[UPD] Zygarde, Darkrai Available Now – Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal To Come!

zygarde-completeA new Nintendo Network wi-fi download event has started worldwide and this is your chance to (re-)capture the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde! It can be downloaded on any Generation VI game (Pokémon X/Y/OR/AS), but does not know any special moves. For some countries the OT (original trainer) displays as XYZ, a cute homage to the current anime season. It’s level 100, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to grab this beast if you haven’t already caught it.

This is the “50% Forme” (as it is known now), so hang on to it for Pokémon Sun & Moon’s release so you might be able to power it up to its “Complete Forme”!

Darkrai #pokemon20UPD: The European distribution of Zygarde’s 50% Forme has been announced to end on May 26th. For North America, however, the event will cease on May 8th, giving way for two more distributions in May: From May 11th to May 17th, you can finally download the shiny Xerneas via Nintendo Network, and from May 20th to May 26th you’ll be able to download a shiny Yveltal!

And remember that throughout the month of May you can pickup a serial code from your local game stores to download Darkrai as part of the #Pokemon20 celebration! Full list of where and when you can pick up a code below:


  • United States  // Gamestop // May 1st – May 24th
  • United Kingdom // GAME // May 1st – May 24th
  • Austria // Gamestop // May 2nd – May 24th
  • Australia & New Zealand // EBGames // May 1st – May 24th
  • Belgium // FNAC or GameMania // May 1st – May 24th
  • Canada // EBGames // May 1st – May 24th
  • Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden // BR Stores // May 12th – July 31st
  • France // Micromania // May 2nd – May 15th
  • Germany // Gamestop // May 2nd – May 24th
  • Italy // Gamestop // May 1st – May 24th
  • Netherlands // GameMania // May 1st – May 24th
  • Portugal // FNAC Stores // May 1st – May 24th
  • Poland // In the magazine CD-Action
  • Spain // GAME // May 1st – May 24th
  • Switzerland // Gamestop // May 2nd – May 24th


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