The New Magearna Movie Trailer is Here!

This summer’s animated Pokémon movie is set to star a brand new legendary Pokémon, Magearna, and the newest trailer has been released in Japan. It offers a glimpse at Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna and demonstrates that the new Pokémon can indeed fold into a ball, as many had speculated.

One thing I’d like to draw attention to is the antagonist’s staff. It appears around 0:48 and looks like a Mega Evolution symbol BUT there is a mysterious jewel in the center which is diamond shaped. This diamond shape is also present in the Japanese logos for Pokémon Sun and Moon and is in the same place that the Mega Evolution symbol was for Pokémon X&Y. Coincidence? Or foreshadowing of a huge new game feature?


There’s also a second :30 version which I’ve included below:

Just from the trailer, this movie looks like it could be a cut above the rest.

<3 PJ

  1. I’ve got a lot of questions:

    ~ Is that by any chance the Azoth kingdom?
    ~ Why the fuck is Volcanion just falling from the sky?
    ~ How in hell is Mega Steelix fucking FLYING?

    Also I pray to God that the Reburst concept is either anime-only/manga-only and that it DOES NOT make its way into the main series games.

  2. Dark Mega Evolutions possibly similar to dark Mewtwo in Pokkén or what the masked marauder (he was kinda hot) was using in 4 Ever? Mmmmmmm. Dark megas…

  3. Stop calling it diamond shaped, nobody cuts diamonds like this anymore for 500 years. It’s a (regular) octahedron :).

        1. Hmmmm
          A Wood Scorpion that grows a iron carapace
          You’re not gonna like this but honestly I think Fire/Fighting fits the idea of a mongoose it just feels right since by definition they fight a lot
          And Psychic Fairy ehhh I don’t like it but it’s you’re call

    1. I noticed that too. I wonder what it means cuz it doesnt look like a dna strand like in normal mega evolution.

  4. I think that “diamond” shaped thing is the Soul Heart. Also look at the wooden stick it has the mega evolution form. Maybe the soul heart allows you to take control over pokemon mind.

    1. also, the villain has the light blue soul heart, maybe magearna keeps the orange one inside it. The villain wants them both because they will activate something?

      1. last thing. The creator of Magearna is clearly Leonardo Da Vinvi. Italy confirmed 🙂

  5. at 0:08 on the diagram you see a picture of the arm which looks similar to the ultimate weapon which you have to de-activate in Pokemon X&Y also note its in the shape of a flower as well. Hinting in my opinion that the two machines have something in common.

  6. I really can’t get excited about this. I don’t care about the movies and seeing this ‘Volcanion’ movie just makes me feel like we keep hanging in gen 6 (although Magearna is in it).

  7. Dark Evolution
    Honestly I’m surprised we never thought of tampering with the genetic makeup and composition of Mega Stones
    I mean what if that lunatic found a way to artificially mogrify the effects of Mega Evolution to also bring out savage violent primal rages and negative emotions found deep within every Pokemon, with the newfound power coursing through them now with this evilness brought to the surface words cannot describe how bad that can and will be

        1. I don’t know if your joking or not. But it’s a shame you don’t want to get along.

    1. You think this because of those evil eye colors on Glalie and Alakazam after mega evolution, right?

      1. Absolutely
        Besides that different symbol clearly means this kinda Mega Evolution has different properties
        And the glowing violet eyes are a dead giveaway

    1. Final Team
      Rhydon 51
      Charizard 40
      Vileplume 42
      Electabuzz 43
      Dewgong 44
      Aerodactyl 30

      Final blow: Electabuzz’s Quick Attack

      Now to brave the depths of the Cerulean Cave for Mewtwo and to backtrack for Moltres

        1. I’m sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of Mewtwo being caught
          And I caught a shit load of high level Pokemon including this lvl 63 Ditto

  8. That is very interesting, not only for the games, but for the anime itself. Sun/Moon are supposed to be 7th Gen, but this little diamond from the game titles is featured in a movie from the 6th series, with Clemont, Bonnie and Serena? That could be a hint for the next anime series, the Sun and Moon series, maybe featuring the Kalos crew joining Ash. I cross my fingers and wish for it to be true, because that could bring hope to all the Amourshippers in the world.

      1. Dammit. XD
        But I don’t think they will split Ash and Serena just like that. I’ve seen many amourshipping post from scriptwriters, the anime director and even Junichi Masuda himself. Something has to happen, they won’t have the risk to provoce a nuclear hate reaction…

    1. I wouldn’t follow too into it
      But by all means that crystal will play some role in the next game

      1. It’s possible that crystal IS the one from Sun and Moon, but I wouldn’t b surprised if they pull a M Mewtwo Y and call it something else entirely only to reveal it at a later date for the game.

  9. Magearna is kind of a “pokeball”… hmm.. what could that mean? and what could be inside?
    At least we are more sure that it is part Steel type (because how it sounds)

      1. That’s what to old PokèBalls from Oak’s youth look like. Magearna is 500 years old, Oak isn’t, so it’s possible it is a concept for Pokemon going into ball shaped capsules, however that’s one big ass PokèBall consider Pikachu was standing on top of it.

  10. Did everyone here that Pokemon Go game developer conference was cancelled? So, we have no news coming from Niantic. Lets hope they release something besides this conference.

    1. They said that they want to work on the beta version and perfecting the game, so technically this is good news.

  11. The official site confirmed that Jarvis uses the “science of mistery” to force pokemon to megaevolve. Am I the only one who noticed that that strange stone he uses changes colour each time? At 00.48 it’s clearly blue, at 01:05 it’s green, while in this official picture below is pink.

      1. wrong, Wattson actually used Magneton on his maiden game
        although if you ask me it should’ve always been Manetric

        But there’s still one error here

        1. Blame me for always playing Emerald instead of Ruby or Sapphire…
          Gotta say the Haxorus looks amazing 🙂
          I have stared at it for ages, but can’t find an error… I guess when you tell me I’ll be like “ooooooooh”…

          1. It is, that is the only mistake
            although interesting note: In FireRed they replaced his Rhydon with another Rhyhorn

          2. Yea, I never understood why they devolved it for some reason. Nonetheless, thats a really cool picture

          3. I want them all, I cant pick which one looks the coolest, Looking at this makes me think how some gym leaders didn’t even use the best type of that region. Like Skyla using a swanna, swanna is a terrible pokemon, but I like how they did hat.

          4. well they have their reasons
            But one thing that irks me is half of the Johto leaders use non Johto Pokemon as their signature ace’s
            i guess techically since Noctowl evolves at 20 its a bit much for the first gym
            but Bugsy should’ve used Heracross
            Morty….he can keep Gengar since Misdreavus sux
            Chuck with a Hitmontop
            but the rest are fine

            It just should always be native Pokemon

          5. Exactly how I feel about Johto Gym leaders too, I feel like aces should only be native pokemon, I could see some good Johto pokemon as they aces, But they haven’t done it anymore (Luckily Wattson switched to manetric)

          6. I’m guessing the Nidoking which should be a Rhydon.
            How on earth could I have thought differently when you were the one asking the question haha

  12. There hasn’t been much news these days, so i figured it would be fun to get to know each other. Maybe you guys already know each other well, but I have no clue who I am talking to.
    I’d like to know you guys by your names, maybe your age, where your from, etc. Maybe even add a picture!!

    Well my name is Wessel and I’m from The Netherlands and I’m 19 years old. I play field hockey and I am a bartender. I study law. How about you guys? I’d love to get to know you.

    1. Sure! I’m Ethan, I’m 15 and I’m from the U.S in florida! Although I dont have a picture XD

      1. Hey Ethan! I’ve been to Florida this Summer, I loved it! Especially loved the theme parks of course. I can’t believe people actually live in that heat…

        1. Lol! I live in Miami, and yes we play sports and do everything in the heat. Nice to meet you haxford!

          1. I lived in Osprey in a neighborhood called Rivendell. It was pretty sweet since I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan.

          1. that’s awesome… Can’t wait to play Pokemon go and catch a bunch of awesome exclusive Pokemon here in Florida…

          2. Lol, well…. I say Miami to people out of the U.S. And Ft. Lauderdale to people in the U.S. So I do live in Ft. Lauderdale, but Miami is close so… Yeah. lol

          3. Well, how about that, if you were a bit older, i’d invite you, but i’m 23, it would seem kinda awkward to ask…

    2. I am known by many names
      Earthen, Entharalis, Eurthok, War’Thogg, and Grazor devourer of worlds
      but you may call me….Ian…

    3. You shouldn’t post pictures here. Especially when you’re handsome. Jesus, I’m gonna fantasize about you right now.

    4. Lol you don’t have to post pictures of yourself on a the internet, it’s not very safe

    5. I’m…um…Ultron. I want to exterminate the human race and stuff. No big deal or anything

          1. Just remember your ol buddy Earthen shows no remorse in the countless slaughter of the innocent

    6. Hai, I’m Percy (my real name is Jamie, so you can call me wahtever), I’m a just-turned 20 year old college students from Florida :3
      I mean, I could post a picture, but if you follow me on Twitter, my photo is my real self, so yeah.
      I’m really lazy xD

        1. Same name as my username :3 if you see shiny Pokemon, then es probably me, latest one should be a Croagunk

          1. Wow, I see you’re a shiny hunter to the fullest. Awesome. I don’t have the patience for that… Still got me two shiny Haxorus’ though, because, well, everybody needs those.
            EDIT: and happy belated birthday!

          2. I started fully getting into shiny hunting in the summer (which is when I got my shiny charm in my OR), so I haven’t been doing it for too long.
            And believe me, they are days when my patience is gone…like Torchic….7100+ SRS and nothing……*deep breaths*

          3. Still am, just taking a break. I’ve been picking it up every once and in awhile.
            I get a little sad when people mention they get their Torchics/other ORAS starter in like 100 or something, and I’m like ‘Welp, you suck’

          4. Actually you can’t give up now (because my god 7100+). Those SRS can’t be for nothing.

          5. Exactly, I really want to SBQ AS D: I’ll get it, es the starter I am very attached to since young Jamie got Emerald from her brother. I owe it to young Jamie to do it!

      1. Yes I am! Haven’t been posting for ages though, since I’m studying now and have no time whatsoever. What’s your name on deviantart?

          1. Thanks so much! I am browsing through your art right now and remember your bat line so well, because I’m a huge fan of it! When are you posting the final evolutions?

    7. In all seriousness, my name is Kris, I live in Ohio in the U.S. I’m 20 and a junior studying to be an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Bio. I would post a photo, but I’m obviously too sexy and I don’t want people to feel bad about themselves.

      1. Hey Kris, sounds awesome! And thanks for thinking about all those people out there. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🙂

        1. Of course 😉 Perhaps one day I’ll let some of you know my true identity and follow me on twitter. But until then, I’ll keep a bit of mystery about myself.

          1. Lol, I’m kind of a person shrouded in mystery myself. I actually can’t reveal who I am.

          2. Mystery is good! I just feel like maybe I owe a tiny bit about myself to y’all since I’ve been going here since the days of HG/SS

      1. You’re avatar is beautiful. I have seen the other Pokemon in this style and damn that artist is talented. Glad to see this art piece.

    8. Hiiii!!! 😀 I’m Liza/Michael (you can call me whatever you want. I’m a high school student from Romania (currently living in Hungary for a while though) I could post a pic of me but I’m not that confident xD Nice to meet you 🙂

      1. There’s this boy at our school named Michael and he’s so… #fine #werkedout (A.K.A when you’re the only circle in a school full of polygons and straight lines).

          1. LOL! I’m in the United States tho… if you were THAT Michael… TT <3 X

            PS: I'm not THAT thirsty XD

    9. Hi I’m Garrett.
      (Hello Garrett)
      I like Pokemon and stuff and I’m gay like the rest of the members.

      I have no life.

      1. Hello Garrett.
        Is everyone gay around here? I am too and that’d made me fit in perfectly.

          1. It’s cool to see everyone accepting each other then.
            (Not so cool since everyone seems to be the same apparently, but oh well)

        1. and I thought being gay and liking pokemon would make me special.. 🙁

          also from holland btw

          1. I guess we’re the only ones from Holland. Everyone here is from the USA 🙁 And same hahaha

          2. Ah I read “older” as “old” and thought ’25 is not old?!’ but I get it now haha.

          3. Hahaha nee ik vroeg me gewoon af wie er nog meer uit Nederland kwamen, ik zei niks over homo’s 😉

    10. I’m Quinton and I’m 28. Other name on here is Fly_Gon_Jinn. I’m currently a microbiologist and pokemon kept me sane when my research turns out to have flop results haha. I like playing guitar and I have a 1 yo who will grow up with as much pokemon as I did, plus the science.

      1. I love your usernames! But why are you using two? And great! When I have children, they will be forced to play Pokemon whether they like it or not.

        1. Thanks and it’s the same account I just switch from Goodra and Flygon when I’m bored lol.

          1. Yes haha I would use noivern but I think somebody has that already. Haxorus your favorite?

          2. That’s thoughtful of you! Didn’t even check if someone uses Haxorus… But he doesn’t get the love he deserves so I’m good. Yeah he’s my favorite, along with Samurott and Empoleon (sucker for water starters…). Mega Charizard X and Dragalge are also on my list.

    11. Hey there! You can call me Max, I’m 27 and I’m from Brazil. I graduated as an English teacher but I’ve been working with my parents on their healthy food business for about three years no. Oh and I’m bi 🙂 And here’s a bigger version of my profile pic cause the others I chose were too large to load xp

      1. Hi Max! Awesome. Ever want to switch jobs and become an English teacher after all?

        1. Damn, I’m so late. I’m sorry I missed this. I haven’t had stable Internet lately. I actually did work as a teacher for 5 years 🙂

      2. Oh and THANKS for posting your pic, I already felt lonely being the only one posting mine 🙁

        1. I didn’t see if anyone else ended up posting too but at least there were the two of us then xD

  13. I really did like the music from the Mario v Sonic Rio Olympic Games trailer, it was hype. It also had me dancing as well xD

    1. I mean, I’m not even a Mario fan, and I thought it was an interesting game.

  14. there’s someone at nintendo headquarters just sitting in front of the computer ready to hit tweet whenever they announce something

    1. I would spend my college savings to fly to Japan and personally murder- Joking, I’m not that heinous of a boy! 😀

  15. I’m basically watching the Direct for the music, that Monster Hunter music oh goodnessssssssssssss more pls

    1. There’s obviously gonna be a big announcement at the end, like every direct. All we have to do is wait.

  16. Zootopia comes out this week, theater begins next week, CoroCoro comes out in two weeks! March is madness! 😀

      1. Zootopia: 100% on Rottentomates, 99th best reviewed film on the site, expected to continue Disney’s HOT streak, and went from being a movie nobody cared about to being one of the most acclaimed films (story, character development, and animation wise) in Disney’s pantheon! 😀 Yeah, I couldn’t agree more.

        1. I’ve loved Disney’s animated movies these past few years! Wreck it Ralph is truly my favorite animated movie and Big Hero 6 was awesome too; made me bawl my fuckin eyes out

          1. Big Hero 6 let me use up all my tears.
            I thought Tangled was awesome too. Same for Inside Out.

          2. As much as I love Disney and Pixar, there’s nothing better than watching a Miyazaki animated masterpiece in my opinion. 😀

          3. Yeah. Finding Nemo is my all time favorite Pixar movie because I love ocean life. It’s followed by Ratatouille and then Wall-E

          4. Moana, Finding Dory, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Zootopia are my most anticipated movies of 2016! 😀

          5. I’m also excited for Jungle Book, Civil War, and Doctor Strange :3 Also Rogue One, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

          6. When Tadashi died… I wanted to scream at the screen, “BRING HIM BACK! HE’S NOT DEAD, STOP MESSING WITH MY EMOTIONS!” And then my friend had the audacity to say, “That man in the black is actually Tadashi and he faked his own death.” Like, bish, who suddenly gave the third wheel the ability to talk?!

          7. Lol, my friend was predicting Tadashi would still be alive somehow and I was just like…nah

          8. I was the same, except I was bawling throughout the whole movie like ‘this will be happy right?…..right? PLEASE TELL ME EVERYONE LIVES A HAPPILY EVER AFTER’

    1. I’m seeing it this Saturday with my best friend as a birthday celebration to the both of us! 😀

  17. I don’t believe they will reveal something about SM this is didn’t happen before.

    1. You thought it was good? I thought it was awful XD,but I don’t like many games, so it’s fine. The kirby game looked decent

          1. “I thought it was awful” It was all in my opinion, anyway. So awful and unappealing both work. But I guess thanks for restating my opinion, you get how I feel

    2. I thought it was ok. Toppa Tengen Kirby Lagann looks good, Idol Sim 2016 lookin’ good, Kirby amiibos on point, and SNES 3DS VC was good. Sticker Star 2 tho.

  18. Damn… just checked out Pokemon’s official channel and the Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer is already around 6 million views! That’s about on the same level as how many views certain blockbuster films get! O_O And the Pokemon Go video has about 23 MILLION! Damn…

  19. So what does everyone think about pokemon Go? The conference was cancelled today due to the Niantic team wanting to focus on perfecting the game before beta and launch. Is this a good thing? Or could this possibly mean they aren’t ready yet?

      1. Yeah, they for sure can’t cancel because of all the money invested. But I feel like Niantic might not be confident in the product yet.. Or they just really don’t want to show us the game yet.

          1. yah. But I really want to see some actual gameplay before I jump to conclusions. If the game looks anything like Ingress I won’t exactly find it very “ambitious.” You know what I mean?

          2. Oh! And more money was invested by Nintendo recently because Niantic underestimated how big a project this is really going to be…

    1. I think they just aren’t ready yet. Which is fine. They need to take their time and get it working right. I’d rather continue waiting than have them show it off too soon and have it b trash even if it’s just the tech demo.I’m sure ti’ll b a fun game. It’s just a matter of time b4 they get to the point where they wanted to b.

  20. There was a lot of negativity following today’s Nintendo Direct. I’d like to say that for me, personally, I left with no problems whatsoever. Star Fox Zero looks fantastic, and it’s getting bundled with a fun minigame. We’re getting a new Kirby game with a cool concept and Triple Deluxe visuals. Metroid Prime Federation Force was given the trailer it truly needed to become relevant in the Metroid universe. Paper Mario Color Splash, while following in the disliked footprints of its predecessor, looks absolutely STUNNING and has an interesting paint mechanic. Rhythm Heaven Megamix will be extremely entertaining for any 3DS owner later this year. I witnessed my friend go completely insane as Monster Hunter Generations was announced. Those things are just the tip of the iceberg. Nintendo is going to have an absolutely kickass 2016, don’t you forget it!

    1. I agree with you on all of these except Color Splash…. I mean, I liked it better when everything was 2D, hence paper. Now everything is a papercraft except for the characters and it looks really odd.

    2. I am immensely displeased with their blatant disregard to the sheer general dislike of Sticker Star, they officially and permanently changed the series from a classic RPG into this travesty
      I will not be swayed by gorgeous graphics and bright smooth colors, no I am outraged, I personally feel I should start a petition to spark some attention to the company to show that I and millions of others want a return to the infinitely perfect game it once was,

      See every aspect of sticker star is there
      Map level selection
      1-1 courses
      Replacing stickers with battle cards
      Thing cards
      A sucky uninspired storyline
      A floating fairy like companion related to the time I.E. Paint Bucket
      Even the battles are carbon copies to the battles being done solely with what you collected and no actual abilities AND THE FUCKING COIN SHOWER AT THE END
      This game is literally Sticker Star 2.0 and I hope everyone hates it so much to convince Nintendo to scrap it and give us a better Paper Mario
      Hell I’d even take a Super Paper Mario remake

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