New Pokémon shown in September CoroCoro Leak

2015-09_01Here’s the scant information from the scan:

  • The new green Pokémon will be appearing in the TV anime before the release of the new movie next year
  • Zygarde starring in the anime Mega Evolution Act IV special. Could hint that the shadowy Pokémon from next year’s movie is indeed a Zygarde Mega Evolution

The new Pokémon is certainly cute and it could be similar to Togepi, Elekid, etc in how it is debuting early. It could also be related to Zygarde somehow, but looking at how there are multiple ones sleeping together it might be a looser connection like Carbink/Diancie.

What do you think about the shadowy figure? Is that Zygarde’s Mega Evolution? Will Zygarde get a Mega Evolution? I think we got more questions than answers out of this scan.

<3 PJ

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