Pokémon GO heads to Beta, Cancels GDC Panel

Beta sign-ups have begun in Japan, but they are currently region locked and are unavailable to those who live outside the country. Luckily I do live in Japan and have thus already registered in hopes of receiving early access. No word on what exactly the preliminary version will include, but many gamers are eager to see how catching and battling with Pokémon will work in the real world.

Unfortunately, there’s also some bad news regarding the title. The much anticipated Game Developers Conference panel about the game has been cancelled:

“We have decided to forego our GDC talk on Pokémon GO in order to focus on getting the product ready for beta test and launch,” says Niantic CEO John Hanke. “As much as we hate to disappoint those in the industry attending GDC, we feel our time and energy right now are best spent on making sure every aspect of the product is where we want it to be.” – Game Informer

A downer to be sure, but hopefully their reasoning is legitimate and it will result in more resources being put towards finishing the game itself and putting that much more effort into it. Who can say no to that?

<3 PJ

        1. It’s actually an online submission form that checks IP and then probably will be a Japan iTunes/Android store app

  1. I don’t mind this personally. If it makes the final product somehow better then I say GO for it 😉

    On a serious note whn the non hardcore Pokémon fans see what this will look like when it’s actually released there’s going to be disappointment. The amount of people I’ve been asked by customers in work are the 3d graphics real or holograms is a bit ridiculous. Im happy with the small bit of actual graphics we’ve seen so far 🙂

  2. This is great news. I mean, they are perfecting the game. I honestly cannot wait, especially since I travel a lot. I can’t say why, but I hope the gameplay will be solid enough that this game will last a long time.

    With that said, I’m praying that Game Freak doesn’t go crazy with micro transactions and in-game purchases. Like, I would be fine to pay for certain items and stuff but not for specific pokemon. This would ruin the point of the game. Although I am hopeful that this won’t happen. What do you guys think about the whole idea of pay-to-win?

    1. m8. GameFreak isn’t making Pokemon Go, it’s Niantic, Inc. I doubt the game would have many micro transactions. I just want to see actual gameplay of it.

      1. Yes! I meant Niantic, sorry. What I meant by Game Freak is the actual Pokemon company allowing many micro transactions. But like you said, I doubt this will happen. But it is a free to play game…

  3. To be honest, my expectations for Pokemon Go are still really low. The concept is cool, I just have heavy doubt that it will live up to the expectations it set with the trailer. I hope they prove me wrong though, I want this to be a hit.

    1. I completely agree. Iam for sure hype about it, but I can’t say that it’s gonna be an amazing game yet since we have literally almost no information about the game itself.

    2. Seeing as its a free mobile game, I have pretty low expectations as it is. We don’t even know what the product itself is even like.

  4. Now there letting people sign up to test it. I really do hope that the game lives up to what they are showing. I know it’s not going to look like the trailers, but some decently good AR would be amazing. At this rate, it seems like were going to see Sun & Moon before GO.

    1. The game could possibly be one of the biggest mobile games in a while… But it needs to have solid gameplay.

      In terms of Sun and Moon, we will be seeing news in CoroCoro for sure. If this is confirmed to be a new generation, we’ll be getting lots and lots of updates.

  5. I don’t know why I thought of this but I feel like it would be cool if Pokemon did a new version of Pokemon Battle Revolution with improved graphics and gameplay.. Although I did not fully enjoy that game because of a lot of flaws, I think it would be cool for Pokemon to expand on the idea.

    1. I disagree. There was no need for Battle Revolution even when it released on the Wii. Now, it X/Y and OR/AS there is no practicality to it as the mainline games already have 3D graphics and superior online functionality. I’d opt for a Stadium 3 over another Battle Revolution.

      1. Hmmmm…. Interesting. I feel like maybe the point of it may have been a little pointless, but they can fix the actualy gameplay to have a better reason to play.

    2. After I moved, a lot of my wii games got overheated and stopped working. Battle Revolution was one of them. I’ve moved back home to the moderate temperatured Illinois and it still doesn’t work.

      (Edit: whoever just replied, please do it again because I can’t see it because I edited it)

      1. Oh no! Well Battle Revolution wasn’t an amazing game, but I just had this idea all of the sudden XD

  6. Hmmm…. Where is everyone? I’m kind of bored and want someone to battle with maybe on showdown… Anyone up to it?

        1. I like it a lot, but I’m probably biased b/c TP is my favorite Zelda game and I’m still in the intro stuff…

  7. As some of you might know, my Omega Ruby party is based off of characters from Gravity Falls. I originally decided that Stanley would be a Slaking, but after seeing that finale, I think Stanley shouldn’t be portrayed by a Slaking, but by something else. What do you think it should be, or should I just stick with Slaking?

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. I LOVE gravity falls. The finale THOUGHHHH….. We’re going to get along just fine Green…

        1. I like that idea, however most of the caring Pokémon are feminine-like. So I was thinking maybe an Pokémon that protects it’s family.

          1. Yeah I’ve heard about that. That’s a pretty good idea, I’ll keep that as an option.

          1. Toxicroak was blue and had an orangish air sack which kinda resembles his clothes and Metagross is super smart.

          2. Ford could change though because the only things I have as of now are a level 12 Crogunk that won’t listen because I haven’t beat Roxanne, a Level 11 Flabebe that won’t listen and a Level 11 Rotom that won’t listen.

      1. Extra Fact: I’m making my own Journal that I called “Journal 4”. I’ll be sure to post some of the pages here after I’m done and before I give it to Alex Hirsch.

  8. These fake starter leaks are really starting to pick up. There are no sources for a single one of these Pokemon (as in, they’re not simply pulled off of Deviantart), and they look quite realistic. All that anyone is getting out of these is that they will be revealed in CoroCoro. Let’s see what you guys think.

    1. LOL I’d love to have leaks come now, but we are about a week too early for anything to start coming yet. I’m not sure I believe in those Pokemon designs. They may not necessarily come from Deviantart, but they don’t scream “Starter Pokemon” to me. Not bc of their sizes, but it’s the way they’res drawn. The artwork looks off and almost like many fakemon do look. Their designs are also a bit odd to me. Either way I love this time period. The more “leaks” and rumors the better and more hyped I get! lol

      1. I take it all back. The Deviantart links were just found. So…this comment is useless now XD

    2. Those are obviously fake but if they were real I would cry tears of blood from them being so bad.

    3. Not to be mean to the artist because they’re well drawn, but wtf are those. I hope Gamefreak could design something better than these, but after all of the clunkers in Gen 6, maybe I’m not so sure.

    4. Honestly, I’d just completely forgo “leaks” until the game is about to release. Most are fake and taken from deviantart. It’s far too soon for any note-worthy leaks to really become apparent to us.

    5. My heart skipped a beat for a second
      So is this fake right?
      Honestly they’re not the worst thing ever
      I kinda like the Grass/Fighting Rhino thing

    6. Ok I know this is fake, but I don’t like that bat’s design…. It’s so Golbat-ish…

  9. It’s… so weird being back here. Seeing a bunch of old friends I haven’t spoken to in ages is a strange feeling. Hopefully I’m able to be more active here. Anyways, while I’m hoping GO will be cool as a mobile game, I don’t have very high hopes for it at all. There’s so little to be really hyped off of besides the concept. Maybe that’s just the pessimist inside of me, but I’m reserving any interest until we get some solid gameplay footage and/or screenshots.

      1. You forgot to capitalize the “n” in “nobody”
        Because you’re a “Nobody”, and you missed them 😉

  10. If my feeling change to pokemon …is that due to changing place ? …I think I am in bad situation.

      1. I am changing my place ( country) due to job reason …..my feeling for pokemon r change I am afraid I am grew out of pokemon ,I have another reason I can’t tell though……I still wanna feel like a kid.

        1. Haha, you’ll be fine! But if you grow out of it, then let it happen, maybe it’s for the best.

          Though as long as you have internet you can always come back to Pokemon sites.

          1. If you do, that’s still ok. Some people just grow out of Pokémon at a certain point. It happened to my friend.

  11. So I have been thinking some megas
    Mega Hippowdon
    Solid Rock
    HP 108
    Attack 122 (+10)
    Defense 163 (+45)
    Sp. Atk 68
    Sp. Def 117 (+45)
    Speed 47
    It’s body would grow slightly larger with its back being covered with patches of caked on sand, all three ports are gushing out sand including a new massive one on its back similar to a volcano. It’s head gains 2 seconds sets of tiny horns on each eyelid and the teeth grow sharper

    1. Ewwwwww it gets horns on its eyelid? How would it blink? Anyway i think pure ground would be better, but solid rock works. Or you can make that ability Sand Armor that boost defenses in sandstorm.

      1. I want to give it two sets of tiny bovine horns either just on the side of the top of the head just to give all parts a bit of zazz

        But the Sand Armor is basically what Sandstorm does for Rock types and though I wanted to give it Rock typing just for that to pile on defense in said sandstorm but ultimately decided it would worsen it with more unneeded weaknesses

  12. Just got back from seeing Zootopia and it was AMAZING! End of second semester was yesterday so all week I was working on making sure everything looked kempt and well grade and performance-wise. We also did our choir festival and got second place! Of course, I always run back to you guys and Pokemon and honestly, I’m biting my nails out just waiting for even a trickle of news! The Magearna trailer made the movie look stunning (but they obviously had budget cuts if you compare the Diancie one to the Magearna one). I’m super pumped!

    1. Next week we’re bound to see something
      Otherwise brace thyself for a shitstorm of biblical proportions

        1. Why yes! 🙂

          Only good reason I can think of for the the US release to be delayed is to avoid Deadpool. Which is a very good idea considering that Deadpool was a mega hit.

          Not as much here though, no one knows who Deadpool is, here.

    2. Looks like it’s been a good week for you 🙂
      Yeah. My second trimester ended yesterday too. Just 12 more weeks until Summer break!

  13. Can we expect anything from Corocoro? I have a gut feeling they’d just tease us about SM, at most we’d get the boxarts but I’m hoping for at least gameplay pics tho

    1. I expect starters or their silhouettes. If we get anything at all. I feel like they won’t reveal as much the time around. They revealed the entire game of ORAS within the six month time period. I hope we don’t get anything.

      1. I also feel like we will get minimal amount of news. However, I must say that when they revealed a lot of ORAS stuff, it was mostly because those games are remakes and not completely new games. So, I wouldn’t mind a decent amount of information like new pokemon.

    1. Yeah, they superimposed an image of an old CoroCoro page revealing Minccino for some reason. It’s still weird, even considering that these are fake.

  14. Okay, I need you guys to help me make a decision. Should I get the Uncharted 4 limited edition PS4 that releases on May 10th, or should I continue waiting until a theoretical “PS4 Slim” is announced? Those of you with a PS4 would probably have the best ideas here.

    1. Depends on how long you want to wait. I got myself the regular PS4 and I have heard murmurs of a PS4 Slim. Many people have said that Sony has shot down the rumors, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’d recommend getting the Uncharted 4 Bundle due to the long wait. Unless, you feel like waiting until E3 is around the corner.

      1. Given its enormous install base, every game that will be released on the PS4 will definitely work on the original system, as well as any upgrades. I love the Uncharted series, so I’m very interested in the limited edition. I’ll think about it a bit more, I guess!

    2. Waiting for a Slim seems a bit stupid to me, really. I don’t really see how they can make it THAT much smaller without making some significant design changes. Do you specifically want the Uncharted 4 Limited Edition?

      Either way, I’d say buy it now, but maybe consider other models.

      My biggest issue with the Uncharted PS4 – as cool as it is – is that the design or Drake goes over on to the part of the PS4 that isn’t removable. So if you want to apply a new faceplate (like I have on my Batman PS4) you still have half of Drake’s body stuck there.

      1. I have no interest in changing faceplates (it always makes the console look uglier, in my opinion). I love the Uncharted series, and I was going to get a PS4 for Uncharted 4 at some point anyway. To top it all off, I really like the Gray Blue color scheme. The “sic parvis magna” Latin phrase is also a really cool touch. So, if I’m going to get a PS4, it seems like this will be the one. And I agree with you about the PS4 Slim: I can’t wait until next year, because my backlog would be WAY too big. I want as much time to play No Man’s Sky as I can possibly get.

        1. HOW RUDE. I think you’ll find it can make it look better (in some cases). I’ve go a dual-tone Silver PS4 and Gold and Silver controllers and it looks amazing haha. The Batman faceplate is over on my shelf.

          I say go for it then! When you get it you should add me and we can play some stuff online!

        1. Unless you count all of them getting Will-O-Wisp, crippling hard working physical attackers

          1. True, but to be fair Ghost types are not that common in battles apart from Gengar, Aegislash, and Mega Sableye. Sometimes you get the occasional Trevenant, Cofagrigus and Chandelure.

      1. I don’t get why the removed Steel Resists to Dark and Ghost. Dark is now resisted by 2 types and Ghost resisted by 1 and immune by another.

        If anything steel should have lost the resist to Ice and maybe grass.

    1. Hopefully mascot legendaries are revealed too. I agree 100% fairy types need to be nerfed they shouldn’t resist bug types if you ask me.

          1. I doubt grass would resist Fairy magic, Fairies rarely harm nature and ice just doesn’t work either it would just go through the fragile solid ice

            But one Fairytale Girl in ORAS claims Fairies are highly flammable

          2. Yeah. So they should be weak to fire because that line makes no sense if they’re not

    2. The first CoroCoro after the XY announcement revealed Xerneas and Yveltal properly, but we’d already seen them in the trailer. I think we’ll get starter silhouettes too, but I don’t think we’ll get a region map for quite a while, like with XY. Only a week left 😀

    3. I’d say that the starting town & region map will be saved for later, but the full starters would be shown

    4. Don’t get your hopes to high. If anything, they’ll reveal the starters and Protagonists.

      1. I mean though I can’t speak for everyone but I’m pretty sure everyone want to see the starters more than anything even the dang protagonists

      1. How could you buff ice
        It’s fragil or tough but most of the time it’s easily shattered or melted and truly the only way to fortify it with with more ice
        It’s just not a defensive type

        1. Have it resist water and make it supereffective against bugs.
          Also have hail increase their special defence by 50%.

          1. I like the hail buff (even though i want defense boost instead of spD) hail is the only weather that doesnt boost its signature type in anyway. Also i want it to be super effective on water since ice freezes water.

          2. Well Ice is a state of water, and ice could melt in water, and I can imagine a blast of water punch through a wall of ice
            Also though Bugs discouraged by cold not enough to effectively kill them bugs are nasty survivors

    5. Obviously the nonsense bug-type resistance needs to go. I’ve always thought it’d be interesting to make normal-types resist fairy (the logic being imaginary v real guess?) , but due to the nature of normal type moves the opposite wouldn’t be logical. I could never get behind fairy being immune to dragon either. Sure, resisting dragons makes sense, but I feel making dragons hopeless against fairies stretches fairy tail logic too much.

  15. So I’ve been analysing the new bird pokemon that everyone says to be a red crested cardinal and I must say… it’s not. Evidence you ask? It’s all in the feet, red crested cardinal’s feet have three toes facing foward and one toe facing backward. Meanwhile, my best bet on the origin of this pokemon, all woodpeckers on this planet are zygodactyls, which means that they are birds that have two toes facing forward and two facing backward, exactly like this bird pokemon. I believe it to be based on the pileated woodpecker. I could be wrong, this is just speculation 😉 btw this doesn’t debunk the hawaii theory, on the contrary the hawaii theory is the one that convinces me the most with the spain theory being a close second(spain is actually pretty warm with the coasts at the mediterranian being obviously tropical). That’s all I had to say thx for taking the time to read this little essay about something completely insignificant lol

    1. It’s good to finally have that confirmed. I’m very glad that we’re finally getting a woodpecker Pokemon! I’m placing my bets on Flying/Ground for its final form.

  16. I’m still skeptical of GO.
    It’s a free to play mobile game,so it’s bound to have microtransactions.
    And AR itself isn’t all that good on phones.

      1. Interesting point. Perhaps we could be looking at some pre-evolutions, but that’s unlikely.

    1. I’m going to put this into the fake category. Some of them don’t look like “Pokemon”. More like rejected Digimon.

  17. Is anything known about whether Pokemon Go will be able to send caught pokemon to the main games, or have any communication with them? That makes all the difference for me in whether I buy an Iphone just to play this game, or whether I completely ignore it. ♥

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