These are probably not Pokémon you’ll see in Sun & Moon

Ah, the fresh smell of a new generation. So fresh. So crisp. But what’s that? That slightly burnt, mostly unpleasing odor I detect? FAKES LEAKS! All new games have their fair share of dubious screenshots, mock-ups and magazine pictures to ensnare unsuspecting fans into believing they’ve found unreleased information. Pokémon Sun & Moon, due this winter, have proven to be no exception and have already graced us with some fakes:

Any of them catch your eye? It’s alright to wish that maybe we would get a dolphin-like Water starter. Who knows? It could happen. Then again… so could another Fire/Fighting-type 😉

<3 PJ

  1. Currently not believing in anything until we get closer to the weekend when CoroCoros leak percentage will b greater lol. Out of all of the “leaks” u have on the article I think the only ones that haven’t been 100% proven fake yet are the weird grass owl and those sketches. I still don’t believe them as they look too crisp, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough lol

  2. I can say without a doubt I see creatures from the mobile game called mino monsters lol

      1. I just posted b4 this article went up on the other article about this. This “leak” is fake. It’s from someone on Deviantart. There’s even pic of the person with the actual drawing.

        1. Yeah, I don’t believe it’s real… That woodpecker thing we already know isn’t on here

  3. I know it’s fake, but it’s remarkable that the grass owl “leak” looks like the Unova Starter leaks. Think the design is fake though (the perspective is off), but it was a smart addition making it look more real.

      1. I did too! Now I’m glad they’re real, because they are amazing (except for Emboar, he’s not amazing, he’s just good).

    1. I remember people saying Greninja and Delphox and Chesnaught being fake as well.

          1. In my opinion it’s even worse than Meganium, and that’s saying something. I hope the gen 7 starters will make up for it. (Don’t get me wrong by the way, I’d always hated Greninja until Super Smash. It’s the only gen 6 starter I don’t dislike)

      1. I was convinced when I first saw the pics of Hawlucha and Greninja that they were real

      2. IIRC (or maybe this was just me), people though Chesnaught was real, just not the other two.

    2. Bruh. The owl colors are literally leaking. People had very minimal doubt about the Dewott and Samurott leak. A huge amount of people knew it was legit.

      1. You know English right? You do know what “I know it’s fake” means? I put that sentence in my comment to avoid comments like yours 🙁

    3. This is what has me thinking it could happen.

      It’s very reminiscent of the unova leaks. A few things to add:

      1) This is most likely concept art if real, which makes a lot of sense.

      2) I don’t think the owl is off, but the image is slanted and covered. If it’s real, it will probably look better.

      3) The grass owl, fire rabbit, and dolphin were all posted by the same guy in the thread on 2ch. Which was deleted mysteriously. 2ch is much better then Japan, and has posted legit things before, and they always get corocoro fist. It runs out of Japan, so if the leak is real, it makes a lot of sense.

      4) The unova leaks were heavily criticized in most places. With the biggest being 4chan. Which ironically has had legit things put on their site before, and people say it’s fake. Which happens here with the grass owl. It’s also worth noting that someone tried to claim they made the leak, like someone did with Unovas, but it was ultimately disproven, and the user said they had lied. Leaving this leak, and the unova leak un debunked until an official reveal. The fact that these pokemon are un traceable, shows that a good amount of effort was put in if fake.

      5) Nintendo has had leaks like mad lately. The last direct was fully leaked for Europe( which leaked most of the other regions directs), Their entire game line up for wii U and 3ds was leaked this year. Pokemon sun and Moon helped prove this, in addition to it’s other facts. Sun and moon are labeled ninji on the official site in the file name of the logos. Which happened to be the codenames in the leak. Not to mention everything in this past direct was on that leak to.

      At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if the NX stuff that’s been leaked is real. Thanks to the leak that listed the full lineup for this year, we know the NX is most likely coming at the end of this year. Which will definitely be interesting with all that’s been “leaked” for it.

      Even Nintendo Insdier called Nintendo out on all these leaks! Oh and another thing Sun and Moon’s logos were purposely put out there by an employee. So there has been major leakage at Nintendo. At this rate they should fire mario(hehe), he can’t do his job!

      Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if we get at least one legit sun and moon leak, or if these starters are real.

  4. The pokemon in the bottom left of the top left pic looks like a mini Reshiram with Nightmare Moon’s tail. ♥

    1. I just hope we actually get stuff from the Corocoro issue. Remember for X and Y we didn’t even have full pokedex until like the day the game out! I’m too OCD for that… I need a full pokedex before to start working out my teams, which of course change 17 times before I actually start playing.

      1. Same, I don’t like rotating my teams
        Granted my X team really only consisted 4 Pokemon I wanted to use my Barbaracle, Hawlucha and Avalugg but they just didn’t level fast enough to be of use

        1. Yeah i like to plan my teams way ahead of time. My X team was Chesnaught, Vivillon, Arorous, Aromatisse, Dragalge, and Aegislash

          1. Chesnaught, Diggersby, Pangoro, Tyrantrum
            But I did want to truly use Barbaracle and Avalugg but they just weren’t making the team, especially Binacle it took me ages to find a Male with Tough Claws until I actually bred one my first run of the game
            And as for Avalugg I truly wanted it to stay a Bergmite a little bit, then it just evolved too fast and I rarely battled with it

            And Hawlucha was just a Flyer

          2. The 1st and 2nd gyms were spaced too far apart and i didnt want to have too large of a team by then, but because of that, at the 2nd gym chesnaught and vivillon were lv. 40 as they were my only team members.

        2. Yeah. I’m OCD and my team has to fit the character perfectly. I had two X teams and one Y team. Y was Delphox, Charizard, Samurott, Abamasnow, Pangoro and Beartic. X was Greninja, Charizard, Mamoswine, Umbreon, Meowstic and Pyroar. Other X was Chestnaught, Blastoise, Ampharos, Honchkrow, Aromatisse and Glaceon

  5. Lemurs do live in tropical climates, such as Hawaii… I wouldn’t mind that being the grass starter…

  6. Do you guys imagine that the CoroCoro only show us information about Magearna, more about Zygarde, Pokemon Go and the logos of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    1. Because the bird thing is out there, I’m sure that’ll be revealed as a new Pokemon.

    1. And when they do make Mega Flygon I really hope they give it a massive Sp Attack boost
      You give this thing Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Bug Buzz, Draco Meteor, Boomburst, and Earth Power and only give it a base 80 Sp Attack

    1. Yeah, they’re totally fake. The water bird has already been deemed fake, and that owl is terrible! The color isn’t even right… The lemur would be cool as a starter, but these are fake!

    1. Exactly! With how little was exposed in the Direct event, I doubt we will get much from this month’s issue… which will drive us all insane. We didn’t have the starter evolutions until the day before X and Y came out.

      1. y? ……at least 4chan reveal corocoro before the other site …..and most of above fakemon I was found it in 4chan and more like theory and rumors too.

          1. yeah I know that’s wat happened when u give humans freedom to say wat they want …..but I don’t care about it.

  7. Out of thesr only the long tailed Koala looks good, even great I would say. That water starter is not only a fake it is a terribly designed fake. Shame on you fakers.

    I really hope CC gives us starters at least. Just so I would survive till next month.

    1. NO! I don’t mind the dolphin starter, but not as a dark type! I want my fire/dark type bear starter. It can be a water/psychic or something else.

    2. Water/Psychic first form that focuses on defense and a Water/Dark evolution that focuses on offenses and speed.

        1. My friend and I are in the middle of creating a version based in California, the Shor Region we’re calling it, and our water starter is a dolphin that during it’s final evolution turns water/ghost

    3. Dolphin water starter means slow water starter on the ground. We have plenty already.

    4. Yeah. Dolphins suck. Everyone thinks they’re so cute an perfect, but try being a female dolphin or a baby dolphin. I still want a dolphin Pokémon though.

      1. lol, I thought they were so cute until I read something that I don’t want to discuss here and yeah, how dare they do that to babies and females.

  8. I actually love the lemur and kind of like the design of the “sun and moon” legendaries…. But it’s for sure fake…

  9. That grass owl thing and maybe the blue bird seem to be just about the only ones that could pass as legit to me. The others all look very amateurish. Definitely not believing anything until CoroCoro though.

  10. Shady posted that first picture here a while ago. The lemur is my favorite one from it. I wish it were real.

    1. Sometimes they’re really fake. Sometimes they seem so real you just want to slam your face on the keyboard when you find out they’re not real.

  11. The Mothman Pokemon I posted last night still hasn’t been conclusively proven fake. Many have tried, but it seems like none have succeeded. That’s the only leak that I know of that has not been traced to another part of the Internet, while also appearing legitimate. Just thought I’d provide an update.

        1. Hello i finally made a account here and it nice to meet you all. and I think this is the one?

    1. Has it been proven real though? Very, very, VERY rare we get a leak that’s legit with a confirmed source or whatever.

    2. Actually, the owl and the dolphin and rock rabbit thing all come from the same source and are un proven. The grass owl looks pretty legit and Ken sugiormi like to me, and I have a good feeling all 3 are real and the starts. Which always get leaked. A similar scenario happened with the Unova starters.

      Another funny part to that is that like the unova starters, someone has tried to claim they made this leak and was exposed as lying. The same happened with these. A user admitted to copying the original leaks owl and trying to make it look real, but came out and said they were lying.

      Mothmon wasn’t disproven yet either, but I feel like it won’t happen. It be awesome though. right now, I have high faith in the grass owl, it’s just giving me vibes…

      And hi everyone, lurked here awhile, bit wanted to post this. May post again, but not super often.

        1. Sure!

          These were all posted to 2ch a few days ago. With the words( in Japanese, since it’s a japanese site) good morning. The owl looks pretty legit to me, but we shall see. The thread was closed by mods fast, and it began to spread to 4chan. None of the mons were found, and the way the owl is drawn made me think of the Unova starters leak. Its done in the same style so we could be seeing a repeat of history here. Another interesting point is that someone took the owl and made their own versions of it, trying to fool people. But they admitted that they only made the newer pics by copying the style of the original leak. An event that happened with the Unova starters. It be pretty interesting if it was real. The similarities are surprising. One thing worth noting is that if fake, in addition to how well done this is, is that the fire starter appears to be a rabbit. This would fit the Chinese Zodiac theme that each fire starter has. It’s a cool way to make a rabbit to. It looks like the took a rabbit expanded the fluff of the ears( to make them firey), then it’s legs stretch out a bit. It also appears to be made of rock. So that be a cool look and type combo imo. The dolphin doesn’t have full color yet, which could suggest this is concept art if real. As Ken Surigormi draws them out like that first. If these are real, then the starters have a good base for inspiration.

          If the region is hawaiin based, then we could get a pokemon somewhat based on the region as a starter( there’s an owl species that I saw, that resembles this one), The rabbit is the zodiac theme, and the Dolphin could be full inspiration from Hawaii if real.

          Maybe Fire/rock, Grass and Flying, maybe water and psychic? Depends on the dolphin’s full look.

          Whether fake or real, I really like these. They are cool and really well done. I wouldn’t mind one bit if they were the real starters.

          1. Thats super awesome, I really hope they are real. My sister would love the dolphin pokemon. I’d probably pick the grass owl myself.

          2. They all seem pretty cool. It definitely be tough for me to choose. The owl and fire one could end up pretty cool with how they are designed. Maybe we will see in corocoro this month! Although it’s probably just the legends. Kind of hoping that for the anniversary we get a little more.

      1. I’m just curious about the legendaries but megas I would also be happy with. Dragonite, arcanine, and kingdra please!

        1. I’ll wait until the story is developed to get legends, I’m more interested in gym types, new Pokemon and new Megas

        2. Megas I really want are Beartic, Samurott, Pangoro, Weavile, Malamar, Ninetales, Quagsire, Honchkrow, Avalugg, Zebstrika, Hydregion, Dragonite and Arcanine

          1. Ninetales and zebstrika would be amazing. Fire/psychic or ghost and electric/fire

  12. It’s the 9th morning here in India, and leaks have come out as early as this in the past. Since a new generation has been announced, the leakers may try harder to get the information. On the flipside, corocoro may also be extra wary to prevent the leak. So it could go either way i guess. I just hope the leakers get a win :3

  13. I honestly want a platypus starter… What if the final evolutions were fire/Grass, water/fire, and grass/Water?

  14. So if GF goes with the Chinese zodiac with the fire starter which one is next ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, goat, or horse.

    1. Ox
      It would be bulky and offensive with decent speed
      But I like the idea of this blazing bovine to blow flames out its snout and horns to fire itself up for battle

      1. When we were doing our fangame project called ‘Jade Jungle’ we had a fire type goat starter.

    2. I’d like a goat or ox fire starter… But, those can lead to fire/frightening typing for the final evolution. I want something new. We have a totally different game here, with sun and moon. I don’t want the typical fighting, psychic and dark second typings. Give us something mind blowing like fire/ice, water/ghost and grass/electric or something

  15. Hello everyone i visit pokejungle and read the articels and commets now since 2011
    finally i signed up my name is Mauri im 25 im italian but i was born in germany and i live here im a big pokemon fan my first game was yellow then i got blue and the loved Gold version which i spend a lot of time in my childhood ivegot every pokemon game and now i want to be come a jungle too 🙂 sice i was looking ad read all your commets at least the minium of 5 years Im hyped für Sun&Moon i would like sto share my Friendcode from my 3ds hopefully some of you will add me 🙂 3609-1^048-6107

    1. Welcome Mauri 🙂 Hope you have a great time feel free to comment on all the discussions 🙂 No more lurking 😉

    2. Well, welcome to Pokejungle, Mauri!
      Wait…. Why did you wait so long to make an account?

      1. i really dont know i was like next time i sign up then tomorrow next time and so… 5 years has been gone im happy that im here welcome 🙂

          1. Yea, same with me, except with drinking water. I am on the verge of death by dehydration right now.

    3. Hey Mauri! I’ll add you later today. What starter typing a do you hope to see in sun & moon and what type of animals? I hope we get a fire/dark bear, a water/psychic dolphin and grass/fighting lemur…

      1. sounds good Cosimo i personally let me suprise what Starters we get i really hope we get some information on the corocoro but i really like your idias grass/fighting and a water dolphin would be very cool
        in X&Y i choose a Chespin in the seven gereation i would like to take the new fire starter 🙂

        1. I pre-ordered Y at GameStop so I went and picked it up the night it came out. Then I ordered X from Amazon but they sent two copies! So I picked Fennekin for my Y and Froakie and Chespin for my X’s. I’m too OCD to let it remain a mystery. Plus, we have like 9 more months until the games come out, I’m not that patient. I like to get my teams in order and set up. It always changes, but I find it fun to go and create a team and edit it as info comes out and stuff.

    4. My friend code is 3007-9158-7071 (Cosimo is the name on that one)… Anyone can add me, I love to battle Pokemon! I actually have two 3Ds’, the other one is 1779-0850-4141 (Jeff is that one’s name)

    1. I liked Oshawott and Snivy. Eventually… Those starters didn’t feel or look like starters. Which is ironic since Gen 5 had my favorite designs.

      1. I liked the basic and 2nd stages, but the middle stages were horrendous. Espcially Dewott, I don`t know what they were thinking by creating it.

          1. The fire one may be the most believable of all, the other two…mmm… I don’t know :/

          2. The fire and water are okay. I can see them being the starters. The grass one is not good though but, I’m not partial to grass types anyways.

        1. The fire and water ones I can get behind, but that grass is weird. Are these leaks or fake or what?

          1. I’m hoping sun and moon restore my faith in the grass starter… Not since Bulbasaur have I liked a grass starter, and even then I picked Charmander and Squirtle…

        2. I must say, the more I look at them the more they grow on me.. I just hope the fire gets eyes…

    1. They actually have some nice potential haha.Fair play to the creator 710 for those fakes

    2. The fire looks like an evil bunny… Maybe I’ll get my fire/dark after all! Assuming this is real

      1. I assume they’re fake. But I just did a reverse search on Google, and I couldn’t find even 1 match, all together and individually, not even Deviantart.

          1. Well, there aren’t otters in New York… And frogs in France… But they were starters in Black and White and X and Y.

          2. Pretty sure there are both in both, especially as frog legs are a french delicacy. You’re point still stands though, GF don’t give much of a damn about biogeography or concept geography, or making their regions feature pokémon resembling the real world (apart from a few token pokémon like Braviary or Slurpuff/Aromatisse, and possibly ironically Froakie). Because of course we get hawlucha, pangoro and pyroar in the region based on France, that makes perfect sense.

          1. it will come true I am sure it perfect for me though …….but I am not thanking u for that but cuz u change ur avatar but i was kidding also.

          2. I’m wondering what will happen to you if we actually get a Ground/Fighting-type Pokemon, since it’s all you can talk about.
            I’m hoping for you the design would be awesome.

          3. Well I would catch it and add it to my team
            The Earthen Warriors

            Ground types are my natural flair since I’m all about the Earth Element, and my brutish nature is a perfect fit with Fighting Types

            But will be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED if it ends up a dud

  16. I’m sitting in work looking at a release date of 30th October and I just know its wrong. Why do they tempt me so. At least I got 2 mythical mew TCG boxes today haha ?

    1. My eyeballs are dry from staring at my computer screen, pressing the home tab on serebii hoping to find something

  17. Is it wrong that every time I go to my browser, I instantly click on Pokejungle to see if there’s news?

  18. While we all wait “patiently” for the leaks to come out… What types do we want the legends to be, and what are the concepts… To keep our minds occupied

    1. Pure Fire and Rock/Ice
      We haven’t had a Rock Main Legendary yet
      All Dragons and Psychics

      1. It’d be sweet to have the moon be a dark/ice and the sun be a fire/fairy. I don’t typically like fairy types but sun and fire and fairies seem to work…

        1. It’s a flaming ball of volatile gasses
          How would it be a fairy

          And the moon is a orbiting pale hunk of ice cold rock

          1. Like in True Blood, fairies were able to create light energy and if she used all her light she would die.

          2. Yeah I’m not letting that go through
            True Blood has little to no idea how things work

          3. And Pokemon does? It’s the same concept… Fantasy. Plus, Google fairies and light and you’ll see. What surrounded Tnkerbell as she flew around? Light did.

      1. Too bad Poison has nothing to do with the sun or the moon 🙁 The main legends won’t be Poison.
        Maybe we will get a side legendary that’s Poison.

        1. I see a Poisonous Sludge Lizard/Beast that runs rampant polluting everything in its path,

          1. Maybe the moon version is a Poisonous beast that uses its poison to put everyone in the region to sleep

    2. I could see the Sun legendary being fire type and the Moon legendary a water type since the moon controls tidal waves.

      1. That’s what it does
        But the what a better question to ask is

        Is it the sun and moon
        Does it gain power from them

        1. Probably gains power from them or they could be guardians of the sun and moon. I have a feeling these games will a lot stuff relating to Space.

          1. Not a bad theory
            Could be a big jump to the study of extraterrestrial Pokemon

    3. I think a fire/psychic for the sun, something that resembles a fox (associated with the sun in Japanese culture). For moon, a Dark/Fairy rabbit. Maybe Dark/Water, or Fairy/Water.

        1. That’s like saying Ho-oh is pretty much Moltres. It’s not like Pokemon hasn’t done stuff like that before.

      1. I like the idea… it also is cool that it plays on the cat and dog thing… What if it was Fire/Dark and Water/Fairy

  19. HUGE effort from an anonymous OP on 4chan by making this FAKE list. I like some of this though

    >New Type called Meta Type (メタイプ) and is only super effective against itself.

    >No old Pokémon will suffer reboot to Meta Type.

    >A new way of battle is called Meta Battle (メタ戦い) and has new trainers called Meta Trainers (メタ トレーナー) which can battle themselves against other Meta Trainers.

    >It’s confirmed that Magearna it’s a Meta Pokémon (メタポケモン) a Pokémon that can only battle on Meta Battles along with his trainers.

    >It’s confirmed that the new region name is Hauaiata Region (ハウアイアター地方) and is based on Hawaii.

    >Each Type will have a specific Meta Trainer protagonist that have a combination with some of the old types.

    >Some new Meta Pokémon will be revealed soon but no information further.

    >A new gang called Itazuwaru or Itazuaku is confirmed to be the rival gang (イタズ悪) that tries to control the Meta Power so then dominate Hauaiata Region.

    >The Meta Dex is confirmed to be an acessory to the normal Pokédex. Meta Pokémon starts from #001 again exactly the normal Pokédex. Magearna is #101 on Meta Dex.

    >Four new Gym Leaders until now. Akira (アキラ) is the only who I know information and is a Psychic Type Gym Leader a ganguro girl.

    >The story of the games are completely new.

    >The starters will be: Grass Type based on a saber-toothed Tiger and its final evo Grass/Rock. Fire Type based on ox and Fire/Steel since its second evolution. Water Type Hippo and Fighting Type on starters again with its last evolution.

    >A Water/Normal Dolphin Pokémon.

    >Johto Starters in the regional Dex with their megaevolutions.

    >Many, many even megaevolutions of Unova including Baivanilla.

    >No new eeveelutions or evolutions of old Pokémon.

    >Bug-Type now damages x1 Fairy-Type.

    1. Ehhh lot of effort my ass
      Slapping on Meta to anything
      And a few gym leader ideas most likely stolen from somebody else
      And an Ox and a Hippo on the same starter, two quadruped beefy mammals sloppy sloppy sloppy

    2. What is this meta sheisse?

      And there will never be a dolphin Pokemon, it was stated earlier due to this documentary stuff.

    3. Screw them with the new typing and the whole new Pokedex and way of battling. This has to be fake or else I will lose all of my interest in these games.

  20. Here’s one thing I’d like to hear your opinions on. What role do you think Solrock and Lunatone will play in Sun and Moon. It could be small like being game exclusives or big.

    1. I detest those Pokemon because they look like shit so I hope they will stay out of these games.

    2. Little to no role. Assuming there are two team like Magma and Aqua, maybe team exclusives? But the actual Pokemon themselves imo will be insignificant to the story.

  21. Hey guys! I’ve been visiting this site frequently over the past few years but never actually commented until now! I really dig this community! Anyways, anyone else wonder if we’ll get a new type with this gen? Could be the perfect time to introduce the fabled “space” type.

    1. Introducing a new type now is a horrible idea. I personally don’t think we’ll ever have a new type, the way it is now is pretty solid and balanced. But if we do get a new type, it won’t be for another couple of gens.

  22. It’s to hard to know how GF think but I should …..I am still thinking SM will based on norse for some reason look at this there is another white bird on the top of a tree I think it represent pkmn sun and look a the bottom of tree of life the is a well there called urd’s well ….I am reading so much about symbolism and I know th e well is a one of moon symbol …….or If u remember my previous theory when I am talking about the trio of Kalos should shifting their places Wat if Yveltal represent life and sun an Xerneas revresnt death and moon .

    1. Thats actually a cool idea! But the reigion would have to be connected to Kalos in some way.

  23. Okay all, it’s now the 10th in Asia… Which means the leak could come this afternoon for us in America… Fingers crossed!

      1. It feels like we’ve been waiting forever to find out anything about Sun and Moon but it’s only been two weeks… We’ve still got a very long way to go until the holidays…

        1. Yep, I don’t think my loins can hold out for another month without a taste

          I NEED MY FIX

          1. Get ready for nothing lol while I really hope we at least get something small I also feel like if they wanted to show us anything more than the concept art they would have done so 2 weeks ago……..Fingers crossed we do in fact get something tho!

          2. See, I think that now there’s all these fakes and they’ve revealed a bit of one of the Pokemon they’ll give us something. Mind you it may be nothing more than the region name, and this new woodpecker/Cardinal bird thing…

          3. Not gonna lie I think the bird will likely b the first Pokemon they officially announce as a Sun and Moon Pokemon. Obviously Magearna will b, but for now they’ll focus on the movie for her.

          4. Yeah it was always fun even when we got silhouettes. At least it’s something for people to talk about. Names alone are nothing to examine lol

          5. I would almost rather have silhouettes, I love the speculation (when we have something to go off of).

    1. Leaks typically happen in the mid day time for Japan so I wouldn’t expect anything for multiple more hours as it’s still early for them being 8:10 am. (If we do in fact get anything tonight)

      1. Well I’m in Southern California, so even if it’s still 5 hours away from being leaked, it’ll be early enough for me to see. With a few hours to spare

        1. Meh fair enough. It just seems like leaks tend to happen later atr night for me and I’m on the east coast lol

      1. Absolutely both! It’s also got lots of references (including one for breaking bad) and tackles important themes about race.

      2. It’s a mixture of both,

        Speaking of Disney there’s a upcoming movie I’m dying to see code named Gigantic

        1. My favorite is the Incredibles. I cannot wait until the second one comes out, but I still have three years for that to happen…

          1. I bet the plot for Incredibles 2 will heavily focus on Bob and Helen now greatly elderly now must face a greater battle….retirement and letting the new age of heroes take the spot like and spoiler alert the new generation of heroes are kinda punk ass kids
            Probably Violet and Dash in their late twenties and Jack-Jack a budding super teen

          2. Or maybe now that they became a closer family they have to battle empty nest syndrome and watch their kids go off to become their own supers

        2. I saw the game trailer 2 day’s ago….I can’t deny …i love it at least we have something combined between each other.

  24. Corocoro probably won’t leak till tomorrow night, but if it leaks tonight, I’d say anywhere from 11:30-3am EST is likely.

    I also think we will get at least the legends as every issue that has come after one month of a game’s announcement, has given us that respective game’s box legends.

      1. It’s best to go to sleep! Then when you wake up, you can see if anything happens.

        If nothing did, then you can go into you tests knowing that you are well rested!

        If it does, then it would be here before you know it!

        It’s a win win!

        And good luck tomorrow!

    1. It actually hasn’t been a month since it was announced, it’s only been two weeks…

      1. It’s still the next issue( which falls into a month) after each new game announcement shows the legends. So it still applies.

        In fact we will probably get it tonight.

  25. Where does everybody go to find the fakes? I enjoy seeing what people. On up with, but I have no idea where to look

  26. It’s always fun getting your best friends back into Pokémon after so many years!

  27. I’m having an extremely tough time keeping my head above water in school right now, and I’ve been experiencing depression that I’ve never felt before, but I’m turning 17 tomorrow and I hope to find a little joy with my PokeJungle friends. I hope CoroCoro leaks tonight so we’ll have something exciting to talk about! Otherwise, I just hope to see all of my friends here, I really need it.

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You are 17, you have so much joy and happiness to experience still. Don’t give up hope, as cliche as it sounds, the best years are still to come. You are going to have so much fun growing unto an adult, experiencing new and exciting things and living life.

      1. God damn it, I didn’t come here to cry. I feel like giving up, but I won’t do it. Ever. I’ve made it 17 years, I can go much further. I at least have to make it to Sun and Moon 😛

    2. Dude once you hit college your life gets better. I remember feeling, while never really depressed, not super great all the time when I was in high school, but once I got into college everything was better. All you need is one good professor to change your life and there are plenty of them around to learn from. Adulthood isn’t so hard. It can be difficult at times, but what’s most important is to never let life defeat you. Just know that you are stronger than any challenge that will come your way and you’ll come out ahead in the end. Right now you need to enjoy life to the fullest. Do it while you can bc later on you’ll have to make some decisions you may not want to make. Either way as long as you keep you head up you can always make the best out of a bad situation. Anyway that’s enough from this old codger. Happy Birthday!!! Try to enjoy yourself tomorrow. Don’t let life get you down on YOUR day. lol

      1. ^ this accurately sums up everything. I’m only 19 still so I got a lot to learn about “adulthood” but this is accurate 100%

        1. Just a little wisdom from your friendly neighborhood adult who’s still learning about life himself lol

          1. No shame in giving in to the childish side of the force…..I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me…

          2. it’s a judge free zone here with me! I waited in line outside GameStop at midnight for X and Y… and I will be doing the same for Sun and Moon.

          3. Meh not judging, but I don’t think I’d stand in line at night for a game…….period…….never again……….I like to b in bed or at least home before a certain time and any game can wait until I’m better rested to b played lol

          4. Well I didn’t play until the next morning, but I like to start versions in the morning cause I feel like that is when a character would start their journey. Plus, it’s kinda fun to see everyone standing in line and talking about Pokemon and what have you.

          1. You’re the easiest person to troll in the history of mankind. So it’s fun. But deep down I love you.

          2. That really doesn’t make me feel better, it kinda makes me want to inflict violence….like a lot

            How dare you say something like that to me

    3. Yes, being 22, and having twins, I can say, it gets better. Yeah, it can be tough now, I had really bad depression in high school, mediocre grades, and wasn’t even part of a community like this. We’ve got your back 🙂

    4. Hey man, I remember feeling like you. In high school I often thought I wouldn’t make it, that I was too dumb for school because I couldn’t do it. Now I am 19 and in university studying law and, like Omega said, everything is better. It’s just tough to be 15, 16, 17, because everyone expects you to be a grown-up, yet you still aren’t. And that’s what you should remember. Because how many times people are telling you to act like an adult, just ignore them. Life files you plenty of time to be an adult. But not now. Now is the time to enjoy yourself and others. I hope you have a great birthday with a lot of leaks to discuss with us 🙂

  28. To keep us all occupied and thinking about other things than the leak… If you were a gym leader, what type and what Pokemon would you have? And, in what region?

    1. I would want to have a dark type gym in the Unova region. I would have a Bisharp, a Zweilous, a Krookodile, and a Hydreigon.

      1. Ehh not bad but that’s like 3 fully evolved Pokemon, you need to lowball a few

        1. Sorry, I forgot that in he Unova region many Pokemon evolve much later. I will have to go with the 8th gym like you and do without the Hydreigon, switch out Zweilous for Mandibuzz, and settle for Krokorok. The TM would be TM 95 Snarl

      2. Dark gym is awesome, and Unova is my favorite region, that and Kalos (because I love France)

      3. I am really hoping there is going to be a dark gym in this new batch of games. Who knows, it might be a version exclusive with the dark-type gym being exclusive to Pokemon Moon.

          1. I think it is possible for the first thing to happen, although, I would just be grasping at straws at this point in time to in saying the second option to be possible.

          2. Version exclusive gyms would be infinitely impossible, they try to make versions sole differences be items and Pokemon, maybe different architecture but something like that would never work

          3. Why wouldn’t it work? It’s easy to separate content over games (just look at Fire Emblem Fates). They could easily put a Dark-Type Gym in Moon and a Psychic-Type Gym in Sun. Why would it inherently be a problem? I don’t see it destroying the code of the game. It would add a larger difference between either version if you ask me.

          4. It actually would be a really cool idea… Different gyms, different cities, but same story… Like how the TV show is, where Ash and his rivals all go to different cities and have different badges…

          5. There has been version exclusive gyms back in the first batch of 5th gen games. They were exclusive in who the gym leader was. It would, in my opinion, say it would be infinitely impossible for version exclusive gyms as a far stretch. The version excludsive based on type may work if that gym is heavily involved in the legendary plot line and the cover legendaries have different types.

          6. Drayden and Iris still had the same gym, same puzzle and same team with only difference was the gym leaders themselves and gender

          7. That is still a version exclusive, albeit a small one, I am just making the point that it sets precedent for version exclusive gyms of that degree and possibly greater in future games.

    2. Literally live like this everyday
      Signiture Pokemon Rhyperior
      I won’t settle for anything less then Gym leader number 8
      I would love nothing more then a full six on six battle to the death but new gym leader regulations prohibit me to 3

      And I would begrudgingly give trainers who *grrr* beat me with the Terrain Badge and a TM of my personal design TM 26 EARTHQUAKE

        1. Well that’s a good question, I’m a stickler for traditions
          Technically I’m from Unova

          But I firmly believe in native Signiture Pokemon

    3. It’s a tough call for me… I love both Dark and Ice types… There are more Ice type gyms, so for that reason I would go with a Dark type gym. This would be in the Unova region, or Kalos region, I like Unova because of Samurott and it takes place in America, but I love France…

      Nova Dark Gym:

      Kilos Dark Gym:

      TM Given:
      Dark Pulse

      Gym Badge:
      Night Badge (but I’m open to the name…)

    4. Hmm… I would love to either be a Dragon-Type or Water-Type Leader. I’m likely be in either Kalos or Sinnoh. I’d use a Garchomp or Gyarados as my main Pokemon.

    5. That’s tough… I don’t really have a favourite type.
      Maybe Dark type in Kalos with Tyranitar, Pangoro and Umbreon ^.^

    1. Would make sense… Sun is Volcanion and Moon is Magearna… But, it’s weird that he was introduced in X & Y (sort of) and Sun and water don’t really mesh.

        1. I kinda hope it’s not Hawaii, unless they’re featuring one island. I don’t like all the surfing from one island to the next and all the surfer you have to do in the Hoehn region

          1. I’m actually hoping it’s Italy due to the Leo DaVinci like character in the movie trailer. Goodnight!

  29. Okay, this is probably totally fake, but it looks really cool… I wasn’t a huge Trevenant fan, but if he gets a mega (not sure why he would over a bunch of other options) but this is a cool idea.

    1. It looks cool, but that means no Harvest
      Without Harvest Trevenant is utter crap

  30. What pages and sites are we all refreshing every minute in hopes a Corocoro leak pops up?

  31. Okay. I think the time has come where I need to give up the refreshing and call it a night. I’m bummed I didn’t get to experience a leak with you all. Maybe if one pops up before I go to bed ill come back and see what everyone thinks. Until then, good night my fellow pokegeeks!

  32. I feel like I’m going to wake up to leaks. I hope so, because I don’t want to look forward to the 15th and rush my spring break.

  33. I thought of something. Why not have the same 8 gym leaders in the region, but not knowing which one comes next? Every time you play the game, the gym leaders hussle and every time you enter a gym, it’s the first time you actually know what gym leader is inside and what their type is.

  34. I really they right this wrong in Sun and Moon
    Mega Machamp
    Now typing is a bit fickle, the obvious choice is Pure Fighting or even Fighting/Dark to fight back the oppressive brain that is psychic types just that just sets it up for a bigger fall with those stupid fairies
    Fighting/Steel might fix this but it’s still a hard sell logic wise (Muscles turning into a metallic alloy just doesn’t fit the bill) and even less steel moves to work with Bullet Punch and Heavy Slam (And I’m not the kind to pour on moves just to benefit the mega)
    Some even pitched the idea of Fighting/Dragon, though insane it’s still cool
    So ignoring type next would be the age old question: How many Arms?
    Many speculate that a Mega Machamp would grow six pairs or arms while some would even go 8. I had a thought of both arms fusing together back into two jobs just longer and beefier.

    Finally stat distribution and ability
    Now the OG King of Physical Attacking deserves only the best of stats
    Now I’m not a wiz for doing mega stat addictions but I will absolutely destroy a good portion of his Sp. Attack to make him a feared wallbreaker
    If Beedrill can get away with a 130 attack boost with a sacrifice to sp to make it a 100 base increase so could Mega Machamp
    As for an ability there are many ways that could either make or break his strategy, some heavily rely on No Guard Dynamic Punches though powerful I often fear some will try to quickly end his career with stat crippling so I’m a Guts Man. But if I wanted to obliterate the whole world I would give it a base 185 attack WITH HUGE POWER shattering the scales so even a burn won’t stop it

    Just so many possibilities for this overlooked Goliath

    1. What about Fighting/Rock type? It looks like it’s body is made up of rocks or something similar

  35. So I know this is fake, but I can totally get behind these starters… If they were real. I know we just had a fire fox starter, but this peacock grass fox thing is pretty cool looking, along with the water… If they were real, it’d be the first time I didn’t pick a fire starter!

  36. i feel all pokemon specie. top like music color. middle like mixed minerals. left like fur moth. right like bunny or rabbit. down than right like lemur.
    left end like Dunsparce evolve. other right like native American dance bird.

  37. I believe that the mid Rowlet evolution at the bottom is the real deal, as I compaired it to it’s final evolution.

  38. Now, before Rowlet made itself known to us, and just after the leaks of it’s japanese name was revealed, there was this picture on the top left corner of this picture going around throughout the internet, along with two more, though not colored, which were at first thought to have been the starter Pokemon, only to find out when Rowlet finally appeared to be false. It wasn’t until the picture of the owl Pokemon, full bodied and standing right next to Rowlet was leaked that it had lead me to believe that it was actually in fact it’s mid evolution. It was shown by some fan when comparing it’s facial expression on the fake hooded assassin’s creed final evolution that accompanied the Panther Litten and scary clown Popplio fake evolutions, trying to prove of it being real. However, it wasn’t long until the artist’s take on the mid evolutions showed up, and threw this mid evolution off the curve, or so they thought, until I decided to do some research with it’s supposed final evolution leak, Robinroot that has recently showed up. Like comparing the mid evolution with the fake, I also did the facial expression comparison with the mid evolution with Robinroot. By closer examination, I realised along with a user who was curious with my other picture comparisons, that the eyes and beak are of a similar shape and eye color, and the tuffs at the back of Robinroot’s hood is similar to that of the mid evo’s. So what that means is that Rowlet’s bow tie when evolving will end up becoming the mid evo’s coat, and when evolving again into Robinroot would become it’s hood, ending with a new red tie. Another thing to point out that seems to make sense is it’s tail, as like Rowlet’s is always green in color.

    So, if we have to believe that the mid evolution is genuine, then if we have to believe that the leaks were real, then the other two Pokemon could be Copybara and the Dolphin Pokemon.

    Anyway, I’m just wanting to show you of what you think of this theory, and what do you think about Rowlet’s mid evolution.

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