’m really starting to think we aren’t going to get any information until the games come out…

  33. Are people actually upset about this? Expectations should have been kept low for this one especially after what happened with Pokenchi. I’m not surprised one bit they’re having us wait until the month of May to show anything and everyone needs to chill out lol At least we know Magearna is Steel/Fairy and that next month with the term “Big Scoop” we’ll actually have news lol

    1. I can’t say I’m really upset… I didn’t have high hopes of getting too much, but didn’t they say big news about Pokemon Sun & Moon? It hey shouldn’t get people excited by saying that then revealing nothing except Magearna’s type, which we could have totally guessed already.

      1. They didn’t say “big news” People just saw that they said the coverage of Sun and Moon was gonna start this month and jumped to conclusions. CoroCoro is a very deliberate magazine. When they say something is coming you better believe that something is coming. On the other hand if they don’t use the correct terminology to convey the importance of the next issue then you shouldn’t expect much.Next month will likely have some good stuff, but I can only say that because CoroCoro says it’ll have “Big Scoop”

      1. All I was expecting was an announcement for an announcement after the Pokenchi announcement of another announcement. Pokemon has literally become a joke.

        1. I’m not saying it towards you its more to the ppl that wanted to make mountains out of molehills. I don’t agree that Pokemon has become a joke, it’s more that fans get upset cause they don’t get things the way they want it and I hate that everybody expects things when they want it not when the developers are ready. I don’t want Pokemon to become an every year release either I’m ok waiting 3 to 4 years for a new gen, that being said I’m not gonna deny I’m one of those that need my news fix but just a small amount that way come game time I get great surprises and don’t ruin things.

  34. Silhouettes of mascot legendaries next month and more movie details. There maybe starters and protagonists. Keep them expectations low everyone.

  35. I’d be willing to bet we get the Legendaries and box art next month. I’d also like to say we’ll get footage, but I’ll believe that when I see it lol Either way considering they showed the glared out boxes in this issue I’d say it’s pretty telling what they will show first.

  36. MAYBE !!!….u should burn this paper to make legendary appear or put it on the water or u should start to punch it until they appear……try to pray for it …..I got it rise the pic toward to the sun and wait (stay safe and don’t try this at home or school).

    1. At least theres only a month of classes less and this will make them go by quicker 😀

      1. True. I only have one more full week of school, and then exams of which I only have 1.

  37. Tbh this tease of box art reminds me of Diamond and Pearl. That art got me excited. I went into the game knowing only the starters. Going into S&M with no info is probably the best. Get to discover everything yourself! Let’s go old school!

  38. This is the biggest effing cock-tease. Goddamn GameFreak/Nintendo/CoroCoro! We get pictures of a 3DS game box with the actual part we want covered, and then we learn that Magearna is a type combo that everyone already assumed it would be?! WTF!

    I hate to be the “Debbie-Downer” in the situation, but this is worrying me about the release of Sun and Moon in general. The kind of crap they are pulling in advertising since February just reminds me of the history of almost every freaking Zelda game (Zelda WiiU has made me callous). In last month’s issue, they promised they would start their coverage of Sun and Moon this month. In this month’s issue, all they do is say, “Actually… Next Month.” Maybe Gamefreak is running really far behind on production of these games. They rushed together a trailer that only showed us conceptions, and haven’t shown us anything concrete since. Last month, they probably planned to have more to reveal this month but then realized that they weren’t ready. I can see a release date delay in our future.

    1. Maybe there’s not much to reveal in Sun and Moon to reveal, so they’re pushing back any information. But I agree, it’s so pointless that they revealed it in February.

      1. Like, I get that they wanted to make a big, really awesome announcement for their 20th, but they very clearly weren’t ready for it. Company’s, especially any affiliated with Nintendo, need to realize that consumers expect patterns. They give us so much information with X and Y–the announcement trailer containing full gameplay footage (even if it wasn’t finalized), the starters, and the legendaries. And then every subsequent month up to release gave us at least one new Pokémon reveal. Since 4th gen, they’ve given WAY more information than this in regards to announcement. This really just says to me that they are behind on production… Probably because of artist’s block.

        1. What if they just want to go off the same routine maybe trying to keep things fresh, even if that’s gonna piss ppl off and they give up on Pokemon they’ll just get new fans like I’ve said before as we’ve seen in the last 20 years. Believe me I’m 26 and I’ve seen ppl bitch and moan about the new gens, too many Pokemon, the last plot was crap but at the end of the day and those are the ones to get the games first even if it’s to criticize it. My advice is relax and don’t expect so much news cause it ruins games.

          1. I like how you say that you’re 26 as if to established some sort of feigned ethos. lol You’re not the only one that has been around from the beginning, hon.

            I’m well aware that people are going to whine about the new games either way. But, if they are trying to go off routine in terms of advertisement, that’s not a very smart idea from a rhetorical perspective. Straying from patterns within the games is fine; it’s welcome; it keeps things fresh. However, the one pattern they always follow is the idea of giving us “new”–new Pokemon, new region, new story, etc. And, if you’re going to provide the “new,” you’ve gotta give a little strip-tease in order to establish interest. The only interest their withholding is providing–at least in my part–is the interest that, for the first time in their history, Pokemon is probably going to delay a release date.

          2. I’m not saying I’m the only old timer playing this games and only reason I stated I’m 26 because when we got “new” news we had to wait ages and got less then today, and it happened all the way to ruby and sapphire and every little bit we got was amazing. I understand times have changed but why can’t they go back to when we were kept in the dark and made the games even better and harder.

            Also if it’s delayed they’re not the first or last games to do that.

          3. Advertisement has changed. Back in the beginnings of Pokémon, it pretty much had the monopoly on handheld games. You also have to realize that most older fans now were children back in the beginning, and the internet wasn’t REALLY a thing. It’s not like that anymore. Consumers’ interests shift around faster now; a company needs to hook their attention and maintain it. Currently, GameFreak is not maintaining consumer interest. I’m not saying Sun and Moon are going to fail because of this false-advertising they’re doing; I’m saying it’s not looking good for these new games. I’m expecting as low of a production we got from X and Y at this point because they are only trying (and in some cases succeeding) to create immense hype over these games.

          4. I totally agree with you on how advertisement has changed and they have hooked ppl to sun and moon that’s why we are here. But I really don’t see how they’ve given us false advertisement they haven’t said anything about a big reveale and they are releasing a movie and don’t want to take hype off of it. Also they might just be waiting on a bigger way to announce it like E3 because Nintendo hasnt had good reviews and think this could be a great way to get more attention.

    2. They should’ve held off until June to reveal. All of the new Megas in ORAS were revealed, and all of XY was leaked. Either the game is so big they just want small important details or there’s not much new.

      1. I’m still going to be expecting a release date delay from now on–probably something like Spring 2017.

        I am pondering the idea of their not being much to reveal, but I prefer to be in denial about that. I’d rather have everything new (like 5th gen) than have the bullshit we got in X and Y. I’m kind of starting to wonder if the rumors of a game with all the regions being released for their 20th being true….. Nothing new, just “redone.”

        1. The game with all the regions might be true, especially with the NX reveal. I don’t see it happening on 3DS. Maybe N3DS but not regular. Gen 5 was my favorite because everything was fresh. Same with Gen 2,but it had a old stuff but with new features. XY was a let down and lack of post game in both XY and ORAS makes me wonder how long they’ve been working on S&M

          1. Gen 5 is my favorite too! 😀 I feel like I never hear others admit that.

            I feel like it could be very possible for all the regions to be in one game on the 3DS. ORAS doesn’t even take up a full 2GB of storage. Assuming that a good portion of that space is the Pokémon models, and also assuming the Sun and Moon are operating on the same (or slightly modified) engine, it would be more than possible to fit all six regions into one 3DS game cartridge. However, that’s the last thing I’d want. I don’t have time for that, and I prefer new over remake.

          2. Yeah, I believe they compressed it more compared to XY. The 3DS cartridges can hold up to 8 GB of data, but that was back when it was first revealed. I’m sure they expanded. My issue would be the lag. Hyrule Warriors looks awful on the regular 3DS, and XY and ORAS lag just from weather going.

          3. If they make the game run similarly to how Smash 3DS runs, then I don’t think the lag will be too much of a problem. Smash completely shuts down the 3DS operating system, and then boots up its own. I could see a similar thing happening; I just desperately don’t want it to. haha

            Also, did anyone actually buy Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS? lol I haven’t heard of a single person owning it; I didn’t even realize it released.

          4. Yeah. It has been released. Ive had a couple of coworkers talk about it, and I’ve been tempted to try it, the graphics are unbearable. Which I also just recently got into Zelda so I wouldn’t be familiar with all the characters. 3DS VS New 3DS. VS Wii U has huge differences.

          5. Sounds like Smash. I haven’t been interested in new games recently. I’ve been playing old games I never got to play.

          6. Smash is ONLY fun at a party… It gets even more fun when shots are involved. I also only ever play on random for my character to keep it interesting.

            I just keep replaying through my favorite Pokemon games, and occasionally playing Pikmin. haha

          7. I try to replay pokemon games but I get bored quickly. I suck at Smash so I play alone usually. Haven’t gotten a Wii U so I’m way behind.

          8. Gen 5 was great because it did something different, and still great. They started fresh, and added a deep plot with lots of development. It is actually my 2nd fav gen.

          9. Um. Okay then. I was just gonna say he had a cool design. But I guess whatever pleases you :/

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point.

    2. I would be convinced if this were the other way around. Fairy typing has been associated with the moon way too much… But like, Gen 6.5 is still a definite possibility.

    3. To be honest, I’m not surprised if they would do this. Game Freak is really running out of ideas at this point. I feel like they blurred the box arts just to further hide their shameful Legendary Pokemon creations.

  39. I just noticed how the first Pokemon revealed for both generations since Fairy’s first introduction have been Fairy types

        1. Lol Trevenant was revealed before Sylveon in the movie similar to like how Magearna is being revealed. We just didn’t get a typing until later on.

          1. Sylveon was revealed through Corocoro in February and Trevenant was found in a trailer in July (unless he was seen before that)

  40. People need to calm down….Is something like this really that angering? Do the people getting that upset about the lack of Sun and Moon info have nothing going on in their lives that this is the most important thing in the world?

    1. No I think as fans of pokemon we get really excited when we are promised coverage on the new games this issue and then they promise it next issue. Honestly, I can wait another month. I’m still gonna get these games, and play them. But everyone is upset because we got misled.

      1. Exactly, I’m upset but I’m not going to smash my head into the wall. I got Magearna’s type (though it’s looks mostly implied the steel/fairy typing) and news about box art next month. Info will come because time will always move forward.

        1. I’m surviving by knowing we are 100% getting something next month, plus E3 isn’t that far away.

    2. I’m not like worked up over this or anything; I’m currently just sitting in a boring class and commenting on here is what I’m doing to pass the time. It’s just total bull what they pulled. I can’t say I’m a fan of false advertising.

    3. I see it more as. ..
      Do the people like you, who get upset at people’s frustration really have nothing better to stand for in their lives, that they feel the need to be so “above” everyone else here?
      But you know.. potato ..patato

      1. Woooow……It’s not like I called anyone in particular out for it . Sheesh…..take it easy there guy….

      2. I’m with Sunny on this one. He/she is just stating an observation and that is a lot of people are getting overly upset over the leaks. I understand that you’re upset, as I am upset myself, but in the end, it’s just news we have no control over. There really isn’t a point for anybody to go haywire over it. Everyone needs to take it for what it is and move on. We’ll get info as time goes and before you know the games are out.

        Just my 2 cents.

        1. It’s just my observation too. I’ve long thought this. I said exactly what they said directed towards the opposing opinion. So rethink that.
          My 2 cents

          1. How is Sunny putting him/herself above anyone else? I just don’t see the point in getting upset over something so miniscule. I’ve been playing the games for 20 years and have yet to be angered over a lack of information. Do I hold myself above anyone else on here? No, of course not. Everyone is different, but everyone also needs to take a step back and ask themselves if it’s really worth being so upset over that it actually ruins your day. I know for certain people the info would ha e made their day better and I get why they would be upset. The thing is none of us have no control over it, so just move on. Cope with what has been given and handle it in a mature manner. It’s not even about people being upset, but rather how people handle/deal with it that is baffling Sunny and I.

          2. OMG…. I’m not reading all of that. How does someone being vocal about not being happy with today’s “news” correlate with people “hav(ing) nothing going on in their lives” and “that this is the most important thing in the world”???
            I say it’s equally offensive to say that.
            I don’t know what you’re defending.
            All I said was I feel those who expressed what he did feel above others.. wrong or right
            Agree to disagree.. goodbye

          3. Because there are people who are so upset that they’re literally making it seem like this leak is the only thing that’s going on. When, in reality, I’m sure there are other things going on. Hence why I am baffled at the intensity of how upset some people are.

            I’m upset too, but eh there’s next month and the month after that and so forth.

          4. No, you’re right. Sunny could have worded it better as to not provoke anyone, such as yourself. I’ll agree with you on that.

            It’s just pokemon (I know, pokemon is life for sure).

            Your girl?

          5. I suppose I could have too. .
            No, I’m a guy. Lol

            Yeah it’s not so serious either way

          6. We good?

            And you said “that’s my girl as well”
            I was confused as to who “that” was

    4. You called out everyone who is upset.. it’s easy to read and see who was upset. I simply took what you said and directed it at the people who get angry at people’s frustration. Literally that’s all I did. If you couldn’t take it.. then don’t say it about others. You’re being too sensitive..

  41. Now wait are we 100% sure this is all cause the last corocoro stated that we would get “mechanics” of Sun and moon sstarting this month?

  42. Maybe the legend for sun will be based off the Egyptian God Ra? Not sure if someone else stated this.

  43. There are two kinds of people in this world:

    Pokemon Go

    Pokemon sun and moon

    Lol I’m done XD

      1. I know. It looks cool and all, love the concept but I’m not as hyped as some people are.

  44. I’m not even mad to be honest.

    The less they reveal about this game before it comes out, the better. I’m tired of knowing almost every detail and new Pokemon before I get a chance to play the fucking game.

    I know we’ve got a long way to go but I hope news stays this slow.

    1. I just need to know the basics. I need the box legendaries so I can decided which game I want to freaking buy. And the starters. I need those too. And the region map. That’s all I need. Everything else can be a surprise.

    2. I like the option of having the news there. So those who want it can seek it, those who want to find out as they play can do just that. I personally hate not knowing big details before paying for anything

    3. I slightly agree, but I like to know at least 25% about a game before I purchase it. As kinganetros said, I at least want to see the legendaries, a few version exclusives, region map, and starters before I go purchase Pokemon Games. X/Y did not share everything with us, the leakers did. The Pokemon Company has done an amazing job with that where we know just enough to speculate and be intrigued.

  45. Trying to be optimistic for those who want news, if they showed the boxarts blurred out, they are probably going to show the macots next month as CoroCoro promised a “huge scoop” next month. To be fair and playing advocate for GF/Nintendo, CoroCoro did NOT promise a “huge scoop” in last month’s issue. Just that “special features” on Sun and Moon every month from April on out, would begin.

    1. The legends next month.. along with blurred out starters. .
      I have 0 hope with the way things are going currently

      1. Well, at least we’ll get the Legends. I’m trying to be optimistic here. I was once known on Pokejungle as the angriest man on the discussion page. Everytime something didn’t go my way, I’d rage so hard. I looked back on that all yesterday through comments on my Disqus profile, I just wish I could erase that.

        1. Nah bro. .. it’s just Pokemon. Doesn’t matter. It you can’t rage over a game. .. what can you? xD But ok

  46. Remember my bold prediction way back in the day that pokemon Sun and Moon would each have their own covers with cover art on them? Well… it’s been cofirmed, and honestly, I couldn’t be more hyped

    1. Eternity. Jk, be patient young grasshopper. Thee shall get your prize if thee is balanced and steady.

      1. Screw that noise, why wait patiently for something to happen later when you can behave violently and belligerently now

  47. So from last month to this month and now next month.

    Either someone is seriosuly procrastinating at GF or they just want to torment us. I’m going with the latter.

    Not that it matters in the long run

    In other news Steel/Fairy Magearna.

    As if the previous two steel/fairies werent annoying enough.

    Still an awesome type though. Steel ftw.

      1. I felt like. Maybe it makes you feel better?
        I’m upset, too. Had to share it. Something like that 🙂

        1. I’m overly skeptical at your motives but I’ll let it slide since I’m bummed

          1. I read your comments and … I don’t know… just wanted to give you a hug… that’s all 🙂
            Take it if you like it ~

          2. Lies you’re all plotting something
            Nobody shows me any kind of kindness, and something like this out of the blue
            It’s obviously a ploy

          3. … I thought some kindness would be good… I’m sorry you didn’t want it … will stop to bother you now … last thing I wanted to say is that I think you’re a kind person, so I wanted to give you something back 🙂
            Me sorry D:

  48. Im not that dissapointed…and i think it is because i didnt expect much and i was right…but srsly they need to stop promising “big news” if the are not going to be neither big or new but yeah i give this corocoro scan a 2/10

      1. Haha i see what u did there, if were to give it an ign rating i would give it 7.8/10 too much overhyping

  49. It’ll never happen… . But it would be nice if someday they put a code in the box so that if you buy one.. get 50% of the other version. Might even make more money that way. Sigh..

  50. I tag Yugioh new with Pokemon so I have something to go to when one is down. New Yugioh cards… but they kind of suck.. and the ban list is worse.. :/ not happy with either

  51. I like the purple box art. I’ll probably pick up Moon Version unless there are terrible exclusives.

    1. I’ll probably get moon version regardless of the legendary.
      Since I have a brother, it was usually he gets the version on the left and i get the one on the right.
      Not sure if that’s going to change lol

        1. It’s all fun and games until he defeats you when you 1v1 battle him every single time

  52. *12:15 CoroCoro HQ Roof* Alright i’m on the roof now to track where the leaks are.
    *pulls out a Leak Tracker from his bag and starts finding the leaks*

  53. You know I can kind of almost make out the title on the boxes and a little bit of the legendaries above it. Anyway we can revise the effect they put on the boxart so we can see the legendaries?

    1. I’m not a pro with digital editing, but I think reversing the effects on an image given a printed version is markedly harder than being given a digital version of the image.

      1. yeah I figured it would be difficult to do but if we can do it then we have legendaries

  54. What do you guys think will be the new game mechanic of Gen 7?
    Kinda hype considering what gen 6 brought (Competitive Meta destruction via Mega Evolutions and Fairy types)

    1. I don’t think we will get too much. Just like Gen 5 did more to the main plot/game than battle mechanics, unlike Gen 4 which added a lot, I think Gen 7 will be Gen 6’s Gen 5. You catch what I’m saying? lol

      What do you think it will be?

        1. True but it didn’t add as much as gen 4 did. What do you think the new mechanic will be?

          1. Considering the concept art they barely showed in the announcement trailer, I’m guessing something along the lines of Sky Battles where battles take place on vehicles.
            Kinda similar to Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds (probably not but then again we don’t have that much information besides the vehicles they showed).
            I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a new battle mechanic with the use of vehicles.

            Or I’m just thinking way too far into the concept art they showed

      1. As a fan of many dragon-type pokemon I sort of agree
        As a fan of Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I sort of disagree lol

        1. And as a hot headed warlord with quick and irrational choices I declare you make a choice

  55. Alright this one’s a lot harder :3
    What’s some of your favorite pokemon main series music tracks?
    (Listening to a lot of pokemon music atm hehe)

      1. I don’t want to flood the site with music youtube links so I’ll just say some others 😛

        Final Battle! Rival – FR/LG
        Battle vs. Ho-Oh – HG/SS
        Battle vs. Brendan/May – ORAS
        Batle vs. Champion – X/Y

    1. A lot of Platinum’s music tracks. Jublife City (Night) from Plat, Rival Music for HGSS, Skyarrow Bridge and Accumula Town from B/W, Champion Cynthia’s Music….
      There’s a lot to cover.

      1. Well that’s why I said Main series
        If I had to pick my favorite main series soundtrack that’d be Black/White

    2. X and Y. The music is truly beautiful and matches with the theme of the game perfectly. It has some really great orchestra sounds as well. The melodies and use of orchestral sounds had me really caught up in the music.

    1. Ummmm…..
      My favorite Pokemon game is Heartgold and Soulsilver. Second favorite is a tie between Platinum and Black/White.
      My favorite Pokemon is Eevee.
      I’ve recently been playing Yellow, Platinum, and Black. Most recently Yellow.

      1. Sorry, that’s favorite Pokemon main series btw.
        My favorite Pokemon game overall is Explorers of Sky. PMD is one of my favorite series, although I’ve only played Rescue Team and Time/Darkness/Sky. I have yet to play Gates or Super

          1. I’m Earthen otherwise known as “The Down to Earth Trainer” A fiery headstrong fighter with a intense love for battling and Ground Type Pokemon, when he enters the battlefield he’ll give you an earth shaking battle that’ll rock you to your very core

  56. So…, the BIG news in THIS issue was that the BIG news will come in the NEXT issue! OK, I buy it! Let’s all get hyped for the NEXT issue, then! 😉

  57. As I promised drawing moon legendary while no real leak happening…..dark type Saenrex.

          1. yeah I know …..I was read a lot about the parallel world the name would be like this.

  58. I am disappointed in this and here are things I hope to see in the issue.
    The starters and 4 to 10 Brand New Pokémon and 1 to 3 Mega’s, The region something unexpected but still well thought out, The characters and some rivals with a good background like the rival from Silver and Gold, A new gym leader hopefully Dark or Bug type, and a new move on a Pokémon in the region.

  59. My Corocoro buzz is officially dead
    So now I need a new game to pool my worthless time into
    I *tear* officially finished Paper Mario 64 100% so my natural reaction to start Thousand Year Door but my my desire to 100% is intimidated by the tattle and 100 trials also the level cap is a bitch

    So any suggestions anyone

        1. just to note, what kind of game are you looking for, games similar to Mario RPGs?

          1. That is a good question
            I’ve been kinda doing RPGs for a while and might need something to mix it up

          2. alright that leaves Mother 3 out of the question if you don’t want an rpg (if you want another rpg i seriously suggest Mother 3)

            If you’re looking for a cheap Steam Game, I’d suggest Freedom Planet.

          3. Yeahhhhhh funny story I tried playing Earthbound but barely figured out how to progress
            One day I’ll figure it out

      1. That game is so long, and very good. I like Partners in Time the most, and I’ve replayed it like 6 times :p

        1. Well I never heard of this and price is a factor
          I kinda wanted to try Undertale but might wait until they do it for Wii u

      1. Ori not too expensive. Good indie game that got kind of, er…. swept under the rug when Undertale came out. It’s a “Metroidvania” with cool upgrades and stuff. You can watch the trailer here:

        Yes, my avatar is Ori.

        1. It may be an Xbox trailer, but the PC version is miles, miles, miles, miles better.
          (If only Definitive Edition would come to PC…)

  60. *1:49 Roof of CoroCoro HQ* Where are you leaks? *The Leak Tracker beeps faster until making a ding and saying:Target Found!* Ah perfect the CoroCoro Valt Here i go!*puts back The Leak Tracker in the bag,pulls out a metal gear snake suit,puts it on,pulls out a laser pen from the bag and starts beaming a hole on the roof*

  61. No Joke I think a dark gym leader would be a good and mysterious twist knowing there are no gyms of dark type.

  62. So here’s something interesting:

    So the boxarts don’t have the legends on them:

    This is from 4chan and a pretty good look. the boxart’s blank, so they were smart. What I thought was a tail and crystal is the logo mixed with flames from the sun.

    Here’s mine which highlights the logos better:

    Sun’s is easier to see then moon’s, but it’s there.

    The blue circle highlights a weird black line, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

    1. I think they could still show each version’s legends… it’s hard to really see with that bright burst across it. They could have edited them out.

    2. Plot Twist:

      This is the actual boxart, they want us to think that we’re being teased but in reality this is the actual thing.

      I don’t know man, you can’t make the assumption that the legendaries aren’t on the boxart just off of this. Is it possible? Sure, but you can’t conclude that just from this.

      1. Yeah looking at these legends is the equivalent to staring at the sun for say five minutes

      2. True, but it makes sense that they aren’t as they are full aware of what done with photo editing. And I actually saw someone say that imagine if that’s the actual boxart, but you can only see the sun legend when the game’s held up to the sun, and moon to moonlight. Probably impossible, but that be pretty cool.

    3. The sun version kind of resembles a griffin or a bull. Ay where Earthen at maybe he gets his fire bull finally.

      1. My thoughts is the sun legend is a lion/ or griffin. Makes sense. Moon is probably a night owl/wyvern creature.
        Either way, I still believe the legends are going to be based on the rest of norse mythology.
        Team flare has a lot of sun references, so I think we will see them return in sun, and a new team based around the moon. It be like hoenn where one group aids you against the other.
        Also based on the hints masuda dropped on twitter last night, I think the plot will involve sun flares destroying the moon, and the solar winds from the moon causing nature disaster’s on earth.

      1. I believe Itoi improved on his series with each game. Mother is horrible imo, Earthbound has good jokes, areas, wit and charm and then Mother 3 as his final entry improved on everything the other 2 games were lacking.

        1. I wish he made more games. Even if they weren’t Mother games, the guy is brilliant

          1. I agree. I am looking forward to the fanmade Mother 4 game that (with no more delays) should be finished soon.

        1. Completely agree with you there. They did so many things right to me that it just stands out so much. Some things I wish that SM have that HGSS had are:
          – Gym Re-matches
          – Second region (or just an actual postgame)
          – Rival who isn’t your best friend
          – Battle frontier
          – Pokemon safari
          – Not a gazillion legendaries (Kalos did this well)
          – Pokemon following you (I know it’s not going to happen now, but it’s just a wish)
          – Difficult game (This one is just my experience though)

          1. The only problem I can think of is the levels of the Kanto pokemon but still. So goood

    1. I’ve had tons of fun with a few rom hacks, even moreso than xy and oras and about as much as any oher pokemon game

    2. Well I love playing pokemon but I also love the Madden and Nba2k games. But I love HGSS

    1. Platinum
      I finished Firered/Leafgreen a week ago
      I plan after Platinum to play HG/SS, B/W, B2/W2, X/Y, and ORAS

    2. I recently restarted both my X versions over (yes, I have two, and a Y). I think I’m going to go and restart my Black 2 and White 2 versions this week. It’s my favorite versions of the games, and I miss them. I wish they’d make a remake of them somehow and be all 3D style like the newer ones.

    3. I restarted X so I can have a cool Vivillon pattern and as a kind of speedrun, though the speedrun attempt got a bit derailed and it became a Nuzlocke instead.

        1. Well that is my Nuzlocke cart, I restart it all the time. Might as well change my 3DS region while I’m at it, right? My main file in AS is intact. <3

    4. Played Pokemon Blue for the 20th anniversary and sort of just kept going… played Silver, Alpha Sapphire, Platinum and away to go on to BW or BW2 (not decided which yet).

  63. I fixed Saenrex ….I think it should be dark-water type,If u like it I will prepare myself to draw Latelvy.

        1. Well with Poison Ivy on the mind it got me thinking of DC villainesses

    1. They’ve been too busy biting each other’s heads off to even think of that.

    1. I’ve heard it gets boring after you’ve played it for a while. I’m waiting for the NX at this point anyway.

  64. Plot twist. The box are does look like that but with more purple and orange and they’re supposed to be a mooning sun and a sunning moon.

    1. In the words of TJ from an Odd1sOut video “You know what? Whatever. There is no reason to get mad. It won’t help us.”

          1. The point is that getting angry wont help change your situation. It just makes you feel bad and doesn’t make things any better. Like if your computer loses a ton of data or something like that, getting angry wont make the data come back. It just stops you from getting closer to fixing it

  65. What do we think the legends will be based off (animal, constellation, etc…) and what typing(s) will each have? Ready………. GO!

    1. I actually want some humanoid legends. Since the sun and moon are sometimes portrayed as husband and wife, it would be cool for them to have a sort of “cant have one with out the other” relationship rather than the rivalry other legend trios have. So I’m hoping for a Fire/Steel warrior like Sun legendary and a Water/Fairy Nymph-thing for Moon

          1. As long as they keep it in Titan height
            I’m sick of these Legends barely hit over 10 feet

    2. The Ram is represented as the Sun and the Tortoise is represented as the Moon… So, what if it’s a Ram and Tortoise as legends? Ram would be firs (duh) and Tortoise would be water (duh again) but what would the secondary types be? Maybe it’s Fire/Dark and Water/Fairy?! Kinda swapping light and darkness…

      1. The legendaries could represent purity of some kind (as the Sun and Moon are each tied to the sky and nature and whatnot). For that reason, I could see them going with single-typed legends. Maybe Fire and Ice? Fire and Rock?

    3. In Aztec mythology, there is a solar eagle (sun) that battles with the dark jaguar (moon)

    4. I think that a griffin for sun and maybe a wolf or some kind of serpent? But what about this: what if the legionaries were similar kind of like Black and white where they looked similar. I don’t know just speculation.

      But legendaries were never based off of pure animals (mainly). I think we will stick with Norse Myth for this batch of games.

  66. Is anyone against the theory of going back to Kalos. I think it’s something a lot of people want and GameFreak usually listens to the community (not in terms of news though). So does anyone think this won’t happen or doesn’t want it to happen?

          1. Because we were just there
            New games are supposed to be new regions
            (Obviously this doesn’t apply to sequels and remakes)

          2. So I’m guessing you didn’t like Gen 2? Because even though we were there, we have a TON of unanswered questions. So do you think maybe that GameFreak will answer all the questions in the new region?

          3. Johto gets a pass because it region was meant to be connected
            But people saying Kalos to Hoenn that’s what really Gear Grinds my Klinks

    1. I want a return to the best region so far, UNOVA! Give me MEGA SAMUROTT NOW! I wouldn’t mind a return to Kalos, but I think it should be Unova…

      1. I’m definitely on the same page as you. I absolutely love Unova (it’s my favorite region) and would love to return there as soon as possible.

        1. And if these “fusion” rumors are true… what was the first region to fuse? Unova…

          1. While I hope they aren’t, you’re right. Fusion would really take away from the core premise and simplicity that the games are known for. Using it as a gimmick of sorts in BW2 was fine, but having a full-fledged mechanic would ruin a lot.

          2. Oh me too, I hope there is no such thing as fusion in Sun and Moon and the rumor is just that, a rumor… I think it’s a terrible idea… But then the two legends could fuse together to cause an eclipse, solar or lunar depending on what version… Based on the same method that was back in Unova….

          3. Yeah, having some kind of legendary-based concept would be fine, since it affects the legendaries and just that, like Black/White Kyurem. But having general fusion among Pokemon would be chaotic, and quite frankly, would have me lose interest in the games.

      2. Git in line buster, if any Unova Pokemon deserves a Mega it’s my pride and joy (and Second in command) EXCADRILL

        1. Never thought a Fairy-type user would be saying this, but I actually really love Excadrill. It was fantastic when I used it in BW.


    2. I’m not against it at all. I feel like waiting for Gen IV and V remakes is far too lengthy of a wait in order to uncover the loose threads left by XY. I’d love Kalos as a postgame or it being part of the main story, but as long as we have something interesting to do at the conclusion of S/M, I’m satisfied.

      1. True. Honestly, I loved HGSS for its really good and LONG post game. I love it when the story continues even after you beat the champion!

    3. Honestly, Unova did so many things RIGHT. But it did it DIFFERENTLY. And I love that GameFreak went out of their way to make a great story and for the first time I found myself in between an actual moral war in a pokemon game XD

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The whole truths vs. ideals concept that was present throughout the titles added a different kind of depth to the games. All of a sudden the game is less about catching ’em all and conquering the gyms, and more about establishing the most correct moral beliefs.

        1. S&M should add a feature where you can choose what morals you believe in. You could choose what side you want to take

          1. Interesting. Maybe instead of having one villainous team there are two neutral teams, and when you pick the one you want to side with, then the remaining group turns hostile while the one you chose becomes your ally.

        2. The games felt very real because of the reality striking you hard in the beginning: the struggle between Cheren and Bianca, You and N, and Ghetsis and everyone in the between.,.

          1. And the reason those names always stick with me is because of their involvement throughout the entire story. I can’t even remember the rival names in XY because of how lifeless and useless they were in terms of the plot. We saw them a few times and that was it, whereas players could really make a connection with characters like Cheren and N.

          2. Exactly. The whole traveling with friends, scrap it GameFreak. I feel like everything wrong with X and Y will improve in these games. Kind of like everything wrong with Gen 4 was improved in Gen 5.

          3. Much agreed. All of these new concepts they are trying with multiple rivals and all that just isn’t working. BW were truly the first games that struck a chord with me as a Pokemon fan, as everything about them seemed perfect. GF needs to go back to BW’s success and mimic everything it did right for future games.

          4. I really hope GameFreak listens. I mean, IGN gave Black and White (and sequels) a very high rating. One of the highest ever for pokemon.

          5. What if your rival was initially your friend, but after being constantly beaten by you and discouraged, he becomes hostile? Near the end of the game he joins the evil team and opposes you. It would really tap in to how certain circumstances in the real world can change people.

    4. I’m personally very vocal about the fact that I thought Kalos was linear, boring, and the locations weren’t memorable or anything that I would want to explore again.

      1. Same here. I thought the graphics were beautiful. But everything else was bland and tasteless.

        1. But that’s why we need to go back. We should get to see more to Kalos and give it a chance to redeem itself.

  67. Speaking of Legends what if we got a Mythic purely inspired by Kaijus
    A gigantic monstrosity that emerges from the depths to destroy stuff, but lurks in a diving area where you can battle it

    1. I’m not sure. The first ones were great for the characters and plot. And then Black and White 2 improved on better Pokedex. So I’m not sure.

        1. He was awesome but his goal was a little puzzling. I was like, yo you must really love your sister’s purloin.

          1. It wasn’t about the Purrloin lol. He wanted to be strong enough to take care of his friends and loved ones so that he wouldn’t stand by helplessly.

    2. The new content that BW2 brought forward, from the World Tournament to the plethora of different legendaries easily makes for a great game. However, I never got to play through Black 2 completely, so I can’t make a full impression on everything the game offered. With that said, I’m gonna have to say that Pokemon Black/White are the better of the two, at least until I get around to playing their sequels.

  68. So with my question out of the way, what country or area do you guys think we will see in Sun and Moon?

    1. I would love Spain (Barcelona is my favorite city int eh world), and I really don’t know if we can take ONE screen shot and say oh, it’s a tropical region. However, there are many more clues pointing to Hawaii (the rainbow license plate, the tropical region, the woodpecker/cardinal)

      1. BUT I WOULD LOVE A CALIFORNIA REGION!!! I mean, WE ARE THE GOLDEN STATE OF SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!! AND WE ARE LINED WITH THE OCEAN WHICH THE MOON CONTROLS! Plus, I live in Southern California so… I’ve been DYING for a region based off Cali

    2. I’m starting to think that hawaii is pretty plausible. There is, of course, the glaring information from the trailer. And after all, other than hoenn, recent generations (black & white and x & y) had very few water routes. Gamefreak could very easily make the region have varying, interesting terrain while keeping the water routes at a medium, more than black and white but less annoying than hoenn level. In my opinion, adding more water to a region makes it more scenic and interesting if done right

      1. Could be. I do hope this region is connected somehow to another one. Hopefully Kalos though.

  69. *4:46 CoroCoro HQ-CoroCoro Valt* *A piece of roof drop to the floor in the valt room*
    Ok so far so good.*Grabs a Really long rope,lassos a big tree to keep hold of the rope,make his way down and make his way into the valt* Here i come leaks!

  70. Has anyone created their own Pokemon story? With region and starters and everything? If so, show us what you’ve got!

        1. Well when I say dex, just the names and their types
          One day I’ll draw em
          But do you have a chatango account

          1. I mean you should just give the name and typing. It’d be cool. But no I don’t have an account.

          2. Seriously, let me draw your stuff for you. I’m a good painter and would love to do stuff

          3. Urrrrr I mean it would help (since it’s a low priority project and I’m reeeeaaaaallly lazy) but what would become of my artistic integrity

          4. Whatever you want man. I have lots of spare time during spring break (which is in a week) and we can go back and forth on what you like best

          5. Nice!!! So I’m guessing you would like to draw them yourself? I understand why you would want that. Your vision, your drawings 😀

          6. Dude Chatango is what PJ uses for the Chat
            And the test run was to draw my final starters

          7. T_T just go to chat
            Make an account and you can privately chat with another member
            And you drawing is the test run

          8. Well whenever you see this
            Sproot’s final Evolution
            Ginormount Grass/Rock, a massive mossy green mastadon with thick rock like skin, a massive stony spire on the back and a imposing pair of tusks, long tattered leaf ears and a long trunk
            Cuburn’s final Evolution
            Appolleo Fire/Dark, a massive feline Pokemon with a massive mane of fire running down its back and to the tip of its tail, it has tiger like stripes that glow as it burns hotter
            Dottle’s final Evolution
            Percephin Water/Psychic, Finally a majestic Dolphin with long pectoral fins with waves similar to wings and three forehead pearls, two pelvic fins and lastly a beautiful tail

          9. I am seeing it. I’m on the chat on PokeJungle. Is that where I go? Lol I’m so confused. But if the chat doesn’t work then I will just draw this stuff of this.

        1. Well
          Sproot is a chubby Pale light Green Elephant calf with broad leaf ears and a fluffy grassy collar
          Cuburn a mixed big cat Cub maybe even a liger, bright orange furn, black stripes a muzzle of fire and a tuft of flame on the head
          Dottle a petite amphibious Dolphin with tiny nub like legs, semi-long fins and a pink pearl on the forehead

    1. So I built a version based on California, the Shor region.

      Fire Starter:
      Bear cub
      Cosio -> Grizzlioso -> Tuzelio (Fire/Dark)

      Water Starter:
      Dolphin (but is bipedal)
      Delphinius -> Maranapo -> Posidius (Water/Fairy)

      Grass Starter:
      Quaflea -> Doduff – Leafiave (Grass/Psychic)

  71. Here is my prediction:
    I’m guessing BIG TIME that the Moon box art mascot is going to be Water/Fairy.
    The moon in the natural world controls the tides of the ocean, which would also fit quite nicely with this region most likely being based off of Hawaii. And of course, many legends surrounding fairies are heavily tied to the moon.
    And then there is Sun. I’m going to think, to balance it out, the box art mascot for it will be Fire/Dark.(I’m not too sure though, just a guess, these both could also work being Water/Dark and Fire/Fairy!)
    These typings would also go nicely with the idea that maybe there is still a tie in to Gen 6 somewhere, with the mascot legends again being based off of Fairy and Dark typings, and how they may be connected to Xerneas, Yveltal, and ultimately, Zygarde (especially considering Zygarde’s Perfect Forme has the Sun and Moon colors alongside the X and Y colors on his chest).
    I also imagine that eclipses are going to play a HUGE role in the storyline somewhere. They almost would have to.
    I’m VERY excited for next month, because then, we will know for sure at least what they look like. And even if we don’t get their typings then, we can still speculate based off of appearance!

    1. I love the idea of a Fire/Dark and Water/Fairy pairing. I think it’s one of the more likely ideas for these games. Also, are you THE AuroraLights493? If so, I used to watch your Black and White shiny hunts!

      1. OMG! As a matter of fact, I am she! ??❤️ Lol, I use the same name for a lot of stuff online, it makes things easier to remember! ?
        That’s so cool! I’m glad you liked my videos! I’ve been out of hunting for a bit because of college sadly (gotta love being a Nursing Major ?), but as soon as summer hits, I’m jumping back with both feet first!
        My current target is a (hopefully) live Shiny Suicune on Crystal! ❤️✨✨✨
        Currently at around 4.7K SRs.


  72. *tries to find fan art of Glen from Pokkén*
    *there’s literally nothing*

    1. Because you’re literally the only one on earth that finds a completely irrelevant side character attractive.

      Now stop posting your tweets on here, it’s like déjà vu.

  73. I have always had this gut feeling that nothing will be revealed until E3. It just feels that way for some reason. .-.

    1. But we’re getting a huge scoop in next month’s issue. This time, we can afford to get hyped. Nobody knows what it will be, of course, but I’d say that full box arts (and mascot reveals) are almost 100% confirmed. At least one brand-new Generation 7 Pokemon is guaranteed.

          1. Wifi was down and I haven’t renewed my subscription and can’t until June.

    1. It’s a pretty safe bet. These censored box arts are a huge tease/advertisement for next month.

        1. It’s still the early slog after a reveal. Once next month’s CoroCoro rolls along and E3 happens the month after, expect lots and lots of new Pokemon and general information. The June/July/August/September leaks are usually constant in revealing 5-10 new Pokemon. You’ll be a happy camper later this year, we all will be.

  74. Just realized this September is the 10 year anniversary of Diamond and Pearl (in Japan). That makes me both nostalgic and sad. Gen 4 gets a strange amount of hate, but they’re so good. I might go on record to say they have the best soundtrack of any pokemon game

    1. 100% not with you!!
      Best soundtrack is on gen 5.
      Gen 4 really sucks, the mons look like megazords, the region is annoying, there is no new feature like day/night or climate effects, there is too much (ugly) legendaries. The only positive thing is the snowy road.

      1. That’s okay. I have a certain amount of bias for Sinnoh. I stopped playing after gen 1 but got back in during D/P. I just love all of the evolutions they added and I liked Cyrus as a villain. He is cold and calculating, kind of like Ultron. I also sort of relate to him, on a very basic level. I was listening to the music last night and realized that it’s better than I ever remembered. There are so many dynamic themes, I would love to see them remixed if they ever revisit the region.

    2. I love Sinnoh more each time I play through Platinum. It’s always better than I remember.

      1. I need to replay it soon. The only thing is that it can be vexing to go back a gen or 2 and not have the newer game mechanics you’ve gotten used to!

    3. Gen 4 was one of the best generations in my opinion. The only thing I didn’t like about the games was how slow the fights were.

  75. *9:09 pm CoroCoro HQ-CoroCoro Vault* *whistles* That is a Big Vault, Now how am i going to get the leaks in the big vault? Hmm *Snaps his finger* aha i got an idea!*he grabs his bag and pulls out a Spray Can that say “Door in a Can” on it* This will do the trick.*Sprays on the side of the vault,giggles a bit and walks in*

      1. The two guys are acting spy’s then took the pic of the box art but since the flash was on it ruined the pic

      1. I’m guessing it’s the GF building? I can’t read Japanese so it’s beyond me.

    1. What’s that tall building the blue arrow is pointing to from the what I assume is the Moon cover?

  76. For my own personal Pokemon creation, should the water start be based off; Manta Ray, Platypus, Dolphin, Sea Lion

    1. Platypus would be pretty cool and it fits with Gamefreaks Water stater pattern of animals that live in water habitats but don’t need to live underwater to survive.

      1. The region takes place in California, so Sea Lion would be better suited (the fire starter is a grizzly bear, the grass starter is a quail)… But I like the idea of a platypus. You don’t think it’s too much like a bird grass starter and/or Psyduck?

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