Trailer for Mewtwo Anime Special Released

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A new trailer featuring Mewtwo in an upcoming anime special has been posted on the TVTOKYO official channel.Although no new information is given, the anime special certainly looks promising. 🙂 It’s set to air July 11th, along with the airing of last year’s Sacred Swordsman movie in Japan.

Any thoughts on what the form change might mean for mewtwo? Do you think the form change might gain a new type? comment below.




  1. I’m so intrigued by this! It seems the new forme may indeed be from more experimenting and not some random ability that mewtwo suddenly has 🙂 If it is the same mewtwo as the first movie, why is it female? and if it is not the same, isn’t there supposed to be only one mewtwo? ._. too many questions lol can’t wait for this!

  2. Hello Poképal’s! I work for IGN, the #1 online gaming source. I’m pretty well-known but will keep this discreet and as short as possible, jeopardizing my job here – but I know gamers are looking forward to more news and I’m here to give it to them. What you’re seeing in the trailer above is a new “form” of Mewtwo exclusively titled Mewtwo X. You get this form via item in Kalos version – but there’s a catch, only on Version X can you get this item. Fans don’t get too upset because the item is TRADE-ABLE. Meaning you can obtain it on version Y, where gamers can obtain the elusive Mewtwo Y “form” which is a bit smaller, pinker, yet meaner. That form can be obtained via item used on Mewtwo Event which will be released in Japan soon (and in September for America). It MUST be this event mewtwo, a regular variant (ala cerulean cave shiny) will not work. Now to add on this, Mewtwo was given these forms as a way to balance its stats in different ways, as well its giving it a second typing, Fairy. It’s original variant, Mew, will not be given any new forms but IS reclassed to Psychic/Fairy. I’ve managed to get a close pal of mine that has been apart of the Pokémon team to get me a list of all the national Pokémon that can be reclassified to get you guys more pumped and to prep your teams ahead of time, so here they go – in elemental order. No need to thank me:

    Cleffa (Normal/Fairy)
    Clefairy (Normal/Fairy)
    Clefable (Normal/Fairy)
    Igglybuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Jiggylypuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Wigglytuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Snubbull (Normal/Fairy)
    Granbull (Normal/Fairy)
    Skitty (Normal/Fairy)
    Delcatty (Normal/Fairy)
    Happiny (Normal/Fairy)
    Chansey (Normal/Fairy)
    Blissey (Normal/Fairy)
    Munchlax (Normal/Fairy)
    Snorlax (Normal/Fairy)
    Castform (Normal/Fairy)
    Togepi (Normal/Fairy)
    Togetic (Flying/Fairy)
    Togekiss (Flying/Fairy)
    Dunsparce (Normal/Fairy)
    Buneary (Normal/Fairy)
    Lopunny (Normal/Fairy)
    Minccino (Normal/Fairy)
    Cinccino (Normal/Fairy)
    Audino (Normal/Fairy)
    Azurill (Normal/Fairy)
    Marill (Water/Fairy)
    Azumarill (Water/Fairy)
    Phione (Water/Fairy)
    Manaphy (Water/Fairy)
    Politoed (Water/Fairy)
    Milotic (Water/Fairy)
    Alomomola (Water/Fairy)
    Clampearl (Water/Fairy)

    Gorebyss (Water/Fairy)

    Huntail (Water/Fairy)

    Luvdisc (Water/Fairy)
    Plusle (Electric/Fairy)
    Minun (Electric/Fairy)
    Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
    Snorunt (Ice/Fairy)
    Glalie (Ice/Fairy)
    Vanillite (Ice/Fairy)
    Vanillish (Ice/Fairy)
    Vanilluxe (Ice/Fairy)
    Bellossom (Grass/Fairy)
    Cherubi (Grass/Fairy)
    Cherrim (Grass/Fairy)
    Petilil (Grass/Fairy)
    Lilligant (Grass/Fairy)
    Maractus (Grass/Fairy)
    Shaymin-Land (Grass/Fairy)
    Vulpix (Fire/Fairy)
    Ninetails (Fire/Fairy)
    Volbeat (Bug/Fairy)
    Illumise (Bug/Fairy)
    Kricketot (Bug/Fairy)
    Kricketune (Bug/Fairy)
    Sudowoodo (Rock/Fairy)
    Misdreavus (Ghost/Fairy)
    Mismagius (Ghost/Fairy)
    Uxie (Psychic/Fairy)
    Mesprit (Psychic/Fairy)
    Azelf (Psychic/Fairy)
    Cresselia (Psychic/Fairy)
    Chingling (Psychic/Fairy)
    Chimecho (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gothita (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gothorita (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gothitelle (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
    Meloetta-Aria (Fairy/Psychic)
    Meloetta-Pirouette (Fairy/Fighting)
    Absol (Dark/Fairy)
    Zorua (Dark/Fairy)
    Zoroark (Dark/Fairy)
    Darkrai (Dark/Fairy)

    Arceus remains Normal, but receives an odd item called “Star Plate” which makes it become a Fairy typed Arceus.

    1. Sounds real with a few downsides and wont be believing it instantly.
      But my door is still open.

      1. Technically the 3ds and DS can connect. you can use the 3ds with DS download play.

    2. njebdwn i’m going crazy. omfg this seems so plausible. if “team preview” is not back this time, Zoroark will probably become Uber. Everytime will have one and amped with fairy moves it will be ridiculous. Every lead will be disguised lol.

    3. If you’re so real and legit, can you post which pokemon that get new evolutions?

      1. As if he couldn’t lie about that too… How would that make up your mind about this being fake or legit?

    4. Your grammar is suspiciously bad. It’s pokepals, not pokepal’s. Also, you’ve spelt ‘forme’ and ‘clamperl’ wrong. This makes me doubt your legitimacy.

    5. waitt…. how did an IGN employee got his hands on secret pokemon stuff frst before coro-coro??

    6. Well this is already fake because they said they’re still working on migration of old Pokemon, something that’s complicated because the DS and 3DS can’t connect. So why would they make it only work on a Mewtwo they’re giving out on B/W2 when they haven’t even worked out transferring old Pokemon?

    7. In addition to the fact that searching for IGN and Ziffy or anything similar bring up nothing (“well-known”?), or the fact that the English is awkward on both a casual and a professional level, the date for the Mewtwo distribution is pretty suspicious…

    8. You’re from IGN? Yeah…I’m not sure I trust somebody who claims they’re from a site that called Pokémon repetitive, but called Call of Duty a must have.

    9. Here’s another error.
      The list states Sudowoodo becomes a Rock/Fairy-type, but NOT Bonsly?

      This seems more than just a fake list. It seems like a fan list.
      Nice try?

      1. He can always gain a type upon evolution? Still, as much as I’d like to see Darkrai become a Dark/Fairy type and give the new type some badass cred, it’s probably fake anyway.

    10. If you’re indeed right, then that’s awesome. Darkrai becoming Dark/Fairy is the “badass” Fairy-type that we all needed.

    11. I want meloetta to be fairy type, but only if relic song, hyper voice, and round become fairy type as well.

  3. What if Mewtwo is now “girly” because it gains fairy and the Japanese want fairy to be a pretty species of Pokemon? That would make sense as to why the Mewtwo form looks kind of girly. But I may be completely wrong.

  4. Oh and OMG what if because that Eevee had contact with Mewtwo form (let’s say its part fairy) it turns out to find another evolution pattern (you cuz of the DNA exposure) and evolves into Sylveon.

    Btw was that Virgil in the trailer? (Sorry I don’t know the character’s name.)

    And the trailer was AMAZING!

    1. Sounds cool but if you wanted a sylveon you would need a mewtwo to evolve it 😛 because sylveon is a new type I hope they just create a fairy stone that evolves fairy pokemon. Not sure what they would do with the moon stone though.

      1. i wonder if they will make it complicated you know by leveling up eevee with a high bond in a certain spot in a certain time of day

      2. I mean like that one Eevee would be the exception because technically it has a very great bond with Virgil plus its the first Eevee exposed to fairy type (assuming Mewtwo form is a fairy type)

  5. mewtwo is probably being attacked by genosect in the special after which he follows them to stop them which leads into the new movie

  6. That guy is Virgil! He’s the trainer that has all the Eevee evolutions plus an unevolved eevee! maybe we’ll get to see it evolve to Sylveon!! Or maybe it will evolve into the rumored dragon eeveelution 😮

  7. can i be honest and say i’m more excited about the fact that Virgil is back!! I hope his eevee evolves into sylveon during the movie! but if there’s a new sableye evo perhaps to inmovie evolutions is a bit much… anyways! I’m really excited now since we have some other returning characters

  8. seems odd i felt half the thrill of the new movie was seeing mewtwo and its new form, but now it looks like before the movie shows up you get to see it and its new form another way. which makes him form changing in the movie anti-climactic. i mean i know genesect is still there and a big factor but still. be like if in the darkrai aired after the sinnoh league, or if there was a keldeo special before the keldeo movie.

  9. im still a little confused on why mewtwo has a girl voice in this movie, but had a deep voice in the other one, even in japanese.
    also .. his form shrinks him. that idea is pretty funny.

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