Top 5 Features Pokémon Z Needs to Have

We’re all excited for the third installment of Generation VI, whether it’s Pokémon Z or otherwise, and hopefully it will live up to fan expectations. Here are 5 features that would make the game a true standout in the expansive catalog of Pokémon titles.

1) Expanded Trainer Customization

Although the addition of clothes and hairstyles was a great improvement for the series, it wasn’t fully capitalized on. Males in particular got the short end of the stick with a measly 4 haircuts and a rather uninspired selection of clothing. More options = more fun… at least for gamers such as myself that like to work towards cosmetic upgrades for our characters. Clothing having upgrades would also be a neat feature, such as improved catch rates in caves or extra money from battles.

As a special note, I’d also like to lobby for the ability to cross-dress. I know a lot of girls who wouldn’t mind dressing up in the male clothes and a few guys who would enjoy trouncing the competition in something pink and frilly.

2) Upload-able Trainer PR Videos

How much fun can you squeeze into just seconds? A lot, according to the popularity of micro-video site Vine. Similarly, Pokémon X & Y’s PR video feature let players create 11 second presentations of their customized trainers in action. Although they were able to be shared locally with other gamers you passed by and friends online, the ability to share the videos online would be amazing. The feature is easily forgotten, but could be a great viral marketing tool for Pokémon Z.

3) Pokémon Following Their Trainer

This is a big request, but something fans have been longing for ever since HeartGold and SoulSilver reminded us how fun it was to have your favorite Pokémon out in the world exploring alongside you. Why do I have to keep my Sewaddle caged up in its Pokéball?! I’d love to have it crawling its legs off while I rollerblade across Kalos.

4) Pokémon Riding Anywhere & Everywhere

The first time we saw images of a trainer atop a Gogoat the possibilities seemed endless. Would we be able to cross the Pokémon world riding on our favorite team members…?! No, as it turns out. The riding ability was limited to very specific geographic spots and didn’t offer much in the way of convenience. In fact many of the sequences were slow and required precise maneuvering to avoid backtracking in frustration. Don’t forget to include the improved version of Fly that we got in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire; selecting a destination from the map and hitting ‘go’ just doesn’t seem as fun anymore.

Will we finally be able to realize our dream of riding our prized Rapidash across routes in a blaze of speed? Just don’t fart on its tail.

5) More Mega Evolutions

Of course… how could we leave out the inclusion of even more Mega Evolutions? This was one of the most revolutionary things Pokémon X & Y gave us, so it would be natural for their successor to bring even more to the table and let trainers come up with new strategies and uses for them. Do you have any particular additions you’d like to see?

I know I won’t be satisfied until we get a Mega Dunsparce.

<3 PJ

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  1. I hate you only can choose your team or the Pokemon in your battle box before starting a Wi-Fi battle. Let me pick 6 Pokemon from my boxes, damn it!

  2. Since the Rollers occupy the Circle Pad, they should make the DexNav an item which disables them while active. The item would work exactly like it does in ORAS.

  3. I have to admit there are a lot of features I’ve been reminded about by fans after posting this:
    – Ability to remove hats
    – DexNav returning
    – Seasons making a comeback
    – etc

  4. Nice feature list. I would add an expanded pokedex feature set. Adding the ability to use it during battle, showing a base stat chart, and list all moves for a given Pokémon.

    And select to rearrange moves within battle like in the GB games.

  5. Now this is more like it 🙂 Keep these good articles coming and the site will come alive once more 🙂

    My Top 5 for Pokemon Z would be:

    1) Linking the clear history of Kalos and Hoenn together. Deoxys was basically created by the Ultimate weapon hitting him in space. There’s a lot more to this but the connection to both Regions is very obvious and needs to be expanded on 🙂

    2) More answers to mysteries and more mysteries such as “A HORDE OF FACELESS MEN” and also the person waiting at the train Ghosts or Sprits.

    3) More MEGA Evolutions…. Milotic, Flygon, Dunsparce etc

    4) More Areas in Kalos to explore similar to BW2. Including Battle Frontier and maybe some islands just for a small side quest.

    5) Having Pokemon follow you but represting their official size and show shiny forms also. Pokemon such as Wailord cannot follow unless your surfing on it. Imagine soaring on a Zekrom then Riding a Steelix around Lumiose City !

    And Bonus point…
    Cut HMs or make them forgettable. Flying Pokemon can fly, and a water pokemon can surf etc 🙂

    1. I would love to see HM’s less needed! I don’t really care for flying types so I usually have to go all the way to the PC to travel when playing. ORAS did a good job with the soar feature, I hope that comes back!

      1. Ugh then what’s the friggin point
        The whole reason why we have HM moves is that when there’s a new area and a new kinda obstacles in our way, and most likely that obstacle is blocking our progression so we need to find a way to over come it and more importantly giving our badges more of a purpose
        if we didn’t have them the game would be easy and bland

        1. A good solution would be to do what Touhou Puppet Dance performance did and have the HMs be key items. That way you are still required to obtain them to progress, but they don’t take up a slot in your party.

  6. I completely agree with this list as well as Simkennos

    if they have walking with pokemon you should have the ability to click select pokmon and the option “[enter pokemons name] senses your presence, would you like to ride it?

      1. I’ve been doing really well thanks for asking 🙂 I hope you’ve been good as well!

        And yeah I took a hiatus from POkejungle for a bit and then resided in chat only as the PJN disqus died down

        1. Thats good 🙂 Not much going on really visit but didn’t comment for a while either. Do u use twitter often ?

  7. it’s just me or PJ starting mutating into japanese guy? he’s looking so different…

  8. Push them all down two spaces because you forgot the two more important things the next game needs.

    1) 100 new pokemon
    2) A new region.

    Kalos was boring. The only fun part of XY was the customization. And we’re unlikely to see that ever again 🙁

    1. The only reason they removed Customization from ORAS was because they wanted it to be more like the original game, according to an interview with Junichi Masuda. Customization will be a staying feature I think, along with Super Training and Amie.

          1. Yeah lol. I used to be “Glacial Demon Ookaruss” around the months before ORAS release.

          2. Oh yes! Those were fun times! Though I remember being an ass about Gym Leader Rematches confirmation and no Battle Frontier nearing the immediate release in the leaking process. Lol. But in the months before, it was exciting times while it lasted. Anyways, I hope you’re doing well and I look forward to speculating with you about the next main series title, whenever that may be.

          3. Heh, I remember when Battle Frontier was deconfirmed…Good times. Anyways, nice to see ya.

  9. I had a dream last night Pokemon RGl was announced……… i think CoolGlaceon was infected me .

  10. I did miss the Pokemon following you around when I got some of the new games. It was why Soul Silver was one of my favorite games.

  11. I really miss cross gen evolutions. I wish we could still get some, but Mega Evolution kinda debunks that. Maybe another Eeveelution? Alongside new megas it would be nice if Z had some new evolutions, or even new Pokemon considering X/Y didn’t add too many. It needs to be something new, fresh, and different from X/Y and ORAS and I wonder how they’ll do that.

  12. Personally I would enjoy seeing or actually.. “Hearing” newer games involving voice acting for characters. For those who have played games like like bravely default, Pokemon has finally reached that level but still has plain text. I would love to hear all the gym leaders challenge etc, and I don’t think anyone would mind if clone trainers (ones that clearly look the same but they change the name) had the same voices.

  13. I think 3 and 5 are good ideas…The others, kinda useless when considering the other things that are important to a game like this.

  14. nice List
    I would like new megas
    Cross gen evolutions
    But my all time hope
    If you know me you know what it is!!1

  15. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’m alive.
    Nice list you got PJ btw!

    Top 5 things I want in Z/X2/Y2:

    1. A bigger Kalos. Southern Kalos was mentioned in Volcanion’s event script. And Kiloude City’s map description mentions that the city is a typical example of Southern Kalosian life. It would be interesting to see. And I know this is stretching it to the extreme but maybe some new species only found in Southern Kalos.
    2. More Mega Evolutions. Top choices being Milotic and Machamp.
    3. Learn more about AZ and possibly Zinnia. I have a feeling ZInnia will travel to Kalos to be the Move Tutor for Dragon Ascent. Her Grandmother did it in ORAS. Someone has to do it, right, so why not Zinnia? And also another plot involving Team Flare with Zygarde of course. Interesting to note that Steven mentions Alain from the Mega Evolution Specials in ORAS if you have Shiny Beldum during the Delta Episode. Lysandre also mentions at the end of Act III that the events in Hoenn will lead to a change to in Kalos’s future and that “this change will be great tidings of joy to humanity and Pokemon alike”. Interesting. Very interesting. May be speculating too much but it’s just something that seems to signal Z/X2/Y2 even more, especially considering Steven mentions Alain in ORAS.
    4. Rematches with the Elite Four at the Pokemon League and with them all having 6 Pokemon each and one of them Mega Evolving, like with what they did in ORAS with the Hoenn Elite Four. Better Rematch Teams for Gym Leaders at the Chateau.
    5. Improved Trainer Customization. More features, clothing, etc.

  16. I just want a new game and to get out of Gen6 It was exciting while it lasted, but Gen 5 was much much more interesting.

    1. Generation 5 was great. But there’s still much mystery surround Zygarde, that intrigues me. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it and how they go about making the final Generation 6 game. But I do admit, there are times when I get really excited thinking about Generation 7. Lol.

  17. I thought Masuda didn’t want to develop a Pokémon Z because it would be too obvious?

    1. He said that before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were announced, it could of meant that he knew a lot of fans were expecting Z after XY but he then surprised everyone with ORAS. He could of meant that. But it could also completely debunk Z all together. Some people are also saying because of that statement that we could get paired sequels like Black 2 and White 2. I’m expecting either Z or Sequels and don’t mind which one comes, to be honest.

    2. What happens if he announces Pokemon W (W standing for war(as in the 3000 year)) instead?

  18. when they should say it’s HABBENING !!!!!! ………mega Spiritomb i am not waiting u .

  19. When do you guys think they’ll announce something?
    Maybe in the september? To launch in march?
    I dont think well be getting a game this year :/
    But i would like
    1) expanded characters customization(liked the cross dress ideia haha) and pokemon(like diferent kinds of pokeball or visible stickers idk)
    2) more megas( purugly golduck weaville)
    3) hms forgeteble
    4) battle factory and the move tutors like on the island
    5) improviment on the breeding…. Put that guy who sees the ivs on the daycare and a good hatching spot like oras

    What i dont want is that pikachu with clothes…. Loved the ideia… Hated the execution

    Thats what im remembering right now 🙂

    1. Theres a Pokemon announcement coming on May 21st from Famitsu. If its the next main games, we will probably hear about it from Corocoro by the end of the week.

      1. Didn’t know that nice 🙂 now im gonna be anxious:/
        Thanks…. Hope its zy xy( i like the connectivity)

  20. My list:
    1. An actually likable and easily rememberable evil team. Team Flare was bland and boring.
    2, Following the better team idea, a good story would be nice. I mean c’mon!
    3. Expanded Trainer Customization with costumes from previous trainers and rivals (Red, Green, Gold, Silver… ect.)
    4. The ability to turn off roller skates and the ability to turn on running shoes like in HG/SS.
    5. Actually explain why Pokemon can Mega Evolve from a dinky little stone. OR/AS really didn’t expand on Mega Evolution like I had hoped.

    1. The stones are filled with life energy of pokemon. This energy draws out the energy in the bond between trainer and pokemon as well as the pokemons own energy, allowing it to Mega evolve.

  21. my list of demands
    1: More personalized customizations: I cannot stress this enough, i do not want to run around as some scrawny ten year old (i know its the very basis of every game but i’m a tall round powerhouse and i demand a avatar that reflects that)
    2: I know this is supposed to be a children’s game but i greatly wished that the story was a tad edgier (BW2 and XY was great but they could do better) freaking mess up the ecosystem and feel the wrath of Zygarde (Land’s Wrath)
    3: only a few additional Mega Evolutions (NO MORE FRIGGIN HOENN YOU ALL GOT PLENTY) the problem is that we’re getting too many Mega Evolutions and half of them go to the unnecessarily popular if i were to ask for megas i’d go to some of the overlooked and basically forgotten Pokemon like (Hypno, Golem, Drapion, Heatmor) (But i think i’ve earned my Mega Rhyperior/Excadrill)
    4: areas with extremely high leveled Pokemon that only the elite of elite trainers can tread without intimidation (But to make myself clear, no Pokemon Centers and you gotta make a effort to get there and no bitching, you pampered trainers want everything easier, forgettable HMs, easier leveling and IV breeding, tough luck, Pokemon Training is work and you gotta work to be the best)
    5: Less Fairy types: Absolutely sick of them

    1. We actually need move fairy types and fairy type moves because a lot of fairy type Pokemon aren’t really usable and the most powerful fairy type moves and Play Rough and Moon Blast with powers of 90 and 80 respectively.

      1. Nope won’t have anything more to do with Fairy Pokemon, i’m sick of seeing them everywhere

    2. List of demands lmaooo stfu. And if you’ve earned mega rhyperior, then I get mega Milotic. c:

      1. Uhhh not a chance bub, its time i got something good
        ORAS gave me utter heartbreak by pandering to you Hoenn fanboys

    3. Hoenn megas are done they probably will only have 1-3 more ever.

      Get used to Fairy type its a great addition and its only going to get more popular.

  22. I see that the crew has returned to PokeJungle! Glad to see more activity here, and I’m sure that we’re just warming up. I honestly believe that we could be getting the announcement within a matter of days! (I’m feeling good about the May 21st Famitsu announcement, and CoroCoro would announce it earlier). As for the possibility of Pokemon Z, I would like to see a fantastic story. Something that exceeds even Black and White, although nearly impossible. Those games are my favorites because of their fantastic music and engaging story: all they need to do is apply that to Kalos’ base properties.

    1. I eagerly await another pre-release season. It’s lovely feeling part of the poke community and gettingall the theories/chat from other fans! ^__^

  23. I just remembered we haven’t seen anything about Volcanion. What if we get Kanto games that take place between the times of R/B and G/S/C and play on the Volcano of Cinnabar Island? I would take a Kanto game that isn’t an exact remake.

  24. My hopes for Z or whatever the hell they name it:

    1. Expand the Kalos region or add a whole other mini-region
    3. The facility that backpacker in XY described as something you “wouldn’t believe” yeah, put the Battle Frontier up in this biatch
    4. Make Malva the region’s champion, and the Leader of the revived Team Flare. It would be interesting. (Not to mention Mega Pyroar)
    5. 3D Models for everyone that is important or plays a minor role to the progression of the game (Gym Leaders, Champions, Rivals, Grunts, Villain Executives, Elite 4, etc..)

    I also want Route gates back. I hate the way they fragmented routes in ORAS.

    1. You must of not played the original Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. I feel sorry for you. The only reason for lack of Route Gates was because the original games did not have Route Gates. And I’d like to have Malva as the Leader of a revived Team Flare. It would make her the first woman leader of a villainous team in the series. But Champion may be stretching it, at least in my opinion. I also want 3D Models too. I found the 2D art to be lazy.

      1. The first game I played was actually Ruby and the game I replayed the most was Emerald. I know the originals didn’t have route gates but having them would’ve been better than the sloppy transitions they had going into separate routes.

  25. My top 5 for Pokemon Z would be (in no particular order):

    1) Explanations for the ton of mysteries in Pokemon X & Y like the train station at Couriway Town, where editor in chief is and what mythical pokemon she is after, the lava dome Pokemon in Jaune Plaza, the message on the back on the timetable at the train station, the strange souvenir, the region that the backpacker in the hotel is talking about and the ghost girl in Lumiose City.

    2) More post-game things to do. I was bored out of my mind after finishing Pokemon X because unlike other games that give you great post-game content like the Battle Zone for DPPt, Kanto for HGSS, half a region for BW and the ton of legendaries in BW2 put in X & Y they give you the Battle Maison, a “meh” safari and 2 legendaries, Mewtwo and a bird depending on your starter. Talk about pathetic.

    3) More Pokemon. Gen VI only gave us 69 Pokemon. Compared to the Gen II which gave us 100 Pokemon, that’s pretty sad. Especially since a lot of them aren’t that memorable.

    4) New Region. Kalos looks like it could be connected to another region and there were a ton of hints in X & Y that a new region was coming. One hint was the backpacker in the hotel telling you that he doesn’t come from any of the known regions and another hint is the train station in Couriway Town, which is the Eastern area in Kalos and the train line enters a tunnel at the train station. I guess another hint could be the fact the editor in chief is looking for a mythical pokemon in the mountains and the east of Kalos is really mountainous.

    5)More back story into AZ and the 3000 year war. In X & Y, we get some details of the events of 3000 years ago but not much. This period in time was so significant that even people in Hoenn knew about The Ultimate Weapon. Also I think that this time period might be linked to the person who discovered Mega Evolution with his Lucario so we might be able to know more about the origin of Mega Evolution. Also I wouldn’t mind seeing AZ when he was still a king.

    1. I both agree #3 and disagree with #3. I found a lot of the Generation VI Pokemon to be memorable, at least in my own view. But I do think they could of gave us more Pokemon. There’s talk about Southern Kalos in Volcanion’s event script data and in the map description of Kiloude City. Perhaps there is species only native to Southern Kalos. Would be really cool if they did that and expanded Kalos!

  26. I facepalmed at #3. Why is this such a big deal for people? Don’t expect it to happen, at least until next gens nostalgia-games (whether that’s a return to Kanto+Johto or Sinnoh). I’d much prefer more surfing sprites and #4, because it makes more sense and I’m not sure why #4 is completely separate from that point in the first place.

    Anyhow, here is my 50 cents on this matter:

    1. While we’re self promoting ourselves now, everyone needs to go download my mixtape! It’s fireee fam.

      1. Is it wrong to link to a blog here?

        I had written that entry about this specific topic recently and couldn’t be bothered retyping my thoughts in a comment when I already tried my best there ^^

  27. My wishlist

    -Proper explanation about Megas,War,AZ,Ultimate Weapon, that weird item that was impossible to get, ghost girl etc
    -Expanded customization
    -More Megas
    -Difficulty option
    -Walking with Pokemon
    -More surfing animations
    -6v6 battle finder
    -Improved Framerate
    -Better Postgame,BF,Rematches,Something etc
    -3D models for all the important characters ,Bring back the dialogue which happened when the gym leader was down to his/her last pokemon,it would be cool to see them in 3D..
    -Better story

  28. In addition to the official release of Volcanion, I like to see 37 more new Kalos Pokemon for Pokemon Z, plus a few more new Mega Evolution(s) and 2 new Zygarde forms. That will raise a number of Kalos Pokemon to 109, making a total number of Pokemon to 758.

  29. What does Pokemon Z need?



  30. Is it true that Gamefreak is coming with big news about Pokemon in this E3? What do you guys think the big news could be?

  31. I’m hoping they give us something within the next few days. Honestly, The thing I would love for them to bring back for Z would be Hardcore mode. Generation 6 is so dumbed down even without the Exp. Share on so the added challenge would be nice. Also there needs to be a few more Megas such as Butterfree or Jumpluff.

  32. Thank you, just THANK YOU for advocating the cross dressing thing. We need to instill into kids not to judge others based on gender identity… and rather than the game making a big deal about it, just include it, so kids will get the message naturally instead of it feeling forced on them.

    Oh, and also… I know I’ve said it many times before. Just gonna say it again just cause. I want to be able to take off my hat and not wear one…

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