Journey to X & Y: Episode Five — The Legends of Kalos

Legends will rise…

In Episode Five we’re going to be asking readers to take a shot at what they think the legends (and myths) of the Kalos region will be.

We’re almost in the final stretch to October 12 now, and things are about to get crazy, so make sure all eyes are on the site! As we get closer to release episodes of this series will become more frequent, leading up to an X & Y extravaganza week, with more details on that coming soon!

Episode Four — Reader Opinions

It’s difficult to believe that it has been over a month since the last episode of J2XY (abbreviations like that are cool, right?) and what a month it has been. The news flow has been almost constant, with Mega Evolutions getting a reveal at the start of the month and fans across the world getting a chance to play Pokémon X & Pokémon Y before it releases in October.

In Episode Four we asked readers to  focus on the storyline of the Kalos region in Pokémon X & Y or, specifically what ours readers wanted to see from the story of the upcoming games. We received some great replies, in fact a little too many to pick the best ones. As such, for the first time we’d like you to head over to the previous episode and read through some of the best comments.

The Legends of Kalos

Fans of Pokémon know that with each new region comes a whole new lot of legends and myths, some intertwining Pokémon into them and some completely separate from the Pocket Monsters. Legendary Pokémon are a great way to create a regional back story, and even regular Pokémon can be given an importance to the story – maybe Honedge has a greater importance than fans choose to believe?

There’s not a huge amount that can be said here, so it’s straight to the main event. We want our readers do get a discussion going about what they believe the legends and myths of Kalos will be. Including Pokémon in your speculation is a given, so there is also an opportunity to think up some interesting concepts for new Pokémon here. So, get commenting and liking! In the next episode we’ll feature the comments and ideas with the most up votes, so vote wisely!

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  1. I like the new layout, but all the old comments are gone? Still working on it I suppose, but really like the new layout! And I like my name green now 😀

    1. They’ll be back! Updates and fixes to the layout will be carried out over the next few days. I’ll also be rolling out new article images. 🙂

  2. “Let the water wash over you
    Wash it all over you
    Swim to the ocean floor
    So that we can begin again
    Wash away all our sins
    Crash to the other shore”

    I love fresh starts.

    1. Nope, that was from the Gameshow for people who didn’t have the Gen 5 games to battle with those select teams I believe.

    2. Nope, this literally says “Rental Teams” at the top in Japanese. So, not in the least bit.

  3. I would really like if they went on that Nord theory that has been up since January, having a third dragon/snake like pokémon and a squirrel being the cute-ish legendary

  4. This new layout is amazing! I can finally reply to a comment without tapping the downvote 40 times!

  5. I love the new layout! My favorite part is that it’s fast! When it’s late and I wake up I sometimes check PokeJungle to see if there is any news, my iPod would crash like 3 times before actually opening the site. Now it’s takes less than 30 seconds to fully load! 😀 The only thing (if possible) I would like to see would be the return of the article pages button it was quite useful and it would be easier than going to the homepage to check if there is a new article. (Again not mandatory but a convenience) Thank you! 😀

      1. That button under the avatar and name of the person who posted the article. It said the name of the article before and after the article you are on.

  6. As far as legends go, I’d like to see a Dragon/Poison dual type legendary based on Norse mythology. The type hasn’t been done yet and could have a cool design.

    If Xernias and Yveltal are based off Norse Mythology, the stag that guards the tree, the eagle above the tree, then hopefully we can get the Serpent that feeds on the roots of the tree.

    I also remember reading about a type of Nymph or Squirrel that acted as a messenger between the eagle and the serpent. I can see this being the Mew/Jirachi/Shaymin type of legendary, probably the final dex pokemon of Kalos.

    I can imagine our trio this time will be 3 fairies.

    1. Also, too add… Even though I want there to be a “Z” legendary, if they make a “Z” game I want Rayquaza to be the mascot on the box art, and I want it to be like a sequel game to Hoenn/Kalos.

      I’m still itching for a 3D emerald remake, “Hoenn” rhymes with the name of the trainer “N”, and I can totally imagine him befriending Rayquaza (based off Ziz) and make a “Z” game. That’ll be so cool.

    2. I like that there is a new type, but aren’t there too many fairy types already? Back on Gold Silver, there were a few steel (like the amount of dragons).. I think. I would like something more unique, like the original birds. DP trio wasn’t as fun.. or creative by that matter.

      The messenger one sounds cool.

      1. I’d like fairies of the four elements, with one of them maybe being a secret legendary.

        Fairy/Ground (Earth)
        Fairy/Flying (Wind/Air)

        1. Or you could go a different route and create five elemental fairies that represent the five elements of witchcraft

          Fairy/Ground (Earth)
          Fairy/Flying (Wind/Air)
          Fairy/Ghost (Spirit)

    3. I really want the trio to have a larger role this time around. I mean, of course, the trio of the region have always played quite an enduring amount but I want them to be more important than in Black and White 2. I really like your idea of three fairies being the new trio of region. Water/Fairy, Grass/Fairy, and Fire/Fairy as their typing would be nice.

  7. I know this is kind of off topic for this particular discussion, but does anyone know if X & Y will have some kind of feature that’ll allow them to get Pokemon from the Generation V games, like the Poke Transfer did between Generations IV and V? I’ve got a lot of Pokemon that I could transfer, including a lot that I’ve bred just to fill up the Pokedex

    1. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I don’t see any reason to believe there won’t be a transfer feature in X & Y.

      1. The Shiny Creation Trio is very suspicious… I bet they’ll play a part like the Shiny Beasts did for Zoroark. Why else would they just simply give it away?

    2. Honestly, I very well may be the only person who thinks this way, but it defeats the purpose of catching them all, when most of them are easily transferred from other games. Though, I understand how this would be especially nice for competitive battling as well as special pokemon with pokerus or shiny attributes. As well as unobtainables, if there exists any.

      1. I’ve already caught them all, why should I have to go through the trouble of catching hundreds of Pokemon again? Plus as you mentioned, there are some special Pokemon for people like competitive, shiny, pokerus, or just sentimental. It would suck to have them stuck on an older generation game.

      2. You are not the only one…I’m with you. In Gen V they gave away for FREE more than Half of all (Shiny/Exclusive Attacks) Legendaries (like Zekrom/Reshiram) on Wi-Fi. Makes me wonder why I even bothered to catch one….if they we handing them out for free. I mean the least they could do is allow us to catch them ourselves….but that my opinion on it.

        1. About a month ago i figured they would just have a way to transfer your pokemon from black or white, but then someone pointed out to me that pokemon are completely different from previous gens. theres now new ways too see your EVs and even a new way to see your stats. It would seem like they would have to fabricate a lot of elements in pokemon you transfer from the past games just so you could do it. I dont see this happening now, and while its upsetting it’s basically like your starting a brand new journey and i think thats what these x and y games are all about.

          1. They’re making EVs more visible, not changing their mechanics as far as we know. Just a new way to actually see them and acquire them. I don’t see why that would have an impact on old Pokemon.

          2. From what i know its no longer a number based thing..its more like what the contest stats used to be..i’m just saying this isnt the same game anymore so i wouldnt have my heart set on getting my old pokemon back. with that being said i’m with you and i would also still like to be able to transfer.

          3. The contest stats WERE number based, you just couldn’t see them in-game. As a romhacker, I know this to be very true.

    3. Wasn’t there a mention of it? Like it was going to be back but different from what we are used to?

      Anyway, although I agree it defeats the purpose of “catching them all”, it wouldn’t make sense to lose all those event and legendaries that have been given so far. Also, I wonder if X&Y will have them all, or if trades with people that played previous versions are still necessary.

      Also, there is still people that like their collection, moves from the past or just don’t want to do it all over again and simply want to play the game and use new pokes.

  8. I so badly want a Garden of Eden related pokemon; a poison-apple serpent as well as a male/female adam and eve inspired pokemon, though these motifs would be more subtle. I love the idea of Norse Mythology, but I think a multitude of philosophies of divinity should be implemented IN ADDITION to Norse Mythology.

    Overall, I hope we see more of this juxtaposition of spirituality/romanticism with science/logic as the connective thread among the various legendaries.

    Please no Trios that are identical as well! Ie. the lake trio.
    Or trios that don’t look like pokemon. ie. the legendary golems.

    I like sets that are more diverse like the legendary dogs, legendary birds, and the swords of justice quartet.

    1. Speaking of Trios, I wonder what mythology they will be based on this time. The most mysterious one in my book are the Regis….(hence my name)

    2. Why don’t the golems ”look like pokemon”? I’ll admit they’re unorthodox but I was unaware that was actually a definition of what actually constitutes to being a pokemon. I’d rather they mix it up than giving us more cats and dogs.

      1. They look like Pokestudios characters. Not having any distinguishable face or likeness of a pokemon. They are also non creative designs that could have been executed much better. Think Golem from Monster Rancher, it is massive and intimidating yet has some innovation that distinguishes it from looking like blah piece of rock. They could have gone with the same concept and brought them to life. Rather they appear to be a big chunk of rock or ice with no personality or charm to speak of.

  9. I don’t think Game Freak will go completely Norse Mythology but if they do…I believe we will be getting 13 Legendary pokemon in X and Y excluding the event pokemon. Xerneas being the Stag near Yggdrasil tree, Yveltal being the Eagle above Yggdrasil, possibly a Poison/Dragon Serpent that lives under Yggdrasil and the “cute” legendary will be the Squirrel on Yggdrasil. The other 9 will represent the 9 Realms in Norse Mythology so possibly a pokemon representing Odin, Surtr, Ymir and the other leaders of those realms (I’m not to familiar with Norse Mythos aside from Marvel’s Thor comics.)

  10. Well first things first, I’m loving the new layout for the site, you guys did a great job with it.

    And secondly, I’ve been doing a bit of back research on X/Y while the news is dry, and I think I’ve filled a few holes on some things. I’ll be posting several images with stuff I think I have figured out, and not just about the games. 🙂

  11. i know this has nothing to do with this but does anybody here make youtube banners…

      1. its kind of much lol but Background:Blue, Yellow and orange checkered patternPictures: IX (roman numeral 9) in the center of the banner black a little bigger than the other pictures
        Honedge and Parappa the rapper on the left side of the IX
        Lighting (from ffxiii-2) and Nagato uzamaki on the right side of the IX

  12. if we cant transfer then i will cry. I started my pokemon journey at Pearl ( Yes i went back and played rest!!) and i have my Luxuray scince i began till now. In W2 i still have it it is level 68. i never want it to be 100 till last game
    i make learn a new move everygame and gain 2 levels each game.But…..
    if i cant contniue its legacy into X and Y then…then…..(v_v) huff. ill cry. And i REALLY want to have a double battle with Luxuray And Litleo last form. i love Electric types and Fire types. Which means i particrlly loved black and white legends except they were dragon i dont really like dragons. But im sorry for long speech thing face life jump……AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  13. I will miss my Luxuray if they dont allow transfering. its been with me from begining. which is pearl but i played before ones guys. and also i want to do double battle with Luxuray and if litleo is a fire poision type in last form then it would be Luxuray and Flioision

  14. Don’t know how anyone missed it, but it seems this is is the tree you can cut down with HM01 Cut (Image below). The tree which now looks like a bush is obstructing a path on a route.

    Another thing to note is that the skaters have various helmets/outfits resembling Pokemon. Korina appears to have one resembling Meinfoo and the girl in the image below seems to wear one related to Dunsparce. The player characters also have hats which resemble Pokemon such as Pancham, Fletchling which we already knew about. It seems Pokemon themed clothing is popular in the Kalos region.

    The main characters each have 2 official names. Xavier and Yvone are the first however when the main character is a rival of yours, it becomes Calem/Serena. We already knew about the first names for a long time though.

    In the latest X/Y Anime Trailer, it’s shown that Lickitung, Ditto, Politoed, Whismur, Medicham and several Pokemon are native to Kalos. This could suggest that they are within the Kalos dex.

    As of August 2013, Japan sold out of copies of X&Y for people to preorder.

    This image (Seen below) unofficially confirms that America will be getting limited edition X&Y 3DS XL. Note it says XL not LL so it’s not japan related.

    And the last thing I’ll post for now, is the official proof for the Pokemon trademarked to get a Mega Evolution SO FAR (Image below). This list is the same one Pokejungle posted a few weeks back but this is the actual trademarked proof.

    More to come soon 🙂

    1. Wow… This is amazing info especially the last one which further confirms that the Pokemon listed on the PJ list might get Mega-evolution’s.

      1. Not might. Are. If they spent the time and money getting them trademarked, which by the way was back in May 2012, why leave them to be unused?

        1. granted, just because they trademarked it, doesn’t mean it will get used. if they didn’t, i could go and trademark a pokemon with mega in front of its name, then make nintendo buy it from me when they want to use it. they probably trademark a lot of things without using them..check out all of nintendos pokemon related trademarks and try telling me they all get used 😛

          1. Trademarking something is essentially holding something in place so that they can eventually use it if need be. The fact that these we’re trademarked back in 2012 means they are planning to use them for X/Y. Seeing as Development on X/Y started back in 2009, it’s natural to trademark things in advance.

  15. So theirs an X/Y Pokemon play set in production that reveals some locations of Lumiose City.

    “Pokemon Lumiose City Playset – Will feature a Pokemon Figurine with some important locations of Lumiose City! These are the following:

    Pikachu and Lumiose Tower (The Pokemon version of the Eiffel tower)

    Fennekin and Laboratory A (Prof. Sycamore Lab)

    Chespin and Laboratory B (Have no idea)

    Froakie and Battle Field (the super training dome!?)

    New Pokemon and Airport (Guys! We got an Airport in Pokemon XY!!)”

    Now we already know there’s an airport in the anime which is not far from the Tower in Lumiose city, but a supposed second Laboratory sounds suspicious.

    1. Yes. A supposed second Laboratory does sound quite suspicious. Maybe we’ll have another professor who acts like Fennel.

    2. Flying to Hoenn! (Or Sinnoh, Unova, Johto, Kanto, or some other place) 😉

      I think that the Eiffel Tower-like building is a gym

      1. What makes an Airport being in the game suspicious is where would you be able to fly to? Going to another region is out of the question unless there’s another place the plane can land at.

        also, I’m still thinking that that Station on the far left side of the map goes underground.

        1. Hmm… well their is an airport in Mistralton City in Unova that we never got to use. And they could always build one in Slateport City in Hoenn just cause it sounds like “airport”/”slateport”.

          1. You got to fly from that Airport to Lentimas town in B2/W2, but I know what you mean. And the file size is too small for there to be other regions.

        2. Well, regions have gotten advancements in the past [B2 and W2, Platinum (just a little), and Kanto in HG and SS] so I don’t see why they couldn’t just add an airport in another region.

      2. Yes! I love that last one. Maybe the gym could be at the top of the tower and it could even be a sky-battle. ;D (I know that the tower had an electric mark on it’s door so there is little chance of having a flying-type gym there).

        1. Having a Flying type gym at the top of a tower and having a Sky Battle against a Gym Leader does seem neat, but it would be hard for me because I rarely have Flying-types on my team (I like them, I just rarely have them)

          1. For some reason I tend to have at least 3 Flying-types on my team. The regional bird is always a must along with the outcast. I call the Flying-type Pokemon with the lowest stats and the one who is rarely used because there is always another better Flying-type the outcast. The last Flying-type Pokemon depends on-if it’s a duel type or not. If it is a duel-type then I try to get it for sure.

          2. The only Flying-types I usually have (If I have one) are the regional bird, Drifblim, Altaria, Salemence, the Bug/Flying ones, Fearow, Dodrio, or Tropius

          3. I adore Bug-types! If I ever forget to have a Bug-type on my team I have to restart my game all over no matter the achievements, Pokemon I own, or event Pokemon I have. ;D (I can’t just go and catch another Bug-type that would ruin the purpose of my challenge).

    3. Hoenn.Confirmed.
      1. AIRPORT.
      2. RED (Yveltal) and BLUE (Xerneas).

  16. This post is regarding several things about Froakie and it’s possible typing.

    Now we know that Fennekin is gonna be a Fire/Psychic when fully evolved. (is there any doubt left that it won’t be?) From the demo’s at Pax and Cologne. Now we knew about this from the rumors posted on the net a few months back. Which mentioned that Froakie would Be Water/Fighting when fully evolved.

    The first point to back this up would be the animation when choosing a starter. Notice Froakie’s hand when it jumps. It resembles a common hand sign that Ninja’s use. (If you’ve seen Naruto then you should know what this is)

    The second point would be a screenshot that Jordin posted from the latest X/Y anime trailer. We saw Froakie wear what seems to be it’s inflation sac on it’s face. Again, relating to ninjas who wear masks to disguise themselves, just after in the trailer, it grabbed the same inflation sac from it’s bac and pulled out white balls, which turned out to be the move smokescreen. Ninjas use Smoke bombs to escape without being noticed.

    The 3rd point is one of my own assumption. After seeing Froakie use Water Pulse at the end of the trailer, it reminded me of Aura Sphere, which If the rumors are true about it’s typing, I could see it learning.

    1. I’m loving your idea. The idea that a cute frog could turn out to be a strong and vigilant fighter just sums up my liking for Froakie. I hope Froakie gets a Signature move or maybe all the starters this Generation will all get Signature moves.

    2. that would be super! i have to get both copies to get froakie AND chespin for my playthrough 😀

    3. Wow!
      I always knew Froakie would be a water/fighting, but your evidence has destroyed any doubts I had about that idea.

  17. @Staff, how do I log into my account and post comments on my computer? It’s not showing comments and there’s no option to sign in. (I’m using my phone right now)

    Edit: I tried logging in on the disqus website and refreshed the pokejungle page and still the comments and post a comment and the log in option didnt show up

      1. Well, Firefox didnt work. I don’t have Internet explorer or google chrome, so I have to download it. Is google chrome free?

        1. Yeah and better than FireFox and IE. It’s one of the best browsers out there, I love it! 😀

          1. Okie dokie that was fast! XD You will get used to it soon enough 🙂 (maybe like tomorrow lol)

  18. I love the new Layout :’D you make me feel happy PJ because you always think about us :’D you are the best Pokejungle. thanks a lot for all the news, all the friends that you’ve gave to us!! and thanks for everything

  19. One thing I’ve just realized is that some Pokemon could have a 1% chance of holding a mega stone IF they have a mega evolution.

    I doubt it but it’s interesting to think about.

    1. hey I want to ask yopu something!! i think that nintendo need to make a 3ds but like the 2ds because it doesnt need to closet

  20. October seems so far away, but so close at the same time! So close because it’s only a month and 14 days away from X and Y’s release (I think)!

    1. Your Dratini finally evolved! ;D
      I know right? It’s a mixed feeling even Shakespeare can’t explain.

      1. What do you mean? Are you thinking of Miniryu-Ninja? My only avatars were a Skiddo and this Dragonair that Jordin made for me.

  21. Love the slick new layout guys
    But for the legends of Kalos….hmmm I was thinking when they announced the creation shiny trio, this wold have to do with Mewtwo and it’s supposed other form…!
    I’d like to see….as the trio (if its based off of Nordic legends), a Thor, Odin, Loki trio (or would that be too overpowering)?
    I think to do with Xerneas & Yveltal, it’ll be about DNA and the preservation/destruction of nature and beauty, to put it vaguely…

  22. Have anyone seen this?

    According to author:

    * The PokeDex goes up to 769, with no “related” Pokemon beyond Sylveon.
    * The Starters are apparently influenced by famous Japanese characters from popular stories/plays, Benkei, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Jiraiya.
    * There are lots of new Fairy-type Pokemon.
    * There are 14 Legendaries, 4 of them appear to be Event Legendaries.
    * Swirlix, Clauncher, Saber Tooth Tiger Fossil, the Red Gem Fairy/Rock, Xerneas, and the Stag Beetle are exclusive to X.
    * Spritzee, Skrelp, Mammoth Fossil, the Green Gem Fairy/Rock, Yveltal, and the Hercules Beetle are exclusive to Y.

    1. another new type: metal? Dissapointed that Noivern is a standalone pokemon as described above. Hopefully it’s fake.

      1. It’s probably just steel. It was a big list, so he could have been a bit confused near the end.

        1. I don’t know.. Steel and metal are opposites. Steel is strong against water, metal not so much. Would be a nice twist.

          1. Still not quite true, steel has different qualities than MOST metals. It can’t have different qualities from just metal, because it is one. I do understand your point though, IRON TYPE CONFIRMED

          2. Considering Meowstick is on there, (Which I think was originally IAMTHELEAKER, not WPM) I doubt this list is real.

            Also, If you’re reading this former leaker, (can’t currently remember your new username, was it Nightshade) I would like to say I have a score to settle with you. Not because you were faking, but because you gave a minotaur fairy type. XD

          3. Sure is! Though I have always wondered why steel isn’t metal type, it is more inclusive of other forms of metals, including gold, brass, and copper! I wish we had a gold pokemon other than a shiny Steelix.

      2. The person who uploaded the list says that the “Metal” type is an oversight and that the Legendary Knight trio is actually pure Steel.

    2. I’m going to call this fake because the zombie seems too scary to put in a game aimed for little kids. (But I would love to have a zombie, as well as many others from that list)

    3. I love the idea of the Shiba-Inu line, the fossils, the Mermaid, the Dragon/Water line, the Lemur/Gorilla, the Goblin, and the Snowman! The little pig seems adorable, but the Dragon/Fairy line getting smaller an the Pinocchio seem a little Farfetch’d. Would GameFreak really make another fox with 9 tails and Noivern a standalone? And I think they would have revealed the “Metal” type at the same time as they did Fairy. However, I understand if the person who made this list meant Steel. I also think that there will be more “related” Pokémon. I don’t think it’s real, but I like most of the ideas.

      1. I agree with your post. Every odd-numbered Generation, there are no “related” Pokemon introduced. However, every even-numbered Generation, there is always at least a decent amount of “related” Pokemon introduced. Even though this Generation has broken some long used trends, it doesn’t mean the most popular, most known, and liked trend has to be broken. ;D

        1. Ha I didn’t even realize that trend. The only one I’ve ever noticed is the 2 Eeveelutions per even Generation.

          1. Yeah. I only realized the trend after looking through the Poke-dex.

            Generation 1- 151 new Pokemon
            Generation 2- Introduced evolution’s and pre-evolution’s of already introduced Pokemon
            Generation 3- No “related” Pokemon introduced
            Generation 4- New pre-evolution’s and evolution’s of already introduced Pokemon
            Generation 5- 155 New Pokemon introduced

          2. The reason being- “Generation 3, the first Generation to have started the even and odd-numbered trend.” Since everyone admits and agrees that Generation 3 started the trend I can’t possibly say no to that.

        2. That’s not entirely true. Azurill, Marill’s baby form, and Wynaut, Wobbuffet’s baby form, were introduced in Generation 3. Though no new Pokemon related to the original 151 Pokemon from Generation 1 were introduced.

    4. I love the idea of having a Saber-Tooth and Mammoth as the new fossil duo of the Generation. I bet the idea had it’s sprouts from the new “Can we bring back Prehistoric Animals? idea.

    5. I think this is fake because: I don’t think fennekin would be almost identical to ninetails, a beetle with buildings on his back, sylveon being the only pokemon with a relation to a different pokemon, the stingray in the shape of an anchor (remember that shark in the shape of an anchor?) and the ice wolf and dolphin. Those last two seem like they’re just going off of what fans want. This is all just my opinion though.

      1. I don’t think they’re going off from what the fans want. Most of the typings are rehashes including FIRE/FIGHTING #4, granted it’s not a starter but still the same typing. If this turns out to be true, I’m gonna laugh my ass off at all butthurtness lol.

        1. Doesn’t that make it more believable…the fact that they’re NOT going off from what the fans want and doing rehashes. It is gamefreak we are talking about.

    6. Well, it doesn’t look like a wish list of type combinations,….in fact I HATE the type combinations because more than half of them are done before….and THAT is what makes this more believable….I mean it’s game freak we are talking about. Fire/Fighting Litleo evolution,…..YEAH that makes sense because it is TROLLFREAK we are talking about. There are so many rehashes of concept pokemon that have been done before….I would HATE having this….but THAT is what makes it more likely.

      Me: “Why do we need another PInsir and Heracross”.
      Trollfreak:”Why, not?”
      Me: “Why does Fennekin have to have 9 tails….just like Ninetails?” Trollfreak:”Why, not?”

      On the other hand: Jiraiya is a ninja who uses shapeshifting magic to morph into a gigantic toad. WOW…they are making so many Naruto references. Rasengan, Jiraiya, Froakie, Toad, Water Pulse, Ninja, Kabuki style bubble foam hair O.o…..

      I hate dark/grass….but Benkei inspired Chespin sounds really cool.

  23. Has anyone seen this supposedly “leaked” list?

    I’d say it’s fake like close to 100% fake but it is still a good read with some interesting ideas. Funny though how they say Fennekin becomes Fire/Psychic but its tail splits into nine tails by its final evo hahaha.

    1. I’ve seen it before, just a few minutes ago. Someone else posted the link. I agree on it being fake.

  24. What if each Gym Leader nows a little something about the regional myths and they tell you something that will help you progress through the game? Something like how Cynthia knew a lot about the myths in Sinnoh.

    And while I still have this thought in my head, I think these will be the different Gym Leader types:

    Clemont- Electric
    Grant- Rock
    Korrina- Fighting

    Based on the trailers:
    A Grass-Type Gym (1st trailer)
    Ghost or Psychic (The one that turns into what looks like a living room, 1st trailer)

    Two more (not yet shown, so I can’t make assumptions)

    For the last two, I would like a Dragon-type gym and a Dark-type gym

    I think the Fire temple thing in the 1st trailer is part of the League or a Team Flare room

    1. i’d rather have dragon be the last E4 member like in R/S/E. maybe the living room one is fairy due to the stars?

  25. So, another batch of things that I’ve managed to pull together, bare in mind this is my basis on things so it’s NOT confirmed true unless stated otherwise. With that said, enjoy!

    Not all Pokemon who can Mega Evolve have to hold their respective Mega Stone. If you take a look at the bracelets the player characters wear on their wrists, there is a small circular object that fits into the slot. Using the image I made below, you can see that it appears to be a mega stone that fit’s into the bracelet. Another point to back this up is the screenshots of the Mega Stones in the bag menu.

    If you haven’t noticed that one with Lucarionite says Items, whereas the other one with Blazikenite says Held Items. This makes sense due to the fact that the special Torchic has to be holding the Mega Stone to Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken.

    If you look at the move selection screen you have to tap the Mega Evolve button to activate some Mega evolution’s however if you tap it again you can cancel that action. This shows that there are two ways that certain Pokemon can Mega Evolve. Some are activated by holding the Mega Stone where as Others can be decided by the player.

    Clemont is the Gym Leader of Lumiose City. If you look in the second image below, which is taken from the latest X/Y Anime trailer, you can see Alexa along with Clemont and his sister Bonnie observing Ash in a battle. Now we know that Lumiose City is where Ash first starts out in Kalos, and is also home to Alexa and a Gym. If you’ve seen the Badge behind Clemont in the battle screen of the games, the badge’s color is Yellow, which distinguishes his specified type as Electric.

    Korrina is possibly a Fighting type Gym Leader. Not only is her Badge shape in the shape of a Fist, but it’s a brown color. This could mean that it’s either Rock, Ground or Fighting, but the fist only fits with the latter choice. Another thing to note is that she wears a karate sort of style outfit with a helmet resembling Meinfoo, so it’s possible that could be on her team. The last thing to point out is that she has a glove on her left hand which contains a slot for a small spherical object. This further backs up my point about being able to manually activate a Mega Evolution, which confirms that she may use one on her team, possibly Lucario.

    The recent Events involving the Legendary Dragon Trio from Sinnoh across various Gamestop and Game Stores may tie in with a plot in the X/Y Games. It’s not unlikely, seeing as each year before the new games are released, there’s some sort of event which ties in with the new games. Could it possibly involve an Arceus in the Kalos region or something similar? Maybe Mega Evolution’s for them perhaps?

    Well that’s all for now, If I come up with anything else, I’ll be sure to post what I think about it here 🙂

      1. Good eyes I guess? x’D

        Nah, I just have a tendency to look into things deeper then other people do, even if there’s nothing there to find.

        1. I got major nostalgia goosebumps from this video, some of them were for Brock but they were mostly because of Iris and Cilan and when they were disappearing into the sky. I’ve been through it so I can relate which makes it all the more sad for me 🙁 (I cried when Brock left)

  26. ok heres my theory

    i believe mega stones are obtained from the sea i think this because shalour city the city where korrina is in is a seaside town and she knows alot about megaevolutions plus just something i noticed is that the megastones a circular sort of like a pearl

    i will be posting another theory i thought up soon

        1. The usual, crazy skits and an old episode. I hope there’s news, but Corocoro is going to be leaking in I think two weeks, so I’m not going to be expecting much news from Smash for a while.

          1. I dont really know about this but do you think they will release everything in this coro coro because th egame comes out october 12 so when would there be any other time to release the rest of the information

          2. I don’t think they’ll release everything, but I’m hoping for like maybe 10 new Pokémon and 1-2 gym leaders and some Mega Evolutions. From what I remember though (if I’m remembering correctly), Serebii always got a lot of information (Gym Leaders, Gym Leader’s Pokémon, more of the Pokédex, ect) like the day before the games release. However, I do believe that there is a slim chance that we’ll get one more early Corocoro leak in October, right before the game’s release, and maybe then they’ll release everything, or close to everything.

  27. There’s a chance that Alexa might be the region’s champion.. Or the Scott of this gen haha xD

      1. i doubt it. All the other champions we’ve seen in the anime kinda had that champion looking feel to them. Alexa just kinda looks like a regular character to me.

  28. Will there be a post about the X and Y anime? I REALLY want them to take this new season nice and slow… I think it will be another gen where ash travels with like 3 other people. I want to Actually Care about them. I want Ash to still be the lead of course but I want the rest to still not be too far behind him in character development. I want All of Ash’s Pokémon to get a lot of love and Attention from him, at least the ones he keeps in his main party most. I don’t want them rushing to gym’s, possibly catching Pokémon a little faster if they need to for the Pokes development. I want Ash to still be Mature but largely Immature.. because no matter if he aged or not.. He Is STILL a Kid. I want Ash and Pikachu to do more than just look at each other from time to time to show they care for each other, I want more Development of bond between them. I would actually Like to see Pikachu get mad at Ash for a few episodes, not because he caught another electric type, he doesn’t need one, but because of some other reason, then their bond is stronger than ever. Yet I Don’t want them to think that will be enough, they need to show Pikachu is Ash’s #1 The Entire Season. The game looks like it will be The Best One Yet! So the anime should be too. . .

      1. Yeah I would like that… or 2nd place Then win season After… No way he can lose After Kalos without it being plane out… LAME

    1. Hoping for a good amount of new Pokémon, 1-2 Gym Leaders, and more Mega Evolutions (if we get an early leak in October)!

      1. I hope so too. Shitty CoroCoro leaks have GOT to stop (not saying the last few were, but I hope they won’t become TrollFreak and introduce a few things and leave us blank until the actual release).

        1. I was disappointed with the last few leaks because they didn’t release enough new Pokémon to satisfy my needs, but the only reason we didn’t get more with the last one was because of the Mega Evolutions. I was still hoping for more in the last release.

      2. I honestly don’t think we need anymore GL’s revealed, 4 is already too many imo. Granted GF haven’t given us their types but most are pretty obvious.

    2. Less than two week for leaks! Probably the night of the 11th or the early on the 12th, as usual!

      This better give us the version exclusive content so I can finally pre-order. I.e. skrelp, clauncher, swirlix, and spritzee evo’s.

  29. I will not understand why people will say “Pokemon is childish, grow up!” What’s not cool about throwing a ball at a creature, catching it and training it to be strong, aside from teaching lessons and giving imagination to people. Every kid recently I’ve asked if theyve played pokemon, they say “No, that’s stupid and is a baby game. I like Black Ops and Grand Theft Auto.” Really kid? You’re like 9 or 10.

    1. I had a very good conversation about Pokemon with a 6 year old the other day. It was actually really impressive how much he knew about Pokemon as well so there is still hope!

  30. Anyone else pushing for an early release of corocoro maybe September 8th like this month?

    1. Leaks are to be expected between the 7th-11th of September so in all fairness it’s not impossible.

    2. Last months issue had an earlier release date though being August 12th, this month I think it’s back to normal being the 15th so I’d say as earliest as the 10th but 12th is most likely, but that would be cool coz it would leave us with exactly a month until release 🙂

          1. No stream, no coverage, sadly. Tiny chance we could do one though, but as of now doesn’t look like it.

  31. Since this region is based on France, I think a really cool legendary (not a main one, but, you know, one of the lesser ones like Latias, or Virizion) would be a Rock/Fairy or a Rock/Dragon that looks like a gargoyle (how could they make a region based on France and NOT have a gargoyle?). Unfortunately I can’t think of another, even though I studied a lot of French history in school… (Just gonna slip this in here, I think there’s ground for a Smeargle evolution, given art’s importance to France, but that’s just a thought.)

    1. Just had a breakthrough! If you wanted to make a new legendary trio, includes the above gargoyle as a Rock/Fairy, something very French would be a pokemon based on the stereotypical cloaked, sythe-holding, death figure (Ghost or Dark/Fairy). The third might be something to do with the church and religion and it would be, since there is no “light” type (thank god), would be Psychic/Fairy. Does that sound good?

      1. Instead of that “religion” pokemon, I, agian, thought of another pokemon: a Fire/Fairy or Dragon/Fairy pokemon based upon a Pheonix! I prefer Fire/Fairy, myself, but I don’t think D/F would be too bad, I also would hope it would look nothing like Ho-oh.

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