New Pokémon Game Being Announced in 3 Days


Is the title clickbait? Yes, but there are very good indications that this year’s Pokémon World Championships in Boston, Massachusetts could be the location the next Pokémon game is announced. We already know that Junichi Masuda will be there for one the most important events of the year, and will also be attending the Pokémon Symphony the following day, but there are other clues as well. Six years ago the Championships were stage to another game announcement, SoulSilver and HeartGold. We’ve also already seen some new Pokémon from next year’s film which are currently game-less.

These three facts aren’t any sort of solid confirmation, but they do lend themselves towards one whopper of a conclusion: there’s a new game coming and we’re going to find out about it soon. The World Championships are being held August 21 – 23, meaning an announcement could be just three days away!

What do you think!?

<3 PJ

PS- Also I believe the spyglass in the 2015 Worlds logo means Pikachu is looking towards the future game and if you add the handles on the wheel there are 10 and the number of Pokémon is 8 and the next lowest even number is 6! GENERATION 6!! Also it is my hypothesis that the Illuminati are involved.