Journey to X & Y: Episode Five — The Legends of Kalos

Legends will rise…

In Episode Five we’re going to be asking readers to take a shot at what they think the legends (and myths) of the Kalos region will be.

We’re almost in the final stretch to October 12 now, and things are about to get crazy, so make sure all eyes are on the site! As we get closer to release episodes of this series will become more frequent, leading up to an X & Y extravaganza week, with more details on that coming soon!

Episode Four — Reader Opinions

It’s difficult to believe that it has been over a month since the last episode of J2XY (abbreviations like that are cool, right?) and what a month it has been. The news flow has been almost constant, with Mega Evolutions getting a reveal at the start of the month and fans across the world getting a chance to play Pokémon X & Pokémon Y before it releases in October.

In Episode Four we asked readers to  focus on the storyline of the Kalos region in Pokémon X & Y or, specifically what ours readers wanted to see from the story of the upcoming games. We received some great replies, in fact a little too many to pick the best ones. As such, for the first time we’d like you to head over to the previous episode and read through some of the best comments.

The Legends of Kalos

Fans of Pokémon know that with each new region comes a whole new lot of legends and myths, some intertwining Pokémon into them and some completely separate from the Pocket Monsters. Legendary Pokémon are a great way to create a regional back story, and even regular Pokémon can be given an importance to the story – maybe Honedge has a greater importance than fans choose to believe?

There’s not a huge amount that can be said here, so it’s straight to the main event. We want our readers do get a discussion going about what they believe the legends and myths of Kalos will be. Including Pokémon in your speculation is a given, so there is also an opportunity to think up some interesting concepts for new Pokémon here. So, get commenting and liking! In the next episode we’ll feature the comments and ideas with the most up votes, so vote wisely!

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