New Pokémon shown in September CoroCoro Leak

2015-09_01Here’s the scant information from the scan:

  • The new green Pokémon will be appearing in the TV anime before the release of the new movie next year
  • Zygarde starring in the anime Mega Evolution Act IV special. Could hint that the shadowy Pokémon from next year’s movie is indeed a Zygarde Mega Evolution

The new Pokémon is certainly cute and it could be similar to Togepi, Elekid, etc in how it is debuting early. It could also be related to Zygarde somehow, but looking at how there are multiple ones sleeping together it might be a looser connection like Carbink/Diancie.

What do you think about the shadowy figure? Is that Zygarde’s Mega Evolution? Will Zygarde get a Mega Evolution? I think we got more questions than answers out of this scan.

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  1. Hmmmmm Well I suppose that’s to b expected….nothing totally new, but certainly some cool screen shots of de blob. This does further lead to an expected announcement sooner rather than later so I guess the next expectation is Worlds lol

  2. So I take it this will be this Generations Mew? I dont really count Hoopa cause of that big ole forme

  3. My guess? The little guys are mega zygarde’s, and the big one is the baby form?
    Haha wither that, or like everybody is sayong, the mini zygarde’s antibodies are the blobs

      1. I keep telling you it’s not a primal, everyone keeps thinking any Legendary Pokemon can Primally regress, Primal Groudon and Kyogre aren’t truly their original forms, as I said multiple times in the early Hoenn region it possessed a massive amount of natural energy which G&K drew tremendous power from transforming them into what the Native Hoenns call “Primal Groudon and Kyogre”
        Unless Zygarde had accesses to this great power source I don’t think it’ll be able to revert to a Primordial State when it absorbed said energy

        1. this is the first time u telling me by the way , but i am not sure if it’s primal or not any i was wrote many theories about that i didn’t know if u read it or not but the main concept of all these theories consider the little guy the original one “Beginning configuration” according to what u say it’s something like unicellular organisms it’s like creation the beginning from nothing road to infinity . and that’s according to my reading in certain mythologyi would like yo read it .

  4. The fact that Zygarde is appearing in the Mega Evolution: Act IV special pretty much seals the deal for me. Especially considering Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza all starred in the previous Act III and was aired in both Japan and the rest of the world before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It also ties in with the merchandise sell sheets, with those pieces of merchandise being released in November and December respectively. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for next month’s issue of the magazine to come out already!

  5. The fact that Zygarde is appearing in the Mega Evolution: Act IV special pretty much seals the deal for me that the giant silohuette is a new form, Mega Evolution, or Primal Reversion of Zygarde. Especially considering Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza all starred in the previous Act III and was aired in both Japan and the rest of the world before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As for the smaller green blob, it remains a mystery to me but I do think it ties in with Zygarde some way or may just be some random Pokemon such as Generation 7 early rep like Munchlax or Generation 6.5. Who knows? We’ll be finding out soon! This also all ties in with those merchandise sell sheets, with the merchandise being released in November and December respectively. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for next month’s issue of the magazine to come out already!

  6. Hello everyone! How are you!
    Finally we have new information regarding both Zygarde and the “new mysterious Pokémon”
    I really thought that Zygarde would have a new form and not a Mega Evolution but I’ll take it! It sounds interesting! But how about the two moves it has? Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves?
    Will Zygarde have two Mega Evolutions? The first one will be revealed in the Mega Evolution Special Act IV and the second in the movie?
    Will it be able tu use Mega Evolution like Rayquaza?

    About the green Pokémon, I don’t know what to think about it! But I like the green guy!

    Now we have to hope for a new game!

  7. News news news finally!!!!! I’m still saying its related to Zygarde and 6.5 gen and not 7 gen cause it’s too soon.

  8. oh damit there another scan for dungeon game , that’s mean this is the only scan related to Zygarde .

  9. i wouldn’t like spamming but i should go to sleep … there’s many people on the internet still thinking this little green guy unrelated to Zygarde … for all those i say just take look at his red spot shape maybe he is not an evolution like i think but it still related maybe it’s a part of him .

    1. Like Carbink and Diancie! We know that they are related but in the games you can’t turn a Carbink into Diancie. Maybe this will be like that!

      1. i know most people want new gen come but it’s too early Volcanion didn’t appear in anime he should have his own movie.

  10. 1. Zygarde is most likely going to be getting a Mega Evolution. If not, it would have to be something up to Mega Evolution standards, like Primal Reversion, or something completely new.
    2. This Pokémon. Don’t know what to say. Well, actually, I do know what to say; ITS ADORABLE AND I WANT IT NOOOOW.
    3. I have a feeling one of these two things (or the new game(s)) will be revealed at Worlds in a few weeks!

  11. I’m really starting to lean towards a lesser sub species not exactly a pre-evolution but more of “sentient manifestation of Zygarde’s DNA” as I theorized as some kind scouting cell that is produced by Zygarde to help monitor the ecosystem
    Or just a random species of Pokemon not yet discovered due to living underground
    Oooooo I hope it’s a Ground Type ^_^

    1. Thats what I think as well! I believe it´s some kind of organism that helps Zygarde to keep balance in the ecosystem

  12. I think that maybe both the little green blob and sugared are related for instance both of them have on eye and look at third heads there the exact same shape maybe it could be a pre-evolution? Or a like a pseudo form?

  13. Well this is exciting. It would seem Zygarde is definitely getting a mega. Can’t wait till they announce the next pokemon game (which they better do soon!!! Ultron commands it!)

  14. I’m convinced it’s going to be completely unrelated to Zygarde. Hopefully the first Dragon/Ghost non legend.

  15. More speculation, exactly what the doctor ordered! So this news gets one thing out of the way: Zygarde is getting a Mega Evolution. And this can loosely confirm that we’re getting a Pokemon Z/X2/Y2. Easy right? Well, this new Pokemon must have been thrown in just to confuse us. They’ve never added a new Pokemon in the last two games of a generation, because it would generally confuse people. Adding this new Pokemon in ANY Kalos game would be deemed unusual. So what’s up? Perhaps they’ll add way more than just this one Pokemon to justify the decision, because we can all agree that the hype stopped short with about 70 Pokemon this generation. Maybe another 70 Pokemon are in the works? That’s all I can think of. We don’t have much to work off of at this point.

  16. If Zygarde gets a Mega It could be similar to Rayquaza’s mega in that it needs to know one of it’s signature moves in order to Mega Evolve.

    The standard SubCoil set is really good. Imagine that set in mega mode, with the ability to hold leftovers.

    1. What about the slim chance Zygarde gets TWO megas? Depending on which move you have on it, and you could only have one in its set at a time? It would kinda be like mewtwo where they kept one form a secret until much later.

  17. I have a few theories about this Pokemon. It’s either a connected to Zygarde (similar to a pre-evolution) or it’s a 7th Generation Pokemon. Also, I don’t think it’s a legendary Pokemon since there is a huge amount of them. I’m thinking this Pokemon is from the 7th Generation, but the colours and design makes me think of Zygarde. (Also, since Zygarde is making an appearance in Mega Evolution Act IV… I think Zygarde’s New Forme might be a Mega!)

    Also, details about Super Mystery Dungeon’s Mega Evolution has been shown. If a Pokemon is capable of Mega Evolution; it could Mega Evolve with an item called a Ringle and Lapis. A Ringle is the item you hold and you find a Lapis in Dungeons and their only temporary. A Lapis disappears once you leave a Dungeon, so you could only find them in dungeons. (Added the scan)

    1. Actually, the lapis only increases the damage you do and decreases the damage you take, and there are a few different types. Mega evolved pokemon can break through walls though.

  18. Man, I really hope this means we get a new pkmn game announcement very soon. I’m starting to get impatient lol

    1. There is going to be one more Pokemon Game for the 3DS at least. Super Mystery Dungeon is going to cause Nintendo not to announce a mainstream Game this year. So, 2016 is when they would announce a new game, before the movie is released. Hopefully, the graphics and story are improved. Also, there has to be one more game because of the Battle Frontier, Volcanion, and the new movie.

      1. I dont know, I just find it weird that they’re getting us all hyped up now in august, with the green blob pkmn set to appear soon in anime in the Fall, and there still wouldnt be a game announced by then? I dont know, seems unlikely to me. (And im assuming the mega evolution special this year also?)

      2. Wait….announce or release? I’m 100% positive that we’ll get an announcement of Z/XZYZ/X2Y2 in the next month(maybe 2 months, but that’s stretching it) I may not b a huge fan of Mystery dungeon so I might b a tiny little bit uncaring about it, but even if I was a fan I’d still say that I highly doubt they would show off this blobmon and the Zygarde mega (?) if there wasn’t an announcement around the corner. Sure the actually release date of said game might not come until 2016, but that’s nothing new. I really don’t think they care if the new main series game in some ways over shadows the Mystery dungeon game a little. It’s had a number of months to have been shown off and the Japanese release is coming out next month. Even with the world wide releases, typically the Japanese release dates of the other Pokemon titles dictates what kind of news we get anyway. So with SMD out next month they’ll keep rolling on with whatever the new Zygarde game is.

        1. Apparently Corocoro also said that both Mega Zygarde (or whatever it is) and Blobby will be revealed fully in next month’s issue! Maybe, just maybe, we’ll also get a new game announcement. It would be strange to have these new Pokemon drift in a nether void until 2016 without a game to tie them to.

          1. Thats right! I completely forgot about that. No way they hold us out on announcement after 2015 if thats the case. Honestly I think we’ll get a new game announcement before the next corocoro in my opinion.

          2. I’m so excited. The news drought may finally be over soon! I don’t feel like the existence of Super Mystery Dungeon should cause the new main game to be revealed any later. Something makes me think the new game(s) won’t be releasing in October/November!

          3. I’m in the camp that Worlds is where it’s at. It just makes too much sense to not reveal a new game there. Especially with all this stuff being thrown out at us lol

          4. I’m ecstatic. Nintendo wants Super Mystery Dungeon to sell, so announcing a mainstream game around it’s release wouldn’t help. Plus, Nintendo has used Spin-offs to fill in years before. Hence, why I think their not going to announce a game in 2015. Yet, who knows. I feel like January 2016 would be a good date. Mostly, because that’s when X/Y was announced to the public. (September 15th is when the CoroCoro will be unveiling the blob and the “shadowy Zygarde”. I really can’t wait for details! Will it be Pokemon #000 like Victini?)

          5. one year we had 2 spin offs and 1 main title all in same year. they can announced in agust release in feb

      3. Well, technically Super Mystery Dungeon is a spinoff, so it would not necessarily dictate when the next main game is announced. However, an early 2016 reveal makes the most sense. That is, if it really comes out in Holiday 2016. It could come out as early as Summer, because of this new movie situation.

  19. I think that pic with the 5 green blobs is probably the most significant here in regards to what it could be in relation to zygarde. I’m gonna speculate that those things are actually on zygarde’s back and play a role in protecting the ecosystem with zygarde in some way. Maybe they’re pokemon that zygarde supports in a way, and in turn, they helps zygarde protect Kalos. However, the way it reacted to (new form zygarde in the teaser trailer makes me think that maybe its afraid of the new form. I really don’t know, I’m just saying everything that comes to my mind about this blob pokemon. Also interested to see what type it is.

    1. I feel like they are related to Zygarde, but aren’t part of Zygarde. Just like Diancie being a mutated Carbink.

  20. Lots of people, including Joe Merrick, think that something big will be revealed at Worlds later this month. Can someone explain why this is being speculated?

    1. Worlds is the big tournament that happens every year for Pokemon. They have announced some stuff there and it only makes sense. I believe M. Kangaskhan was announced there in 2013 lol

      1. Yeah, I was going to mention that. I also find the timing of this to be odd. Like I said below, it would be VERY unusual to have both Mega Zygarde and Blobby revealed without an accompanying game!

        1. Yeah this whole thing is just very weird….at least the way thy’re doing it anyway lol Idk it just seems weird all around. The pacing, the content released so far, the timing…..It definitely doesn’t give off the usual Pokemon release feel that we get. While it makes me excited in general, I find myself intrigued and fascinated by it more than anything. Pokemon/Nintendo/Game Freak are usually very predictable and technically speaking boring with the way they release and reveal info so for them to just kind of throw out this Zygarde mega and unknown Pokemon and basically say nothing feels very odd. Even if the end result is what everyone expected they’re taking a weird route this time it seems lol

          1. Well, Worlds apparently starts in 11 days, so we’ll definitely know very soon! I’m personally not too hopeful because all of the information has been Japan-focused so far, but that hasn’t stopped them before. They’re being very erratic right now for some strange reason. Also, on top of all this, there’s a new Pokemon being revealed from now until November for that “sleeping Pokemon” plush line. I can’t speculate with all this madness!

    2. Well they’ve revealed things at Worlds before, and all the new game hype right now is kinda leading up to Worlds.

    3. Since the reveal of Super Mystery Dungeon I’ve figured they’ll reveal something at Worlds. It just makes sense. I wouldn’t put it past them not to though.

      1. It’s not even something I considered until now, but I’ll get on this hype train. I do find it odd that they’re just pushing out that game next month in Japan without much fanfare. Seems like it’s just a game to fill the emptiness this year.

    4. Something has been revealed at Worlds every year since 2013.

      Mega Kangaskhan was revealed at Worlds 2013.

      Mega Slowbro was (officially) revealed at Worlds 2014, days after the leaks from the Korean website.

      The timing is just too perfect for something not to be revealed at Worlds later this month. Since we don’t know of any upcoming games this year, they might reveal the new games there!

      1. I just realized this says “every year since 2013.” You could’ve just said “for the last two years.”

  21. Hmmm, since there are multiple of those little blobs, maybe they aren’t exactly legendaries, maybe they are little cleaner uppers that maybe Help Zygarde once he restores order, they clean up the damages!
    Or maybe they are just random pokemon Ash encounters and doesn’t catch because he is stupid, but maybe Serena or Clemont will catch it, Secondary characters are known to catching pokemon that are from later generations. Such as May catching Munchlax, Misty catching Togepi, Alexa owning 3 Kalos pokemon, and Brock catching Bonsly!

    1. I don’t think next game will include the predicted “60+ more pokemon” because that will just add a bunch of confusion to the pokedex, for the first time, will there be regular pokemon after legendaries that are not starters? Or will they for the first time switch the order of the national pokedex. Either way, it’s confusing. But I do think we are close to having a new game announced and hopefully it will feature Mega Flygon (even though I personally want Mega Druddigon :P), Character customization, and Battle Frontier. Also I hope it doesn’t cut out too many good features from ORAS.

    2. i think i should ask u a question y GF should wait next gen to release a pokemon related to the previous gen?

      and if u think any body could catch it ….believe me u r not appreciate this little guy concept .

      1. I don’t know what the second half is saying, but the first half of your comment is done a lot throughout the anime.
        I stated examples in my previous comment

  22. So, before I begin, at first I was under the assumption when I first saw this Pokemon that it had no relation to Zygarde, mostly because the design aspect. To me, it didn’t look like a pre-evolution to Zygarde, an alternate form or anything like that. And don’t even get me started on the Baby Duskull theory (Verlisify, you’re a fucking idiot with all due respect).

    However after further research and speculation, I think I’m going to support the theory that this is indeed related to Zygarde. But how? If it’s not a pre-vo or an alternate form, how is it related to Zygarde?

    First, let’s start with the name of the first games, X and Y. This has been speculated to be related to axis’, the X Y and Z. But, I don’t think it relates at all to any directional axis’, in fact I think it actually represents chromosomes, with an overall theme of 6th Gen being biology and life. Think about it, Xerneas has the power to share eternal life, while Yveltal brings destruction and death. We’re still learning about Zygarde and how he fits in to the puzzle completely, but we do know that he’s the guardian, the balance when the world goes into chaos.

    Now this is cool and all, and this has been a theory that many people have expressed before. But let’s take it a step further. Has anyone noticed that BREEDING was completely revamped in terms of ease of use and that competitive battling has never been as popular as it is now thanks to how easy and understandable it is for everyone? Everyone and their mothers knows how to breed competitive Pokemon now. Breeding, a biological function that enables the ability to reproduce and repopulate, is a revamped feature in XY.

    Now this part here may be a stretch, but the fact that BEAUTY is a heavy theme in XY is interesting. Why? I’m sure most have you have heard something along the lines that “all life is beautiful” or something, whether it be parents that see their baby being born for the first time, or just someone that sees life as a sacred and fragile thing. I think the theme of beauty is used to emphasize that life is short, and you should appreciate not just the life around you but the fact that you’re alive as well. This is a reason why your XY adventure is with 4 other friends (Shauna, Trevor, Tierno and Serena) so you can all “appreciate” it together. Like I said, this part may be a stretch but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

    So, how does this all relate to the new Pokemon? Well, now that we’ve got a solid foundation on the idea that XY is based on biology rather than axis, it helps to clarify how and WHY it’s related to Zygarde.

    The new Pokemon is based off of a Zygote. Notice anything? ZYgote? ZYgarde?

    But what is a Zygote? It’s the most basic developmental stage in multi cellular organisms. Again, the reoccurring theme of biology. In single celled organisms however, they divide asexually through Mitosis. Well, let’s look at that Corocoro scan and OH, WHAT DO YOU KNOW? There’s multiple of those single cellular cuties. And the red spot that it has? A nucleus.

    How this all fits in together is the real question, and for us to all speculate. If Zygarde spawns little Zygotes, does Zygarde represent DNA, the genetic material that all life requires? What is Zygarde’s true power, sure it protects the environment and brings balance, but that’s just not enough, it has to have some hidden power that we don’t know about for this all to tie in together with the Zygote Pokemon and for Zygarde itself to make sense. How does this tie in to the Thousand Arrows and Waves moves? I don’t know. That’s for either you to figure out, or for Gamefreak to tell us.

    (Excuse any mistakes I might have made with my Biology, as I failed my AP Bio Exam 5 years ago with a score of 1)

    Science 1 : 0 Math

      1. i like it but u should consider the shape of the red thing is not circular shape … actually u show us how much this pokemon design is balanced ,,i can admit that as architecture .

    1. If it ends up having no connection to Zygarde, this long post might come back to haunt you 😛 I think you’re probably right though. I just hope we get the reveal of this Pokemon at Worlds, as well as the newest main games!

    2. I found it to be kinda obvious that XY would be based on biology back after the Megas were revealed. This would only make it concrete.

    3. First of all, the theme beauty gf gave tot xy when starting this project was an idea of masuda, why? Every game had his theme, kalos was based off france, masuda went on a trip tot France years ago and he saw the beauty of the country, he wanted to base the beauty of France in a new project, also kalos is based off the greek word for beauty

  23. Zygarde appearing in the new mega special comfirms that the Pokemon in the trailer is either primal or mega zygarde.
    I don’t think the blob is going to be a part of gen 7, I think it will have some sort of connection to zygarde, but the trailer showed it as if it was scared of zygarde…

    In other news we can break through Dungeon walls if we’re mega evolved…yay

  24. Looks like they’re leeches leeching a womb or something, jeez. What the hell did Pokemon become. Where’s Charizard, where’s the real Pokemon, generation 1, the original 151.

    1. The original 151 aren’t all gems. We do not like genwunners around here. Feel free to dislike his pokemon, but we don’t want biased negativity infecting the comments.

      1. These are awesome. Charizard is the best pokemon. And Pikachu, we need Pikachu popping out everywhere because it’s gen 1.

    2. i think gen 1 is just a beginning and yeah most beginning r spacial taste and strong Impression , since gen 2 GF trying to focus on mythical story , in some way they related to original one ….they succeed to achieve this in gen 4 in my opinion u know some clashes like Hoenn , devil and god like gen 4 ….yin and yang and finally norse myth ……..actually i am a big fan of Charizard maybe he was my favourite of all time but i understand y i love him maybe his design is cool but that’s is not the only reason …..we love his his character and personality in the anime , the anime was better than now at least or we just grow up … the way we love our past our memory an childhood ……so just give this little mythical blob his chance ..being small doesn’t mean not great .

      1. Actually my favourite generation is Youknowha. I was just messing around, just trying to look at the world from a different perspective for fun, you know by being sarcastic. Just poking fun at Charizard frenzy general public mostly have.

        1. Actually maybe cuz my bad english i didn’t u r just being sarcastic… the way wat Youknowha is ?

          i don’t know y i have this felling …..r u sure ur ok ?? ur not suffering from depression or something right?

          1. I bet youknowha, our beloved Unova!

            It’s creepy how you felt this but I really am suffering from depression and I am not close to being OK.

          2. ur really strange … could u have this Intellectual maturation and being like this ? maybe i know the answer the pain make us maturing .

            i hate how human being stupid and weak if u think that’s wat u really r u deserve ur pain . maybe i can help u and i do that for nothing .

      1. Ah yes, the furry who uploaded that highly questionable Baby Duskull video. What could have been going through his mind?

        1. Don’t even acknowledge him, no one is that stupid, he just is getting attention

          1. Yup, he just wants attention,
            His whole ‘fame’ (infamy more like it) came from him lying that other poke tubers were practically bullying him.
            Although I guess in that way, he is stupid

  25. Well these pics did help me update my physiology report
    it appears that the red marking on its stomach appears on its back so either it has a pair of markings, or the more believable it’s skin is transparent making it extremely cell-like

    1. Man if i ever get to be a Pokemon Professor i’d study Pokemon Attacks and Physiology
      I mean if Pokemon can universally learn all these moves then it must result of some kinda grand unified cellular make-up

          1. but what about my earlier hypnosis as a scouting cell
            i think check the first revealed article

  26. I believe this pokemon to be based on either chloroplast or mitochondria that, as everyone else has been speculating, work with Zygarde perhaps. Maybe Zygarde sends them to help purify the Earth after destruction events. While they look more like Chloroplast, being based on Mitochondria makes more sense as those are responsible for energy production and respiration in plant cells! So if the Earth is destroyed, they can help it become nurtured again, something they may be doing in that picture where they are glowing green and appear to latched onto the ground. If it is something like this (plant cell related) I’d expect it at least to be part grass type. Grass/psychic.

    1. Chloroplasts generate ATP as well through light-dependent/independent pathways. However, the mitochondria does generate the most ATP as it utilizes the electron transport system.

      On a side note, I’m digging this cell-like pokemon, aside from the reuniclus line. More science pokemon yay!

  27. I’ve thought of a new theory. I believe in the next Pokemon Game; Volcanion might receive a Primal Reversion. Here’s why I think that’s possible. Diancie was tied to X/Y (Even thought it’s Mega Evolution was in OR/AS), Hoopa is tied to OR/AS, and that leaves Zygarde to be unveiled in the next Pokemon Game. Diancie received a Mega Evolution, Hoopa got a Forme Change, so that leaves Volcanion to get a Primal Reversion! It would be neat seeing a hyper-powered Steam Pokemon! :]

      1. Reverting to a more ancient state. Any ancient pokemon could have one until we know their lore and origin.

        1. This is true, maybe there is apart of Zygarde’s story we still don’t know about, so maybe the world was in complete chaos and fixed it all but had to go in a deep slumber in Terminus cave and lost a lot of his power, thus allowing him to primal reverse.

          1. He could totally have a primal form. Perhaps that’s why he’s in a cocoon-like form. It could go either way, honestly. It’s whatever Gamefreak wants to do. I’m leaning toward primal form for Zygarde.

        2. Yes and no
          It was a primal age, early in the world’s history. The natural world was overflowing with energy. That energy granted Groudon and Kyogre an overwhelming power. Seeking ever more of that energy for themselves, the two clashed again and again, and their battles cast the people and Pokémon of Hoenn into great danger. Brimming with the overwhelming power granted to them by nature’s energy, their transformation was named “Primal Reversion” by later people. And the people called their tormentors Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre…
          (sited source

          Most people assume Ancient Pokemon can go primal just because they existed back then and assumed they had a greater form that lessened over the years

          I’m strictly following the formula that only Groudon and Kyogre can achieve this state because they weren’t Primals to begin, they existed as normally as they were depicted then absorbed the natural energy and became these forms which they were called by the native hoenn’s Primal G&K

          Unless they had access to this massive power i highly doubt any other can achieve/reawaken this kind of power

          and don’t even bother bringing up Primal Dialga since it didn’t really change it just went on a rampage running on pure primal rage

          1. I’m just saying that it’s not impossible to have another primal reversion. It could happen somehow. Gamefreak would just have to want it 😛

  28. I’ll lol at all the people who thought this was a real pokemon and it’s really a plot device for the movie.

  29. I’m finishing the playthrough of FireRed that I started a long time ago. It feels great to play Pokemon again.

  30. I’m imagining that thing’s 3D model.. It’s weird, it feels a bit off. Idk, I definitely like the thing, but it doesn’t really feel like a “New Pokemon”. It’s hard to explain .-.

    1. i think u feeling right ……….the 3d model would be great if the skin’s transparency has Been considered look at the picture above while these little creatures trying to combined or wat ever .

  31. so what is the next pokemon game? is it pokemon z or a2 y2? i haven’t heard nothing in ages and fall/winter is approaching fast.

    1. Super Mystery Dungeon is the only game coming out this year. It releases next month in Japan, and a few months later elsewhere. We are hoping that the next games will be revealed within the next month to tie in with the new Pokemon. However, it might be revealed next year instead. That’s all we know right now.

  32. I now see why you guys hate Verlisfy so much. I watched one of his videos about his theory on Super Mystery Dungeon being Pokemon Z’s storyline. It made me cringe and almost want to throw up. I really want to slap some sense into this guy! He’s such an idiot & poisioning the already 80% messed up fanbase with his twisted mind.

    1. Yeah….I just watched that video too…..Idk….I can’t say I hate him, but even just half listening to him makes me cringe…..I get the feeling that bc he’s on YouTube and has a certain amount of followers he thinks he’s special……that happens to a lot of people on YouTube and I find the “PokeTubers” that fall into this category the most annoying….That might b bc I pay more attention to the Pokemon community on YouTube more than I do any other community on YouTube tho lol Either way just from the way he was talking it seems like he has his own thumb up his butt and thinks his opinons matter more…..very annoying, but in a subtle way….at least that’s what I gather from that video and that almost makes it even more annoying hahaha

      1. Yeah. I wouldn’t say I hate him. I just don’t like his ego. It seems to me like he’s a little too self absorbed. I feel like there’s good Poketubers and bad Poketubers. Some are great, really love to interact with the audience and do videos because they love making them. While others just do videos for the Subscribers and the fame and don’t even know what they are talking about half of the time. Verlisfy is one of those bad Poketubers. The entire time I was watching the video, I was like: “What the hell is he thinking? “Game Freak doesn’t even make the Mystery Dungeon games.” “The universes are different.” He posted another video, as this video was made on August 9th, a day before the CoroCoro scans to address the CoroCoro scans. In that video, he put the thumbnail he used for the August 9th video and a (Whoops) popped for a few brief seconds. His entire theory was torn apart once Zygarde was confirmed for the Mega Evolution: Act IV. At least he admits his stupidity and says that he honestly doesn’t what Pokemon is up to and that is the magic behind it.

        1. OMG u actually used his phrasing of “that’s the magic behind it” hahahaha that’s too funny

          1. I never watch his videos. I just found that video sitting in the recommended videos sections, titled “Pokemon Theory: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon’s Story IS Pokemon Z Version’s Story” to get a good laugh (not realizing it was made August 9th, a day before the scans). Then I watched the follow-up video of him discussing the CoroCoro scans.

    2. The fact that he’s a furry and he’s retarded af does not sit with me, or pretty much anyone else.

  33. Welp. I had to point it out because nobody else has yet:

    “Here’s the scant information from the scan…”

      1. he will appear, but male an announcement i don’t think so if u mean something related to the new game .

  34. I know this is old but I was replaying Y and never realized what’s up with the statues at the elite four before you go and face them.

  35. So Mega Evolution Act IV just got a trailer released and it seems like the green blob thing is Mega Evolving (or at the very least, releasing a big surge of power)

  36. That trailer was interesting. It is quite possibly a stand-alone Pokemon, as there were quite a few of them, but that does no mean it’s not related to Zygarde. It would not be in the special if it did not have something to do with Mega Evolution.

    I don’t know if I’m really going out here, but maybe Zygarde is the Mega Evolution of this blob thing? Nah, that sounds stupid and complicated. But I definitely feel like this Pokemon will become Zygarde in some way.

    Who knew this Pokemon would cause us so much confusion?

  37. With the green blob cellular Pokemon appearing in The Mega Evolution Act, I feel like it might have something to do with Zygarde, especially with the hexagonal shape on its back from the new trailer. Maybe they hold the power to Mega Evolution as well?
    I wouldn’t go as far as to say they Mega into Zygarde but I definitely feel they’ll have some connection to the shadow Pokemon at the end of the movie. Maybe Zygarde, it it is its Mega, doesn’t evolve via a stone, but more via energy of these Pokemon, coming from the environment to maintain the balance, making it more human guardian-esque formed?
    I have to say, I do enjoy the Mega Evolution Arc and I like that they’ve introduce Lysandre and hopefully Team Flare (with Malva being shown), it’s kind of a more grown up Pokemon series compared to Ash’s adventures in a way, cause let’s be honest, no-one’s really paying attention to Ash, even though he has 2 more badges to get (with no sign of Flare)

  38. Alright based off the Mega Evo Act 4 trailer we can all agree these little blobs clearly have a bigger purpose then lead on
    •There were multiple of them
    • They were shown to be underground in a cave
    • They definitely have a great deal of energy (I saw vines flailing in that scene so it could be plant/environment related, or just the cave had them growing
    • it and its friends look very weak so something must be going down
    •Chespy (or whatever the klutz named it) was glowing green similar to the anime effects of Overgrow or it could’ve absorbed some of its energy
    •Mega:Banette, Alakazam, Houndoom Venusuar were present in the trailer and mega Pinsir and Aggron in the poster (WHERE THE FRACK IS MEGA HERACROSS)
    •and my final piece of info is that these Blobicellular things are very smal since they only reach up to a Chespin’s torso and neck and since Chespin is only a foot and four inches I estimate that these things are 8inches tall

  39. Hey guys, here’s an interesting question: Do you think the little green blob Pokémon will be “playable” in the next game? If so, will it be the last Pkmn in the Dex(#722)? Or will it be the same # as Zygarde? It would be weird having that tiny little thing as the last Mon for Gen VI, right? I don’t think Gamefreak ever introduced a Pkmn that wasn’t catchable before, IF that thing is a regular pokemon at all!

      1. I feel like this has been said so many times, do people not remember Togepi or even ho-oh on first episode?

  40. According to Mega Evo Act 4 trailer i think Zygarde is created by many of this little green blob , like i said before it’s kind of defusion and some how he has the same Zygarde species .

    1. I agree with you. I feel as if these little blobs are some kind of spawn from Zygarde having to do with its role in maintaining the ecosystem, and they clearly are related to how Zygarde mega evolves and ‘shows its true power’. Everything seems to link so easily.

    2. I agree with you. I feel as if these little blobs are some kind of spawn from Zygarde having to do with its role in maintaining the ecosystem, and they clearly are related to how Zygarde mega evolves and ‘shows its true power’.
      This even strongly links to how Zygarde will learn Thousand Arrows+Waves, seeming as they are highly abundant.
      Everything seems to link so easily. :’)

      1. Thousand of this little blobs creating Zygarde sound logical , if look at the original Zygarde u can’t see a clear eyes, no mouth , no determine character ……… all of this lead to this .

  41. Seeing the footage from the Special trailer has me slightly more convinced that the blobmon is a Pokemon all it’s own. I feel like they wouldn’t give it such an interesting personality if it didn’t come into it’s own being.

  42. After watching the Mega Evolution Act IV Trailer, this Pokemon is completely connected to Zygarde. It has a green hexagon on it’s back and due to the serpent-like form. I don’t know if the relationship between them is like Carbink and Diancie; but I can’t wait for September’s CoroCoro so we could finally know what this Pokemon is! (Also, this Pokemon was in a lab. Why was it being tested?)

    1. And it seems Researchers were examining it, and causing harm to them, thus causing Chespin to take one (or chespin kidnapped an innocent pokemon 🙂
      It got me thinking, maybe Zygarde has to do with Mega Evolution, Like Rayquaza, and since Blobby is related to Zygarde (or at least found near Zygarde) the researchers took those pokemon instead. Maybe sound a little weird because I am not at explaining things, but I hope you get the point.

    2. The lab I wasn’t sure if it was where they stored that crystal thing at the end of the third act, and the blobs were somehow formed from the energy witching

    1. That’s awesome! I truly hope you expose him/her to Pokemon early in life. I’m going to do that for my children. It’s what made me who I am as a person…as tacky as that may sound!

  43. So it turns out I missed a Diancie event that I somehow didn’t hear about. Does anybody have a spare that I could lock up in my Bank – I mean, cherish and love?

      1. I have a Diancie from GameStop, but if you have an extra from the Wi-Fi event I’d be very interested. Only if you really want to, though, since I really don’t need it.

          1. It’s alright, I’ll ask again some other time. Maybe not though, I can manage with one.

      1. Yeah it is, I know. I just feel guilty about missing the Wi-Fi event. It really doesn’t matter that much.

  44. So the Mega Evolution Act IV is the last act? That’s actually kinda sad, Gen VI is about to end T.T
    but on the bright side, Gen VII’s coming up so.. yay

    1. Something tells me
      Serena is staying for gen 7 (even though characters representing protagonists in game, like May, and Dawn normally don’t come back)

    2. I wouldn’t really count on it so soon. Ash still needs to get two badges, enter the League and after that they still have time for spin-off stories (Battle Frontier again?).
      Looking at the upcoming movie next year starring Zygarde and its formes/derivatives (with that small blob closely resembling larvae), it seems likely that the next game will be a ‘Z’-like third version.
      The rumours has it that NX is replacing the Wii U next year (going by Square’s comment to port console games over) and it’s unclear whether NX will be a sort of unified platform or branding. So the 3DS still has to do for a little longer, as evidenced by an amount of 3DS games announced (AC: Happy Home Designer, Fire Emblem: Fates, Triforce Heroes, Hyrule Warriors, M&L: Paper Jam, Super Mystery Dungeon, Bravely Second, Federation Force, Project X Zone). Compare that to the upcoming Wii U games (Mario Maker, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem, Star Fox (lol, not even a big effort) and Zelda) with only Zelda and FE being 2016 releases. It’s not hard to see which system is on the way out.
      Thus Gamefreak still has some leeway to release a number of games, with ‘Z’ likely hitting mid 2016. I’m only expecting a new generation when the 3DS succesor gets announced / nearly released, which has to be around end of 2017. Which is still two years from now.

      1. Your back m8. :]

        Anyways, I do agree. I believe the NX is going to be a home console. It’s just screaming that due to the closed-door E3 showing rumor (Third Party Developers gave the NX extremely positive feedback.) and Square Enix literally loving the system. As Reggie said; the 3DS has like 3 to 4 more years on the market. It’s currently the most sold system of the 8th Generation and it’s still moving units. Nintendo’s transitional phase is likely 2016. Their highly going to port the remaining Wii U titles to the NX (Such as Xenoblade Chronicles X, SMT x FE, and Zelda Wii U).

        I’m guessing that GameFreak will announce a new game; either in early 2016 or mid-2016. Basically, Pokemon “Z” might release in late 2016 between early 2017. GameFreak likely pushed back the date due to fans saying that the games released too quickly. (ex. X/Y: 2013, OR/AS: 2014)

  45. Since it’s that time for Pokemon fans to create speculations and stuff, what if we list down things that we think would be cool for Z?

    – Champion Malva, Mega Pyroar Fire/Poison (extremely farfetched I know, but Manticore, man)
    – Malva is also the leader of the Neo Team Flare (seeks to revive Lysandre using a modern-day ultimate weapon)
    – Zinnia becomes champion post-game (Mega Goooodraaaaa)
    – Haunted House upgraded to the Haunted Mansion
    – Couriway dock takes you to a new but smaller region
    – LET ME IN THE POWER PLANT GODDAMMIT (Kalos Power Plant and New Mauville connected confurrmed?)
    – Accessory customization. Mega. Freaking. Gauntlet.
    – Battle Frontier. Duh.
    – Rematch gym leaders/fight other region’s gym leaders in a café called Battle Café or something
    – I actually liked the Villa thing back in Pt, so.. I guess Villas are back but they function similarly to Secret bases? And you get to choose where your villa is situated
    – Tower of Mastery contains challenges on each floor, complete these challenges and you get rewarded Mega stones

    Yeah I know, random requests xD

    1. Why could it be a Manticore? Just because Litleo’s tail had a point does not equal Manticore’s scorpion tail
      Also why would Zinnia be champion? And a better question why Mega Goodra? Her signiture Pokemon is Salamence
      And Battle Frontier is… Fun it’s just too time consuming when a standard battle tower works just fine
      And did Lysandre die?

      1. I think it depends on the version u played. In X he talks about how the weapon will turn u all immortal and it’s implied it only worked on him in the end. In Y he says that he’s gonna straight up kill u and ur friends with the weapon and it’s implied he’s dead after the collapse. Either way he’s no where to b found in the end so it’s hard to say. I personally prefer Y’s version bc I like that they went a darker route with him actually telling th protagonist that he’s going to kill them all and actually tries to do so…….well b4 the base collapses that is lol

      2. Y u gotta b sucha ho wit’ people’s theories? Let the people speculate!
        (i do agree tho that the mega goodra thing was stupid for Zinnia tho, ‘mence ftw)

      3. -I know the Manticore thing is waaay out of left field and dumb but that was such a good idea for a Litleo evo back then and this is a wishlist, so I thought I’d add it and I was going with the notion that the way Malva would win against Diantha is if she were to take down that Mega Gardevoir which Idk a poison type? Now that I think about it, if Pyroar were indeed to become a Manticore, it would become Fire/Dark, with it learning Dark Pulse and Crunch and stuff.
        – Idk, the Zinnia thing I just pulled randomly, and where else would she go after ORAS? Also, since Z would revolve around Zygarde, a dragon type, you’d think the Draconid people would play a role in it. Mega Goodra cuz I wanted it introduced somehow, and the notion of people swapping out Megas isn’t that farfetched
        – I mean other people want a Battle Frontier and challenging them are optional
        -I was going into the notion that Lysandre had died, if he were still alive, I would’ve gone a different route

    2. I like some of your ideas. Yet, I have to agree with EarthenWarrior. Their quite far-fetched. Malva as a Champion wouldn’t work out. I rather them keep Diantha. I would love to see Malva have more use in Team Flare; extending her plot line. Why would Zinnia come to Kalos? I know the regions aren’t that faraway… Yet, it seems ridiculous (Plus, her Main Mega is Salamence).

      Customizing your Mega “Devices” sounds awesome. I would serious love that. Battle Frontier and Rematches are a great idea. It sucks that OR/AS didn’t include Gym Leader rematches. The Tower of Mastery could be extended; maybe you could challenge various Mega Evolution Masters. :]

      1. I thought the only place Zinnia would go is Kalos, since Z’s story would revolve around Zygarde and with Zygarde being a dragon type, I thought the Draconids would play a part in it haha

  46. Kind of have this theory that more or less coincides with bacteria and biofilms formation. Looking through the comments, I saw one that mentioned these little cell-like pokemon making up zygarde and how zygarde didn’t show any definitive eyes, mouth, etc. Maybe zygarde is a “biofilm” of these possible unicellular pokemon.

    Bacteria are pretty weak on their one as a single cell, but when aggregated into a biofilm of millions and millions of cells, they come almost indestructible. The whole biofilm become significantly more resistant to changes in its environment and antibiotics.

    The possible mega zygarde maybe an oad to how biofilms become more resistant as each bacterial cell reproduces. Could also be why the possible mega zygarde is so large in appearance.

    Molecular Microbiologist

  47. I just thought about this… The blobs look like mini Zygarde, however they could just be the result of Zygarde’s aura altering them since they seem like cave dwellers. We also don’t know what’s east of Kalos. They could be Pokemon from the neighboring region since the cave divides Kalos and region next door.

    1. When you mentioned it, I thought of Couriway Town. Where does the Railway actually go? To a second area/region? Will that be where the next game will start?

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