Legendary Bird Download Codes Arrive

You may remember that Pokémon fans who signed up for the monthly newsletter were promised a code to download Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres; if you did, your code should be in your inbox! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab the original Legendary trio with their Hidden abilities! Articuno has Snow Cloak, Zapdos has Static and Moltres has Flame Body (which also means you can use it as a breeding helper if you so choose).

Don’t forget that the Regi trio is also available with their hidden ability to those who download Pokémon Bank for the 3DS!

<3 PJ

  1. Nothing like getting 2 of each because I have two emails set up lol


        1. Ples don’t make me feel old I’m the eldest here all youngsters are like a breeze in the wind here haha 🙂

          1. Sure my age is classified but all I’m saying is at the end of the month I’ll be half way to fifty 😛

          2. Look, I know your persona is The Earthen Warrior and your tough exterior shows it. I used to be the same way because at least people responded to me. You don’t have to be so ridged. The fact that you even opened up with this shows me that you’re more than the brute Rhyperior we see – show us who else you are.

          3. Lol he asked me and u answered… Also my answer is below so why did you guess lol

  3. Darkrai, Shiny Yveltal & Xerneas, and HA Legendary Birds all in one month! 😛 Yay! We may even get actual news this Corocoro…

  4. I signed on ages ago, but have never received an email from them except to reset my password. :/

    1. I’ve found my issue. I missed confirming that I wanted to keep getting newsletters back in October. (mainly because I haven’t used that email in a few years) Looks like I’m missing this event. 🙁

  5. For those looking they are doing it in order of who signed up first so don’t worry eventually you will.

  6. Oh finally got the letter. Thanks TPCI, now I can use the Legendary Moltres as an egg hatching mon. The ultimate in swank and luxury and bragging rights to those NPCs I pass by…

    (And I just switched to Volcarona after finding out it can Fly…)

    1. In the past I used a Female Camerupt named Dagmar, then Volcorona
      Now my loyal Female Adamant Talonflame whom I’ve had so long it is now level 100

      1. Well I’ve never discovered Volcarona before in Gen 5 (I used Heatran haha) so I bored of Talonflame first. <3

      1. Well I’m not tired of Volcarona yet. I think egg hatching Moltres will get use in… 1.5 years give or take, unless Sun and Moon gives me a new option.

  7. Are the codes good only once or can they be used for each game cartridge you own?

    1. You go into Pokemon Bank and Prof. Brigette tells you that you received the regis and you can download them to your game via Pokemon Link. Then use bank and save the changes

      Then load up your game, and select Pokemon Link on the main menu before you get into the game. If you haven’t used this before, it will be a new menu item.

  8. So, any guesses on what the next CoroCoro will show? I feeling the main legends, trainers, and starters. Just something simple, yet better than any news we’ve gotten so far. I’m looking forward to next week simply just because of CoroCoro. They need to leak already! ;~;

    1. My guess is the same. But then again, I guessed the same for the last two..

    2. And for those suspicious about the Crow, Cat and Sea Lion tweet I wouldn’t get your hopes up since the font was off compared to Solgaleo and Lunala’s

    3. I’m hoping they bring back Pokemon following you like it HGSS. With the rumor going around that they’re adding the Pokemon cry translator it would definitely fit with that aspect

      1. Uh… I don’t know about that feature returning. It’s just going to length development and have issues with properly sizing the models. Yet, nobody knows how Sun & Moon is going to look. I’d say if they go for full-scaled models, it would surely happened similar to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. I’m not a huge fan of the feature, so a way to turn it off would be great.

        A Pokemon Cry Translator sounds crazy! I could image it being integrate with Pokemon Amie tho! Image them making an iOS/Android App around taking care of your Pokemon. That would make GameFreak literal millions. lol.

        1. As much as I liked the feature of them following you around, I do agree that you should be able to disable it at any point. Yeah issues with the sizes of each Pokemon would be a hard thing to figure out but who wouldn’t want to walk into a person’s house with a Wailord squeezing in.

  9. Why don’t you guys hold a poll to choose the best legendary trio so far like you did with the starter showdown. That was quite fun, and it’s a nice way of killing time until sun/moon are available.

    1. That’d be neat. If only people accessed the forum more instead of Disqus, Any of us can actually start a poll/survey thread.

  10. Wow. This is one misguided, uninformed article. I guess they haven’t that “Z” isn’t happening period. :/

  11. I seriously haven’t received my email yet. I get the newsletter every month, I don’t know what’s going on :/

  12. Where the frack is everyone
    In my boredom I created another Fakemon idea but I will have to change it since apparently Mithril and Adamatium are trademarked

    I had this idea of a Pseudo-Pseudo Legend under the guise of Mythical Metal Men as Minithril and Adamantitan

    Pure Steel Metalic humanoids which have great powers due to the mysterious alloy that makes up their bodies,

    They have a very unique movepool (Like naturally learning Flamethrower, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt and Psychic) a very offensive build with well rounded stats but HP has to take a hit

    It’s kinda like a Pokemon Superhero in a liquid metal body

    1. How does a pseudo-pseudo legendary work in terms of stats?

      Also, doesn’t Bisharp already got this covered? Well OK, as a physical attacker rather than a special one.

      1. I want it to be just slightly below a Pseudo-Legend without giving it a spot
        And granted Bisharp is similar but not what I’m going for much more even stats, somewhere around a bst of 590
        Just some fey magical metal humanoid creature with heroic tendencies
        But if I really am going to go full fledged superhero I can have it learn
        Bulk Up
        Frost Breath/Ice Beam
        Cosmic Power
        Bullet Punch
        And I guess Flash Cannon

      1. That’s the point
        Well originally a Titan but the superhero theme has potential

  13. Guys… Coro Coro will leak soon, though these last few days will be incredibly long… But I don’t think I’ll be as excited as I was last month, because I’m bitter from the waiting. Just want to put this out there before I forget.
    Everyones always like ‘you’re upsetting yourself they didn’t promise anything’ when we get no news These people tend to get all proud and sound like a know it all ( or like Joe Merrick on Twitter try and sound like elevated, logical lawyers ‘ you’re thinking is erroneous’. Yuck. Self righteous, argumentative. It’s become fashionable, almost. Please, guys, come on. People get pissed off cos they’re impatient, and there’s a magazine which may or may not bring news every month, and when it doesn’t, people are like why not? They’re just upset and impatient, like ‘ Man, I was excited for this, there was a chance to get news. Then they don’t, and they are like ‘ shit, I have to wait more, that’s not nice, not preferable’. There’s no point saying ‘ you built up your expectations’, or acting like their dissapointment is logically flawed. They’re just, naturally, upset like anyone is waiting for something they want and it gets postponed, it doesn’t need to be logical or justified. People should be allowed to moan a bit and say ‘ crap, I wanted news’.

    And it’s clear to see that the people saying ‘no, don’t say that here, we weren’t promised anything’ or ‘ I told you we wouldn’t get much’ are just saying it to cope themselves with the dissapointment they too feel. Just let people vent, it causes no harm. I’d certainly rather no one was trying to sound clever or elevated and people put a blanket on being pissed of than just letting people feel how they do. It’s so much worse when people pretend theres been no dissapointment and repress it then when there has been and people have a moan, ‘ really, more waiting?…’ The whole purpose of the postponing is to annoy fans, it’s like a sad ending to a film, sticks in peoples head longer. So next time if someone is as glum as you can get about waiting for game info, don’t say ‘ why you weren’t promised anything’. They know that already, it’s just not preferable to getting info and they were hoping for some, there’s always a chance. It’s certainly not as annoying as people trying to sound smart when really they’re just making it worse and not letting people feel disappointed. Go watch inside out and you’ll see what I mean.




    1. I think if they don’t at least take us to a space station once in these games then they’re missing an awesome chance…….lol

      1. Right!? Imagine the amazing views it would have if you could look out a window! Like this route:

        1. They’ll have to design the planet though. I don’t think they’ll do the space station. And as you know from X&Y, they covered the areas outside Kalos in clouds so they didn’t have to!

          1. Yeah, that’s true. They’ll probably avoid having to address how the planet/continents are.

          2. What if the entire region is just a gigantic space shuttle. The Pokearth was destroyed many centuries ago, and all survivors left in the space shuttle. “It all comes together” means that the entire human and Pokemon race are all together on this ship.

          3. Whoooooaaaa, that’s harsh. 🙂 But the protagonist should’ve known that already from the intro (unless it’s THE intro) unless there’s some government conspiracy to hide it from everyone…

  14. Received my email yesterday. But just think. A few more days until potential news on something good. Probably another announcement for an announcement that they’ll make an announcement at E3.

    1. We’re in for another “huge scoop” this month, so I wouldn’t worry about another tease. I think we’re finally set to get at least a little bit of information. If it’s “huge”, I’m thinking they could reveal starters or game boxes (along with main legends). Anything could happen at this point.

      1. Aren’t we pretty much guaranteed to get the box arts? They said so in the last issue, didn’t they?

        1. maybe this issue shows us the back of the boxarts but blurred again -.-

      2. I don’t care anymore. It was a joke. Which the last time when I said that, it was also a joke and it happened. So we’ll see. I’m just bored with 2016

        1. Don’t forget 2016 will also give you Sun and Moon.
          Let’s hope they don’t suck then.

          1. The only way they can really fuck up, is implement human and Pokemon fusions.

  15. Wow talk about a dry past month for news and is everybody holding their breath for next week or y’all think we might get news before corocoro???

      1. I disagree. The movie was rather enjoyable and I loved the addition of Spiderman and the Black Panther. The movie’s ending to a twist from what people were expecting. I can’t wait to see the next movie in the Marvel line.

    1. Cool movie, lots of fun.

      Without any spoilers, Ant-man, Spiderman and Black Panther nail it.

    2. #TeamIron | Your going to enjoy the movie a lot. It’s racked up rather good rating due to many unexpected twists in the movie. Your probably going to leave with a new love for Spiderman and the Black Panther.

    3. Taking my Father-in-law to see it Friday for his birthday. He’s #TeamCap also.

  16. Someone with an US version (on the US region) of the games needs the 3 bird codes?
    I cannot use them on my games because I have them in english, but my region is Spain 🙁
    I am giving them away for free

    1. Can they be used in Britain? Or is it just for the US versions? I totally missed the deadline. 🙁

  17. Well Civil War was Brilliant. A really solid 9/10 🙂

    Ant Man was very good in it, and redeemed himself IMO. All in all I really recommend everyone to see it if they haven’t 🙂

        1. I have bad memories
          I wanted to see it but my lazy stoner of a brother and his equally stoned friend took forever to get ready and we got there a half hour late and didn’t give a shit

      1. No it wasn’t bad, but the character does alot in the movie for the duration of his role 🙂

    1. Cap is OP AF!!!!!!!!! He’s got a hard frisbee… It’s never going to make sense to me how he’s strong he lacks versatility. Don’t get me started on black widow, she’s just a woman with ninja skills and a sassy attitude which gets her in trouble.

      But ant man, the vision, iron man and that telekinetic girl all have respectable superpowers

      1. Well, I guess Black Widow has the excuse of not having actual superpowers… OK neither has Iron Man, he just has the suit that does stuff.

        Cap at least has super strength in addition to his hard frisbee.

      2. Errr….Cap has been injected with supersoldier serum which gives him enhanced strength and durability. That’s kind of his thing…

    1. Apparently Corocoro comes out on the 14th instead of the 15th this month, as the latter is on a Sunday, so worst come to worst, you’ll have boxarts in 9 days.

      In terms of leaks, as I’ve stated before, they’ll most likely come 2-3 days early (the 11th or 12th). They could come on the 10th or even the 9th (4-5 days early) but this is unlikely.

      As for content, I’m only expecting the boxarts, and I would advise anyone reading this to do the same. This is however, a conservative guess so that I’m not disappointed again. Most likely, we’ll get EITHER the legends OR the starters fully shown (Sugimori and name, type if it’s the starters or if there’s nothing special about the legends’ types).

        1. Do what I’ve been doing, play Pokemon Showdown 🙂 Although admittedly I should be working on an assignment instead :p

          Leaving my procrastination aside, we could be getting news as early as the 5th. Apparently the Nintendo NYC centre will be closed from 9-10:30am local time on the 5th due to a special event. A similar announcement was made just before the Nintendo Direct last November. We don’t have confirmation that there’ll be a direct then though, but it’s something to hope for.

          If I’m wrong, and that’s quite possible, I sincerely apologise.

          1. Lol, Sunny posted about the closure while I was typing that last post.

          2. I showdown literally everyday
            And it has been a shitty losing streak

    2. We get it you want info, but whining like this won’t make it come any faster, so what’s the point of begging for more info on 80% of your posts.

      1. You shut your mouth, it’s been insanely boing and lonely, this is all I got to keep me going

        1. Whining and complaining is all you have to keep you going? Seems fruitless, why can’t you whine and complain to yourself?

          1. well looking forward for Corocoro, but still it’s better then just talking to myself

          2. Well could you please at least act mature about it, no need to whine, most people want info as much as you.

  18. Uh-oh. I redeemed the Articuno and Zapdos on my X version, which is running a French language Nuzlocke right now. They will forever be known as Artikodin and Electhor respectively from now on. Watch as Gamefaqs users call them “renamed”.

    I’ll go redeem Moltres on ORAS now…

    1. Well you could get to the name rater and change them if you really cared. lol

        1. OH!!! Yeah I didn’t think of that……It’s because they have different OT’s………oops lol

      1. Well, I tried. <3

        I wish it worked, but now I gotta live with it. I got the two birds with norse god names.

        1. So why does Sulfura (Moltres) not have a Norse god on its name unlike ArtikODIN as well. Unless there’s something I’m not realizing about Sulfura’s name.

          EDIT: Oh, it’s an egyptian god, Ra.

          1. Good question, from what Bulbapedia tells me, Sulfura comes from Sulfureux (Sulphureus, i.e. to do with sulphur) and Ra. It does seem odd for two names to come from Norse mythology and one from Egyptian, but that’s where Moltres’ name comes from.

          2. French Localization Team: “Nice, let’s name them after Norse gods!”
            (Artikodin, Electhor named…)
            “…wait a sec, there aren’t any fire or sun gods in Norse Mythology…”

          3. “Loki, the Trickster, challenges the structure and order of the Gods, but is necessary in bringing about needed change. He is also known as the god of Fire.”-Part of what came up when I googled “Norse fire god”

            But Sulfoki/Sulfuroki/Sulki doesn’t sound quite right. And yes, the last one is a joke.

  19. So the second floor of the Nintendo store will be closed tomorrow for a private event…….prolly nothing tho…..lol

  20. I’m bored to waiting, so here’s my own region roughly based on Australia for my own imaginary Pokemon games.
    I call it Taieo. Name comes from the words Taiheiyō (Japanese for ‘pacific ocean) and ταξίδι (Greek for travel).

  21. Today is the day of full synch Ash-Greninja

    So in the upcoming Anime Preview
    That Green Haired runt managed to get a Doublade and surprisingly a Clawitzer
    Mega Sceptile
    Salamence (bound to be)
    Aegislash (bound to be)

    But I also learnt that Ash is actually going to lose to Wulfric which leaves me a scrap of hope that Ash will catch a Bergmite

  22. We’re not getting an E3 Direct this year. Damn, right when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse. I’m speechless, I really am.

    1. The new Zelda game better be freaking great because if it flops (even just a little) they are gonna have some problems. Even if it’s just the typical dumb backlash form the interent, it’s never smart to put all your eggs in one basket and play a risky game. Even in 2013 when XY were huge focuses for them they still covered other stuff to fill the space. I won’t say that Nintendo is doomed or anything like that, but they need to be very careful about how they do this. Showing some game play of Zelda will be cool, but showing the same demo for hours on end will become very boring very fast. Even if they take time to talk to different people about it they will likely lose viewership.

  23. I didn’t get mine, yet I’ve already been a member for years. I checked my gmail everyday. No luck

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