Dae asks: Where do you play?

The previous Dae asks seems like ages ago. Let’s fix that with this one! Gamescom pictures coming tomorrow at the latest, but hopefully later today!

This time it’s a rather direct question: where do you usually play your handheld Pokémon games? Do you only play at home because you’re too embarrassed to pull out your DS? Do you play at your school or even college? Do you organise meet ups to play local Wifi battles and trade with each other? I have to say, Gamescom was the first place I went to in years where you wouldn’t get weird looks because you walked around with a DS. I only play at home or at my dorm nowadays, but that also mostly has to do with the convenience of a wall socket and better lighting conditions (thank you based curtains).

So, where do you play? As always, you can comment below! Please be warned that this is Dae asks and all off-topic stuff should go here for the time being. I will delete stuff without warning if it would derail the thread. I won’t issue bans for it, however. Happy commenting!