Pokémon Cracking Down on Hackers; YASSSS GAWD

The Pokémon Global Link has been updated with new regulations, promising stricter checks for hacked or modified Pokémon or save files. People found to be violating the new rules will be punished without warning and are ineligible to compete in events and may even have account access revoked.

How do you feel about the changes? Personally, I’m not a fan of any sort of save modification or Pokémon hacking and think it is a great step forward for the series.

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  1. Well, it depends on how you look at it. If we’re talking about this as making hacked ‘mons a lot harder to be used in official tournaments and be punished if caught with hacked ‘mons, then I’m all for it. If you’re competing in an official tourney, you MUST use legitimately obtained Pokemon.

    If we’re talking about this in a recreational sense, then this is bad. If I spend $40 on a game, I want to be able to do whatever I want with it. Making illegal ‘mons more difficult to transfer to your game also affects for example your favorite PokeTuber, who’s content often relies on hacked ‘mons because of how long the grinding process takes to obtain competitively viable Pokemon. Some people have more fun hacking the game and doing random shit than playing it 100% legit, especially when there’s no post-game in gen 6 aside from the Delta Episode.

    Hacking recreationally is fine, if you buy the game you should do whatever you want with it. But if we’re talking about tainting the integrity of official Pokemon events, then this is a very good move.

    1. I agree 100% (speaking as a Pokémon hacker). I would never advocate the use of illegally or illegitimately obtained Pokémon in any official tournament.

      However, in the instances where someone might have obtained such a Pokémon without their knowledge, I hope there is some sort of appeals system.

    2. Sorry but buying something does not give you the right to tamper with it. It goes against a company’s terms and conditions. So no, you don’t have the RIGHT to do whatever you want, as ultimately hacking on any level will soon find its way to competitive play.

      1. And this is where you’re wrong. If we’re going by what you said, “terms and conditions” then we go with the assumption that you’re only allowed to play the game and that’s it, end of story. If Nintendo truly cared, they’d sue the ass out of companies that make hacking devices such as Powersaves for various reasons. This also means that ROM hackers who make very popular fan-made games are in the wrong, for tampering with copyrighted and protected information and data. This also means that PokeTubers are in the wrong for making money off of their product, something that the game isn’t originally made for.

        These are only three examples of people violating “terms and conditions” and nobody cares about them. Hacking is and should fall into the same category. If you buy the game, you should be able to do whatever you want with it under legal circumstances.

        1. Nintendo did try to sue a hacking device company once ( http://bit.ly/1Dp9vjt ) but lost heavily ($15 million), so they likely will not try it again. That said, they still have the right to set terms and conditions and act upon it, including updating the system/game so that hacked stuff gets banned. I do not want to argue about legality, but hackers can play with their “illegit” toys offline for all they can. If you want to play online, play fair or get banned. It’s that simple.

  2. I don’t know of anyone who hacks them anymore. Aside from that QR code hack from a little while back… I got a Hoopa on Twitter after it was released and I couldn’t use it. I guess that’s why. Hopefully this will help with the 6-5 IV legendary pokemon too. Yeah it’s possible, but I doubt many people are patient enough to get a legit one. I have a PowerSave but the only time I use it is when I need items or money. Sometimes I change a parents nature before breeding to save time. Depending on what Pokémon’s definition of hacking is, I’m fine with this.

    1. What if they can read the files and see you hacked the money, and take away all items and everything you bought with it? Unlikely, but small chance it’s possible

      1. I would quit pokemon if that’s the case. Some people actually have things to do other than grind for money.

  3. Looks like they’re making merchandise of new Pokémon. Probably the green blob. Refresh for image.

    1. I saw this. I have a feeling it’ll be jumping the gun to say that. It might be a new Pokémon for that collectable series. But we’ll see.

  4. Really, I have no problem with people hacking event Pokemon, because not everyone went to a Toys R us 10 years ago to get a Mew. As for people who hack Pokemon to get moves and abilities they normally don’t, f*ck ’em.

    1. i completely agree. hell, i’ve hacked in a few (ok, a lot) of japanese event pokemon as well as some english ones i missed. i also won’t deny cutting corners with breeding. but unusual moves and abilities is taking it way too far.

    2. as long as you aren’t using the hacked events (which, normally they are banned anyways) in competition, what does it matter if you make them? Just cool to have 🙂

  5. Ok hold on though. I have alot of traded pokemon. How can I tell if they are hacked if they’re perfectly legal? I love doing the online competitions so if I unknowingly traded a hacked pokemon I could get banned from it? That is bull crap

    1. It’s usually in the coding of the Pokémon. Until we know what their definition of hacking is, we won’t know what’s going to be banned. Probably will be like Gen 5 when it wouldn’t let you online if you had a hacked pokemon.

  6. I have a question…

    What is going to happen to Pokemon you receive on wondertrade? I try to have legit pokemon, however through wondertrade i have obtain some hacked pokemon, which scares me. I have deleted some of the Pokemon that have something off putting in there Stats like for example zero IV on a shiny 6 gen Entei. But i do have others that do seem to be obtainable in game even if it is perfect IV.

    How are they going to tell the difference between legit hack (which is a pokemon Hacked within the games standards) or one obtain through breeding that has perfect IV?

    I feel that something like this could even spell trouble for pokemon that have moves obtain through events. I mean remember the time Pokemon Battle Revolution banned some legal event pokemon because of their Unique moveset (EX. Special Rend Darkrai)

    I agree that something has to be done for the hack pokemon situation. However I don’t that even Nintendo nor Gamefreak can tell the difference between legal hack pokemon and obtain and hatch in-game Pokemon.

    1. I would imagine that event pokemin have some special thing in their coding tjat would let the filter know they’re real. As for wonder trade, I wonder the same thing. I sold my game a few months ago, but as soon as I buy new ones, I’m going to be leary of wonder trade because of the hackmons going around

  7. Somewhat on topic, but slightly off, has anybody ever tried buying the pokemon from eBay or amazon? I know you can buy pokemon, but is it legit?

  8. sure they say this, but how about making events in other countries not just Japan, Usa and some random european countries… for real, Brazil barely has any revelant event, not to mention, we pretty much don’t have any support for OFFICIAL tournaments, so yea, let’s see if they can find my “legit pokes” or my pkhexed ones hahaha

    1. This was always an issue, but now with such global connection, I feel like its a kick in the butt to still only do certain country events

  9. Think how much less need there would be for hacking if Game Freak removed their idiotic and beautiful heads from their butts and GAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD SOME WELL DESERVED EVENTS NOW AND THEN.

    Sorry. I have very strong feelings about Pokemon’s life outside of Japan.

  10. I’m against people who hack in Pokemon with illegimate moves and abilities, but that doesn’t mean all forms of hacking are bad.
    Why does Japan get Jirachi events while the rest of the world doesn’t, why do I have to go to a GameStop just to get a freakin Pokemon.
    I’ve hacked in a lot of event Pokemon, and I’ll continue to do it unless GF starts to distribute them via Internet.

  11. I for one am FOR Pokemon hacking!!!!!
    I use it myself if I want to get a Pokemon that I missed from an event, or the occasional shiny Pokemon, the supposed “Hacked” Pokemon are never traded by me, as I got them because I wanted them, so why the bloody hell would I get rid of them, like really, and I never compete in stupid tournaments anyway, if I battle someone its usually my friends, not some random stranger, who has too much time on their hands while thinking up cheep ways, (in my opinion) to make sure that they come out on top.
    I don’t think that it’s very fair of Nintendo to put limitations on this sort of thing, focus on cracking down of the people who make hacked versions of the games, and sell them off, not the people who use a hack to get a Pokemon that they really want. It pisses me off when there is a distribution meant for only one country, like that stupid Dragonight that came out recently, I was so excited to get it, but when I went into the damn gamestop to pick up its download, they said oh sorry that was only for the USA…. WHAT. COMPLETE. AND. UTTER. BULLSHIT!!!!!! And they wonder why people make “hacked” Pokemon. I shouldn’t have to trade a legendary Pokemon to get my hands on a Pokemon like this, just so I can get it!!!!! I’ll stick to using my younger brothers action replay to get them thank you.

    1. I personally see no problem doing what you do, as long as they aren’t being used in any official capacities. If you’re going online or anywhere bigger and slaughtering peoplewith hacked mons it’s one rhing, but just getting an event that wasn’t in your country, isn’t that bad

    2. The Dragonite event was nothing special. I still haven’t even used my codes. If you want one so bad, that’s what we have forums for. All you have to do is ask if anyone has a spare. Someone usually does. And as for “cheap tricks.” I take it you mean actually thinking of strategies instead of playing like Gen 1. If you don’t like it, that’s one thing.

      Hacking events isn’t a problem. The problem they’re trying to solve is people who are tweaking in game pokemon, such as legends The using them to dominate online. It’s not normal for caught Pokémon to have perfect stats. That’s all they’re trying to solve. I think they could care less otherwise.

      1. Can I have it I live in a small town and the closes GameStop to us is an hour and a half away and don’t really get a chance to go that often

          1. That was a scary fast reply. I’ll dm the code to you there. And you’re welcome.

          2. Well the post was six hours old. Usually the site is dead at this time. XD It took me by surprise.

          3. True but I’m getting ready to go to bed, so I like to go online before I do and read thru to see if anything new pops up.

  12. So apparently they also might be getting rid of people who use PokeGen…

    I don’t have a problem with PokeGen. That’s how most people do GTS giveaways and stuff like that. However, I think it is completely unfair that people use this to their advantage. Getting “shiny, 6 IV” pokemon through PokeGen is the cheapest crap I’ve ever heard of. People devote hours and days to breeding the pokemon they want, and you spend 10 minutes making one of your own? That totally defeats the purpose of training a battle-ready pokemon to win competitions and such.

    And now to hacking….
    I personally don’t agree with hacking in the same vain of PokeGen. It’s fine until you start trying to play online.

    I’m also fine with people hacking or genning in event pokemon that they missed, also in the same vain as the others.

    The bottom line:
    As a competitive, online battler myself, don’t try to ruin pokemon for people who play online. They put hard work in to their teams and strategies. You should do the same, and not with a device that makes them for you.

    1. Not many people Gen anymore. Now they buy a save and edit pokemons’ moves, IVs, and such without having to breed or SR.

        1. I tried once because I couldn’t find a particular pokemon I needed to breed but I couldn’t get it to work. This was with ORAS. Fortunately I had one in the Bank.

  13. Honestly, just like many others here, I don’t appreciate hacking when individuals use it to gain an advantage over other people in battle, but if you hack just for fun of the game, your choice, and if your game breaks, your fault. I personally don’t hack… anymore. I used action reply to get gen 4 even legendaries, but I didn’t know it was hacking! I seriously didn’t see a single event pokemon commercial ever until gen 5! (and even if I did, nobody would drive to Toys-R-Us just to get a single pokemon) So I thought I was actually doing it the legit way!
    Hacking would also be reduced if they actually made more events for internationally, because just one country getting something cool and unique that other countries haven’t had in forever, is unfair! It’s part of the reason why people hack, is to get events that GF excludes from most of the world! At least if you make a one country only event, make it fair and even, and get each countries cool ‘their country only’ events too.

      1. Be careful with these people! They are known to delete save files if interacted with!

  14. Alright I’m gonna be short and sweet if you hack your a douche

    This applies on all levels even recreation, I mean what are you gonna do just play around with your plethora of level 100 shiny mega rayquazas? I don’t think so, it’s either you bid them off for real stuff or have them collect dust

    Even if it’s your own game and you have these so called “ownership freedom of usage” rights letting you do whatever the frig ya want with it, I say bull! I lost so much stuff as a kid because of a damn bad egg, do yourself a favor and actually putting in the work for it ya lazy scumbags

    Now if they can shut down Genning that might make me smile

    1. That seems a bit harsh…….While I can’t really condone cheating to win battles with hacks, I actually enjoy what people do with them for recreational use. I for one have a Shaymin that’s hacked. It’s shiny, but the fact remains I did it bc I never had a Shaymin and there hasn’t been an event in forever and I missed the last one. Does that make me a scumbag? Again I can’t say it’s right to cheat to win with super Pokemon that r hacked, but I feel like u r saying that people can’t play Pokemon the way they want and that’s pretty crummy…….Also there’s no reason to throw mean words around just bc u got jaded as a kid………

      1. Heavy did and I’m jealous. I don’t understand the process so I’m not worried about it. It’s already written into the code because of the Battle Resort. It’s quite adorable.

  15. There’s a difference between hacking for personal use, just for use in game, and hacking for competitive ‘mons to use online to gain an advantage
    I mean if you’re a collector and you want all the event Pokemon for your own achievement then I don’t mind if you hack and keep them in your box
    Taking them online is a different matter. They’ve made it very easy to breed for 5/6ivs now and even shiny Pokemon now (compared to the past) so it’s not like it’s impossible to breed perfect online Pokemon.
    I agree with the ban of online hacked Pokemon eseocually if it has caused other people to lose saved data
    If you’re playing by the rules that millions of others are, play by the rules

  16. Also I don’t agree with hacking, When someone breaks down the code of a game and reveals secret things, (like the event pokemon, mega [email protected], etc.) I think this would of made super cool surprises if someone didn’t hack the game or decode it, whatever it is called I don’t like it.
    How about you guys, do you like when someone decodes the game and spoils new things?

    1. GF should release event Pokemon like volcanion In updates, I don’t get why they put Pokemon in the game but don’t reveal them for another 2 years

  17. EV training would not be such a thing if hackers had not discovered EVs or how they work. Like vitamins for example. All it says is “raises a little”. Same for super training. It does NOT say like how you get 1 actual stat increase for every 4 evs, how you can have upto 255 EVs in one stat or 510 EVs total… it does not say that vitamins can only be used upto 100 EVs even if you haven’t hit the maximum, or that wings only add 1 EV but can be used above 100 EVs. It also does not say that you get EVs from battling certain enemy pokemon or what ones give which stats. And as far as I know, Nintendo has NEVER explained any of this. Because it’s a source code thing and you’re not supposed to know. Yet this is SO commonly done and almost everyone knows about it, even though it wouldn’t be known if not for hackers. It’s also knowledge in our brains that can’t be unlearned. So unfortunately, it seems hacking is a problem that runs very deep. It’s gonna be very hard for nintendo to get rid of it. But… I support them in their efforts… ♥

    1. But with the inclusion of super training we didn’t need hacking at all, and I am sure if someone was determined enough they could of figured evs and all the things you listed. As usual hacking just makes it easier to obtain something, in this case, information

  18. I’m really scared to interact with anyone i don’t know in pokemon anymore because i’m terrified my game will be erased. I’m against hacking pokemon in to win on battle spot and such, but like a lot of others around here, I’m okay with using it to get a missed event pokemon and such. In fact, to make my riolu shiny hunt easier, I used a quick egg hatch code. Other than these two uses, I’ve never actually had a use for for my powersaves or AR.

      1. i don’t no but i heard some rumor about that actually i watch some recorded video from cinema i think , talking about that did u watch last dbz movie that we talking about ? cuz i did lol .

  19. Like I said before, I don’t condone hacking when it comes to official tournaments or sponsored events and stuff like that.

    But those that oppose hacking don’t realize how much of an importance it actually is. This Pokemon fan site, right here, has made several, if not dozens of articles based off of the findings from hackers. Since many of you arrived to this site in the Gen 6 era, the most relatable discoveries are Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion. Or how about AZ’s Floette? Or the shiny forms of Pokemon that are shiny locked? Or Mega Latios and Latias? This kinda stuff fueled discussions and debates, made this site here very lively. And this news was used in countless other Pokemon fan sites as well. Hacking is such a useful tool to gain information about Pokemon as a whole because a large sum of stuff that we do know has never been given an official announcement or mention
    If you want to use the argument that hacking ruins surprises, then I think your first mistake was going to the internet in the first place.


    1. Yea, but the information would have came one way or another, we didn’t need hacking to find those things you listed. They would have fueled and discussion and debates just later. Judging by how this place was before, We didnt need those decodings to come out just to make conversation

  20. Don’t really care about hackers. 😛 The Pokémon they “generate” I can breed easily anyway, so there isn’t any disadvantage. Unless people hack stats higher than they are supposed to be, but those Pokémon are easily noticed and aren’t allowed online. Hack if you want, it’s your game.

    1. THIS^

      I don’t see the big deal with hacking. Never seen it as a problem as long as they are not harming others let them be.
      Generating Pokemon is fine. If they go as far as to start releasing viruses and whatnot to ruin other peoples games, then there is a problem.

        1. Wartortle, seen in different angles. 😛

          (Yes it has, we’ve had a lot of good times in the past, how are you?)

          1. A lot has happened in a short amount of time. I’m finally driving (with a permit), I’m preparing for my junior year and I’ve been dipping my toes into series like Fallout and Halo. I decided to come back here today because I seriously miss Pokemon. I’m thinking about buying a New 3DS XL this week and maybe Y/Omega Ruby to get right back into it.

          2. It seems like such a short time ago that we were talking when you were a freshman lol. That’s awesome to hear, I’ve been experimenting with some new games as well, namely Tomb Raider and some lesser-known DS titles. I haven’t played Pokemon as often as I used to just because there’s almost nothing to do. :/ But I can’t wait for more information on Gen 6.5/7

          3. I know, time passed quickly for me as well. I have to thank everyone here for being my internet support group during the natural growing pains. But I’ve been by myself at home for months without friends (that’s pretty normal for me), so having you guys back would be a morale boost. I know in my heart of hearts that this place will need moderation once again 😛

          4. No worries, I know that people have different life experiences and things that they have to go through, and I’m sure I’ve told you this before and to others as well but if you ever need someone to talk to or chat with feel free to reach out to me anytime lol. I look forward to everyone coming back soon too. 😛

          5. But seriously though…what is the thing in the picture? It looks like a mix between Seadra and Pidgeotto.

          6. Oh yeah, right! It’s the heavily amputated Wartortle from that one famous anime episode! RIGHT…XD

  21. I haven’t played Pokemon for what feels like years. We need something new, so I can get back into it. I miss this place.

      1. It will happen. One thing that Xatus are great at is waiting indefinitely. However, this is getting a LITTLE overboard…

  22. Hello everybody!

    I have been stalking this website on and off for about 2 years now, and I’ve finally decided to make an account! 🙂 I’m looking forward to many thrilling discussions with you guys in the future and to share my ideas and thoughts with you as well.

    So yeah that’s what I wanted to say and btw my favorite types are electric and water ^_^

    1. Hello there! You’ve obviously caught us during an extreme Pokemon drought, but one day we’ll be booming once again. You probably already know me and my love for Psychic types!

      1. Yeah I’ve noticed but once the major news starts to drop in well be on it again 🙂
        Yes I heard you like psychics hehe

        1. Well, one in particular I suppose 😛 But with this new Pokemon talk (the new Zygarde form and what looks like a Generation 7 Pokemon), the brand is still going to thrive in the future. It’s during times like this when the fans like me begin to drift off and do other things that we really don’t want to do. I’ll always be a Pokemon fan!

          1. Me too! And I really want that green little thing to be part of gen 6.5 because I feel that would be a little different and I want more gen 6 Pokemon, like really 72 new Pokemon?

          2. Oh yeah! I haven’t even considered that. The fact that it’s going to be the first two-year gap between games in a long time seems to imply that something big is coming. However, we also haven’t finished the story from X and Y. Maybe it’s Generation 7…WITHIN Kalos! It’s all up to speculation at this point.

          3. Yes I would love to go back to kalos! It’s so pretty and there were a lot of unsolved mysteries in x & y that I would like answered.
            And it’s also pokemons 20th birthday next year so maybe they have some sort of a surprise for us or something!

          4. They probably planned it out this way a long time ago. Gen 6 in 2013, ORAS in 2014, break year with Super Mystery Dungeon in 2015, and an extravagant celebration game or games in 2016. Maybe we could even get an NX launch title as well!

    2. Welcome 🙂 It’s been a little quiet recently due to lack of news, but it should pick up soon.

    3. Hello and Welcome to Pokejungle
      You probably know who I am since you’ve been golurking for a while, but I am MenacingCascoon hope you like your stay
      Also I lowered your attack

    4. I’m DefensiveBastiodon despite the name. I like water and steel types and holes

    5. Welcome to the community! We’ve come a long way to be where we are today, in our quaint little home. We always enjoy new members to have discussions with!

      Welcome to the PokeJungle family!

    6. Welcome to PJN! I’m usually a pizza slave but in my free time I comment here. Anyway, my fave type is Flying, and I’m always down to competitive battle.

  23. Has anyone else still not found Phione in shuffle? 🙁 Had to have used 50+ hearts already

      1. y u think like this i think the will show the mystery of the little green creature and the giant one so …..and i believe these 2 related to Zygarde which mean new game .

        1. I think the green creature in a gen 7 pokemon, but just a normal pokemon, the only thing special about it is that it is shown in a previous gen.
          And I don’t think CoroCoro will just explain anything

  24. I think the common consensus is that if we don’t get anything from this CoroCoro then we’re gonna get something in a couple of weeks at Worlds.It seems like everyone is sure that this month is the month that we get an announcement tho. I kind of hope we get something from CoroCoro tho. even if it’s a small thing like a teaser for the true announcement in the coming weeks would b fine. I just hope they don’t ignore the fact that they showed the Pokemon from the movie teaser and say nothing…..it would b the ultimate middle finger lol

    P.S. I also hope the leak happens sooner rather than later bc it’s been a while since I’ve actually been awake for the news to break and I miss the feeling of following along. Lately I’ve just been waking up in the morning to the leaks and while that cool I also miss the immediate reaction convorsations which kind of bums me out hahaha

  25. So, is everyone preparing for the Pikachu Cup? I feel like Stunfisk is going to be used greatly throughout this competition.

  26. How about those who don’t know that the Pokemon they have traded for is hacked?

  27. I think save modifying is fine if you are doing it for your own single player reasons. If you do ANYTHING on the PSS, or even compete, with a modified save file, you deserve to be banned.

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