Grab a Shiny Rayquaza While You Can

Shiny legendary Pokémon don’t come by every day, but for a limited time Shiny Rayquaza can be yours if you own a North American Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire game. From August 12th through September 14th you can download it to commemorate the release of Pokémon TCG: XY—Ancient Origins.

Rayquaza also knows the move Dragon Ascent which allows it to Mega Evolve. So get downloading!

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FEATURED DISCUSSION: Pokeball Pattern Vivillon

    1. I had legit bred and trained a Dragonite the day before the release of that. :/ mines better despite no cherish ball.

  1. Wow, so you’re telling me that my shiny 6 IV Adamant Rayquaza that I got in Emerald on my first SR is less valuable now? Shame… :/

  2. Oh I got mine alright. I actually really like Shiny Ray Ray more than the normal one.

  3. I’d like to share this leak I found on 4chan today. It was a huge thread with lots of people calling it fake, but it was deleted oddly too early (as you can see, it was only alive for about 4 hours). Take a look and see what you think.

      1. It’s probably fake, but it’s also VERY specific. I’m calling it fake just to be safe.

          1. Not too much longer until then. I haven’t watched any Worlds before, but I will this time.

          2. Honestly tho I love reading leaks and rumors of stuff like this. Even if I suspect its fake it just gets my hype up for the games even more.

          3. I normally wouldn’t post rumors like this, but I thought it would be smart to bring a bit of discussion to this site.

        1. I think how specific this is actually makes it less credible. Hypothetically speaking if the games are announced this month, we’ve still got to wait at least 6 months or so until they are released. These are months in which the games are still in development and plans can change rather quickly.
          The second red flag is that this is off of 4chan. People claim that they work for NoA or something similar but they don’t have as much in depth information as a GF employee would, and they wouldn’t use 4chan, they’d use the Japanese “version” 2ch. Leaks this specific wouldn’t come from an american source, so yeah definitely fake. It’s fun to speculate again though. 😛

    1. Lol. ‘For every Zygos on the players team Zygarde’s power increases’

      First Digimon, now Yu-gi-oh. What next…Dragonball Z Super Saiyan mode…calling it.

    2. Not opposed to what he was saying entirely………not only is he from 4chan, but he also said some things I think would never happen like getting a new batch of starters….lol

        1. Oh right I forgot it said that hahaha That was the biggest flag for me and I started to chuckle to myself when I read it lol

          1. Honestly I like some of the ideas…but most of it just a fans wishlist.
            I can personally see 2 megas for Zygarde…maybe more Pokemon for Gen 6 and the idea of having a second setting next to Kalos (which could explain the new Pokemon).
            But that’s probably asking for a bit much…

          2. Oh yeah the whole thing came across as a wishlist rather than something that could actually happen. I the the fact that it’s as detailed as it is, is a flag in it’s own right.

          3. Regardless of that, he/she does point out a reveal at Worlds which is what we’re all thinking. I’m putting my money on it.

          4. Well yeah I’m pretty positive that there’ll b a reveal at worlds. There’s been so much silent build up to the reveal that I don’t think it can happen anywhere else. lol

    3. Amiibos? Please let this not be real among other things such as Gen VI starters having 2 Megas (not needed).
      Dya have any idea of how fast they would sell out at, only leading to higher prices on Ebay?
      I still want to buy the 6 Smash Poke Amiibos but haven’t got round to that because I don’t feel like paying £20 + when the original price is like £10 but they’re out of stock

      1. You can get some pretty decent prices on Amazon now. Higher than MSRP, sure, but in the $20-$30 range for some rares. If this was to happen, pre-ordering would be a requirement.

    4. Ew
      Grass psychic mega chesnaught
      I don’t believe it
      Chesnaught can’t get psychic attacks

    5. Absolutely fucking fake, if you believe this you are incredibly dumb
      Megas do not lose their primary typing so in this case Zygarde which is a Dragon/Ground type it being a Ground/Fairy or Ground/Dark is incredibly absurd

      1. Actually, I don’t think that’s the reason we should believe that this is fake. There are other absurdities than mega changing type in above text. We must be ready to except the unexpected from Pokemon. Megas might change their primal typing, there is no rule about it, nor it is what defines a megaevolution process.

        1. and besides why would we get new Starters this early, we’re still in Kalos
          it’s a load of fanboy wishes and will get nothing more then harshness from me
          (but i do like the name Zygos and Smokub)

          1. He’s just responding to what u said in regards to megas, and so was I. That right there about the starters probably is illogical, who knows.

          2. T_T it’s 4Chan they’re always faking info
            this is 100% bullhonkey and you guys are far too believing when it comes to things you want being dangled
            Besides isn’t it a little ironic that the Mega Kalos shift their secondary typing? and that Mega ZX is a Fairy and Mega ZY is Dark…. zero thought and unless they mention it’s attack oration then because Mega Mewtwo and Charizard X are Physical and Mega Mewtwo and Charizard Y is Special and i don’t think this’ll work out

          3. My first response to you included the words “I still do think its fake” so I dont think its real either….

            Again, I was only responding to your notion that megas cant lose their primary typing lol.

      2. Ya megas not losing their primary typing isnt really a good reason to call this fake lol, but yeah I still do think its fake.

          1. Dude u act as if they can’t or will never change what we currently have…..unless u have some insider info u’d like to share with the class I think that’s not a very fair point to make. Still it’s obviously fake, but whatever…….lol

          2. It doesn’t matter what we have currently tho….GF is gonna do what they want and if that turns out making as being a mega that removes primary typing then there’s not a whole lot u can do about it……..

          3. A mon getting its primary typing removed isn’t even that big of a deal. You’re sorta acting like its gonna be some gamebreaking thing. It wouldn’t be something difficult for them to do lol. Again, I’m only responding in regards to this mega cant lose their primary typing thing.

          4. It is sooooo big a deal, their Primary type is what defines it
            No Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution NEVER lose their Primary Typing

          5. Is that some sort of rule? If regular evolutions can why cant megas? You could say the same thing for regular evolutions, that “their primary typings define them” but we’ve seen it happen tons of times to regular evos.

          6. Ehh fair enough but granted it’s a Flying type and they’re always secondary typing

          7. alright there’s that
            but still doesn’t lose it’s primary typing

            It’s like a unspoken rule Gamefreak has
            Megas don’t lose their Primary Typing and if (and i surely hope we don’t see more of these) Pokemon with Duel Megas the X version is always Physical and Y Special

          8. Well referring to what belmad said, that fact that something hasnt happened yet isnt a great reason to say it can’t. We’ve already seen irregularities in regards to the normal patterns of megas, two in fact.

          9. OK, this is pretty much a Black Swan event. “A belief that all swans are white because these were the only ones accounted for. However, in 1697 the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered black swans in Australia. This was an unexpected event in history and profoundly changed zoology. After the black swan were discoverd, it seemed obvious that black swans had to exist just as other animals with varying colors were known to exist as well.”

          10. The fact that it’s fake doesn’t make ur statement about a Pokemon losing it’s typing any less crazy……

          11. Darling, I’m not avoiding anything.

            Up to Gen 5, there were no pure flying type Pokemon for example. We could all say No there sholdn’t be any pure flying type Pokemon, name one pure flying type Pokemon that is anounced etc, people would bring Arceus but people can say this is not the same thing, it’s a form difference etc… This is the same case.

      3. A little bit too harsh for me, Earthen, but I agree with you that it’s most likely fake. Do you believe we’ll get a real game announcement at Worlds?

          1. To be fair I agree with the idea that the Primary Type shouldn’t change when the Pokemon Megas.

            Regardless of what GF chooses to do. It makes sense to me to keep the Primary type constant.

    6. Hmm.
      It threw me off at the three new starters and the two Mega Evolutions for each of the “original” Kalos starters. Same with the amiibo. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to having something like this be true, even in partial. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up. There’s a little too much that’s steering away from a typical Pokemon installment, and I think such changes are better saved for a new generation. But thank you for sharing this with us and livening the place up a bit. 🙂

    7. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if this turned out to be fake. The starters are completely boring and unoriginal, and the megas sound really odd

    8. I believed it right up to the point where he started talking about amiibos. I just can’t see Pokemon doing something like that just for minigame purposes.

    9. I’ve seen leaks with the same exact starter names and descriptions for Black and White. xD

      They were somewhere on reddit, but I can’t find them anywhere.

      Nice try though, leakers.

      (And they probably deleted the post quickly because of how ashamed they were at their leak lol)

  4. So do you guys think something main story wise will be revealed at world’s?
    I kinda don’t think so, but I hope something does, yet I just don’t think they will

        1. I think that’s what’s most weird about this. Usually they do a little more than hint at an announcement, but this time they’re coming in under the radar.From the subtle hints they’re sending out I feel it’s a pretty good chance it’ll b a Worlds announcement. It would b pretty funny tho if they only announced a Pokemon Direct at Worlds and we basically got a an announcement for an announcement lol

          1. The only one mentioning the legitimacy of the leak is you. I only included it to incite discussion.

    1. Nope. I just expect some minor info. Maybe even just a reveal of a new game(s).
      When is World’s anyway?

    2. It seems to be a common belief. For the past two years they have revealed new Megas at the event, so having nothing this year would be unusual.

      1. Especially with the full CoroCoro reveal of de blobmon and the Zygarde Mega next month which would only b a couple of weeks after

        1. It was a rather unimpressive sweep. Not only does Garchomp outspeed most, if not all of those Pokemon on your opponent’s side, you also landed a flinch and a crit with Iron Head, making those 2 Pokemon useless, which would have prevented the sweep completely. And Diancie? Well, it stood no chance, that thing dies to a bullet punch. It was a decent battle, but if the hax were on your side of the field, you would have gone ballistic and claimed that life hates you.

          1. ur opponent have a nice technique but u beat him i think u r good ……..this battle enthuse me to return to Showdown , i would like to battle u but i should build my monotype team cuz i didn’t use it before .

    1. i think u share this cuz just ur opponent use fairy type …. nice battle .

      but y u didn’t use Hippowdon in the first … i mean u could have benefit from sand storm ?

    1. There’s going to be a lot more activity in the next month. We have Worlds coming up (which may have an announcement) and CoroCoro which will reveal multiple new Pokemon. Exciting stuff after a year of news drought.

  5. I’ve hardly even touched my Omega Ruby copy since February. I only played it to get Diancie and Latias.
    It felt a little disappointing imo

  6. I did a little research this evening. Back in 2010, Zorua and Zoroark were revealed on February 10. Their games, Black and White, were later revealed on April 9 (just about 2 months later). Now, let’s go over what we know is going to happen in 2015. There are two scenarios: Blobgarde and Mega Zygarde will be revealed at Worlds next week…or we wait until September 10-12 for the CoroCoro reveal. Either way, we’re still looking at a late August/early September confirmation about the future of Pokemon. Now, we have two scenarios relating to the reveal of the next game(s). Either it/they will be announced to an eruption of pandemonium at Worlds, or we get a similar late announcement online. One can make a couple inferences with this information: the timing of the movie, CoroCoro announcement and Worlds are all oddly aligned, and would seem to suggest a simultaneous game reveal for 2016. That would target a March/April release date, which breaks the constant and boring Holiday release window for Generation 6. It’s not possible this time, due to the aforementioned Zorua/Zoroark situation. It’s also not realistic to wait until 2016 for a game reveal with new Pokemon hanging around for 6 months with nothing but online fan art keeping them company. My point of this rant is: We’re going to get reveals of both Blobgarde and Mega Zygarde and the new game(s) before the end of this year, either jointly or separately, and therefore will be released by Summer 2016.

    Sorry for this rant. I’m sitting here watching episodes of TV episodes that I’ve already seen and just wanted to get my thoughts out.

    1. I don’t want it to be another Black Ops series. I’d be fine with a year of spin offs then Gen 7. I mean, we could have a spin off that FINISHES Gen 6. They want a different formula. Anything could happen. I just hope it’s a game that doesn’t take 10 hours to beat.

      1. I agree. Alongside this, the past two installments have been extremely lacking in terms of postgame content. That being said, I’d be fine waiting another year as long as there’s something to keep me busy after the initial story is complete. I haven’t touched my copy of Alpha Sapphire since February…

      2. So…are you saying you do or don’t agree with me? I’m just glad that we’re not getting a main series game this year. It gives us time to breathe a bit.

      1. it’s good but some parts i don’t like
        mostly the head, with the helm plate removed he looks bald
        Maybe if it was kept and pointing like a traffic cone but more cooler
        also it looks thinner i want it beef

        1. I was looking at his arms and head
          But now that you mention it…
          (We know what you were thinking about

      1. I know i said that too
        It should’ve a spiked out spike
        Like think of a Traffic cone or a Trapezoid

  7. I have a little survey
    List some of your favorite Abilities you frequently use
    Solid Rock
    Sheer Force
    Sand Stream
    Sand Rush/Force
    Tough Claws

    they really tell ya about the person

  8. Man I’m already getting impatient and anxious for this new game announcement lol. Its to the point where like almost every day and I wake up hoping to see something on twitter or youtube, but nothing, just little hints here and there…

    Worlds seems so far away too ;_;

  9. Hello everyone! Glad that speculation time has come again! As for me, well, whether it be here or on Twitter, you’ve seen what I thought already. xD

    I’m just so incredibly for Worlds this year, but I do have that 5% feeling of “What if we’re disappointed?”

    I don’t know if that’s just me being pessimistic as I always am, but I’ve been thinking about that for a few days.

    I miss you guys and need to start playing Pokemon again. This upcoming Pikachu Cup is going to be my reintroduction to competitive battling! I’m so excited!

    1. If you have a 95% feeling that we’ll get an announcement, then it’s probably going to happen. I’m betting on new game reveals, but I won’t be disappointed if they wait until October/November to announce them. The more likely scenario is the reveal of “Blobgarde”, as I call it, and Mega Zygarde with a game reveal before the end of the year.

      Also, I just spent the last few days binge-playing through all of FireRed and Black, to get back into the Pokemon spirit. I’m so ready for an announcement now. I’m thinking about buying either the original Gen 1+2 games on eBay or a New 3DS to get ready for whatever is to come.

    2. I sincerely hope we’re not disappointed. I mean with all the build up right now there’s no way they dont reveal the next game soon, even if its not at worlds.

  10. I found an eBay listing that includes Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions in acceptable-great condition with individual cases and new save batteries. It’s going for $170. Is this a good deal?

    1. I think that’s pretty good! Plus they’ll be worth more one day. I bought by Crystal version for $30 about 5 years ago so if you say each version is worth at least $30, you really should be paying $180.

      1. Yeah, the seller took the item off temporarily so I think I’ll jump on it when it comes back!

          1. I hope you haven’t been sitting in that corner all day. Now I have to use multiple disinfectants…

    1. I’ll come back when something is revealed at world’s, which I doubt (or a new article)
      *merges into the shadows*

    1. i love this team u should listen to english version too , and the other team’s song it’s awesome .

  11. I recently learned that HeartGold and SoulSilver were announced for the West at the 2009 Pokemon World Championships. Just a reminder that we could be 5 days away from news overload.

    1. Well i hope we get something soon
      the site is slowly reviving and people are playing Pokemon more often

      1. Yeah i’m usually here around hype time. I remember during the summers before x and y came out I was on here constantly looking at all the so called “leaks” and rumors. Sigh~ Good times. I remember that one IAMTHELEAKER guy or whatever his name is lol. And when binacle, greninja, and hawlucha were leaked and lot of people were calling fake. I just cant wait for these times again lol. Don’t know why.

        1. I’m never going to forget the hype leading up to X and Y. It was constant for the entire year of 2013. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire weren’t too far behind, either. I can’t wait for the next game(s)!

  12. Holy crap
    get this
    I’m doing Omega Ruby’s Battle Chateau
    i’m using Mega Gallade, i use Swords Dance, the opponent’s Flygon uses Swagger and i miraculously snap out of it next turn, but it uses U-Turn and into Forretress i kill it with Drain Punch into Shadow sneak, then kill the next thing no problem, then the Flygon uses Swagger again, 6 Attack boosts and i finally attack myself…
    Gallade one-shots himself….

    1. this gif makes little sense, they just gather and form to zygarde, the gif didn’t even make it seem to form zygarde, Zygarde just came out of no where

      1. it makes a lot of sense if your familiar to biology
        basically imagine each one of the blobs as a individual cell, and a gigantic cluster of them forms a fully functioning organism in this case a fully formed creature which we call Zygarde
        which we aren’t too far off,
        and the evidence is kinda growing since we know that multiple creatures exist,

        1. I am talking about the Gif itself like Normally it would form into it, but it randomly made zygarde with barely any formation, like I do that just by sticking a lot of wurmples together

          1. well it’s fast acting (it’s a gif)
            it had a tall figure then melted into initial shape then it’s body started developing the scales, tail then fringes and hood?

  13. It took a while to negotiate, but I have finally have Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal shipping here next week (hopefully by the time Worlds begins)! As a lifetime Pokemon fan, this is pretty momentous occasion. Maybe my little kids in the future will be playing these copies for themselves. They do have brand new batteries, after all!

    1. that kinda thinking makes me so happy
      If i can seduce a lady into pitty nasty and bring into this world a bastard son or daughter i would introduce them to the retroest of retro classics mainly N64 and Gameboy games despite decades have being past and far superior games existing or not the games of today kinda sucked

      1. Wow, pitty nasty…never heard that one before. But yeah, by the time I even consider having kids I might have a massive video game collection. One of the biggest problems for me will be deciding what to keep for myself and what to give to my children.

    1. San Francisco, whoop whoop! Maybe they’ll announce the game before Worlds! I’m getting very excited right about now!

        1. Hell yes! I would invite you all here for a launch party if that happened but you know…I’m in high school. Also, his choices are very interesting. Lyon happens to be in southern France…

          1. That’s exactly what I’m saying! And maybe the neighboring region is based on London/England? For some reason I find this tweet to be more important than it seems.

          2. Well I suppose England could b a new region, but I’m not sure yet lol. I think the Pokemon Company’s EU branch is in London so that may just b what he’s doing there. I could b wrong tho hahaha

          3. Nah man, I’m going to be a Junior a week from today. I graduate in 2017. Don’t worry about it, lots of people confuse me for a college student in real life too. I have no idea why, but they do.

    2. I’m not sure if it’s normal all the time, but b4 XY was announced he did talk a lot about traveling and what not so maybe this means some thing hahaha

  14. I try to post a single discussion thread about the new Pokemon (since I got tired of waiting for someone else to make one) and the mods delete it. Apparently it’s a “repost” and they’ve had “many” discussion threads. Thanks r/pokemon for reminding me why I don’t use you.

  15. Alright i want a little feed back
    based on what my fellow chat “brethren”
    that everyone is o.k with hacking Pokemon, that it’s o.k only because it’s “efficient” compared to regular breeding
    nobody thinks that isn’t wrong?
    especially when they fabricate Competitive Legends with near perfect IVs

    Yes i understand that most are essentially that same are regular Pokemon but just done faster but still cheating in any forms is never right,

    and i do understand the concept of ownership of ones property is also a factor, but in the end if you plan to still use said hacked Pokemon is still considered cheating

    Now i might be just wasting my breath since i can’t force this morality onto others but if more people can just wake up and see that this is wrong maybe we can make a change

    1. It won’t change anything because all its doing is speeding up the process of making a pokemon fit for battle. It’s a game so let people do what they want with THEIR game.

      1. But what about those who actually spent the time breeding hatching and chain breeding all their Pokemon, its basically a gigantic middle finger to those who did it the right way

        1. I wish I did not have to breed. It’s really tedious and sometimes all I want to do is junp right into a battle. Having a pokemon obtained by hacking is fine as long as its legitimate. If they beat you then it’s all down to skill and nothing more. There is no skill in breeding and I find it unfun.

          1. If the pokemon was easily bred then no I would not make them shiny. If I happened to like the shiny and it was an event pokemon I would, It’s extremely difficult to get perfect ivs on legendary pokemon and an RNG system has yet to be found for X and Y since you can’t breed legends I believe this is ok for people who want to use them.

          2. Alright Events and Legends are kinda a red area, i mean then it’s basically hacking the pokemon to give it moves/abilities only the event Pokemon would know so then you’re cheating, best we can’t breed them or guarantee its IVs because its the only fair that they’re wild

          3. I don’t have a problem with genning when it comes to competitive pokemon specifically. Because at the end of the day what do you gain from having a pokemon that you spent time breeding/hatching vs someone who just genned it in, if you are both using them competitively, and no one is gaining an advantage? Obviously people that exploit certain rules of the game(that are not possible) such as illegal moves on pokemon, illegal items, etc. I believe those are wrong. The amount of time you spent getting a mon when your plan is to just use them competitively in a fair match really shouldn’t matter in my opinion

          4. You asked for opinions yet you keep knocking down everything that everyone else says so what was the point in asking in the first place ?

    2. Where I draw the line is when it comes to hacked Shiny Pokemon. I mean, let’s all be honest here, some of us just don’t have the time. Not only am I a college student, I also work and have social or other obligations that I must attend to as well. When it comes to playing Pokemon, I don’t want to have to GRIND up competitive ‘mons because that’s just more WORK, I just want to have fun and play some online battles. I’ve only hacked in a few ‘mons to my game, but that’s when the whole QR code glitch was exposed and I wanted to test it out myself. But I don’t see a problem with hacking regular, competitive Pokemon, it’s the same thing as a bred Pokemon, but making them shiny though is overkill. If I had all the time in the world to play video games, I’d definitely do it the correct way every single time. But I only have about an hour or so to myself every day, if I’m lucky. I don’t want to spend that time grinding, I want to have fun. And the only time that hacking can and should be seen as immoral is when it comes to official events and tournaments. You have no excuse to used hacked ‘mons then.

      1. I’ve been hearing a lot of that, but that still shouldn’t be the motivation to cheat, this is the game
        to raise the Pokemon, to spend time working on it to hatch the perfect egg and raise it into greatness, and hard work is the price for greatness

    3. Well, I used to be really against hacking, I really did, but then I slowly came to the realization that hacked are the same as normal pokemon, but fabricated by an easier process. Many people in competitive scene like at world’s and stuff hack their pokemon, hacking only makes the process quicker, it doesn’t give their pokemon some sort of advantage over others. If someone hacks though, they should just be honest about it. There is no need to lie and say “Omg I found this 6IV shiny in the wild.” And when it is legendaries, specially BST 600 it’s basically a pseudo legendary, and pseudos can be countered just as the BST 600 legendaries. I personally don’t hack, but I can see why people do hack.

      1. “And when it is legendaries, specially BST 600 it’s basically a pseudo legendary” your words make zero sense almost every Legendary Pokemon’s bst is at least 600 with the exception of Phione (if you even consider it) and basically a Pseudo Legend makes very little sense since they basically have legend stats (and Mega Evolutions to boost them)

        1. Well pseudo legendaries with BST of 600 and same with lots of legendaries BST 600, so they don’t have “legendary stats” it’s the same as pseudo legendaries. Unless you think Pseudos are OP
          I don’t really care for the ones above 600, I don’t like battling them in the first place

          1. No my problem is that you seem to be comparing Legendary Pokemon to Pseudo Legendary Pokemon (which by fan definition is because they have extremely high stats)

          2. I’m just saying I don’t see a problem with hacking in general, sorry to compare the two, legendaries or not

          3. But what about all those hours spent breeding and working on the Pokemon you wanted to use
            that the sheer fact that they can just generate perfect Pokemon at the click of a button or the impute of a few codes shouldn’t that outrage you
            even more so when they make competitive legends

          4. Did you not see my what I said, I don’t care what people do, as long as it’s still a fair pokemon, I am okay with it. It does not outrage me, because being outraged by that is pointless. They do what they want to do, I do what I do.

    4. If people want to hack, let them. But don’t let them online. Some people actually care about playing by the rules, and I say let them have the privilege of battling online.

        1. They’re changing it. I have some pokemon that were hacked and given away on twitter and I couldn’t use them.

    5. I think what people are most ok with is the hacking itself. What people don’t want is to c them online in competitions. I’m fine with hacking bc in some cases it’s useful and also can b fun to have around at times. I don’t personally compete, but I can c y people don’t want them around. As long as ur not hurting anyone I think hacking is fine.

      Edit: Aslo I dont think it’s fair to make an argument against hacking as a morality issue. That makes it almost like those against hacking r saying that people that do hack r bad people and to that I don’t agree. It’s not fair to say someone is a bad person when 1st u prolly don’t kno them personally and 2nd hacking largely has nothing to do with character and morals.

      1. But people DO used Hacked Pokemon Online and In competition, everyone claims that all the people in Worlds use them
        I just don’t understand how using them is fun, the sheer only reason you’d hack a Pokemon is to use competitively i just do not see any other reason why people would go to such lengths to fabricate Pokemon other then competitive purposes
        Hacking should never ever EVAR be fine since its basically abusing/forcing the game’s code to give you things you could already get but too damn lazy to actually work for

        1. Again I agree they should never b used in competition, but also again I really don’t think it’s up to a single person to say it’s wrong whole sale. I’m sure there r plenty of things that u find fun (which may include Pokemon in general) that someone else finds boring or stupid. The fact of the matter is that people do find it fun to experiment and as long as they don’t abuse their power to hack for the sake of hurting others, whether it b online normally or in official competitions, it should b find to do what they want with their games. U act as if they’re experimenting with real animals and that they should b locked away for crimes against humanity or something lol

          1. really don’t think they’re experimenting, you just don’t make competitive Pokemon for fun, you use them against people, and how’d you think the person would react knowing that the other person hacked everything

          2. *sigh*……but ur lumping every person that hacks into a single group…..yes sure there r people that use hacking for such purposes, but saying that every person who has ever hacked or ever will hack is wrong for even trying is just outlandish…..There r plenty of people that enjoy hacking just for the fact that they like working with code or bc they want to c what they can make. Both of those things r great and I almost wish I knew more about coding so I could join them! For those people, it’s almost like they’re learning. They find it interesting to c what really makes a Pokemon game work. It’s just not fair to say every hacker that ever existed is out to cheat for the sake of cheating……anyway that’s my piece on the whole subject. If we end up agreeing with each other we end up agreeing. If we end up still disagreeing with each other then that’s fine too. I think I’ve said all I need to say for now tho lol

          3. Alright, people who hack for experimental reasons and for “fun” is just a very shitty defense, this is hacking Pokemon and using them online

  16. I just organized my Bank into three categories: Events, Shinies (separate boxes for Gens 1-5 and 6) and Living Dex. That’s all I’m ever going to need it for anyway. Completing that Living Dex is going to be fun, but I probably won’t start it until the next game.

    1. Gl with the Living Dex, that was the first thing I did after completing Alpha Sapphire (and haven’t used it since :P)

      1. I feel like the Bank was made for the creation of a Living Dex. It makes it way too easy to finish the National Pokedex in all future games, but it’s a status symbol!

    1. This is y I follow Pokejungle on twitter hahaha Paul and the team here r the ultimate trolls sometimes and prolly have the best sense of humor of all the main Pokemon fan sites around. Both Joe Merrick and Whatever the guys name is that own Pokebeach take themselves too seriously lol

  17. May I ask anime watchers a question? Why Japanese anime has beautiful music from the games and English anime changes them?

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