April CoroCoro LEAKING!

The Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro has leaked. Only information about Volcanion and its upcoming distribution were revealed and CoroCoro will feature Pokémon Sun and Moon information next month.


<3 PJ

    1. Linoone. Moves like scald turn the enemy model red briefly while the attack is in motion.

  1. I figured there wouldn’t be anything in this issue. If they were gonna show us anything so soon they would have just made time in the announcement trailer for it. Looks like we’re waiting for next month!

  2. corocoro didn’t even refer to the announcement of sun & moon. Not even the logos… -.-‘

    1. I think because the announcement came so late in February. Usually magazines have their stories, pictures, layouts and everything ready months in advance. We can still hope the Pokemon company or GameFreak releases more info… Or we wait an entire month for the April leak… Where we all will be going crazy all over again…

        1. Not really awful of them at all. They never promised anything so it’s not really their fault if people got over excited about nothing lol

          1. I really don’t need to be reasonable and sane right now. I know all the things you’ve said, still we all expected something at least.

      1. They did it with xy and oras a month after they were announced so chances are its 50/50

        1. March is always like this tho. There’s almost always nothing this month. Back in 2010 people got super excited and then all we got in the issue leaked in March was Pokemon Rumble U info. This happens all the time which is why I wasn’t expecting anything this time around.

          1. It’s already been said that there’s definitely no Sun and Moon info. There’s apparently Tretta and TCG stuff, but other than this Volcanion page we shouldn’t expect to c anything else game related. Sorry to be a bummer I just don’t want people waiting for something that isn’t coming.

  3. Lol didn’t get my fix of Pokemon but I’ve been like this since sun and moon was announced, and now that corocoro didn’t reveal anything I’m kind of exited for next month lol

  4. Reveal doesn’t need to be next month… They may spontaneously post a trailer, does it need to come from CoroCoro? Didn’t they have something like PKMN Sunday?

    XY was great, they gave us starters, legendaries and awesome trailer in one go.

    Oh well…

    1. True, but both are unlikely.

      Every video for XY was posted after corocoro and summed up what they announced.

      And Pokemon Sunday covers what is in corocoro as well.

      So we probably aren’t getting anything for awhile sadly. Which is strange as this is the first time it’s happened…

  5. Okay then, NEXT month we’ll be getting starters and/or mascot legendaries. This actually follows a trend as well, with the CoroCoro directly following a game reveal having no new information. April 15th, here we come…

  6. Wasn’t really expecting anything from Corocoro, but then again this is just a single page. Maybe we’d some SM info on another page?

    1. Serebii has other pages up. There’s 4 pages of volcanion. So it seems unlikely. Plus Sun and Moon info would come first. No one would post volcanion first.

  7. This would’ve been exciting if hackers hadn’t ruined the games and XY would’ve been better if Canadians didn’t reveal everything in by getting the games early some how~ I’m leaving the site a month before S&M comes out so nothing is spoiled like it was in XY.

    1. I wonder if they’ll continue their plan to punish Canadians with 1 month launch delays? They chickened out in ORAS…

  8. Lol I knew we’d get nothing. Funny that it turned out to be worse than that nightmare I had. Next issue will probably have starter shillouettes and maybe the legendaries

      1. Could actually be it’s move Steam Eruption, but I think it still has the same effect on the enemy Poke. Thanks for the credit you really didn’t need to do that hahaha

    1. Where did they say that? I mean, I sorta believe it, but I didn’t find it on their post about CoroCoro

  9. So no information about Pokemon Sun and Moon. I don’t know about you guys but this way we get more hype and I hope they don’t reveal a lot of pokemon like they did with X&Y that they almost reveal all the new pokemon of the region is better this way to keep the suspense and the suprises.

    1. WHAT? They didn’t reveal anything about X & Y until like the day it was released… I want information… It gets us excited about the game more than if we didn’t know anything.

      1. They revealed almost all the new pokemon is what I mean in CoroCoro they show us like 40 o 45 new pokemon and Kalos have

      2. What I mean is that in the CoroCoro they revealed like 40 or 45 pokemon and the Kalos has like 70 so yeah they showed us a lot

  10. I’m actually kind of sad that the starters and box art legends are fake from those scans……Having now seen them in color I actually really like them. Plus the legendary mons on the boxes seem like cool ideas…….oh well I guess that’s it tho…..hopefully the real Pokemon are just as good and appealing.

  11. http://youtu.be/Dq_0Qjthl_0

    Thoughts? Could they be real? Are they too fake? I really want them to be the real starters… I’ve dreamed of a bear fire starter forever… If these are real, what do we hope each ones final types are? I think bear is Fire/Dark, ram is Grass/Steel and lizard is Water/Psychic

    1. They’re fake man…..the Japanese on them is messy, plus the real CoroCoro has now been leaked and it’s got nothing on Sun and Moon.

        1. Stores don’t get issues more than a week or so in advance. They wouldn’t have next month’s issue yet. Plus again I doubt a Japanese magazine would be so weak in it’s Japanese writing. The characters are all wrong and in some cases the names of the Pokemon are different depending on the scan. It’s fake unfortunately. I really liked the Pokemon, but it is what it is……

          1. I get its fake, but for the sake of keeping us preoccupied and our minds off the fact we got nothing, again, what types do you think they’ll be if they were real?

          2. Well in that case I think I’d put them at water/poison, grass, fire/dark. that’s just what they look like to me tho lol

      1. The poor Japanese on these things is always a dead giveaway. I swear.

        Fake leakers, y u no learn elementary school level Japanese? xD

        1. Yeah totally. If it hadn’t been for the Japanese on these fake scan no one would have thought otherwise until we had solid proof.

    2. The first thing I noticed was that all of the designs have the same oval shaped eyes with large pupils and whites in the eyes. The starters usually have different shapes and expression in the eyes. This leads me to believe it is a homogeneous fan made style. With that said, I really love the ram and bear.

      1. Actually, the Kanto starters all had the same shaped eyes. as well as the Shinnoh starters…

        1. No. Charmander and squirtle dont have whites in their eyes…bulbasaur does. Bulbasaur also has non oval eye shape. Similarly piplup and turtwig do not have whites in their eyes while chimchar does. Therefore the similar pupil dialation and shape of these fan made starters is too homogenous in style.

    3. Love the PC designs though. Something different. I hope they will try something new with them.
      The starters are well done but the color tones are unvivid, I mean get 5&6 starters looked so alive. these starters have alive heads but their bodies are way to static.

    4. I mean, loved the designs of both the starters and the PC, but es fake D:
      However, if this was real, I would have totally been hyped.

    5. The PC designs are beautiful. That artist needs to get hired by GF!

      The Pokemon…uh, not so much.

      1. What are u even say?!?!? The Pokemon are great. I’m not a huge fan of the male trainer……….

        1. I didn’t like them at first but then I stared at them for like 5 minutes and they grew on me, haha.

          The little lizard I like. The little red bear…hell no. And the grass type goat is just a weird choice; no-one would believe that’s real straight after a generation that introduced Gogoat.

          1. Yeah not gonna lie the grass goat is my least favorite. Compared to the other 2 it looks boring. I love the water lizard and fire bear tho! lol

    6. The bear is not fire
      The lizard is not water
      The ram/ox is not grass

      These are fake however the animals are correct
      The bear is a water starter
      The lizard is a grass starter we get our first gecko starter final evo
      The ram/ox is a fire type

    7. Cool seeing these here given that I’m friends with the guy who made these. Nice to watch the drama unfold knowing who’s really behind it

    8. The silhouettes of the Lizard, Ram, and Bear Pokemon need to be Grass, Fire, and Water starters respectively.

    1. I am not looking forward to it…
      It’s basically Scald 2.5

      But my Seismitoad stops Volcanion in its tracks

  12. Can’t say I really expected much to be honest.
    Based upon when XY were revealed, we got gameplay, starters, and legends all at once during the announcement so I thought maybe we’d get something.
    Welp, now to wait another 30 days lololol.

  13. Glad I kept rather low expectations. PokeJungle you don’t have to translate anything, Serebii already has:
    “Volcanion will be distributed in Japan as the pre-booking ticket distribution for the movie, Volcanion & The Ingenius Magearna. It will run from April 16th via a Serial Code distributed with the movie ticket, with pre-booking running from April 16th through July 15th. It comes at Level 70 with the moves Steam Eruption, Overheat, Hydro Pump and Mist and comes holding a Rage Candy Bar.”.

    I was hoping that Volcanion was shown in game, but confirmation of its giveaway is great!

    1. So if it’s being given away from the April 16th to July 15th in Japan I wonder when they’ll distribute it to the rest of the world. Usually these distributions happen in the fall or later in the year to coincide with the movie being shown in the west, but seeing as Sun and Moon will be coming sometime in the later half of this year I imagine they’d release it rather early as to give some space between the distribution and the new games.

  14. I mean sure, I kind of believed they wouldn’t reveal anything, sorta like what they did with X&Y, but we still had starters and legends revealed at that time. With this, we barely have anything. I dunno, I still felt a little disappointed.
    I still have a sliver of hope something will pop up about it, but if it doesn’t, I won’t be disappointed.

  15. How many more months can we reasonably expect CoroCoro to keep focusing on the movie before they start to give us juicy Sun/Moon news? Hopefully we might have something by May?

    1. I’d imagine we get a soft start to Sun and Moon stuff next month and then in May have the first really big news come. When XY were coming the issue released in April was the one with M Mewtwo without any actual info on it and then in May we got Pancham, Gogoat, Fletchling, and Helioptile, the Pokedex, plus partial(?) map.

      1. That would be great if that’s the case.

        Oh god I remember being around for the leak of Pancham, Gogoat etc. Good times! I’m so happy we’re in pre-release season again. It’s crazy but fun.

        1. It is quite the fun time isn’t it? Right now we’re in the “we got nothing so everybody complain” pre-season, but hopefully we can get out of it soon and enjoy the season of full news!! lol

          1. Exactly, I usually don’t like this time, I get annoyed at it. I mean, I understand how they feel, I feel sorta the same.

          2. Lol and even when we get news people complain about what the news has revealed xD gotta love this fandom!

    2. I think next month (April) we will get something. This is the new big thing in Pokemon news. I think the reason we didn’t get anything this month was because the game was just announced 2 weeks ago, at the end of February. They need more time than a few weeks to create an entire issue of the magazine. Now, how much we will get in April is beyond me, I doubt much considering the lack of information we got from the Direct Event in February. Maybe this is a whole new thing for Pokemon and GameFreak… Not give any information until the game is here… There is a new CEO of Pokemon now, maybe this is his way of hyping the game up, creating so much buzz and mystery by not revealing any further information? Just a thought… It’d be dumb because if you don’t give people stuff they loose interest. If they don’t give us any information next month, how many of us will connive to scavenge the Internet looking for releases and leaks? I sure won’t… Outta sight, outta mind…

  16. still sad of the lack of news, but I guess March is a troll month for revelations. Hope they deliver next month.
    Meanwhile I have 31 days to keep believing in a Dolphin starter.

    1. Just any dolphin would be good. It doesn’t have to be a starter. With GF I have learned to keep my expectations low, lol.

        1. NO FIRE RABBIT! We need a Fire Bear starter! They need to break away from the Chinese zodiac and give us something new and inspiring, like a beastly bear fire starter!

          1. I mean, they don’t have too. A fire rabbit is new and inspiring too, for me and Spindae.
            Just because you don’t like the idea doesn’t mean you can diss it. You can calmly disagree, not say it’s not a good design and it’s dull because it is based on the Chinese zodiac.
            And technically, if you watch the Dex, they think the fire starters do not follow the Chinese zodiac pattern, or at least it broke that pattern with one of them (I can’t remember which one), so GF can do what they want.
            Next time, try to calmly say your point and not diss others for that they think is good ideas 🙂

          2. Nobody is dissing a fire rabbit, it could be really cool if presented correctly. We also just got a Mega Lopunny which kinda ignited the whole bunny Pokemon and gave it a new spin. And yes we’ve had how any bears… but none really lived up to it’s potential, although Beartic is my favorite Pokemon (one of them). I’m not dissing the rabbit fire starter idea, nor am I judging. Just having healthy banter is all… And they haven’t broken the Chinese zodiac… it’s been Charmander (dragon), Cyndaquill (rat), Torchic (rooster), Chimchar (monkey), Tepig (pig) and Fennekin (dog)… Am I missing one that broke the Chinese zodiac? Forgive me if I came off rude or anything. Not my intent and I do apologize to both of you and whomever may be offended. I forget some people think caps means yelling…

          3. I didn’t think the caps meant yelling, it’s just your comment gave off the vibe that you thought a fire bunny was dull and uninspired. Maybe putting that it didn’t would have made it better.
            And I’m not saying a fire bear wouldn’t be cool, I actually really want the idea too.
            And in the Emboar episode of the Dex, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thpVEBFLAKs ) they provided proof/an argument against the Chinese zodiac pattern of the fire starters. It’s interesting, and while I think they are right, I think it’s inspired slightly by the zodiac.

          4. I liked Emboar because of how beastly he was, and I was born in the year of the pig… so he was my Chinese zodiac animal

          5. maybe GF didn’t mean that but actually these zodiac animals r a fire symbol so …believe me GF pay attention to symbolism ..there’s a few animal represent fire though like lion ,eagle maybe red panda or bear …etc.

          6. Yes, but I still agree with their agrument. Foxes are related to dogs, but are not close enough to warrant it being the dog part of the zodiac, and the Cyndaquil line look more badger-like than rat like, and being close enough doesn’t count. Plus, like they also said, only two of the designs are Chinese inspired but only because they represent two characters in Journey to the West.
            I will agree they might have some influence, but not a big part of it like people who follow the Chinese zodiac theory think it is.

          7. Yeah and beats bear is inspiring? Are U sure? Wouldn’t say so.
            Don’t say fire rabit is great choice either but could see it happen.
            Honestly I would love a lion fire starter, it somehow fits but nah don’t think so considering we had those lionish things in genVI.

            The only thing I really would love to see them keeping the fire starter quardipedal.

    1. Yes, sadly I am very disapointed, but I don’t know if I can say I really expected any information to be leaked/released since the game was just announced a few weeks ago, and there was VERY little info even given in that.

    1. Tepig
      i don’t do swift speedy skinny Pokemon
      Emboar is a big fat fire pig that demolishes everything with Flame Charge to Hammer Arm

      Infernape and Blaziken are too fast
      Chesnaught is a close second
      and Lastly though Swampert a powerful Ground Type just doesn’t click with me

    2. Piplup 🙂 I dunno why, but it connected with me when I first saw it. Es a cute penguin that evolves into a unique typing, and a steel penguin rocks.
      Although I am connected with Torchic because es the starter I played with the most. And I also really like Fennekin because I love foxes and I love that I finally have a Fire/Psychic typing starter, as there are my fav types along with Dragon.
      Overall, I like the fire starters (Excluding Tepig, sorry, just really not liking the design of the whole line), with water starters being second (other than Piplup, I like Oshawott and Totodile) and grass third (although I love Snivy, and like Chespin and Chikorita)

    3. I can’t choose between Piplup and Oshawott D: I find both of them really cute and I love Empoleon’s typing! However I have to be honest I used Oshawott more often than Piplup (and I’m planning to choose Oshawott as my partner in PMD) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Piplup as much as Oshawott 😛 I was really disappointed when people called Oshawott ugly and stuff 😕 I felt really bad for it xD Anyway, I also really Fennekin! (I LOVE fennec foxes irl) Also a fox mage seemed a really cool idea in my opinion.

    4. My favorite is Oshawott. I love otters, he’s the best starter from the only region based in the United States, he’s adorable, his final evolution is totally boss and everything that little creature embodies is me. #spiritpokemon although I’m still hoping for a fire bear starter in the new sun and moon…

    5. Cyndaquil …for me he represent my character when he was a kid he calm and serene when he grow up it will be like demonic creature ready to reap anything will face him in addition he is my first pokemon.

    6. Gotta be Squirtle for me. I’ve always lived close to the beach and love swimming. Also, it reminds me of the times I helped watering my grandma’s garden. Plus, head smashing attacks. Idk, but I like them.

    1. I think you’d be pretty accurate! Although switch Ice with Water, since the moon controls the tides…

      1. Yet maybe it won’t be a fire lion, cause of last gen attempt of it but something similiar. Maybe a Sphynx alie Poke.

        Yeat Water would probably be the choice over ice, but I’m fine with either.

  17. Am I the only one who keeps refreshing Serebii in hopes a new leak will pop up still? Even though I know it wont?

    1. I am as well. At this point I feel like they might wait until E3 for such a large anouncement (or at least another pokemon direct or nintendo direct).

      1. I think we will get something next month, not much, but something… Maybe the trainers or the starters (even the silhouettes). And maybe the legends.

  18. This is fine. I hope we don’t get any info until June. Even then, just starters (silhouettes), box art, and the professor.

  19. In Sun and Moon I hope the gyms are Electric, Psychic, Steel, Flying, Grass, Water, Dark and Dragon and the Elite 4 are Fire, Fairy, Ghost and Ice.

    1. I felt bad, but then you insulted the person for trying to win, kinda lost some respect. You became one of those showdown people who are mean to people for just trying to win, I am ashamed of you. Learn some respect if you want to be respected.

      1. piss off Casc you can talk like that all you want but you cannot deny this sheer level of Hax being used against me

  20. Not gonna lie I hope the person who made the fake scans comes forward. I want to see evolutions to those starers SOOOO bad lol

  21. Quick question for anyone who might know. I know Morimoto, Masuda, and Ohmori were recently filmed on Pokenchi. Does anyone know when the episode log updates to say the episode descriptions? The actual episode prolly won’t air for another 3 to 4 weeks or so, but I just wanted to check when the website updates. If the episode description says anything about them talking about something special then at least we’ll have an idea of when we could get excited again lol

      1. No I was just asking to see if anyone how was more informed could telling.

  22. Yo Casc has been pitching a Fire/Ice Tiger idea and i took a shot describing it hows this sound
    large big cat, with translucent white fur with the stripes all over its body are constantly dipping in and out a neon blue and bright red color, it’s muzzle displays intricate facial markings with each eye being a different color and i want to say pointed ears
    its limbs are noticeably muscular and well built with long black claws, and its tail is very long swaying back and forth

    “this mysterious Pokemon easily thrives in extreme environments due to their mysterious energy within their bodies, it finds its prey by locking into their body heat and pounces without fail”

    Casc’s idea, we’re trying to come up with a name that means Fire, ice and tiger
    any thoughts?

        1. nawwww you can’t let something this majestic be a starter
          I say either a Pseudo Legend or a Mythical

    1. I love it! How about Tigelode. Tigjer is Tiger in Dutch, gel is ice in Catalan, and Hodr the Norse god of Winter. Hodjerel, Iceldor, Hepheldor (Hephaeatus is the Greek god of fire), Flamcicle, Fyciger…

      1. I just created my own Pokemon game and came up with starter names for each type and all three evolutions, but mine is based on a fire/dark bear, a water/ghost dolphin and a grass/psychic quail

        1. names?
          I too have been making progress with mine
          Sproot Grass Elephant
          Cuburn Fire Feline Cub
          Dottle Dolphin

          Damn the Dolphin has been popular lately but i technically had this region for like 5 years

          1. Fire/Dark Starter:
            Cosio -> Grizzlioso -> Tuzelio

            Water/Ghost Starter:
            Dauphinius -> Maranapo -> Posidius

            Grass/Psychic Starter:
            Faunnocelli -> Boscchus -> Volafuflun

          2. The region is based on California, which the Grizzley Bear is on our state flag and they’re native here… Dolphins are always swimming along the coast and quail is our state bird

          3. Sproot-Eleplant-Ginormount all grass then finally Grass/Rock
            Cuburn-Heatah-Apolleo all Fire then Fire/Dark
            Dottle-Inteliphin-Percephin Water then both Water/Psychic

            Mines kinda Africa and maybe even Australia
            Some others include
            Bug/Dark Mosquito
            Normal/Fighting Kangaroo
            Fire/Electric Solar plasma
            Ice/Fighting Yeti
            Fairy/Normal Unicorn
            Water/Steel Crab
            Pure Grass Berry Bear
            And Fairy/Fighting Guardian Plush Toy

          4. I haven’t gotten that far… The region is the Shor region based in California. The trainers hometown is Lagunius.

            Gyms and Towns-

            San Gregorio City
            Gym Leader Alva (female)

            Cotsal Town
            Gym Leader Bold (male)

            Prand City
            Gym Leader Mystico (female)

            Floaisis City
            Gym Leader Mochni (male)

            Osorio Town
            Gym Leader Korra (female)

            Palmwell Town
            Gym Leader Cascata (female)

            San Frantaly City
            Gym Leader Blake (male)

            Brezin Town
            Gym Leader Barnaby (male)

            Elite 4-
            Kaliyah (female)

            Gardi (male)

            Calder (male)

            Breen (female)

          5. Hmmmm i haven’t even started the Gym leaders
            The goal was to come up with 130 Pokemon, do their stats and moves then the leaders and elite four but if I had a guess mine would be
            Bug Musician
            Fighting athlete
            Ghost Blind Boy
            Ice sculptureer
            Electric Gamer
            Dragon Rowdy Kid
            Fairy Chef
            Steel Iron worker

            And the Elite Four

            Champion Normal

          6. Cosio sounds cool plus oso is bear in Spanish. I think it’s someGrizzly + oso is bear in Spanish (Grizzlioso). Tuz is fire in Hungarian, Viseli is bear in Hungarian (Tuzelio).

            Delphinius is because Delphin was the leader of dolphins and Delphinus is the dolphin constellation. Maranapo is Mar is sea in Spanish and Anapos is a Sicilian water god. Posidius is Poseidon spelled funny

            The grass one is difficult… Too much to type in here, it deals with nature gods in different cultures and constellations of birds

          7. It’s actually really thought out… I used mainly Catalan, Italian, Hungarian and Dutch translations for words because I love Barceloma and I’m Dutch/Italian/Hungarian decent. And I researched gods from different cultures and mythology and looked up animal constellations that represent each starter.

        1. I just kept playing with combos, then adding interesting spins until I came up with ones I like

  23. So, I have a little story to tell you guys. I recently picked up a physical copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, when my friend got me a download code to both Conquest and Birthright. I also picked up two $10 E-Shop cards for Revelations to play it once I have a chance.

    Since, I have basically have two copies of Birthright… I was wonder if anyone here would like the download code. I got my New 3DS XL taken by my parents for doing some stupid things, but once I get it back; I plan to giveaway a free download code to Birthright! So, comment below if your interested and I’ll pick a name randomly.


      Wait aren’t you in Australia/UK? Don’t region locks exist?

      1. I’m only in Australia or New Zealand over some months of the summer. Right now I’m in the US and I get all my games in the US, so you don’t have to worry! 🙂

      1. Nah. I’m a guy who plays Pokemon games simple for the gameplay and Pokemon. I usually delete my save file after finishing a game, so I don’t typically do Wi-Fi Battles or Trade for those reasons! XD

    2. That’s a really nice thing to do ! I’m in the PAL region so I won’t apply. But your a gent 🙂

        1. Because I miss getting into a Pokémon game without knowing anything about it. Everything new about oras was revealed. XY was ruined by leakers and hackers. Minimal info is the best way to go. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying the game?

          1. I mean, I rather know the pokemon because I plan my team for when it comes out and I like using the new Pokemon (or native Pokemon if remake) for the first time around. I don’t feel necessarily spoiled if they reveal some info on the games, it usually increases my interest going into it, to discover the things not mentioned. However, when the game is a few weeks away, I do try to avoid the leakers for the game because I don’t want the WHOLE game ruined.
            Point is, I like getting enough info to interest me, but not the whole game, which is something that is done well, but is ruined at the end by people who leak the whole game or something like that. But to each their own.

          2. I like discovering new mons myself. If they’d tell at most how many new Pokémon ate coming that’d be fine

          3. Yeah I lost that sense of wonder, I just want to learn all Pokemon as they come

  24. Imagine a dolphin starter that is basically a reimagined Empoleon design with a trident tail.

  25. Serebi upload an image about Sun and Moon. They say that pikemon will revel new info about SM next month on corocoro

  26. At least we now know that we certainly get something next month. Starting the countdown. ^^
    Yet I hope they go a bit more out next issue and reveal region, besides PCs, starters and Mascotts.

  27. I’m glad there’s no info, ’cause I’m on vacation in Krakau, Poland with my university and I wouldn’t be able to take part in a conversation 🙂

    also some kinda big countdown

    If we’re lucky enough we’ll get the silhouettes

  29. Finally beat the Pokemon Yellow league (and even caught all 3 birds before)
    Pikachu lvl 58
    Charizard lvl 58
    Nidoking lvl 58
    Venusaur lvl 57
    Blastoise lvl 58
    Snorlax lvl 57

    Now to snag Mewtwo and get as many of the Pokemon I can before moving onto Red or Blue next (I bought both and even have my teams planned out)

        1. I didn’t know you got them in-game

          But man I hate the RB Leveling Process
          Like all of mine are still mid 40s except my pride and joy Rhydon at 53

          Well might as well go slaughter Cerulean Cave Chanseys

      1. Nvm didn’t know you get them in-game

        I really gotta power level my team
        But question is should I try and find a Dratini and make a powerhouse Dragonite
        Or keep my ol’ Aerodactyl

        1. Aero is fast but doest have a lot going for it in terms of movepool
          ‘Nite…is just ‘nite. Varied move pool however a pain to level up/evolve.
          All depends on how distracted you can be to level grind

  30. y I am still refreshing serebii after corocoro leak? ……is that kind of Syndrome or something?

    1. Because we all want it
      But I can garuentee that next issue will contain some information on S&M
      But they also claim to start a countdown on the site and if we play our cards right, the Site will tease a silhouette of some kind and the next Corocoro will fill in the blanks
      I give it a week or two

      But they say the next issue will drop April 15. Until then we will bide our time with trivial nonesense

    1. It seems to have something to do with the movie. Maybe they’re gonna run a poll to see which movie people like more?

      1. Maybe, but it said it for just the volcanion one. I think they want the fans to decide something for the movie itself maybe….

        1. Hmmmm maybe the distribution that fans get AT the movie then? If Volcanion is the pre-order Pokemon then there is typically one they get when they actually go. I doubt that they would give fans thae option to change anything IN the movie as that would be dumb and be way more work than it would be worth.

          1. This is what I was just thinking on actually.

            Volcanion, the star of the movie is the pre booking mon. Usually the star is given out when you see the movie, and pre booking( I believe) is something like a side character’s pokemon in the movie, such as the shiny hydreigon/golurk for BW. I’m thinking it could be Magearnna as the main star, because if they fans choose the distribution you get at the movie, how could it top Volcanion?

            The fact they they are also counting down to it is something to consider as well…

    2. It could decide which Pokemon is offered as a download for players in conjunction with the movie. That’s the only thing I can think of.

      1. That’s possible. I don’t know what it is, but the last time they told us they had big news for Volcanion’s movie, it was certainly big. It gave us Magearnna, so I wonder if this could somehow be just as big….

  31. Well I can’t say I’m surprised as them starting the info on SM next month was what I figured all along with or without them actually saying anything. I will say it’s nice to have solid confirmation tho. At least we know that next month we’ll get SOMETHING and to be honest since we have absolutely nothing at this point anything can be considered big news. They could show us a small cropped picture of the tail of a silhouetted Pokemon and that would be more than we have now. lol

  32. Thinking about the starters and looking to past generations, we can assume the fire starter will be one of the remaining animals in the chinese oroscope. Most of the last water starters were related to war or to positions of command someway (Blastoise has guns, Empoleon is an Emperor, Samurott a Samurai and Greninja a Ninja). It seems there’s no reason behind the choice of the grass starters if not to relate them to the water and the fire ones in the last two generations.
    This said, we have had a fighting type starter since gen 3, no more fyre/fighting I hope and we just got a grass/fighting in 6th gen. Due to most of the water starters being power-related I think we will have a water-fighting starter for 7th gen. I don’t think they will repeat the dark/fighting/psychic trio again so maybe a fighting/rock/flying or fighting/ice/flying or fighting/fairy/steel trio

    1. grass starters are based off of prehistoric creatures. Even chespin is based off of the first prehistoric mammal, Megazostrodon.

    2. Let’s see all starters are either attack, speed or bulk or a combination of one or two, it follows a vague pattern

      Venusaur Bulk, Charizard Sp Atk, Blastoise Bulk
      Meganium Bulk, Typhlosion Sp Atk, Feraligatr Attack
      Sceptile Speed, Blaziken Speed, Swampert Attack
      Torterra Bulk, Infernape Speed, Empoleon Sp Atk
      Serperior Speed, Emboar Attack, Samurott Dual Attack
      Chesnaught Bulk, Delphox Sp Attack, Greninja Speed

      And for secondary types it’s usually pure and fighting as dictated by 4 glorious generations

      Honestly it really matters what kind of Direction GF goes and their ways, I mean some type combos like Electric, Dragon, Rock, Poison and ice (outside Water) are very unlikely
      We must remember they think out the starters origins with the utmost thought and research they just don’t just slap on whatever for reasons, and you must take in consideration how players can use these Pokemon as they train and learn

      I would bet a Grass hyper Special Attacker, Fire Bulk, Water bulk

      1. I’d like to see a defensive fire & water type, with an offensive grass! They should really mix things up.

    3. Hopefully no more fighting starters! Fairy, electric, ice, dragon, ghost, Rock, etc would be good as we’ve not had those. It’s also been a while since there’s been a dual typed first stage starter, with only Bulbasaur. It would be cool if there was another.

    1. That means nothing. It’s not like the rainbow dna thingies meant anything for X and Y >.>

      1. I think that’d be too hard… If they do customizable characters, everyone is different. Plus, they’d have to do two different versions, a boy and a girl depending on who you choose.

  33. So what does everyone want for next month’s corocoro? Would you like to see starter Silhouettes or straight up reveal them? Part of me just wants actual pictures so that we can get on to more interesting reveals, but the fan art can be kinda fun! I think I’d like to see starter Silhouettes, trainer art, and reveal of the legendaries.

      1. Is today the day that Masuda, Ohmori, and Morimoto are on? I thought they just recorded the episode recently and it wasn’t airing for another 3-4 weeks. If they’re on today I’m not 100% sure we’ll get anything of note. Otherwise I feel like we would have gotten something in CoroCoro. Usually if they do reveal anything, including silhouettes the episode isn’t too far off from the reveal in CoroCoro. so I feel like they would show silhouettes off the weekend before next month’s issue more so than now.

          1. It typically airs around……..hmmm they changed the time I think for this new show let me think…..I wanna say it’ll air around 530 pm or 6 pm EST? I haven’t watched in a while so I’m a bit out of touch, but that’s the general time frame I believe

    1. Silhouettes of starters and Box Legendaries.

      I really like silhouettes, they should do sillohuettes for everything. Keeps the hype, but also satisfies.

    2. I don’t expect much, considering how little info we’ve received so far. I’d like starters (doesn’t have to be their evolutions) and box art and characters. Also it’d be nice if we got the region. But, I feel like I’m asking a lot of them…

        1. I like to know the name, and starters and the characters. Yes, I’m a boy but occasionally I play one of my versions as the female character.

  34. omg how awesome would it be to have one of the starters end up with fairy typing in one of their final evo’s I would cry tears of joy <3

      1. I think it’d be difficult to see a big starter. Typically big Pokemon evolve so quick. If they change that then maybe… What type of bug would it be?

        1. Well it could just be some sort of crab. Crustle is a bug type and it’s based on a hermit crab so I could see it happening.

      1. I think a grass/fairy would be cool although I typically don’t go for grass starters. Could be a neat game changer.

  35. Think the background f the images means it’s more day/ night than space. Which I’m glad about because Sinnoh’s already done space.

  36. What if……..now stay with me here……..in Pokemon Sun and Moon……..they got rid of…….

    the day and night cycles lol

    1. Always day in Sun and Always night in moon. Or better yet. Always day in moon and always night in Sun.

      1. U all are making my idea way more clever and smart than I had intended hahaha I was just joking as the mechanic is all about having the sun and Moon coming and going, but u all r giving me way too much credit lol

  37. I’ve been replaying Y and paying attention to NPCs and dialogue that could be potentially foreshadowing. I haven’t found much, but There is a scientist in the Couriway Pokemon center who says “A device that lets you become a Pokemon… Would anyone want to do that?”
    Could this be a hint at the concepts from Reburst?
    Interesting to say the least.
    Also I think Lysandres equipment from when he “mega evolves” for the final battle is worth taking another look at.
    The device on his wrist could be related to Magearna and/or the Azoth kingdom. The color and design is at least similar. And his drones or whatever are some interesting mechanical pieces.
    Just something to speculate on.

    1. I’ve restarted both my X versions and I’m about to transfer my Y Pokemon over and restart my Y so I can look for hints too… Plus, I restart the games often cause it can get boring after you finish the game… I hope for Kalos and Unova starters getting mega in Sun and Moon though…. I say Kalos because for some reason I think the Sun and Moon region and the Kalos region are connected in some way.

    1. No, it doesn’t look like that is happening. There is literally nothing hinting at Burst being in Gen 7. Nothing at all. It’s a worse theory than Gen 6.5

  38. Long post here but i hope you enjoy this :

    There are loads of comments about the symbols in the Japanese logos. It was the mega symbol last time for XY.

    This time it’s the concept of burst. Its when you and your Pokémon connect just like mega evolution in game. Its seen in alot of typical anime. Now this is seen with the ash Greninja.

    Its not going to be as run of the mill as having a good relationship with Pokémon it will work just as mega evolution does but in some cases the Pokémon will have the chance to “burst” leading to this type of mega evolution hence the different color animation from the movie trailer.

    Just like the DNA splicers a Pokémon can be forced into this with the required stone ( the symbols in the logos ) hence again the animation looking darker than standard mega evolution as it is burst evolution leading to the sudden evolution mega evolution against the will of the Pokémon.

    The device in the trailer is some sort of staff with that in it. Forcing the mega ( burst ) evolution.

    Now this is my opinion but I’m fairly confident this is how it will go. I’ve seen some youtubers have a similar theory Tyranitar tube being the closest but he goes I to some really technical stuff which Pokémon just won’t do.

    But yeah mark my words screenshot it and blackmail me haha but “burst” its coming 🙂 😉

    1. It’s not burst. The burst hearts don’t even look like the crystals in the logo. And if you can give me a reason why it makes any sense to take a failed mechanic from a cancelled manga 5 years ago and put it in the games now, I’d love to hear it.

      My money is on the crystals being like the Red and Blue Orb. Since the opposite color is in each, maybe the Moon crystal gives the Sun Legendary a Lunar Eclipse form, and the Sun crystal gives the Moon Legendary a Solar Eclipse form, or something like that. Or they could just be plot points like the orbs were originally in RSE, not actually being held items but just Key Items.

      1. Sorry you must be new ? That’s a cute theory you have but when it happens you’ll come back to me 🙂 Also read back from the ladt few articles that point was made long ago about the crystals. Lol

        1. No, I’m not new. And my theory makes a lot more sense than the burst theory.

          First of all, the think in the new movie has nothing to do with the crystals in the SM logos or Burst. It’s something completely unique to the movie that’s just part of the movie’s plot. The bad guy has a device that forces Pokemon to mega evolve. That’s it.

          Burst has nothing to do with mega evolution, and it has nothing to do with the movie or the new games. The ReBurst manga was cancelled because it was unpopular and a bad idea. Pokemon Company would have to be stupid to take a failed idea like that and make it a focus point for the new Generation. And like I said, the burst hearts don’t even look like the 4 sided jewels in the logos. See for yourself


          1. Giggle you said that twice now. And I never said that haha. Please look at the facts then come back 🙂

          2. What facts? You claim that Ash-Greninja is burst, when it clearly isn’t.

            You also refer to different color in the animation in the movie. I assume you mean the new trailer for M19? If that’s the case, the thing there is NOT Burst. It’s some type of forced mega evolution. Which isn’t what burst is. Burst has absolutely nothing to do with Ash-Greninja, it has nothing to do with forced mega evolution, it has nothing to do with Sun and Moon.

          3. Read above where I say it is forced mega evolution hahah can you not read. This is getting a bit embarrassing now, probably better you think first 😉

          4. I did read that. You say its burst causing the forced mega evolution. And that’s just wrong.

          5. Somebody needs to go back to school, but judging by your behaviour and literacy skills your probably still there. Probably best you realise how silly you’ve made yourself look.

          6. “the Pokémon will have the chance to “burst” leading to this type of mega evolution hence the different color animation from the movie trailer.”

            “the Pokémon will have the chance to “burst” leading to this type of mega evolution hence the different color animation from the movie trailer.”

            How about instead of insulting me, you go back and look at your own words. These are quotes from your post.

          7. I do not mean any insult ! I welcome all people here, don’t feel the disagreement is in any way a disrespect. Everyone had their own opinion. The burst is from being forced to mega evolve. If you don’t agree fine but more than likely this forced mega evolution is going to happen.

      2. I agree with you in that I don’t think it’s a Burst mechanic, as in Pokémon and Humans fusing. I do however think it does represent something new in the games.

        Whether that’s some sort of Mega Evolution-like mechanic that is based on the bonds between human and trainer (the Pokémon takes on traits of the trainer, for example) or some sort of forced Mega Evolution that does something I can’t think of. It could also be something completely different.

        I just don’t think Burst is something that really “fits” with core series games.

        (This is so badly written, but I don’t care)

        1. I really don’t think it’s any of that. The forced mega evolution is almost guaranteed to just be in the new movie. Stuff in the movies usually just stays in the movies. The crystal in his staff doesn’t even look the same, being more oval shaped than diamond.

          And Ash-Greninja has already been confirmed as anime-only. The mechanic could technically still appear, but I really doubt it. It just gives off the vibe of being something created explicitly for the anime to make Ash more unique as a protagonist. Instead of giving him a normal mega, he gets this special Ash-Greninja.

          1. I’d rather it wasn’t any of that to be honest. I’m not the biggest fan of Mega Evolution. But oh well.

            I suppose we can only wait to see. Whatever it is, I reckon those things have at least some significance in the game. No matter how small.

        2. I’m not for or against burst Evo, but I did find a subtle hint when talking to the scientist in Couriway Pokemon center.
          He ponders weather people would like the use of fusing with their Pokemon or not.
          Also Couriway is suspected to be connected to some other region or area. Doesn’t prove anything. But it is interesting.

          1. That is quite interesting…

            Another issue I have, just how could fusing with a Pokémon be useful? What could a human give to a Pokémon that could make it better in battle? Tis odd.

  39. If Human/Pokemon fusion becomes a thing.

    The only positive of it will be my ability to fuse with Metagross and become Iron Man.

      1. Thank you!!!!!! Finally someone that agrees with me!!!! Theres a reason the manga for reburst wasnt so successful. I never even heard of it.

        1. I agree, I hope it doesn’t happen. Something about it seems wrong… I get Pokemon needs to think of new and interesting things to keep the franchise alive, but not this please.

          1. And plus, to find a way to implement that into the games, the battle style would be very different, graphics would have to be EXTREEEEEEEEEMELY High Quality, to many things would have to change for them to include reburst and it would completely strip people of a Pokémon game experience. Pokémon has a strategy that keeps people coming back for more and to all of the sudden change for something that already proved itself unpopular in one media would be (in my opinion) catastrophic.

  40. This is unrelated, but does anyone think that there are unlockable characters we don’t know about in Pokken Tournament?

    1. They’ve already said what we see is what we get. Plus there”s apparently no planned dlc (which is a shame) so that’s even more so it…..

      1. Smash bros and Mario Kart also had “no planned DLC”. If Pokken takes off and becomes as popular as they think it will, there will be DLC.

    1. My favorite rival has to be Blue, Hugh or Barry. Mostly because they kept a good challenge and were trying to one-up you.

    2. Bianca and Silver. First of all, I found Bianca’s design really cute and I loved that she was so friendly to us. I also found her very realistic and I could relate to her a lot. Silver was very interesting to me honestly, and I usually love anti heroes 😛 He also had character development unlike someone *cough*Brendan*cough* and wasn’t obnoxious at all. I also enjoyed fighting Blue honestly xD

    3. Hugh was my favorite because I loved his look, I wish he was the main character in Black2 White2. I also like Serena because she brings old school Pokemon back to life, like Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon.

    4. Blue/Silver
      I cannot stress this enough, I want a rival who makes talking you curse his name in pure unbridled rage

      I’m sick of all this friendly rival nonesense

      1. YES YES YES. I could not agree more. I wanna be able to break my rival’s heart when I beat him and feel good about it.

          1. HA! I love it… What is your friend code? We must be rivals now!!! I hope that in Sun and Moon you have two rivals, a boy and a girl… the girl one is the nice friendly rival and the boy one is the nasty rude mean rival

          2. Sorry there Cosmo I’ve been full for a year now
            And why not switch it up and make the Female rival a total biotch

    5. Silver. I like his, as SilverRiolu mentioned earlier, character development. Also his design is great. Dat Haircut tho.

  41. Were definitely in the new gen news now all the pop up new people are here on the jungle !! Welcome haha

  42. Playing off the last poll question, what rivals (s) do you wish to see in Sun and Moon? Is it one like previous versions, or more like in X and Y? Boy, girl? Mean or nice? What type of Pokemon do they have? Etc…

      1. Not the battle the stupid freaking puzzle! It’s completely random! You get the first switch and just hope to god you get the second one AND THEN YOU DONT AND YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

        I have never been so enraged over pokemon

    1. There is a simple method to solving the puzzle. Once you find the first switch, the next one is always to the left, right, or below (above) the switch you just pushed. His puzzle is surprisingly easy. Just save and reset after you found the first switch to improve your chances.

    2. I heard there is a bug with that gym that is in all of gen 1’s games… if you get the first one, there is a 1/8 chance the the second can does not exist at all..

  43. I really hope the site updates with the Sun and Moon countdown or whatever they’re plotting

    I truly hope they just do silhouettes

        1. Ah! Yes… That would be justification that you are the Ground Warlord., now delete two friends and add me instead!

    1. I thought the countdown was for the Pokemon election that’s going on for the movie. I think that’s what it’s for. Not Sun and Moon

      1. Unfortunately, it looks like it to me. It’s mentioned in the paragraph on Serebii.net where Serebii talks about the election.

        1. You’ll only tire yourself out by waiting around. It’s best to move on and enjoy life during this time. It’ll make time move much faster if your not checking every 5 seconds lol

        2. You got to keep that hope for a month. This is all of the CoroCoro. They promised us news on the upcoming games in April, so be glad were getting something soon!

    1. Really? I like the music and story of the game. I dislike the balancing issue of Pokemon and the overall repetitive gameplay. That’s simply just my opinion though. Is it truly better than Gates to Infinity as everyone is saying?

  44. Whelp. I guess OmegaMonster was right on the CoroCoro not consisting of any of value for Sun & Moon. I’m assuming that the games will release around November or December, so we have about eight to nine months of CoroCoro news left. I’m still hoping to see the starters, main legendaries, and protagonist in the next issue. (Also, I’m Afarr if anyone was confused. I decided to change my name into something new for 2016.)

    1. I just figured there wasn’t gonna be anything from the start. they usually say something ahead of time if there is going to be like how next month we’ll get something. People just like to hype themselves up to a point they don’t think clearly and then get angry when they aren’t given anything. lol Anyway I’m pretty certain we’ll at least get the legendaries next month. What was the little thing said in the pic again? Something about there being another legendary beginning or something?

      1. According to Serebii, Corocoro will start their special news bulletins from next month, and there’ll be news on something called the Pokemon Elections, which are said to be huge, and movie-related.

        1. I care less about the elections than I do about the Sun and Moon news lol Unless it turns out to b paramount for the games it’s likely just something for the Japanese viewers

        2. I bet it’ll be a “free Pokemon” survey just like they did with Darkrai in the Diancie movie.

          Hey, it gave me my first actual Darkrai (thanks Paul/PJ!) so I’m not complaining.

          1. Movies traditionally have two distributions, one for preordering the ticket (Volcanion this time), and one in the cinema on the day. The latter is usually the more important one, so I’m assuming that that’s what the elections are for.

          2. In the Diancie movie I got Darkrai code for preordering and Diancie for attending (which I didn’t do), instead.

          3. Was this in Japan? Sorry, I should have made myself clear, the two distributions I mentioned above are for when they first come out in Japan, the above doesn’t apply elsewhere.

          4. Yes, I was in Japan at that time. <3

            Unfortunately, I had to leave before the movie's showing dates, so I just bought a movie ticket for a Darkrai for the lulz anyway. Unfortunately the code didn't work on my US version games, so I enlisted the help of people with Japan edition games like Paul/PJ to retrieve the Darkrai.

          5. Oh okay. But I’m confused, how did you get a hoopa from that, the hoopa movie was after the diancie one?

  45. Can someone clear something up?

    I’ve heard some people saying that no way will SM be released in December, because Nintendo will want these games out in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday etc, so of course they’ll be released same time as ORAS and XY.

    But here’s the thing; ORAS and XY were labelled as ‘fall’ release, whereas SM are labelled ‘holiday’ release. So doesn’t that sound like they are coming out in December? What do you guys think?

      1. Ok, but I repeat: if they’re coming out in November, why call it ‘holiday release’, why not ‘fall release’ like the others?

    1. Logically, yes, it should come out in November to take advantage of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but you are right, it does sound like December. Also, the Japanese release date is listed as “Winter 2016” which would technically be December 2016-February 2017, though obviously December would be the most likely as they wouldn’t go two years without a game.

    2. I just hope these games aren’t rushed for the 20th anniversary. Le’s just say that rushed anniversary games don’t tend to be very good. *cough*Sonic’06*cough*

      1. I don’t think any game could touch the level of horribleness that Sonic 06 is at. Plus, GameFreak works early on their next titles. So, I’m guessing that this game was like two to three years in development before it’s announcement. Similarly, X/Y was in development three years before it’s announcement. Let’s just hope GameFreak isn’t as dumb as Sega to release a game early just because the fans want it.

    3. I’m not sure but does it really matter that much? Not talking about you specifically, but whether it comes out in November or December, it really doesn’t matter. I’m not entirely convinced that Black Friday sales are that significant overall to the total sales of the game, because Pokemon isn’t a Black Friday type of game, people will buy it ANYTIME. My guess is December, but I really don’t care when it comes out as long as it’s not delayed into 2017.

    4. Holiday is basically Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Christmas. The game will be releasing before Christmas. So, I’m guess that it would release slightly after Thanksgiving.

    5. I suppose November could be labeled as both a fall release and a holiday release? Either way if it does come out in December it won’t b very late in the month.

      1. Thanks! It was actually really fun (This was my first year cuz I’m a 7th grader), so I’m doing next year.

  46. Anyone want/need Ocean Pattern Vivillons? I restarted my X with an approrpiate region so now I can crank them out like it was nothing. 4-6 IV randomly.

    1. Not gonna lie I’m temped to take you up on this offer in the near future. Not tonight, but at some point lol

          1. 1435-4722-4134 IGN: Olaf… normally, but it’s Judy this time

            I will be giving you a scatterbug, but trust me it’ll hatch to Ocean pattern.

          1. Yer welcome!

            Hehe don’t fight that account, I have no team in that game, it’s a nuzlocke (when I’m not using it for breeding scatterbugs)… <3

            Anyway, that's the default name of scatterbug in french but when you evolve it, should change to your language.

    2. Is ocean pattern the hawaii one? If so i would like one aswell! I dont have my 3ds on me right now but when i do i will give my friend code

  47. Imagine if we got 0 news on any new Pokemon for Sun and Moon until release. I actually wouldn’t mind that because it would force us to go in blind.

    1. I like this idea, but we all know it’s not going to happen… 😉

      Stuff will come out, and not just leaks, even official news.

      Can’t have people thinking that there’s no upcoming game, after all!

    2. Rather not go completely blind. I would like to know a good amount of new Pokemon because I like planning my in-game teams for when I play and I like to use an all new Pokemon team for the first runthrough (i.e. only new Pokemon). And I usually don’t like to change Pokemon around when I do make a team, sometimes I feel like it, but most of the time I stick with the team I plan.

    3. I would actually be okay with this. We would, however, get that craze of leaks one week prior to launch, and it would be difficult to stay away from.

    4. … I mean, it’s up to you if you want to look at spoilers or not, not GF’s fault. But honestly I don’t know if I want to go completely blind.
      On one hand everything new and new sometimes is just more fun, on the other hand, they are getting more wacky with their evolution method, and I don’t want to go the whole game without knowing how to evolve something.

      1. It’s really kinda hard to not look at spoilers when they’re literally posted everywhere on the Pokémon portion of the Web.

        1. It is very hard, but if youre strong willed enough your goal will be accomplished and the game will much more fun.

    5. I don’t know if I could live with that. Maybe if the time period was smaller, but I need something to get excited about. I don’t like that they showed most of XY’s Pokemon, but I would like to see what some of them look like at least. It helps me get an idea of what kind of Pokemon I could have on my team and what the overall game will look like. Again it would be nice to go in a little blind, but going in completely blind seems a little excessive. lol

    6. I dislike that. I like to know information about a game before it releases. If a game gives me no information, I’ll just think that something fishy happened during the development. Games releasing bits of info is fine. As long as the information doesn’t release everything, I’m fine with it. (I plan my Pokemon Teams in advance, so I would completely dislike not knowing anything.)

  48. I just finished (for the most part) my living dex
    All I need are Manaphy shaymin Hoopa Meoletta Jirachi (which are event pokemon so they don’t count toward shiny charm) and it will be 100% complete! I am proud of myself

    1. Congratulations 🙂 By the end of this year, all but Hoopa will be yours anyway 🙂

  49. So I was pondering ideas for fakemons and unique type combos and I wanted to try making a logical Poison/Psychic type then it hit me
    Psychedelic Lizard!!!
    But to avoid controversy I gotta boil it down
    I see a slimy newtish lizard with a bright purple neon coloration with hints of orange and green, with a huge rainbow fin on its back, it would have semi large eyes with a few tendrils hanging out

    “It’s body radiates bright flashy colors to discourage predators, when threatened this Pokemon expels a noxious dizzying mist to confuse predator”

    But yeah as awesome as this sounds its one gigantic drug controversy

    1. What if you made it purple and green only? Take out the neon and rainbow fin. Or make the fin a different shade of green

      1. It has to be bright and flashy it’s mostly going on aposematism and the mist messes with the opponent’s senses and mind

        But yeah this would be such a risky move

    2. Made these a while back. Excuse the messiness; used an app so I drew and wrote with my finger. Abilities are just suggestions.

      1. I thought your idea could use a little more flare, so i hope you don’t mind if i had a crack at improving it slightly.

        1. Not at all! I’m open to suggestions. I like the dealy bob on top. It adds a sort of innocence to it as a base evolution. I like it! Thanks so much.!

  50. So, I know myself and Earthen have created our own versions of Pokemon. I’m curious to know who else has? What have you done? Let’s share ideas and stories about our own Pokemon versions we created. My region is based in California, the Shor region. It has a fire/dark bear starter, a water/ghost dolphin starter and a grass/psychic quail starter.

    1. That sounds very good. I too have made a few my favourite being a region based in Africa from a poor nation.

      The starters finals are a
      GrassDark Panther
      FireGround Elephant
      WaterElectric Bipedal Lizard.

      The Region is very poor and the trainer is not only a new Pokemon trainer but finds out the corruption stems from the gyms and league therefore must defeat them to provide a better life for the region.

      There’s a whole story to it that explains how and why the league’s evil and corrupt but I’ll only get into that if people ask haha 🙂

      1. Neat! I have all my gym types and leader names and cities of gyms and the elite 4. I have to work on the story and the fluff cities and the rivals. One nice rival and one bratty rival like Gary was. The nice rival will have the starter that’s weak against the one you picked and the bratty one will have the stronger one. I also have a lot of animal ideas but haven’t created the Pokemon yet. Like a ghost type that’s a skull that looks like the dia de Los Muertas

        1. That really nice ! I have most not all of my cities done, and I have all the gym leaders and elite four names and types. Rival I haven’t decided on yet haha. My region is going to have alot of designs based on animals because it’s based in Africa. However I have some other ones too like a rock psychic Pokémon based of the Aztecs (weird) haha. I’m finding it hard to introduce ice types so what I did was have one section with an icy river and mountain and behind the waterfall is a cavern with ice Pokémon haha.

          1. Well there are mountains in Africa, you can easily do ice type. Plus, it’s fantasy… You can create anything you want. Mount Killamanjaro is one of the highest mountains in the world. You can have Pokemon evolve into secondary ice types also

          2. True 🙂 I’ll probably have some at the top of a mountain I have one small village and a medium city on it haha 🙂

        2. I need more ghosts in my region
          I only have a Phantom with scythe claws
          A spooky sheet
          And that’s really it
          Either a serpentine specter, ghostly eyeball, I was gonna do a Ghost Jellyfish but brain fart Jellicent

  51. Went into a dungeon with 10 reviver seeds and now I’m looking for a rescue -.- And I’m in a string of dungeons with no chance of getting through

        1. I got caught before in a dungeon had no rescue and was I think only 2 floors away from the final. Was like 1hr deep into it aswell : good luck 🙂

    1. A very kind gesture you did. I hope your karma levels are in full swing and you get something good 🙂

      1. I basically had two copies, so I was like why not give it away. I’m a physical copy guy, so I did not need a downloadable copy of the other game. Let’s just hope that my karma is maxed out for the month. 😉

  52. In regards to people making their own Pokemon versions, I actually made a Pokemon story called Project Z and is set in Sinnoh. It’s a sequel to Platinum and although I never got to write more than like 10 pages, I think I’ll continuing writing it.


    ~ Years after the events of Platinum, Sinnoh gradually begins a government reform after a descendant of Cynthia rises to power and uses the fear of another Team Galactic to change Sinnoh from a democratic and free region to a militaristic one. Unlike a true military country, to stabilize the people’s protests and the massive amount of insurgents, the descendant creates a monarchy where he is king and his chosen wife is queen. Under his new government system, Sinnoh is protected from any heinous organizations but as a result, Sinnoh slowly begins to seclude itself from the rest of the world and Sinnoh enters a dark age known as the Seclusion. Poverty strikes Sinnoh and a civil war is ripe to occur. The Pokemon League at Sinnoh combined with other trainers, the People’s Revolution happens and the monarchy is destroyed. The monarchy had already been greatly weakened with the passing of the descendant. After the civil war, nobody seems to know what to do until a mysterious woman rises to power. She quickly takes a hold of the Pokemon League and its members, silences protests, and makes herself the sole heir to the throne in Crown City. Under the confusion of the recently ended civil war, the mysterious coupe against the Pokemon League, and the campaign of a queen rife throughout the region, the mysterious woman is able to secure the throne. However, a few gym leaders escaped the woman and create a rebel group. Years later, Sinnoh is finally “stabilized” but the rebel group finds a morbid and hair raising conclusion that the woman is beginning what is known as Project Z.

    1. I really just can’t wait for Friday. I have a paper due by next Sunday, but after that I have spring break and I requested off from work all week. So I guess I kno what I’ll be doing lol

        1. Fair enough. Do you have a ground type or at least something to cover that typing attack-wise? If so then I’d say maybe swap out Nidorino for Haunter

    1. This is when you evolve it into the master thrasher Nidoking
      As long as it’s before level 23 then it gets no good moves

    2. Nidoking with EQ, Rock Slide, Double Kick/Submission then a special filler (Thunder(bolt)/Ice Beam/Blizzard/Fire Blast/Surf). A good powerhouse tbh and helped a lot with Agatha

  53. Has anyone here written any stories or a plot for Pokémon ?

    I wrote one about Steven Stone being defeated and going rogue with Cynthia and Brendan going after him.

    Then Team Magma return greater than ever with the plot once again to awaken Groudon, they succeed and Hoenn becomes a full warzone. It is revealed Steven is under controll via Psychic Pokémon under the control of Maxie.

    Once Steven is saved, Hoenn continues to become a disaster zone, with fire reigning from the skies and Groudon causing mass casualties. Citizens are being evacuated to Sinnoh and all other regions so the call is made that Champions from all regions gather to take back Hoenn and put an end to the war against Team Magma.

      1. I’m writing my X journey
        I’m trying to find a exciting story on how I caught my Binacle

        1. Something involving kidnapping, or it saving you from drowning after a group of magikarp swarm you and drag you to sea

          1. So far it me, Quilladin, Diggersby (newly evolved) Pancham and Tyrunt (newly restored) just earned our Second Badge and decided to relax at the beach
            Everyone’s doing their own thing but the key point is Pancham is swimming and cries out in distress and we soon discover a feisty Binacle has clamped onto Pancham’s rear
            1 Now I have several story options, we battle it and we end up loosing it and hunt it down and discover a whole colony of Binacle and are lead by a tough Barbaracle
            2 During the fight my badge case gets knocked out and it steals it and spend the rest of the episode hunting down it and my case

            Something like a Binacle just isn’t a super imposing Pokemon to be a super powerful fighter at first

    1. Not in Yellow…..changing the color of the town to literal lavender kind of ruins it for me….

  54. Be grateful for your life. Sorry it seems a bit off topic. It’s so hard to live in a world where you grow accustomed to people getting killed. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow? Are you be the next? Is the street that you’re passing everyday safe? You can’t live with a fear that you will be at the wrong place at the wrong time. You know, you cannot understand it before it happens to you. Because an ember burns where it falls. There are far more worse cases happening all over the world. I have no idea about them, we have no idea. And really, nobody cares. They are not obliged to do so. But sad reality is that some lives matter than the others. Because, people can get together if they really want.

    1. Did u live in those country ?…….these r the Hummmanz zzz zzzzz when they awake I didn’t know , ty by the way girl.

    2. Belmad…what? You never post things like this. Are you trolling? I’m generally concerned.

        1. You should not be talking about grave and grimdark realities in a site where people come to relax and unwind and talk about fiction. There are better sites to talk about harsh realities like news sites.

          1. I am not the one who said that if u know …..I know these words not super effective on humanzzzz I know they just want to feel fun ….so I didn’t waste my time saying these thing.

          2. Bullying, being yelled at, insults, etc. can cause victims to commit suicide.

            Some may think it’s lame to get killed by what others say, but they are wrong, it is actually a serious problem and shit happens.

    3. Hope you’re safe there. We are here if you ever need to talk about anything. That goes to everyone.

      At the very least I hope seeing a notification from me makes you smile… 🙂

  55. If you could build your dream Pokemon team from ALL regions what would it be? Lets leave out legendaries.

      1. Like, say you traveled the Pokeworld and collected 6 Pokemon from wherever… What would that team be?

          1. Furret is interesting. One you don’t hear too often. What is the connection you have to Furret?

          2. I just think he is cute and he was awesome on my Soul Silver team. He swept the ghost type gym and beat Red’s charizard which won that battle

    1. I have a dream team

        1. More then that
          Ground Type Master
          Every Region to date I have done a Mono Ground run

          Kalos was the only exception so I composed it of Ground Types I didn’t have room for or just never used

      1. If I could have legends or a pseudo legend my team would be:

        Mega Abomasnow

    2. Empoleon
      Idk about the last one. Probably Gothitelle but I can’t remember if there’s another I like more.

      1. Love! I’d personally pick Pidgeot, he’s a beast. And I feel like Pyroar suits the team better… In my opinion.

    3. Just a list of my favorite Pokemon from each generation, not competitive whatsoever:

    4. More of a caretaker than a trainer so here’s the list:

      Vivillon (Monsoon)

    5. Already have my dream team, a team of the most beautiful pokemon ever!
      Vivillon (Monsoon pattern, shiny)

    6. My fave pkm are:
      Shiny Mega Gardevoir
      Shiny Mega Gengar
      Shiny Mega Altaria
      Shiny Mega Sceptile
      & Diancie
      I understand that I cant have ALL the megas at once so I would interchange them.

    7. I have so many favorites but i will just choose one from each region

      1. Interesting you have two not fully evolved Pokemon on your team, any specific reason? Do you like those forms the best?

        1. One non fully evolved*
          And i really like shelgon a lot it is definitely one of my favorites of hoenn, and i prefer shelgon wayyyy over salamence.i remember being sorta disappointed when i finally evolved it during, sure it was cool and all, but sonething about shelgon i just love

    8. My top 6 favorite Pokemon are for sure:

      Azumarill, Lucario, Swampert
      Azelf, Suicune, Keldeo

      Taking out the legends, I would put in Sableye, Infernape and Goodra for my dream in-game team.

    9. I got a lot favourite Pokemon but my ideal dream team would be Vaporeon, Weavile, Sceptile, Goodra, Aegislash & Porygon2

    10. I’ve thought about this many many times (which is quite sad but idrc)
      (last slot is a filler but I quite like my 5 slot team)

  56. I recently wrote a pokemon mystery dungeon fanfiction… the problem with writing a pokemon narrative is that you immediately wish for it to be a real game :’O

  57. My hype for next month is steadily growing. We have Spring Break on the first week of April, which will make the wait for CoroCoro MUCH easier. Starters are most certainly guaranteed, and perhaps we’ll even get that woodpecker Pokemon, the box art legendaries, or anything in between! We can only hope that these games are superior to X/Y, at this point. The vast unknown we’re presented with before a new generation is something I’ll never forget. My third eye says: prepare to be amazed.

    1. I read that. I don’t think anything he said was crazy or unknown. What he said is basically what they’ve been saying for a while now.

  58. Hey all. I liked hearing everyone’s dream teams. That was fun to see the different Pokemon everyone would have. If you have free space, let’s be friends on our 3Ds’. Below are my two friend codes… I have two 3Ds’ for each version of Pokemon so I can play both.

    1779-0850-4141 Jeff
    3007-9158-7071 Cosimo

    If you add me, leave a comment with your name and friend code so I can add you. Plus it’ll be fun seeing everyone build their new teams when Sun and Moom come out since we’ve all been chatting about it the past few weeks.

    1. You kidding once Sun and Moon info leaks even a single drop of info the whole community will start up even better since the drought

      1. I know. But like I said, it’d be fun to be friends with everyone here so we can all experience the games, battle, trade, etc…

    2. Added both!
      2981-7989-0992 Edwin
      Looking forward to battling and trading in pokemon sun
      Anyone else can add me if they want just reply to make sure to add yall back

  59. Unpopular opinion incoming. I kinda wish that Sun and Moon didn’t allow transfer of old Pokemon, or detected hacked/generated Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon have lost all value, and not as many people breed anymore 🙁 I want it to be like when X and Y first launched and it was all fresh, as there was no Pokemon Bank, and everyone started from scratch. You knew the shinies you saw were legit too. Oh well.

    1. That really doesn’t make any sense. Every single Pokemon game created has been hackable. Even if you can’t transfer your old Pokemon into Sun and Moon, that does nothing whatsoever to prevent hacking. Give it a few months and Sun and Moon will be just as infected with hacked Pokemon as XY is right now.

      1. ? I know. Was just wishful thinking. I know how infected it is, now, and how it always will be. I just wish it wasn’t.

        1. I’m sorry? I’ve not once hacked a Pokemon. I’m pissed, yet I understand why they had to do a reboot with the pentagon thing for 6th gen. So I can’t use any of my old shiny or competitive Pokemon that I’ve bred myself.

          So what did I do? I spend 800+ hours on XY DAYS at a time trying to breed the best possible shiny competitive Pokemon, all COMPLETELY organic, including that shiny Milotic that always kicks your ass whenever we battle. I put in the time to get the shiny charm by completing the dex, hatching THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of eggs. Any Pokemon that you see me use in a competitive battle, both shiny and non-shiny, are completely natural.

          But yeah let’s totally scrap all that work that people like me put into 6th gen breeding when we start 7th gen to address the hacking problem for a month or two and get absolutely NOWHERE with the hacking problem because people will ALWAYS find a way to hack these games. The problem, in all likelihood, will never be fixed!!!!!

          I don’t know about you but I have a life and things to do, people to be with, work to accomplish, degree to finish, people like me don’t have the time to completely restart every 3 years when a new generation comes around and put in another 800+ hours into again. Not to mention the emotional attachment you get with these Pokemon that you’ve worked so hard to get when you put in the time to breed them naturally in a game full of hackers.

          So yeah. You’re 100% right. I don’t want to put in the work.

          1. Exactly my point. Hacking will always been a video game issue. Someone will always crack the code. I understand the people who hack and the people who do not. There will never be a grace period between not having certain Pokemon solely to feel like you have legit Pokemon. Some people do not have the time and energy to sit around and find shiny Pokemon 24/7. Each side of the coin is understandable, yet I do not think they should be punished for doing so.

          2. and nobody is making you put in the work.as i have said, shinies really dont have value. when hunting you should expect the amount of time it will take and you dont have to put in all the time. and chico come on man, you dont have to attack with “i dont know about you but i have a life”.. youre better than that and its unnecessary. many who shiny hunt do have lives and they find time to play.

          3. wow…all i could say is so are you chico, and based on what im seeing here, its time to act it

    2. Unpopular opinion indeed. There are not even valuable points in not allowing this. If you disapprove the detecting of hacked Pokemon, your devaluing Shiny Pokemon even more. People are not going to instantly start sending over Pokemon. Pokemon Bank is a useful and amazing service. Any game is hackable if someone finds the right resources and tools. Plus, the PowerSaves is already out, so hacking is already rampant. Simply, I don’t agree with you in the slightest.

      1. I get you. Didn’t think of it like that. I don’t think I explained myself very well lol

      2. Wait, when did I say I disapproved of detecting hacked Pokemon? It’s the opposite.

          1. That’s bad wording on my part. I wish they detected hacked/ generated Pokemon.*

      3. I guess you’re too lazy to get anything yourself

        I can’t do all these fancy shmancy Genning and Power-Saves and I still find time to breed and train just fine, yes it’s hard work but that’s the point, you work for it it means a whole lot more then saying “oh I’ll just gen this or that, it’ll go through”

        I mean it’s a revolting opinion to even disagree with M. Sceptile’s plea knowing where it’s coming from

        1. lol im reading comments and wow earthen. telling both libra and chico “you dont wanna get anything yourself” or “you dont wanna put in the work.” i dont really think you could question how someone plays a game cuz you dont know how they play. “and you cant gen or power save”? oh come on. you dont have to and nobody is making you.

          1. So it’s totally fair somebody hacks a 6IV Modest or Adamant Rayquaza and uses it in a battle or tournament, or any other Legend
            It’s not the problem of me doing it, or having rights to alter their games BS
            It’s all about using it competitively, I find it sickening the people just fabricate perfect IV legends with the press of a button while I SR like 57 times to find a decent Adamant Groudon. I’m also disgusted with how fucking lenient everyone is with hacking saying it’s ok since it’s easier or it doesn’t really matter, well it freaking does. It’s just a big gigantic unfair middle finger to those who actually try and put in the work, does that honestly mean nothing in this day and age, you’re all going to say no it means nothing. well I guess I’m a retard for thinking that hard work in games is respectable

            And I know only one solution to at least put a dent in this is to crack down harder on hacking and have a legit 6IV Ditto Event that way future generations of Pokemon could at least be born from a non-hacked blob

        2. Before you make a counter. You truly have to understand the reasoning for a comment. Nobody is forcing you to Gen or PowerSaves Pokemon. You could shiny hunt like others or obtain Pokemon through legit means. I’m not bashing people who use those methods. Some people simply do it to obtain trade-evolution Pokemon and version exclusives. Yet, I think not having the availability to transfer Pokemon is ridiculous. Shiny Pokemon have not lost their value do to people still putting the effort to find them. Also, people still breed Pokemon completely to get their desired type. This just sounded like a plea of pure obscurity to me, more than an actual defend-able point. Starting from scratch is not always good. I don’t play Pokemon to hunt for shiny Pokemon or to breed. Maybe, that’s why I do not get the reasoning of the complaints.

          1. i just wanna say that shinies really dont have much value. this is just me but i dont see the point. not gonna bash others for shiny hunting. i just wanna say there shouldnt really be an arguemnet . people choose to gen or power save and others choose to put time into it.

    3. i agree only 50%
      Only non hacked Pokemon

      The majority of Pokemon players are being total jaggoffs and constantly genning everything, i mean i went on GTS and half a billion Manaphys belonged to the same guy and his face was faded probably from so much hacking

      and i wish they got rid of this ridiculous over abundance of Shiny Methods
      Shinies are shit now unless you got them with no modifiers
      otherwise it’s just a big false scam

    4. I think they should try harder to crack down on hacking. Idk what they could do though. The non-transfer though would be really dumb. That would mean I’d have to recatch every 722+ pokemon all over again to complete the national dex. That’s just time wasted on my part. I also want to see my shinies in new graphics, especially if they get megas or evolutions.

    5. I am sorry, but that is a horrible idea. Just because some people hack doesn’t mean everyone should be punished from being able to transfer pokemon. You think all my pokemon I worked so hard to breed should just go to waste? I’m sorry, but that would make so many people mad if they did that. Now maybe if they make a couple months without Pokebank would be a much better compromise.
      A lot of people say shinies have lost their value, but honestly some people still love shiny hunting and consider them very important. Not everyone thinks shinies are worthless, and many people like the shiny methods easier. There is too much of a big deal if someone has a shiny (hacked )or not, The person obviously likes the way the shiny looks, and the shiny doesn’t give them any advantage, so it’s their pokemon and you have no right to tell them how valuable/important it is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      Also I have to say, having them trying to ban all hacked pokemon is just silly effort. The hacked pokemon you use online have the same exact capabilities as every normal pokemon. By no means am I saying hacking is good, but It isn’t giving anyone an advantage over another. It just makes things quicker for them. It’s their game they bought, so they should be allowed to do whatever they want to it. Just making it that a pokemon can be used if it follows the guidelines now is good enough. And People in VGC tournaments and champs we watch, use hacked pokemon.

      1. Oh and btw People have been able to hack shinies since forever, so i don’t see why NOW they just lost their value

        1. Legit. The Action Replay and GameShark have been around since the GBA days. The GameGenine even earlier. I seriously never cared about Shiny Pokemon since they have become rather easy to obtain through hacking. I played Heart Gold once with a full team of Shiny Pokemon with an AR. It isn’t too difficult or a new issue.

          1. Like I said Beauty in eye of Beholder. some people don’t care, some people care a lot. I’m just saying one should say all and everyones shinies are pointless and they all lost their value.

          2. i get that theres value because of all the time put in and effort but at the same time unless they are masuda bred, they sit in a box and collect dust. just saying. and lol Beauty in eye of Beholder. im not trying to minimize people’s liking of shinies

          3. “Fake” shinies have been around since GSC. action replay and game genie, amirite?

          4. lol “fake”? so you are minimizing people’s use of hacking. wow… you dont wanna hack, dont hack. dont make other people hacking your business. let them be

          5. What? I put it in quotations marks because it is a quote? Ive been using hacking devices since gen 4

    6. If you want to start fresh, just don’t transfer. They do need to crack down on hacking. It’s ridiculous.

      1. Literally. I saw a battle once with a full team of Slakings with Huge Power. da fuck. I just think that Mega Sceptile should not transfer or trade for a while to alleviate the issues he has.

      2. is that even possible tho is the question. people will always crach the code. and to me i think they have something planned with gen one pokemon. it seems rather random that they would make the gen 1 pokemon transfer directly to gen 7 (so happy to say gen 7)

        1. They’ll probably unlock an in game event or have hidden abilities. I’m curious.

    7. I disagree. Why don’t you just stop trading then for that time. then it would be fine after a while

    8. I still breed because it’s something I enjoy doing. (Besides the fact that I don’t have anyone to gen.)

    1. lol indeed. but tbh its not pokemon ethics. dont bash on people who hack, and dont bash on people for spending a lot of time on something. and especially dont attack in the comments section cuz thats never good

  60. I just wanted to use this moment to tell you all a TRUE story.

    When I was in second grade, my favorite Pokemon was Lapras. It was just so adorably cute and awesome when I saw it on TV, Ash’s “adopted” Lapras that is.

    So one of my friends told me that he had a real life Lapras in his bathtub, he said he got it by connecting his TV to his bathtub and it transferred from the anime into real life, kinda how like the link cables worked back in the day to transfer information.

    He told me I could have it if I was nice to him the entire year, so I did just that.

    Guess what? I’m still waiting for him to give me that Lapras.

    1. Connecting TV to his bathtub?
      I am sure the child you were talking to was a ghost.

      1. I was a really dumb and surprisingly naive Latino kid back in the day. My friend’s name was Anthony lmfao.

    2. True story in1-2nd grade I just stuck those pseudo Lego block thingies with brown on top and black on the bottom and put red stickers on them and pretended they were diglett and dugtrio

  61. So is a new article coming out soon? I feel like we’re all marinating in this old post just talking about how gullible we were as kids.

    1. well corocoro starting next month will be sun and moon so maybe its time for a speculation article. just saying

    2. Nah bro, we’re gonna be on this article until next month’s corocoro. Don’t be shy, get cozy and make yourself at home.

  62. Leveling in R/B/Y is WAY more grindy than I remember ;-; Getting my pokemon from level 20-28 for Lt. Surge is killing me slowly.

    1. Y’know there is a cave full of Diglett and Dugtrio right outside Vermillion
      And the Dugtrio there are extra high clocking at 29-31

      1. Yeah I’ve been using Diglett’s cave. It’s slightly better than the field outside of it, except for my Pikachu… :/

        1. That’s the price you pay when dealing with Ground Types
          Your puny electricity just gets grounded

          1. I only keep him because I’m doing an “Ash” playthrough. My team is Pikachu, Butterfree, Charmeleon, Ivysaur, Mankey, and probably Lapras or maybe Snorlax…I would have Squirtle but 1) I’d have to train it from level 10 and 2) I’m going to get Blue and I’ll be picking Squirtle in that game. Also, Pikachu is cute when following you :3

          2. Yeah it’s fun so far, although Butterfree is slowly getting harder to level up. Charmeleon also is the worst. Terrible, terrible movepool.

          3. Ikr!!! So hard to use Charmeleon but when you get slash its crits all day every day and lol butterfree tho completely understandable

          4. I won’t give up on Butterfree though! And I sure as hell won’t release it…*throws shade at Ash*

          5. I love butterfree. Adorable and yeah sadest moment in Pokemon. I wish pink butterfree was a thing (it’s not it’s shiny right?)

          6. It should be! But sadly no 🙁 Maybe one day they’ll do a special event. I mean AZ’s floette is a special form AND there are special releases for Vivillon

          7. Pikachu isn’t that great either in the late game. He was my “Take the hits and heal everyone else” slave during the E4.

          8. I could trade him to my brother who is getting Red and have him evolve it..but that’s a lot of work

          9. I have to say playing Blue it amazes me how big the games are as a start for an incredible franchise.

          10. Aww lol. Pikachu I gave up on biggest I plan to get zapdos (haven’t been playing much consistently) and I wanted to use weird Pokemon but when I lost to my brother almost 6-0 against kadabra…I needed him

        1. I don’t really care for doing that. I was just playing it for the sake of saying I played it.

          1. Yeah I emulated Emerald to my old phone. It was fun but I mean I’ve played Emerald before though and I own it 😛

          2. I already own Blue. I played Yellow though but I don’t feel like paying ten bucks for it lol

          3. As you can tell I’m incredibly cheap.
            I wouldn’t have gotten through without fast forward so it was money well not spent.

    1. X Team (Barnaby): Greninja, Charizard, Mega Herracross, Pyroar, Meowstic, Umbreon

      X Team (Jeff): Chestnaught, Blastoise, Mega Ampharos, Mamoswine, Honchkrow, Aromatisse

      Y Team (Cosimo): Delphox, Charizard, Samurott, Mega Abomasnow, Pangoro, Beartic

    2. I started over but I haven’t played recently. I just remember Quilladin and Tyrunt.

        1. I started a Nuzlocke but then Trimester started and I haven’t touched it since.

    3. Chesnaught

      On rotation Hawlucha, Avalugg, Goodra, Talonflame flyer

      1. I was excited to see Bergmite, but I wasn’t happy with Avalugg. It could have been so cool, but I get the concept

        1. Yeah honestly Chesnaught Pangoro and Tyrantrum pretty much carried the whole team

    4. I played through both X and Y. Y first.

      My Y team:

      Rotation Vivillon

      My X team:
      Greninja, Dedenne,Blaziken,,Aegislash,Hippowdon,Noivern

      Rotation Hawlucha

    5. My “speedruns” of X&Y usually go:

      Panpour (if not froakie)/Meditite/Bagon/Zangoose
      Starter #2
      free Lucario
      HM User

  63. I’m bored… I wonder if they’ll ever let any Kalos Pokemon Mega Evolve
    Honestly slim pickings
    The starters are easy game
    Chesnaught being bigger and bulkier with spikes everywhere with a knight like face guard and a extendable spikes on the arms to fight with
    Delphox with a fur around the head resembling a witch hat and a longer tail and embers swirling around its body and most would say wooden branch staff but no the branch is not organic enough to Delphox to evolve with it
    Greninja swifter, blacker coloration and I see pores on Greninja’s skin secreting frubbles filled with a gaseous cloudy vapor that when popped create a concealing mist like an organic smoke bomb

    Now the rest….
    Mega Pangoro will have thicker bulkier fur, and bone like protrusions resembling Bancho like accessories and I must say a pompadour like fur just for flavor
    Mega Pyroar might be tough since such a big gender difference, but regardless it’s mane totally wilds out with a the rest of the body engulfed in flames
    *gut churning* Mega Florges, its flower blooms greatly with more defined petals like a lotus and a chrysanthemum, and it gains a gown of green plant material and this time it gains Fairy/Grass
    Lastly Mega Goodra, now slightly pudgier and slimier but the major change is the massive lime green crystallized she’ll on its back and longer head tentacles

    I fear Mega Aegislash might be much but regardless, three words: Giant. Ass. Sword, like some Soul Calibur esque giant sword, but sadly Mega Evolution ate the Aegis and it melded with the blade

    1. I need a new Mega ice type… If we are picking Kalos region Pokemon, I have slim pickings… I’d say Mega Avalugg… He gets Ice/Ground or Ice/Rock typing (since he is a big ice rock) and he gets more mountainous with a darker blue at the bottom and it gets “snowier” at the top. His eyes are now glowing deep purple and the sideburns are giant icicles that are almost like spears.

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