What We Could See in Pokémon ‘Z’…

Now that Pokémon X&Y have been out for a month, it’s time to start talking about the ‘third game’ of Generation VI. Here are some things that I would personally like to see, as well as a few predictions.

Characters & Story

Comments: Pokémon X&Y gave the main character quite a few friends, and all of them had interesting personalities, but much more focus could’ve been put on other NPCs such as the champion (not giving any spoilers), Lysander, and the last 4 gym leaders. The missions with a certain Pokémon detective were nice, but even they could’ve been more extensive and had more puzzle elements. After Pokémon Black & White, X&Y felt a little underwhelming in the story department and decidedly less epic. Although Team Flare had an interesting goal, the beauty of their plan wasn’t given enough exposure. Their weapon was pretty cool though.

And what about that great cutscene?? A Pokémon war?? I’d love to see that be explored more instead of just told to the player and shown in almost still images.

Prediction: The mysterious AZ will play a much bigger role in the next game and… hopefully… we’ll learn more about the sad past of Kalos. Wish we could play in a non-modern era of the region!


Comments: Many fans were disappointed about the small number of new Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. Whether or not they could or would rectify that in a third game remains to be seen. Personally, I think it was nice to give the limelight to older Pokémon. They really came to life in 3D and reminded me, personally, of why I love the series so much. It was fun to go through the game with a mixed team of old and new friends.

Pokémon “Z” may push this feeling of nostalgia past its welcome, unfortunately. With such a wide variety of Pokémon available in X&Y, it may be hard to make the third game stand out by introducing more catchable ‘mons; especially after the release of Pokémon Bank.

Prediction: New form for the third legendary (sadly a troupe now) and possibly a few others. GameFreak may even patch X&Y to include new Pokémon which debut in the third game…


Comments: Generation VI introduced new battle types, such as Inverse and Sky, but their implementation was lackluster. The third game should really capitalize on these new ways to battle and include them in the plot… not just as optional side events. Maybe a gym leader that forces the player to participate in one of them? That would certainly make players rethink some of their strategies.

One of the most exciting new mechanics of Pokémon X&Y, however, was the addition of trainer customization. FINALLY we get to decide how we look in the game and aren’t playing a generic Japanese (pre-) teen. The system, however, is very limited in its current form and clothing types are repetitive and boring. Hairstyles are also very limited, especially for males. While it was a step forward, it definitely wasn’t the revolution some people (including myself) would have preferred. Especially disappointing for Nintendo fans who may have hoped for some Animal Crossing-esque clothing options. And, seriously Game Freak, why can’t we take off our hat?!

Prediction: New Gym Leader that focuses on Sky Battles or Inverse Battles. Many more hair/clothing options, possibly an added tool to allow players to personalize outfits.


Comments: Pokémon-Amie was OK. I haven’t used it much because, to be honest, there’s not all that much to do. I hope that they improve the system to include more virtual pet aspects so that you can feel a little more connected with your team. Super Training also didn’t ‘wow’ me and unless I want EV-training, I wouldn’t just play it for fun. The only thing that I really enjoyed, and isn’t technically a “mini-game”, is the Trainer PR Video system. It’s surprisingly customizable and the 10-second limit really makes you think about what you want to put in it.

Prediction: Very few changes to Amie or Super Training, new options coming to PR vids.

Online Functionality

Comments: Wonder Trade is wonderful. I think that is perhaps one of the best new additions to the series and it is genuinely fun to send a random Pokémon to a stranger and see what you get in return. Some trades are more rewarding than others, but that’s part of the fun. Trading and battling is also easier than ever in X&Y and I don’t think I actually have any complaints about the system. It’s just fun. I don’t see Game Freak doing a whole lot to change what they built, because it’s pretty darn good. The Player Search System is a fun little use of the bottom screen and primarily what I use while I’m playing.

Prediction: Online functionality stays the same.


I liked Pokémon X&Y. A lot. Definitely my favorite games of the series so far and I can’t wait to see how Game Freak improves on them in the third installment. Have any complaints that you’d like addressed in their follow-up? Something you thought was missing in X&Y? Leave a comment! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

NL would also like me to add that his prediction for the third game’s title is “Pokémon Zero” which plays upon both the Z and also 3D coordinates (0,0), the origin point. What do you think?!

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