Ask PokéJungle: The Comeback

Back in 2013 we launched Ask PokéJungle, the feature on the site where our readers get the chance to directly as us (and other readers!) any questions they have. Since then, a few follow up articles were published but it’s been almost two years since the last, so we’re very excited to bring it back!

For those that don’t know: Ask PokéJungle is your chance to get the answers to any questions you may have for staff members or other readers on the site. We will do our best to answer as many as we can (though be warned the team is very busy lately). If you’ve got a question for a specific staff member, make it obvious in the comment an we’ll try get them to answer it ASAP.

For this ‘comeback’ edition we’re open to absolutely any questions you have, but in the future we’ll likely set a specific theme. So there it is, fire away and try get us to reveal our deepest, darkest secrets… Or not…

PS: Stay tuned over the next few days for another instalment in our celebration of 20 years of Pokémon!

  1. It’s been a long time for sure!
    So, what new animal inspirations for Pokemon would you like to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Any obscure tropical creatures that you think would work well as a basis for a Pokemon design, in a region based on Hawaii?

    1. I suppose I’d like to see a better owl. I can’t think of anything completely new…

      Some sort of new crab could be interesting too. No idea what!

        1. I have no idea. Noctowl is great, but I feel they could do an owl so much better. A Flying/Ghost type owl could be quite great. Or Psychic/Ghost. Who knows!

          I’d also love if they did a Ghost-type Pokémon that was just a classic sheet ghost. That fake list of Pokémon had one of those on it, I think?

          1. What about a Normal/Ghost for your Sheet
            But what could be the reasoning
            I can’t just say this Pokemon’s Veil is made out of the spirit realm and it flickers between them
            Ghosts are getting harder to write about these days

          2. Hmmm… Perhaps it’s a Ghost Pokémon that bases its appearance on the nightmares of children, so it actually is a physical sheet it steals from the bed of a child. Then as it evolves through its stages, the sheet gradually gets smaller and more tattered and its actual body underneath begins to show.

      1. I think a coconut crab would be really cool. Grass/Ground for that one, please.

        1. I was thinking one of those crabs that carries around bits of a sea anemone to protect itself or whatever would be quite cool…

          1. I always forget about sandshrew/sandslash. They were some of favourites in the earlier generations but I seem to have forgotten them in later generations.

    2. I want my Grass/Fire Coconut Soilder Cocojoe and Cocomando
      Also some new Lava God Mythical (And some lore of people being tossed in to appease it)
      Flaming Tiki and Animal Idol for version exclusives
      Normal/Rock Mountain goat with massive stone/crystalline horns
      One of them Hoary Bats
      Also the Lizardfish (they give me the creeps)

    3. I hope the fire starter is a bear, water is a crab and the grass is an owl! The their final types should be fire/dark, water/fighting and grass/psychic

    1. Lucario but only because of Riley and I found a graphic picture of ByronxRiley porn and Lucario reminds me of Riley and i like Byron.

  2. For the people who have a mascot Pokemon on this site: why are they your mascot? Any particular reason behind it?

    For anyone: What are new features you’d love to see in Sun and Moon? What are features from older gens that you want to be brought back?

    1. I would like this crazy feature called “difficulty” brought back from the old games. I don’t know if you guys remember, but back in the old days pokemon games actually required thought and strategy to complete and everything wasn’t handed to you like a little baby.

      1. I could not agree more. The games have started to become a simple story to play through. Nothing is difficult anymore, not even the battles.

      2. Whoa.. Pokemon can be difficult? Oh yeah that’s right. The thing that made the games even more rewarding to beat and more enjoyable.

    2. A feature that needs to be implemented is difficulty. I’ve even stated that before, it’s just important in this day and age to have an easy, normal, and hard mode for an RPG. I would like to see PokeBall Seals make a comeback!

    3. Difficulty, Walking with your pokemon, PSS, Pokeathelon, Pokeball Seals, Something similar to Poke’ch apps (Maybe a phone since XY had that tablet pokedex) and Secret Bases

    4. All I know is I want to go to another region besides the new one. Also I want a really really mean and tough rival. So I can kick his but in battle.

    5. Because I cried when I finally got my first Milotic in Sapphire as a kid. I swear I messed up like 50 Feebas before I got my first Milotic.
      Plus it’s beautiful. Favorite Pokemon ever.

      1. In OR/AS finding that sexy Pokemon is easy af. Just going to the shady part of the bridge and you get millions of Feebas. 😉

    6. Well my ‘mascot’ is cascoon because i AM a cascoon
      I cant tell you new features i want until they show them first.
      What i want back?
      Walking with pokemon, auto running shoes, habitat list, challenge mode (ACCESSIBLE FROM THE BEGINNING), some minigames throughout the region, In game Medal system, and the most important BATTLE FRONTIER!!!!!!! (hoenn frontier returned preferred).

    7. Wow late reply. Because i love underestimated pokemon, and normal types are by far the most looked over or looked down on type, so they are my favorite with purugly in the lead!

    8. Would love to see Pokémon following you come back. I think with Pokémon GO it could be a great crossover feature, taking some inspiration from the Pokéwalker.

      New features… I’m not sure!

    9. Rhyperior is the undisputed heavyweight champion of all Ground Pokemon
      Big, Heavy, And the absolute strongest of the strong that isn’t a Legend or Mega
      One Earthquake or Rock Wrecker and your fate is sealed
      Truly a Pokemon so perfect for me

          1. That pathetic specter cannot hide from the power that is Rhyperior’s MEGAHORN!!!!

          2. My Solid Rock brushes off a vain ice beam and then retaliate with METAL BURST

          3. I am the faster …..ur SPD is just a shit u can’t stand but I can make go to sleep before to guarantee my victory.

      1. Eh. I preferred Ryhdon, that was a badass poke. The evolution looks a bit over the top

    10. I don’t know, its design is great. It has a Great (OP) ability and with the right strategy, it can be amazing in battle.

      I would like walking with your Pokémon back.

    11. And as for Sun and Moon
      I just want more type combos
      Grass/Fire either as a Flaming Tiki or Coconut Deku Scrub with combustible milk
      Rock/Fire that isn’t Magcargo
      ……Ground/Fighting with Guts
      I think Ground/Fighting with base 145 attack Power
      Normal/Ghost Moving wants a Ghost Sheet
      Steel/Poison Needle ball, ooo or Thorny Devil
      We really need a Ground/Fighting two of the most powerful types
      I want a Bug/Ice Moth with stain glass wings
      Fire/Electric Solar Energy Mote
      And to wrap it up Ground/Fighting Warthog Wrestler with a Base 145 attack and Guts for an ability, moderate defenses and decent speed

      1. When I was making a region based off of Australia, I made a thorny devil starter. It was fire/ice type and the spikeswere dry ice.

        1. Not to sound rude but what’s with all the Fire/Ice Starters this is like the third one I’ve heard of

          Gamefreak would never pair those types for a starter

    12. Well, Metagross just means a lot to me. I didn’t know what shinies really were (despite running into a green wingull that I tried to catch). But I saw that my friend had a shiny Metagross. Steven was like my pokemon idol and having that beldum made me tear up as a kid. Then, all these years later, I bred my shiny beldum and trained it all the way to a Metagross. It reminds me of all those years ago and it’s honestly always been my partner pokemon.

      As for features in sun and moon, I’m honestly not too sure what I’d like. But I know I wouldn’t mind having pokemon walk behind you again. Mostly so I could see Metagross behind me.

    1. I actually don’t game except for Pokemon. I’m playing Mystery Dungeon right now, just evolved into Samurott and Charizard!

    2. I want Xenoblade for N3DS but I’m about to get Ocarina of time once the price drop hits and I get paid.

    3. Currently playing through Devil May Cry Definitive edition. So I’ve been having fun with that. Last month I played through Bayonetta 2. I hadn’t played the first, but that didn’t stop me form having a TON of fun playing it. It’s a great game if u haven’t already played. I definitely recommend it. I’d also recommend DMC too Both are very much in the same vein as they are both about angels and demons, but they are very different too.

  3. I’m not trying to promote anyone, but does anyone remember Lueroi the PokeTuber from their childhood? He recently returned to Youtube and is doing an Alpha Sapphire Walkthrough. This guy has helped me with doing various things in my Ruby file. I just want to know if anyone else remembers who he is!

        1. Never heard of him. But then again I didn’t have Internet access until I was 16 or 17.

    1. Of course! I loved his YouTube channel growing up, and was so sad to see him go. He also helped me get through more difficult parts of my Sapphire file. I’m back to actively watching him! 🙂

    1. 15 ended up nonexistent. 16 can happen if we get enough support. I’d need to know relatively soon if people want it though, so I suppose if you know people who want in, let me know?

      I can arrange a post soon, too.

  4. What typings for the starters do you hope they have in Sun and Moon? And what animals do you see for each starter type? Typically the fire starters have been animals from the Chinese Zodiac, and water starters have been water animals, and grass types have been reptiles with plants on them…

    1. Me, I hope that I’m wrong about the Chinese zodiac being fire starter animals and they bring out a cub which turns to a massive bear… Then a cool crab would be interesting since it’s been a while since we’ve seen one… and then to continue with the woodland theme for grass, an owl. Typings would be Fire/Dark, Water/Fighting and Grass/Psychic…

          1. I’m not a fan of grass starters, I was just going with fairy is good against dark and it’d be cool if there was no weakness or strength with the starters… Plus, we’ve had how many fire/fighting types? In my head I was thinking a crab as the water starter, and a crab has it’s shell which is like steel…

          2. I made a Water/Steel crab a few weeks ago
            And honestly I loved every moment of Fire/Fighting types
            They are just so damn useful

          3. No WARHOG!!!!!!!!
            The Macho Pkm
            HP: 124
            Atk: 145
            Def: 98
            Sp atk: 20
            Sp def: 100
            Speed: 102
            Ability Guts/Sheer Force HA Sand Force
            “It regularly punches boulders to rubble to strengthen its body, using their great power they can fight hundreds of foes without rest”
            And the coup de grace is their signature attack
            Fighting 150 Physical
            “The user grabs the foe and forcefully slams them into the ground, the user must recharge afterwards”

          4. That bag of bugs and gas could never amount to the awesome strength of a Warhog

          5. naw i’m not going that way
            It’s supposed to be a Mud Wrestling Pig/Warthog

            Please note this was the protoype
            it’s supposed to have 2 tusks protruding out of the lower jaw and a more beefy face
            otherwise a muscle packed body with caked on mud
            and maybe a bigger Mo-Hawk

          7. Very cool. I want another Ice/Dark type that is more beefy… Weavile is cool and I love it but I need my beasts!

          8. What about new mega evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon? And hopes and dreams for new Pokemon to get mega evolutions, and if so what typings?

    2. Fire Type Bear – Final Form Fire/Dark
      Water Type Dolphin – Final Form Water/Fairy
      Grass Type Squirrel – Final Form Grass/Electric

        1. A water bird starter would be nice. I just hope it’s not part flying type….be creative gamefreak.

          1. Maybe Arbok, though its design is already quite sharp. Ninetales could have one too. Something really classy and ghostly.

      1. What about new Mega’s? Which Pokemon do you home get mega evolutions and what are the typings? Or do you think megas shouldn’t be used in the new versions?

        1. I really think they should give the first three eeveelutions mega forms. That would already make up for a possible absence of a brand new one.

          1. that will neeeeever happen
            i mean you already give it 7 evolved formes

            and honestly Eevee is truly incompatible with Mega Evolution indefinitely
            Eevee’s erratic and highly unstable genetic make-up could truly never achieve Mega Evolution since it virtually becomes anything the environment dictates so finding a Mega Stone that attunes to just one form is a genetic nightmare

          2. Well… I suppose you really thought this through, didn’t you? I’d love to see that, anyway.

          3. You kidding I study Pokemon during my off time researching origins and reasoning of Pokemon

          1. It’d be useless… Ice is my favorite type though, and dark, but I can’t stand grass types really… I only picked Chespin because Quilladin is cute and I somehow was sent two copies of Pokemon X by mistake…

          2. This is why I am so rough on others ideas
            They never back up their ridiculous combos with logic and an idea

          3. I like the idea of none of the starters having the advantage… So, like if it was a fire/dark, water/psychic and grass/fighting… Fire beats grass but fighting beats dark, water beats fire but dark beats psychic…

          4. I am fond of RPS triangle but honestly we haven’t had that since Sinnoh and that barely worked

            And literally that’s the Kalos type combos just reversed

          5. Why…. It’s a dang wizard/sorceress
            Greninja is a dark type for the right reasons (And that barely matters since of Protean)

          6. Just for the fact that I want a fire/dark starter… Plus, Ninja’s should have psychic abilities and wizards can be dark

          7. Ninjas do not have psychic abilities at the slightest
            And that’s why they’re called Dark Wizards but Delphox is more of a Kitsune Oracle I mean it even got its name from the Delphic Oracle

          8. True, but Fennekin had the making to be my favorite starter… And the last evolution blew it.

          9. I love foxes and dark types are my favorite and I typically go for the fire starter in one version and water in the other… so when Fenniken the fox fire pokemon came along as a starter and then it started to look magical, a dark typing would have been awesome, for me. I’m purely being selfish in my reasoning here…

          10. What Pokemon do you want to get megas in the new versions, and what are the typings?

          11. Rhyperior Ground/Rock
            Excadrill Ground/Steel
            Rapidash Fire/Flying (and if anyone says Fairy i will cut you)
            Hypno Psychic maybe Psychic Ghost but ehhh
            and maybe Mega Sudowoodo

          12. No need to be rude. My combos made as much sense as your Normal/Ghost or Steel/Poison. You don’t have to back them up.

          13. This would be a good time to have a yin and yang kind of types since Sun and Moon would fall into this. They are opposites and yet you have to have one with the other. It would fit the theme name of the games. I would love a fire/ice wolf or a grass/fire. The forest has to have natural burns for new life to come up.

          14. I did not…we have things that repeat all the time. We don’t know why they chose to name the games Sun and Moon–it would be nice if they tied it into the names of the game, I really don’t think they will have thought of that but it would be cool.
            It would also be nice if they would make things different by not having fire/water/grass too but I don’t see that happening too.

          15. I thought you meant the legendaries had to be based on the concept. And I hope they won’t change the Grass/Fire/Water, because I’m still fond of it.

          16. no I would like the starters types to have a yin/yang kind of thing. or just regular pokemon to have them, make them have interesting background ideas. Like what I would love to see the Wolf that is Ice/fire, think of something like the “fire inside” kind of thing. It would be white or light blue (translucent ice look) and red trim and red eyes.

          17. What Mega evolutions would you like to see happen in Sun and Moon, and what typings would they get?

          18. Unova and/or Sinnoh Starters, Haxorus of course (Dragon/Steel, hence the axes), Arcanine (stays Fire), Tauros (Normal/Dark maybe), Mismagius (Ghost, maybe Ghost/Dark), Floatzel (Water), Staraptor (Normal/Flying), Krookodile (Ground/Dark), Sawsbuck (Normal/Grass), Pyroar (Normal/Fire), Florges (Fairy/Grass), Goodra (Dragon/Water), Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying)

          19. I would love to see Unova starters get megas… Samurott is my favorite starter ever. I like the Mismagius as a ghost/dark, Pyroar needs a mega but I feel like another type other than normal… Beartic is my favorite pokemon, I’d love him to get a Mega and be Ice/Dark or Ice/Fighting and go total beast style

          20. Omg Samurott is my favorite starter too! It’s majestic. Ice/Fighting Beartic would be great.

          21. Samurott is the BEST STARTER EVER! Can you imagine his Mega? He’d be AMAZING! But, he’d have to have a cool second typing… What would it be? Water/?????

          22. I guess it would turn into Water/Fighting if it got a second type, but Emboar has the Fighting type already… Dark is a possibility, but not likely. Maybe Rock. Still I think it will stay pure Water.

      1. Red Panda would be SWEET! I’d love that, as long as it’s not fire/fighting type! I WANT A FIRE/DARK TYPE like Delphox should have been.

          1. my three favorite animals are polar bears, foxes and otters… I LOVES MY OSHAWOTT! Fennekin was cool but then it got too complicated… it should have been a fire/dark and not witchy looking… although I get what they were going for.

          2. I agree a fox wizard sounds good on paper but hard to execute. A bear cub would make a great fire starter, but GameFreak would probably make it fire/fighting lol.

          3. True… they love their fire/fighting starters don’t they? My friend and I are creating a version set in California and our starters are a fire/dark bear, water/ghost dolhpin and we’re debating… grass/flying quail or grass/rock ram (can you tell our two favorite starter types do not include grass stypes?)

          4. I tend to go for more fire types as my starter, or water… I’ve never picked a grass type except for Chespin because I was sent two versions of X plus a Y, so I said why not… We decided on a grass/psychic quail starter

          5. I lean towards mostly water and grass types starters but I like fire types starters too Chimchar is a personal fav.

          6. Oshawott is my all time fave (so far) but I have picked fire and water types mainly. If I get bored and restart a game after I’ve finished it I then maybe will choose the grass, but that has only been Chickorita…

          7. all of them are gross, and they’re one trick ponies
            its all Leech Seed and Giga Drain

          8. you try constantly fighting Ferrothorn, Sub-Seed Whimsicott, Contrary Serperior, Bulky Amoongus which whore every championship, Spore Slinging Breloom, and THE WORST OF THE BUNCH

          9. That’s just an Item without it it’s useless
            and as for Mega Kang it’s been universally acknowledged as pure broken
            that’s why in Gen 7 they nerf Parental Bond to only add damage an not secondary effects

            Still avoiding the question

          10. I’m not avoiding the question. The grass types are no different than any other cheap set. And each of the grass types that annoy you have a pokemon that can counter it. One flame thrower to a ferrothorn and it’s done. You just have to adjust your team to be able to deal with it

          11. you can Knock Off the Evolite and there’s this thing called Ice attacks

            Always pack Ice Beam or Ice Shard and they’re done


          12. I’m not gunna lie Mega Venusaur is a pain the ass I agree. But subsitute protect toxic Gliscor is evil.

          13. I’d like they did something about the advantage/disadvantage scheme for grass type. They not only have too many weaknesses, but are also way too useless in comparison to the other types.

          1. I couldn’t possibly bear another bipede fire starter. I really hope they don’t go that way.

          2. Would be very cool… But might be similar to Emboar… I know one is a pig and the other an Ox, but for some reason in my head it’s looking the same…

          3. Fraid not slugger
            You might’ve been in luck with my Apolleo i was gonna make it a Fire/Dark Multi Feline Big Cat
            but it’s been kinda dwindling eversince Gamefreak made Pyroar and totally 1up’d me

          1. It’s like an evil cute… It also follows the fire starters being members of the Chinese Zodiac… and I wouldn’t mind it being the starter. It also sort of makes sense if the region is tropical, cause tigers live in rain forest and such, but mainly in Asia… So, if it’s a Mediterranean region or Hawaii that wouldn’t be very accurate… But, it’s a fantasy game so…

    3. My friend and I are trying to create a version based in California because we live in Southern California and have been dying for a version to be based where we live! And you can take the bullet train to a Vegas like city and it has a game corner with all the game corners ever done. And since our state flag has a bear on it, that is the fire starter, and along the coast are a ton of sea lions so there is the water (or dolphin), and for grass it’d be our state bird the quail with a grass leaf head thing.

    4. A really fancy and beautiful peacock would be amazing. It could be the milotic of this generation. Maybe psychic type.

  5. Water starter

    Jaguar- Water/Dark

    dex entry-  they lunar jaguar can be seen every full moon  hunting by the side of the water

    theme- assassin

    Strengths- physical attacker very fast decent HP well rounded defense

    signature move – lunar claws – a dual move with water and dark attrbuites to it
    Grass starter

    Baboon Grass/Electric

    Dex entry- It said once inraged the bolts of this Pokemon can cause destruction

    idea- green and yellow  with a yellow bolt uptop of its head

    signature move- Sapping bolt- a lightning bolt that  does damage  to the opponent but giving the user some life back

    Strengths -good HP mixed attacker and fast
    Fire starter

    OX Fire/Ground

    Dex entry- this Pokemon is said to leave blazeing trail to  let other Pokemon know that it is the strongest

    theme – bull from Chinese zodiac

    signature move -blazing stampede causing fire and ground damage

    strength- balance defense good health and attack

    1. Why not switch them around
      Grass/Dark Jungle Panther
      Fire/Ground Ox
      Water/Electric Eel Fish thing, otherwise Water/Poison Newt can work

      Honestly dual type moves rarely work, I mean how could lunar claws be water, it just sounds like Night Slash
      And there is a HP draining move Parabolic Charge
      And isn’t Blazing Stampede Flame Charge/Flame Wheel/Flare Blitz

    2. Grass Starter:
      Quail Grass/Psychic

      Fire Starter:
      Bear Fire/Dark

      Water Starter:
      Dolphin Water/Ghost

  6. I hope there is an early game Steel Type Pokemon.
    The last one we had early game was Aaron in R/S/E

    Something like a Steel/Fighting Type Koala.

    1. I cannot possibly see that nocturnal good for nothing marsupial be anything other then a Normal/Grass type

      But yeah it’s just the nature of Pokemon geography, you just won’t Steel or Ice types out and about early…

    2. Yea i want an early ice type, maybe we can start on top a snowy mountain town, and you journey down it meeting some ice pokemon.

    3. I’d love more steel types in general. For obvious reasons. If I really want an early steel type and we don’t have one in this game, I do have that extra shiny beldum from the event. But I’m still transferring my Metagross as soon as I can. Not to use, just to have him with me.

  7. I would love a Ghost/Dragon type snake
    I would also love a fire/ice wolf
    But I know neither of these two will happen

      1. I want one that is not a legendary. I pointed that out in another post too.

    1. I only played all MD games, all Ranger games and Colosseum and loved them. I did play Dash in a faraway history, wasn’t too fond of it. If I’m not a fan of the spin-off and I am not excited to play the game, I don’t buy it (Rumble, Ranch, Conquest, etc).

      1. yes
        but i still have rights for Sueyplex and Warhog….if only i could draw like Sugimori

  8. My question is has anyone here ever met in real life ? I know we chat here but has anyone every met up or is anyone just friends in general ? Do people know what we look like ? I hope not I look like a Purugly 😛

    1. i doubt anyone here has met anybody IRL
      i mean Star and Casc are in the UK, i’m in NY

      i mean how would any of us meet IRL if we’re all in different regions

      1. Yeah I know I’m in Ireland so I’m way away from most of u’s in the US. Just wondered was all if I remember correctly we did have 2 memwbrs ages ago who joined at the same time but they were friends in general but that was around the BW2 leaks 🙂

        1. i’ve been a phantom lurker around the time of DP stuff
          but i officially joined around XY

    2. I met one guy but only because we went to high school together and I told him about the site.

    3. I’m on this site for like a month so no. I live in The Netherlands, and no one lives here, so there’s no chance.

    4. Yeah I’ve meet a few people on here before.
      I’m ugly irl so like I don’t know why people want to meet me in the first place.

    5. I may have seen ShinyNoivern but if I have, I wouldn’t know it because I don’t know what he looks like. But he lives in Elgin, Illinois which is close to where I live

    6. I live in Southern Illinois I don’t think anyone else does. Plus, I’d be sacred too, I have a bad personality IRL. It doesn’t help that I’m ugly as SIN. (I really need to get back to Final Fantasy X)

  9. What about Gym challenges? A pair of leaders for the final Gym and each having his own type would be very different and tricky, right? They’ve never done that with the Gym leaders I guess.

    1. It can be a Dark and Fairy type combo gym. I’d like to see a fire gym, water gym, electric gym, rock gym, dark gym, ghost gym and ice gym. Elite 4 should have fairy, dragon, psychic and fighting.

      1. Definitly we need a dark type gym. And before the crazy guy who says it’s not possible because in Japan dark type is evil type and blablabla… I don’t care about that. It doesn’t even make sense, actually. So fingers crossed for a Dark type Gym.

          1. Okay, so we will go for a Ground type gym, a fighting type gyn, a dark type gym, an ice type gym, a dragon type gym, a ghost type gym and the elite 4 will be water, fire, grass and electric

      1. Apparently based on the Mothman legend. In case you’re not familiar, here’s more info:
        If it was real, it would make tons of sense as a Pokemon Moon exclusive. Not only does it have a crescent moon on its head, moths also come out at night.

    1. I try so hard to only see fake leaks as fan art or something like that but this is just too adorable. This is one I honestly want to be real…

      1. That seems like way too perfect of a detail for a fake. Almost as if it was created specifically with Pokemon Moon in mind…

      1. Good, im not the only one that thinks that. Nothing is really popping out as amazing.

        1. Ive been severely disappointed with Pokemon in the last year. We’ll see.

      2. Wow, I am completely opposite. I actually want it to be real. Something about it makes it seem authentic, but I’m known to jump the gun often.

        1. I totally agree, its not crazy good, but I don’t hate it. I think its just my brain telling me that speculating season is back in action!!

          1. Imagine how awesome its final evolution could look! I see it as another Dark/Flying line.

    2. Well, when do we get CoroCoro? In 3-5 days right? Well, we will see because if the issue reveals anything on Sun and Moon then we can start seeing what is real or fake….

        1. I want a BLT with extra bacon with 3 slices of American cheese and onions and pickles, also replace the L and T with more B
          And instead of bread make it between two big pieces of bacon

      1. I mean, technically, it could leak as early as tomorrow night. So for that reason, there is a very slight chance that this image is real. Of course, there’s the option that this leak is unconnected to CoroCoro.

    3. This doesn’t look legit at all. I doubt that it is real. Your clinging too much bro. Just wait for the 10th to roll around! 😉

    4. I love it! lol I don’t think it’ll b real tho…….looks too crisp to be real “leak”, but I suppose who knows lol

    5. That is a cool looking little beast. It also has a crescent moon in it’s hair, not sure if that is on purpose. Could be a bug type… Bug/Dark

      1. 4chan. There has been a person/people who came forward to claim that this is faked, but all of those claims have been false. So, this is still a legitimately possible leak. Thank goodness.

  10. Pokken Tournament comes out and a few days, and it doesn’t seem that there are any hidden fighters left to unlock. Are you personally happy with the roster as it stands? If not, what Pokemon do you want to see included in a hypothetical “Pokken Tournament 2”?

  11. What mega’s do we want in Sun and Moon and what is their typings? Also, what gym types do we want to see along with the Elite 4?

    1. I also want pokemon to follow us outside the pokeball and 3 rivals, along with character customization

    2. Megas all the cool kids want:
      Sinnoh and Johto starters

      Gyms all the cool kids want:
      Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark. All in that order.

        1. If we don’t get a dark type gym in this game I will officially give up hope of it ever happening.

          1. I think for sure we will get a Fairy gym because it’s a new type so there is bound to me more to display.

        2. I’d love a whole thing where the gyms are Dark, Ghost, Fairy, Ground, Fighting, Ice, Psychic and Steel… then the Elite 4 go back to basics with Fire, Water, Grass and Electric, with the Champion having random, maybe it’s your rival from your hometown like Gary, with a random assortment of Pokemon…

      1. I can’t decide if I want Dark type gym or another Dark type elite 4… and then I love Honchkrow for a Mega, and Beartic

        1. Shh don’t say such things. You do want a dark type gym. Yesssss. Now think dark thoughts, my child.

          1. Oh trust me, Dark and Ice are my favorite types… But, Elite 4’s are the masters… so that’s why I don’t know if having a gym dark type or having an Elite 4 dark type would be better… Although a dark type gym is my fantasy

    3. Mega druddigon dragon steel
      Mega beartic ice
      Mega milotic water fairy
      Mega flygon ground dragon
      Mega kecleon
      Mega empoleon
      Mega luxray
      Gyms in no certain order except one (early gym actually) Ice, Steel Poison Dark Electric Psychic Ghost Flying
      E4 in order: Normal Fighting Dragon Fairy
      Champ: Miscellaneous, the champ can use anything

    4. Gyms: Normal/Grass/Dark/Dragon/Steel/Bug/Ice/Water in no preferred order.
      As for Elite Four Fairy, Poison, Psychic and Ground with the Champion having multiple types so you can’t sweep him/her.

    5. A little late late with my reply, but id like for gyms in this order: steel, dark, dragon, ground, fighting, grass, flying, rock
      E4: in order again, none of that choosing which to go against crap: fairy, ice, fire, bug, and a normal type champion.

    6. Unova and/or Sinnoh Starters, Haxorus of course (Dragon/Steel, hence the axes), Arcanine (stays Fire), Tauros (Normal/Dark maybe), Mismagius (Ghost, maybe Ghost/Dark), Floatzel (Water), Staraptor (Normal/Flying), Krookodile (Ground/Dark), Sawsbuck (Normal/Grass), Pyroar (Normal/Fire), Florges (Fairy/Grass), Goodra (Dragon/Water), Hawlucha (Fighting/Flying), Luxray (Electric/Dark of course).

      Gyms (in no particular order): Steel, Dark, Ghost, Normal, Water, Grass, Fighting, Ice.

      E4 (in no particular order): Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Electric.

      Champion: Multiple types like Cynthia.

  12. I had a dream that there was only one silhouette in corocoro and it was of the bird pokemon they already sorta showed. It was horrible.

  13. Who can draw fakemon for me? I am a terrible artist, but have some great ideas and I would love to have them digitally drawn or whatever you do…

    1. I hand draw my Fakemon.

      This one is just a random idea that popped into my head when I was 8. (Refresh. There’s a picture)(also the picture isn’t clear till you click on it)

      But I’m 12 and I barely have time for drawing Fakemon. I could draw like 1 or 2 for you every week. There’s some people on the site, however, who are good a digital drawing.

    2. hmmmmm……I can but u should change ur avatar first cuz I am the Darkrai guy here.

    1. It’s a bit much for a starter but it reminds me of Garchomp for some reason.

      1. Same here except for the 2nd evolution (first picture). that one is like that Fakemon that ShinyXatu showed us mixed with a Mudkip.

    1. Think about it, if we can make a flower bloom in space, we could potentially give planets like Mars atmospheres, making them inhabitable.

  14. Did anyone else realize that the firetruck artwork from the Sun and Moon trailer had a Blastoise? More importantly that the Blastoise was FIRE FIGHTING?

    1. Yep, first thing I noticed. The real question is if it’s a real Blastoise or just a hose designed to look like one.

      1. I like both the ideas. A real blastoise is AWESOME! A Blastoise hose would be awesome too. It shows an advance in Pokémon-inspired technology

  15. Well I guess I have a question. Do you think Nintendo/GF will port G/S/C to the E-shop? It seems like a given to me. I’d love to play Silver and Gold. I tried to play a Silver version I bought from Gamestop a long time ago but the battery was corrupt so I bought Crystal at the mall for $30. It’s in great condition.

    1. OMG….what I wouldn’t GIVE for this to be a thing. I’m with you, it just seems like the most reasonable option for them, even just business-wise.

      1. He says it’s 768, but in my opinion it doesn’t look like the bird in the trailer.

        1. Oh yeah. Didn’t see that! Hmm, idk. This whole thing of drawing and Pokémon from memory seems so stupid. And they remembered that many?

    1. How could it draw all this on memory? And where’s Magearna. And another water/dark starter, and another fire/fighting starter? Clearly fake.

      1. Yeah I think and hope so. When Corocoro leaks and we’ll see new Pokemon, we know this is fake for sure.

    2. This has already been confirmed fake. It’s from someone on Deviantart. They even have pictures of them with the “leaked” pic.

  16. I just had a thought
    Gym leaders mean new signature/ace Pokemon native to the region

  17. What Pokemon Sun & Moon information do you hope is revealed in the Corocoro issue? And what do you actually think they’ll give us?

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