New Pokémon Game Being Announced in 3 Days

…possibly. Is the title clickbait? Yes, but there are very good indications that this year’s Pokémon World Championships in Boston, Massachusetts could be the location the next Pokémon game is announced. We already know that Junichi Masuda will be there for one the most important events of the year, and will also be attending the … Read more

Top 5 Features Pokémon Z Needs to Have

We’re all excited for the third installment of Generation VI, whether it’s Pokémon Z or otherwise, and hopefully it will live up to fan expectations. Here are 5 features that would make the game a true standout in the expansive catalog of Pokémon titles. 1) Expanded Trainer Customization Although the addition of clothes and hairstyles … Read more

What We Could See in Pokémon ‘Z’…

Now that Pokémon X&Y have been out for a month, it’s time to start talking about the ‘third game’ of Generation VI. Here are some things that I would personally like to see, as well as a few predictions. Characters & Story Comments: Pokémon X&Y gave the main character quite a few friends, and all … Read more