Nintendo Announces NX Launch Date

We don’t have a day and time, but we do know that the Nintendo NX* will be coming March 2017 (*name not final)! The new Legend of Zelda game has been delayed, but it will launch for the new console and should be worth the wait.

What do you think?! I know most of us are on the edge of our seats waiting for this to finally be revealed! The sooner it is, the sooner we can start thinking up all the possibilities for brand new Pokémon games! Where’s my Pokémon Colosseum & XD sequel?!

<3 PJ

  1. Nintendo has completely screwed up. Their E3 is set to be absolutely pitiful and they delayed Zelda again. *shakes head* I dunno what Nintendo thinks they are doing but it isn’t going to work out for them.

    1. Negativity as always. It’s obvious they want Zelda Wii U to be a launch title for the NX to push unit sales. The game was being dual developed from the start. I’m a tad angered that it is the only title being playable. Yet, I’m looking forward to E3 this year.

    2. The whole point of E3 is to announce new things so we really don’t know whats going to happen. That being said, their Christmas this year doesn’t look to hot, although some big 3DS games could save them IMHO

    3. I prefer to see PS4K and XBOne2 first so Nintendo could take notes, play their cards and make a good move for the release of NX. It’s a good decision IMO… they released Wii U too early this gen and failed.

  2. I just want a 3DS successor already. Wake me up when the NX is confirmed to have a handheld along with the console.

    In other news “For Nintendo 3DS, we will release Pokémon Sun/Pokémon Moon globally in winter of 2016 (holiday 2016 in the U.S. and late 2016 in Europe).” November is fall, not Winter…so I guess December release date confirmed? If this is the case, and they plan to stagger the global releases by a week again I think they’re cutting it kind of close to getting these games out in time for the xmas shopping rush.

    1. As long as everything is backwards compatible I don’t care. I’d rather the N3DS to hang around for a bit longer. There’s lots they could do with it game wise.

    2. It’s not a handheld and a console. I’m on the boat that it’s simply a console. Eventually, the 3DS will be replaced, but not now. We still have Sun & Moon, Dragon Quest 11, and plenty of other titles to look forward to. It will likely be replace in 2018. Anyways, I’m expecting Sun/Moon to release in December due to the Winter release date.

      1. Eh, if it is just a console, I guess my wallet is safe.

        I just never warmed to the 3DS the same way I did with the DS. I saved up to get the Pikachu XL, and although it’s gorgeous and I love the big screens, it’s bulky as hell and even though I never use the 3D element, the load time is sooo slooow. It annoys me that I spent so much on a LE version just to have them release the better 2DS and the ‘new’ 3DS shortly after. I kind of want the 3DS to die and get a clean slate for the next handheld :/


    GOD DAMN THOSE BASTARDS THEY ARE MOVING ZELDA WII U TO 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m not mad at all. This year was way too soon for the NX launch, anyway. Kiss your Wii U’s goodbye, purchase those last few games you wanted, and ultimately take advantage of 2016, because we’re getting a clean slate in 2017. I’m unbelievably excited for what they have in store for us. We’re getting Zelda at launch, probably a 3D Mario at launch, and who knows what else? The sky’s the limit, folks.

    1. I hope this means a possible Wii U price drop. I may end up getting a Wii U instead of a NX…

  5. 1) Very sad I have to wait even longer for Zelda
    2) WiiU is now the only Nintendo console without a Zelda exclusive. Sad.
    3) E3 better be damn good this year. Like really good.
    4) If the NX doesn’t deliver, I think Nintendo is sunk as far as their consoles go

  6. I mean, this is not that bad? At least you guys don’t have to wait like the “Kingdom Heart 3”, “Last Guardian”, or the “Half Life 3” people. This is really nothing. Also two HD remixes and an amazing spin off JUST on the WiiU? Also this game is also coming out for the WiiU anyway? And only pushed back a few months?

    I don’t know about you guys but buying an entire console with amazing exclusives just for ONE game with a faulty release date to begin with was probably not a bright idea. No wonder the sales weren’t awesome, the ‘fans’ killed it.

    I’m super excited for Zelda and have been a fan basically my whole life, and have so far very much enjoyed my WiiU! Bring on the NX 🙂

    1. Tbh honest I hope KH 3 was pushed back for NX support. They haven’t even recorded voice actors yet.

      1. Square Enix has an NX Dev Kit. Rumors are that they are starting to port Final Fantasy 15 onto the system. It’s obvious they have a Dev Kit based on Dragon Quest 11 and Final Fantasy 14. So, Kingdom Hearts 3 will highly be ported to the system.

        1. If the NX is a serious system, I’m definitely going to get it. Id love to play FF 15 despite not playing the others. It looks amazing. I’m just tired of having to get different consoles for different games

  7. I just found out that the Animal Crossing app launching later this year will “interact with the full games”. That means we’re getting a NEW ANIMAL CROSSING FOR NX! And it will probably be a 2017 NX launch title as well, or else they wouldn’t release the app this year. So excited!

      1. Hmmmm could you imagine a Animal Crossing with Smartphones and Tablets and modern day technology

        I can’t tell if that’s good or bad, the one thing I like about Animal Crossing was the rustic and rural atmosphere that it projected

        But unless they implemented a very smart way of using these modern day technology for the mechanics

        So yeah it’s a tittering scale

        1. I like the idea of Animal Crossing, but I hate how it uses real time and you don’t have much control. Once you dig up the ore and find the money rock, shake a few trees, pay the donations or mortgage,youre done. It only takes about thirty minutes.

    1. I love Animal Crossing but I want a new handheld game, not a home console game ;__;

  8. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for mobile… NX 2017… and another Zelda Wii U delay. The title will likely be an NX launch title at this point. I hope the NX sells well. I’m going to start saving up for it! I’m looking forward to the mobile titles that are actual games and not a social media app. Nintendo is going to have a crazy year. Also, it seems like the Wii U production will cease in 2018. I loved my Wii U, but it’s obvious Nintendo wants to move on from it quickly.

    1. Honestly, I’m not mad that they delayed the NX. It felt too early to me, plus there is no way I could save up enough money in that amount of time.

  9. Wii U never convinced me and I don’t know what NX will be but I am gonna buy that sh*t
    I cannot wait for another Nintendo console gen, I am already missing cool games like Splatoon, Mario Maker, Xenoblade, and Pokkén

  10. I’d literally drop to my knees for the following NX titles :

    1) Proper Pokémon Game similar to XD Colosseum ( this is unlikely tho due to Gamefrekas earlier comments )

    2) Animal Crossing NX with New leaf support.

    3) Wii U backwards compatibility.

    4) A sexy new controller that’s normal please 🙂

    5) More reasons to drop to my knees for Nintendo – New Mario 3D , Metroid etc etc

    1. Speaking of Animal Crossing I want to ask your opinion
      If this AC App rumor is true, what would be your opinion if they implemented modern day technology such as tablets and smartphones?
      I thing it could either be very interesting or trying too hard
      I can easily see the main character using a smartphone like device as all the menu interface

      1. It’s not a rumor. Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are coming to iOS/Android at some point. Fire Emblem would be a simpler version of the 3DS titles and Animal Crossing would be more like a full title from what I heard. I feel like it would be an extension from a full Animal Crossing game to allow you to easily manage your town.

        1. Kinda missed the whole question
          If the in game villagers used smartphones and tablets

      2. Animal Crossing is about living life as you enjoy it, away from all responsibilities. Having a smartphone and being stuck to the internet would totally go against all of that.

      3. Honestly I see it happening.
        Animal Crossing is slowly becoming a life sim nearly.
        Now I wouldn’t expect too much out of it if anything in the NX animal crossing using the modern tech such as a smartphone or tablet may only be a way for it to connect with our Animal Crossing App in real life.

        I can also imagine villager using a phone but only as an accessory really. They could be walking around on a mobile but when you run up and talk to them they act startled and hang up and chat to you.
        They could also be ‘phoning’ another character in the village and then give you a task to do for them.

        All in all it could be really interesting if done correctly 🙂

    2. Amen.
      1. Genius Sonority could develop another console Pokemon Game. I would love to see a new Shadow Pokemon Game.
      2. I’m guessing that the Animal Crossing app would likely connect with a new Animal Crossing on the NX.
      3. Yes, plz. (Might be hard due to the NX likely using x86 architecture from AMD compared to the PowerPC on the Wii U.)
      4. Yas.
      5. Mario Team is already working on a new Mario Game and the Metroid Prime developer said to wait until the NX arrives for an actual new Metroid Game.

  11. Some people are saying that it is only Zelda Wii U that is playable at E3 this year. Does that mean only game, or only form of Zelda?

    1. It’s going to be the only playable game from Nintendo in E3. This E3 will still show new titles, but would mainly focus on Zelda Wii U. It’s currently the only Zelda title that is set for a release.

      1. It’s currently the only new game set for release for Wii U. 🙁
        Well, except Paper Mario wich will surely turn out to be disappointing.

        1. I am still beyond mad
          The only way we’ll ever get a decent Mario RPG is for Nintendo to make a brand new IP that is basically Paper Mario before Sticker Star

      2. Then I wonder will they only have one demo, or will they have different demos, such as a dungeon, bosses, etc.? Honestly, it seems like a strech to fill the whole demo floor with one game.

        1. Think it’s more of Nintendo not having much of a presence at E3 as a whole these past few years. They’re slowly moving away from it with their own Directs and showcasing their games at other conventions or teaming up with local stores for demos (Smash at Best Buy, etc.)
          I’m glad they’re still bringing Zelda to E3 though. It’s been under lock for so long and they haven’t exactly handled the process the best, in my opinion at least, so it’s good for them to finally be like, “Here. Play this. I made it.”

  12. Things get more fun now that we have a release window.
    Looking forward to further information from Nintendo about how the NX is set up with controllers and what major game(s) will be available at launch or soon after the initial release.
    Hope the console doesn’t grow stale rather quickly like the Wii U has.

  13. To lighten up people’s day, this is Omega Ruby in HD thanks to emulation. These are the things emulation can do, and remember that emulation is not the same as piracy, many enthusiasts buy and rip their own games.

    1. That is really calming to watch but the models are so smoothed over they look like shit. They need more detail.

  14. Whaaaaaat zelda wiiu delayed??? Nooooo but no way…. Totally a serious game series i care about….
    Anyway hopefully since pokemon pretty much neglected the wiiU hopefully they release some cool things on the NX

    1. But i really do hope e3 is good this year pokemon wise since its the basically only game series i care about. Maybe starter reveals and protag and such. At least 5 things

    2. You are a douche y’know that right, next time don’t even bother, you never played a Zelda game or even finished one so why egg it on honestly

  15. I was really looking forward to Zelda U. How did they think this would release in 2015?
    I’ll just pick up MGSV sometime in the next week. Nothing I’m excited for this year that I want to get on release,

      1. I’ve never played an SMT or Dragon Quest game.
        As for FFXV and Sun/Moon I’m just not interested in getting them on release.

  16. To be honest, I really don’t care at all. My life has been so busy lately that I can’t truly remember the last time I sat down and played videogames for more than 10 minutes. The nintendo title that I really only care about is Pokemon anyways, so I’m probably not even going to buy an NX. Plus, Nintendo consoles have terrible third party game choices and even console exclusives. I mean other than Mario (and spinoffs) and Zelda, there’s not much there, at least for me.

  17. Ongoing Japan-only ongoing poll is ongoing.

    Normally the question is “who do you think is the strongest Pokemon?” but I can see people voting for their favorites, kids voting for Pikachu or Dedenne, or people voting for Pokemon that THEY want to receive as a giveaway.

    Note that this is a PAPER ballot, or you have to go to 7-eleven and connect their wifi to vote. So it’s not as easy to manipulate.

    The survey is up to May 5, but Game Freak have released a graphic of the top 100 SO FAR.

    Here’s a small snippet:
    5th: Sylveon
    4th: Pikachu
    3rd: Mew
    2nd: Arceus
    1st: Greninja

    Greninja with V-Create. ARE YOU READY?


      1. But what if it had V-create, but Torrent as an ability? I mean, there’s no guarantee that they’d give it Protean…

        1. It’s still pretty good, actually. With a Naive nature, and the opponent assuming you’re going all Special… it still has a good chance to 2HKO Chansey after Stealth Rock.

          Of course, I think they are likely to give it Protean should Greninja win these polls.

          1. True, it’ll most likely have Protean. I was making a joke based on how trollish they’ve been handling the Sun and Moon marketing, that they’d troll us by giving us a Greninja with the worse ability.

            I’d rather them not give us any news than this constant teasing and disappointment that we’ve been having.

    1. For clarity, it’s a poll to decide which Pokemon will be distributed at the cinemas for the Volcanion movie, since Volcanion is the Pre-order event Pokemon.

      Speaking of whom, the Pre-orders started on the 16th of this month, so some of the Volcanion out there are actually legit. I don’t know if they’re tradeable on the GTS though, I have the feeling they’re not.

        1. So that’s the rule… I knew that event Pokemon couldn’t be traded on the GTS, it’s nice to now how GF is controlling that.

      1. All “event”/mythical Pokemon can be traded on the GTS/Wonder Trade if their event ribbon is removed via hacking. Yep they’re all hacked if they end up there. (Except 6th Gen Deoxys.)

        1. Fair enough. My point was more that Volcanion is now legitimately obtainable, not that any of the ones on the GTS are legit.

  18. So an official press site has listed Zelda with a March 2017 release date. This is going to be a launch day release, there’s no doubt about it.

    1. It’ll probably be ready by the holiday season. They just delayed it so it can launch simultaneously.

    2. I was just about to post this. As I previously state, it’s an NX launch title to push sales of the units. This is why Nintendo is truly delaying Zelda Wii U is to fix any bugs & glitches, improve graphics, and to make it a proper launch title.

    1. The Owlet is decent and I really dislike the other two
      The guy totally ripped off Lucario’s body scheme and the sea lion looks like it was cross bred with a cow with a Tepig tail bauble

    2. I like them generally, but they’re a bit overdesigned with the exception of the seal. Still wouldn/’t be disappointed to have these as our starters!

    3. The owl is amazing, but the other two.. Meh. The fire one looks to me like a Sonic character and the water one has just a bear face.

  19. last night i started my omega ruby a new game file i tried to get a shiny treecko as my starter …. after a while i think it was 90 minutes later and my 3ds battery was low and the red warings lamp was shining i said ok im going to sleep…. my last try then like a mircale shiny treecko apperars after only 285 Soft resetts i wanna play this walkthrough only with Hoenn pokemon any idias?

    1. Congrats!

      So here’s what you may need.

      Standard HM User – Zigzagoon or Tropius
      Anti-flying: Electrike or Magnemite
      Anti-grass + Flier?: Taillow or Wingull or Zubat
      Anti-fire + Dive and Surf User – Wailmer, Lotad, Barboach or Crawdaunt
      Your free Lati – Latios
      Additional coverage/side team/in case you don’t wanna use Latios – Mawile, Aron, Meditite, Ralts, Swablu, Shuppet
      Not Gen 3, but here’s other things you can get before the weather changes – Machop, Phanpy, Heracross/Pinsir (forgot what’s in safari for OR), Sandshrew, Shuppet

    2. That is extremely lucky!!! At full odds shiny hunting can get you close to 4000 some encounters before you actually find one. So getting it at under 300 is a god send lol

    3. Congratz!
      Some suggestions:
      Torkoal Crobat Grumpig Altaria Walrein Exploud Medicham Mawile Wishcash Dusclops Absol Swalot Electrode Armaldo

    4. If you want to use a couple Pokemon that are under the radar, I would recommend Armaldo, Grumpig and Xatu

  20. Well the next episode of the Anime finally debuts Ash-Greninja without the watery vortex so finally some action after all this filler

  21. If the NX does end up being a handheld as well or something like that, will the other Gen 7 games be on the 3ds still or will Gen 7 be really short?

    1. The NX is a console, end of story at this point. A handheld would not be able to run Zelda Wii U. Yet, I do believe it’s a total platform with a handheld replacement to the 3DS coming around 2018. Generation 7 might hop systems once 2018 comes around. Yet again, the NX is not a handheld at all.

      1. “would not be able to run Zelda U” What are you even saying? Are you saying they couldn’t build a handheld that Zelda U could be played on? Why wouldn’t they be able to do that? I’m not saying they WOULD make a a port for the game in that sense, but a handheld could certainly run a console game. While it didn’t get it’s due the PS Vita is a greta system and is way better than the 3DS. It’s more powerful and it has a much better screen. Nintendo could definitely build a hand held that offers the same quality games as a console.

        1. “better than the 3DS” is subjective. It does have better specs sure, and I’ve considered getting one for classics, but the 3DS is superior and sales show.

        2. Your not understanding costs and market value. No handheld Nintendo would release that would be able to run a console-quality title without being modified. It would cause the system to be upwards of $500+ which is not suitable for entry to the general market.

          For example, look at Dragon Quest Heroes 2, the game was lessened and altered to be played on the Vita. If you’ve been paying attention to interest and rumors, the NX is impossible a handheld. The 3DS has at least a year or two left in it’s cycle due to the numerous remaining titles. Using your ideas, a handheld that has a 1080p OLED Screen, High-Power GPU, CPU, large RAM, and battery would cost even more than an iPhone 6S. :L

  22. Bored, so in my normal escapades of daily life I come up with fakemons

    I want to make a Physical Volcorona in the form of Scorpyre and Scorchpion Bug/Fire, a bright red and black Scorpion like Pokemon with burning venomous stingers that is highly fatal
    Boasting high physical attack and defense but modest speed

    Also while coming up with the name I thought of Embrr a Fire/Ice type which is a floating core/nucleus that is surrounded by rapidly shifting red and blue flames
    “It’s erratic chemical makeup rapidly heats up and cools down”

      1. Hey you gotta think balance and sensibility, “oh this thing has a bajillion attack defense and speed its op” and besides how agile is a scorpion anyway spoiler alert not very

        And low speed means perfect Trick room, or if I really wanted to I would let it learn Shell Smash

      1. “Casual” players are just people who dont have time to play games due to a job or something.

      1. Yes I love this video and 100% agree with it! I love Tamashii and this was the same way I felt for XY sad to say 🙁

    1. I thought we’d known that that was what it was called since the official site revealed it back in September? Regardless, that artwork is pretty nice, although I’d rather have a figurine tbh.

  23. It’s not Pokemon related, but I’m 20 today and gonna see CA:CW and I’m very excited to see how it’ll translate to the screen from the comics

    1. Happy Birthday 🙂 I’m going to see it tomorrow, I’m pretty pumped too.

  24. Well, I’m glad I didn’t buy a wiiu.
    Nintendo’s e3 is probably gonna be a repeat of last years.
    Thankfully, the 3ds lineup is looking great this year,plus with Final Fanstasy XV and Persona 5 I don’t even care about Nintendo this year

    1. Oh man….. I really can’t wait for Persona 5…….*drools*….. Persona 4 was so good….I really hope 5 turns out to be as good lol

  25. Oh my frigging frack, why is there no god damned news, it’s been like a solid 2 days

    I’m this close to blowing my brains out since we got at least 13 days until Corocoro and let me tell ya something, I got a dang hunch Corocoro is going to cocktease us once again, probably with silhouettes or a pic of the cameraman shoving both boxes up his ass or something to deny us delicious savory info

    This is EarthenWarrior aka “Raging Rhyperior” signing off

          1. I honestly can’t tell if you’re being serious or “playful” when you say things above.

  26. Usually when Corocoro leaks, TPC follows up with a trailer for the new pokemon and/or features revealed right? Right, except we haven’t seen even a single trailer yet. One thing Corocoro is sure to give us is some basic goddamn info, and in my opinion, at least a single in-game screenshot is guaranteed. Wouldn’t it be weird then for Corocoro to give us the VERY FIRST look into the in-game graphics and art style, to be then followed up with a trailer by TPC? I know that happened with BW during the 5th gen reveal, but ever since XY, they’ve tried to keep their marketing global and “officially” corocoro seems to be Japan-exclusive in its demographic. So I believe TPC will definitely reveal SOMETHING BEFORE COROCORO. since Corocoro “leaks” a few days before it is actually released, and the leak date is unknown, I think TPC will reveal their footage at least a week beforehand, which means anytime between now and a week or so from now. I know it’s a stretch, but kill me for being optimistic xP

    1. See, I’m not sure if we will get screenshots but I think we will definitely get box art (because of those white flashes in the last issue) and possibly official artwork for thre legenedaries and potentially the starters. That’s all I want too, and then I’m gonna try not to see any spoilers after those. But regardless, they could show us stuff and not include screenshots. But I appreciate the optimism. I do want info soooooooo bad!

  27. Heads up, Zygarde Mystery Gift now live in NA and EU
    This seems to be a commoners Zygarde with no specific traits other then being free

    In order to’do’so select “Mystery Gift” on the main menu, choose
    “Receive Gift”, and then “Get via Internet”. Zygarde will then be yours to command

    Now this could mean either two things, either they’re prepping for a Movie Zygarde which is bound to know Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows or it’s a red herring trying to hype us but in the end they won’t deliver

  28. There’s been a lot of fakes recently in the starter department that include the same three animals as inspiration (a grass bird/owl, water seal, and fire cat)… Is it confirmed somewhere that those three animals will be inspiration for the real starters or is everyone just on the same fake bandwagon for the heck of it?

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