Pokémon Sun & Moon info coming May 10!

The official Japanese Pokémon site has updated with news that information about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon will be announced on May 10th at 21:00 JST (check what time it will be for you HERE).


We can only speculate about what information is coming; perhaps it is an announcement of the date we’ll actually be getting new info.

<3 PJ

  1. Finally we get something really real!!!!!! I can not wait! I hope it is a XY alike trailer showing some game play, pcs, the mascots and starters

  2. Trailer which shows a random gym or two, a random route, a random city, and the three starter Pokemon in battle. Ends with boxart reveal and the Japanese and Western websites going live with all the art.

    Alternatively: Uncharted 4 and Pokemon Sun & Moon crossover announced. Use the special (insert legend name) revolver or the (insert other legend name) machine gun on Uncharted multiplayer using a preorder code. Unlock Drake’s outfit in SM, or Elena’s for female players.

    1. Not quite yet. It could be a boxart + an announcement of a trailer announcing that CoroCoro will have boxart and a huge scoop announcement for next month.

  3. I can feel the flow of time slow down already until May 10…

    It is also the day before my birthday, heh heh.

  4. We still have a long time before the games are released so I think that showing the legendaries, the starters, 2 or 3 random pkm and some random cities/routes is more than enough for us to last 2-3 months.

  5. Hmmmmmmmm WAIT A MOMENTO
    Corocoro don’t do Silouettes
    If this is some kinda website leak, they have authority to do Silouettes while Corocoro will most likely fill in the blanks

      1. No, it’s only a silhouette when there’s a blacked out figure, this was just completely blocked out

    1. I love how you been freaking out about when they are gonna reveal news. Then they give a specific date when news is coming and suddenly you’re all pessimistic and reserved hahaha

      1. I wouldn’t say pessimistic but I will agree I’ve been oddly calm

        1. Yeah maybe that wasn’t the word I wanted to use lol Well Either way hahaha

  6. I really hope our character can be fully customizable. XY was a good start on that, but I want a beard in game too.

    1. And maybe add some kinda body scale
      I don’t want to be some shrimpy twig

        1. You can have that shining chiseled abs that you crave

          And maybe I can get a beer belly and barrel chest

      1. I hated that. What was the point of a haircut if it was covered up by a hat?

          1. Right!

            “Hey rival, you can wear the hat now. I’m cuter without it.”


            Also more hairstyles would be helpful.

          2. more faces to choose from is also a thing. Maybe you want to customise it like yourself.. Duh! More haircolours is a must aswell.

            Finally we can make Misty our pokemon trainer xD

          1. Yeah, if we even get character customization I highly doubt there will be beards. I’d be happy if we at least get more hairstyles and unnatural hair colors. C’mon, GameFreaks! Ever heard of hair dye?! Gimme purple hair! Also… more colored eye contacts. Yus.

          2. Agreed! More customization is good, but we’ve always been traditionally pre-teens in these games, no? Beards might ruin that aesthetic.

          3. Except maybe BW 1+2, where they were closer to adolescents… I doubt I’ll see Hilbert or Nate in even mustaches or stubble though…

  7. Probably it’s some text info announcing a screenshot, announcing a date, announcing a trailer, announcing some gameplay to announce…

    (drum roll)

    Magearna special move. lol!!!!!

  8. Yeah I definitely see a trailer coming our way. I wonder if it’ll be in line with the original XY trailer where it shows the starters, some game play, and teases the player characters. I imagine they’ll show the legendaires as well. Maybe a bit more fleshed out than Xerneas and Yveltal were in the XY trailer lol

  9. I just want them to reveal Solgaleo, Lunaala, Mokurou, Nyabby and Ashimari already.

          1. I know this is probably going to upset you, but I just thought I’d offer my opinion (not that its worth anything to anybody lol) but I think that a fire bull coming so soon after the fire pig is probably not going to happen. That’s not to even mention the Nyabby trademark (which may in fact mean nothing). If the fire bull became a minotaur (not saying it has to, but I think you’ve talked about it before) it would bear a lot of resemblance to Emboar… a pig with tusks and fire or a bull with horns and fire… just seems a little too similar. We’ve had a dragon looking creature, a porcupine-esque or weasel ‘mon, a chicken, a monkey, a pig, and a fox… all with very different designs. Just thought I’d offer this up if you wanted to discuss, otherwise, whatevs. I know you’re married to the idea, but just thought I’d offer another opinion…

  10. I feel like Nintendo us just trying to get ahead of the leaks with this announcement. Not that I’m against that, but it seems odd to me that they would make some news announcement right around the time corocoro usually leaks

  11. Honestly, as much as I don’t wanna get excited, there’s nothing wrong with this. I mean, it’s new information. I don’t cRe what it is I just want to know what these games are gonna be like!
    Let’s gooooo it’s hype season y’all

  12. The alleged mascot of Pokémon Moon’s name is not actually pronounced the way it’s spelled. If you look at the katakana of it’s Japanese name you’ll see that ルナアーラ in romaji would be Ru-na-ā-ra. It’s pronounced as Luna-Ala, meaning Moon Wing.

    1. yeah, but they might just combine the two words for the name of the pokemon. or they might make it “Lunala” in the english version only. It’s a small change that could maybe still happen even to legendary names that usually don’t change much globally. ♥

      1. In Ho-Oh’s case, it would just be Hoh. Not the name you want in a kid’s game :P.

    2. The official English is probably still Lunala for ease of pronunciation. They do this vowel contracting all the time with the non-legendary English names.

  13. It won’t happen, but I’d actually like it if the mascots were switched in terms of what gender is stereotypically associated with the sun and moon. Give me a badass, fierce feminine looking sun mascot and an elegant male guardian angel moon one (The first thing that comes to mind is somin like MagnaAngemon/Seraphimon)
    I mean they could be totally androgynous which I’d also be cool with, but I think it would be pretty cool to see a more original concept

  14. Watch it be the official reveal of solgaleo and lunala…or maybe the official reveal that they are fake 😉

  15. Hopefully whatever’s revealed will be cool enough to make up for the salt of Nintendo’s E3 abandonment.

    1. Why would anyone be even sour at the E3 abandonment. By announcing and showing their NX in their own press conference between E3 and Gamescom, they take all the spotlight instead of sharing it with others.

      1. Because for all these years E3 was one of the biggest things to get hyped for all year?
        Being a Nintendo fan they were always the star of the show for me anyway, so this 100% a loss. I understand E3 seems to be slowly dying by itself, but how can you not understand it’s more than a little gutting for many people that a big event that always delivered amazing news is going away? The good old days of Nintendo press conferences are already far away, but the spirit was still there in essence and it was still hugely exciting. E3 was like christmas or halloween, a fixture that promised great things. All through my teenage years it’s been there to brighten exam period, and then the one year my exams are early, It’s basically GONE :'( . Zelda looks cool and all, but just Zelda is not really enough compared to what we’ve had historically. A lot of people were expecting Nintendo to bounce back this E3 after last year’s dismal performance, with a huge NX blowout. Nintendo killed that hope out of nowhere, and it’ll be the first big console to shun E3 completely in a while. Now sure, things change, and that’s fine. But being sad and somewhat sour in the immediate aftermath is a logical reaction. I can totally get why some people are hyped that the big N are doing things themselves, but I think I’ve made a pretty comprehensive case for why being salty is totally warranted.

        I’d love if Nintendo brought back Space World, but since they’ve recently mostly been putting out arguably bad news, I’d rather not get my hopes up to that unlikely possibility. Nintendo going mostly radio silent save for Zelda in the short run was always gonna be jarring at this point because the opposite was expected. I hardly think Nintendo is doomed or headed for great harm in the long run, unless they cock-up the NX launch (which knowing them is to be fair a possibility, but hopefully unlikely). From their behaviour it’s reasonably being inferred that they haven’t got much to show apart from NX stuff, and since that’s staying under wraps and coming out next yearn, things are looking relatively sparse until then. It’s simply in the short term that us fans are headed for a dry run when we were expecting the phoenix to rise anew. Of course it’s going to make us disappointed.

        1. I’m sorry for your nostalgia, then.

          A lot of nostalgic things in video games are long gone, however. Gametrailers, Gamepro, Nintendo Power, Super Battle Opera… now maybe E3…

  16. I’m glad we’re finally get news!!!!!! The only thing I hate right is everyone is going to try and milk this announcement of us getting news on the 10 for actual news like the poke tubers and news articles, like come on y’all can’t hold on until the 10 to give your audience actual news ( I’m not counting websites like pokejungle or serebii ect cause they just state the point and not make a full length article or a 5 to ten min video)

  17. Arceus has finally blessed us with news. I’m assuming the CoroCoro will recap or add additional information to the news on the 10th. I’m still aiming for Trainers, Main Legendaries, and the Starter. I’m feeling the region map might be shown off, who knows? I’m utterly glad were going to get some news after being in the dark for about two, three months now.

    1. If it wasn’t the 20th Anniversary, they would of honestly I think announced the games in April or May. The only reason they did it in February was because of the 20th. Today on “Serebii makes you feel old as hell”, I was reminded of how ORAS was revealed 2 years ago to the day. And BW was also revealed in April of 2010, and the big news came a month afterward.

  18. South Kalos confirmed?
    at least it seems that there will be new Fire, Water and Flying gyms

    (picture from Pokemon XYZ episode 26 preview)

    1. No… they do this in the anime all the time. In “reality” there are many different gyms… It doesn’t mean there is a new version of Kalos coming out. I think we’re getting a totally new region, all new gyms, new starters (I hope for a TON of new pokemon, it’s time to stop recycling…).

        1. Each region had badges in the anime that were not in the games, showing that the path that Ash takes is not the only path.

    2. Ughhhh so many times people do videos based on these farce badges and I just want to punch them all

      1. I agree with you here. People just come up with some of the most ridiculous theories. A simple look back or scrolling down on the Bulbapedia page would show all of the anime badges and they’ll easily figure out that it’s rather common for the anime to have different trainers and rivals collect different badges to flesh out the world.

  19. I’m sure Solgaleo, Lunaala, Mokurou, Nyabby and Ashimari are the legends and starters, like I’m pretty positive, but what if they’re legends and a Mythical trio instead? As long as there’s a bird starter.

      1. It could be, but then it wouldn’t be a starter. All starters are primarily the colour of their element (green for grass, red for fire and blue for water). The woodpecker is red, black and White. The red colour means it could be the fire starter, but then the name and basis don’t make sense.

        Personally, I think that the woodpecker is the new regional bird, and Mokuroh will be the grass starter.

        1. Actually we still didn’t see its color yet , for me I don’t believe there will be a new stater.

          1. They did, it’s at the very end of when they showed it in the trailer. It was only shown in colour from the back though.

          2. nope, dude this is Maya software the selection surface tuning red …..I know its face is white but the rest of its body didn’t confirm yet cuz grey is the standard color in Maya.

          3. Oh okay, I didn’t know that. I still say it’s most likely the new pidgey, but it could be the grass starter.

        2. I will throw in GF said they were going to be less predictable so they could throw curve balls with anything.

          1. They did, but it seems like a very odd thing to change. Starters are iconic of their generation, and they are the first Pokemon of their type that new players see. It’s easiest for them to work out types if they’re colour coded.

          1. True, I’ve been told by Shady that what we saw might not be the actual colours. It doesn’t look like a crow (the beak is too small) or owl though, assuming the leaked names are true. I’ll be very happy if it’s confirmed to be the grass starter, but personally I think it’s more likely to be the new regional bird.

  20. My bets since Masuda retweeted all announcements, said thanks for waiting, and look forward to this big news, is:
    That we get an overworld trailer similar to the XY announcement. All trademarked mons turn out to be for pokemon as speculated. We get the legends, and starters, and then a random new mon that will be named after the last trademark no one speculated on. Not marshadow but the other one. Though if marshadow’s a normal mon, I could see it showing up. CoroCoro gives us the same info, with some hints to what it all means. Also region is confirmed.

    1. I thought the same thing. They jointly revealed starters and legends last time, and that is seeming to be the most likely scenario this time as well.

    2. Yeah i think the same!
      Its going to be a lot o news(cause we have like a bird and a hotel?) and then a dry phase…
      And a think coro coro will hint a type reveal for the next issue!
      I guess the trailer will have a release date!
      On xtmas? ?
      So, its
      Gonna be on the 10th at 21:00 in japan?
      Humn… 09 am here in brasil…. Cool!

      1. Yeah, the bird might show up as well. I think release will be November. I doubt they release it before Black Friday as that’s a major sales holiday.

        1. I’m going to go with November 25 in most countries including the United States (the last Friday in November), and possibly December 9 for Europe. These dates seem traditional and expected for the series.

          1. This could work, around Black Friday, and before Christmas. It could fit well. We will probably get the actual date on Tuesday.

        2. Watch them delay it to Mid-January, where there’s no sales what soever.

          That way, people will want to buy it, so they’ll pay the full price.

          1. Brand new games are typically marked down for sales until a month after release. If there is any sale, it’s a BOGO “% off”, “$__ off”, or “bonus sticker” or something. November/ October is the most likely launch.

          2. Nah they wouldn’t do that. It be a bad business move, they’d lose money that way.

  21. In the last part of Masuda Tweet he wrote “ciao” in italian: the translations were made by Masuda himself. He translated all the message in english except for the “ciao”. The Japanese kana used (チャオ) are the exact transcription of the italian “ciao” [chao]

  22. *11:37 Pm CoroCoro HQ-CoroCoro Jungle* *The Elevator went all the way down until it made a ding sound,elevator doors opens up and Wonder and awe went to his eyes* (0-0) Wow CoroCoro Jungle the legends are Real the famous CoroCoro Jungle where the the wild CoroCoro Leaks roam, Let’s see according to the map CoroCoro Temple where The famous CoroCoro treasure is at is 500 miles its Adventure Time! *Grabs his bag,switches from his metal gear snake suit to his Indiana Jones suit and starts Exploring.*

    1. This… what does it mean? D:







      あの時もドキドキ ワクワクして











      1. From what I’ve heard elsewhere on the internet, it’s essentially him saying that he’s started a countdown to the news and asking all fans to do the same. I don’t know Japanese though, one of the other users will have to confirm this.

        1. In the graphic, other than the 3 days Sun/Moon Info, they’re all Pokemon Centers (stores) that Masuda will be visiting for signing events.

      2. The graphic shows pokemon centers Masuda’d be visiting for signing events.

        TOKYO BAY

        Then it’s Christmas and New Year.



    1. Hmmm I don’t like these Soraleo? Solgaleo sounds better
      And Lunaptera it makes it sound like a Moon Pteranodactyl……Shit Lepidoptera
      I really hope these aren’t real or if they are they’re tweaked

      1. SO-RAY-LEE-OH

        #805 Vers 1,1: “The guardian of day, this legendary Pokémon’s power stems from sunlight it collects while it flies.”

        #805 Vers 2,1: “It’s roar is known in mythology to bring day to the world and vanish darkness”

        #806 Vers 1,1: “The guardian of night, the dew drops that collect on this Pokémon’s wings resemble a black night sky.”

        #806 Vers 2,1: “It’s wing are described as being large enough to block out the sun. It’s hypothesized the water it collects could fill oceans.”

        1. That still doesn’t sound right you can’t get the Ray sound from Ra and the p is silent in Lunaptera
          Where are your sources troll

          1. Pronunciation may differ. There’s no official audio of pronunciation yet that’s available to me.




    1. Owley? Doesn’t sound very plant like
      But Magmeow and Finleo kinda work

      Ugh I don’t know why but I’m rooting for the Sea Lion which feels weeeeeird since I never liked Water Starters (Except Totodile)

    2. So you’re implying that the 4chan leaks are real? Very interesting indeed…I don’t believe it at this point.




    1. The other sets of names sound possible, but if Marshadow is the third legendary, it won’t be revealed on tuesday, nor will any other legendaries besides the main two.

    1. That…is terrifying. I feel like if that was ever a pokemon, it would have to be Dark/Flying or Psychic/Flying, maybe Grass/Dark if it must be a dark type.

      1. Nowhere near a psychic type boyo
        This is a extremely feared monster

        1. I can tell, I’m slightly afraid to go to sleep now :p (I’m in Sydney, it’s 10:30pm here). The psychic/flying suggestion was for if they decide to dial down the menace, and since I think the typing makes sense for an owl.

      2. They’d probably make cuter versions of owlbears for pre-evos though.

        Top-level starter evos tend to look fierce anyway…

    2. I’ve always loved Owlbears. At one point I wanted to make a sentient owlbear character and they’d a good guy, like Drizz’t. But they’d tell me, why don’t you make a dark elf instead? Heh.

      1. I remember in one of my campaigns I got my foot sliced off and we replaced it with a Dire Owlbear’s paw/talon

    3. If u mean it should have claw that’s right but parrot is more fit to this concept ….u know their is a connection between parrots and dinos in addition some parrots spices r not able to fly.

        1. it’s not mine …I didn’t use my emotion when I judge something. it’s logic bae.

    4. Wow a Pokemon version of this creature would simply be phenomenal. I personally LOVE the idea of an avian grass bird starter and I hope that its final evolution is something slightly left field, smartly designed, and bad ass just like what they did with torchic and blaziken… Two fire chickens… The results Couldve been disastrous and the same for piplup, who is also a bird

  26. Pokémon Bank for iOS and Android will be launched Holiday 2016, those who sign in to the app version before April 2017 will be given a shiny Arceus to celebrate 10 years of DPPt.

    PokéTransporter for 3DS will be updated to include Pokémon RBGY Spring 2017.

  27. All these clues leading to different areas: Spain, Italy, U.K, Southern France. Why not just give us all of Europe at this point.

    1. Amateur game contest… It seems like someone in the studio probably developed it themselves and are associated with GameFreak. They might have hired that guy based on the picture with working on that game. His name is Mr. K and he was working on the game for that contest before GameFreak hired him, hence why this footage was from 2015.

  28. Hey everybody, I am Tom from Belgium. I’ve been coming to pokejungle since they announced pokemon X&Y and I’ve watched what was happening on th website from afar. I thought that with the soon to be release pokemon S&M I could be joining the fun so I suscribed. You guys seem to be such a tight and friendly community, I couldn’t help but try to join you guys ! I hope you don’t mind 🙂

    1. Welcome to the party! Hope you enjoy your stay.

      This site usually gets quiet in between game releases but when there’s a new main series game, when it’s out, and in the weeks to come, it gets all fired up.

    2. You’re just in time! From Tuesday until the release of Sun and Moon there will be enough news for us to discuss I think.

    3. To join the Pokejungle clan thou must pass three agonizing trials of suffering each more painful then the last

    4. Hello, it’s nice to meet you! I’m your friendly do-nothing moderator. Glad to be of assistance 😛

      This place goes from extremely quiet to extremely busy, depending on the news. Expect 100 comments per minute and lots of spam on Tuesday morning…that’s why I’ll be up at 4:30AM. Oh boy.

          1. I said that the announcement will be at 2 pm for me, then you said the announcement will be at 11:21 pm for you, but that doesn’t make sense.

          2. I’m in EST, and it’s 2:00 PM for me. If it’s 12:00 AM for you, that means there’s 10 hours between us. The event occurs at 8:00 AM EST, so add 10 hours and that’d be 18:00 IST (or 6:00PM IST), if I did that right.

      1. Nice to meet you too! Yeah I know, I’ve seen that during the X&Y pre-release period! It was so uch fun coming here reading all of your comments 😀 I can’t wait to catch the next hype train !

    5. Hi Tom from Belgium. I’m Chico from Florida. There’s a lot of belgian waffles on this site, honestly. Maybe you can meet some of them haha.

    6. Bonjour, hallo or guten Tag, depending on where you come from! Enjoy your stay :).

      1. C’est bonjour pour moi :)! I’m from Namur in the french part of the country, but I’m in college in the capital so both works for me! and thank you, I’m sure I will 😀

        1. I study in Leuven so that’s totally not far away from me! My French isn’t the best, but always happy to hear someone can speak both!

          1. I did not expect to find another belgian guy around here! Leuven is such an amazing place for parties!! My deutsh isn’t amazing at all to be honest! I can understand it and ear it but speaking it is so hard!

            You study there ?

    7. Hi I am MenacingCascoon
      Nice to meet you
      What’s your favorite pokemon and why?
      Also I lowered your attack by two stages due to my ability

      1. My favourites might be Luxray or maybe Torterra, one of them either way, what’s yours ?

        1. Mine is Blaziken I really like Blaziken and it was one of my first pokemon, and I have a lot of good memories with it.

          1. Yeah, nice pic, but when it comes to fire/fighting type, I’m all for infernape :p! He’s my man :D.

          2. Hahaha, imho this one is the worst of all. I just can’t deal with his face x)

          3. I’m the Raging Earth, the Thunder from deep under, the very ground shakes with my presence!
            For I am Earthen “The Down To Earth Trainer”

          4. tbf I don’t like Infernape or Emboar
            Blaziken is the only one for me

          5. Yeeah I know, that’s why I ask actually! I’m playing him physical atm but I wanna try a special one ::)

  29. I’m going to play some more Diamond today and catch up on a week’s worth of Game Grumps. I’m in full Pokemon mode from now until May 10.

    1. I’ve been working mah butt off so I can build a brand new Desktop since my beloved Laptop is like 7 years old
      So in the meantime I’ve been on a gaming spree
      Paper Mario 64, Thousand year door, Majora’s Mask, Shovel Knight, Sonic Heroes, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Smash 3DS every other hour, and I might end up playing Fairly Oddparents Shadow Showdown
      So many games yet nothing fills the void

      1. I feel the same way. It’s getting more difficult for me to just sit down for hours and play a game. It’s certainly a depressing feeling, but I’m convinced it’s a phase.

        1. Hopefully when I get my new computer I can get Overwatch and join my brother can his friends

          1. My PS4 is getting here on May 10, which is a funny coincidence. That will be the best day ever. Maybe I’ll get Overwatch sometime later for that.

          2. Dude you know I like hitting things with a gigantic friggin hammer

        1. Well you should try something different for once, cuz clearly we ain’t getting one for a while mate

          1. No, but thanks for the offer (even though this is like your 1000th time). I can stick with what we got now and shiny hunting

          2. You suck on so many levels, it truly will not kill you to branch out an inch from the three games you play

          3. I dont think wanting a Wii U battle simulator is an unfair request. People can want more of what they like. And I wouldnt be calling someone out for not branching out when you only use ground types.

          4. Well still, dont insult someone because they have a difference preference than you do. If he is content with playing a few games let him. If he wants to play something different, he will.

          5. But it’s beyond annoying that he goes out of his way to not try anything, and then gives a big ass paragraph of bullshit Telly he’ll never do so

          6. Cant you just, ignore it? Like, scroll past it or just dont bring it up? It doesnt really affect you at all

          7. It does because I am a eccentric gamer and his closed mindedness rubs me so wrongly, at least others are willingly admit to try but he flat out doesn’t
            Is it wrong to try and get people to try new things?

          8. I mean I guess not, but if he is sure he doesnt want to try anything new, you cant really change his mind. And who knows, maybe he is busy and doesnt want to start games he wont finish. I dont know, just try to be respectful to other people’s preferences. I mean at the end of the day, it’s entertainment.

          9. Video games have the power to touch us in ways movies and books cant. I believe that 100% and I believe in the power of games. But the games you play are personal. Playing a game, unlike other media, makes memories for yourself. And if you find a game that is so near to you that you only want to play that kind of game, nothing is wrong with that. There is a personal connection there and for some, it’s hard to break. So let people enjoy those games and maybe one day, they’ll see something they find interesting and try it. But yelling at someone on the internet and insulting them will only delay that process. If you truley want him to branch out, let him do it on his own. If he doesn’t ever, oh well. He has his games, you have yours.

          10. Hey thanks for this, but I don’t think he will ever understand, so might as well not even reply to him anymore

          11. That’s fair. No one’s mind is being changed here so it is just pointless arguing.

          12. It’s just what he wants, a leverage so he can keep not trying
            Do the right thing and urge him to break out

          13. I’m sorry but he’ll never on his own power you know that, this kinda thing needs firmness, You know it’s better to try something and decide from there,

          14. Have you heard of reverse psychology?
            If you YELL at anyone to do something(and they are not kids)
            they’ll be like “Fine, I ain’t doing it.”

          15. But it’s literally my opinion on why I don’t want to play something different I don’t see how you call it stupid. Stop being a stereotypical person by rejecting other people for having an opinion. I don’t want to play different things, you want to play many things, and some people don’t like to play at all. We all have preferences.
            Seriously, can you act mature once in your life? You were bragging the other day for “being the oldest” but all that goes that goes down the drain when your maturity level is about at age 9 still. Oh well, I guess when you have the mindset you believe yourself to be always right. I cant change the mind of a rock.

          16. First of all I never bragged once about my age,
            And second big ass paragraph of bullshit basically saying you won’t try
            It’s one to have your own opinions but in this case it doesn’t apply because you never try, if you tried something and didn’t like it then you didn’t like it but at least you gave it a shot and that’s all I ask, but in this case your more stubborn then me, you are just as thick headed as me because you deny the opportunity for something new and do everything in your power to not try

          17. You two have to stop replying to each other or I’ll begin deleting comments and issuing bans. Each of you are at fault.

          18. It won’t kill me, but I don’t want to because I am fully satisfied with the games I play.

          19. So you want to play the same friggin games for the rest of your life

          20. That’s just beyond sad really, you could discover something you may like but you’re too adamant to try anything
            But you’ll just smugly blurt “Lol ok earthen” or “ok” and not let it sink in thinking that’ll shut me up well it won’t just proves I’m right

    2. I love Diamond! It’s the game I have the best memories of. I’m not going to play it until the remake, though, to have a fresh experience 🙂

    3. Do you know the weather right now? It’s snowing




      on Mt.Fuji

  30. Anime News everyone
    Two new titles emerge and they point towards the possibility of Wulfric being able to Mega Evolve his Abomasnow and the possible return of Ash’s Goodra
    Episode 925: Ash-Greninja VS Mega Abomasnow! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!!
    Episode 926: Find Carbink! Goodra and Dedenne!!

    1. According to a summary of the latter, it’s definitely Ash’s Goodra. They pass by Goodra’s home and decide to visit. Whether Goodra rejoins Ash’s team is up in the air though. While I’d like to see it happen, I’m doubtful since Goodra wasn’t in the latest Volcanion movie trailer.

  31. I think it is safe to say that since this is a website update (presumably) that it will be the Box Arts (therefore likely the legendaries being revealed) and the games release date. Possibly the starters too or at least a tease.

    May of course is historically a big reveal month when new games are coming out!

  32. I’m loving ChuggaConroy’s Platinum let’s play. It has really reminded me of the great parts of Sinnoh and my first time through the region.

      1. (actually this was from chuggaconroy’s letsplay and I thought it was funny and also theres no shiny charm in gen4)

  33. Ok, real talk… Why did no one ever tell me there was a Donkey Kong TV show? And why did no one ever tell me it was terrible?

    1. Simple. No one ever told you because it was terrible, and people were pretending it doesn’t exist ?

      1. Wrong! Donkey Kong 64 was very……very …..very…..terrible….lol


  34. Hallo, Im TheWaterDestined!
    I will be the new member of the Community and as the chosen one by the water, im here to wash away EarthenWarrior’s mud of comments. I will splash sense in the the discussion to flood your wave of nonsense and I will let turn up every user you try to burry.
    So let me welcome myself to this community!

    1. I don’t support your targeting of a specific individual, and I will delete any further comments that do so. With that said, welcome to our community…

          1. I’m actually going to be deleting your overly aggressive comments from now on. It’s just not cool, I shouldn’t have to give you a warning. Be nice.

          2. Hardy har har T_T
            It’s not the fact he doesn’t play, it’s the fact he refuses to try that sets me off

          3. Instead of disagreement why not see what I am trying to achieve and join my side clearly it’s not a heinous act and one could easily see an air of closed mindedness which needs to be opened wide which is not a fault

          4. I agree with your point man. Since he ain’t budging I’m telling you it’s not worth it. Yes, 2 games are better than 1, but if you like that 1 more than 2 games put together than just go ahead and play 1! If he doesn’t want to get persuaded, I suggest you stop trying to persuade him.

          5. But he should at least play 2-3 at least once then it’s fair to not want to keep playing, but he downright refuses without reason

          6. Maybe one day he will stumble upon another game he likes, but for now he wants to stick to Pokemon, then……there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

          7. The ones targeted towards specific individuals, and clearly not your normal rambling. You know what I’m talking about.

          8. This bad blood will only be resolved when he stops being so dang closed minded

          9. Grrrrrr why can’t one of these favor in my court for once, I am merely trying to convince him to at least give games a chance but he’s so adamant on refusal and yet I’m punished

          10. I mentally will not accept that kind of answer, he knows he doesn’t try and goes out of his way to not try. If he tried at least in a while I would accept it but he never will

          11. Who cares? It’s his decision whether he wants to play what he has and not branch out. It doesn’t affect the rest of us, so why should it affect you? I’m playing the same game series just as Menacing is.

          12. I play pokemon and racing games. Maybe the occasional [traditional] JRPG but that’s it.

          13. No, because I have no interest. I love my Pokemon and Gran Turismo and Suikoden

          14. Please do and I do apologize for adding more to the content. It wasn’t needed and I let it get the better of me

  35. My favourite is Empoleon and i hope for another penguin in sun amd moon!;)

  36. Y I am still not sure about legendary name ???……….r they officially confirmed?

    1. Solgaleo and Lunaala? They are official trademarks. We’ll find out on Tuesday if they are real.

    1. I’m surprised that isn’t already a thing. I can see a gila monster working perfectly for it.

      1. I want MY Warhog
        Guts/Sheer Force
        Hp: 110
        Atk: 140
        Spatk: 20
        Spdef: 90
        Speed: 105

        A massive 6.9ft Bipedal Humanoid Warthog with broad shoulders, massive thick arms with 3 hoof like fingers and a thumb, a wirly tail with a tuft of red maroon hair, his face will have two thick tusks and on his head a mighty maroon red Mohawk

        This Pokemon possesses a signature attack
        Piledriver: Fighting 150 base damage
        The user grabs the opponent and slams them into the ground with tremendous force, the user must recharge afterwards

          1. Actually, learning a Water-type move would be beneficial. Emboar learning Scald was what broke the Gen 5 games.

        1. I’m sorry to say they won’t give a move called ‘Piledriver’ to a fighting warthog. they’ll give it to a wrestling oriented pokemon like hawlucha

        2. You realize this has an extremely small chance of happening? You’re probably more likely to be hit by a plane than to have a designer across the world think up the exact same design and stats as you

    1. Why didn’t anyone like the Ferrothorn line? Yeah they both look stupid but that thing is a beast in single player with a Rocky Helmet attached.

        1. Makes sense. I try to find something good about each Pokemon but there will always be a few that I just plain hate…..Aromatisse….

          1. The only reason I let Azumarill slide is because My first ever shiny Pokemon was an azurill in black 2

          2. Oh sure u let it slide, the stupid thing only gets Play Rough and suddenly it’s a stupid Fairy
            It could’ve easily not been one and not change one bit

          3. Well the same could be said for Snubbull and Granbull. Why the @&$! are they fairy?

          4. They’re actually based on something fairy related in the origins. We’ve discussed it before here but I forget exactly but just look it up

        2. Yeah I agree with that X-factor thing. There’s just something that Tilts me to not like it, so I’ve never used Ferrothorn (or Forretress) ever, instead preferring Skarmory or Scizor for my fire-weak team member.

    2. Not gonna lie…….I actually like Ferroseed and Ferrothorn……lol I’ve never actually used them other than playig around here and there, but I do like their designs (Ferrothorn more then Ferroseed) and they can be pretty tanky with the proper care.

    3. I thought ferrothorn was pretty cool. i like its design and its a good battling pokemon and has amazing shinies so it is overall pretty cool to me

  37. These possible metagame changes came to my mind, after thinking about the link between Greninja and Ash, and the Greninja transformation (most of all the last one with that giant water shuriken):

    – “Burst” mode friendship stat: kind of “Mega” evolution without stones: requires a strong connection with the Pokémon. May the friendship stat become visible and have an in-battle “Burst” mode?

    – Trainer energy bar and/or trainer levels: Ash is KO after battling with Ash Greninja too much time… may we see some trainer stats? An in-battle trainer energy bar?

    – Move experience and/or levels: Ash Greninja is faster and more powerful, but also the Water Shuriken got a transformation and now is bigger. This made me think about kind of “move” mastering through move exp or levels, to them to become a bit more powerful.

    1. But Ash Greninja is supposed to be an anime mechanics to give Ash a Pseudo-Mega
      Because they aren’t going to dish out a gajillion Starter Trainer mishmashes

      This kinda thing really mucks up everything and I mean everything

        1. We don’t need all these stupid flashy weaboo mechanics that are basically the same thing with a different label
          Nuff said

          1. well calling someone’s theories stupid it’s a bit rude since you are always writing theories here and I think everybody including myself respects your opinions and don’t tell you that you should be punched in the face like u said in some other comment…

    2. I think this “Synchro-Evolution” is the “true” form of mega-evolution. What if this thing we call mega-evolution is actually a natural occurance within trainer and Pokemon but because of the mega stones and rings, this process has just been sped up. Thus, the mega-stone mega-evolution is a corrupt and unnatural way of mega-evolution. This adds to why mega-evolution can be manipulated by so many villains; because it’s unnatural. Maybe what Ash and Greninja have achieved is the true form of mega-evolution where trainer and Pokemon are truly one; Ash can “see” with Greninja’s eyes, feel his pain, and requires an immense amount of bonding and friendship. Of course this is baseless speculation so it’s probably 100% false but I guess it’s fun speculating.

      1. I like your theory, I also always felt that mega evolution was somehow unnatural, requiring a different mega stone for each specie… also making me think where those stones come from… and why only few pokemon have one.
        I didn’t like the concept and if what u said becomes true I think it will be the right direction for the metagames and the pokemon evolution concepts in general

      2. Oy vey, how many times must I explain this Ash-Greninja isn’t this syncho evolution

        “Ash-Greninja is the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit. The strength of their bond changes Greninja’s appearance, and it takes on the characteristic look of Ash’s attire. This phenomenon is also said to have happened just once several hundred years ago in the Kalos region, but it remains shrouded in mystery.”
        This is specifically a anime thing (and Gamefreak probably won’t implement it in Sun Moon out of favoritism)

        Look it’s not a bad theory but it would totally f*ck up the lore and the meta, we could easily live without this synchro-fusion weaboo nonsense in a main series game

        BUT spin offs and a game revolving around that is free territory
        I’m saying keep it out of main series

        1. There is a story line in the anime that the Greninja that saved Ninja Village looked just like Ash Greninja and would reportedly return to save the Village again (as it did with Ash). Then they seem to have stuck with it and it turns into Ash Greninja every time they battle. Its a anime-specific thing. It would a) be too complicated because there are three different starters and I think that because so many people were fans of the customization it will most likely return (hopefully). b) it’s a dumb idea cause they are just exploring Mega Evolution which happens when a pokemon and trainer are bonded (so maybe it will be Greninja’s mega evolution).

    1. Anyone? I can repay you with an item that cost the same BP as the move. It’d be really helpful if someone could help with this soon

  38. Had a dream that the starter was a grass/ flying lizard (based on a flying lizard… Go figure) and kind of basilisk-like. Besides watching it fly around, I remember feeling tricked because of all the grass owl leaks! Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

    1. I had a dream, there was a hippopotamus in my bedroom frying up hash browns and speaking French, then suddenly Abraham Lincoln bursts from the ceiling and clocks me in the jaw
      So I guess no more peyote before bed…

      1. I once had a dream Jimmy Neutron was bleeding grape juice and like… deflating? Like, he was just filled with grape juice and as he lost it he shrunk smaller and smaller until he just stopped existing.

  39. You know what’s funny? i was looking back at old articles form XY’s release period and I found the article that covered CoroCoro’s September issue that featured mega evolution. The comments under it are all so nervous about the concept. A lot of people saying that they don’t think they’d like it and that the scan must be faked. lol It really makes me wonder though. If Sun and Moon introduce a new kind of mechanic how will everyone react to it? I suppose it depends on what it is and how much it really affects the game over all. I’d like to think that people now a days are generally more open minded about the possibility of new stuff being added. sure if the mechanic is too wildly out there it could bring some bad things, but maybe initial reactions this itme around won’t be so negative right off the bat. lol

  40. OK guys. What do you want to see first:

    • Article series about my recent visit to Japan (was going to do this whilst there, but I lost reliable internet)
    • JungleTalk on the upcoming news
    • PJT update
    • Nothing

    Pls let me know! 🙂

        1. I’m a little rusty with my sarcasm, I hope to be back in form sometime soon. 😛

          1. Next to impossible since you aren’t good at it in the first place 😉

    1. I guess JungleTalk on the upcoming news is not necessary, since we discussed a lot on this thread already and the news will come in less than two days. I’d like to see more contests like we did with all the starters 🙂

    2. Not gonna lie I’d like to hear about your trip to Japan. I’ve always wanted to go and I like hearing stories about other peoples trip.

    3. I mean, I love learning about people’s travel experiences. And being in Japan 4 times I would love to know about how your experience was!

    4. Honestly all of those sound pretty good. I guess no JungleTalk is needed since we basically already stated our opinions in this article, but the other two are are great

    5. Let’s hear about your trip to Japan (because I’m interested) and then have a JungleTalk after the news breaks on Tuesday. People will be speculating like crazy so they should be given an outlet. 🙂

    6. I want to hear about your trip! Getting a snippet through your experiences would be awesome.

  41. I can’t wait anymore. Less than 39 hours to go. Give me news omg.
    To kill time: What’s your favorite legendary and why?
    Mine is Dialga, because of the typing and its killer design. Diamond is also the game I have played the most in my life.

    1. Lugia! He is so awesome in so many ways. He is in arguably the best Pokemon movie (2000), he is the box art legendary for my favorite pokemon game, and he is just the guardian of the seas! He is so cool!

      1. I like Lugia, but I actually prefer Ho-oh because of how majestic and colorful it looks! 🙂

        1. I like Ho-Oh but I like it’s shiny form even more. That being said, Lugia’s shiny form sucks and I wish they would change it

    2. Groudon because gee I wonder why
      The lord of the land and the King of all Ground Types

      And Primal Groudon got the better deal

      1. I love Groudon! Never really liked Kyogre until it got a primal, but obviously I picked OR because of nostalgia.

    3. Rayquaza because Emerald being my favorite pokemon game of all time Rayquaza the representative of it. I love the Green color and how menacing it looks. It was also my first level 100

      1. Emerald is also one of the games I played most. Loved it, because my older brother had Ruby so I had the ‘enhanced’ version which made me feel cool back then. Love Rayquaza because of the memories!

      1. I have never paid much attention to Regigigas, so I actually don’t know how I feel about it.

          1. My favorite movie out of the Sinnoh Trilogy along with Giratina and the Sky Warrior! 😀 <3 SINNOH LOVE!!!

          2. I love that they tied them all together too. That’s something I wish they would do again. It felt like they were really piecing together a cool plot. And it really worked since Sinnoh had such cool legendary and myths.

            Dang, Gen 4 was a great time for Pokemon

          3. Gen 4 had some of the best movies by far. I also obviously love the first movie. But I loved the legend and lore of Gen 4.

          4. IKR. Even though Gen 4 is my least favorite generation (just my opinion), I feel like it did a lot of things right as well. The lore was fantastic, the legendaries were by far some of the best and the movies and most of the anime were amazing too.

    4. Reshiram because it reminds me of Falkor and I loved that movie as a child.

    5. Darkrai and Mew tie. Darkrai because he’s shadowy and cool, and mew because it’s feline-ish and just adorable. Also it can learn every TM and HM, which is pretty cool

      1. Darkrai is beautiful. I love its design. Mew, I don’t know. He’s one of my least favorite cute legendaries. I prefer Celebi or Keldeo 🙂

        1. Mew’s design is a bit bland, but seeing as how I was around during the early days of pokemon, I always liked Mew as a kid. I’m not fond of Celebi, honestly. Its head reminds me of a wild onion, which I loathe. Its arms are all gangly and ugly-shaped, too. I was happy when it died in Pokemon4ever.

          1. Hahaha a wild onion, I can see that haha. I never knew Mew when I was little. The game in The Netherlands is in English and when I didn’t get the game as well as I do now.

          2. To be fair they never even gave us Mew back then so I imagine many didn’t know about it! 😛

          3. I know! I’m glad they started the 20 year-events (missed Mew though), but now Darkrai still requires you to go to the store and I have so little time and I don’t want to haha

    6. Darkrai : sneaky creepy and mysterious at the same time …he is absloutly my best.
      Ho-oh : I still remember the feeling when I saw him at tin tower I like phoenix though.
      Darkrai+Ho-oh=Yveltal imagin how i feel when I saw him when I saw him at the !st time.

      also like ..Mewtow,Giratina,Rayquaza and grodon.

    1. I hope the guy they look like what we want them to look like! (aka character customization)
      Also I hope we have a mean rival, at least if they do more than one rival, have at least one of them be actually very mean, and another super nice and generous, and the two rivals constantly arguing with each other. It would be nice if the mean rival was a girl, just a nice touch, since the girl rivals are usually very lame.

      …idk I just watched Digimon Tamers so Im just giving them the personality of Rika and Henry.

    2. I want the rival to be a douchey self absorbed egotistical asshole and overall bad person
      And not some edgey Silver or revenge seeking Hugh
      Like a total bastard

      Why because I’m sick of namby pamby good guys, a rival isn’t some endearing childhood friend Bullsh*t it’s some jerk who makes your life a living hell and takes every opportunity to one up you

    3. I definitely hope they have character customization. I think they will add it because of how popular it was. I hope we have two rivals like in Black and White, that way each person gets a different starter. One I want to be like Gary, full of themselves and arrogant, but the female rival would be like this. The other, the boy rival, would be cool and calm and totally chill and mellow and nice.

      I hope the clothes they wear change too, maybe as the seasons change or as you encounter them in different parts of the region, their clothes match (i.e. if there is a snowy town, they’re in cold weather gear, for beach towns they are in warm weather gear).

      1. I just really hope the overall DIFFICULTY level is raised. By the 8th gym the leaders should have 6 Pokemon all about level 45

      1. Considering how long it took to have a legit black character (5th gen) and then how long it took to actually play as one (6th gen), I doubt it.

      2. If they have character customization like X and Y there could be dark skinned protag.

    4. Maybe some diversity in it instead of just dark haired white kids. Though if they bring back customization (Which they SHOULD) it doesn’t really matter much I guess.

  42. I don’t know if there are any mothers on here. But if there are, Happy mothers day to you 🙂

    1. Urggggllllgggghhhh
      Mother’s urp day ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET
      *Food coma*

    1. Congrats 🙂 Getting any shiny legend outside of events is a major achievement in my eyes.

  43. I still haven’t gotten my codes for the birds. I swear I checked to make sure my email was updated properly before the deadline… 🙁

      1. old email doesn’t exist anymore, sadly.
        I’m quite sure I changed it soon enough though.

    1. They might still be sending them out. I got mine about a day later than everybody else. I agree though, it would be very late for them to send it to you now. I suppose contacting The Pokemon Company somehow might help you.

      1. Thanks. I’ll consider contacting them. Btw I remember you, ShinyXatu. You were kind to me before when I was going through a rough time. I was posting on another name then. I’ve also been known here as “Dialga-Brite”, and “Satori Komeiji”. So, congratulations on being promoted to a gym leader. I’ve been wanting to say that to you for a long time. ♥

        1. Yes, I remember you 🙂 I appreciate the kind words, I really do. This place is very important to me, as well as everyone within it. I hope things are better for you!

          1. They are, at the moment. Mental stability is chronically tough for me, though. ♥

    1. This week is crazy for me. Pokemon, Formals, Two projects due, Steven Universe, the fun never ends.

      1. Mufasa: “Look son, everything the light touches is our Kingdom.”
        Simba: “What about that shadowy place over there?”
        Mufasa: “You must never go there, Simba, that’s the Land of Exams.”

          1. Same but I procrastinate LIKE HELL.

            50% of my education has been procrastination. I need a PhD in it or something.

          1. Ah cool. In the UK, formals are where you eat fancy food and your professors sit at a high table…. Tis all very British

  44. Guys I need you to hype me up a bit… I was so excited March and April, having dreams about sun and moon etc…. But I’m not that hyped this time…. Hype me up please!

    1. Well, I mean, 2 days and we get info on new Pokemon games. NEW POKEMON GAMES BRO. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE HYPED FOR DAT!

        1. I also kind of feel less hype than April but that’s because I have lots of school stuff. so… yeah

    2. I’m not too hyped yet either but the hype will probably come around when we get the info

    3. I will admit, I’m not as excited as I have been. I think with all the failures we’ve encountered it’s now like, eh. Which, in a way is better because I’m not spastically refreshing Serebii and other pages.

      I do hope we get starters (all three evolutions would be nice but I know that is pushing it) and I hope we get the region and the characters. I don’t care about box art or legends, although considering what was leaked last month it looks like box art will be given. Watch, thats ALL we get…

      1. I don’t think that’s all we get. I feel like because the whole Game Freak team has been tweeting about this day and hyping it up. Plus even Joe Merrick (aka Mr. Skeptical) said not to be suspicious.

      2. I feel like legends are the best part of any region so I’m hyped! Not so hyped for starters. I have too many hopes for their evolutions, there’s too much cool fan art, but then the real ones come and it’s like ugh ( Delphox( SO BORING OH MY GOD ITS PREVO IS BETTER) Emboar ( From cute little tepig into… Plus the ball on tepig’ tail is just the perfect touch, and emboar lost it…) Or else you get Greninja, Samurott and Chesknaught where they abandon all the previous evo themes and just… Sorry starters make me rage a bit….

        I feel like we’ll get legends and something else, region map, a hint or two, region name. Starters may come next month. But if Ashimari is real, expect oshawott 2.0. Sea lion, with ‘Mari’ round in its name ( Oshawott is Mijumaru, again round). THIS IS WHY SAMUROTT SHOULDVE REMAINED AN OTTER! They’ve used up sea lions in my opinion…

        1. See, for me, it’s all about the starters. I plan my teams around the starters. No matter what my character keeps his/her starter (yes, sometimes I create a female character). I loved Fennekin, but yes, Delphox kinda flopped. Braixen was cool too.

          I think we will get the legends, starters, box art and HOPEFULLY region so we can alls top speculating whether it’s Hawaii or not. I think it’ll be a fire cat (hopefully more tiger than cat), a sea lion water thing, and the grass flying thing because of the leaks that came out (if they’re real, but it seems legit…)

    4. U see I am dark human but still achieve these tremendous feeling …..tell me about ur dream??

          1. Yes. In the morning, we get the news. But Masuda said AROUND that time. So it won’t be on the dot.

          2. The news is coming at 9 pm on the 10th in Japan. So whatever your time is at that point the info will be out. for me it’ll be 8 am as I’m on the east coast of the US. There won’t be separate updates or anything except for the CoroCoro leak lol

          3. Cool so yeah when I wake up Tuesday morning I’ll be able to see the news

          4. Yup!! I’m still not sure whether I’ll wake up or not for it. It’s 8 am for me so it’s not too early I guess, but I’m gonna have a long day Tuesday so I may want to sleep in an extra hour or so to get my rest lol

          5. I’m on the west coast so I’ll be thinking about Sun/Moon all day at school, lol

  45. Will anyone get three versions of the game so they can get all starters? I’ve pre-ordered Sun and Moon but depending on the starters I may add another version (ether Sun or Moon) so I can have three different characters.

    1. I’m hoping all three starters are really cool, then I’ll get all three versions and have three different characters. Cosimo (Moon) who gets the fire starter, Aurora (Sun) who gets the water and Jeff (???) who gets the grass.

      1. I love how your last character is just named Jeff and the other 2 have cool and very different names. hahahaha

          1. Not knocking your name at all! I just found it funny is all. The other 2 names are so out there and then Jeff is a regular name lol

    2. I think you should just get two games then on one, choose a a starter and put it in bank then restart and get the other starter but it’s whatever you want to do I guess

    3. No. I don’t have the money to buy three versions of the same game, especially because I won’t even beat all three.

      1. What you do is you start them all the same day, then save your game and continue with one version until you beat the first gym. Then you go to the next version and play until you beat the first gym. Then if you have a third version you play until the first gym is defeated again. Then you go back to the first one again and play until the next gym s beaten and so on…

        1. I don’t think I could do that.
          I’m content with just one game, if I really want to use another starter I’ll start a new file.

          I just wouldn’t spend $150 for three copies of the same game

          1. And you could do the same by banking your pokemon and deleting the save file

          2. I can do that by backing up my pokes to Bank and restarting. Once I beat a game I typically don’t beat it again if I restart. I could find a guy to have sex with by the time I’ve finished a game three times.

          3. And I’m not saying that I’ll get three for sure. The only time it happened was when Amazon sent me two by mistake. So I had 2 X versions by mistake.

          1. I guess I’m just a really avid pokemon player LOL.
            I also got and beat 5 copies of X/Y, as well as multiple copies of Gen 4 & 5 Games, including some Japanese ones. To be fair though, I have also sold some of them off when I was done with them. But I kept all the legendaries I caught on them. ♥

  46. I kind of hope that Corocoro will leak before hand just to troll gamefreak back xP

  47. *12:18 Am CoroCoro HQ-CoroCoro Jungle* *After walking 500 miles trough the Coro flora and the Coro fona he reached CoroCoro Temple,Looking on the temple door there was a sign that’s Reads: “Opens on May 10″* Hmm *thinks and snaps his fingers* I got an idea,I will set up camp and send invites for the CoroCoro Sleepover! *pulls out a human sized tent and send invites to his friends for the CoroCoro Sleepover!

    1. Yay!!! 🙂 I’m glad I’m going to be busy for most of tomorrow, the wait is going to be horrible. Here’s to hoping Corocoro leaks earlier.

  48. Masuda has said to look at the Pokemon YouTube channel, so we’re getting a trailer! A GAMEPLAY TRAILER! I honestly think we’re getting both starters and legendaries, the first gameplay trailer for X and Y had that. I’m so excited. Less than 24 hours to go!

        1. They could just show a CGI trailer of the two legends, or just the Sugimoris.

          1. For the record, I do think we’re getting the starters and legends though.

          2. Yeah, if I remember correctly, Xerneas and Yveltal were introduced with CGI and the starters with Sugimori artwork. However, the starters also had gameplay. Literally anything could happen tomorrow.

          3. You do remember correctly. 🙂 The XY reveal trailer had the starters’ Sugimoris revealed with battles between each other, and CGI of the legends. Then the next day, we got the legends’ names, and their Sugimoris were in Corocoro about a week later.

  49. *12:18 Am CoroCoro HQ-CoroCoro Temple* *inside the boy’s tent* Ok got the Popcorn,Party horns,drinks,Ultra screen TV,Snacks hype hats and more,Any day now:D

          1. Ok well i am going to Hype ‘R’ Us to get Hype Fuel for the Hype Train with may 10 on the way we need a lot of Hype Fuel!

          2. And I might go buy a deli platter
            There is like zero food in my friggin house

          3. Ok i’m back from Hype ‘R’ Us, I got the Hype Fuel for the Hype Train And got some Pizzas and Sodas and foam fingers for the big event.

    1. Doubtful our only chance is that somewhere tonight
      Otherwise we gunna havta wait 22 hours

  50. So is it actually dropping tonight since it’ll be Tuesday in Japan? Or tomorrow?

    1. Tomorrow at 5AM for the West Coast, 8AM for the East Coast. I’m not sure about other countries

  51. Ok so we’re definitely getting a trailer. I don’t think they would have a video on their YouTube channel if it wasn’t going to be that. This means that we could get the following things: The legendaries, starters, AND the player characters!!! I think we’ll definitely get the Pokemon artt, but we may just get the models of the player characters like we did for XYs trailer and then get the art at a later date. No matter what I’m suuuuuper hyped right now!!!! I wish tomorrow wasn’t such a busy and stressful day for me, but maybe the news will get me through it all!! lol

      1. Presumably there will be. Masuda telling people to look to the YouTube channel basically confirms there will be. You know……since YouTube is a video website lol

  52. So masuda ended most of his line blog posts with ciao. Could he be hinting to An Italian region? Or am I over analyzing everything becomes I’m so excited for tomorrow?

    1. Nah he does that all the time. I think he did that around the XY release period too. Could be a hint, but I guess we’ll find out soon lol

  53. My loins grow tight with anticipation, roughly 20 hours left
    What will I do until then…….
    Probably could beat Luigi’s Mansion in 4 hours if I just went after ghosts and not a drop of cash

          1. I mean I never done a dirt poor Luigis Mansion run
            It’ll all be worth seeing that shrimpy tent

    1. “loins grow tight”…..gross….lol I get what you mean though……still gross though hahaha

    2. I can do Luigi’s Mansion in about 4 hours at well. I know that game inside and out, as it is one of my all-time favorites.

      1. Well I decided to do a little Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
        But I gotta hold out until the 19th for Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC

  54. I really want to see customizable pokemon this time around. Ever since I saw Magearna I have been in anticipation for a build-your-own pokemon feature to be included with different combinations of movesets and abilities. More importantly, you get to customize the appearance of some sort of mech or stuffed animal pokemon. That would be a game changer I would literally spend days and days working on them.

      1. For once I agree
        But with that being said I feel that Seals should make a prompt return

      2. Wynaut? It is extending the Furfrou and Pikachu customizations. I bet other artists and those who like character customization would enjoy it. If you don’t, then don’t use that feature.

    1. This is a really weird concept… I think it’s Pokemon’s power that a lot is based on luck in the games.

    1. I can’t say I like Joe all the time……or really ever………but I do agree with him in this case. Until they officially do a “.5” gen it’s not something we can really say WILL happen or IS happening. People just need to get over the fact that gen 7 is here and that’s that lol

      1. I agree with him too, but he can sometimes be unnecessarily dramatic/ falsely pretentious ( even though he used ‘finite’ in quite an odd way here…) Chill bro! 

        1. Yeah I’ve never been a huge fan of his pretentious mannerisms and how he acts like he knows best. Sometimes I think he has some good points, but more often than not I think hes a bit stuck up and too bias towards his own opinions.

    1. At night, I think of you. I want to be your lady baby. If your game is on give me a call boo.

    1. Unless that clock was set up by the person who actually HAS CoroCoro then it means nothing. There is no way of really knowing when the CoroCoro leaks will come. Either way there’s about 15 hours left until the official announcement on Pokemon’s YouTube channel so news is coming soon no matter what lol

      1. I am just expecting corocoro before official announcement on Pokemon’s YouTube channel.

  55. Does anyone know where this info is going to be revealed? Corocoro will leak soon so this made me think it would be some real info, but without a “location” I’m thinking it might just be a tweet…

    1. Masuda said to look to the official Pokemon YouTube channel. So it stand to reason that there will be a tweet out around the time they’ve set up saying to check a video on there.

        1. Yeah I decided to change the Omega part to sunny as we are moving from ORAS to Sun and Moon lol

          1. My scene still good……changing pic and the name at the same time make ppl think u r a new member …but it’s good ur still here.

    1. Omg PLES ! The corn on the Cobb starter hahahahaahah

      Omg I’m dying. That’s actually brilliant.
      Stop the fakes this one wins

  56. I think the thing I’m most excited about is putting all the arguing over what the legendary and starter Pokemon will be to rest lol I like fakes and “leaks”, but it’s getting very tiring after all these months hahaha

  57. To pass the time, tell me your semi-last minute hopes or predictions on animals that the starters will be based on. I want another reptilian grass starter, so maybe another type of dinosaur would be good. I also think a bipedal grass/fighting jackrabbit would be good as well. As for fire types, I honestly have no idea. I do think I would enjoy a crab water starter, even though the fakemon below doesn’t look great.

    1. Earthen only demands that one of the Starters isn’t stupid
      I need a bulky physical attack my body chemistry simply cannot function without one

    2. I really want a bear fire starter, a lemur grass starter or a bird like a quail that turns into a dodo that turns into a peacock or bald eagle, and a bipedal dolphin water starter or a sea lion.

    1. 13?! Whaaaaaaa?! It feels as if 14 hours were remaining like 5 hours ago! Wtf time is a b*tch :'(

  58. So what do you guys want the elite four to be for the next games? Any specific types?

          1. Not specifically
            But nonetheless I firmly believe in the Four Elements

          2. Grass can suck it
            I’m not letting plant matter take over as the Earth Element, only Stone Rocks and Dirt none of that Wood stuff

          3. Hey without suitable soil them sissy plants would be shriveled up and ded

          4. And with no earth to lay into at the beginning it would be extinct

      1. If it were my favorite types it’d be Ice, Water, Dark and Fire but I would love a Fire and Water and Dark gym this go around rather than the Elite 4

    1. The more people count down the slower the time will go. lol it’s best to just go and do something else for a while and then come back once time gets closer hahaha

  59. Masuda seems excited about this announcement. Its trying to get my hopes up.

    1. In the past I use to get really excited and would be a spaz. This time I’m like eh. I think I got my hopes too much the past few months. Plus we know we will get something.

  60. I’m hesitant on a seal because we’ve had a seal water line (spheal and seel) and samurott. If the cat is a tiger I’ll be cool with it since arcanine doesn’t feel super tiger inspired. If it’s a fire lion though, pyroar will feel pointless. Grass owl sounds cool!

  61. I really want to see a bulky electric Pokemon this gen like a chunky battery, most of them are very weak on defenses and I really love electric pkm.
    I will take anything anyway haha

    1. “a chunky battery”

      Yeah I’m sure the same people that love Vanilluxe, Garbodor, Klink, Magnemite and Klefki will love that one too, haha.

      1. Always the poster boy of bad Pokemon
        Seriously Vanilite and Garbodor are never not in the same sentence

    2. Does it have to look like a battery? 😉

      Well we have some tough electric Pokemon already… the Rotom line, Ampharos, Eelektross, Zapdos…

    3. I did have this idea
      Electroscute and Conductodon which are Fossil Pokemon
      Stegosaurus’ with lightning rod plates

  62. Oooh Battle Spot maintenance and Badge Arcade maintenance plus a stability update… All at once…

          1. Don’t get me started. What came first were the ancestors of the chicken. Over millions of years, mutations occurred within eggs which eventually led to the modern chicken. So technically, the egg came first (the first stage of the first modern chicken). And yes, I know what point you’re making.

          2. Can the nerd babble lets just agree that both states are delicious

          3. What about a nicely cooked fried egg, American cheese and 2 strips of bacon and on a toasted bagel

          4. Oh man I could go for some bacon right about now…..*checks the clock, it’s quarter to midnight* eh maybe not…..lol

          5. Wrong. Birds are related to reptiles. You can’t have eggs without proteins found in the creature, so no matter what the chicken came first. Aside from the fact that babies would have no clue how to survive on their own.

            Any who, TPC YouTube/Corocoro is the chicken, official site is the egg.

  63. I have to say, I know this is kind of off topic, but the X and Y anime is a huge improvement from Unova. And Ash is actually a really good trainer especially with his Greninja. All his pokemon are fully evolved (believe it or not) and I also really like Clemont as a character. I don’t know I just thought I’d put that out there 🙂

    1. Speaking of which
      I wonder what of Ash’s next Region
      We’re bound to get the female Protagonist and a Gym Leader as traveling companions

      1. Hmmmm… Yeah. I’d like to know too. But I seriously think that Ash has a chance of winning the Kalos league.

          1. I think his team is as good as his Sinnoh team. And if there is no Tobias situation then he has a decent chance.

          2. Some dipshit or swaggin trainer will maguffin his way through
            We all know this
            Twenty bucks says he’ll get the the semifinals and go into cardiac arrest when AshGreninja mode

          3. lol. I think eventually the AshGreninja mystery will be solved, and maybe Ash won’t completely die XD

          4. It pretty much is
            Olympia foresaw Froakie’s past as a different Froakie who spent it’s time training and fighting
            And he rejected trainers that did not meet his expectations
            Ash was shown to be an caring and high spirited trainer which caught his eye
            Was caught
            And now as a Greninja, The Secret Ninja Village claims that a Hero and His Greninja possessed unique qualities
            Now Greninja when battling with Ash trigger an advanced state of sync which their minds and body become one (even showing heart rate matching)
            Up until now this form is shown to be used in short burst, only when the dominating force to battle empowers their minds Greninja’s veil of water condenses into a Gigantic Water Shuriken
            But this puts a massive strain on their bodies, so they must master this form

          5. I see. Well I really am rooting for Ash this time. But I hate the fill-in episodes that are so bad. I just want the main story XD

          6. Nah, he’ll probably get to the final, and then the writers have him lose to some irrelevant fuck character, like Tobias in Sinnoh or Cameron/Virgil in Unova.

        1. What about ZzzQuil? All the sleeping effects of NyQuil without the actual meds lol

  64. All I want tomorrow is starters. Those are some of the most important Pokemon of all. I feel like there’s a pretty high chance, as well. I’d also guess that box legendaries are a given, since they bothered to tease us with the boxes last month. 7.5 HOURS.

  65. My alarm is set for 4AM. Let’s just hope that this is worth the hype. Good night, friends.

  66. In an attempt to make time go faster… I hope… (And steal the spotlight :p) I think it’s time I did a proper introduction post.

    Hi, I’m the Great Guardian (a reference to a PearlShipping story I wrote years ago as a replacement for the anime). I’m Sri Lankan, but I currently live in Sydney for uni. I’ve been a Pokemon fan since July 2003, and have been floating around the Pokemon fan sites since December 2006. I like coming here to Pokejungle because it has the most lively community.

    And that’s really all I have to say. As I’m sure everyone else here is, I’m excited for the video reveal in (checks time) about 6.5 hours, but I hope Corocoro leaks earlier. If I see anything around the fandom about it, I’ll post here.

      1. Thanks Defensive 🙂 I’m in Sydney, let me know if you ever come here. It’s nice and warm in summer, but it can be annoyingly cold in winter.

    1. Nice to meet you~
      It’s kinda nice to meet someone from Sydney, you should send pics of it, i always wanted to see stuff from there, but living in the US about as far away as possible, i can’t do it..
      Welcome either way~

      1. It’s nice to meet you too. I’ll take a few pictures on my way to uni tomorrow and post them for you and Defensive.

          1. this is where u lost me.. xD But then again English isn;’t my first language

  67. Well Guys Today is Today,the moment of truth More Pokemon Sun and Moon Info! Get ready to Ride the Hype Train!

    1. Hey, the beauty in being disappointed is that we always get our hopes up only to have our hearts crushed again. Let’s Hype up the Hope 🙂

      1. I do it the other way: I expect disappointment so I’ll be real surprised and amazed when they actually pull through! (And feel normal when they don’t.)

        1. Haha, that DOES sound better… either way i don’t think there’s any way we won’t be massively surprised and amazed and overjoyed :’)

          1. There is, when they troll again.

            What if the info revealed was: “Here’s info on when you can get more info: June xx.” 😀

            This is stretching but right now, I have a reason to expect more trolling.

          2. While, I never (directly) said they were evil, I have said in the past they were trolls (Troll Freak) and businessmen (marketing and stuff), though. <3

    1. If you’re subscribed to Pokemon or Nintendo youtube channels, just refresh when the time is getting closer.

  68. The Hype Train is all filled up so all aboard all aboard to our destination: Pokemon Sun and Moon Info!

  69. 2 fucking hours left
    I highly recommend y’all subscribe to the Jap Pokemon YouTube account and mash that refresh button in 2 hours

    1. ah thanks, was wondering where and how I could watch it.., so no live stream? Just an uploaded video than?

      1. That’s the idea
        Hell I even put on push notifications for the channel

  70. Here I am, at 4AM. Feels pretty bad honestly, but hey, what’s one day going to do to me?

    1. oh wow sheesh……4 am…..I just woke up and it’s 7 for me. I had planned on just sleeping in today and catching up later, but my body doesn’t seem to want me to get more than 6 and a half hours of sleep…..It’s gonna be a long day……lol

      1. I’m not going to miss these reactions for anything. This is only 2 hours earlier than I would normally wake up, anyway 😛

        1. You have a strong soul to be ok with waking up at 4 am hahaha Anyway whether I had planned on being around for the actual reveal or not I’m kind of glad I did wake up lol

        1. i’m wayyyyy to excited to have lunch right now.. The kind of lunch i’m having depends on the news we are gonna get..

          If we are trolled again I’m gonna order pizza.. f*ck it

    2. That blows. It’s 7:30am for me and I finished my semester last week. I can sleep all day after this announcement.

  71. Just got out of my math final and going home so I can watch the trailer in bed and freak out without the fear of being judged


          1. I’m guessing legendary’s and maybe some game footage with old pokes, but deff hope for starters!! That’s the one think I look forward the most.

            The old and tough decision.. haha

  73. The Hype Train is all filled up so all aboard Pokemon Sun and Moon Info is on the Horizon!

  74. Masuda said that he is anxious about this news…I’m guessing that he hopes that the designs for the new Pokemon go down well.

          1. It’s the worst gen in my opinion. There are only à few pkm I like (zoroark for example)

          2. Excadrill
            And lastly the best of them all

          3. All my favorite pokemon actually come out of Gen 5: Volcorona, Hydreigon etc.

      1. I’m going to assume that Gen 7 will have “simplistic” designs, like Sugimori said back in 2013. I think that they will intentionally try to emulate the style they used back in Gen 1.

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