Top 5 Features Pokémon Z Needs to Have

We’re all excited for the third installment of Generation VI, whether it’s Pokémon Z or otherwise, and hopefully it will live up to fan expectations. Here are 5 features that would make the game a true standout in the expansive catalog of Pokémon titles.

1) Expanded Trainer Customization

Although the addition of clothes and hairstyles was a great improvement for the series, it wasn’t fully capitalized on. Males in particular got the short end of the stick with a measly 4 haircuts and a rather uninspired selection of clothing. More options = more fun… at least for gamers such as myself that like to work towards cosmetic upgrades for our characters. Clothing having upgrades would also be a neat feature, such as improved catch rates in caves or extra money from battles.

As a special note, I’d also like to lobby for the ability to cross-dress. I know a lot of girls who wouldn’t mind dressing up in the male clothes and a few guys who would enjoy trouncing the competition in something pink and frilly.

2) Upload-able Trainer PR Videos

How much fun can you squeeze into just seconds? A lot, according to the popularity of micro-video site Vine. Similarly, Pokémon X & Y’s PR video feature let players create 11 second presentations of their customized trainers in action. Although they were able to be shared locally with other gamers you passed by and friends online, the ability to share the videos online would be amazing. The feature is easily forgotten, but could be a great viral marketing tool for Pokémon Z.

3) Pokémon Following Their Trainer

This is a big request, but something fans have been longing for ever since HeartGold and SoulSilver reminded us how fun it was to have your favorite Pokémon out in the world exploring alongside you. Why do I have to keep my Sewaddle caged up in its Pokéball?! I’d love to have it crawling its legs off while I rollerblade across Kalos.

4) Pokémon Riding Anywhere & Everywhere

The first time we saw images of a trainer atop a Gogoat the possibilities seemed endless. Would we be able to cross the Pokémon world riding on our favorite team members…?! No, as it turns out. The riding ability was limited to very specific geographic spots and didn’t offer much in the way of convenience. In fact many of the sequences were slow and required precise maneuvering to avoid backtracking in frustration. Don’t forget to include the improved version of Fly that we got in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire; selecting a destination from the map and hitting ‘go’ just doesn’t seem as fun anymore.

Will we finally be able to realize our dream of riding our prized Rapidash across routes in a blaze of speed? Just don’t fart on its tail.

5) More Mega Evolutions

Of course… how could we leave out the inclusion of even more Mega Evolutions? This was one of the most revolutionary things Pokémon X & Y gave us, so it would be natural for their successor to bring even more to the table and let trainers come up with new strategies and uses for them. Do you have any particular additions you’d like to see?

I know I won’t be satisfied until we get a Mega Dunsparce.

<3 PJ

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