Pokémon Co-Masters Smartphone Game Announced

In a surprise announcement, a new F2P (free-to-pay) game coming to iOS and Android devices has been announced in a trailer uploaded to YouTube. The game, Pokémon Co-Masters, is being developed by HEROZ which frequently works on board game… games. Accordingly, this will be a strategy board game using virtual figures collected throughout the game or possibly purchased.

It will be launching later this year.

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      1. I assume CoroCoro leaks, they could leak any moment. But I wouldn’t ecpect it for another 10hours at least. Till it’s the morning of the 11th.

    1. WP is trash. The over all concept is great as windows has a great interface, but they put little to no work into the phone to make it not crappy. They get hot way too easy and glitch out for the dumbest reasons. My brother loves windows phones, but even he can c they need to make it a better product. lol Until they make the hardware less cheap and the software less glitchy developers are gonna stay away unfortunately.

      1. I have an okay version Lumia 630 it is working fine, the lack of aps and games for it is the biggest bad remark, I do agree they get hot way quite fast but mostly when I use them while it is still on the charger. But besides that they work fine for me.

        1. I’m sure the problems for WP vary between people. It’s just that those problems are frequent enough that developers tend to shy away from making anything for it.

  1. And here comes the people complaining about another mobile game/F2P game. Yes it’s not Sun and Moon, but I really like that Pokemon is branching out onto other devices. It shows growth. People may not like the F2P, but in the end you don’t need to pay the micro transactions to play. And if you really have a problem with it then you don’t have to play at all. These games and apps are just to get Pokemon to be more spread out and diversified.

  2. The probability of the “Burst Heart” mechanic coming to SM seems to quite the controversial topic lately. What are your opinions on fusing Pokemon and Humans? I, personally, am totally against it and would probably take some time to embrace the concept (if it does come in the future games)

    1. I really dislike the concept. It just isn’t right. What if we’d fuse with animals? NO NO just NO.

    2. No, just no no no! I don’t even like ash-graninja. GF just came out with megas three years ago, they need to let that marinade for a bit longer. If they want to introduce burst evolution – fine; but it better be a different mechanic than the Manga.

    3. That “theory” is just as bad as the Gen 6.5 theory. It has no actual evidence for it. ReBurst was a failed manga from 2 Gens ago that was cancelled after just a year. Why on earth would anyone think a mechanic from that would be in the new games? Most Burst Hearts don’t even look like four sides diamonds. And Ash-Greninja has absolutely nothing to do with Burst OR the games. It’s just a special type of mega evolution designed to make Ash more special.

  3. If I am pkmn.co GM I will not reveal that while all Attention about SM …..could that mean we didn’t get anything about SM in this corocoro ?? ….oh DAM!!

    1. Well it’s not like it’s a full game or anything. They can talk about peripheral games without them interrupting main series games news period I’m sure.

    1. I’ve seen the goat one before. He has the best potential I think out of all of them. The bird is okay, I don’t care for the water one, it really has nothing to do with water, and water starters are usually water animals.

    1. Uh…. I realy dont know. I like simplistic designs but… I cant even tell what these are supposed to be

        1. I can see a sheep, but the blue one looks like a mouse to me (kinda see mienfoo) the grass one…. I dont even know what i see there haha

    2. I’ve seen these before… they look way too fake to be real… But an easy solution to all this guessing would be if Corocoro would just GIVE US THE LEAK!

    1. Nah, the stories to sketchy. If you had time to see the magazine, there is no way someone didn’t get a pic. Also I doubt cell phones are prohibited in stores that have corocoro. Plus someone else would have shown them off probably. Makes no sense that they all came at the same time. They are interesting, but another grass ram is a bit bland, and unlikely. A fire one would be something though!

  4. Someone is “leaking” megas on 2chan. They’re obviously fake but they’re excellent! These are a few.

        1. I see, wasn’t working before! but got it!

          Those are all really good! Don’t see the purpose of mega lugia though, unless it was a mascot. Mega arbok and ledian would be great!

          And funny, I know and funny both of those users lol.

    1. Omg they look so beautiful. I’ve never liked Sandslash or Fearow but now I do. It looks like Sugomori.

    2. Hmmmm the Sandlash looks good but I’ve yet to see the Anime show Sandlash curling into a ball, this one looks stronger but slower

    3. NO body accept this as a pkmn ….M.sandslash has a nice concept though.
      wat is that 2chan by the way?

      1. 2chan is a forum site similar to 4chan, but only Japanese people can post on it.

    4. Not too far from the Sugimori style. Ledian looks the closest tho. Sandslash is too complicated with it’s design.

  5. Come on I need my fix again damn you corocoro and GF!!!!! Why do we love Pokemon so much????

  6. I think any leaks that involve megas at this point r likely going to be fake. They wouldn’t start advertising Sun and Moon with megas of older Pokemon I don’t think.

  7. I like these starters! I can get behind all three of them, even though we just had a fire fox starter last game…

        1. It’s totally fake, but I like all three of them. Not bad ideas for starters, imagine the beast that fire one would turn into? But, it reminds me of Charmander.

  8. An artist made this back in 2010 for hopes of the Black and White starters… They all work for a tropical Hawaiian region… There is that squirrel/lemur thing, a dolphin and a scorpion…. Thoughts?!

  9. Hoping that when I get off work at 6 that I’ll have a gift on serebii in the form of leaks!!! 🙂

  10. It’s the tenth, the CoroCoro wait begins. I just want to see Starters, Protagonist, and Main Legendaries. A bonus would be a region map. I’m guessing that the actual leak will occur on the 11th between the 15th. Still hoping for a Water-Type Dolphin Starter and a Fire-Type Tiger Starter.

      1. Yeah, I’m not into a tiger fire starter this go around… I’d like something in the ox or ram category personally… I’m an Aries, so it works for me…

    1. Probably tonight/tomorrow, give everyone something to talk about over the weekend… Plus, Serebii doesn’t update on weekends so it would totally suck if we had to wait until Monday!

      1. m8. Serebii updates like literally when any crazy news drops. X/Y had some leaks on the weekends and Serebii updated on it. There literally first to update on the leaks.

          1. Yes. In short, they update anytime Pokemon has some news. Let it be anime related or gaming related. Serebii is typically first!

    1. Eventually there going to have to leave it. I would love to see them complete it tho. I would like to see a Snake, Rabbit, and Ox before they decide to terminate it.

      1. Do you think Pokemon games will last that long? How much more can they do? We still need an Ox, Snake, Tiger, Sheep, Horse and Rabbit… That’s 6 more versions…

        1. I’m assuming that Ponyta to the role of the Horse. GameFreak could make as many Pokemon games as they please. I could wait, but I want to see the wheel complete.

    2. I think they will do that ……actually I would like to see that too but for another reason ARRghhh life is stupid …..I mean i love these zodiac animal and I am used to choose fire starter but I have my reason to break the zodiac tradition.

    3. Let’s see

      Horse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat
      I really freaking hope I get my Ox

  11. I just want to dress up my character again in SM and have fabulous male options, oh and mega wigglytuff-clefable are also a wish of mine but thats just me dreaming lol

    1. I’m sure that character customization will be returning. A lot of people loved it in X/Y, so I see no reason why GameFreak will toss the idea. I love customizing my character in any game that allows for it.

      They really do have to increase the male customizing options. I swear that males had way less clothes than females in X/Y.

      1. idk if they had less options but they had less variety, like 5 pairs of pants and shirts just in different patterns

        1. Exactly. I like how they handled the skin tone. Yet, they need to add more designs to the clothes. Changing the textures (basically changing the colors) is easy for the developers to do!

  12. Welp it’s it’s 6 am of the 11th in Japan now I’m hoping we hear something from corocoro.

  13. I think people should temper their expectations for CoroCoro this month. I’m not saying we shouldn’t expect anything at all, but I see a lot of people with long lists of things. I wouldn’t expect more than either JUST the starters or JUST the box legendaries. The way I see it, we’re still many months away from getting actual people revealed so I don’t think the player characters or the professor will b in this months issue. They for sure won’t do all three in once issue let alone the very first issue covering the games. Either way I’ll take anything we can get. Even if it’s just the box legendaries with no extra info on them and nothing more.

    1. I’m not really asking for a lot at least some pics of whatever mons they want to show or a little scenery from the region. With the XY trailer they showed back in 2013 I was happy and content until the game came out.

    2. Yeah….
      Im keeping my spectations low….
      Since the game come in the end of the year(x-mas?) im happy with the legendaries…. Or their silhouette….
      No starters, or new pokemon(besides de legends on the box art)…. But i guess more the silhouette….
      On other note…
      Do you guys think we will hit the 1000 pkmns?
      Or only next gen?

    3. Yeah… After the information that was released for X/Y and how long it took to get it, I’m not expecting too much… I think the bird Pokemon will be introduced and hopefully the starters, but other than that my expectations are low.

    4. From what I’ve seen. Nobody is asking for more than just the Starters, Main Legendaries, or Protagonist. We know were not going to get much in this issue. At the start of X/Y, we literally just got some clarification of Yveltal and Xerneas and that was all. We know it’s not going to fulfill our expectations and I believe majority of us already expect that.

      1. My cynicism is tingling
        They will never let that slide

        Stomp out the flame before it spreads

        1. I’ll have to agree with you here Earthen. After watching how people freaked out over Soleil’s dialogue in Fire Emblem Fates being changed due to drugging and sexuality dilemmas, I do not want to see such controversy come to Pokemon. Not trying to judge others, but GameFreak is not that “ballsy” to include such a feature and expect it to generally be okay.

    1. Not going to be rude to anyone who supports this, yet I think that’s touchy. For a Rated E game, I heavily doubt this would be included. This is just going to spawn similar dilemmas that Fire Emblem Fates had. Simple due to the about of criticism or debate the issue will have, I don’t think we will ever see it in Pokemon Games aimed towards a younger audience. I remember have a discussion on PokeJungle about this in the past. Again, I do not mean to be rude to anyone who supports the idea. I do support the idea of being able to remove your hat. That was just ridiculous in X/Y.

        1. Animal Crossing is typically not geared towards younger children. Their demographic is mostly adults surprisingly. Plus, if a child were to play it, their not going to be actively trying that. I just don’t think anyone has time for conflict over a simple feature. I’m just going off of prior experience in thinking that this will never become a feature. Controversy could deter from sales and create a bad reputation for Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, and GameFreak.

          1. I disagree but I’ll just stop here. Don’t want to make a huge argument. Hopefully there will at least better male options. That is if we get customization at all

    2. ill have to agree with afarr. After watching the whole fe:fates problems start after Nintendo revealed the changing of some dialouge. I do not think we will ever see it.

      1. Not being able to take of your hat in X/Y was one stupid limitation. I just want to see more clothing options for male if customization is added. The male clothing department was seriously lacking in various styles.

          1. Again, agreeing on you with this. I liked the idea of picking the skin tones though. If that feature returns, I’d at least be half happy. Each regions have to retain somethings that caused people to enjoy them. It wouldn’t surprise me if S/M do not have the feature. Hell, we got a look at the Pokemon Centers. All I saw was the Healing Station, PokeMart, and what seemed to be a Cafe.

  14. Sometimes I forget that Sun and Moon are legit games now. Like I’m so used to not having any news that Sun and Moon seems fake because we have no information other than the names. Soon!


            but this is why I gave my Rhyperior a Assault Vest and taught it Metal Burst

            But nonetheless Hoenn has plenty Megas and they truly don’t need any more

    1. They are very different from the other names we got for the games. They’re the first names that aren’t just concepts or materials. They’re actual objects!!!

    2. Same here. One moment, I thought it was a Fire Emblem Fates rip-off, next I’m hype af. I seriously just need more information about the games.

          1. I remember seeing them on a YouTube video, deviantart, and this other rando thing

      1. Use a VPN to bypass your countries limitations. It’s actually quite simple to install one of them in a Web Browser Store (aka. Google Web Store and Mozilla Add-ons).

          1. One VPN source I’ve used before when I was in New Zealand & Australia was TunnelBear. You could find safe and legit ones quite easily.

    1. They do look slightly legit… Yet, I’m not going to jump on the confirmed wagon. They look quite sloppy to be actual starter designs. Someone easily could have made this in their homes as a bunch of the other fakes. Yet, they could easily be sketches. I just don’t get the use of pen in the images, wouldn’t using pencil allow the artist to have more room for errors?

        1. Are these sources reliable? It could very easily be the same person drawing fake on in different styles or multiple people drawing the same fake on.

          1. That’s what I was thinking. This wouldn’t be the first time that a group of people created a fake (or a singular person). Yet, it does remind me of previous drawings of Pokemon when people got a quick look at them. Examples are Zygarde Core/Cell and Minccino.

          2. Yeah, but the Zygarde thing was different. There were plenty of people who had actually seen the core and form for a fact and could corroborate the story. this is just coming from schmuck on the internet lol

    2. Not buying it. The ideas aren’t bad, but whether or not they come from different sources the problem is that they are from 4chan. sure it could b something that someone saw on 2chan, but that doesn’t matter. The Japanese can make shit up too. You don’t need to be from a different country to b full of it lol

        1. Hmmmm even still I think if someone HAD seen the starters in CoroCoro then they’d have just taken a pic of it and posted it. Not drawn very well articulated pictures of each of them.

          1. Right? Unless they just felt like being artsy and didn’t want to actually leak the magazine lol

          2. Yea… the one on the fair right is only the artsy one. What would be the point of the image in the middle then. The first and third picture would make more sense if they just saw the leak. I’m close to calling this as a simple fake.

          3. That would be true, but according to the post
            They work at a magazine store (they provided a name), and they signed a contract that they wouldn’t take photos of a magazine

            very convenient for them

          4. I mean, if you know corocoro always leaks early, I would want to make sure my employees aren’t the ones doing it

      1. Yeah not gonna lie if these turned out to be real I’d b SUPER ok with it. They all look pretty cool and I think I’d have a tough decision to make lol

    3. The different perspectives is what throws me off since corocoro most times just shows sugimori artwork and thats it so i find it weird how they saw three different perspwctives in this suppose corocoro leak

    1. I’m so sorry you being left out. What country do you live in that blocks it?

          1. for some reason I feel I make Dubai’s reputation looks bad …I didn’t mean that , consider it as apologies.

  15. I feel like these things (whether they are real or not) get put up on 2chan and I can never find them lol

  16. What if the new region’s name is Azoth, and the two legends are Volcanion and Magearna, Volcanion representing Sun and Magearna representing Moon?

    “…we see Ash & Co. arriving in AZOTH as Volcanion crashes down and becomes connected to Ash through a strange device. Volcanion explains some history. Then, an airship comes out with a man with Mega Alakazam & Glalie, and starts attacking Ash. Team Rocket find a mechanical ball while constant attacks happen. It closes with Volcanion defending and Ash discovering Magearna” -serebii.net

    1. Hmmm I wouldn’t say Volcanion and Magearna being box legends
      I’m still holding out for something with perfect Zygarde

    2. This is obviously Gen 7, so why would they use a Gen 6 legend? Also movies and games rarely coincide.

      1. But there were rumors that it was an extension of the Kalos region, maybe Spain which is just south of France…

        1. Johto was an extension of Kanto. It is going to be related to Kalos, but Mythical Pokemon won’t be on the box art unless they completely copy Gen 2.

  17. off topic but I really hope they do something nice with the fire starter. They must be redeemed because of that hobo delphox

      1. fire/fairy but my complaint is the design. fire/pyschic is actually a wonderfull pairing

        1. I think part of the problem with Delphox was that they focused too much on making it’s body slightly more complicated, but then it’s head is all flat and boring.

    1. Like I’ve been pitching
      Fire Ox, it can blow flames out of their snout and horns and their bodies can catch fire in a frenzy and bulldoze everything in their path

      1. not bad but I would pass. I’m way too judgmental with choosing my pokemon because of their looks. I have concluded that the problem is me

      1. I have no problem with the dual fire/pyschic thing. My distain for that pokemon rests soley on its looks, yeah i’m that judgmental. It matters a lot to me because I like choosing the fire starter every generation.

  18. ram grass/steel
    bear fire/fairy
    lizard water/dragon
    If the starters are true my bad on errors

      1. I would be fine with Fite fighting as long as we get a decent sig move, and good design

          1. Awww, I liked Emboar! But, Samurott took the cake in Unova… and so far all other starters

  19. I forget to write this theory the unknown power called the “Soul Heart” said to reside inside Magearna ( I believe they mean this red and blue thing inside it) …that’s bring me back to the egyptian book of the dead ..One of the best known examples is the Weighing of the Heart scene below. The heart (the moral integrity of the deceased, his conscience) is weighed against the feather of Truth and Justice. If the cumulative effects of a person’s life have allowed his soul to be as light as the feather of Truth, he or she is judged pure and allowed to continue on with the journey. However, if the person’s heart is weighted down with the burden of sin, his soul is flung to the great monster who awaits the recording of the verdict and is no more.

    I think red color represent heart and blue one represent truth (Maat) feather….and booth of them represent justice so maybe Magearna is like a judge or magistrate. http://jameswassermanbooks.com/plate-3-weighing.jpg

    1. I’m trying to type some shit for class, but I keep looking back here for new comments. STOP DISTRACTING ME YOU PEOPLE!!! hahaha

  20. Ill comfim it we will go back to Kalos as a postgame event
    Volcaian will be feature and pokemon sun and moon at a volcano

    1. I feel like you’re trying be a “leaker”, but no one is paying attention to you hahaha

      1. maybe I don’t like wat he say …..but the human didn’t need get any attention from any body …..he should just say wat he feel no matter ppl like it or not …..be ur self.

  21. The sun legendary will be a cosmic/fire or fire/light the moon legendary will be ice/cosmic or dark/cosmic

    1. Nope, there won’t be any new types. Fairy was definitely a needed type to balance the competitive scene out a bit. We don’t need another type right now, not for at least another generation or two.

    2. OH HELL NO… jk. There will be no new types. Similar to Chico, I just want to see the Fairy-Type being balanced better. Cosmic and Light will not be good types anyways. There would be barely any Pokemon that fit the description. I’m fine with the number of types for now.

        1. Just make the Fairy-Type weak against Fire and no longer resist Bug. I would allow them to be super effective to Fighting-Types. Fighting literally only had two weakness being Psychic and Flying.

    1. Let me put it to you this way. Unless I ever difinitively say that they’re legit, don’t believe it. Nothing that’s been posted starterwise across the whole internet is legit.

      1. Well obviously I don’t believe it but I just wanted to know if to take it seriously. Because a lot are easily proved fake.

  22. I strongly believe that the leaks are coming tonight. And I’m going to bet that the starters are going to be the main focus. Black and White’s starters were revealed in May 2010, but their silhouettes were shown much before that. I assume that, just like Black and White, starters will be revealed before mascot legendaries.

  23. I’d like to ask a question no one ever asks:

    Why does corocoro leak every month?

    I know it’s awesome for us but wouldn’t it be bad business for your product to be revealed in full detail 5 days before realease cosistantly? Why don’t the makers of corocoro crack down on the leakers?

    Also: who exactly leaks it? I’ve been here long but I’ve never payed attention to exactly where the leak comes from every month.

      1. Yeah, but don’t they want subscribers?

        Like how many people even are subscribed to corocoro,

        1. Seriously tho I honestly imagine it’s either a retailer who gets them early or an employee who leaks them 🙂

          1. Well then I wonder how long this has been going? I’ve been here since black and white but when was the time of no corocoro?

      1. Actually, are you saying the employees of the company are leaking it secretly or its like an official leak . Because I’m pretty sure official leaks don’t appear on 4chan.

    1. It’s a monthly magazine. Actually, CoroCoro magazine sales are extremely high due to be people wanting to reveal or hold copies of the information. Doing a crack down on the hackers wouldn’t help but make the fanbase angry. Typically, Japanese people who are Pokemon-savvy, Store Employees, people who get early copies or actually workers leak the CoroCoro.

  24. I’m actually dying laughing at the absolute fails going on with that “leaker” below hahah. There not even fin leaks and what’s better is your being ignored. Haha. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but please stop haha its too funny.

    1. Pokemon Sage is top notch, ive been trying to get a demo copy
      You’d want it too, the starter area is set in the fridged north with a few ice types

      1. I knowwwww i saw they had early ice types! And they all look so good!!! I want this game

      1. I post the wiki page in the comment which you can search the starters and go from there and keep searching morr pokemon

  25. Serious question here what are we gonna do if corocoro doesn’t leak anything of SM????

          1. Here take this spare torch and pitchfork
            And don’t be afraid to throw a few rocks at random civilians

          2. Could be better
            *Picks up an SUV and effortlessly tosses it through a building*

        1. I’ve been too busy with life to get over excited this time around. Once we get actual news I’ll soften up, but right now I have more important things to break my soul about lol

          1. I haven’t been that busy I’m at home with my kids since its spring break and it’s too cold to go outside so I’m stuck in here with my kids on the tv and me with my thoughts

      1. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten older but that is me 100% lol. I really REALLY want some new information but I’ve got so many other things that are keeping me busy in life right now that I waiting isn’t such a burden anymore.

        1. Exactly. Once real solid info is imminent then I may start to care, but right now I’m way to busy to cry over a “what if” lol

      1. It’s not like we really even need to shorten it. Sun and Moon are much more convenient than Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that just HAD to be abbreviated.

  26. Watch the most we get is the titles again and a promise for news next month teehee 😉

  27. I know I already asked about this but just wanted to show what I was talking about for the ppl that don’t know.

      1. Nah bro. Sun and Moon are gonna be brony editions, based off of this official boxart. So the fire starter is definitely going to be a horse.
        As a matter of fact, all the new Pokemon are gonna horses.

          1. I just imagine a pink and magenta Rhyperior sporting puffy pink hair
            But still carrying a scowl

        1. Oh… My………….. Little….. Pony.

          (Wait. Is this real or are you just tricking me? Because I’m pretty sure this is real.)

      2. I hope it’s not a snake if they do not break away from the zodiac… a fire snake would be dumb, and I don’t see it being much different from Serperior… I really want an Ox, I feel like it’d be a huge beast and a monster Pokemon! Fire/dark type too… I know Earthen wants a Fire/Fighting or Fire/Ground…. But I need my Fire/Dark for ONCE! Just one game give me a Fire/Dark starter… That is cool, not lame! Or just go all out and give me a fire bear starter that turns into a Fire/Dark…..

      3. I know I want the ox too but I’m a snake in the Chinese zodiac so I’ll be ok with a fire snake, the only problem I have is with the horse cause of ponyta and rapidash but if they can redesign a flame horse it’s cool

        1. Nah, no horse… Let’s break the mold and do something different… a bear fire starter would be awesome. I’m a pig in the Chinese zodiac, so I’ve had mine with Tepig…

          1. Idk that much about the Chinese zodiac the only reason I know I’m a snake its cause when I was younger I had a friend who was Chinese and told me but now you gave me something to research thank you

          2. I hate snakes… So, nothing against you, I’m just not a fan, and I love my fire starters… I’ve picked Charmander, Cyndaquill, Fennekin and Mudkip, Oshawott, Piplup for starters so far… I’m looking for my first grass starter, but it’s doubtful. Plus, a snake starter has been done already, so it’d be weird… and unoriginal.

    1. Fire/Fighting bipedal bunny Pokemon
      Fire/Poison snake Pokemon
      Fire horse Pokemon
      Fire/Electric or Fire tiger Pokemon
      Fire/Steel ox Pokemon
      Fire/Electric ram Pokemon

      1. Then Tiger could easily be a Fire/Dark type
        And I would say Fire Ground/Rock/Steel/Fighting for the Ox

      2. I see this:
        Fire/Fairy Rabbit
        Fire/Psychic Horse
        Fire/Poison Snake
        Fire/Dark Tiger
        Fire/Fighting Ox
        Fire/Ground or Fire/Steel for Ram

    2. he Ox is cool here… That’s what I wanna see…. Of course this was clearly created before Fennekin came along. I also don’t mind the snake in this. I don’t like the goat, rabbit and horse though. The tiger is eh…

  28. I’m replaying Y and I’m at the part where AZ tells the player the story about the Kalos war, and I noticed in one shot (it went too fast for me to get a screenshot), one side is using both Solrock and Lunatune. It could just be coincidence but I think this is hinting at the idea of Sun and Moon being in southern Kalos.

        1. 1779-0850-4141 is Jeff and 3007-9158-7071 is Cosimo (I have two 3ds’). Add me. I’ve added you to my list

          1. I think I’m just gonna do my Y but that hype is on for sun and moon and I already beat red and blue

          1. Some already are Megas… Abomasnow, Aggron, Salamence, Gyarados… It’d be sweet if Weavile got a mega.

          2. Which only confirms that’s what it is even more. Weavile and Rhyperior are Giovanni and Cyrus’ premier pokemon so they’re bound to get one. Same with Hydreigon.

          3. I would love Hydreigon to become a Dragon/Steel tank like it was originally meant to be with Mega Launcher.

    1. I remember seeing that too. There’s a possibility that it was only meant to foreshadow Sun and Moon.

  29. So my parents pre-ordered the Uncharted 4 PS4 for me as my birthday gift! I’m beyond happy, but I have to wait until May to use it! This has been a pretty nice birthday overall, for sure. I don’t feel like I’m one year away from adulthood, though, that’s just bonkers.

      1. I never played Tomb Raider, so in my mind you’re dead wrong. (I’m sure those games are fantabulous as well, don’t hurt me)

  30. Here’s to Fire Ice White Tiger starter
    I think that would be such a cool starter, and very unique

  31. I’m calling it a night all… If any leaks come out post them in the comment of this message so I get them in the morning when I wake up! Sleep well fellow pokenerds!

  32. Okay so I’m new and would hate to be “that guy” but does anyone on here do free avatars? I could really dig something other than the gray silhouette. 🙂 (Also, sorry that this is so off topic!)

    1. Wow, you’re that guy, huh?

      Yeah we user to have a few people that made some really good avis but, I never see them anymore. I’m sure someone here can help you out though.

    2. There used to be one guy that did graphics for free… But he was kinda scared off. Good luck finding one!

    3. Welcome to Pokejungle!
      I used to know some avatar creators, so I’ll try to get in touch with them for you. If I do get ahold of them, what specifically would you like for your avatar? 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’m not too picky/ I’m not looking for anything specific. My favorite pokemon are Froslass, Trevenant, and Walrein so anything with any of those guys would be cool. 🙂 I really appreciate it!

          1. Haha cuz I couldn’t come up with anything clever with those on such short notice. Now I know I’m probably not the first to make the connection of that song and that Pokemon, but I liked it well enough. Also, it’ll be more unique when my avatar has nothing to do with my name. Haha

  33. How will we know if it leaks without info so our hopes can be murdered with some surety?

    1. WOW….if these are fake, they’re incredibly well done. O_____O

      I kinda wish that they are real. ❤️

    2. the thing that throws me of the most is the trainer, it’s just doesn’t look like anything GF would use for a pokemon trainer.

      Starters are cute though, but they wouldn’t show the boxart I think..

    1. Remember these drawings of the starters that was posted? They match these starters here… Hmmmmm. Maybe not so fake? Or maybe they’re totally fake?

  34. Serebii said the scans below are fake and sadly he also said that he know someone who has a copy of corocoro and nothing about sun/moon or even the movie is in there. Really upset here.

  35. Sorry guys. I’ve just spoken to Serebii on Facebook, and he says that yes, it appears there’s nothing Sun and Moon related at all in CoroCoro this time around. =(
    Wow…..I’m seriously bummed now…

      1. I know….I feel really sad. T_____T
        I can’t believe there’s nothing, not even a rehash of the announcement. Not even anything Pokemon related at all.
        I’m still holding out hope that maybe there is, and we just haven’t seen it yet.

  36. Does anyone know if it’s true that the CoroCoro of this month won’t reveal information about Pokemon Sun and Moon?

    1. Probably not because they announced the game late February and unless Corocoro had info on the game before, the magazine was probably made before sun and moon were announced…

  37. Those starters are exactly what I want but it does seem fake. I think because sun an moon were announced late February, they won’t leak info this month. We will have to wait until April unless Pokemon or GameFreak announces something… But im gonna hold onto hope that those are the starters because they’re perfect and what I wanted for starters!

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