PJN @ Gamescom: Demo Footage [Fixed]


Here it finally is! The camera is shaky, the sound is noisy and the lighting is terrible, but I promised to do this video. Not much is going on, except me failing to push the right buttons while holding the camera one-handed. Also, you can hear me talking about 7 minutes in. Apologies for the very raw voice, I had a sore throat. My normal voice is considerably higher pitched. Also, at 3:44, that is Pikmin 3 music, not an actual Pokémon soundtrack.

Enjoy! You can discuss this, the 2DS, the $50 Wii U price cut (guess we didn’t do a post on it), and because this is a Gamescom special, the Wind Waker Special Edition, Wind Waker Wii U, and all the other things Nintendo have announced today in the comments below. I’m counting on some readers to feed the news to the others, or else I do it myself. 🙂

UPD: Reuploaded to fix the horrible things Youtube does to my videos.