Ask PokéJungle: The First One

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We like to have a strong interaction with our readers here on PokéJungle, and although we do get involved in the discussions with you guys in the comments, we don’t always get the opportunity to hear from each of you directly. We’re going to trial something new here: Ask PokéJungle. Dae Asks you, so why shouldn’t you ask us?

The title should make it pretty clear what this is about, but for those who haven’t quite grasped that yet: we want questions from you guys. Questions about anything, this is your chance to get the answers to any burning questions you have. We will do our best to answer as many as we can, assuming they’re suitable of course (if anyone asks anything that we perceive as unsuitable we will ignore and remove it). If this takes off you can expect to see it published as a monthly feature on the site, with a little focus on the latest Pokémon news in the future. We will also feature our favourite questions in the next post.

If you have questions for a specific staff member make it known so that we can get them in to answer for you. So, yeah? Have at it! Questions about absolutely anything, Pokémon related or not, fire away! This is your chance to get to know a little more about us, or anything you can think of.


          1. It’s not sneaky edit. I just had a tantrum while writing it and couldn’t finish it before I accidently hit the post button while I was biting off my shirt and screaming to the screen relentlessly.

          2. Oh. Well, you can rest assured I’m not his perfect female. I’m neither female or perfect. 😉

    1. What I expect uhm…

      Well, I’m not the type that likes ‘girly girls’. I don’t need girls with big breast and wide hips, and I rather have a girl that doesn’t put on makeup to look decently pretty than a girl that is too obsessed with her appearance. As for personality, a girl needs to be gentle and caring, and also look positively towards life.

      1. You described her, right?


    2. This is such a wonderful question. This should definitely be featured next post!

  1. None of us know if we’ll be able to migrate our old Pokemon, but how confident are you that GameFreak will find a way to make it possible?

    It worries me that they haven’t gotten this sorted out yet, with the games to be released in a few months. They said it was tricky because 3DS and DS can’t connect. So are you confident they will indeed find a way?

    1. I’m pretty confident they’ll find a way. If, however they don’t, I think there’ll be hell of a lot of Pokémon from other regions available in Kalos.

      Still, I think they’ll do it. They can get some sort of connection between Dream Radar and BW2.

      1. Thank you. Even if there are a lot of Pokemon available in X and Y, it wouldn’t be the same as migration. I know they’re just pixels lol, but still, had some of my Pokemon for a very long time now, and I’d love to pet them and feed them on Pokemon Amie 🙂

        It’s reassuring to know others are confident they’ll find a way. I’ve asked a lot of people this xD

      2. I always imagined they’d make a free app on the eshop that lets you store your Pokemon from the Gen V DS card, and withdraw them from the 3DS Gen VI card.
        Just a thought. ‘ . ‘

        1. Yep, I’ve been saying that for months. It could also double a storage app, which could be pretty cool.

    2. I think they will, but I wouldn’t really care if they didn’t. The whole get your seismic toss Chansey from gen 3! Get your eruption Heatran from a ranger game that doesn’t even allow you to get the Heatran anymore! thing is getting really old.

        1. Yeah and I could understand your sadness; I’ve always wanted to be able to move my pokemon. But now I’ve realized, as this generation is closing, that a lot of things are getting out of hand because of that feature. I’m not going to say something as blunt as “they’re just mere pixels anyway,” but I will say that eventually it will come to an end.

          1. 🙁

            Still have my very first Pokemon, Sceptile, from Ruby version. It’s been great to be able to have it from game to game all these years. I hope it never comes to an end.

    3. well they could do something like pokemon dream radar with transfering to your 3ds from gen 5 and then to xy, you know, save unlocked content style

      1. Moving mentioned the dream radar connectivity too. Hopefully they figure out something, at least there seems to be a possibility ^_^

    4. I don’t want to butt in right now cause I’m not a staff member and this is an ask the staff section, but I just want to point out that Dragon Quest Monsters sorta already achieved DS to 3DS communication by use of an eShop app.

    5. What exactly is the problem? The DS and 3DS can connect just fine with DS games. Surely a 3DS game can utilise the DS download play?

    6. I think they will, but I wouldn’t care if they didn’t. I understand we all have some great Pokémon on our old games, but I like the thought of everyone starting fresh. One thought however is this: Would it be possible to trade Pokémon over who have had their types changed? So would Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir be tradeable?

      1. Thank you. Personally I hate the thought of starting fresh, only because my first Pokemon Sceptile. When I first saw Treecko on the side of the Ruby box, I knew Treecko was going to be my starter, and it’s been with me ever since 🙂

        I don’t see that being a problem regarding the type change because Magnemite could be traded from Gen 1 to Gen 2 where it gained a steel type.

        1. Yeah I think it’s best to have the option especially as some people have worked hard to build competitive teams etc. Ah right that’s good then 🙂

    7. I’m not staff, so I do hope I’m allowed to reply here since I have a half answer, half question… I played Black on my DS and Black 2 on my 3DS, and to transfer pokemon I had to download an app from the eshop. While being a pain Is there really anything preventing that exact app from working with the 3DS games?

    8. I could see them making a 3ds application to act as a middle man between the games. So you pop in your 5th gen ds game and store the pokemon in the app, then pop in your 6th gen 3ds game and migrate those stored pokemon.

    9. I suppose they could allow the Gen 6 cartridges to pick up data from the Gen 5 cartridges using x2 3DS systems, or an app that allows you to “dump” them into a box on the 3DS. I hope they learned their lesson, when 1st & 2nd Gen could not communicate to 3rd Gen…

    1. PlayingWithMahWii. I don’t like a lot of the other LPer’s… what they do isn’t appealing to me. But this guy.

    1. That’s a good question. I have unfollowed exactly ONE person. Yet I’ll drop 30 people for some reason. Sorry, I really don’t know. If it glitched and I’m not following you anymore please just post your twitter handle and I’ll fix that.

  2. What would your reaction be if there was a tri-type legendary Pokemon, and if so what types would you want it to be?

      1. Never know as it is a 3 DS game why not have 3 types…I would have to go Ghost, Dark and Psychic

    1. Maybe something… Uh… Electric/Ice/Ground. Not entirely sure. There’s a lot to choose from!

      1. I do look forward to this game mind…:D if they do dual type moves it will be VERY interesting 😀

        1. Could be very interesting having dual type moves. I guess it’s something a few people want to see!

    2. I’d be excited for change as it will radically shake up the competitive scene (much like Fairy will). But at the same time it could be over complicating things. I’d like a Dragon/Fighting/Electric or something similarly badass.

    1. I’m not really a huge music person. I can live easily without it. I do listen to all sorts though, nothing too heavy or hectic, and no rap or R’n’B really.

      Daft Punk are pretty damn awesome though , RAM is nice and fresh.

      1. Haha, hockey! That’s the one sport my friends have been trying to get me into for a couple years now. My passion is for Baseball (New York Mets) and American Football (Pittsburgh Steelers). Hockey, though, could never get into it.

        Did you have a favorite hockey team? Or did you enjoy playing it?
        Btw last question, what’s the basis of your name “moving”?

        1. I only really enjoyed playing it, but I never really went to any sort of team level. As for teams, I have no idea. It’s not really very big over here in the UK. :/

          1. That’s a shame it’s not very big over in the UK, but at least you enjoyed playing it. Thank you for the responses moving 🙂

          2. Oops, forgot about the last bit of that regarding my name. I’ll type up a little story about that in a little while!

          3. OK…

            I used to go by the name of LordMuha online when I was much younger. It stuck for years as it was just something that worked. I used to be part of a drawing board online and had a friend known as Shivers. We used to partake in drawing competitions together, and we had to write our name on a board to take part. LordMuha was often shortened to Muha.

            One time completely out of the blue we just randomly combined our names as Muhivers, then Muvers. I then began calling myself Mover. Then it just changed to moving. So, yeah. moving has stuck ever since!

          4. Thank you for sharing! Sometimes when I’ve seen your username, I’ve wondered “Hmm, I wonder what the story is behind ‘moving’?” But I’ve never bothered to ask to not go too off-topic haha. Now I know 😀 Funny how you both decided to just combine them one time, and it eventually became moving!

          5. No problem, haha. Some people get a little confused about it sometimes. Also problems with having it in sentences, seeing as it’s an adjective.

          6. Noooooooooo it can’t. A verb is a doing word, adjective is a describing word. Adjectives are used to describes features of a noun, a name of an object. English lesson from a 16 year old. I’m pretty sure I’m right about this

    1. Being from the UK I’m quite into Football/Soccer but mostly the international scene (so England). I’m also a fan of my home team Brighton & Hove Albion and Manchester United. I like Tennis and Rugby too.

      1. Cool! Soccer isn’t as popular here in the US, but I always find myself watching when the World Cup happens, particularly the FIFA Women’s World Cup. I love Hope Solo <3

        Rugby is a tough sport, I think it's tougher than American Football.

        1. Whenever I watch the English women play they get thrashed so I turn over haha. Rugby is pretty brutal which is what makes it so exciting. I’ve always been interested in American Football, but have yet to look into it.

          1. Hahaha xD

            American Football is similar to Rugby. Rugby players require a lot more stamina than NFL players. And Rugby players don’t wear protective equipment like NFL players. Still, very exciting! If you eventually look into it further, here’s a music video with Pittsburgh Steeler highlights (toughest team in the NFL):

    1. I quite the one we had a while ago about the Regigigas Sky Forme, it was more of a fake scan than a rumour though. I also like the rumours we’ve seen that mention a generic sheet ghost, I really want one of those.

      I can’t really remember many really. We’ve got so many.

  3. How does one become a “Gym Leader” for this site?!!!! I’ve been dying to know!


    1. Well, you can go through this rigorous training program with the very low entrance fee of 200$… Just kidding :p

      The only way you can become a Gym Leader is if you’re part of the staff, and if you want to be a part of the staff, you have to email PJ about that. I don’t think we’re necessarily on “staff recruit mode” right now, but I don’t think we’re absolutely not excepting anything either. I think we need some more creative writers I believe? Don’t count on it though.

      1. Thanks for the hope! I think I am a pretty, “…creative writer.” Currently I attend college in NYC as a Writing & Literature student, so I think that gives me a little leverage *wink wink* 😉


        EDIT: I’m also TOTALLY obsessed with Pocket Monsters!

    2. By working hard for the community and showing that you have a great personality. However, we aren’t currently looking for additional full time staff. When we go on a recruitment drive, we’ll send out words to everyone of you.

      I do think you could make a chance by emailing PJ to see if you can write some montly article. If it turns out to be good, maybe you can eventually become full time staff. 😉

      1. I think that would be great, and I am interested in becoming apart of the Pokejungle team. I’m a little scared to email PJ honestly, so I might hold on a bit longer before I email him! I would find his email on his page?

        I think your idea about the monthly articles would be great! I really do love Pokejungle and the community, and I actually do want to be on the team! (I know i typed it twice!)

        Well hopefully I will be able to build the courage!


          1. Yeah probably, I’ve been quite busy recently so probably won’t get around to making one on my B2. Plus with Fairy and other mechanics being added I’ll probably have to completely restructure with X&Y so I might as well wait and see what it brings.

          2. A lot of people that I know who have BW2 haven’t even finished the main storyline yet. Me, I beaten the game, but lost interest after making it to the Daycare. I guess the whole idea of backtracking was a bit dull and not original (first shown in Silver, Gold, & Crystal). I actually just hope that there will be more than 5 fairy pokemon!

          3. Like you I beat the game, but my interest faded a bit after. The post league stuff is rarely as good and the storyline wasn’t as strong this time round. Other games came along and I never went back. But I do want to play it some more, I’ll try and get into again a few weeks before X&Y. Yeah I’m hoping that Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir aren’t the only old Pokémon to gain the type.

  4. Have any of you created your own Pokemon, and if so what was the Pokemon like?

    1. I created a sheet ghost Pokémon before (like I said earlier I really like the idea of it being a Pokémon), but it wasn’t really any good. I’ve created a few really, but they’re more concepts of the mind than anything I’ve drawn out. I’ll maybe draw them up some time. I also started working on an evolution for Froakie a few months back, but never finished it.

      1. Seems pretty cool. Most of mine have just been a combination of animals, or just something I thought up in a short moment.

        1. Ah, nothing wrong with that. I like my Pokémon to have a little depth to them though, and I like weird ones…

          1. I used to hate Stunfisk just for having such a weird design, but now, he manages to put a smile on my face. Especially, when it started to fly in the opening of Best Wishes! Season 2.

    2. I attempted to make a Miltank pre-evo, but it didn’t end well. Poor, poor baby Miltank.

    3. I used to create a lot. My main one was a spikey yo-yo Pokémon that looked a bit like Sonic, Luxray and Pikachu. I managed to get it published in the Pokémon World magazine in the UK when I was 15. I also created my own Pokémon cards from the ideas. Maybe we can create a new series where people can send us their designs?

      1. I love the idea of that! It would be great to see all the different creations, and who knows what it could lead to? Maybe even a contest or something.

        1. I’ll see what I can do 🙂 I’ll hopefully have a lot of free time after the next few weeks are over. Keep a look out for some interesting articles!

    4. I created some fakemon from time to time, including a fake malwile and sableye evolution and now im having people asking me to draw their fakemon lol its cool and i love to do it 🙂 its so much fun

    1. Ludicolo. I really don’t have a reason, I think it’s quite ugly but that’s what I like about it I guess.

    1. The ability to manipulate IV’s in some way. It doesn’t have to be something super easy or something super simple, I would just rather have that at this point then all the other bs that’s taking place.

      1. That’s a good idea. I’d also like some way of switching abilities. Too many times I’ve gotten shinies (mostly in 4th gen with PokeRadar) only to have them get something useless like Keen Eye or worse yet, Run Away or Illuminate.

        1. Yeah that seems like a good idea too. I don’t want to make the game TOO easy, but I can definitely understand if they did that.

  5. what is your favorite pokemon that has been announced? and what are your biggest hopes for x and y?

    1. I would say everyone’s favorite Clauncher.Biggest hope right now is that they get rid of the Wonder Launcher battles on random battles and replace it with GS style doubles, and add more customization to rules while you’re at it.

      1. Wait, GS double battles? I’m guessing that was some sort of mode in HG/SS? Because I know there definitely weren’t double battles until Ruby and Sapphire, so I’m a little confused.

        1. I’m talking about the GS cup. The GS cup was a rule back in 09 where you could have up to two “special pokemon” on your team. I think it would be enjoyable to use the otherwise banned legendaries again.

    2. Noivern, I’m a sucker for bats. I also like Skrelp a lot.

      Biggest hopes for X & Y… I’d like a chance to competitive. It’s not going to happen, but I just find it currently too boring and you’re either good or bad. I much prefer competitive battling to how it used to be when you had to use a Link Cable.

    3. Talonflame looks pretty awesome and Noivern too (although I don’t like it’s ears). I’m also ecstatic that there’s now a proper Panda Pokémon and possible a proper Lion (depending on how Litleo evolves). I mainly like the cool looking ones, but all of the ones revealed so far have their own neat quirks.

    4. Clauncher for sure! Absolutely love that guy.

      My biggest hope? A huge diversity of new animals for Pokemon to be based on.

  6. This goes to every member of the team, are there any pokemon that you only started to appreciate in a gen later than the one they were introduced? That has happened to me with a few pokemon like Tyranitar and Flygon. (in Soul Silver and Pokemon White 2)

    1. a lot of pokemon in gen 5, although the gen hasn’t exactly passed yet. I used to really hate Conkeldurr, but after I used him, he became one of my favorite fighting types. Conkeldurr is just so fun to use, no other pokemon can match it’s drain punching capabilities.

    2. Quagsire. I used to hate it during Gen II. Now, as I said below, it’s one of my favourites!

    3. Lots of Pokémon from Gen 1. The sprites were just horrible. Seeing them with better body proportions made them look a lot better in Gold/Silver.

    4. Feraligatr, definitely.

      I never enjoyed its design until Heartgold/Soulsilver, when they completely redid the design and made it look more streamlined and like a real alligator.

      It immediately went from one of my least favorite water starters to my favorite.

  7. I have a few questions

    How good and/or knowledgeable about battling are you all?
    Why is the site wiki so similar to Bulbapedia, and is there any reason to continue if it doesn’t differentiate itself somehow?
    What game music do you like (aside from Pokemon if that’s the case)?

    1. 1.I’m probably the most knowledgeable just from the fact that I’m the only one of two that plays competitively right now. I don’t want to go ahead and completely spoil it and answer for other staff members wanting to answer this question, but a lot of the staff has been in the competitive zone at some point, but me and another person are the only people who currently play as such. As to how good I am, that’s not something I can really testify. Not good or bad I guess.

      2.We’re stuck on ideas on how to make it different right now. PJ is still busy, but I think by the end of the summer something will happen. This is a personal opinion though.

      3.My favorite pokemon music would be route 27, route 216, route 226, or route 23(BW2). As you can tell I love DPPt’s music.

    2. I’m in agreement with what NL said about the first question. I’ve not battled competitively since DPPt. I think most of us have dabbled in the competitive side, though. In terms of skills, currently I’m probably pretty terrible. Back in DPPt, I guess I was alright.

      Again, what NL said. I’m also partly to blame, pokejungle wants me to design a new layout, but I’ve not gotten round to that yet. Also, we’re working on something much bigger. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk about that soon.

      Game music… DPPt have my favourite music of the series. I adore Route 201s theme. Particularly the anime version. Other game series, I love the Assassin’s Creed games soundtracks. ACII is lovely. More recently Guacemelee! is pretty damn awesome.

    3. I used to be in the competitive scene back in the HGSS days, but slowed down during the BW days.

      As for the wiki, I think the main problem is that Bulba is too big and too grown in in lots of users. We have some key principles that should set us apart from Bulba, but it essentialy boils down to a lot of work and lot of time to make it happen. I’d love to see it take off, but getting that push out is really hard for us.

    4. 1/ I’ve gained quite a lot of knowledge on the battle scene, but haven’t been active for a while. Hoping to start again with X&Y.
      2/ We’ll make sure it’s as unique as possible, but it’s a big job.
      3/ I like a lot of pop and rock, I’m quite mainstream when it comes to music. As for Pokémon there is so much great music both in the games and in the anime. This tune however – ( – is my all time favourite. It gets me pumped whenever I listen to it.

    1. I think it’ll mainly be information on Mewtwo and it’s form. I’m guessing they’re going to reveal it’s type.

    2. I’m with NL on it being focussed on Mewtwo. Perhaps something about the villains in the games, but I wouldn’t count on that.

  8. What characters do you guys (any of the staff who cares to respond) want to see in the next Super Smash Bros. that haven’t been revealed so far?

    1. I think Mewtwo coming back again would be a wise choice, we have the upcoming movie, and Mewtwo’s gained so much after Melee’s release(Psystrike, the new form). I would love to see pokemon like Garchomp being useable, but I don’t see it happening. 🙁

    2. I love Smash Bros, it’s my second favourite franchise after Pokémon. But I really have no idea, I guess Mewtwo is a big possibility. I would have thought Zoroark, but I didn’t expect Generation 6 to release before the new Smash Bros.

    3. It’d be cool to see Sylveon in the game as part of the XY mascot (like Lucario in Brawl). Not sure how she would work though.

  9. How many pokemon do you think there will be in this region? Do you think there will be more/less than unova? Also, do you think we will FINALLY get a dark gym? ;(

    1. That’s a hard one to answer. The region looks pretty large so that would make me say nearer to 150. But then something also makes me want to say nearer 100. I really don’t know!

      A Dark Gym, I guess we could see. I’m really not bothered that there hasn’t been one though.

    2. I’d say less than Unova. Somewhere around 130.

      And I don’t think they’ll put a Dark gym in this one.

  10. How old are you guys? Me myself I’m 23 and Pokemon fan since the very beginning of R/B/Y, In my opinion gen 6 will give us amazing new Pokemon and a beautiful new map (Kalos).

    1. I’m 18 now. Living in Europe, I’ve been in the scene since the day Pokémon Red released.

      1. 21 here. Also been with Pokémon since it released in the UK.

        Why did I reply to you. Oops.

    2. I am 20 and got Yellow when it came out with my first Gameboy! So looking forward to Gen 6, should be a brilliant game.

  11. What was your first game, and your first starter pokemon? Did you do anything ridiculous when you were a younger player, like waste a master ball on a gligar because you thought it was a legendary? I totally did that.

    1. First game was Red, and my first starter was probably Charmander. Sooo long ago, I nearly forget that.

      Most ridicilous thing I’ve ever done was running from a shiny spinarak in Silver because I thought my game glitched.

    2. First game was Red, in which I picked Charmander.

      I don’t think I’ve really ever done anything ridiculous. I’ve never encountered a shiny Pokémon, or wasted a Master Ball. I’m far too sensible for that! 😉

    3. Blue, but at the time of purchase RS was already around the corner. I picked Squirtle. In GSC, I remeber how I found a ditto, and would not get inside the pokeball, thinking it was rare, decided to throw a master ball at it.

  12. Do you guys think Chespin will end up Grass/Dark – Fennekin Fire/Psychic and Froakie Water/fight ? Chespin and Froakie’s second typing changed? Or perhaps they’re fooling around, haha

    1. I don’t see Chespin being Grass/Dark for some reason. I’m not entirely sure what I want the typings to be. I like the idea of Froakie being Water/Fighting, but I also dislike it. It’s awkward…

      1. As long we’re done with Fire/Fighting after 4 gens damn.. without that, everything is okay for me!

    2. I know i’m not working for pokejungle so idk if i can answer this… but I dont think froakie will evolve into a water/fighting cause we already have one water/fighting based on frog (poliwrath). That being said im excited for a secondary dark/[sychic/fairy triangle, but i wont be surprised if we dont get it since only fennekin is REALLY coming off as a psychic type. Hopefull chespin will be part fightng and froakie will become part dark if we do end up with a secondary triangle.

        1. Thats true but having two water/dark types is fine since they will both be based on 2 completely different animals (sharks and frogs) but two water fighting type BOTH based in frogs is pushing their creativity

          1. I guess. I don’t know; you’re dealing with a company that released fire/fighting starters for 3 generations straight.

  13. OMG GUYS! I’ll just drop the biggest bomb here. I’ve just realised something. I don’t know. I don’t want to believe it but I have always had some doubts about it. You may call me crazy, you may come up with some explanations for that but this is all an illusion. I’ll reveal it. DAE IS MOVING! Yes, you haven’t heard it wrong. Do you remember when Moving asked Dae Asks? He did say that it was him doing it because Dae is away. But no, he was just playing with us. Yes he was. He did have fun or maybe he just opened up his wrong account and came with an excuse!!! Do you know what Moving has as its avatar, robots with two heads in split. Yes, I know they’re Daft Punk but he is sending a message here, “I’m a one person with two accounts, I have two personalities in this site”, This is his message. And he just said that “What if Dae’s photo was me?” Is it all coincidence. How can’t we realise it all the time? How?

    1. You put forth a conspiracy, but don’t list your credentials? I will prove you wrong right now.

      In the last 3 minutes I’ve studied comments made from over the past few months, and I’ve uncovered quite the conspiracy against Daedardus and moving. First, like all good Conspiracy Theorists, I’ll list my credentials so everyone knows I know everything. I’ve got 30 years of military intelligence. I’m also a doctor, lawyer, engineer and Indian Chief. I know the temperature it takes to melt steel and I know the temperature that jet fuel burns in open air. I’ve taught Conspiracy Theorism at major universities around the world. I wrote a book entitled “A Conspiracy Theorists Guide to the Conspiracy of Conspiracy Theories.” Through careful analytical study I’ve detected that Daedardus and moving are in fact two different people.

      1. I have just felt something. I don’t know. I’m feeling it. My credentials are my feelings I guess.

      2. You used italics, bold, and underline all in the same sentence. Hats off to you sir.

  14. Okay I have another, what would your reaction be if fennekin turned out to be a fire/fighting type? Just curious

  15. Other than Marill, Jigglypuff and Gardevoir, what other Pokemon do you see getting re-typed as the Fairy type in Pokemon X & Y? Clefairy? Gothitelle? Alomomola? Togekiss?

    1. I could see Darkrai, Mew, Clefairy, Togekiss, Mawile being fairy. Pokemon I fear will become fairy are Chansey and Cresselia.

    2. Clefairy obviously, Mew, Manaphy, Jirachi, Mawile, Togekiss, Plusle and Minun and Chansey

  16. You have one Pokemon that you picked as your starter…this Pokemon then gives you an idea (it can’t speak tho) of becoming a superhero based off of your starter. What would be your starter and what powers would you have as an *insert superhero Pokémon related name here*?

    1. Rotom. Which essentially makes me Danny Phantom, but I’m much cooler. I’d be some sort of electric-poltergeist. Plasmaman, not to be confused with Plasma-dan. Maybe Plasman?

      Definitely Rotom, and definitely electrical powers. I really like this idea.

  17. Hi, I was hoping you guys could tell me which past X and Y rumours were confirmed by all the recent news. I know thta there were a bunch of rumours that started circulating during the slow news period and now that some have been confirmed I think we should revisit them. So which rumours can we confirm are true now?

    1. Well, we still can’t fully confirm rumours as there’s a chance some stuff was thrown in there to flesh things up. We’ve definitely seen things like sky battles confirmed. I think we could get a post up of this, so look out for that, rather than us running through them all in comments!

    2. Did you email me about this? Sorry, I know someone did and I’ve been super busy with school so I didn’t get a chance to respond. Pokebeach did a decent write up of it already so you can check it out there if you want 🙂

    1. I don’t follow the anime, but I think I may begin watching when the XY seasons begin.

      What do you mean by new sections?

        1. Oh, most definitely! Things are a little slow at the moment, just waiting for things to shift into gear then everyone should be getting new content out. Don’t forget, if you’ve got any ideas or things you want to see in articles you can always let us know, either in the comments or through email.

    2. There’ll definitely be something new for XY, I think it’ll start by October in Japan 🙂

      To be honest I don’t watch it :s

    3. I don’t follow the anime anymore. The last time I got my hopes up was the Unova League battle against the Eeeveelution trainer. Was so disappointed by that episode that I stopped caring for all the rest.

  18. Not really a question but I just want to let you guys know I really appreciate your website. This is a pokemon site BY FANS FOR FANS.

  19. If you guys were asked to be a Gym Leader of ANY region what region would you pick and why? For additional information, you can add what type you would center around, what Pokemon you are going to have in your team, and how strong are you going to be. Number wise like the first gym leader, or like the last. 😀

    1. Johto. They need a Grass-type gym and I’ve always liked the region.

      I’d probably run a Sunny Day style team with Cherrim/Exeggutor/Tropius/Castforme

    2. Sinnoh, and I would probably go for Electric. Replace Volkner and be 179% more awesome 😉

    3. Hoenn. I’d be a fairly strong trainer (between 6 and 8) but I’d take vacation all the time 😀

    1. I love Cherrim, Carnivine, Sewaddle, Leavanny, Parasect and some others which I can’t remember right now :S

    2. Woah, that’s a hard one..

      Feraligatr has always been one of my big favorites, same with Yanma and Remoraid. I’ve loved Scolipede and Toxicroak since I’ve first seen them as well.

      And I absolutely love Clauncher, he’s my favorite new Pokemon.

  20. How do you think Hidden Power Fairy will work this gen and what IVs will it based around?

    1. I’m guessing they’ll make HP auto-70 damage and make the type selectable, or they don’t add fairy to HP and leave it alone. I think that the damage being dependent on IV’s is ridiculous. Only two pokemon that are Special attackers benefit( Mr. Mime and Roseraid that is, having Technician), and even though those who wasted hours trying to get the right IV might have just done it for nothing, I think it’s way better in the long run.

    1. I’m not entirely sure. I’m just excited for all of it! As for the future I want to see how they could mix up the long followed game format.

      1. I see, I’m just excited to see what the future holds for the franchise.

        What feature are you most impressed by (from any generation) so far?

        1. Hmmm, that’s something difficult to answer. I can remember when they sort of introduced the 3D-ish cutscenes in Diamond and Pearl I was really impressed, then as they got better leading up to BW2 I grew even more impressed. Sure they weren’t really spectacular compared to the graphics of other games, but it was the first time we’d seen something like it in handheld Pokémon.

          I think X & Y will definitely introduce even more cutscenes. Something I’m quite looking forward to I guess!

    2. I’m really looking forward to the Pokemon, honestly. I’m having such a fun figuring out the bases of each one, and they’ve shown off a ton of unique new animals I’ve been waiting for!

    3. Everything is exciting, especially new Pokémon. I’d have to say 3D battles are definitely the stand out thing atm. When I saw the original trailer at college I could barely contain my excitement. I think everyone in the college library was giving me funny looks. As for the future I would really like to see the 8 gyms and elite 4 structure change. I don’t mind the gym thing so much, but I would prefer a tournament for the final like in the anime.

    1. This gen? Very small chance. They kinda want to balance the starters, and making one a Fairy can make it too favourable compared to the other two.
      But the gens after this? It’s possible, although unlikely.

    2. Not this gen, but I can see the addition of Fairy type possibly allowing us to have a dragon-type final starter in a future generation– since Dragon now has more weaknesses.

  21. How did you come up with the idea of making this website? Did you ever think it would be this popular?

    1. When I was in middle school I’d read other Pokemon sites for news and whatnot and really wanted to make one myself 🙂

      I didn’t really count on it being around almost 10 years later haha

  22. With the recent Rhythm Hunter: Harmoknight, and some other games like Drill Dozer and Pulseman, what kind of non-pokemon game would you guys like to play out of Game Freak studios?

      1. Harmoknight is pretty fun, my friend actually owns the game and we’ve both had a ton of fun with it.

    1. I’m going to try HarmoKnight when I get a 3DS later this year. I’m generally a sucker for a good rhythm game, so something more rhythm based would be lovely.

      1. So a more gritty and realized game similar to Pokemon? That’d be great, plus no one would get heckled for playing it.

        1. Yeah pretty much. Have completely different ‘Pokémon’ which fit to the style of the game, although I wouldn’t mind seeing twisted forms for cute Pokémon like Pikachu lol.

          I love Pokémon, I used to be ashamed of it, but now I’m ashamed that I used to be ashamed. I’m open about my love for it now. I mean I don’t go around telling everyone, but if it came up in convo I wouldn’t shy away from it. But I would love a gritty version with deaths, murders, proper evil villains and a proper storyline that pulls on the heart strings. They could introduce many features to complement the adult theme too… I feel a new article coming on, watch this space XD

  23. I LOVE Emolga .. but when do they typically reveal the new regions electrical mouse??? I like Pikachu but I can’t wait to see if the next one is the best =]

      1. Oh thank you.. I had looked through all the post as soon as I posted it and refreshed and didn’t see my question, guess it just took a lil minute to show up =]

  24. I asked when do they reveal the regions new electric mouse pokemon but it seems to have disappeared.. =[

    1. Know that you can switch between ‘Newest’ and ‘Best’ in the Disqus control panel. It’s standard on best, so your posts gets dropped down seeing as it is fairly new.

    1. I engulfed his soul.

      (I think he was just busy with school and stuff, not entirely sure where he is now though. Possibly out celebrating every night ;))

  25. What attack moves would you really like to see in Gen VI? Personally i think rock is somewhat lacking in Special attack moves with only Power Gem @ 70 attack being the best to offer… which also really makes me want to see a new rock type that is special attack based for Gen VI 😀

    1. A decent poison move is the only thing I think we’re really lacking in pokemon games in my opinion. I think what we have in terms of moves is pretty balanced with the exception of dragon moves; hopefully fairy will clean that up.

  26. When does corocoro.. if that’s how you spell it.. come out? Is it on a specific day each month?

    1. It’s the 15th of each month. It leaks usually three days in advance, but not on Sundays.

  27. Hey pokejungle – what is your favorite pokemon type?

    I personally like Ice types. I think there needs to be more ice-typed pokemon. What about you guys?

    1. I don’t really have a big favourite, it’s more a combination of Electric, Ice, Ground and Steel. I’d like more Ice-Type Pokémon though 🙁

    2. I totally love the Dragon type. I can’t find a single dragon type which isn’t cool– same with the bug type!

      Each type has fantastic Pokemon though.

  28. Whats the best Pokémon movie ? I personally think Arceus and the Jewel of life is.

    1. I like Giratina and the Sky Warrior. I’m a fan of Shaymin Sky Forme though. Arceus and the Jewel of Life is pretty good though.

  29. I have another question for you guys: what pokemon-themed characters, stages or items do you think might make the cut for Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS?

    1. Difficult to say without knowing too much about X&Y. Based on the last gen we could see Zoroark, however I’m not sure he’s quite as impactful as Lucario was. We could see Mewtwo return I guess.

      1. I think that with Mewtwo’s new forme, he could definitely return! As for Black and White, my money is on Zoroark or Victini. I’d also like to see a Pokemon Trainer with a different set of starters than the Kanto ones featured in ‘Brawl’.

    1. That would be PJ/pokejungle/Paul. As for being successful, I don’t really want to comment on that, it’s more for PJ to answer. But I know that being unique is something that has made this site what it is.

  30. To anyone of you who reads this, what are your favorite books, movies, tv shows, and songs?

    1. Favorite book would be Count of Monte Cristo or Brave New World. Favorite movie would probably be Forrest Gump. Don’t really have any favorite shows or songs.

  31. Two questions:

    What’s your favourite Pokemon?

    and What do you look forward to seeing in X and Y? (for me, i’d like to see the return of the VS seeker)

    1. Favorite pokemon would be Ludicolo for me. I look forward in XY to seeing a LOT more interesting type combinations. Can’t wait.

  32. The site really sux after the remodeling, too slow, old news, bad images, poor interface, etc. What is it happened?

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