Introducing the Nintendo 2DS


Introducing… the Nintendo 2DS! Seems like a bad April Fools’ joke, but this is real! It will launch in America for $129.99 and hit stores the same day as Pokemon X & Pokemon Y; October 12th, 2013.

The 2DS features screens the same size as those found on the original 3DS model, but the top screen has no 3D display capabilities. It also goes back to the Gameboy Advance-era of portability, completely lacking any folding mechanics to protect its screens.

What do you think?!

<3 PJ

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  1. This is….. something else…. I’m flabbergasted. but I sorta want one. but seriously what the hell. are they going for a tablet look?

  2. Kind of like a Game Boy for X and Y… I think Nintendo made a smart move for nostalgic people and for gen wunners. But no 3d? I see a 2nd flop for Nintendo this year!

    1. Is this some kind of hint that Pokemon can now revert back to their other evolution forms? lol
      Putting the jokes aside, I actually like this new handheld game and it looks just like the GameBoy.

  3. This is a smart idea. It cuts the costs of the 3d capabilities, and adds the tablet feel which makes it so the price can be lower for those who would have otherwise not been attracted to the higher price of the 3ds. Especially with the holidays around the corner families that are struggling financially or for those of us that are more frugal will jump at these. And, of course, after more people have access to the system, more people will buy 3ds/2ds accessible games, and securing future sales.

  4. I think it is a good option for those who doesn’t play in 3D or have a low budget, I just think this model is kinda weird… I guess I’m just used to my 3DS XL.

    But some friends of mine that doesn’t have the 3DS yet and are planning to buy one because of XY are already interested in this new model, so looks like it will have its market share.

  5. *Sigh* Nintendo………….. why are you doing this to yourself? This is one of the dumbest products they could have possibly thought of…… Hey Nintendo, instead of making a handheld system that’s a stripped down version of one you already have out, plus a really stupid design, why don’t you make a system with at least a 720p resolution screen? I don’t mean to get on the hate train, I just think they could be spending their time on something better. Also one more thing, if this thing is being targeted for children 5-7 or so, why does it look so freakishly big? So the thing can’t fit in the hands of said children? Again I don’t mean to hate. I’m all for Nintendo, I just want them to stop beating around the bush and release something worthwhile in terms of consoles.

    1. I thought about the size thing, but I doubt they would release it without testing it in the hands of the target audience.

      ^in the hands… that sentence worked surprisingly well

      1. Well I’m kind of thinking it’s in the vein of Game gear, ok size for adults, but massive for children’s hands. The same could be said about the original xbox controller. Just because they maybe tested it, doesn’t mean the company making it is gonna realize what they are doing.

    2. Dude it’s the same size as a regular 3DS. (IGN said they were shown by Reggie himself, but that’s IGN doe. lol.

  6. I feel like this is going to be received similar to how the Micro and the SP were. It’s just a novelty DS… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ditching the middle hinge was a bold move too! I didn’t see that coming at all!

    1. I think the SP was a pretty radical evolution of the Gameboy line. It certainly has influenced many of Nintendo’s consoles since. DS, DSi, DS LL, 3DS, and 3DS XL.

      1. I liked the SP and thought it was a great additon to the line up, but this is just, just……..I facepalmed at the idea of it……

        1. It is CHEAPER than the 3DS, people who aren’t fortunate enough to afford the normal 3DS can at least get this. What you’re saying is very closed minded. Nintendo are suffering from the poor sales of the Wii U and they see that there is a massive market still there for the 3DS that they can still tap into with new, cheaper versions of the console, especially with the upcoming release of Pokemon. They have probably taken note of the people who have stated they’d buy the game if they could afford the 3DS and have thrown them a bone. Don’t be so quick to judge.

      2. I totally agree PJ. Without the success of the SP, I don’t think we would have the same DS as we did today. This 2DS seems more like a GBA Micro.

    2. I had owned an SP before *sniff* trading it in with my big sister so she can get me a DS. My little sis still has hers, but she rarely played it to begin with.

    3. The SP was actually a well received. I think the back light, hinge, and rechargeable battery made it a good deal.

    4. Because the SP and the Lite weren’t well received, apparently? The micro came too late to be of any use to anybody, but SP was pretty great. First to have a backlit screen and charging capabilities were HUGE selling points to me when I got mine.

      This looks pretty stupid though. It seems to lack proper portability.

  7. I like being able to fold my system to put it to sleep, which also protects the screens. I have no need, or desire to ever purchase this system. I’m very happy with my 3DS XL 😀

    1. Same, but this will have a sleep mode slider to make up for the lack of clamshell sleep mode design

  8. I was laughing near the end of the trailer. I’m glad they’re making the system more affordable, but having no folding mechanic is a big no. And how will the system “go to sleep”? Is there a button you can press for sleep mode, or do you have to go through a ton of steps to activate it?

    At least give this thing more battery life then regular 3DS consoles Nintendo

    1. According to its specs, it has more battery life than the original 3DS, but less than the XL model.

        1. It’s possible, but I don’t think they’ll do that because of how kids nowadays aren’t as smart as we were back in the day. You can notice how Nintendo have dumb-downed some of their games in the past decade. The older games were a lot harder than the newer games now, but they’re still pretty difficult. Plus, that was one of things that I didn’t like about the GBA.

  9. I think this will mainly benefit those kids whose parents think the 3D is dangerous to their eyes. Other than I might buy it, because it is cheaper than the 3DS at launch and I still don’t have one for X and Y. Plus I don’t really care for the 3D capability.

    1. they mustve had a company night and got drunk on sake lmao then while drunk they were like [insert japanese herer] heeeey….how bout we make3 a retar chunky 2d thingie for the *hic* littla children. lmao lmao. oh my god nintendo wat next.

  10. Its a meh from me, coming from a Guy who takes priority to own all Nintendo handhelds, I will no doubt get this later in the months, but not now atm. But if I do, would anyone want me to do an in-depth review of it?

  11. It better come with that mini backpack thingie or else say hello to the
    Nintendo 2DS’s hidden feature: CD, a.k.a. Cracked Dimension.

    “Ever wanted to play your favorite game worlds in an alternate dimension?
    Introducing our new Cracked World feature! See all your favorite games
    like you’ve never seen them before! In CD!
    Available this Fall for only *cough*$40*cough* less than our better 3DS model!”

    If this handheld is not scratch-proof…
    Go home, Nintendo. You’re drunk.

  12. As strange as this product is, it’s actually a smart move. A lot of people I know who own a 3DS don’t often use the 3D on it, and for those who don’t own a 3DS but still want to play 3DS Games like X and Y, they can now be able to do it at a lot cheaper price. It’s a very smart way to rake in more fans to the current standards of Pokemon, if you ask me. Despite this, I will not be buying one simply because I already own a regular black 3DS I’m very happy with, and will be playing my version of X on it. 😀

    1. Exactly, you can buy one 3DS XL for $199 with no games included or you can buy one 2DS + XY, pay $168 and save 31 bucks. There’s definitely market for this handheld.

        1. At least it’s better than the price difference of buying Pokemon X or Y from GameStop and Walmart:
          GameStop, $39.99

          Walmart, $39.96.

          CONGRATULATIONS!!! You saved… 3 cents. ._.

  13. wow, I’m not sure we really needed this. Some games really benefit from the 3D like Super Mario Land 3D. If it made it significantly cheaper I’d kind of get the idea, but if it’s not at least 50%-60% cheaper it makes me wonder if it’s worth it. Might as well pay just a little extra and have the 3D option there should you ever need it.

  14. OKAAAAY…..Uh….Why would Nintendo do this????

    *Looks at the date of release*

    october 12th
    October 12th
    OCTOBER 12TH!!!!!!!


    “I UNDERSTAND!!!!”

  15. I think its a great idea. I almost never use 3d anways ,still i prefer 3dsXL. I think its great though for nintendo to release a ds like this for the people that dont want to or cant drop $200+ on a game system.

  16. This is… interesting..

    Idea: The idea behind this is something we all should have seen coming. Young kids can’t play with the 3D (or at least, shouldn’t), and MANY of us older players have issues using it for long periods of time. I for one can barely play it on the lowest setting for more than 10 minutes before my eyes hurt. This is a nice alternative and does seem reasonably priced. Yes, I know it’s not much cheaper, but you’re not honestly losing much – especially when it’s a feature you may not be physically capable of utilizing in the first place. I fully support this.

    Execution: … What… What is that behemoth monstrosity?! Why is it so top-heavy? I get the “2D = no folding” idea, but… I really, REALLY don’t like it. It looks ugly, clunky, and overall awkward. Honestly, if you showed this to me with no audio or Nintendo logos, I would have to assume it’s an illegal knock-off. Watching the boy in the commercial, I have trouble believing the target audience (5 – 7, ages that are into games but too young to safely use the 3D. Let’s be honest, us adults can just turn the slider off and the problem is solved) would be able to even handle this… thing. Oh, Nintendo…

    I give this about a year before there’s a folding version, if it’s not laughed out of the market before then.

    1. It doesn’t fold because I have every DS/3DS I’ve seen in the hands of a youngster has a broken hinge. With the exception of the XLs …. but they’re too expensive for parents to buy their kids anyways.

    2. It IS entirely possible to turn off the 3D slider altogether on the 3DS. You aren’t FORCED to use it.

  17. Omg, what will be the next? A 1DS with CD-ROM?

    I never use the 3D feature, but only if nintendo would have remove the 3D from the 3DS XL and keep that design would have been fine…

  18. I think this is a great move. Although its ugly as fuck, it’s a good way to boost sales. I was actually about to comment with a link for everyone on the last article! Notice how close the release is to X and Y as well!

  19. I’m actually excited for this one. I must admit, it’s not the most beautiful thing that’s out there, but it’s okay. I think they are playing on the wii u handthingy and the latest trend out here: tablets. I was looking for a replacement of my 3ds fat.

    Maybe it has a better battery? It’s not wasting energy for the stupid ‘3d’ effect. I also think it will lay in your hands perfectly. I’m buying!

    ps. maybe it’s a hint x and y won’t be in 3D 😉

  20. When I first saw this I thought it was fake..until I read “it is real.” If I can I would most likely get this so I can trade between X & Y etc. Just waiting for Black Friday/ Christmas! Seems like an interesting design, the only turnoff for me is the screens 🙁 I love the factor of it closing. Might wait until the next better/newest system comes out (HDS, 4DS, etc.) If the price is lower than 100 on Christmas/Black Friday I’m buying most likely!

  21. The retail price right now is $170 for a standard 3ds new at GameStop and Walmart, as well as the Nintendo Official Site.

    It is a $40 difference to those stating it is only $20; that’s factually incorrect.

    Consider this is marketed toward children. Families with 2-5 children could see a savings of $80-$200! Otherwise, without this product, many families would skip purchasing these handheld consoles altogether since you can’t buy one child one, but not the other if the family can only afford so many. Not to mention, the precautions of 3D on children’s eye sight.

    The price drop is actually a substantive difference. Allowing Nintendo to target larger families in the US and Europe, as opposed to the norm of 1 or 2 children in Japan.

    1. I can buy a 3DS (if I lived in America though) for $150. No real searching needed.
      This however, will launch at is MSRP, as always is the case with new systems.

          1. Yep. And look at shipping, “not available”.

            Then, I checked the store pickup, and not one of the stores in my state had the older 3ds models (red flame/aqua blue) in stock.

            It seems that those prices are no guarantee and not very available.

    2. Now I know they’re targeting kids with this since Pokemon X and Y comes out the same day and the 3D hurts the eyes. I know you could slide it down, but to avoid the process of parental controlling the 3D, just remove it completely and you won’t have to worry.

  22. I think it totally looks neat, but I’d only buy it to put it in my Nintendo Hall of Systems.

  23. Not gonna lie, first time seeing it on the official website, I was like-


    No sugar coating that. They can’t be serious. UNLESS you want to save money and not get the 3D and if you have kids then they can use it and you have to worry about the eye problems. But still though…

  24. WTF!!!!! I was hopping to find something new in pokemon jungle and then look what I’ve seen :p

  25. You know what? I love it!! because some people cant buy the 3ds and they dont care if it has 3ds mode or not!!1 They just want to keep playing their games, like us guys!! We were angry because we didnt have the money to buy the 3ds and now Nintendo dame your wish come true!! now you can buy a 2ds .-. i think that is the same as ds and dsi but whatever i like the idea!! good one Nintendo

    1. Could also be seen as a way to tell third party developers that they can make games for it without including 3DS.
      And pricing.. It looks weird and an unexpected surprise(?), but I really like it too. Seems good for an x-mas gift for younger cousins xD

  26. In my life I have had a gameboy, a colour, GBA and a DS and the only games I have ever owned/played are the main series Pokémon games. I dont own a 3DS yet but when the day comes that I go to buy X/Y if this is a cheaper option I will be getting it.
    As far as I can see it is simply a 3DS without 3D or folding. If it saves me a significant amount of £££ I will pick it up over the more expensive 3DS.

    For people saying the screen will damage, what the hell are you doing with your DS? :/ none of my other non-folding portable devices screens have ever broke (apart from a phone on a late night out) I think it is a great option for the casual gamer who just wants to play the new Pokemon….or kids who aren’t allowed 3D, but I couldnt really care less about them

    1. Its a Terrible Design and the Screen WILL BREAK!.. I brought a 2000 dollar laptop with a tablet screen on top and that broke even with gorilla glass…. imagine a kid with it.. yeah its dumb and no one over 9 or 10 should be seen with it

  27. 2DS. Quite interesting! A cheaper model of the 3DS. Still, just turn down the 3D Slider. No need to buy a 2DS if you have a 3DS! Unless you don’t like 3D! ;D

    1. of course, if you have a 3DS you won’t buy one, but think of it this way: a person without 3DS (a kid as it is marketed) wants to buy it, but he/she won’t use the 3D. you say “turn the slider down”, but even with that, you are paying for a 3d screen, which is obviously more expensive than a normal one. why am I going to pay 50$ more for the 3D screen if i’m never gonna use it? then i buy the 2DS and with the difference i buy a game.
      or as it is said, a family with 2 children want to buy 2 consoles for their children, so with the 2DS they are saving money.

      1. It is true! My boyfriend has the original 3DS though and is changing to the 2DS- he doesn’t use the 3D and thinks the 2DS looks really good! He also likes that the controls are halfway up, which he says makes more sense. I am sticking with my 3DS XL though, I do use the 3D (and love my big screens)!

        I think you are right, it is mostly targeted for kids/parents buying for kids, who need to save money. I remember some parents being worried about the 3D so maybe it’s another benefit for them?

        1. Also, the 2DS looks more similar to a “toy”. It going to appeal more to kids. Parents would buy it more because it’s cheaper. Nintendo was also smart to release it around the time of X & Y and the Holidays! Nintendo knows how to do business. ;D

      2. Honestly, I’d pay the 50 bucks more (I already have a 3DS, so this is hypothetical) because I think the non-folding design is uncomfortable (I prefer my screens angled to eachother, not flat), and I’ve been so used to the folding design since my GBA SP. It looks like shody ergonomics to me. It looks uncomfortable to hold, awkward to travel with, etc. It looks like something not exactly being marketed for it’s portability.

        But I guess for those with young children, the good part is that it hardly looks delicate. Could probably bounce that thing off the floor and it’d keep going no problem.

        1. Let me explain. The 2DS is really comfortable! People already had hands-on time with the system. They had positive reviews about it! 2DS was also supposed to be put into book-bags, not pockets. Kids travel a lot with book-bags so thats where the plans went! Also, it is more durable than the 3DS and 3DS XL! Still, you are right! It is not very portable, yet it is more for kids so they don’t mind it much! It will still sell well because it will be released to the public on Oct. 12 (release date of X & Y) and it’s being released around the time of the holidays!

          1. 3DS doesn’t fit in my pockets either – probably because I’m a woman and wear women’s jeans. I use a bag anyways. However, I have had way too many problems with things like butt/bag dialing to trust things that don’t close. Does the 2DS have a sleep mode that it can reliably stay in when bouncing around in a bag?

            I’m not saying that it won’t sell well, I’m saying there are plenty of reasons to prefer a standard 3DS over a 2DS, ignoring the 3D issue altogether. It’s not a system that appeals to me. It doesn’t have to be, but pushing it as “for everyone” doesn’t make much sense.

          2. I can answer the sleep mode question, and the answer is yes. The 2DS has a switch that turns it into sleep mode.

          3. It has a Sleep Mode switch! It replaces the Wi-Fi Switch on the 3DS! Yet, your right! The 3DS doesn’t even fit in Male Pants! I will be sticking with my Flame Red 3DS! ;D

  28. Ah man I’m excited for this – the 3d on the 3DS gives me a terrible migraine, and I could never justify the cost for something I couldn’t use all the features on.

    Lower cost? No headaches? Cute chunky design? I cannot wait for this!!

  29. I think Nintendo has a screw loose! Hence no hinges. But seriously why? again why? The thing is fugly.. almost seems like a prototype model.

  30. Nintendo basically set up age filters for the 3DS.
    2DS: 7 and under (No 3D is perfect for kids)
    3DS: 8-14 (Perfect for small hands or those who prefer a smaller system)
    3DSXL: 15 and up (Anyone who wants/needs a larger system)
    Obviously every age could utilize any of these, but it’s good marketing. I don’t like the idea nor the design, but I’m not a soccer mom buying a DS for her kid 😉

    1. agree with you… but I’d never use an XL platform. I would honestly like to know what makes it special. It just seems to bulky to me and the size might be better for younger hands but what does it do for us?

      1. I loved the DSi XL and love the 3DS XL now! The size just feels perfect to me, and really improves the experience, just for the touchscreen on the DSi XL and also the 3D on the 3DS XL. It doesn’t feel bulky at all to me, as I said, feels great- the normal DS feels tiny to me now 😛 I have had both originals and upgraded to XL, just feels worth it- but each to their own!

      2. The XL has larger screens/size, an updated form factor, increased battery life, and includes a 4GB SD Card. Really, there’s no big difference. I would try out all of them and see what fits you best! I got the XL because it felt most comfortable, plus they had the Pikachu edition.

          1. It means they changed the layout of the circuit board, larger buttons, more organized and compact. Supposedly makes the system perform better but again…doesn’t really change much 😛

      3. I used to feel the same way about the XL, until I actually borrowed my friend’s to test it out. I’m happy with the 3DS, but when I’m playing at home an XL wouls be nice… I am a poor student though haha, so no upgrades anytime soon.

  31. Regarding the 3DS, am I the only one who does not receive headaches because of
    its 3D feature? I could play for hours without really being bothered by it.

    Now, regarding the 2DS, I’m still waiting for something like this bad boy down there…
    I dub it the Nintendo 3DS MAX. This is something worth playing Pokémon X & Y on.

        1. actually i think it IS a psp just with buttons logo and color edited. not sure why people want everything to look like a sony product these days

    1. This would be…………. AWESOME!!! Nintendo is too cheap to make it work though… =I.. oh and its missing a second stick

      1. Those pics are actually an artist’s rendition of what the 3DS might have looked like a bit before the actual 3DS was revealed.
        But, damn… that screen size! It’s big, but not bulky. It’s also pretty slick.

    2. HOLY SHIT that 3ds looks damn good. Hey nintendo trolls can u PLEEEEASE make this pretty please with sugar on top. thank uuu. oh nvm.

    3. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I don’t get headaches from the 3D either.

      By the way, who made these pictures?

  32. I get it, the thing looks like a freaking leapfrog, it’s probably the ugliest handheld Nintendo has ever released.

    HOWEVER, remember that they were trying to make it as inexpensive as possible, and hinges, frankly, cost more. They are making this, because I know for a fact that there are thousands of people out there saying, “I would get the new Pokemon game, but it isn’t worth buying a 3DS for.”

    My only real problem with this is that they didn’t “devolve” it even more. They made it to be more cost efficient, right? If that is the goal, it better be at least 40% less. A smart buyer should realize that $40 isn’t enough to sway your decision (imo).

    But of course, the people buying this will be Moms, looking for the cheapest way to get Mario and Pokemon in front of their 5-year-olds’ faces. I’m sure $40 is enough to convince them.

    With that said, I will not be buying one. I would feel like an idiot holding that… thing.

  33. This is actually beneficial as it’s a cheap alternative for parents to buy their younger kids a 3DS without having to worry about damaging their eyes or brains from playing too much 3D.

    Have no idea why it doesn’t bend, though, considering many younger kids break screens in seconds. Folding protected those screens. Also, how does it go to sleep?

    Retarded, Nintendo. Really retarded.

  34. I see it as a smart move.. and like a pat in the back for those that didn’t buy a 3DS before and played Pokemon (5th Gen) on the previous version. With the coming of X&Y, maybe they wanted to make the transition a little.. cheaper.
    Overall.. more options, more people buying stuff I guess.

  35. No… Just no…

    I realize this is for younger audiences because it’s cheaper, but shouldn’t it be able to close if it’s of kids? I mean, kids break things all the time. Not a smart move Nintendo. Wes disapproves.

    Also, doesn’t that thing look uncomfortable to hold? With the buttons at the top, I would think it would be more likely to be dropped. (Add that to no screen protection). I think they want kids to break them so they can get more money when the parents come back to get another one.

  36. I see where Nintendo are coming from, with it being cheaper
    But the design is just…no
    Obviously it can’t be a DS v2.0 cause then people’d be like what’s the point, but I feel it’d be uncomfortable to play with the screens switched
    I’m sorry, but nobody has pockets that wide either

  37. I wonder if the battery life will be better… If its the same screen sizes as the regular 3DS, but doesn’t fold, maybe it would have an XL battery, or even a slightly bigger one…

    I also have never seen a family play a handheld like that before… Exaggeration, or is that one of those “never in Mississippi things”?

  38. I just want to know if we need another 3DS to trade yoour pokemon from generation V to Pokemon X and Y 🙁 I hope we dont need another 3DS

  39. I think I know what their getting this from
    1. The 3D hurts kids eyes it hurts mine
    2. It would be cheaper
    So it’s not so useless when I first say this article I thought the 2Ds was the next generation a Nintendo handheld devices and I was mad because I just got a 3ds for Christmas

  40. Just consider my mind blown everyone…my first day of high school and this crap? I’m done, I’m freaking done…

  41. This is a bit random, but being the anti social person I am, do we have to be inside gamestop to download the shiny event legendaries, or can we do it from the parking lot?

    1. Parking lot, depending on how close you can get to the store. If you park right out front like I did, you should be able to download no problem. Just try from your spot, and if it doesn’t work, go inside.

  42. WTF!…. Soooo Stupid!.. Trying too hard ( -_-)
    I think they made it as a cheaper option and for young kids who have parents who don’t want them viewing things in 3D but it is STILL Dumb!

  43. I’m upset because Nintendo is TERRIBLE with upgrading things… they truly aren’t as for there customers as they want you to believe…. Yes we wanted it cheaper but they tell us no 3D and No hinge and its ugly…. We wanted a better 3DS and got a 3DS XL but it cost a good amount more And they didn’t improve the graphics… they are just so lazy and money hungry it is upsetting.. instead of spending forever making a handheld that can last for years as is.. they feel the need to make a ton quickly to address a bunch of small problems that should have never been there instead… And No One DS has all these seemingly easy to correct flaws corrected, but I guess Yes in ALL they do ( if you include the second joystick attachment they make you pay extra for)… what a shame.. maybe they will be smart when they make a TRUE 3DS2, but at this point .. I Doubt It! >=I

  44. Really? 2DS?
    I will say that the idea of trying to implement an old-school handheld into a current handheld device is great (Gameboy + 3DS, without the 3D) and no one will use the 3D nonetheless (at least not as much as Nintendo expects them to) so I guess this is okay, but why no Wii U upgrade or a 4DS, or R/S remakes teased or a new spin-off or even a new generation of Ninendo consoles??? I will not be getting the 2DS, and the idea is great, but I just don’t know what to say. I will be back on the forums more often around when CoroCoro leaks, or when anything actually significant is revealed. Thoughts, everyone? 😀

  45. I think i’m going to get one just for the reason that its cheaper and I never really cared about 3d in the first place. i only care about the games. I never got a 3ds for the price and the useless – ish 3d. this gives me the opportunity to play these games. I think its ment for the people who never got the 3ds for the price/bad 3d for your eyes

  46. It means it’s more accessible for kids especially but adults may like it this way too. It can’t be snapped and no chance of a kid being sneaky and sliding it up to 3D – eyes are sensitive at the beginning, so less chance of vision damage. It’s also very tablet-like and the coloured accents looks nice.

    1. my thoughts exactly! it’s actually grown on me a lot and I hope a younger cousin of mine get’s it so I can fiddle with it. since I really don’t have an excuse to buy it myself. haha.

  47. This looks really strange to most of us, but I’ve heard some people I know saying they’re interested in it.. these are people who don’t have a 3DS in the first place. Maybe this is the result of some weird research Nintendo did to appeal to these people?

  48. A good marketing tool I guess for all those kids who want to play the new 3DS games but can’t afford/ are too young for the full fledged 3DS. I imagine it will be more durable then the 3DS swell

  49. I came here for pokemon news and find this. lol. Still gtetting a xl though…. ds without folding sounds….uncool
    EDIT:Okay on second thought it looks better than I thought when I watched the vid. still no folding=no getting

  50. I was skeptical at first, but I think that this will sell like hotcakes, especially considering that it’s so cheap and launches on the same day as Pokemon.

    It may also be a good option for multiplayer Mario Kart or trading Pokemon with myself! (Although I have plenty of friends to help with that)

  51. Hey, if you buy the 2DS, those 40 bucks could go towards the other Pokemon game that you didn’t already preorder.

  52. it’s pretty obvious this is geared toward kids and I have enough younger cousins to know not having it fold is the way to go. as for the screens getting scratched or the system getting cracked…….. isn’t that always a concern??? i know i got screen protectors and a clear shell on my xl to protect it. and even if you don’t get those things nintendo makes handhelds that can handle a fall. i know i dropped my gameboy/sp/ds/etc countless times with no damage done besides a couple of scuffs.

    this was made with young kids and their parents in mind. 3d totally eliminated. a more durable, at least it looks to be, handheld. and a slightly cheaper price. believe me even that slight price drop is enough to convince some parents. and it’s also a great option for people who want to play the games but don’t want to spend full price on a 3ds just to play them.

    and if i recall correctly reviewers are generally saying it’s pretty comfortable to play with. sure it looks a bit wonky and the name isn’t great but those are just superficial things honestly.

  53. I already own a 3DS XL and love it to death, but I do own a regular launch 3DS that began chipping its paint off of its parts after Hurricane Sandy hit (its mostly due to it being in the affect room of mine that was hit by flooding, and the extreme heat that came a few days later sadly). Its trade worth was not good atm (my Gamestop employee aka my GF and best friend told me 85 bucks at the time), thus leading my GF to buying me a 3DS XL. So when I saw the 2DS, and its features and even the demos at PAX (held one and tried X and Y’s demos there) I was HOOKED. Its L and R buttons to me feel like Triggers from the PS4 with the nice curve. Then the solid feel to it makes me confident with handing the thing over to my little sister. Added in with its screen size as the same as the original 3DS, I want one. And I do hope any shop, like Gamestop, offers a good trade in value for it, and I may cut down the price more at GS with my coupon. Its intended for kids, but my god it has this adult (ME :D) Hooked to it. Its a good bargain buy for the budget weary family too, and those who think 3D hurts or etc. Well thats my 2 cents on it lol, sorry for the text wall here PJ.

  54. You know, I actually like it, and I’m probably buying with with Y. Here’s my reasing.

    1. Cheap. 130€ is less than I payed for my DS lite
    2. I don’t care about the 3D. Always sounded like a pointless gimmick
    3. I’m a fucking hinge breaker, and I’m constanty scared of death that my DS lite might fall and the top screen breaks off. Hell, right now y hardware can’t even hold the top screen, due to an inforntunate incident. The sturdier design looks good
    4. A bit of nostalgia, reminds me of a gameboy

  55. If my XL ever breaks when the warranty goes out, I will gladly buy this. Though I had negative comments earlier, its a good, cheap alternative.

  56. well, but the original 3ds wasn’t very protective with it own screens, mine got scratched just by closing it several times.

  57. This thing looks ridiculous! It’s clunky, ugly, and the controls could NOT be more inconveniently placed! NO WAY would I waste even one cent on this piece of garbage!

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