[UPD] Zygarde, Darkrai Available Now – Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal To Come!

zygarde-completeA new Nintendo Network wi-fi download event has started worldwide and this is your chance to (re-)capture the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde! It can be downloaded on any Generation VI game (Pokémon X/Y/OR/AS), but does not know any special moves. For some countries the OT (original trainer) displays as XYZ, a cute homage to the current anime season. It’s level 100, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to grab this beast if you haven’t already caught it.

This is the “50% Forme” (as it is known now), so hang on to it for Pokémon Sun & Moon’s release so you might be able to power it up to its “Complete Forme”!

Darkrai #pokemon20UPD: The European distribution of Zygarde’s 50% Forme has been announced to end on May 26th. For North America, however, the event will cease on May 8th, giving way for two more distributions in May: From May 11th to May 17th, you can finally download the shiny Xerneas via Nintendo Network, and from May 20th to May 26th you’ll be able to download a shiny Yveltal!

And remember that throughout the month of May you can pickup a serial code from your local game stores to download Darkrai as part of the #Pokemon20 celebration! Full list of where and when you can pick up a code below:


  • United States  // Gamestop // May 1st – May 24th
  • United Kingdom // GAME // May 1st – May 24th
  • Austria // Gamestop // May 2nd – May 24th
  • Australia & New Zealand // EBGames // May 1st – May 24th
  • Belgium // FNAC or GameMania // May 1st – May 24th
  • Canada // EBGames // May 1st – May 24th
  • Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden // BR Stores // May 12th – July 31st
  • France // Micromania // May 2nd – May 15th
  • Germany // Gamestop // May 2nd – May 24th
  • Italy // Gamestop // May 1st – May 24th
  • Netherlands // GameMania // May 1st – May 24th
  • Portugal // FNAC Stores // May 1st – May 24th
  • Poland // In the magazine CD-Action
  • Spain // GAME // May 1st – May 24th
  • Switzerland // Gamestop // May 2nd – May 24th


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DISCUSSION: Most Popular Pokémon Voting Contest

  1. Place your bets, place your bets! Who wants to bet when the boxart and legendaries are revealed? Maybe it’s before Corocoro? Or maybe only when Corocoro leaks? Place your bets bellow and have a chance to win the special price of ultimate satisfaction!

    I’ll say it’ll be revealed May 9th with a teaser trailer featuring the 3D models of the legendaries. No ingame footage.

    1. I have a hunch they’re pulling all the stops to NOT show us anything until the summer
      Teases, scandals anything just to eggs us on to the sheer fact we don’t got anything

      But I will bet they will do silhouettes, at this point I think what can really rev up the community is a nation wide “fill in the silhouette-a-thon”

      Or at the very least Box Art and Silhouettes of the Starters”

    2. My bets (each a different bet 1 being the one i believe most)
      1. I bet CoroCoro will show boxart legends
      2. No info until e3
      3. Corocoro will show boxart legends and starters then a trailer after little bit
      Quick question where is all this people thinking “info comes before corocoro” come from? Most new info is shown in corocoro then trailer for it. Corocoro rarely does a repeat of new info.

      1. I agree with you. I feel like there going to do a similar thing to OR/AS, we’re going to see a true trailer during E3 with only the box legendaries being shown!

    3. Late May 11 or early May 12th, corocoro leaks with just the boxart, maybe a few more sneaky snippets of info cluing in to what is beig revealed next month (silhouettes?)

  2. Well this is nice even if it’s not all that special. I wish it was shiny like the other 2 tho…….

    1. Mehh white and turquoise, sure it’s pretty but I wish we had a badass coloration

        1. I want more unique colors, but a thought if they did an extreme pallet swap
          Like what if Xerneas was bright Crimson red, Yveltal Dark jade green, and Zygarde black navy blue

    1. Finally something to look forward to
      I’ve been gaming hoping for 2 weeks
      Majora’s Mask
      Sonic Heroes
      Shovel Knight
      Might end up doing something with animal crossing

    2. I know right! I’ve been waiting for the new Steven Universe episodes to come out. I think the first gem we see Peridot fusing with will be Lapis.

  3. I seriously believe that Zygarde and his forms will have some post-game presence in Pokemon Sun & Moon. If these forms were not using to extend Kalos, I’m guessing that the player might go there to assist Calem & Serena in defeating people trying to evoke Zygarde. This might be a tad farfetch’d, but I don’t believe that GameFreak would ignore the forms!

  4. Just a random question, do you think solosis and its evos are just one giant cell or do you think they are cells made up of cells? Its a stupid question but whatever XD

  5. So how is Star Fox Zero? I’ve heard some mixed opinions about it. I’ll definitely pick it up sometime in the future when it’s cheaper (or right before the Star Fox Guard pack-in sells out).

      1. But if you do SR, you can’t use Synchronize to lock nature. 😉

        It’ll take forever. Good luck though!

  6. Just got Pokken and me and my brother are loving it! He’s playing the campaign mode right now and enjoying it! He seems to like Pikachu Libre and I really love to use Lucario. I love local co-op type games

  7. Would anyone be able to tutor Slurpuff drain punch in the battle resort? I’m not to that point in ORAS, and I only have one 3ds so I can’t trade

  8. Something i just thought about, i would like some new pokeballs. The most recent new one was dream ball, even though gen 6 had pokeball factory which would hve been perfect for new pokeballs. Making gen 6 the only gen without new pokeballs.maybe a sun ball, cloud ball, star ball, etc
    . What type of pokeballs would you like to see?what specfic type of pokemon would it be good to catch with it? What would it look like?

    1. Well I’ve personally liked the idea of a full scale 18 Pokeballs where they are assigned a type and if the type either matched or beat the type it would have a better chance of capturing and weaker types would be harder, but that would be extremely time consuming and just convoluted

      Mountain Ball: Rock, Ground and Steel Pokemon
      Elite Ball: Works better which an extreme level difference
      Glimmer Ball: No Added effect but opening animation unleashes a flurry of sparkles (I was going to say a 1/1000 chance of converting into a shiny but nahhhhh)
      Lastly The Pay Ball: Awards the player with money equal to the captured Pokemon’s level, like 44 = 4400

      1. Those sound like good ideas. Honestly, I think the Glimmer ball having a 1/1000 chance of converting pokemon to shiny sounds like a great idea if (and to be fair, only if) it was as rare as a master ball. Maybe it could replace the oval charm or the master ball in the lottery.

      2. lol. Earthen has to make the Mountain Ball. Rock, Ground, and Steel types never been to difficult to catch aside from some Legendaries. Yet, they would plausibly help out. Elite Ball is basically an Ultra Ball or Reverse Level Ball, so basically extremely unnecessary. Glimmer Ball is interesting tho, maybe you could get only one in your adventure. The Pay Ball sounds more useless than anything and would instantly cause inflation in the Pokemon World. lol.

    2. Well first of all I really wish they would make the Johto balls available. It doesn’t matter what the reason is they just need to get them out their…..lol Anyway I’d love new Pokeball. I’m a huge fan of the dusk, repeat, and luxury balls. They not only have cool looks, but also have some nice effects. I wouldn’t mind a ball for a tropical forest or maybe even a volcano ball or something. It would make sense if the next region is influenced by Hawaii. The tropical forest one cold maybe work for both water and grass types that live in forests? Then the volcano ball could work on Pokemon that live on mountains or volcanoes or whatever. lol

      1. That “volcano ball”… it had better explode in lava and flame effects every time it’s thrown.

        It gets more awesome the more I imagine it…

    3. What would be the use of these Pokeballs? Other than the special apricorn balls (which should become regular Pokeballs), I don’t see the need of any more. Aside from some that would make a few types easier to catch, I believe that Pokemon has enough Pokeballs. Every Pokeball has covered an essentially need to where it’s just going to make new Pokeballs completely obsolete to the player.

      1. I guess purely for aesthetics (even more so if the pokeballs got cool animations). Like when Masuda methoding and having a pokemon with an apricorn ball just makes it look even better (imo)

        1. They could easily change and improve the animations of the current Pokeballs. With Generation 7’s new region being inspired by Hawaii or a tropical area, maybe Apricorns could return. Potentially, Kurt could have a vacation and assist the player in creating them.

      2. Even if their only difference is design and unique exploding effects, With ball inheritance being a thing, we already have the option to get competitively bred pokemon in balls we want. I’m pretty sure someone out there would dig having their entire teams (other than legends and genderless) in say, Dusk Balls. Oh wait, that’s me.

        1. Dusk Balls and Ultra Balls are my favorites. I usually catch majority of my team in the regular Pokeball tho. (Always catching my last team member in Dusk or Ultra Ball). I’m rather picky with my Pokeball section. lol.

    4. I don’t see a need for new ones. I would like Apricorn balls to return but other than that…

          1. As of ORAS, they don’t, right? All the apricorns have generic exploding effects even when they look different as balls.

            And that is why I don’t bother anymore and just put everything in Dusk Ball.

    5. I always though a magnetic ball would be pretty cool. Using it would make it easier to catch Steel and Electric-types. There’s a bonus to using it though, if you catch Magneton and Nosepass in them, the next time they level up they will evolve into Magnezone and Probopass.

  9. I have seen many people pit their idea for regions and gym leaders they have created and i just want to share the one my friend and i came up with. The region will be based in florida or somewhere tropical. The gyms will be normal, bug, electric, water, steel, ghost, dark, and psychic. The normal type gym will be similar to cheren’s and doubles as a school and the gym leader(placeholder name Norma) has been your teacher since you and your rival were little, the bug type gym will be an outdoors forest and will be a maze with cobwebs getting in your way and the gym leader will be a weird kid and no one really understands him, the electric type gym will double as an arcade and the gym leader is a video game champion, the water type gym will double as a water park and the puzzle involves the slides and the gym leaders will be a bikini model and an olympic swimmer(it will be a double battle), the steel gym doubles as an amusement park based on disney world, busch gardens, universal etc and the gym leader will ve a cheerful lady in her mid 50s, the ghost type gym doubles as a cemetery and the gym leader acts as she was possessed, the dark type gym will be a concert stadium were a rock band plays and the gym leader is the drummer of the band and has a crush on roxie from unova and the psychic gym will be a maze that you have to solve on your first try based on riddles and if get it wrong you have to start from the begining and the ridles and paths you have to take change. The pokemon league will be a mansion instead of the usual castle we have seen in the latests games and the elite 4 will be grass fire fairy and dragon, the champion will be multi-type. As for the cities we only have come up with 4, the starting town that will be similar to aspertia city, a city based on miami where the water gym is set, a city based on orlando were the steel gym is set and the town with the ghost gym wich is an eerie bayou. There will also be a battle frontier with a volcano instead of the usual battle tower(we know there are no volcanoes in florida but whatever). Thats pretty much what we have for the moment but we are still coming up with stuff for this XD

    1. If they did do the embryo styled Mega Mew I wonder how it would perform non-psychic attacks, mainly physical atacks
      But I could see the bubble stretching out for physical attacks

  10. I got my Zygarde
    On my first try Relaxed and with 4IVs which 2 were in defense and HP
    One hell of a wall

    Now to try for Darkrai

    1. I dont know why but i have a feeling that zygarde will become an offensive pokemon whent it reaches 100% form so im still deciding on how to get it :/

      1. Its going to be stronger than both Xerneas and Yveltal
        But in the meantime a base 121 Defense plus a Coil or two and nothing will phase it

  11. I really wish I didn’t have to go back into my Gamestop again……I hate going in there. The people who run them by me are very annoying….One of the last times I went in there the guy at the counter asked me if I could open up my blister pack of cards so he could have the Dragonite pin inside……..needless to say I told him no lol Either way it’s crap like that makes me annoyed. I already don’t like talking to people in stores and having to ask for a piece of paper with a code on it is something I have very little time for. Well I say all this, but I know I’ll end up swallowing my pride and waling into that store once again many times this year…..hahaha

    1. The three events were originally a tie-in to the anime when XYZ started. The zygarde isn’t shiny because it isn’t shiny in the anime. Why the other two are shiny though, I don’t know. Possibly to make them special since everyone knows about their regular forms thanks to the Diancie movie. That’s assuming there are kids who only started playing with ORAS though.

  12. My PS4 gets here in almost 1 week! I already have a few games to play in addition to Uncharted 4 so I will be entertained for a while. Don’t even bother mentioning the PS4K, because I’m just fine pretending that it won’t exist 🙂

    1. It’s marginal difference that you’ll be fine with the regular PS4. It’s already a good system and there’s no shame in having a regular one lol

      1. I would not have another opportunity to get an expensive console for a long time, so I’m very thankful for what I have coming. I also want to leap on the PSVR later this year, and the NX is also releasing in March, so it’s all just a bunch of crazy tech stuff at once 😛

    2. Yay 🙂 I’m happy for you. By that time we might have news though, fingers crossed.

      1. Exactly, next week is just going to be great. Let’s see what “huge scoop” means this time around. We can be sure that at least one new Pokemon will be involved, but WHICH? Starters, legendaries, or both? My anticipation is growing…

        1. Let’s learn from last month shall we? :p I’m sure we’ll see the boxarts, and most likely the legendaries, but I’m going to assume that’s it.

          But what I meant was we could get news earlier. Firstly, Corocoro said that we would get an announcement in May, NOT May’s issue. Plus, as Serebii has said several times, it wouldn’t make sense for the first images of the games to come from magazine leaks.

          Having said that, there’s no evidence that pokenchi this Sunday will reveal anything, so don’t count on that. If we do get anything before Corocoro, it’ll either be via direct or random site update.

    3. I was about to talk about the PS4K. lol. I’m glad your getting your PS4! It’s an amazing system. I recently finished playing Ratchet & Clank and I absolutely loved the game.

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