New Pokémon Game Being Announced in 3 Days


Is the title clickbait? Yes, but there are very good indications that this year’s Pokémon World Championships in Boston, Massachusetts could be the location the next Pokémon game is announced. We already know that Junichi Masuda will be there for one the most important events of the year, and will also be attending the Pokémon Symphony the following day, but there are other clues as well. Six years ago the Championships were stage to another game announcement, SoulSilver and HeartGold. We’ve also already seen some new Pokémon from next year’s film which are currently game-less.

These three facts aren’t any sort of solid confirmation, but they do lend themselves towards one whopper of a conclusion: there’s a new game coming and we’re going to find out about it soon. The World Championships are being held August 21 – 23, meaning an announcement could be just three days away!

What do you think!?

<3 PJ

PS- Also I believe the spyglass in the 2015 Worlds logo means Pikachu is looking towards the future game and if you add the handles on the wheel there are 10 and the number of Pokémon is 8 and the next lowest even number is 6! GENERATION 6!! Also it is my hypothesis that the Illuminati are involved.

  1. I expect nothing, but will gladly take anything!!!
    I can’t believe its in 3 days..
    (I love the way is attached to mega salamence)

  2. I definitely HOPE there is something announced at worlds. In fact, there’s probably a 99% chance of something being announced there. Whether it’s a main series game, spin off game, or an official reveal of the blobmon and Mega Zygarde remains to be seen.

  3. I’m just preparing for nothing to be announced, in order to not get my hopes up. But I still can’t help but thinking that we are going get the announcement of Z/X2/Y2 aka the next main series game. But that remains to be seen. And we could also get the announcement at the Closing Ceremony too. Just because Mega Kangaskhan & Mega Slowbro were announced at Worlds during Openings, doesn’t mean they can’t change it up this year and announce something at Closings. As for blobby and shadow, I expect them to be revealed in CoroCoro.

    1. They will 100% be revealed in CoroCoro. It’s already confirmed. The question is whether they will be accompanied by a game announcement.

  4. I’m so excited, Paul! You and Joe Merrick are both right on the money for this one! Can you imagine if we got both Pokemon Z and a Pokemon Yellow remake for the 20th anniversary? That would be so cool. I’ll be fine with just Pokemon Z, of course. And if no games are announced…well, like you said, it will happen before the end of the year!

    Also, I heard that the event starts at 9 AM EST on Friday, is this true?

    1. I just looked around and couldn’t find anything, but 9 am seems like the typical start time for events so it prolly is.

  5. HGSS were not announced at Worlds.. they were one of the only sets of games to actually be announced on Pokemon Sunday. If memory serves they had 2 orbs in gold and silver that they teased one week and then opened them the following week to reveal the games.
    I think they could announce at worlds but i think a direct is the more likely option although they could go with both and release a direct simultaneously with the world’s announcement.

    1. A correction needs to be made. They weren’t “revealed” at Worlds, but they were revealed for the Western regions. At the time, there was a large difference in release date due to translation. Nowadays, it would be revealed at one event (such as Worlds, where people from around the world will be watching) with a simultaneous release. At least that’s what I think.

      1. I suppose you could say that they were “revealed” for western audiences (although i would assume that nota single sole in that room wouldn’t have known about them lol) but the article does say that they were announced so using that as evidence to suggest an announcement is not really true so i agree a correction should be made. Other than that i agree that with the growing presence of World’s and the fact that a worldwide audience will be there and that the event is streamed live could mean they have decided to announce new games. My speculation is that they will announce the new game(s) at the opening ceremonies with a teaser and the titles and then reveal the new Pokemon (blob and shadow and more??) at the closing ceremony; that way people attending the event will be hyped the whole weekend and then the payoff will be at the end.

        1. That’s a very likely possibility. Either that, or they reveal both at a single ceremony. If I remember correctly, weren’t Mega Audino and Slowbro revealed at the event last year and then later revealed for Japan in the next CoroCoro? If that was the case, then we can at least expect that to happen again. The real question is whether the next game will be bundled with this announcement (which seems SUPER likely, because of many indicators that mostly rely on said new Pokemon). I mean, they’re NEW Pokemon! I’d like to think that the Zorua/Zoroark situation was strange with the game reveal happening six weeks later.

          1. Mega Kangaskhan was revealed at world’s 2 years ago and that was an exclusive.. Mega Audino was “revealed” an another event i think but Mega Slowbro was intended to be revealed at last year’s worlds but of course it and Mega Audino were leaked early by the website posting them; a fact that they acknowledged at world’s. As for the Zorua/Zoroark situation..the weird thing about that actually was that they announced the games so soon afterwards. Up until that point new pokemon had been announced and appearing in the movies YEARS before any game announcement. Togepi is of course the first and that was in the anime for over a year before GS were announced. Then you have Kecleon which appeared in the middle of the johto saga of the anime almost 2 years before RS were announced however Munchlax was revealed over 2 years before DP were announced and even Lucario was in the following movie before DP were announced a short while after. Zoroark was compared to Lucario a fair bit in the beginning due to how similar their reveals were in comparison to when their debut games were announced.

            So while i think that going on the more recent game announcements that it is highly likely a new game is going to be announced soon (high chance of it being at World’s)… it is possible that this could be a return to the days of reveals like Munchlax where it could be a year or even two before their debut games are announced.

            Personally i would like a reveal today and a release date of tomorrow but that might just be pushing it a little 😉

          2. I just can’t wait for the event to start, because there are clearly multiple things that can happen. The exciting thing is, we’re pretty much guaranteed a look into the future of Pokemon. As a fan, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this.

          3. Me too…. i have a love/hate relationship with this kind of time because i hate not knowing but at the same time i love being able to speculate with everyone.

          4. I’m honestly just glad the drought is finally going to be over. You guys are some of the best people to discuss video games with on the internet, and being away for six months is quite hard.

          5. IKR! Well, looking forward to the next 6-8 months of will they announce this, what pokemon is next, what region will they use, what types for gyms, will it be the same, what will they change etc etc. Going to be a blast 😀 I’m gonna chuck my two cents in now though…. i think it will be a Kalos/Hoenn merger acting as a sequel to both XY and ORAS and will be released early-mid next year.

          6. That would be cool! What I think is that we could get a Kalos/Kanto merger (technically serving as a Red/Blue sequel). Do you remember how in Vermilion City, there was this spot where a new building was being built in R/B, FR/LG and HG/SS? Perhaps all this time they’ve been hinting at some sort of sequel.

          7. That would be cool but they have been hinting at Kalos and Hoenn being neighbours since XY and only heightened it in ORAS so i think if they were going to do a Johto/Kanto type thing like in Gen 2 then it would be Kalos and Hoenn besides… they said the Battle Frontier would be ready soon and to check back later. Maybe later is coming 😀

          8. Of course although technically they didn’t reveal Ho-Oh until much later… at the time of episode 1; Ho-Oh was as much a mystery as the blob and shadow are to us now. The others were all actually revealed in full with their designs and name.

  6. I’m suuuuuuper excited for this weekend. Not only have I realized in recent years that watching people have Pokemon battles can b super fun and exciting, but now we have this possibly BIG announcement coming! The way I c it is this:

    1)This weekend we have the official reveal of the new game. I expect a game title and possibly some screen shots of in game or at the very least pre-rendered footage to tease the game in general. We might not get anything completely brand new idea wise, but it’ll b something at least. I’m sure they’ll at least have some graphics prepared lol

    2) Come Sept 15 CoroCoro releases and we get the new Zygarde(form/mega/whatever), a name for de blob, which will ultimately confirm what it is(Zygarde minion, actual Pokemon or whatever) and official box art

    1. So am I! Getting Pokemon news (hopefully) by the weekend as well as my schedule for Senior year (I get to see if I got into Calculus BC or not, I think I’m the only one excited for school :P).

      1. Today’s the day I get my Junior year picture and schedule. I’m already nicely dressed for it. Let’s hope I don’t get screwed over like last year! 😛

        1. I already have a monstrous schedule, taking all IB classes (College level-harder than AP), plus AP Calculus BC if I got it. All of my other friends are taking things like Office Aid and Journalism for their electives 😛
          Good luck!

          1. Thanks, I think it will be alright. I’m sure you’ll be great too, because you know your limits (if you even have any, it sounds like you don’t!) I’m taking my third year of Video Production as one of my only fun electives, but I’m taking my first AP (Environmental Science) to counter that.

      2. I’m a little daunted by school this year…or rather the end of the year lol Last year of school ever…… went by way too fast…..ENJOY UR TIME AS CHILDREN WHEN U CAN!!!!!!

          1. Communication. I wanna basically do video edits. My brother works for an advertising company and hopefully I can jump on that once I graduate. Then after we get a little more experience under us and take on our own clients the hopes r for us to start our own advertising company or at least make money doing organized freelance lol

  7. Hey guys, I ghost this comment section literally EVERYDAY. Thought I’d drop a message since its hype season and see if i can worm my way into the community xD

      1. Thanks 😀 Though I’ve actually been around since X and Y were ANNOUNCED back in Jan 2013.

        1. Well either way lol I’ve actually been around since Diamond and Pearl were released when this was a much different site hahaha

          1. Woah. That’s a LONG time ago! Diamond was my first ever game, then I went and bought a used emerald cartridge 😀

    1. Fear me me puny mortal, the very earth quakes in my presence and all who meet my gaze shall be ensured a slow and agonizing burial….and welcome to the community

  8. So Worlds is upon us. How will it differ from last year?

    I’m gonna predict a lot of Landorus T and Thundurus usage. Mega Kang will be everywhere like last year but now we have things like Mega Salamence and Mega Metagross itching for spots.
    Heatran and Cresselia on Trick Room teams.

    Basically legends everywhere….

    1. I can picture a lot of megagross and megamence
      But suppose any are bringing mega audino… that’d be nice

    2. there needs to be a lot of mega metagross or i will be very disappointed in people.

      1. It would be a good lead especially against Intimidaters. Notably non scarf Lando T, which would fear the Ice Punch.

        I’m wondering if Lightening Rod Sceptile would make a good partner with Discharge electric types.

    3. I’d like to see some Mega Alakazam, but I kind of doubt it. That’s one of my favorite Megas.

      1. I would like to see some variation as well…but with the powerhouse megas around the rest just take a backseat.

        1. I kinda dislike that part of the game. There might be 721 Pokemon, but only 10-20% of those are ever really used in competitive battling.

          1. Yeh, that’s kind of why I stepped out of the competitive scene for a bit. Gets repetitive after a while.
            Now I kind of enjoy playing the lower tiers on Smogon. Where things are not as conventional…

          2. There are 721 but how many are basic and pre evolutions out of the fully evolved pokemon and single stagers its closer to 40-50% used

    4. Like chaos and menacingcascoon said below, mega sceptile and mega audio would be cool to have pop up. Great strategy could come from either, and they won’t nesicarilly be expected.

  9. Oh man. I really really really hope so. I need something new to juice me up again. I’m a little Pokemon-drained at the moment.

  10. So there are three VIPs at the event this year. Is this the first time that’s happened? I only recall Masuda ever presenting.

        1. Ah I guess those 3 make the most sense as they are usually the ones that do interviews and show up to events lol

  11. I hope we get something, kuz we’re not getting Mystery Dungeon fer a while….
    and there aren’t too many games out there worthy of speculation or hype
    i hope they announce Yooka-Laylee……

    1. …Why would they announce Yooka-Laylee, a game that has already been announced, isnt made by Nintendo or Game Freak, and has nothing to do with Pokemon, at Worlds?

  12. Sucks that this hype build up week has to be when I start back up classes again. Well, at least there’s something to buy time until this weekend….

        1. Mamoswine has always been one of my favorite Ice-types. Aurorus and Glalie are great too.

          1. Yeah mine too, Mamoswine has been slaying a
            lot recently
            i mean i don’t want to be called out for its uberness but whatever it’s a massive powerhouse

          2. We need more Ice-type Megas than Mega Glalie and Anomasnow. Mamoswine, Dewgong and Froslass are my picks.

          3. I just need Mega Rhyperior and Excadrill
            But hopefully Megaswine would have thick fat

        1. i think this guy hate eyes ………y not, drawing eyes is the difficult part to determine character personality .

          1. i saw them …….. i didn’t ask about his name for nothing , of course he will use eyes but if u look carefully u can see some of them has cover on their eyes and some of them have no Pupil in their eyes …… i mean the eye not clear .. i don’t mean he didn’t use eyes but he trying to avoid it ….actually this is kind of cleverness .

  13. I really dislike posts like this. What happened to Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon !?! That series has put up massive sales numbers, almost as big as some of the main series games – and besides for Gates to Infinity – they games are REALLY good too. They’re not like most of Pokemons crappy spin-offs. These are very good

    1. There being a new main series game out around a spin off release isn’t new. This happens all the time. Idk y people r acting like GF or TPCI care. Gf has their own schedule to keep up with and since all spin offs aren’t their problem, they’re gonna do what they want. Also I don’t think fans of mystery dungeon should b afraid for the new game. There’s always gonna b some over lap and as u say the mystery dungeon games do well for them. It says a lot about it being able to b released adjacent to a main series reveal.

      1. Actually there being a main series game around the same time as a (substantial) spinoff has never happened- there has always been at least a 6 month gap.

  14. So I’d like to clarify that the three VIPs present at the Championships this year were also present last year. There is nothing different so far, other than the lack of an upcoming first party game, the impending announcement of a new Pokemon (possibly two because of the Japanese plush advertisement) and Mega Zygarde. Clearly we’re getting nothing on Friday. Clearly.

    1. Yeah I’m not surprised by the VIPs, but with everything being silently thrown at us I feel like there’s no way they won’t acknowledge something lol

  15. Not trying to act like an entitled fan but…They NEED to announce something soon because I said so.

  16. I’m not expecting anything,the most we’ll get is a name and type for the blob.

    Hopefully I’m wrong.

  17. I can’t wait to get up at 5:30 on Friday for the Opening Ceremony. I remember when I used to wake up that early for the 6AM Nintendo Directs…we miss you Mr. Iwata.

    1. I’m glad that it’s on the east coast this year…..and it was last year too right? Either it makes it easier for me since I live in New York state lol

    2. It’s nice living in a timezone where following events at unearthly hours is a piece of cake 😀

    3. Yea me too I can’t wai… oh I have school…..
      CURSES (also I liked my first day of school

      1. I hope you did! I just got my schedule yesterday and my parents are already fighting to get some teachers changed because they’re mean, difficult and unhelpful. There are so many of those teachers at my school, I almost don’t want to change on principle. They shouldn’t be TEACHING if they’re BAD at their job.

        1. Eyy I’m fighting too! I got put in AP Psychology (my 4th choice) even though there are no schedule conflicts with my 1st choice! We think it’s because my school thought I couldn’t “handle” taking Calculus BC. 🙁

          1. That’s Taurus-crap, if you’re getting amazing test scores you can handle it. And for me, I’m not willing to change if my 6th period English will be affected. I’m finally in a class with my best friend after years of waiting.

          2. I know the feel, I only had one class with my best friend before he moved away. Hope all this can get resolved before school starts, because there’s no way I can get my schedule changed then. I already went to school today to ask about it, but they said everyone was “busy”. I’m going to try again tomorrow. If getting an 800 on the math section of the SAT isn’t enough proof, idk what is! 😛

          3. At our school, they had papers plastered everywhere stressing the fact that classes can’t be changed until next Wednesday (the 3rd day of school). If they have to constantly push this fact on mad and concerned parents and students, you know it’s bad.

          4. I just want everyone to know that Chip helped me study and pass my university Chemistry final. This guy is uber smart.

        2. That’s the reason I got mine switched!!
          I can’t stand no help teachers so I switched
          Make sure you keep fighting, your education is more important than them not feel like wasting time!

  18. I find it interesting that they revealed Yo-kai Watch’s release date two days before the World Championships. Could it be because the press keeps calling it “new Pokemon” and they don’t want them to get it and Pokemon Z confused? Very interesting…

  19. Ooh! I’m pumped! I seriously would love to see the announcement of a new game! I’m glad that GameFreak took a break (2014-2015), but I feel that 2016 is most likely a release date of a new game. It would be about two years between OR/AS and this next title. Plus, we were bound to get another Pokemon Game due to Volcanion, the Battle Frontier, and this new Zygarde Forme/Mega Evolution.

    1. If it’s announced during the Opening Ceremony, it will most likely be releasing in early 2016 (around March/April) like Black/White did. What do you think the chances are of the new game announcement? I’m sure we’ll get something, but I don’t know if that’s what it will be. Everyone and their mother is expecting it now!

      1. I think it would b funny if they didn’t do a hard announcement. Like they just basically start releasing info on the new game, but never come right out with it that it is in fact a new game lol

      2. I’m going to be broke. Fire Emblem Fates, Bravely Second, and a potential Pokemon Game. Man, Nintendo is just burning my wallet.

        1. I still have to play Fire Emblem Awakening! I should have bought it last year, but it was sold out when I was intending to purchase. Ah well, it will happen at some point.

  20. I can’t believe I hadn’t realized this before. The 2016 Pokemon movie with Mega/Primal Zygarde and Blobgarde comes out next summer. Even with Zorua/Zoroark and their respective movie, the games came out just a couple months later. Unless it’s going to be a Munchlax situation, we can expect the game or games to come out in the spring/summer/late summer. Set your phasers to fun, because this could be an interesting weekend.

  21. So Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is releasing with a bunch of postcards in its amazon japan bundle featuring artwork of characters and locations from in-game… the last post card is a secret though, for some weird reason. Speculations?

    1. It could be that Super mystery dungeon will have references to new megas like Blobgarde and Shadowgarde. There are a few pictures of new merchandise floating around where one item is a secret. It’s also worth pointing out that Munchlax and Bonsly were present in XD (although they were unobtainable), and there were statues of Munchlax, Lucario, Bonsly, Weavile and Mime Jr in the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, both of which came out before Diamond and Pearl, so there is a precedent

      1. I think the last post card being of the antagonist is unlikely because the games usually have a “secret” antagonist and revealing it in a post card bundled with the game would be quite anti-climatic. However most of the games have secondary antagonists that pose as friendly creatures from the beginning like Dusknoir or Munna, so it could be Blobgarde.

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